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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  January 27, 2015 7:00pm-9:01pm PST

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turn it around for us. >> hey, brian, can you flip it around? >> okay. perfect. >> yes. thank you. >> how did that shot get upside down? that is going to do it for us. cnn with don lemon starts right now. don? >> thank you, anderson. no snow, but it is a lot colder than last night. cnn with don lemon, and new york city is coming back the life here and almost 24 hours after the blizzard after what it was not all cracked up to be in the big apple at least, but not the same in most of new england which is under siege. boston is in the grips of a wicked storm that is breaking records. nantucket is cut off from the mainland and struggling to get the lights back on for thousands of people while coastal new england is bracing for the storm surge. tonight, we will talk to to a new mom who gave birth to her daughter right in the middle of the blizzard. meantime right here in new york a lot of people are
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asking is it better safe than sorry, and did the officials overreact here, and shutting down the subways and forcing the businesses shutdown costing untold millions? is that the price you pay with the weather? that is some of the questions we will be asking tonight pr boston to maine. but i want to e begin ginbegin in boston where this snow has begun in what is the snowiest january already, and i want to go to brooke baldwin who is doing a yeoman's job out there. and what is the latest are the there, brook? >> well yes. and as i walk through here, don, to the understood score how deep this snow is we are houring
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away from finding out whether or not it is record-breaking for t the history of the city of boston. let me show you what we are talk g talking about. the number that everyone is watching for and thaey won't know for a couple of days is 27.5 inches which is the total from 2003 and that is the massive blizzard of 2003, and we had sort of the measure, and here we go the one that was wholly created here, and it is de depending where you are, and with were talking to the mayor of boston marty wallsh, and he said 21 to 24 mchs ss ss ss -- inches here but they rare expecting it to fall from 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning, so we will see if it is a historic snowfall for the city of boston, but a couple of footnotes, it is a total standstill here. this is one boston harbor there,
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and faneuil hall there, and nobody is out, because it is illegal, but it is about to change in two hours. they will be lifting that statewide travel ban, but if you are getting on the road be careful, go slow and one other note maybe if you are one of the unlucky with ones who have to go to work tomorrow the "t" will be working, and the mbta is up and at them but slow going, because it is a lot of snow and hard to believe, don, there could be more of this stuff in the morning when we wake up. back to you in new york. >> brooke saying that mass transit is open, is like telling the kid a that i have to go back to school, and that is not what you want to hear. and it is much colder there than in new york city, and the temperature there as well? >> it is so cold. i am a georgia girl and the farthest north i have lived is washington, d.c. until last summer when i lived in new york,
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and i feel like i'm getting the whole indoctrination into cold and i not-- it is not going to be hitting freezing for one week don. bundle up. >> and have you heard of my h fatalities? >> i haven'tk actually in this area. one of the big issues here that they are worried about is power outage, and i talked to the power commissioner here, and because the snow is light and fluffy, it is a god send because it is not affecting the power lines and the trees. they have not had any massive fires. only a couple of fires in the overnight hours. and one huge concern, and this is not just boston, but anywhere as the temperature is plummeting is the ice. it is dark and you don't site, so be careful, a gond slow and check on the neighbors, because we are still in it, we are still in it here in boston. >> yeah. okay. we will get back to you, brooke.
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now i want to go off to marshall, massachusetts, where my colleague brian todd is. brian, i hear that you are getting hammered with snow. what is the conditions like where you are? >> well i'm getting hammered like brooke in boston. this is starting to set some records here. as of 2:30 p.m. this this afternoon, they had 24 inches of snow and so well over two feet here in marshfield,ma massachusetts. and putting the arm down to see how deep it is you will go down where you can't go any moshgs because -- anymore, because it is so packed in. and the complyicating situation is the first responders, because we had a eseawall that breached 50 feet of the seawall that is next to the houses that collapsed next to the high tide. in the morning, they got a
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second wave of the high tide as with we were arriving and dramatic pictures there, and that is just frightening, because the second breach could have caused damage. and firefighters had to use a front end loader to get in to save a man who was injured by the flooding seawall. so it is very, very dangerous with the second high tide of the day which is still hitting in the area, and won't recede for a few more earareas, and so that the flood area're in marshfield, massachusetts, still dangerous, don. it is dangerous for us, don, to get in and out of the areas. >> you know it is crazy as with we are looking at the video, brian. you said that they had to rush in and evacuate a man. or get a man out. have the residents there evacuated? have they left or sticking
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around? have they had to rescue a number of people because of this? >> most of the residents on that side of the street alongside that seawall got out. they were either evacuated or got out themselves, and had help. most of them got out, and some of the people across the street who have stayed in the homes, but the streets are flooded. that is a situation still developing because we are still getting snow still getting a driving wind white-out conditions here and making things much more complicate pord the first responders to get into the areas to make sure that people are okay. luckily, no significant injuries so far, and the situation is not over. they will get more snow overnight, and we will get back to check it out tomorrow morning to see what the flooding situation is like but several people are out of the homes tonight. and wo of thef two of the homes have been condemned, don, and two of the families have lost homes don. >> and brian todd out there tonight, and you be safe out
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there. put the video of the seawall up there, and as we talk about that, i want to bring in in peter judge, the massachusetts emergency management agency here and he is going to join us by phone. this video is incredible, and my question to you, peter, you have the massachusetts national guard who sis telling cnn they evacuated 15 people from the coastal area, and are you concern ded about the people who have not e evacuated in that area? >> not that that area particular particularly, because the folks further back, if they have changed their mind, and we have seen the biggest high tide so that the next tide we don't expect to be as impactful, but if they need assistance as the guard has in the day, they have helped some folks moved. most of the people in those areas that are susceptible to flooding, they have self-evacuated a day ago ahead of the this morning's high tide. so at this point, we have not
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had any people who had to be be you know rescued, if you will. they were evacuated just to get them into the safer haven. >> peter, the snowfall has bneen relentless, and what that is the worst hit area? >> well, just counting the snow, a belt in the middle part of the state in the worcester area where they have received well over 30 inches of snow. as we said erlarlier in the broadcast, although we may end up with record snow, it is not going to be a record disaster which it could have very well been because the snow has been light and fluffy and instead of looking at 200 or 300,000 power outages as we prepare for the highest number has been 36,000 because it is light and fluffy. the biggest issues as we are seeing right now, the coastal flooding and that is what is really we have been focusing on. the power outages have not been
