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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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another isis stead line deadline has just passed. is a prisoner swap with this brutal terror group still in the works? we have the latest developments. super bowl drama. all the hype all the excitement all the controversy and, oh yeah they're playing a game too. nfl great joe theismann joins us. in stark contrast to the excitement over the big game a one-time star of the new england patriots will be sitting in the courtroom. there's a snag in the aaron hernandez murder trial already as it's just getting under way. we have details. hello everyone i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan, thanks for joining us. breaking news out of mexico at this hour. at least three people are dead after a gas explosion. just look at these images.
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this is important to note. this is a gas explosion. it rocked a maternity hospital south of mexico city. dozens of people are injured, including children. many others we're being told are still trapped inside as the building collapsed or at least part of the building collapsed. officials say a truck was supplying goose the hospital at the time when a hose burst and a leak caused the explosion. >> you can see from these pictures at a minimum, a great deal of destruction and damage to that structure. again, people may still be trapped inside. we're joined by fernando swenega, the president of the red crocs in mexico on the phone from mexico sitcity. we're hearing at least seven people have been killed in this accident and that's up from moments as ago. we do fear people are trapped inside. what are you hearing? what are you seeing? >> well we have more than 60
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volunteers we have like 23 ambulances and one -- as you said we have information confirmed from the official government that three people have been killed. hoping all the people injured and all the people are already taken to the hospital. there were 32 injured people taken to another hospital, and we are going to start removing the collapsed structure. we hope that -- >> mr. swenega, can you hear us? we may have just lost the connection. this is the president of the red crocs in mexico city who is trying to give us some of the details. he was just saying oovps that they might be starting the process of removing the collapsed portions of the building. that's one big question of course on everyone's mind. is the scene secure at this point? is there still a concern about
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gas leaking. so this could be a continued concern. take a look at these pictures again. we're still trying to get more details coming out of mexico city. the number of killed has just gone up to at least seven people killed. this is a maternity hospital just south of mexico city. 50 people injured at this point, john. you can imagine how many people were also inside the building. >> we'll check back in on this in just a little bit. some other news this morning, we're about one and a half hours past the deadline set by isis. no word yet on whether jordan has gone through with the prisoner swap with isis. the jordanians are desperate to get back their army pilot moaz kasasbeh he was captured last month after his fighter jet crashed in syria. the life of kenji goto's hangs in the balance.
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>> isis has purportedly given jordan until sundown to take convicted terrorist ka jeed da al rishawi to the turkish border. our gentleman manna karachi, what are you hearing as the time continues to tick by. >> reporter: we heard from the jordanian government a couple hours ago, from officials here. they're saying sajida rishawi is still in jordan and is still in jail. we heard what we have heard already this morning from the government saying they are willing and red i do release sajida al rishawi but saying they want proof of life. this is something the jordanians have been asking for for a while. think eve had incorrect communications through indirect channels negotiating the release of their captured pilot. and throughout they say they've been asking for proof of life that they have not received. the other term is what we heard
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the jordanians offer yesterday, saying they are willing to release this would-be suicide bomber as isis requested, but only in exchange for the pilot, moaz kasasbeh. what isis said is it wants the schwab to be kenji goto for sajida al rishawi. they say they will kill the jordanian pilot if this does not happen. we don't know what isis may have asked the jordanians behind the scenes indirectly what demands they have to release their pilot. this is not something that has been made public. of courts in the last half hour our producer is over with the family of the jordanian pilot and they're still appealing despite the deadline being over they're still calling for the release of their son, saying please release our son in the name of the jordanian tribes here we ask for the release of our son. no news on that yet. desperate pleas from a family
