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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 29, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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the clock is ticking. the last-minute vietnam bell to save a japanese journalist and a jordanian pilot health by isis. a deadly mistake. a new report says one victim of the siege at a sydney cafe of hit by fragments from bullets shot by police. arthritis evacuated, fighter jets scrambled. all sparked by tweets. >> i want to see those who are responsible for those -- that kind of activity tracked down and prosecuted. >> we'll explain how dozens of fake bomb threats in the past week and a half are disrupting tloits in the u.s. and children in thieg armed with machine guns.
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the shocking image from terror group boko haram. become hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thanks for joining us for a second hour. a new day has brought yet another ultimatum from isis. >> the terror group had released an audio recording that appears to be the voice of japanese hostage journalist kenji goto. according to the message, isis will kill a jordanian pile they're holding captive unless jordan hans over a female prisoner by sunset thursday although they have yet to prove that that pile is still alive. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of the recording. jordan may agree to some sort of prisoner swap to get back their captured pilot. observers say the isis propaganda machine would certainly try to claim the exchange as a victory. >> more from pentagon corn barbara starr. -- correspondent barbara starr.
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>> reporter: an attempt to free the journalist from the grip of isis. the voice said to be that was goto and the pilot will be killed if jordan does not release al rishawi, held since being convicted since a series of hotel bombings in jordan in 2005. jordan said it would release the woman on one specific condition -- jordan's king abdullah adamant from the start, it all depend on getting the pilot back. >> i'm not sure that jordan canth without an assurance that they're going to get their pilot back. the war better to is controversial in jordan. this puts the king of jordan in a very difficult position. >> reporter: the pilot's father made a desperate plea for his son. >> translator: the blood is precious precious and represents the blood of all jordanians. >> reporter: the jordanians contend the u.s. made a similar move last year trading five taliban detainees for u.s. army
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sergeant bow bergdahl. israel repeatedly engages in prisoner exchange but negotiating with isis? >> every country has the ability and right to make decisions. >> reporter: whatever happens, there are concerns isis will use it as propaganda in its social media campaign and claim victory. >> it puts them on a new tier. instead of just being a criminal oregon, a terrorist group, they're now making arrangements with a sovereign government. that in itself shows them or shows their followers that they have power. >> reporter: though some of that power may be waning. intelligence officials have noticed the latest isis message of shot indoors and are wondering if that change may be the result of the u.s. successfully targeting places seen in prior isis videos. a source close to the ongoing situation says jordan is willing to exchange the female prisoner
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because she did not directly kill anyone during those hotel attacks in 2005. her suicide vest malfunctioned. barbara starr, cnn the pentagon. the japanese government says it is analyzing the latest purported message from isis and doing everything possible to bring home journalist kenji goto. for more on the still ongoing efforts, we have more live from hong kong. anna essentially this now centers around the female prisoner isis want so badly to get back. why is sajida al rishawi so person considering she failed her terror mission? >> she did, she failed it completely. her vest did not detonate back in 2005. she's a 46-year-old iraqi woman whose first husband and brothers were killed during the conflict in iraq. she was recruited by al qaeda to
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carry out these attacks in jordan with her husband. he was successful along with other suicide bombers. they claimed the lives of 57 people. but she failed in her mission. and she ran away. security analysts calling her an embarrassment certainly for al qaeda. however it will seem that isis is making her into some cult figure. and the survival of these two hostage, the japanese journalist kenji goto as well as the jordanian fighter pilot, all depends on this woman and whether she will be released. as we've said the audio recording released on twitter by isis saying that she has to be brought to the turkish border by sunset on thursday. that is in a matter of hours. and then we don't even know if that just means saving the life of the jordanian fighter pilot meaning that he won't be
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executed or if in fact they will then hand over the two hostages. these are details we don't know. however, just in the last few minutes, we did hear from the jordanian armed forces who posted an official facebook message on their page saying that our priority is we are studying the recording. and as we know jordan has said that it will release this attempted suicide bomber if they get their fighter pilot back. >> you know we're approaching the deadline. isis has already proven itself to be not trustworthy, making deals and changing the rules as they go. what are experts predicting out of this? you've got japan reluctant to make a deal. jordan appears to be open to doing something to get this pilot back. what can the outcome be if both nations are on different page? >> it's interesting. japan has send an envoy to jordan. they said they're doing