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an issue, and the roads have not been that much of an issue because the people listen odd the driving ban, and there "twins live" plows have been able to do the -- the and the driving ban, and the plows have been able to do a very good job to stay ahead of it. >> and now let's go to the expert mr. chad meyer and you heard from mr. peter judd there talking about how the snowfall there is breaking record ss, right? >> yes, dorngs it has to do with the topography with worcester county where we are up to three solid feet of snow in one location and still snowing. it is the moisture coming on shore, and the rotation of the cell, and the cells come on shore with the little bit of the ocean effect or the ocean
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enhance enhancement of the snow. there is the snow snowing in boston right now, and still in portland and manchester and nashua and into nantucket still seeing the snow and portland with a little bit of the break for a while, and still some snow coming coming, and talking about close to records, a lieuen inberg and and -- lieuunenburg has not reported and neither has auburn but we will get all of the reported stations coming in in the morning around 9:00 but looking at what we have so far and this is the deal in nantucket, the wind blew or gusted for 17 straight hours over 78 miles per hour and the winds gusted that high for over 3/4 of a day. >> chad, talk to me more about the path of the storm. same question that everybody wants to know when the heck is this going to be be over? >> well, it should have been
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over already, and the low is headed up to newfoundland and crossing over to nova scotia and over to the bay of fundy, but what is happening is the snow coming down but the storm has made a slight loop and the little watusi out there in the ocean, and a do-si-do the if you will see, a little forward move, and so it goes from islip and then to newark new jersey and then it goes to 54 miles apart, and the models was on it and one of them, and the snow totals in the past and so looking at here at boston 27.6 and so it should up here but it is not. it stopped and then rotate the around and pause and that caused an extra six hours of snowfall when the storm should be gone by now. >> chad, i want you to look at the video, and this is people out surfing in long island, and
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i believe it is montauk the, a, and there were two fatalities. >> not fatalities from the surfing. and don, you know the if they send me out to the blizzard again, i want that suit. whatever that guy is wearing, i want to take that to the snowstorm. i can't believe he was out there in that weather. >> i know. we had people out here cross country skiing in the central park, and no hat or skiing and i don't know how anderson does it getting through the show without a hat, but i have to have a hat. >> i have to have one, too, because it keeps me warm. >> and thank you, chad myers. we will talk about the storm, and we will talk about the storm with chad myers and so many more as the storm is continuing, but
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breaking news. i am standing right near sen ra tral park central park and it is a lot different from last night, and right now it is about 25 degrees where it was about midnight or 1:00 last night, and so if
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earlier it starts to ice over from when it was warmer, it is going to be causing problems. from the coast of maine, it is bearing the brunt of the blizzard tonight. and now, we have george taub is are there, and how is it look ging there at this hour? >> well, it is a mess. look around here. i have to take this off. we are having the audio issues don, but we will walk through it. they got at least 16 to 18 inches of snow don, and they are believing they could get another 7 inches to night, and we saw some to snowbands coming through tonight, and they are expecting a couple more in the next e three to four hours, a and then that is it. but you can see what we are left with here the street cover ded in snow, snow that is up to my waist in some places, and here's the thing, there was no travel restriction up here in this state, but at the same time the people know the drill, they know to stay off of the roads when
7:19 pm
they have a situation like this and it is interesting, because the last two days we were in providence rye rye, and it itit -- providence rhode island and it sis a ghost town, and this is just people waiting for the snow to be gone. >> i do not envy you out there, george howell. i want to go down to scituate massachusetts, where the seawall was breached and we have alexandra steele there this eve evening. and you were there as some of the water was coming over the seawall and were you able to see it and how was it? >> well, it was wild and furious sight to to see, don. the seawall is right down the road where i was standing, and we were right there before the
7:20 pm
seawall broke, and we saw the rocks and the sticks and the debris, and with what happened this morning is that the waves flooded the entire street. it flooded yards and basements out here, and a big swath of this neighborhood. it is something that they are used to see, but it is a great deal of water stay there. been through so much here in scituate in boston just south of boston boston. a lot more of the the flooding, and after the roads with were flooded with water, it turned to ice and slush and then you saw more of the high tide and more water flooding the seawall. the water was just lapping over but much of the seawall was come pro promized and so there were some real consequences. i spoke to one woman earlier, and she has lost basically the back of her house. the porch sort of ripped off of the back. the walls have opened up and the walls have blown out, and
7:21 pm
she talked about being inside of stand g standing in her bedroom and looking out at the ocean, and devastating silgtght, but don, she had the good presence not to be there at high tide when so much of the presence was being done. >> and we got new video there, and it is devastating, alexandra, and for it to come in and frozen and ice sichltyicy. how badly damaged was the home? total loss? >> well it is not condemned, and she could get h in there to take the pictures that we are seeing, and to get that video. i think that a lot more of this will be assessed tomorrow because people in the town were trying to mitigate any further damage and disaster the, and dealing with the weather coming through here all day and the cold temperatures a and the high wind ss and the storm surge and the flooding with the high tide. so as this clears out, people will have a better idea of what they are dealing with, but i think that the photos do give
7:22 pm
you a clear picture of how much danger people were in when they were out here today the and how much jeopardy the property was in and not the mention their lives. so that is a reason that most of the people cleared out. in fact, the house be450i7bd me the national guard came and helped the people to evacuate, because the street was flooded. the water implyicatedyimimmediately came up over the fence here don. >> and as you know moms and dads the newborns wait for no one. and so there was a baby that arrived in the early morning hours. and from hartford connecticut, anna joins us with her new bayby girl, and healthy baby daughter and at what point did you know she was coming at the biggest
7:23 pm
blizzard of the year? >> at midnight, we started to feel the konconstructionkon strakcontractions and so at midnight, we decide to go. >> and so there was a travel ban when you were in effect oh, we can hear her. are we disturbing her? >> yeah there was a travel ban, and we had actually called earlier, and we called the police station, and they said, just to go and they said if you are in labor, just go and call the ambulance and we we were like no we got it, and with we took our chances, and we headed here. yeah. >> and no trouble getting there? did you have any trouble? >> the roads weren't that bad because nobody was on them, so we kind of did our own thing if there were other cars, it would have been more difficult but we dwot -- got here and i was a
7:24 pm
little relieved. >> well, she is gorgeous and i feel bad because i feel like we are bugging her with her first moments of life, but i feel bad, but then i feel like you need visitor, because nobody has visited you since the travel ban. >> i know it is so boring i can't wait to go home. i know. nobody can come to visit, and when my son was born, everybody was coming and going, and now i am just sitting here, and everybody is stuck at home. so yeah might as well. >> yeah. well, you have a lot of visitors, and we want to see her up closer and are you on skype? we want to see this little baby. and oh look at little baby, everyone. look at her, everyone! look at those cheeks. little baby anna.
