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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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i'm carol costello thank you so much for joining me. we begin with breaking news. right now the world is waiting to find out the fate of a jordanian pilot held hostage by isis. the terrorist deadline to release this woman, a convicted terrorist, has come and gone. this woman is being held in a jordanian prison for her role in a string of terrorist hotel attacks. jordan's government has agreed to release her only if their pilot who crashed last month while conducting coalition air strikes is freed and they need proof he's still alive. also hanging in the balance, this japanese journalist. it's not clear if isis will spare his life if jordan meets the demands. this video shows japanese media waiting at the turkish border. the big question whether a deal
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has been reached. let's get straight to cnn's will ripley live in tokyo with more. >> reporter: carol, for the first time just moments ago we are hearing from kenji goto's wife who posted a statement, i should say she gave a statement that they posted on their website. the rory peck trust is an international non-profit that assists freelance journalists. i spoke with a director who said kenji goto's wife recorded this about 90 minutes ago. one thing she says in here a she's been e-mailing with the kidnappers ever since december when it became clear that her husband was being held. she said the last e-mail she received was 20 hours from the time of her recording. so less than 24 hours ago. the e-mail said, grinko you must expose this message to the world
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media now otherwise kenji will be next. they went on to send her the same message posted online p the deal didn't happen the joe daynian pilot, moaz kasasbeh would be killed. this is a threat from isis to kenji goto's wife directly that his life is also in danger. the statement posted online didn't specify that. she went on to say, and this is heartbreaking, i fear this is the last chance for my husband and,000 we only have a few hours left to secure his release. >> that's just chilling. how long has she been exchanging e-mails with isis? >> reporter: according to this statement -- again, this is the first time we're hearing directly from her, although we've been speaking with family friends who verified this information to us over the last week on december 2nd she received her first e-mail from the people who took kenji goto and she has been working feverishly behind the scenes
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ever since trying to secure his release. at the same time she hasn't spoken publicly because she's trying to protect their two young children their 2-year-old daughter and newborn daughter from all the media attention. she felt at this point she had to come forward and speak because she thinks it might be her husband's last chance. >> will, stay right there. i went to bring in cnn national security analyst, juliette kai 'em. hi juliette. >> hi carol. >> what do you make of this direct contact with the wife of kenji goto? >> it is unique. in the united states generally the fbi and everyone involved with the hostage situation essentially prohibit family members from direct contact for fear it's going to disrupt more formal negotiations. but what we have to remember is in december somehow isis got her e-mail. so we assume kenji is alive then. but all the focus now, both for
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the jordanians and for kenji and his supporters is proof of life which we still don't have. we can talk about this deadline but it may be sort of a fake deadline if there's no proof that either of the hostages are actually alive at this stage. so that's why everyone needs to focus on proof of life. >> so why do you think isis hasn't been able to provide proof of life to the jordanians? >> so this is where it gets complicated. i feel that they can't prove it because he is deceased. the jordanians i'm quite sympathetic with them doing this kidnapping exchange if the jordanian pilot is still alive. i know it goes counter to most of our thoughts about negotiating with terrorists. the jordanians are in a very different predicament. king abdullah i once called him the nimble king. he's trying to placate all different actors in his own country, and this swap is
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desired by most of his population. but there's no swap if the pilot is not alive, and so now that the deadline is essentially here or passed with no proof of life i fear we have to suspect the worst, that isis cannot prove it because the pilot is no longer alive. >> let's head to jordan and jam manna karachi. we understand isis has reached out directly to kenji goto's wife. have you heard any similar tale as far as this pilot's family is concerned? >> reporter: we are still looking. we're trying to get in touch again with the family of the pilot to see what they have heard. the only thing we're hearing at this point in time is from the jordanian government reiterating their same position saying they will ralitsa jeed da rishawi, but they want proof of life something the jordanians have been asking for for some time something they have not
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received. we heard from jordanian's prime minister for some time some weeks, they have been involved in indirect negotiations through indirect channels to try to secure the release of the jordanian pilot. jordan is under a lot of pressure to bring him back home. it's unclear what that's going to take. at no point has isis offered his release. we know they're asking for a swap of kenji goto for sajida rishawi. no public demand has been made for the release of the juror datedian pilot. whether there's any demand made behind the scenes we don't know that at this point. again, the jordanians throughout the day in the last 24 hours, carol, saying their main priority here is their own citizen, their pilot. although kenji goto is part of the negotiations the pilot is their main priority. >> where is this would-be suicide bomber sajida rishawi?