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everything they exxonmobil. obviously working with the jordanian government in securing the release of their journalist. but as we've heard from the ordarns and certainly from -- jordanians and certainly from the parents of this fighter pilot is that we want our son back. this is not about the japanese journalist. want our son back. this is also happening, you know behind the scene. there is real concern that perhaps only one of them will be released. the other will be held. obviously kenji goto being a bit of a mouthpiece for isis at the moment. as you say, they've continued to change the goal post and demand every other day. we don't know if they're going stick to their word honor this promise that you give us our suicide bomb erer will give you the pilot potentially, the journalist. we don't know what game they're playing. obviously for the you and other
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countries, they do not negotiate with terrorists certainly went isis. in the case of jordan, they've made it public and clear that they are willing to do so on this particular occasion. >> and jordan's participation in the air strikes against isis itself controversial locally. this sure three play into that in some way. live for us out of hong kong eight minutes past 4:00 in the afternoon there. thanks. an australian coroner has opened an inquest into last month's deadly siege at a cafe in sydney. and some of the details emerging are disturbing. seven news -- cnn news reporter with details. >> reporter: after weeks of guessing what took place been the windows, today the facts, harrowing and disturbing like the final moments of mr. johnson. >> he was made to kneel on the floor of the cafe. after a short lapse of time, he simply shot him without further
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notice or warning in the back of the head. the end of the barrel was about 75 meters from mr. johnson's head at the moment of discharge. mr. johnson is believed to have died immediately. >> reporter: day one of the inquest into the december 15 siege heard equally distressing news about the second victim mother of three katrina dawson. >> ms. dawson was struck by sick frogless of a police bullet or bullets which ricochetted from hard surfaces into her body. >> reporter: inquiry confirmed it was the police sniper sitting at channel 740 mears away who saw 34-year-old johnson killed. the words triggered the police raid with 11 distraction grenades launched. a total of 22 bullets fired by tactical response police. he was hit in the head twice and body 11 times. bullets and fragments hit him
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who, it seems, was killed instantly. >> reporter: he fired the shotgun a total of five times. first at the six hostages who kaeped at 2:04 a.m. he missed. the second shot killed johnson at 2:13 a.m. shots three, four, and five were at police as they stormed the cafe 30 second later. he missed each time. the four others injured including a policeman were all the result of police fire. for 82-year-old jon o'brien, the only hostage to attend difficult to hear. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: the inquiry also heard how the awful day began. ordering chocolate cake and tea, demanding the doors be locked. >> mr. monis put on a vest and bandana. he stood up produced the
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shotgun. and by one account, he states this is an attack i have a bomb. >> reporter: he forced johnson to phone 000. in a 12-minute call announced that australia was under attack from islamic state and that bombs were planned citywide. >> really have -- rarely have such horrifying events unfolded so publicly. >> reporter: six friend and family of johnson were there today. katrina dawson chose not to go. as far the dawson and johnson families being legally represented here so too, were the two police officers who fired the fatal shots at monis. their identities will be kept secret. we're told it's for their personal safety. it will be a long and difficult inquest. critical not just for the city said the coroner, but the hostages, too. now to another big story we're following. indonesian transportation safety officials say airasia flight 8501's stall warning just sounded repeatedly until the
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plane crashed. >> and that's among the new details released at a news conference today. cnn has more now from jakarta. and let's look at what else was revealed in this extensive news conference. >> reporter: yes. it was touch and go. we weren't sure if they were going share any information with us at all. at one point the media impatiently booing investigators. eventually they did get around to airasia and the crash that happened months ago now -- a month ago now since yesterday here in jakarta. and they revealed to us a number of details we didn't know before. starting with the fact that the co-pilot also known as the first officer, of actually at the helm of the plane. he was flying the plane in those last fumes before it crashed. the pilot, the captain, was sitting beside him. he was inside the cockpit. we understand it was the first officer that was flying. he had more than 2,000 hours of
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experience flying with airasia indonesia. the captain incredibly experienced more than 20,000 flying hours. now details also revealed as you mentioned, about the stall warning going off now. this all falls in part to the last three four minutes of the flight before it crashed into the java sea. and i want to take you through exactly what happened. we all know cnn has already confirmed that during heavy thunderstorms the pilots had requested to turn left and ascend to 38,000 feet. air crash investigators say that the air traffic control had cleared them only for 34,000 feet. in that time along the line they decided to rise rapidly. they ascended in 30 seconds to 37,400 feet. you can imagine, that's an incredible speed, an incredible
