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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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-- captions by vitac -- hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> great to have you with us. ahead this hour hostage negotiations after another apparent ultimatum from the isis terrorists. indonesia releases new information about the airasia crash. we'll be live in jakarta in a moment. threatening retaliation, israel says hezbollah will pay for a deadly missile strike. u.s. officials report a spike in threat fakes on planes. a new day has brought yet another ultimatum from isis. the terror group has released an audio recording which appears to be the voice of japanese hostage journali kenji goto.
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>> he said ice less kill a jordanian pilot unless jordan hands over a female prisoner by sunset thursday. that's the deadline. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of the recording. >> jordan may agree to some sort of prisoner swap for the return of their captured pilot, but observers say the isis propaganda machine claims that exchange as victory. >> let's get more now from our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: around the clock efforts to secure the release of the jordanian fighter pilot and the japanese journalist from the grim of isis. a voice of kensaying they be will killed if the prisoner in jordan is not released. jordan said it would release the woman on one specific condition -- jordan's king abdullah adamant from the start,
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it all depends on getting the pilot back. >> i'm not sure that jordan can go ahead without assurance they'll get the pilot back. the war effort is controversial in jordan. this puts the king of jordan in a very difficult position. >> reporter: the pilot's father made a desperate plea for his son. >> translator: his blood is precious. it's precious and represents the blood of all jordanians. >> reporter: but the jordanians contend the u.s. made a similar move last year trading five taliban detainees for u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl. negotiating with isis? >> every country has the right to make decisions. >> reporter: whatever happens, there are concerns isis will use it as propaganda. >> it puts them on a new tier. instead of them being a terrorist group, they're now making arrangements with a
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sovereign government. that in and of itself shows their followers that they have power. >> reporter: though some of that power may be waning. intelligence officials have noticed the latest isis message was shot indoors and are wondering if that change may be the result of the u.s. successful targeting places seen in prior isis videos. a source close to the ongoing situation says jordan is willing to exchange the female prisoner because she did not directly kill anyone. during those hotel attacks in 2005, her suicide vest malfunction malfunctioned. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> jordan's deputy foreign minister in 2005 says although jordan does not normally bargain with terrorists, they may make an exception this time.
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>> it is not in jordan's usual policy to negotiate with terrorists and in fact jordan has done a lot of work behind the scenes to try to release the pilot through various means, and have not been able to do so including military means. but as i said, i think it's a matter of being caught between two very bad options, and jordan i guess, is opting for the least bad of them. >> the japanese government says it's analyzing the latest reported message from isis and doing everything possible to bring journalist kenji goto home. i want to bring in our anna coren who is live for us in hong kong. anna clearly this deadline is fast approaching. has isis so far given any evidence whatsoever that the jordanian pilot is still alive? >> reporter: no zain no proof of life whatsoever.
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all we're going off is this audio file posted on twitter, where we hear the voice allegedly of kenji goto the japanese journalist who says that unless the iraqi female suicide bomber is released by the jordanians by sunset thursday taken to the turkish border if that does not happen then the jordanian fighter pilot will be executed immediately. now, what is not clear, and i think we need to make this perfectly clear, is that these two hostages we don't know if they will be released. is it a matter of bringing the suicide bomb toreer to the border then execute the pilot. we do not know the details. isis continues to change the goal posts time and time again. as we know the united states the uk they don't like to negotiate with terrorists. but the reason being is that
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they don't want to legitimize isis or encourage more kidnappings. it just creates another monster all together. obviously, there's a great deal of pressure from the families and the governments to secure the release of these hostages. but as i say, zain isis has not made it clear they will do that if the iraqi suicide bomber is brought to the border. >> jordan clearly taking a huge gamble. i want to touch on what the international community's response has been. you touched on this a little bit. jordan is a key u.s. ally. they have conducted air strikes against isis. how is the international community responding now that jordan does seem to be negotiating with terrorists? >> reporter: as we saw from barbara starr's report the united states has also negotiated with the taliban. it's an interesting situation that everybody is in because