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that has been through so much and a nation right now that is waiting forl any word and still hoping that their is hope here for their captured pilot to return. >> jomana thanks so much. with this deadline passed and still no proof of life let's bring in global affairs analyst, retired lieutenant colonel james reese. jomana has been following this closely. it's been minute by minute. isis set a new deadline. this deadline has passed. they have made desperate pleas on the part of the family for the return of this fighter pilot, of course for this suicide bomber being held in jordan. what do you think at this moment is going on behind the scenes? >> kate and john good morning. i believe the longer this plays out, it's kind of good i'll say, for both sides. it shows me there's negotiations still happening here. people are still talking, even by third parties and we're
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trying to do -- i'll call it the right thing on both sides, even though it's a horrible thing on both sides. what the jordanians are doing, i think it's right, they've got to get something out of this also. they want their pilot back. in every hostage negotiation you've got to have proof of life before you do anything. without it there is no deal. >> what do you think isis is playing at here? yes, they want this female con vukted terrorist back from jordan. but what else are they after? is there any connection between this very public negotiation game they're playing and military setbacks they've been suffering, all but pushed out of kobani? >> right now they're trying to separate themselves from the koeb bani aspect. they're trying to keep the media all over this hostage negotiation so people will forget. it's been a month-long battle up there. you know how the kurdish
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peshmerga in the streets and it's a great win for the coalition and the peshmerga. they're trying to keep it off the kobani issue. >> the fate of this fighter pilot and the japanese hostage as well in the mix, do you think as more time ticks by, you say it could be promising. some have said they think this could be further evidence that they might not even be alive at this point. >> well that is another course of action that isis cannot give proof of life. they were hoping to kind of do' oh get a swap without happening. the jordanians are much too savvy to let that happen. it's not going to happen. >> colonel reese, always great to have your perspective. i'm sure we'll be talking to you about this unfortunately again soon. coming up for us, a as his former team prepares for the super bowl aaron hernandez ice murder trial is getting under way right now in massachusetts.
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you're looking at live pictures right now from fall river, massachusetts. opening statements in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez, they are about to get under way. right now the judge is giving some instructions. there was a two-hour delay this morning because of an unexplained issue with one of the jurors. we'll find out more about what happened there exactly. now, it is no small irony that
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this is all getting under way today as his former team the new england patriots get ready to play in the super bowl. hernandez was cut from that team immediately after his arrest back in june of 2013. >> aaron hernandez is held without bail charged with first degree murder. >> the evidence would suggest presence knowledge and an intent to see this thing through. >> there's no eyewitness testimony. there were no cull tory admissions, no indication any direct evidence. >> this is a circumstantial case. >> but there's a video right after this murder showing him with a gun. >> the last time the new england patriots played in the super bowl in 2012 aaron hernandez was on the field. this time he's sidelined. >> now prosecutors are trying to prove hernandez shot and killed another football player
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a semi pro football player dating hernandez's sister odin lloyd. prosecution says it was an execution-style killing. joining us alex an de dhra field as well as legal analyst mel robbins. alexandra, set the scene for us. opening statements should have already been under way according to the guidance that was already given. what was the delay this morning? >> reporter: this was yet another delay to getting the trial started. a jury was selected on monday. we learned there would be 13 women and five men sitting on that jury. this trial was supposed to begin around 9:00 this morning. the jury would have been seated and sworn in. then they would have proceeded with the opening statements. that didn't happen right off the bat. at first the judge announced to the courtroom that a juror was delayed. then she said she received a note from a jury. at that point, the process of voir dire began again. two hours later, 11:00, right where we are right now, this jury has been seated.