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height and an incredible pace to go at. it's during this ascension that the stall warning started to sound. they know that from the flight data recorder all known as the black box. it went up, and then it came down to 24,000 feet. out of the air traffic control's radar. they weren't able to see them at that point. and then we understand that the stall warning continued to sound throughout the three minutes until the plane crashed in the java sea. >> they are horrifying details no doubt about that. what about the preliminary report? it has been submitted, but it has not been made public. what was the reason behind that? >> reporter: yeah. they've been saying continually that they don't plan to deliver it publicly. there's a lot of pressure of course to do so. to share it with particularly
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the families of victims on board the plane, wanting to know what happened on the plane that caused it to crash. they've insisted they don't want to share it. today we got more details. i'd already spoken to the transport minister who had said that he doesn't feel that it aeps's right to deliver a preliminary report that doesn't have all the information unlike the full investigation would have. today the air crash investigator said look there is information that we have in this report that we have been unable to confirm. we have co-lated and listed the facts. we haven't been able to verify everything with all the parties involved. and we feel that it's too soon to share this with the public. that's the reason they've given. but of course the families of the victims on board airasia flight 8501 more concerned now to get their loved ones returned home. i've spoken to many over the last few days, and they're saying look we're now -- we're not concentrating on this
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report. we're not worried about the fuselage being lifted out of the water. we want our loved one home. so far, 70 bodies have been recovered. two suspected bodies related to 8501 washed up more than 600 miles away yesterday. and of course, that means 0 yet to be discovered -- 90 yet to be discovered. the search will resume, it's on pause now, saturday. >> at this stage the military have pulled out. authors there insist that they will push on with a search for those remaining bodies. all right. many thanks for joining us live from jakarta. a deadly attack raises concerns. a new front opening up in the middle east. we'll bring you details on the latest fighting between israel and hezbollah. the law enforcement and military costs are real but the threats causing it are all fake so far. coming up, a closer look at the spike in airline bomb threats.
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we turn to the u.s. state of california where one person is dead and at least four people injured in a fire in san francisco's mission district. want you to look at the video our affiliate ktvu captured as the fire erupted wednesday evening. no word yet on the cause of this fire. a red cross spokesman says they don't yet know how many have been displaced by the blaze. about 50 have gathered at an
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evacuation center nearby. two israeli soldiers and a u.n. peacekeeper are dead as fighting between israel and hezbollah jess clays. the latest flashpoint is in disputed land occupied by israel that sits between lebanon and syria. we have details from the israeli/lebanon border. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu convened a meeting of his top national security aides wednesday night after hezbollah launched the most deadly attack against israeli forces since the war in lebanon in 2006 killing two soldier and wounding seven more. israel responded by launching air strikes against hezbollah over the border with lebanon and also artillery fire. wednesday marked the second day of fighting on tuesday. hezbollah launched two rockets from syrian army positions into israel in the israeli-controlled golan heights. and israel immediately launched air strikes into syria, at
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hezbollah targets, sending a stern warning to hezbollah not to open up a new front of terror on israel's northern frontier. now there's been a tense calm in the area. it's been relatively quiet since wednesday afternoon. the question is has each side made its point? will they deescalate or will the retaliatory attacks continue which leaves the opportunity for a miscongratulation and for the situation to spiral out of control. cnn on the israeli borer with lebanon. she is the woman at the center of japan's hostage negotiations with isis. still to come what we know about sajida al i are shawy and why jordan may be willing to let the convicted terrorist go free. first, a public hearing in st. louis, missouri turns violent. we'll see what started that brawl after this break. [ male announcer ] stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald but there is hope. getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened
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a crowded public hearing on establishing a police oversight board in st. louis, missouri,enned in a massive brawl -- ended in a massive brawl. [ crowd noise ] >> things got heateded with after several people testified about police injustice. >> remember, this is the place where an unarmed teen of shot last year. the police officer was not indicted. that caused nationwide protests. audience members here heckled police officers who spoke out against a civilian oversight board.