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obviously some countries operate as they like as has france spain and other european countries where citizens have been taken by isis. these back room deals have been done millions of dollars have been paid to secure the release. the united states has come out, the uk has come ut and said we do not negotiate with terrorists. we cannot pay these ransom demands because then you encourage more kidnappings of more westerners. it also legitimizes what isis represented. this entity this organization that it has become. a ruthless brutal organization. but herein lies the problem. there is a great deal of pressure and we're watch thing play out day after day. so that is where everybody is becoming involved in this. their lives are just hanging,
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you know, on a thread. we are waiting for isis to release more recordings you know this is the only information that we are getting from this terror organization. but at the end of the day, they are negotiating with terrorists. >> let's not forget what the families of those two hostages being held by isis must be going through. i can't even imagine. i want to ask you, you know i can't imagine how they're coping but i want to ask whether or not the jordanian government and the japanese government have been keeping the families of those hostages abreast of every single step of the notions. obviously some things are confidential but i hope they're getting a sense oh of what is going on behind closed doors. >> i don't think there's any doubt that the governments are keeping the families abreast of what is going on. we heard from kenji goto's family. they are placing all their hopes in the hands of the japanese
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prime minister and the envoy that he has sent to jordan to work with the jordanians to try and secure the release of their journalists. and obviously, you know the jordanians wanting proof of life of their fighter pilot who was captured in december last year in syria. the only member of the allied coalition to have been captured by isis. during this war. so really you know as far as the families are concerned, they are being kept abreast, but they are just waiting for any word that their loved one also be released. >> they just have to hope and wait. they can't do much else. jordan is facing so much pressure from its own people to secure the release of that fighter pilot. that deadline is fast approaching. anna coren live for us in hong kong thank you. we are learning more details about the crash of airasia
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fright 8501. a lot of new information about what appears to be a hectic three minutes and 20 seconds in the dockcockpit. >> reporter: what we are learning john a number of facts that cnn has managed to confirm, that the plane was flying at 32,000 feet cruising along when it came into difficulties. it had requested to go up to 38,000 feet and it's at that point that the air traffic control said to them please hold on, we will get back to you will. and then they said, yes, you are clear for 34,000 feet at which point, during the press conference a senior pilot held up a plane and showed everyone how the plane veered to the left. it started to wobble and then
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it climbed to 37,400 feet in 30 seconds. that then descend and it dropped to 24,000 feet rather rapidly, according the radar detection. all this taking place in a matter of seconds. and new information that the co-pilot or first officer was actually at the helm. but the captain was beside him, monitoring at the time all this took place. now, the investigators would not confirm reports by reuters news agency that the automated controls had been knocked out and were not working. they said they would not confirm that. they said there were a number of details that under indonesian law that they were not able to share with the public just yet.
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not until the full investigation has been played out. and they also ask people not to speculate, until they did have all the details. john? >> okay thank you. the latest from that news conference from jakarta. later this hour i'll speak with cnn's david sousi, our security safety analyst, and we'll tell us why it's crucial to raise the fuselage from the bottom of the sea. it seems the indonesians have put that operation on hold. >> it's very dangerous conditions for the divers as well. we're learning new details about a siege another a sydney cafe. and the threats may be fake but the investigation very real. details ahead on a rash of airline bomb threats. ♪ [epic music] ♪
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australia has opened a formal inquiry after a deadly siege in a sydney cafe. >> hostage katrina dorisen died after being hit from fragments of police bullets. another hostage was shot when the gunman shot him in the back of the head. the hostage taker was killed
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instantly by police. >> rarely have such horrifying events unfolded so publicly. fearsome themes called up wider and more far reaching threats than understandably terrified many even those who only saw it from afar. these events have precipitated an outpouring of emotion. anguish, anger, resentment and even despair. >> the coroner will examine if the standoff the gunman had -- if it could have been handled differently and it will look into the backgrounds and motivations of the hostage taiker as well. there's been a spike in bomb threats against u.s. airlines. >> officials say most of the
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recent threats have not been credible but they still have to be investigated. here's renee marsh. >> reporter: planes diverted passengers evacuated. law enforcement and bomb stiffing dogs close in all because of fake bomb threats on social media. >> we didn't know until we landed. >> reporter: it's happening more and more. a u.s. official tells cnn online threats increased. 50 similar incidents. in new york this flight swept for explosives. military jets scrambled after a tweet said bombs were on board a flight. >> they had canine units on the tarmac with a number of police from different agencies. i saw the atlanta police department tsa and fbi agents out on the runway. we were asked to place our items on the ground and have the canine units go through them and