7:25 pm
welcome to the world. i am so glad she is e healthy and you rare as well. >> thank you so much. >> all right. you take care. we are going to continue on now. and the new york mayor says that they dodged a bullet with the blizzard -- bye-bye, and did they go too far by shutting down the subway and closing roads? some answering coming up. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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welcome back now, everyone to the continuing blizzard coverage. is there such a thing as being overe prepared for a blizzard or storm? a lot of people in new york city are asking that question. the storm was not that bad here yet life came to a screeching halt and traffic ordered off of the street, and the mayor's answer is four words -- better safe than sorry. maria machada has the story. >> this is literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of the city.
7:30 pm
>> reporter: and then a dire warning -- >> two to four inches per hour. >> reporter: thousands of flights canceled public transportation stopped, including a closing of the city's massive subway system and times square look like a ghost town. >> but better safe than sorry, and two feet of snow would have paralyzed the city. and we did what we needed to do to keep people safe. >> reporter: and praise from some. >> and better to be on the cautious size. >> reporter: others not positive, and they tweeted out snarky responses. some called the blizzard of 2015 #snow fail. and this h is a pick of making fun of it. >> when you deal with 5 million to 8 million people, and you have to deal early. think of people stuck on the trains if it had been if it were as predicted. >> reporter: nobody knows as if it were disastrous as lieutenant
7:31 pm
general russell honor ray. >> you have to move on. >> reporter: he was in charge of the city in new orleans when hurricane katrina hit. >> reporter: some children were forced to sleep at school and some roads turned into ice rinks in georgia, and the city lead hres took the backlash. >> that stall of traffic was hard on everybody, and it is for that tha it i am most apologizing. >> reporter: saying i'm sorry is not something that politicians like to do. in 2010 then mayor michael bloomberg taking heat for the days' long response for the snowstorm e response. >> yelling about it does not help. >> reporter: now the city is back to business as usual after a crippling blow not from mother
7:32 pm
nature but city hall. maria machada, mi yammy. >> >> thank you. joining us is the analyst ben ferguson and juliette kayyem and also the past director of fema when hurricane katrina struck, and so you have heard me saying that it is so hot in the studio that i need you to turn the air conditioner down because it is so cold out here. >> you need a coffee runner for sure. >> it is beyond coffee ben. >> juliette you served as deval patrick's adviser, and you have had to make these tough calls of
7:33 pm
shutting down a city, and did new york city get it wrong? >> not at all. the weather e prediction to close schools or streets is an art and not a science, but i don't even get this debate. the reason why is that every single scientific and weather forecast predicted a bad storm, and every politician across the eastern seaboard made the same determination based on science, and so it didn't snow as hard and so what a couple of hours of inconvenience, but if the they had not respond odd the science and the report and sort of ignored the them, im, it would have been negligence on their part and so to me, it is not even a debate at this point. >> and michael, you may know better than anybody, because you were the fema director during hurricane katrina and are officials really damned if thaw
7:34 pm
do and dam -- damned if they do and damned if they don't in this situation? >> yes. they have to be careful. they can't hype it up too much, and get rid of the words like armageddon and that and then tell people the truth, tell them the options, here is the storm track here and if it goes this way, it means that, and if if it goes that, it means that. they have to be be truthful with the american people and stop the hype. the hype makes people cynical a then the next time they try to tell them something, they won't believe it. >> ben, i don't understand quite frankly, and maybe you can explain it to me and i agree with what michael brown said why people are so upset, because, if the storm had gone one way, and it is not an art, and it is a science, and it is not an exact science, and you cannot really predict the storm and now it is going to be hitting, but i don't understand what the hype is about, and if
7:35 pm
people had gotten hurt or the mayor had not closed the schools, they would have been yelling at him. >> and you know this better than anybody, new yorkers love to the whine and complain about anything, so you will be dealing with that aspect if you had kept the schools open people would have been tweeting out, you are trying to kill my kid, and how dare you trying to put my child's life at risk and you idiots and ultimately, they made the right decision and nobody died and it is a grand success. the storm is not as bad as it was supposed to be be, and people would have been cranky and the cleanup is so much faster and nobody was stranded, and so my point is that, and i apologize that two deaths, and you are correct, that it was not catastrophic and it was not something like look at what
7:36 pm
happened -- >> and it was -- >> yes, look -- >> you think it is political? >> yes. and the politicians, if any time politicians should stand up and say, hey, we were e deciding on the side of safety and caution, and if you don't like it i will stand by it and if any time you stand up to for what you did, this is the time. they made the right decision. >> and juliette? >> people should remember that it is not just politicians burk there is offices staffed by emergency directors, and people who could care a less about politic politics and people who are making judgment calls, and the blizzard of 1976 which is where we did not take it seriously, and almost 99 people died here in massachusetts and most of them died not because of the car accidents or falling snow, but they died because of the carbon
7:37 pm
mon ox nid poisoning, and inging inging inging -- monoxide poisoning, because they went for a drive and then got stuck and died. so they were inconvenienced for a couple of hours, so what. they got it right. >> and juliette i think that i screwed up the quote. you said, calling a snow day is an art and not a science, right? >> e yes,yes, exact lyly. you are making the judgment based on the hour and the precipitation, and the wind and the mother nature, and you have to the make them in a timely fashion, because if you make them too late people are already in the school buses or on the road and so that timing was perfect in the sense that the decisions were made early enough and with we were all home and knew we would stay home, and we will regroup, and new york will stand and so will
7:38 pm
boston and we will get another storm again. >> we have to run, but i am jealous of all three of you in the heat and in the warmth. thaur thank you very much. we will talk more about this in the next hour. and the owner of the new england patriots wants an apology for deflategate. it is an interesting storey for this. and i am going upstair, and we will talk more about this as we countdown to the super bowl next. cough and nasal congestion.s, and we will talk more about this as we countdown to the super bowl next. so you never miss a day. theraflu. serious power.