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>> according to jordanian officials, she's still in prison, still in jordan. she has not left the country, even with that deadline to get her to the syrian-turkish border that is going to take some time. obviously according to government here, this has not happened yet. she has been in jail in jordan ten years now on death row when she was convicted of terrorism, of an attempt to blow herself up as part of that al qaeda in iraq attack that took place on november 9, 2005 here in jordan. what has kept her alive carol, up to this point is that jordan has had a moratorium on the death penalty until last december when they resumed executions. at this point still behind bars. >> still playing this awful waiting game. thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," we're waiting for the murder trial to begin for a former nfl star.
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june 2013 police lead aaron hernandez out of his home in handcuffs. hours later, the new england patriots sack their star tight end after prosecutors charge him with killing 27-year-old odin lloyd. the semi pro football player was shot seven times, his body found in an industrial park. the evidence solid, but experts say circumstantial. >> the prosecutors don't need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt who pulled the trigger. they just need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that aaron hernandez was substantially involved. >> reporter: surveillance video showing lloyd getting into a car with hernandez and co-defendants ernest wallace and carlos ortiz and driving into the industrial park. those two men will be tried separately. they've pleaded not guilty. the most damning evidence surveillance video from hernandez's home holding what
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prosecutors say is the murder weapon. however, that gun has never been found. >> if the jury believes that aaron hernandez was with odin lloyd roit before he was killed it's not a big leap to conclude aaron hernandez was involved in the murder of ohdin lloyd. >> reporter: defense attorneys won some pretrial motions which could help hernandez greatly. the judge will block any mention that hernandez was indicted for two other murders in boston. >> it's not admissible in evidence. totally prejudicial obviously if he was charged with so many murders. you would think, wow, he's got to be guilty. >> reporter: the jury won't hear about a text message the victim sent to his sister moments before he was killed saying quote, you saw who i'm with nfl, just so you know. >> i think the text messages are the ones that are particularly critical. i found it surprising the judge threw them out. the judge was focusing on the fact that he thought it didn't necessarily prove that odin lloyd was fearing for his life.
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it does prove something else that he was with hernandez. >> as i told you, drama already in that boston courthouse. so let's go to the courthouse right now and check in with alexandra field. what's happening? >> reporter: it looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer for the start of this long-awaited trial. here is what should have happened when everyone arrived at court. the jury was supposed to be sworn in and we would proceed to opening statements first from the prosecution and then the defense. that hasn't started. what we're hearing from our susan candiotti is that the judge started this morning by announcing a juror was delayed. the judge told the courtroom she had received a note from a juror. we know that voir dire is continuing with another pool of jurors brought into the courtroom for questioning. we do not know if one of the seated jurors has been dismissed, but we do know a questioning process is going on with other potential jurors. earlier this week it seemed that that jury had been selected and this selection was nearly
7:16 am
finalized, would be finalized with the swearing in. 18 people had been picked 13 men, five women, but it is taking time to get to that swearing in this morning. we're waiting the hear whether or not a seated juror could be replaced. again, the jury will need to be sworn in before this can get started, carol. >> in the meantime we're seeing pictures of family members arriving at the court. can you tell us more about that? >> people were ready to get going this morning. the teams are in place. that courtroom is packed. we saw aaron hernandez's mother arrive with aaron's brother and his fiancee. they are now seated on one side of the courtroom. also inside the mother of odin lloyd and odin lloyd's girlfriend at the time of his death. we understand from susan candiotti that prosecutors planned to call odin lloyd's mother ursula ward as one of the witnesses to testify once the trial begins. >> alexandra fields stand by. we'll bring in our legal analysts sunny hostin and
7:17 am