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check them. >> reporter: a tweet claiming to be from isis targeted a flight from san diego to dallas. >> i want to see those responsible for that kind of activity tracked down and prosecuted. >> reporter: the head of homeland security told cnn today even false threats are dangerous. >> they cause certain reactions, certain overreactions, very often fighter jets are scrambled to address the situation. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating the social media threats, tracing computer ip addresses. >> it could be a small group of people it could be just one person with a few twitter accounts and a really dumb idea. but we can see how much it disrupts the system. >> reporter: these threats tax law enforcement, airport and military resources and it's costly for airlines and passengers. >> every time a threat comes in it has to be taken seriously. aircraft have to be turned
10:19 pm
around and landed at the nearest location. >> reporter: renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> individuals responsible can be prosecuted federally. a former u.s. nuclear scientist has been sentenced to prison for trying to sell nuclear secrets to venezuela, the 79-year-old pleaded guilty for offering to help venezuela develop nuclear weapons. >> he has been sentenced to five years in prison. he worked in the nuclear weapons design division in new mexico. his wife, also convicted in this sting, she previously received a sentence of a year and a day. coming up greece's new prime minister keeping good on his campaign promise to voters. we'll see how investors reacted to his comments coming up.
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facebook is doing a little celebrating after the company beat forecasts. the company is growing and plans to expand its mobile platform. another quarter, another set of disappointing results from samsung. what the company says it's doing to turn things around. stay with us.
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the new prime minister of greece not backing down on his
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anti-austerity promise. >> he said the new government will renegotiate a $270 billion bailout, even though germany has insisted greece must abide by austerity measures. the new finance minister said a deal can be reached to appease the eurozone. >> translator: a new relationship of trust and honesty is being created between our country and europe. the negotiations will not be easy. they never are in the european union. how could it be? especially a european union struggling to find its steps of a worldwide crisis in 2008. >> those words did nothing to apiece investors. the greek stock market plunged
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9%. investors worried if greece breaks its commitment to international lendors, the country could be forced out of the eurozone. >> banks were the worst hit on wednesday. three banks all down by more than 25%. >> however, more economic news it was a very good day for facebook. their fourth quarter numbers beat wall street expectations. >> revmost of the ad revenue came from mobile devices, which has become the number one way people are using facebook. >> as for monthly active users, facebook had 1.4 billion. >> because it is growing, facebook is seeing costs increasing sharply, spending $3 billion on tech related items, including storage. >> earlier i spoke with simon erickson about this positive report.
10:25 pm
take a listen. >> i think it's important for facebook at this stage of their life to keep those users engaged and make sure they're sharing content, which is continuing to progress throughout the life of the company. >> the company is spending a lot of money on researching, on marketing, on development, especially with its recent ak acquisition acquisitions. what is the long-term strategy here? >> so i think the strategy for facebook is they want to make sure the users are using the site. you had profiles a lot of text fields. but users are wanting richer content and facebook is paying attention to them. we see that their messaging service has got 700 million monthly users and people are sharing more video content. we saw a 75% increase in the number of videos shared over
10:26 pm
facebook. and even farther than that we've seen the acquisition of a virtual reality headset. you have facebook with over a billion people with all sorts of new content. so this is a great social network, but the point is to be a platform for people to share content with one another. >> i want to talk to you about one highlight in the earnings report that's mobile ad revenue. it's certainly growing, but there was a fear in the past that facebook ads lacked subtly and it could put users off. is there a risk that could happen at some point in the future future? >> a lot of people think those ads are annoying but i would argue it's not as big a risk as we might think it is. the reason being, that mobile ad revenue is much more targeted. so you're getting the exact ads that are of interest to you. the number of ad impressions was down about 65% year over year
10:27 pm
but the price we are ad was up over 300%. so it's giving advertisers a chance to know who their target demographic is. >> finally, how much did the sort of unfavorable exchange rates impact facebook's earnings? >> i think that's a short term issue. longer term facebook needs to not worry about the foreign exchange rates, but using the acquisitions they've made and enter grating them in a stronger platform. >> japan's prime minister reacts to the latest recorded message from isis. what he says his government is doing to secure the release of a japanese journalist held hostage. deadly fighting between israel and hezbollah, raising concerns about escalation on a new front. those details also ahead.