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okay. we are out of the elements now, and let's talk about a sports a little bit. and the blizzard did not stop the new england patriots to get out of the storm to the super bowl. and to today was media day. we have cnn's rachel nickels with more. >> well, don, a controversial stretch for the nfl and especially for the new england patriots, but tuesday, it escalated from controversial to crazy as media outlets from around the globe could ask the players whatever they wanted. >> reporter: super bowl media day is known for the the colorful costumes and the colorful characters and even some dancing, and this did not disappoint. >> how do you explain the media
7:43 pm
day day? it is a frenzy, but it is great. you take the experience and enjoy it. it is really something special. >> reporter: but along with the light tone lingered with the issues with the run up to the game. and "sports illustrated" released a piece p by richard sherman in which he wrote, quote, i look at the nfl today and i'm just as disappointed as ever manyin the management. this comes on the heels of patriot's owner robert kraft challenging the nfl over deflategate deflategate. and kraft is usually so close with roger goodell that there was a league executive calling kraft the assistant commish commissioner, but this time, kraft was defiant. >> if the wells' investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure in the football ss, i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and in particular coach belichick
7:44 pm
and tom brady for what they have had to endure this past week. >> reporter: the patriots' players said that seeing the owner challenge the league has had a galvanizing impact on the team. >> it is meaning a lot, and he is a great owner and great to see him on our side. it shows how much support for he has for us players, and when you have doubters you always want to prove the doubters wrong, and with we we want to show everybody what is up. >> and we have done a great job to overcome the obstacle ss, and being mentally tough, and we have to do ut for one more game. >> >> reporter: and e behind the scenes, the patriot player that i spoke to said they are trying to turn it to their advantage and use it as motivation for sunday and basically if the people are saying that we cheated our way into the game, we will show them just how we deserve to with be e here, but that might not be good for russell wilson but looking to repeat as champions, he said
7:45 pm
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back now the studio. let's talk about patriot's owner robert kraft and nfl commissioner roger goodell, and this is a picture taken before deflategate, and he is pretty chummy chummy, and so let's go to the panelist that is joining us and so i see you shaking your head and chris va let ta do you see this as a conflict of interest? >> no. not at all. >> what dow yo you see here? >> yes, there are two guys that get along, but it does not mean that there is a grand conspiracy. goodell hammered them in the spygate, and they moved beyond,
7:50 pm
that and they have a better relation relationship than some owners, but some owners that probably are not. >> and this is from seattle reporter i look at the nfl and i'm disap pointpointed in the nfl as more, and roger goodell is telling what 32 owners tell him to do. that is in the sports and that is what richard sherman says. >> well, if he is upset about it then he should leave. when it comes to the leadership of his organization, it is time to -- >> he is biting the hand that feed ss him? >> yes. >> he should not speak out even if he disagrees? >> i do. not on the manner in that chase tizs a leadership. and what speculation, and he is calling out roger goodell and
7:51 pm
kraft in a way that is speculative and he should haven't done it. >> and what about you? >> well, i tend to disagree a little bit. i think that there is an issue with the communication with goodell. he does report to the owners but he has to deal with the players as we well. and p between the players and the owners, you have tole balance and it is not just the nfl players association to do that and look at tag leah boo, he did an excellent job at it but this is something that goodell struggles at over tag the lee tagliabue. >> and so i said that my boss at cn sn a little wrong, and i might get in trouble, and you might with be right with that. >> he is representing something larger that on the the position he plays. he is a a role model, and what kind of example is being sent to
7:52 pm
the people that want to be richard sherman. >> and what about the speaking the truth always good? >> yes, in the instances that you know it is truth. >> and how about the way that bill belichick has handled it? >> it is frustration. and it is a difficult thing, because you are gearing up for the biggest game on the stage, and to go through something like that it is frustrating, and they are dealing with it burk it is the right thing to do, and the nfl is doing the right thing to go through the thorough investigation of the deflategate and it is frustrating for kraft and the brady and the team to deal with it and it is a challenge. >> and chris, you said that the sbeg ri integrity of the nfl is on the line, and so i know that you believe that but do you believe that the integrity of the nfl is on the line? >> on this issue? i believe there are bigger issues with the nfl and the integrity that you have head injury and domestic violence
7:53 pm
and child abuse, and lot of things that people could kw question the overall sbeg riintegrity of the league that go well beyond the inflation of footballs against the integrity of the game. >> the integrity of the game is not on the line because of the deflategate, but it is a microcosm of the issue, because the nfl has been under the scrutiny because you have murder, and domestic violence and three highly charged issue, and the nfl is doing everything they can to get in front of it so u think that the nfl is in a power to circumstances because i believe, and you would agree to that the qualities and the skills and the methodologies of the athletes in the nfl are so well translatable to everyday life business and relationships and everything else hashgs the nfl can highlight those issues and talk about those and try to get ahead of it from the p.r. standpoint. >> and people say we get out in front of it and the the best way to fix it is to correct it.
7:54 pm
why haven't we heard from any active quarterbacks? >> well, that is a good question. part of the reason is because this is not that big of a deal. i think that there are a lot of things that are a big deal. we are heading into arguably one of the best super bowl matchups in recent history, and if you don't believe that these are the two best teams, you sflout watched a lot of football and talking about the inflation rates of footballs, it is a huge distraction, and the quarterbacks don't want to deal with it. >> i hear you say that, because the die-hard sports fan, and having the wing, and it is not a big deal, and everybody cheats and you have to push the en ve envelope, and you should not outright cheat about it. >> well, there is gamesmanship and cheating. i believe there is a fine line, and details matter. if balls with were deflated that is cheating. and breaking in a football is not cheating and i played sen
7:55 pm
center, and all of the quarterbacks know they like it the balls broken in a certain way, and so on and so forth. that one, regulation. hard to tell. i think that it is underinflated. >> but underinflate ordd or overinflated. and is this the worse tort the best? >> well, it is best because you have conspiracy and the drama and going from the spygate to the deflategate and you have seattle the unsung hero who made it and there once again, and this game is turning into the good versus the evil and you could not ask for to a better movie and this is the super bowl that we are talking about. and it is great. >> and if it were any other team, would it make any headlines? >> not even close. >> you think that the media is overhyping it? >> yes. we are ten days into this scandal, and we ve almost zero factual information. >> are you a patriot fan? >> yes. come on now, there is not much
7:56 pm
factual information on this right now, and we know that one football have been underinflate and then we have more, and then we have a rogue ball that took it to the restroom that was 90 second and that is 11 footballs and that is one skill eded tech technician there. >> and i have to run, and thank you, bell, and chris, and izell, we will be right back. retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪ push your enterprise and you can move the world.