12:25 am
the shouting quickly turned into this chaotic pushing and shoving. >> we just saw a sham process at the hearing. he hears from 35 anti police radicals promoting violence against police officers and then we hear from two police officers. he lets the police go wild. >> several people thanking me for maintaining decorum and showing respect for individual that came forward. it is unfortunate that the city has the kind of divisions that it presently has. >> obviously the town still working to heal divisions. the meeting was finally called off. no word if there were any arrests. there's been a spike in online bomb threats against u.s. airlines. the latest wassed with on a flight arriving to atlanta. officials say most of the recent threats haven't been credible they have to investigate all of
12:26 am
them. more now on the spreading impact. >> reporter: planes diversed passengers evacuated. law enforcement and bomb-sniffing dogs close in all because of fake bomb threats on social media. >> we didn't know until we landed. >> reporter: it's happening more and more. a u.s. official tells cnn online threats increased after a bomb scare on a flight from atlanta to raleigh january 17th. 50 similar incidents followed. in new york this flight swept for explosives. military jets scrambled after a tweet said bombs were on board two planes bound for atlanta. brian bennett was on board. >> they did have k- units on the tarmac as well as a number of police from different agencies. i saw the atlanta police department tsa, and some fbi agents out on the runway. we were asked to place our items on the ground and have the k-9 units go through and check those first. >> reporter: a tweet claiming to
12:27 am
be from the terrorist groupis on targeted a flight from san diego to dallas. >> i want to see those who are responsible for that kind of activity track down and prosecuted. >> reporter: the head of homeland security, jay johnson told cnn today even false threats are dangerous to public safety. >> they caused certain reactions, certain overreactions. very often fighter jets are scrambled to address the situation. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating these social media threats. tracing computer ip addresses. >> it could be a small group, it could be just one person with a few twitter accounts and really a dumb idea no devices have been found. we can see how much it disrupts the system. >> reporter: these threats tax law enforcement, airport, and military resources. it's also costly for airlines and passengers. >> every time a threat comes in it has to be taken seriously. aircraft have to be turned around or landed at the newest location. thousands of dollars lost every minute that the plane is
12:28 am
unexpectedly delayed. >> reporter: cnn, washington. this story i think is interesting. remember the drone crash over the white house ground zero this week. we've got new information for you what went down. sources close to the investigation say a government intelligence agency employee was showing a female companion how the drone could fly from his apartment building when he lost control of it. i'm going to guess that he was basically showing off here. after it crashed, the secret service, to put the white house on lockdown of course it was very serious. the chinese company that manufactures the drone will release firm ware that will prevent its drones from flying into restricted areas. showoffs beware. >> always good to get the back story. >> you didn't hear who was behind it. showing off to a female companion. >> you can understand that. >> understandable now. let the guy go. >> didn't go well. >> exactly.
12:29 am
let's stick to the weather. of course we've been talking about the cleanup effort northeast in the united states. nearly three feet of snow. they're working on that. now we're hearing the possibility of more snow -- >> there is more snow coming. the temperatures haven't been too warm. melting has been very limited across the region. we have 5,000 cancelations on tuesday. 700 on wednesday. so far on thursday, 30 cancelations. it's improving. it's still going get snowy. we'll show how much we're talking. a couple of storm systems coming in. the good news one of them the main piece of energy goes toward the northeast. the areas that are going to be hardest hit boston northward. by hard i mean two to five inch and not 24 to 30 inches. and you're tuning in across eastern maine, the entire state of maine. you've got to go way into northern new england. the entire state of maine under a winner storm watch. we have significant snow across the region. also winner storm warnings just issued for eastern maine in place, as well where we see again upwards of a foot or 30 centimeters of snow come down
12:30 am
here in the next couple of days. thursday night from later on tonight into tomorrow morning, we begin to see some snow showers around new york city accumulations going to be limited to less than an inch. north of boston, a couple of inches possible. travel disruptions definitely going to be in place based on sheer volume from the thousands of cancelations in recent days. 30 to 45 minutes boston cleveland, generally rain. still visibility reduced. delays about an hour and a half at the most across that region. temperatures into the 30s. enjoy it in new york city. it is going to get very cold next week across portions of new england. atlanta, that's the warmest temperature you will see in the foreseeable future. 60 degrees, 15 celsius. partly cloudy skies in the southeast. the changes in the forecast looking at temps dropping from boston to new york city sunday into monday. the teens in fahrenheit we're talking about seven to ten degrees celsius below zero across the region. across the southwest, too, if you're going to super bowl xlix