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welcome back herb -- everybody. great to have you with us. >> isis is apparently demanding that a female bomber jailed in jordan be released by sunset thursday or the jordanian pilot they're hold willing be killed. we cannot independently verify the authenticity of the new audio message, but it's believed to be the voice of japanese hostage kenji goto. indonesian officials say the flight data recorder provides a clear picture of what happened to flight 88501.
10:31 pm
>> greece's prime minister said they will renegotiate a new deal announcing anti-privatization measures wednesday. the greek stock market plunged 9% after his comments. researchers say a vaccine to treat ebola seems to be safe and provoked an immune response. the drugs were given to 60 volunteers in the united kingdom but it's unclear if they will protect someone from the virus. the next phase of test willing take place in west africa. japanese prime minister shinzo abe says his government is analyzing the latest message from isis. >> they have within watching closely to arrange a prisoner swap that would free journalist kenji goto.
10:32 pm
here's what prime minister shinzo abe said today. >> translator: i cannot give particular details. the government has, due to this very difficult situation, been asking for assistance from the jordanian government. we will continue to make all possible efforts to that mr. goto is released as soon as possible. >> it would be no small concession for jordan to release the prisoner. but the government in amman is under pressure to bring its young pilot back home. >> that could tip the scales in favor of a prisoner swap. becky anderson has more. >> reporter: this was the moment that the 26-year-old pilot came to public attention, captured by isis in late december after his f-16 crashed in northern syria. one month later, the jordanian public plead with authorities to give the militants something that might buy his freedom.
10:33 pm
the release of a convicted iraqi terrorist, now held for nine years by jordan for terror attacks at hotels that killed at least 57 people. among the crowds in amman, the pilot's father. >> translator: i firmly ask to make strong efforts to bring him back and liberate him starting with his majesty the king and going down to any official who has a role to play in this matter. >> reporter: the plight is sure to resonate with the king a former pilot himself. the young captain hails from a high ranking tribe, considered especially loyal to the monarchy. abdullah's wife posted this picture to her instagram followers after meeting with the pilot's family.
10:34 pm
from the start, jordan has played a pivotal part in the u.s.-led coalition against the so-called islamic state. it is not a popular war. but for a country considered to share many values with its western values it's arguably an essential one. late last year, cnn reported from the desert town 200 kilometers south of the capital, which has been overrun by supporters of the militant group. two years ago, jordan thwarted an al qaeda plot to carry out one of the middle east's biggest ever terror attacks. and memories of the deadly 2005 bombing involving prisoner and now pawn sajita al ashawi. last seen in this televised confession. but for those demanding the release of a young pilot captured in defense of his country, her freedom is a reasonable price to pay.