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they're getting the instructions from the judge and the opening statements can begin, first from the prosecution and then the defense. what happened? and was one of the original jurors pulled from the pool? that's not cooler. we don't know if one of the original jurors have been replaced by someone questioned this morning. we do know a jury has been seated. they'll be sworn in and we'll get to the opening statements. we understand the prosecution will take 45 minutes for their opening statement. the judge says they can have no more than that. after that defense can have their opening statement and then the prosecution can start calling witnesses. our susan candiotti inside the courtroom learned one of the first witnesses to be called will be odin lloyd's mother who is in the courtroom right now. >> very interesting. even before the opening statements begin, mel, the defense has had some pretty sizable victories here. the defense didn't want certain text messages they won on that. the defense didn't want the jury
8:16 am
to know that aaron hernandez is charged in a separate set of murders. they won't learn about that. how is it going to affect this trial assist begins right now? >> good morning, everybody. john an excellent question. tt a huge setback to the prosecution that the judge has said number one, you cannot introduce text messages. why would they want to introduce the text messages? because the text messages from odin lloyd right before he was killed execution style to his sister about who he was with it just said nfl. so the presumption would have been that had they been able to introduce that they would have been able to argue to the jury that oh did lloyd's state of mind was that he was in fear and that he wanted his sister to know exactly who he was with moments before he was killed. the other evidence that would have been highly highly persuasive but also very prejudicial, is the fact that aaron hernandez is not only facing these murder charges,
8:17 am
guys. he's facing a double homicide from a shooting outside of a nightclub in 2012 where it's alleged he shot two people leaving a nightclub over what? over an argument of a spilled drink. that's not all. there are also other cases, guys. there's a witness that will be called for the prosecution, to testify for the prosecution who is suing hernandez for what? for shooting him in the face. on top of that while aaron hernandez has been in jail he's gotten into an altercation with another inmate and a corrections officer, and there is yet a fourth trial, criminal case waiting in the wings against him. none of those cases will be coming in. the jury will have to take a look at this case on the circumstantial evidence alone. it is not a slam dunk case by any means, guys. >> we've heard that from more than one legal analyst and smart legal minds for sure mel. alexandra, we're continuing to look at live pictures from
8:18 am
inside the courtroom. you managed odin lloyd's mother is expected to be one of the first witnesses called by the prosecution. who else is in the courtroom? what are you hearing from inside the courtroom of who all is there? >> since we've been here this morning, we saw aaron hernandez's mother come in along with aaron hernandez's brother and his fiancee. they are all seated together on one side of the courtroom. on the other side of the courtroom, hernandez's fiancee's sister who was dating odin lloyd at the time of his death. she's sitting next to oh did loin's mother. they have been waiting for this for 18 months. odin lloyd's mother is expected to be called to testify. there are also going to be big names we should see taking the stand over the course of the trial. we know bill belichick and robert kraft can be called. the focus of the testimony there will have to do with conversations that they're believed to have had with aaron hernandez between the time odin lloyd was found shot to death and the time aaron hernandez was arrested. this is patriots country.
8:19 am
a lot of interest in this town because of aaron hernandez and also because people want to know what bill belichick and robert kraft would say if they're put on the stand. >> very interesting to hear. our thanks to alexandra field and mel robbins. thanks very much. we will bring you anything interesting that happens over the next several minutes and hours in this courtroom. opening statements about to get started. coming up for us it's scary and frustrating airline passengers and putting strain on law enforcement. a striking spike in threats to u.s. airlines. what's behind the uptick and what's being done about it most importantly? new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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we are learning more details -- sorry. he was telling me an inappropriate joke in the break. lits get back to the real news. we're learning new details about the crash of airasia flight 8501. indonesian officials say the plane veered left and began wobbling in bad weather while the copilot they learned was at the controls. the plane reportedly climbed several thousand feet in less than 30 seconds. that steep at scent triggered the stall warning and it remained on until it crashed into the java sea. >> meanwhile, an emotional yet not unexpected declaration is
8:24 am