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our last half-hour of the day stars now. you're watching cnn. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. we do want to get you kaupt on the main stories we've been following this hour. indonesian transportation safety officials say airasia flight 8501's stall warning sounded repeatedly until the plane crash. at a news conference in jakarta, official said the co-pilot was at the controls and the pilot was monitoring the flight when the jet disappeared. and they say the entire crew was certified to fly. isis is apparently demanding that a female bomber jailed in jordan be released by sunset thursday or the jordanian
12:34 am
fight's holding will be killed. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of the message, but it's believed to be kenji goto. >> the latest fighting between israeli and hezbollah has left several dead. they fired five anti-tank missiles in the disputed area between lebanon and syria that's under israeli control. overnight, israeli air strikes hit syrian targets in response to hezbollah rocket fire. back to that hostage situation, ongoing situation with isis. it is no small concession for jordan to release the female prisoner. >> yeah. we tell you whya is jeed sajida al rishawi's freedom is so person to isis. >> reporter: the prisoner would-be suicide bomb or death row in jordan. in 2005 she was part of a group
12:35 am
of jihadists dispatched by al qaeda and rock to strike jordan. on november 9th the bombers including al rishawi's husband hit through hotels in amman, killing 57 in the worst terror attack in recent memory. al rishawi of captured. and in confessions nine years ago, she said her suicide fest failed to detonate. >> translator: there was a wedding ceremony in the hotel. there were women, men, and children. >> translator: my husband detonated his bomb. i trieded but failed. >> reporter: she remain on death row since she was tried. she's been kept alive. now over 40 she is prominent among jihadis. her families ties linked to
12:36 am
jordanian born al zarqawi killed in 2006. the release would be one of the greatest strikes against isis in the region. a huge gain for one of the most feared terror groups in the prong war and perhaps even as a future -- propaganda war and perhaps even as a future weapon. now the nigerian terror group boko haram has released new images apparently showing some of its child soldiers. >> and they are alarming. the fighters shown are children. we have details now from johannesburg. >> reporter: chilling photos of young children who appear to be little more than 8 or 9 years old in formation holding ak-47s. these photos appeared earlier in the week on twitter, a twitter account which purports to be the official mouthpiece of boko haram. intelligence sources tell us they have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the twitter handle or of these photos. and it would appear to be
12:37 am
consistent with boko haram's forcible recruitment and training of young children. earlier in the capital of borneo state, there was an incident where a girl thought to be as young as 10 years old was used by boko haram as a human bomb. it is quite possible that she was one of the hundreds of kidnapped children. it also coincides with an upgrading, if you will, of boko haram's media strategy. one where it appears to emulate isis, even using isis taunts in this -- in some of its videos. earlier on thursday two videos were published again on this twitter handle which one -- one of which was an interview with the supposed spokesman of the terror group. both the interviewer and interviewee are masked but it shows more production values than we've seen by boko haram in the past.
12:38 am
john kerry when he there over the weekend said that he -- there have been no declarations of affiliation between boko haram and isis but that isis was clearly trying to spread its tentacles tentacles, as he put it through countries in northern africa. of huge concern will be whether what appears could be a simple emlation of one another's modes of operatin, whether it could evolve into something more. cnn, johannesburg. we'll take a short break now. up ahead, greece's new prime minister is holding to his anti-austerity campaign promise. we will tell you how markets are reacting to his latest comments in a live report. that's next. also, a super bowl featuring a lost puppy is angering animal lovers. did this cross the line, or are people overreacting?
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trading is over for the day in the asia pacific stock markets. most of the big exchanges closed sharply lower as you see there. the nikkei and shanghai down. the exception being the s&p 500 with a small gain in sydney. the european markets -- if we bring the numbers up you see a might bed story there. london's ftse down slightly. the dax up more than three quarters of a percent.