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this is cnn breaking news. all right. everyone 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, and digging out after the blizzard of 2015 i'm don lemon out in new york city and right near central park and almost 20 hours ago, the city that never sleeps was a virtual ghost town the and everything is pretty much back to for thenormal, but motnot in new england. we have reports all of the way up and down the eastern seaboard and all of the way up to maine, and we have you covered. let's go the brooke baldwin who
8:01 pm
is in boston with the snow piles up among wicked wind ss, and brooke, it is one for the record books, brooke. >> say that three times fast brooke. >> yes. >> we have broken records here in the state of massachusetts. worcester has broken the record and we are mere inches away don, from knowing whether or not the city of boston will break their record, and i'm pull ping out the trusty measuring thing. we are at 23.3 inches right now. we are, wa what, four inches a away from the record here in boston. >> oh, wow. okay. >> yes. >> so look at you. you southern girl you are really getting into the snow, and handling it well. but still under a state of
8:02 pm
emergency there in boston? >> yes. still under a state of emergency. they will be lifting that travel ban starting at midnight tonight, so steve, if you want to pan this way, we can show you a whole lot of nothing and quiet quiet, because this is what boston looks like. we were talking to a couple of guys here in the north end, because they have been out and about walking on the north end, and they said brooke forget it, the streets are covered and the fire commissioner says no go on those side streets, and at midnight you can drive, but everybody, exercise the caution, and mbta tomorrow that public transportation will be open, but it is going to be slow. so starting slowly but surely the city will be coming back alive again, but it may take a couple of days but we are hearing more snow for friday, don. >> goodness. i am not sure if you have a
8:03 pm
monitor, but i want to show the audience something, a picture of you reporting for the show here which the snow looks like a dusting 24 hour ss later but look at it now. >> yes, i don't have a monitor, but i remember being here and i was walking with you here last night, and saying, it is around maybe my ankles, and you can see it for yourself and look at this, and you know, different parts of the snow, and sometimes it is much less than in other parts, and this is the areas where plows were kicking up the snow but in this area a foot and a foot and a half up to my knees, and the city of boston looking for the 27.5 inch mark set in 2003 where it is 23.3, and i'm throwing a lot of numbers for you, but remember four more inches to go and four more inches until it is a
8:04 pm
record-setting snowfall, don. >> okay. brooke, standby, because it could happen soon. brooke baldwin is in boston for us. worcester, massachusetts, broke an all-time record for snowfall today, and join ging me now on the phone is the mayor joseph petty, and thank you for joining us and you broke all kinds of records here, and previous snowfall records. you are at 33.5 inches which is close to three feet. how is the town dealing with it? >> pretty well. we vhave had a lot of practice in the past, and a few years ago, e we were with the number one snowfall in the united states was worcester, massachusetts. we have a great team with the commissioner paul mousine and the crew there on the crew on the roads overnight, and taking some shift breaking overnight, and be back in full force at 5:00 in the morning. there will be some cleanup over the next few days to try to wide
8:05 pm
widen up the roads, but we are handling it well. we have ha had no power outage here in the city of worcester and we e will will be picking up the garbage and the repsyche -- recyclables here on the street, because the trucks will be fine. >> and so it sounds like you are handling it well, and so the travel ban lifted? >> yes, the ban will be lifted admit night. and so western mass lift ared a little bit earlier in the day. and if you don't have to be on the roads, urging you to keep off of the road, and two-hour delay for the nonessential personnel, but it is to give the people time to do the cleanup around the homes and drive safely to the work and urge people to do the same and the employees to have some flexibility to get to work
8:06 pm
safely tomorrow. we have been handling it well with a lot of practice. we have a good crew here in the city of worcester, and we do a good job at it. >> mayor, we have been seeing terrible video of a house fire there in worcester, and what can you tell us about it that? >> yes, at 1:30 a house fire out on eldorado avenue where there was a pregnant lady transferred to the hospital. my last communications is that there was some smoke inhalation and the fire department did a great job in the freezing conditions, and the water freezing on top of them, and they got everybody out safely and took care of everybody. the fire department and the police has done a greatt job throughout the day and at that fire. >> and we know that you are dealing with a lot, and thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us in the
8:07 pm
blizzard of 2015 being felt as far as maine, again. and george howell is in portland and when last we saw you, blowing snow and ice, and look like a big ice drift there? >> well don, you look around and i have not seen snow like that in a long time. if we can pan around, george you are looking at the snowdrifts bigger than me and it is going to go all of the way down the street here, and the snowplows are doing the best to clear the streets. it is not unusual porfor the folks here. they are used to getting the snow butt it is all one big storm system and just like they are dealing here in boston, but what they understand here some 16 to 18 inches of snow and they are expecting, don, possibly another seven inches of snow before it is all said and done and we have 'n the biggest snow bands come through here shgs
8:08 pm
and we are in a lull right now, and we saw a heavy band when we got here, and expecting a few more before it is done here in the next three to four hours. with but looking at the the temperature here and it is 11:04 here and 19 degrees here. plenty cold. you see the man down the street walking, and look at the snow blowing around. that is with what you are dealing with here in portland. it is -- yeah a lot of snow. >> yeah. >> i was going to ask you, but like 40 snowplows, and i wanted to ask you if it is passable, but that snowplow is looking closer than it was, george. did you see that thing? >> yeah, and you know they come and go. they are all over the place. this is something they are used to doing here. the streets are really passable. quite honestly when you look at all of the snow that came down here, it is surprising how quickly, and quite frankly how efficiently they clear these streets. so right now, the question is
8:09 pm
how long does it take for this to melt and go away. >> yeah. all right. george howell in portland maine, thank you very much. so where where does the storm strike next? i want to go to cnn's chad myers for that. and chad the big question everybody wants to know when is this thing going to be over? >> well it should have been over already, but it is doing a little do-si-do out there. and next it hits nova scotia and then halifax, and then the british isles. the next band of snow coming into boston is right there, and it is all of these bands that they are talking about and george is talking about how one was right there, and right here and right here and they will continue to rotate into the the storm system and into the k0e8d dry air picking up the the moisture from the gulf stream.