callan. >> jurors aren't necessarily part of the jury. so we knew they had been chosen. my understanding is they had not necessary by been sworn. they get in this morning, and who knows what happened carol? perhaps someone had an emergency in their family. perhaps someone has had a change of heart and is thinking you know what? i can't really do this. it's really important that the juror does speak up. i think that's what's happening. the jury said listen something is going on and the judge did the right thing saying you know what let's get someone else. this trial is going to go. if it doesn't go today, it's going to go some day. >> this isn't so unusual, paul. >> no it's not unusual. i'll throw out a piece of trial trivia. it's important when the jury is sworn because that's when double jeopardy attaches in a criminal case. if something goes wrong after a jury is sworn, it's possible
7:18 am
double jeopardy will attach and you can't retry it. there will be a big argument about what caused the problem. the jury being sworn is a big moment. >> much made of the makeup of the jury lots and lots of women on the jury. some say that will help hernandez because he's a handsome guy. there's no clear motive for why he would murder odin lloyd. here is a handsome guy with a fiancee and a kid and a $40 million contract not possible he shot someone. >> i'm really fascinated by this case but also troubled by the prosecution's case. as a former prosecutor myself i know you don't have to prove motive. it's not an element of the crime. but each and every europe record is going to think exactly what you're saying. well he had $12.5 million guaranteed. this was a guy who was successful. he's good looking, got a fiancee, a family. why on earth would he do something like this? if you've got this really circumstantial case where you have some video, no gun, no
7:19 am
statements no confessions, no one is really cooperating with the government i got to tell you, it has reasonable doubt written all over it for me. >> paul i know what you said before. but i have heard this from so many people when you look at a picture of aaron hernandez, he's hot, what a waste. >> listen there's a celebrity factor involved. in my experience celebrities do get the benefit of the doubt more so from jurors than others for exactly the reason sonny just said because people say he's got all this going for him, why would he commit a crime? when we get back to motive in the case, the early rumors of why he would be involved in something like this and who his friends are, all reach back to bristol, connecticut, where he came up from a hard knocks life. a lot of nfl teams were interested in him but they backed off because there were rumors of criminality and other issues in his past. i'm betting the motive here has something to do with lloyd, the victim knowing something about his past maybe his recent past
7:20 am
and his involvement in a criminal activity and having to be killed to prevent its revelation. now, will that come out in front of the jury? we'll have to see. >> even if prosecutors are able to paint this ugly picture of aaron hernandez and his gang affiliation and whatever bill belichick may take the stand, robert kraft may take the stand. they hired this ball to play ball for them. >> we don't know. we know at least with belichick there are text messages between the two. many many many text messages between hernandez and belichick. i wonder what belichick will say. perhaps the text messages if they're close in time to this murder what does it say about aaron hernandez's state of mind. belichick is a really good player but kind of quirky kind of -- i guess off the field a difficult personality to manage. so we don't really know if his testimony will be helpful. quite frankly, i think -- >> he's listed as a prosecution
7:21 am
witness. >> i was going to say that. we don't really know if he's going to be helpful to hernandez. >> it's fascinating this case. >> it sadly really is fascinating. it's just hard to understand because you look and say, just like are you kidding? >> it doesn't make sense. which is why, i don't know paul i don't see a conviction here. i don't know. >> i don't want to opine on that until i hear some more evidence in the case. we'll see. >> chicken. >> paul callan sunny hostin thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the investigation into what brought down airasia flight 8501 taking a new turn. we've learned the pilot was not actually flying the plane. we'll talk about that next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail... ♪ ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ ♪