12:42 am
the cac 40 lost .3%. zurich down just over 1%. quite a mix. there's still a lot of nor uncertainty -- investor uncertainty over what will happen in greece. the greek stock market lost 9% after the new prime minister said his government will renegotiate a $270 billion bailout. host of "the business view" on cnn joins us from our london bureau. people are asking how greece can avoid defaulting on its debt if as it says it moves forward with its anti-austerity agenda and all those ambitious promises. and we're looking at the markets, and it seems to reflect, certainly in fwrois on wednesday, a lot of concern out there. >> reporter: absolutely. the issue is that questions still haven't been answered. there seems to be at least according to a number of european politicians a reality gap between when the new greek
12:43 am
prime minister can actually achieve and what he's promising his people. remember that in the meantime we now have the new finance minister in place. and he again is that hardline leftist who apparently in the greek media overnight has reminisced upon the days when the grocery store people made due with less and didn't have credit cards. you've got to wonder across fits into the rhetoric of greece being a eurozone country with the benefits it comes with. i want to show with the markets, as you see, we have the dax which stand out notably among the sea of red. that's also pointing the picture of germany really being the standout here saying we don't want to pay any more to give fwrois extra money to help -- greece extra money to help renegotiate terms. greece has to play by the rules. everybody has had to play by. that illustrates why the german markets aren't doing too badly. i have to say at the moment at least according to figures on my right, the dax doesn't look down .7%, whereas on your clarts it looked like it was up .7%.
12:44 am
we have to figure that out. going back to the losses you were talking about, it is extremely interesting and concerning for the markets. not just the athens stshock market down 9% in one day, but some banks had the biggest fall in forever really. a number had around about 30% to 40% of market value wiped off the stock exchange here. for those greek listed banks there's concerns about people removing deposits from the banks. remember the greek banks had already been appealing to the ecb for extra emergency cash ahead of the selection. so it used the financial system -- it leaves the financial system if greece uncertain, not just the political one. >> many thanks. we will tune in a little later for more details from you on that very topic. let's quickly talk about u.s. markets. they plunged wednesday after the federal reserve's policy
12:45 am
announcement that it won't raise interest rates before june. also oil dropped to $44 a barrel. the dow lost 1 5 points on -- 195 points on the heels of tuesday's 191-point fall. the s&p and nasdaq also fell. the tech-heavy index initially got a boost from apple's stellar earning report. and yahoo!'s decision to spin off its $40 billion stake in alibaba. how long has it been since you checked facebook? i bet minutes. the company's fourth quarter numbers beat wall street's expectations. quarterly revenue came in at 3.9 -- $3.9 billion, a 49% bump from the same time last year. most of its ad revenue came from mobile devices which is now quickly becoming the number-one way people use the service. as for monthly active users, facebook had 1.4 billion during the quarter, up 13% from a year ago. let's check the weather details now. some of western europe's biggest cities could have the year's first snowfall in the forecast.
12:46 am
who knows all about it? our pedram javaheri who joins us from the international weather center with the details on that. how much snow are we talking about? >> it's going to be a dusting for some. could be blizzard-like for, northwest of england, northern ireland, get significant snowfall. this is the dead of winter. when you look at the climatological setup, january to the middle of february in the northern hemisphere, temperatures at the lowest. the storm at their most potent. not unusual, we've seen significant storms in recent days across our planet. light snow across much of eastern and central europe. across western europe snow heavy enough to where we have 100 flights canceled out of germany, the most of any cancelations, western germany. notice a significant drop in the jet stream allowing moisture and the storm system to track well to the south. to northwestern europe scattered snow showers. what i like to call popcorn
12:47 am
shower because of the scattered nature. dublin get something snow birmingham getting some as well. all of this will eventually pull through in the overnight hours of thursday night into friday morning. not a surprise. seeing london picking up a dusting on grassy surfaces. it does extend south. a couple of centimeters, the higher elevations, we have blizzard-like conditions. yellow alerts based on the u.k. office indicating that the weather is going to be severe when it comes to the wintry nature. temperatures in celsius. notice the upper 40s in london. cool but i don't think much will accumulate across say, southern england. if you're traveling across western europe, you've got all the colors across the billboard spectrum when it comes to disruptions. amsterdam's airport about 30 to 45 minutes because of winds. dublin an hour and a half. gusty conditions. that's the pattern here with a lot of winds, some snow in the major cities. heavier snow across northern
12:48 am
portions. but notice gatwick, the models indicate some snow showers could cause evening delays as we head into friday afternoon. berlin disruptions in place, as well. so take a look at what's happening across japan. we have a storm system that's brushing parallel to the japanese coastline. sea-effect snow some of the snowiest places on the planet. a lot of people surprised to hear that western japan sees some of the most tremendous snowfall as systems track up the eastern seaboard of japan and batter the western side. if you're traveling in and around the region, even around tokyo, wet weather, enough to slow down a little come friday afternoon across the region of tokyo.