8:10 pm
i know the fishermen out here, and the water is 42 47 degrees depending how close you are to the coast, and it is not seeming warm but you would not want to be out there, but it is for an particle of air. so it will pick up the moisture, and it is like you are sitting on a summer lake and you see the steam coming off because it is warm. that is it. it is the steam coming off of the ocean making the snow. here are the totals, 36, the winner or the loser, is lieu lunenburg and then auburn and clinton and worcester. and some of them report every two to three hours. auburn has been stuck at 35 for three hour but it has been snowing for the same three hours, so more places will be breaking records and not just worcester, don. >> chad i want to ask you this and can we take the other desk
8:11 pm
camera here. can you look at the big drifts here. it is not that big this in new york city because we didn't get that much snow, but look at this when is that going to be going away? >> well considering that boston gets above freezing for two hours over to the next five days and you will get above freezing for the next two days my best guess is may. [ laughter ] >> that is a very, very good answer may. all right. what else would you like to zing me with here? what else you got here? you threw me there. >> well, you know, you are doing a great job out there, and i know how cold it is. i have stood out, there and you know when you walk outside, and you are warm for 30 minutes, but the duration is the problem, because one or two hours, your feet get cold and so does the
8:12 pm
pet's feet and so it is still gusting, but nantucket had a gust of 76 miles per hour and even tonight, the windchill factors down to zero, so put the pets in some shelter, and put them inside somewhere they can sleep, don. >> yes, i have found that, when it is snowing for some reason, it is not usually as cold. it is like the day after it shows thatshow s shows the snow that it is very cold. but considering the size of the storm, it could have been much worse. >> yes, we went through it, and monday quarterbacking, even though it is wednesday, the overreaction of the mayors here but they did the right thing here in new york city with the amount of knowledge they had, and that is why we had so few fatalities out there, and one was a flooding accident and one was a walk-out in the snow from
8:13 pm
the dementia patient, and those are two avoidable things but at this point in time you know the number could have been much worse. the numbers could have been in the dozens had the roads not been shutdown and the forecast not been truly at least for new england as good as it was. new york a little overdone but new england, right on the money. >> yeah. you are sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't. >> i'm a meteorologist, i know. >> yeah, i know you do know. all right. when we come back live from the storm zone cnn reporter ss are out all over the region. and what do the zoos do to protect the animals in this storm? that is a real issue. e financial noise
8:14 pm
financial noise
8:15 pm
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8:17 pm
cnn reporter ss are stationed all along the batterred eastern seaboard. we vhave reporters in scituate and worcester and montauk, new york and i want to get to what we call our man on the streets here. and this is dr. hubert dolizell and you said where are you living? >> lincoln park. >> and i live at diverseity and
8:18 pm
sheridan. >> that is a very good place. >> and this is nothing, right? >> i would not characterize it as nothing, but the temperatures here in new york are average for the winter but this snowfall is horrendous and not for new york but for new york. >> and when did you get here? >> friday. >> and were you expect morgue? >> yes, for new york yes. from the predictions. >> what did you do today? >> i spent time working, and i went to the opera. >> and you got out in it? >> yes. >> thank you. dressed very nicely and properly for the weather. i knew you had to be from chicago. thank you, doctor. nice to meet you. i wanted to talk to some people, because they are asking us why we are out here freezing. alexander field, earlier today, you were up on the seawall as
8:19 pm
water was spilling over the seawall, and how bad is that, and has it gotten any better? >> yes,b and talk about freezing when you feel the saltwater whipping up at you. and at high tide it was much worse when the first high tide came in, and that is how all of the junk ended up here, and we have a basketball hoop where the base broke off, and pieces of plywood and buoys and, don, this wood just whipped across the road. and the water breached the seawall and came around these houses and would have left people stranded inside if they had not left already. the national guard came out to held heldp people get out. some of the people stuck around but then the late high tide came n and more of the water came over the seawall, and honestly with tomorrow we will get a
8:20 pm
much clearer picture of the damage that people have sustained the homes out here. we spoke to one woman a while ago a ago, and she had a quick look at the home, and she was not in there after the high tide but she saw it afterwards and the aftermath was shocking. it ripped the porch off, and blasted through the wall and a blasted out window and she is hope hag the home stays stand g standing. she is going to be staying in a safer place and gets a better look tomorrow when itt has died down. so a lot of people will be waking up to see what they are left with here. >> let's hope it looks worse than it is. let's go the brian todd who is in marshfield massachusetts. brian, there was another breach in the seawall, and what happened? >> well don, at least a 50-foot section of the seawall was
8:21 pm
breached erlarlier today just after the early version of high tide hit a little bit after 5:00 a.m. eastern time. when we got there, we shot the video of the seawall, and we got there as the second high tide was hit, and dangerous situation, and the waves were violent against the seawall. it had been breached and it caused significant flood nging in the streets and the homes next to the seawalls and several people had to be evacuated from the home and rescued, and we heard that they had to man a front end loader to get and pull out an injured person. luckily, no injuries to be reported from that, but it was a scary situation earlier to daiday, and we will have to be what we are showing you here tonight at the dash cam window here shgs, and inside of the windows as we drive around marshfield massachusetts, first responders and others are up against tonights as they try to dig out. we have two people here trying to dig out the businesses.