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i want to bring you back to mexico city where an awful situation is unfolding. there's -- it's just so awful, it's hard to even talk about. this is a maternity hospital. there was a huge explosion when a truck supplying gas to the hospital it simply exploded. i guess a hose burst on the truck and that caused this explosion. we understand that 54 people are injured including 22 children. as i said this is a maternity hospital. as you can see, firefighters are on the scene. a good part of the hospital has collapsed. that means there are children and patients trapped underneath the rubble. rescue workers are desperately trying to get them out. we understand -- i'm just getting information now -- at least two are confirmed dead. as i said 54 are injured
7:26 am
including 22 children. we'll keep you abreast of this situation. just a terrible situation unfolding in mexico city this morning. in other news 3:20 that's how quickly disaster may have struck airasia flight 8501. the final moments of the flight were even more terrifying than we might have thought. a less experienced copilot was actually at the controls. the plane climbing way too fast stall warnings ringing out and then the plane simply falls. cnn's simon moesh has more for you. >> a number of interesting facts came out of today's press conference by air crash investigators, revealing it was the first officer or copilot at the helm of the plane. he was in charge flying when it went into distress. we understand the pilot's captain was inside him inside the cockpit. interesting details as well revealed about exactly how things went wrong. now, cnn had already confirmed
7:27 am
that the captain had asked to change direction. they were experiencing heavy thunderstorms and turbulence. he had requested to go up to 38,000 feet. air traffic control had only cleared them to 34,000 feet. today, one of the air crash investigators say that as the plane requested to turn, it started to tilt and wobble. they used a toy aircraft to demonstrate how it may have happened. it ascended to 37,400 feet in just 30 seconds. then we understand from the flight data recorder as revealed today, that the stall warnings started to sound. stall, stall. that repeated warning continued while the plane descended to 24,000 feet and eventually crashed in the java sea. of course they or still searching for many of the victims on board. huge concern whether they will
7:28 am
be returned to their loved ones and huge concern whether this preliminary report or why it's not being made public. for now, air crash crate investigators say they don't feel they have all the facts analyzed or confirmed to enough detail to share it publicly but they will hopefully release a full report according to the transportation minister sooner than a year perhaps even in three months. sigh ma mow shin jakarta, indonesia. still to come in the "newsroom." >> 911, operator 911, what is the emergency? >> 127 brimmer. >> okay. what's going on there? >> i'd like to order a pizza for delivery. >> a first for the super bowl but it's not happening on the field. a psa calling attention to domestic violence awareness during the big game. it's powerful. we'll show you more next. i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit
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we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning. an isis deadline to hand over a convicted terrorist has passed. it's an hour old now. now the world waits to find out the fate of that jordanian pilot who crashed last month while conducting coalition air strikes. we're also awaiting the fate of kenji goto the japanese hostage. let's bring in jomana karachi.
7:33 am
any new word? >> what we're hearing from the jordanian government in the past hour reiterating they will honor their word they will ralitsa jeed da al rishawi, the would-be bomber isis is asking for, but only on two conditions. they want proof of life. jordanians are saying they have for a while been asking through the intermediaries the indirect channels of negotiations for proof of life. so far they don't know if their young pilot, moaz kasasbeh is alive. the other issues here is what the jordanians are offering. they're saying they're ready to ralitsa jeed da al rishawi in exchange for their own pilot. that's not what isis is asking for. they asked for a swap sajida al rishawi for kenji goto and threatening to kill the jordanian pilot if that does not
7:34 am
happen. no word yet. we know from jordanian officialing saying sajida al rishawi has not left jordan and in jail. we don't know if that's changed in the last hour or so. that's the last thing we're hearing. these are the public statements we're hearing. we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. >> jomana thank you so much. it will be one interesting super bowl and not just because of the game. if you thought the controversy swirling around ray lewis was bad, it ain't nothing compared to this. former patriot aaron hernandez in the super bowl just three years ago for the new england patriots is on trial today for murder. get this. it is conceivable bill belichick and even pats owner robert kraft will take the stand. add to that the ray rice domestic violence mess that also hangs over the super bowl. now a brand new powerful psa concerning domestic violence will air during the game.