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
fifa's long-time president was unopposed for his last two election wins. but that will change during this year's vote in may as several challengers have stepped up to the plate. two of their out-- two of them outlined their credentials for the first time on wednesday. for more, here's alex thomas. >> reporter: the overwhelming favorites to be re-elected as fifa president. luis spigo has the star power to make people take notice. speaking exclusive three cnn wednesday, figo said he's entered the running for the love of the game. >> i care about football so what i'm seeing regarding the image of fifa not only now but
12:52 am
in the past years, i don't like it. last year was world cup year. i was if brazil and i saw the reaction of all the fans regarding the image of fifa. and i think something have to be changed. >> reporter: how can you reassure people that you're in this for the right reasons? >> i had a fantastic career. i'm very proud of so many playing at a high level that i don't need to be known to campaign or elicited to be running for the president of fifa. >> reporter: the 42-year-old portuguese says he doesn't need accolades. he won hear trophies around madrid and barcelona, milan and italy. a two-time footballer of the year played two n two world
12:53 am
cups captain in 2006 and was in the team to reach the final of euro 2004. >> i care about football. for me it's like give back to the football. whatever so many things that the football gives to me during my life. >> reporter: in another cnn exclusive, he told us he welcomes all challengers. four of his five potential rival candidate are european. -- candidates are european. only prince ali of jordan is not. he's vice president of sabre's confederation and a member of fifa's ecocode. jerome champagne is struggling to meet the eligibility criteria. the same for another player david ginola. van prague is another serious contender. >> fifa has to be modernized. in my business life and also in my situation, i went through this exercise many many times.
12:54 am
so i have a lot of experience in that aspect. so i believe i'm the right person to do it. >> reporter: january 29th is the deadline for fifa presidential candidate to apply. but the official list may not be confirmed until the second week of february. only then will we find out how big a challenge he's facing. alex thomas, cnn, madrid. with american on the fate of fever's presidency let's -- fifa's presidency let's turn to kier radnich joining us from qatar via skype. what is it that we have five potential candidate going against blater that's telling. >> yes, it is. i think -- it really represents a sense of concern. a sense of impatience with where fifa is going or isn't going. and blatter's leadership. blatter had been president since 1998. and i think there's a sense in
12:55 am
any organization to move forward. every now and then you need fresh blood. >> and specifically luis figo says it was the decision last year not to publish this corruption report by the u.s. lawyer michael garcia that prompted him to run. at the very least, fifa has to acknowledge it has a massive perception problem to deal with right? >> fifa has an enormous problem. figo said himself i think that when you ender it the name fifa into an internet search engine, the other word this comes up is scandal. and i think the weight of controversy that's surrounded fifa for the last four or five years serial one of the major problems. all the candidate who have stood or thought of standing and haven't have said that the great problem is this reputation or chasm really between fifa and -- >> as bad as things are, in the
12:56 am
few seconds we have left is it likely anyone is going to beat blatter? >> well the practicality is no. blatter remains overwhelming favorite to be in office. >> we have to leave it. there executive editor of "world soccer" magazine thanks for your time joining us from web cam in qatar. >> as much as the organization has been plagued with scandal and allegations, blatter likely to win once again. >> yeah -- >> hand ill yily. before we go has always been known for sexy and provocative super bowl commercials. this year the web hosting company tried something different -- an adorable but lost puppy it struggles to find its way home. >> a recipe for success, i would think. it's already spoked a social media firestorm. take a look. ♪
12:57 am
>> look, it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home! >> because i just sold you on this website i built with godaddy. ship him out. >> okay, submarine viewers perceive that punch line to be a bad puppy mill joke. then an online petition rounded up more than 40,000 signatures to ban the ad, forcing godaddy to yank it from the big game. >> the company reassured us that buddy, the dog in the commercial has been adopted into a loving home by one of its employees. ends well. >> thanks for watching. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. "early start" is coming up for viewers in the u.s. for others stay tuned for "cnn near-." have a great day. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪
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time is ticking down for two hostages captured by isis. a sunset deadline set for a prisoner swap. isis demanding the release of a prisoner in exchange for the hostages. good morning. a lot going on. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is thursday january 29th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. the clock is ticking down. terrorists threatening to kill japanese j