8:22 pm
we will pull out dash cam and other capability here and three people pulling into the area where people are trying to dig out, out, and i will get out of the vehicle here in a second, and get into the dash cam and talk to you in the camera, and this is plagued by whiteout conditions here which are hampering the effort s tos to see if people are okay, and in the flooded areas, and elsewhere, because it is a total whiteout situation here in the area in marshfield marshfield. it is going on. it is a driving wind and eheavy snow. they are digging out for the business owner here and here is the snowplow coming around but look at this huge snowdrifts in to a parking lots and the maze of snow here in the parking lot don. again, this is what they are up against, white-out condition, and driving wind and snow as they try to help the people in
8:23 pm
the flooded areas negotiate out of the home and things like that. we will get out of the way, don't worry, and they are trying to get into the areas, and it is difficult to move around and help them out, and we are up against what they are up against, and the flooding up against the seawall today, don, and luckily no injuries from that. >> all right. brian, be safe and stay out of the way of the snowplows, and we know that you are doing your best there in in marshfield massachusetts. and now, we are going to go to montauk, long island, and there were two fatalities there, and tell us about those, ana. >> yes, this is one place in new york where the storm forecast did hold true. we are dealing with more than two feet here in the parts of the new york/long island area where we are in montauk, and
8:24 pm
down the street here, and a couple of miles, and more like a couple of 20 miles down the road where we have official snow measurement, and we have had 20 inches across the bay in the orient and so nearly 30 inches of snow falling in this part, and yet a lot of the people here are breathing a sigh of relief here because they did not see the coastal flooding that was threatening at one point. you can see the waves here batter battering, and they were up to 16 feet high at one point, and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour at one point that were damaging and more of a nuisance blowing the snow across the roadway, and burying the people inside of their homes and biz businesses, but by and large, people stayed safe because they heeded the warnings prior to the storm when it picked up, don. >> and you talked to some surfers today, and did they
8:25 pm
actually surf out here in this weather, ana? i can't believe it. >> i know it sounds craze zishgs but yes, people did come out here to surf. the snow came out to blow and it was blustery out there, and the fwi who shot the video that you are watching right here who works for the eastern magazine described it epic as he was watching the guys in the wet suits out there in the water. [ no audio are] >> oh no ana's shot froze, literally. and so now we will ask if the new york mayor moved too far? cloud. this is "titanfall,"
8:26 pm
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8:30 pm
york city and the city was shutdown w but the storm was not that bad at least in new york and the officials are saying better safe than story, and join g joining me is juliette kayyem and cnn national security analyst by skype ben ferguson and also the director of fema when hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast, and also severe weather expert meteorologist chad miyers. and so the big thermometer here, chad says 21 degrees, and here at columbus circle and it is colder than 21 degrees, so what is the windchill? >> 10. 10 with a sustained wind at 10 miles per hour and so when the winds gust it is windchill of 2. there you go. it is cold. >> so if the we had gotten more snow and no listen, listen i
8:31 pm
am telling you that it is cold out here, and i will stand here to do my job all night, but it is fricking cold out here. >> i just ordered you some e electric socks out for christmas, and i can't wait for them to get there. >> i wish i could use some expleties on the arir. >> they will be there in a couple of days. >> did you just say that i get no respect, michael brown? >> i just wanted to let you know that you and your weather guy know that we almost reached a record in denver 75 degrees. >> yeah. >> rub it in. >> oh, okay. >> back on the track here, and chad this is the issue, because of the temperature, right? because so it cold, and when you had, and it is if new york had gotten the snow amounts that they were doing to be getting, that is why the mayor and the governor shut the city down a
8:32 pm
san diegoand better to be safer than sorry? >>le with -- well, we need to make more of the model, and trust it more. and you know when you take the racecar out the first time you don't know if it is going to be be that good or if the wheels will stay on but in massachusetts three feet of snow everywhere. and here is what is what happened across new england to new jersey. notice the swirl back here and lots of snow here and not much snow here and snow again on los angeles, a -- snow again on long island and eastern long island snow and the models that we typically look at were very, very wrong. they just got it wrong. you know it, it is going to happen again, and the model that got it so wrong that the weather service in new york city looked
8:33 pm
at the most in european mesoscale, and so it was farr from the coast, and it never got back to new york, so it is gar garbage in, garbage out, and we got garbage. >> okay. i want to bring in everybody, and i don't want to cut you off, because i want you in the on the conversation but this is what mayor bill de blasio said this afternoon afternoon on cnn. >> bert safe than story, and we had a consensus of the meteorologists across the board that this thing would be easily two feet as with we were hearing late into yesterday two feet two feet of snow would have paralyzed this city. so we did what was necessary to keep people safe, and by the way, by getting everyone off of the road, the sanitation department could clear the way and we will get back to normal much more quickly. >> okay.
8:34 pm
so ben you heard the mayor there. >> yes. >> you are conservative and he a liberal, you think that they overe re overreacted? >> no, he is spot-on. in political careers, you never remember long-term a mayor who overreacted to a natural disaster type scenario but you always remember the people who screw screwed it up on the days when they had to come out the remember it defense and say they are sorry, but it is what is talking about what sis issue of e legitimately life and death. when you are dealing with the safety of the public, and the safety of children going to school or not go ging to school or the safety of the elderly or the safety of the workers out there putting their life at risk trying to deal with all of the people driving around them trying to clear the roads and everything else they got it right. >> all right. juliette i hate to rush you along, but ben and chad ate up
8:35 pm
all of the time. what would you say? >> they are perfect, and i would not disagree with anything they would say, and it was the right point with everything that the mayor said, and it is not a silly argument because you won't win, but all that matters is that very few people died. >> and michael? >> well i think that they are right, but the thing that concerns me is that there is a difference of giving a weather forecast, and here's the prediction, and here is what we are going to the happen and then on the other side of the studio the news people hype it up on how bad it is around armageddon and then they are riled up, and then people like governor cuomo, i am going to tell the mtba to shut it down and they did not shut them down but they were run, and empty. so the trains may have been helpful to somebody who needed to go to the hospital.
8:36 pm
so it goes back to the point if people would tell the freaking truth when they were doing it and not hype it up we'd all be better off. >> all right. we have to go. thank you, michael, juliette chad and you, too, ben ferguson. >> stay warm. >> stay warm. >> we'll do. and when we come back, keeping the animals safe in the blizzard and not just house pets. we will hear from the the presidents of both zoos, new england and the columbus zoo. >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life.