7:35 am
[ ringing j. >> operator 911. somewhat the emergency? >> 127 brimmer. >> what's going on there? >> i'd like to order a pizza for delivery. >> man, you reached 911. >> large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> you know you called 911. >> do you know how long it will be? >> is everything okay over there, do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you're unable to talk -- >> right, right. >> is there someone in the room with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> okay. it looks like i have an officer about a mile in your location. are there any weapons in your house? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> no. see you soon, thank you. >> i don't know. that really shook me. i think it's really powerful.
7:36 am
through all of this i haven't even mentioned deflate-gate right? let's talk more about all this former nba linebacker coy wire and cnn sports anchor rachel nichols. welcome to both of you. rachel that psa, it is it's powerful. when will it air in the super bowl? >> it's really well done. it's done by an organization called no more. it's going to air during the game. the 60-second version is what's been put out there and what's online a 30-second version is what will run on sunday. still, it's going to affect a lot of people. the nfl is actually donating that time. super bowl ads, a 30-second ad is currently going for $4.5 million. i think the nfl probably will get a discount from nbc. still, a sizable dough! for them to make this kind of statement and says a lot about their commitment here. they have definitely made strides, carol. there is no doubt about that. you can't look at where they were a year ago to where they are now and not think there has
7:37 am
been progress. there is of course always more progress to go. we expect to hear more about that from roger goodell when he gives hiss "state of the union" address. >> coy, that psa affected me. will it affect the people it needs to affect do you think? >> absolutely. it starts with the players. i spoke to many last night asking them if they had seen it. those who had stopped, paused took a deep breath. one of the words they used was powerful. a lot of the league's teams have already had seminars dealing with domestic abuse issues. even the people at the league's network, the nfl network, they have had a two-hour seminar two weeks ago, everyone up to the highest levels of executives had to sit down and have a seminar and get educated about this scenario. jerry anglo, a chicago bears gm said -- >> former. >> yes, former gm. he said the league in hundreds and hundreds of cases would turn a blind eye to domestic abuse
7:38 am
issues, and he regretted not taking action. this could be the impetus for change in the league and maybe save some lives in the long run. >> like i said that really affected me when i watched it. it brought tears to my eyes. >> so the nfl is make progress on that front. the sad thing for the nfl is aaron hernandez is on trial right at this moment for murder rachel. is there any talk about that at the super bowl? >> not really. i talked to some of the patriots players. they don't feel a connection there. first of all, you've got a lot of different guys on the team than there were even three years ago. football teams have a high turnover rate. even the one whose war on the team with aaron, there's not a lot of communication there. remember the patriots organization cut him immediately after he was arrested. owner robert kraft came out and said the organization felt duped, that aaron hernandez lied to all kinds of people on the team the coaching staff. so it was pretty easy for them to turn around and move forward and move away from him. several members of the
7:39 am
organization you managed bill belichick. you mentioned robert kraft. they're on the witness list because there's questions that the police and prosecutors have about what conversations did hernandez have with his teammates, with his coaches, in the days after that murder. it will be interesting to see if after the super bowl they are called to the stand. you notice the trial starts this week. there's no new england prosecutor that will ever call bill belichick to the stand during super bowl week. but down the road we may see that. >> coy, did you know aaron hernandez? i did not know him. know people who had been around him. to rachel's point, this has been forgotten quite some time ago. he has lost all right and privilege to be part of the nfl fraternity and brotherhood, lied to many wrongdoing allegedly. i think this is a situation where we're not going to hear much about it talks of the super bowl players coaches. closer to game day will be more and more about what's going to happen between the lines on game
7:40 am
day. >> rachel nichols, coy wire thanks to both of you. saturday rachel nichols and hall of famer dan marino. from the heart of super bowl sunday join us for "kickoff in arizona" at 4:30 p.m. eastern. 72,000 fans will attend sunday's super bowl. keeping them safe will take some extreme measures. those include black hawk helicopters, truck-sized x-ray machines and thousands of security and law enforcement personnel. >> i think the key is vigilance. and we've devoted a lot of resources and effort to making sure this event is safe and secure. >> we have 24 expert work groups that have thought of everything from cybercrimes to intelligence analysis and everything else. so we are prepared.