made. officials announced all 239 passengers and crew are presumed dead. the plane who disappeared last march, the crash has been deemed an accident. the declaration makes it possible for family members to pursue compensation from the airline and also private insurance. still investigators say they will continue to search for the aircraft. happening right now, the fbi is investigating a spike in online threats made against airlines. authorities are looking into as many as 50 threats since just mid january. >> the last happened just a few days ago when a pair of flights at atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport had what officials called a credible threat on board. so who might be behind this? cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh following the developments. >> reporter: planes diverted passengers evacuated. law enforce president and bomb sniffing dogs close in all because of faerk bomb threats on social media. >> we didn't know until we landed. >> reporter: it's happening more and more. a u.s. official tells cnn online
8:25 am
threats increased after a bomb scare on a flight from atlanta to raleigh january 17th. 50 similar incidents followed. in new york this flight swept for explosives. military jets scrambled after a tweet said bombs were on board two planes bound for atlanta. brian bennett was on board. >> they did have canine units on the tarmac as well as a number of police from different agencies. i saw the atlanta police department tsa and some fbi agents out on the runway. we were asked to place our items on the ground and have the canine units go through them and check those first. >> reporter: a tweet claiming to be from the terrorist group isis targeted a flight from san diego to dallas. >> i want to see those who are responsible for that kind of activity tracked down and prosecuted. >> reporter: the head of homeland security jeh johnson told cnn today even false threats are dangerous to public safety. >> they cause certain reactions,
8:26 am
certain overreactions. very often fighter jets are scrambled to address the situation. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating the social media threats, tracing computer ip addresses. >> it could be a small group of people. it could just be one person with a few twitter accounts and a really dumb idea. no devices have been found. we can see how much it disrupts the system. >> reporter: these threats tax law enforcement, airport and military resources. it's also costly for airlines and passengers. >> every time a threat comes in it has to be taken seriously. aircraft have to be turned around or landed at the nearest location. thousands of dollars are lost every minute that plane is unexpectedly delayed. >> rene marsh, cnn washington. our breaking news right now, an explosion rock asthma attorneyity hospital outside of mexico city. at least seven people are dead. four children among those
8:27 am
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our breaking news comes out of mexico. at least seven people are dead including four children after a gas explosion rocked a maternity hospital very near mexico city. >> dozens of people are injured and many others are trapped inside the collapsed building.
8:31 am
that's what we're hearing at this very hour. officials say a truck was supplying gas to the hospital when a hose burst and the leak caused the explosion. cnn producer fidel gutierrez is live from mexico city and can help us try to understand the enormity of the situation, fidel. when you look at those images you have to start thinking that it's possible that there could be many more injured following that gas explosion. what are you hearing about the blast? >> reporter: as you just said it's been reported seven deaths four of them are babies and three of them are adults. that's the last of what the authorities have said. the mayor of the city miguel montara, it's been reported that this explosion took place at the morning in the west of the city. it is the last update.
8:32 am
about 54 injuries have been taken to different hospitals in the city. >> are you hearing that there are still concerns that people may be inside that rubble? there's so much damage there. is everyone at this point accounted for sdm. >> reporter: the authorities have said that they are working the try to find out if there are people inside if people are trapped inside this hospital. but they still don't know if there are or not. they will try to find out with some special equipment, like dogs to track if there are some people inside. the authorities has not confirmed, but they believe there could be some people trapped. they are not sure. the fed rath authorities are being in touch with the local
8:33 am
authorities. they send more federal elements like the army and the other kind of securities for helping out to the local authorities. this is just the last information. >> fidel gutierrez in mexico city thank you very much. we'll continue to track this situation. you see these images. you have to believe there's going to be many more injured. >> seven dead so far, at least four of them children. 54 injuries fidel tells us. he also says authorities are still looking at the possibility there could be people trapped in the rubble. >> sending more resources to the scene to try to help out as you can imagine. we'll keep you updated on this one. we also have to talk politics this morning. he hasn't said he's officially running for president, but mitt romney seems to be acting like it going on offense taking a swipe at hillary clinton on the way. if you like drama, you're in luck. the super bowl is here. you're also in lurk if you like
8:34 am
football because they are going to play a game. we'll talk about all the story lines actually on the field and the ones off as well. nfl legend joe theismann joins us. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. us.