10:35 pm
becky anderson cnn, abu dhabi. >> if it goes through, this would be the latest high profile prizer in swap in recent years. u.s. army soldier bowe bergdahl was released last year. he was held by the taliban and in exchange the u.s. released five taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay. in 2011 an israeli soldier was released after being held five years by hamas. more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners were released in that deal, as well. in 2010 the u.s. and russia conducted the largest exchange of captured spies since the cold war, with ten russian and four american agents changing hands. john? >> two israeli soldiers and u.n. peacekeeper are dead as fighting
10:36 pm
between israel and hezbollah es escalate escalates. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu convened a meeting wednesday night after hezbollah launched the most deadly attack against israeli forces since 2006. he's calling iran the culprit, saying israel will respond to any attempts to open up a new front of terror. the hezbollah assault started with anti-tank missiles striking an israeli military killconvoy killing two, injuring seven more. smoke rose from the border as israel answered with air strikes. hezbollah came back with more mortar fire against israeli army positions. a u.s. peacekeeper in lebanon was killed. the israeli prime minister took
10:37 pm
to twitter to promise who was behind the attack would pay the price, but pointed the finger at iran using hezbollah to open up a new front. a day earlier, two rockets launched from a syrian army position into the israeli ii golan heights were met with air strikes. >> if you can shell israel from the golan, if you can condition the israelis with the fact that this is now the new normal you've achieved something quite significant. the israelis are not prepared to concede that. >> reporter: hezbollah called it payback. while it has. acknowledged the attack israel's army is on high alert, deploying the iron dome anti-missile system after iran
10:38 pm
vowed to hit back. israel has deployed several iron dome batteries like the one behind me. it can track a rocket lock on to it and shoot it down in 15 seconds. but it's never been tested against a large salvo. and the fear if if hezbollah starts shooting hundreds of rockets into israel, it may not be as successful. tonight, military sources say neither side has an interest in escalation but warned violence could spiral out of control. a fear oak -- echoed in washington. >> we encourage all parties to respect the blue line and to refrain from any action that could escalate the situation. >> reporter: there's a tense calm in the area. the question is has each side made their point? will the retaliatory strikes
10:39 pm
stop or will the fighting continue which leads to the opportunity of miscalculation and spiraling out of control. >> we turn now to another complex. 12,000 children are involved in armed fighting in south sudan. that's the estimate from unicef. >> but a peace agreement comes into effect. hundreds of child soldiers were released this week. some of them as you can as 11 years old, many of them spending their entire lives at war. >> the biggest desire is education. they have all told us that. they've never been to school and they need some support to learn. so that will be the first thing. we also have to try and treat them not only the health but also the mental health
10:40 pm
depending on the things they've seen and done during this terrible conflict. >> the u.n. says it will also try to reunite some of these children with families. >> and shocking numbers about other children involved in crisis. more than a million syrian refugees live in catchmps in lebanon. half of them are children.
10:41 pm
♪ ased new information on the crash of airasia flight 8501. we'll learn about the challenges facing recovery crews. stay with us.
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i asked chuck to lead this department in a moment of profound transition. and today, we express our gratitude for the progress under his watch. >> and with that u.s. president barack obama bid farewell to chuck hagel. he will soon end two years of service as the secretary of defense. wednesday, mr. obama called hagel a true american patriot. >> hagel announced his resignation in november reportedly under some political pressure. obama's nominee to succeed him
10:45 pm
is ashton carter. >> another nominee is in the midst of the confirmation process. loretta lynch, the nominee to succeed u.s. attorney general eric holder, was grilled wednesday. >> she took questions ranging from the legalization of marijuana to obama's immigration policy and same-sex marriage. lynch vowed to create a better relationship with congress barring any surprises, she is expected to be confirmed. indonesian transportation firms released new details about the crash of airasia flight 8501. they say the plane's flight data recorder gives a clear picture of what happened to the plane. they also say the co-pilot was flying the plane, and all crew members were in good health and they were certified to fly. this new information follows a
10:46 pm
preliminary report on the crash, which has been submitted but not released to the public. earlier, i talked about the challenges of the recovery operation with cnn safety analyst david sousi. david, are you surprised that the indonesians have decided not to make this preliminary report public? is there much detail that we can learn what happened to the flight? >> that might be the problem. there might be too much detail too much information that they haven't veryifyverified. so it's not uncommon to have a preliminary report delayed. but i am a bit surprised, because they do have the boxes now. they have the information from both of the black boxes and they have some very good information that would be very useful for the families to receive. >> and in terms of what actually happened to flight 8501 there is this report in "the wall street journal" that possibly the co-pilot was at the controls just as that steep climb began.