7:41 am
>> homeland security says there there have been no specific credible threats made against the super bowl. they're taking every precaution they can. i'm be right back. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream.
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soup sizing was so 1994. fresh off the worst sales in decades, mcdonald's ceo don thompson is leaving, retiring in february. he's just 51 years owed just became the company ceo in 2012. keep this in mind, his annual salary was a whopping $9.5
7:45 am
million. it would take the average fast food employee 522 years to make that much money. i don't know if mcdonald's can be fixed. cristina alesci joins me to talk about that. >> there were multiple blunders at this company. easy to talk about the lack of integrity, the food the quality. the fact is mcdonald's failed to keep up with consumer tastes and trends. they weren't just getting clobbered by the companies statuted organic and all natural. they were getting clobbered by wendy's and sonic. in the third quarter all their rivals reported increases in sales, mcdonald's down 3.3%. that says something. even burger king did better than mcdonald's. this isn't just a story about getting ahead of the millennial trend of better food better quality food. this is a systemic problem that
7:46 am
needs to be fixed. probably nothing says it better than in recent consumer report survey that ranked mcdonald's burgers dead last. everyone else was ahead of them. this is a real big problem for the company and it's a systemic one. >> they could go two ways. they could say we're going to make better burgers and that actually hasn't worked. why shouldn't they just embrace that their burgers are bad and cheap and you should come to eat if you don't have any money. >> that's definitely the case. their competitive advantage is price, and that is a very big competitive advantage, but this used to be a company that everyone loved. the problem is they've got an image problem. you brought up the fact that the ceo makes so much money, their average workers don't make a lot of money. in fact i covered the minimum wage protests with mcdon't's. they had an opportunity to get in front of america, because they had an opportunity to get
7:47 am
everybody's attention and regain some love and trust. instead, they would hand me a statement that said those protesters are paid they're lying. even if all of that were true from a public relations standpoint when do you draw the line and say, look this is our opportunity to get some love. why don't we just announce a wage increase instead of putting everything on the franchisees and not taking any responsibility at the head of the company. this has been a pr nightmare for them. it's not been healthy. >> how do they dig out of the hole then? what do they do? who are they going to hire next? you can talk about this poor guy that only lasted a couple years on the job, but mcdonald's has got big problems. >> they do. they've tried. they hired the former "myth busters" guy to say, look our burgers don't have pink slime in them. just two weeks ago they put out this video that shows how they make french fries. they say we're going to take you behind the scenes show you how
7:48 am
it's done. the problem says there's 19 ingredients in their french fries, one of which was an anti foaming agent. you and i would look at that and say, okay i definitely -- first of all, i don't know what an anti foaming agent is but whatever it is it doesn't sound healthy and i'm not going to put that in my mouth. this is the problem. even when they took people behind the scenes they didn't do a good job and they weren't authentic enough for the message to resonate. >> i don't think they like morgan spurlock very much these days. i'm going to talk to him about it. christina alesci thanks so much. when we usually hear from bill gates, it's about the latest microsoft innovation. now he's sending an alarm about making computers too smart.female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see my parents so i can't exactly go globe-trotting. if i had friends to go with i'd go
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but i don't want to travel by myself. someday. male vo: there are no more excuses. find the hotel you want, and the flight you want, and we'll find the savings to get you there.
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hollywood called it the rise of machines in "the terminator." now bill gates is saying if humans don't manage smart machines well those machines could become a threat to our very existence. gates isn't the only tech giant who shares that perspective. cnn's samuel burke joins us with more. >> some of the most intelligent and influential people of our time. stephen hawking was among the first, saying artificial intelligence may be the biggest event in human history and maybe the last. elon musk who co-founded paypal said it's potentially more dangerous than nukes. think about the artificial intelligence that has creeped into our lives, things you say to siri. you now how you type into google and it knows what you're asking before you finish typing?