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8:40 pm
all right. the blizzard of 2015 has been tough on the people throughout the northeast, but what about the animals in zoos? join ging me is the president of zoo new england and tom stall, the president and ceo of zoo
8:41 pm
columbus columbus. and john, to you, you oversee two zoos with 1,800 animals, and species from environments all over the world, and temperatures at your zoo in taunton, massachusetts, is hovering at 10 or 11 degrees, and what are you doing to keep the animals warm? >> well, we have a team there throughout the night, and keeping extra food and bedding and lighting on them throughout the day and the night, and the key is to preparing up front to make sure that you have the right facilities to e begin with and then make sure that you have the backup plans in place. >> we are looking at the video of the flamingo ss at the zoo
8:42 pm
right now, and how do they manage at the zoo? >> well, the birds, especially, there is a reason that they make down coat pors the peoples for people because feather feathers are great insulators and believe it or not, they will be perfectly fine. we have created one of the most prolific flocks of fla p mingos anywhere and part of that is not to move them seasonally the way we used to. so animals have a lot more ability to adapt than you would think. >> all right. well shgs well, interesting, all right. john, standby, because i want to the go over the john. and who do you have there? you have brought a friend? >> yes, a mountain lion, and a rescue from montana, and one of the animal ambassadors at the columbus zoo and aquarium and thank you for having us on tonight tonight, because it is a great story to make sure that the people are cared for, but make
8:43 pm
sure you care for the pets and the am basbassador ambassadors talking about inspiring the people about conservation, and talk about the animal welfare. it is not always about the zoo animal, but talk about the pets at home and making sure that we care for them. >> yeah. which animals like to stay outside in the winter? >> well for us we definitely have here at the columbus zoo and aquarium the arctic fox, the timberwolves and the polar bears, and the animals in the temperant regions of the world, and to daiday it was in teens, and right now, it is feeling 4 degrees right now, and so for a polar bear or arctic fox, perfect perfect, but for the cheetah or animal in the tropical area, that is way too cold, so like john was saying we want to make sure they have the proper accommodation, and make sure
8:44 pm
they are nice and warm. >> how do you protect the an animals at the columbus zoo? >> so we have a great system here that's not only do we have the proper facility pors the heat and the backup generatorse but also incredible alarm system. we have great staff system, and animals found in the cold regions are enjoying the the cold weather, and as a matter of fact we would have to do the exact same for when it is hot for them. and if if it is a hot day, we have to make sure they are cool, but with the weather cold, we have to make shurure they are proper shelter if it is polar bear or the arctic fox or the mountain lieon here, they have to have the proper shelter, and make sure it is good shelter. so we want people with dogs and cats to have the proper shelter,
8:45 pm
and bring them inside and make sure that you are careing for the pet, because it is very, very important, and very nice to have the horrible cold weather. >> john and tom, thank you very much. i want to stay with us and this is harper and harper has to come out, because, you know, harper has to take care of business and we want to know what you can do to keep the animal safe. has harper been eating snow? oh. all right. we will be back. financial noise financial noise financial noise meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
8:46 pm
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back now with harper who is a mini golden doodle and greg is here with olive, and what is olive? >> a lab mix, a lab ridgeback. >> and they are out walking the dogs. and you have to put the mic up close. thank you very much. and so, listen, when you are going through the tough storms here and the blizzard of 2015 a lot of attention is being paid to the animals, and harper is right there, and mommy is right there, and you are back with tom salp and so tom, these guys are out here walking the dog,
8:50 pm
and he has on booties, and so does olive, because the sand and the salt can hurt the paws right? >> yes no, question about it. when people are out to buy the salt for the driveway or the sidewalk it lwill say pet-friendly, and that is what you want because it can be sore on the pads. right now, with the mountain lion the paw ss, it will be good for them, and they have fur on the bottom of the feet, so it is like a built-in insulation but it sis sensitive. and for the pets at home, if if they are walking on sand or salt it will really irritate them, and then make it harder for them to walk in the snow. >> and greg, do harper and olive get stir crazy here? oh look mommy is right there.
8:51 pm
>> and twice as active in the cold. >> oh, he is good. >> and they love the play in the snow. >> okay. there you go harper. >> and makes our lives easier because we have to focus on throwing the ball because they can run and play. >> what about, because harper had eaten some snow, and he had buried his face in the snow and is it safe for them to do that? tom, is it safe for them to do that? >> well no it all comes down to when you are walk around in central park, and off of the beaten path, you don't want to have the animals eating the snow because you don't know what is nin it, and if there is chemicals on the sidewalks or the roads, and it splashes into the area, we are not go ging to want them to ingest something that they don't know what they have but if you are out in the woods or walking around sure. they will have fun, and they are great pets and love to play,
8:52 pm
and good to have an activity. when you are talk about earlier, and the cold weather, and the snow going on, you don't want to go out the walk the pet. so when you give them the opportunity, it is if fun to let them play and have a lot of exercise. >> does it make a difference because -- olive and harper have different fur, and does it make a difference with dogs? >> absolutely, it does, because that is a great question. >> when you talk about a siberian husky or an animal or breed that has a thick fur, the thing that you don't want to do is to take them to the droomer, and have them shave that off, because it is built-in insulation and so it is important to look at the breed and the animal, and we are have some dogs that are short fur and, you know i see a lot of
8:53 pm
times, people are walking around with sweaters and booties, and if it is 3 degrees outside, we want that coat and they want it as well. it is very important. >> so some people have outside dogs and i grew up in the country, and they have outside dogs and so the if it is extremely cold temperatures or the extremelyt hot, you have to do that, but you cannot leave the animals out in these conditions? >> i completely agree with you shgs and as a matter of fact, there are cities or state laws that say, look we want you to be protected, but we also want to the think about the pets at home. so, yes, when it is in the teen and when it is getting down to the single digits you want the pet with shelter, and beddinging this the shelter, and you want to make sure they have fresh water which is important. when when it is really cold, folks, we have to bring the animals inside. >> yes, absolutely.
8:54 pm
we want to leave you tonight with the cnn pets and harper is just off camera, and he can't wait to get back to mommy, and so thank you, harper, and thank you, olive. we will be right back. ah. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest ...baddest ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest... ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through
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welcome back to the coverage of the blizzard of 2015. so where is the blizzard of 2015 going to strike next? when will it be over? hard-hitting questions for cnn meteorologist and weather expert chad myers. i have been asking you all evening, and people up and down the east coast want to know when is it going to p bebe over? >> for boston, we have been pushing it back but rob bli 4:00 a.m. and there is a batch of snow for you, and probably an inch or two to get you over the historic amount. and the next place to be hit is nova scotia and then newfoundland and then it will take the wind with it. i know that the duration out there is two hours that you will get cold after an hour hour and
8:59 pm
twenty minutes, because the windchill is everywhere. where next? everywhere. the windchills are at zero or below zero at the northeast, and feeling that way to everybody out there, including those pets don. don. >> yes, and you don't have this loaded up, chad, but you know everything. you know how we talk about the life tracker, and everything do we know where we are with the flight tracks and everything? and the delays? >> well, i am surprised that i called for a flight tomorrow and i thought no way to get out of this town until saturday with the backed out flights, but i'm on 3:00 to get back to atlanta, so it seems like it should be worse, but the problem is now that if you have a very erlarly morning flight that the plane is not there, because it did not fly in tonight, so it not waiting for you, and so it is going to be later.
9:00 pm
>> our live coverage continues now at the cnn center in atlanta. good night. >> coming up at this hour. parts of the u.s. northeast buried in snow. but as it turned out, new york city wasn't one of them. how officials are justifying their decision to shut down the big apple. >> late into yesterday, it was still being projected to being two feet. two feet of snow would have paralyzed the city. also ahead, lashing out. japan's prime minister condemns the latest japanese hostage killed. and