10:47 pm
what would that mean to the investigation? >> you know i have ridden thousands of hours in the cockpit observing pilots doing their job. it's not out of the realm of possibility that the co-pilot would be at the controls. they usually rotate back and forth. that's just a matter of maintaining experience. you wouldn't want one pilot to get all the flight time. so that's not uncommon really. >> we also have a situation now in terms of the search and the recovery. it does seem that the indonesians have given up on trying to raise the fuselage up from the bottom of the sea. why would they do that? wouldn't the wreckage be helpful in trying to find out what happened? >> it's almost impossible to figure out why the accident happened or what subsequent actions happened by the pilots after the initial climb without
10:48 pm
that fuselage. i think what's happened here is that it's simply impossible physically as the aircraft rises to the top of the surface and you have waves going up and down, the physical attachment of that fuselage to the balloons that are raising it there's just too much differential between the top of the surface of the ocean and where the aircraft is being held underneath. so it's causing more damage which is hide the true clues of what happened to the aircraft. >> so they're going to leave it where it is? >> they are for now. what the hope is in a different time of season they'll be able to get 234 there and get this aircraft up when the seas are calm. but the biggest problem is trying to get the bodies recovered from that fuselage. if you can imagine, this fuselage is made up of millions of filaments within its structure. within that are millions of wires within that structure that are carrying electricity and
10:49 pm
that sort of thing. when the aircraft explodes or has that impact and comes apart, you have all of that stuff going on in there. so for divers it's extremely dangerous to retrieve those bodies. you have to weigh that and say at what point do you want to risk lives to recover those two have already passed? >> it's good to speak with david sousi there. if you are watching us right now in western europe rug up, because there's a blizzard on the way. or already there. >> those areas are going to be the hardest hit. yesterday, we had about 700 flights canceled in the united states. both cancellations now are in germany. it's propped off considerably what's happened but that is the busiest area in the world. it's going to be a mess over
10:50 pm
this region. generally to the north and to the northwest of europe around ireland, working into portions of england there, moderate to heavy snowfall. we're talking about wind gusts 55 miles per hour notice these snow showers is push into london friday. so enough accumulation on the grassy surfaces where you can see a dusting in london. the temperatures into the afternoon hours going to be above freezing about 5 degrees celsius. not going to amount much in terms of accumulation. you know travel is going to be an issue out of this region. the bill board, a lot of oranges and reds. 90-minute delays here, and gusty winds the pattern into friday. london heathrow could see hour
10:51 pm
and a half delays there. in the north eastern united states, another storm slated to come in thursday night and friday. just a couple ichlgnches, but if you're in boston or other areas, one to three inches not fun to see come in. a potential major cool koun in the forecast for the northeastern united states. so anything on the ground through this weekend may be sticking around of the next couple of days. areas around portions of interior new england, light to moderate theys expected. more news coming up. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure.
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okay. da!
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he says he wants to run for the president of fifa. his announcement came just hours before the deadline. >> he also played for real madrid in barcelona, says recent scandals have damaged the image of football's governing body. >> he's going to be competing against the long standing president, who was unopposed for his last two election wins. >> no one is untouchable in this life. if you think like that you're wrong. for me it's a fantastic challenge to try to convince the
10:55 pm
people to follow me and to support me. >> he joins four other major candidates to challenge. he's been fifa's president since 1998. this is a scary one. if you've ever watched steven king's "pet cemetery," this might give you chills as well. a cat named bot was hit by a car in tampa, florida. the owner says he found the cat lifeless, had flood around him. so he got the cat buried. take a listen. >> the cat was really deadsome >> the cat was stiff, it had no movement, no nothing. the cat was buried. the cat was dead. my neighbor brung the cat back to my house. >> okay. the cat's dead. he said the neighbor brought the cat back to the house. the neighbor said she found the cat in her yard five days after
10:56 pm
the cat was buried. actually alive. >> so the cat was in bad shape. he has to be treated for a broken jaw and his eye. the neighbors are trying to raise money to help pay for the medical expenses. he's expected to survive and eventually return home. but i guess this proves cats have nine lives. >> at least two. >> the cat was dead then came back to the house. >> creepy cat. thank you so much for watching, everyone. >> stay with us. rosemary church and errol barnett are up next. you are watching cnn. an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all.
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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. we are your anchor team for the next two hours. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. coming up this hour the desperate attempt to save a japanese journalist and a jordanian pilot health hostage by isis with -- held hostage byis onby ois with isis with time running out. 50 threats against airlines in the last week and a half. new debts, rising things, and growing fears of war during one of israel's most dangerous boundaries. one of america's finest crime scene investigators is taking on his greatest challenge, cracking cases in pakistan. we want to begin