7:53 am
in the read it forum, bill gates wrote, quote, first the machine will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligence. a few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern. i agree with elon musk and some others on this and don't understand why some people are not more concerned. don't forget ibm's computer watson that super computer beat a human at jeopardy. >> i'm married to a computer scientist who thinks completely the opposite. >> really? >> he's way into artificial intelligence. >> i'm quite surprised. if you think about what's already happening. think about the lizard squad group that claimed responsibility for hacking xbox and play station. they're programmers. all it takes is someone like that to program something to get its own ideas to start doing these type of things. it all goes from there. it's amazing how well this technology knows us. i was just this morning using siri and i asked it this who is
7:54 am
carol costello. >> carol costello is an anchor at cnn. i want her job. i must get rid of her so i can take her spot. >> there we have it. >> that's not -- is that a setup? >> anyway. there you have it. it could be as easy as that. >> now i'm going to have to go talk to my husband and say, hey, cut it out, no more new innovation. samuel burke, many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," a new super bowl ad you won't see airing during the big game. we'll tell you why next.r a microscope we can s the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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checking some of the top stories at 56 minutes past. ford is recalls the specially designed police sedans known as intercept tors more than 221,000 cars and vans being report. ford saying door latch springs
7:57 am
can spring open during a crash. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says the social networking giant got a lot done. they aren't kidding, reporting $701 million in profit for last year's fourth quarter, a 34% jump. 1.4 billion people actively use facebook every month, up 13% from one year ago. commercial controversy. with the super bowl just days away a puppy ad is being pulled, landing go daddy in the doghouse. jeanne moos has moore. >> reporter: what sells better than sex? puppies. but when go daddy cut the cord with sexy commercials. >> go daddy -- >> reporter: and went with buddy, the golden retriever for the super bowl spot. >> instantly my mouth was gaping open. >> reporter: first the pup bounces off a pickup then makes a gruelling but adorable effort to find his way home.
7:58 am
>> it's buddy! i'm so glad you made it home because i just sold you on this website i built with go daddy. >> i was completely horrified. >> reporter: do you think puppy mills are funny tweeted the spca? what kind of monster do they have running their marketing department raged another critic. go daddy noted the ad spoofs the latest budweiser super bowl tearjerker which celebrates puppy-horse love and when the pup is threatened the clydesdales come to the rescue. with the wolfs circling go daddy, the ceo retreated. what should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we won't air it. he added you'll still see us and we hope it makes you ad. there's a theory we're not just falling for puppies, we're falling for a setup. awe, don't cry.
7:59 am
even the pup smells a setup. something go daddy floated this spot to provoke a backlash. >> you do the spot at that time last minute and reproduce another one in three or four days kind of tells you that there may have been something in the works. >> reporter: go daddy told cnn this is not a stunt and they're working on a new xhshl. barry cunningham says just waut until sunday's game the news spot will capitalize on the current flak. >> i think we'll see the puppy find ag good home. >> reporter: go daddy relies on the kiss of controversy. now they're hoping a retriever will prove golden. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that puppy is awfully cute. that's all i'm going to say. thanks for joining me i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" right now. -- captions by vitac --
8:00 am
another isis stead line deadline has just passed. is a prisoner swap with this brutal terror group still in the works? we have the latest developments. super bowl drama. all the hype all the excitement all the controversy and, oh yeah they're playing a game too. nfl great joe theismann joins us. in stark contrast to the excitement over the big game a one-time star of the new england patriots will be sitting in the courtroom. there's a snag in the aaron hernandez murder trial already as it's just getting under way. we have details. hello everyone i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan, thanks for joining us. breaking news out of mexico at this hour. at least three people are dead after a gas explosion. just look at these


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