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a shock shock political move from mitt romney. he gave a speech at mississippi state university but that wasn't the shocking thing. no. not only that he went way out on a political limb way out. he ate barbecue. >> shush. >> how do you decide? talk with your mouthful. the eating on camera is never a winner. but also he was not only eating
8:38 am
barbecue, he was also taking very serious swipes at hillary clinton. shocker, saying in the speech he gave how can secretary of state provide opportunity for all if she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place? he also said she is clueless in her approach to russia. let's talk about this. bring in cnn political commentator and democratic strat jest paul begala. >> it sounds like when you're starting to eat barbecue in mississippi, you have to be running for something. also taking on hillary clinton pretty hard. >> first, congratulations to those engineers -- the technology behind those an tronnic dolls that make them so life like that they actually look like they're eating. >> stop it. >> god bless him. you know i advice the pro obama super pack and we ran millions of dollars in ads attacking mitt
8:39 am
romney. here is my advice. run, mitt run. we know how to beat you. as "the washington post" said this morning, when a candidate has to rebrand yourself as authentic. when you're rebranding as authentic, you're probably not very authentic. >> i want to get to exactly that point, doug. the romney people say he's not rebranding just run being a new message in a new yeefrmt let me play something for you that he said last night. i covered mitt romney in '08 and 2012 when there was a joke he like to tell about ann romney. he said when he ran for is that the, he turned around and said in your wildest dreams did you ever think i was running for senate? she said mitt you weren't in my wildest dreams. >> she said mit, you weren't in my wildest dreams. actually she didn't say that. that was a joke during my campaign. >> he said what? >> he just said last night that he bought that joke during his
8:40 am
campaign. >> purchased the joke from a writer. apparently he said that in the fall also. i don't know if he's kidding about that. i don't know what's real or not. but, doug if part of new authenticity is to talk about the fact -- joke about the fact you weren't authentic before is that a problem? >> look candidates always want to be auth n tick whether that's real authenticity or fake authenticity. i'm product of the south, paul is a product of the south. i'll never criticize anybody for having good southern barbecue. it's one of the things mitt romney is going to need to really show if he's going to run, that he's an authentic person he's going to talk about real issues that americans care about every day, about the take hoem pay about their school. for the valid criticisms he'll offer on hillary clinton, he's going to be a candidate in 2016. >> i was just reading this in politico. but mike allen has interesting report that the clinton campaign some suggestion they're not going to announce
8:41 am
her candidacy in july. that's months later than originally anticipated. why is that decision that might be feeding into what she dealt with the last time around it's a coronation campaign rather than a real serious go at it. >> i khan confirm or deny. >> i'm not asking you to confirm or deny. what do you think of it? >> as an analyst, she's in a totally opposite position from the republicans. the later she gets in the better. >> why? >> because she's got a 75% favorable among democrats right now. >> the moment you run it goes down. >> exactly. that's exactly right. the moment she gets in you go down. also it's hard to dance in that spotlight for month after month after month. right now because she's hanging back the spotlight quite rightly is turned to the republicans. they have the clown car gathering at the steve king forum in iowa where sarah palin tossed a word salad around donald trump threw his hair in the ring. as a democrat i want to see a spotlight on that disaster
8:42 am
rather than the inevitable mistakes that any democratic campaign will have. >> doug as an analyst and someone who advices candidates ad and politicians, how much would you advise republican candidates right now to talk about hillary clinton? there are some who suggest they need to hone their own message first with their own policies u focus less on who might be their opponent down the line focus on yourself right now. >> they should do both. hillary clinton has a record we need to examine as closely as possible. at the same time republicans need to remember it's not always talking about budgets and outlays and dynamic scoring and exciting things like that. to steal a phrase from paul it's about putting people first, talk about families talk about takehome pay. at the same time hillary clinton has her own authenticity problem. she talks about poverty but does so while making $250,000 at a speech. has a contract writer like van halen of no green m&ms.
8:43 am
>> you should see paul begala's contract rider. it's crazy. >> i couldn't look him in the eyes. >> gentlemen, thanks so much. coming up new tensions between citizens and police in st. louis. a brawl breaks out inside city hall. look at this at a meeting that was meant to try to heal that very rift. for bolder caramel-ly espresso. whole milk... steamed to a sweet velvety microfoam delicately poured, so the espresso rises to the top. the perfect union of bold and sweet. simplicity is its own artistry. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid
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welcome back. it looks like the old wounds from ferguson missouri have been reopened. apparently they're still a long way from healing. let me show you what happened last night at a public meeting at city hall near st. louis. >> it's not pretty. pushing and shoving and soughting. that is after a police union official tried to speak at that meeting. >> no serious injuries or arrests were reported. clearly, you can see it right there, the divisions are still very much there. sara sidner explains what led up to the scuffle. >> first of all, you do not tell me my function. >> reporter: chaos unfolding last night between citizens and police at a public meeting in st. louis, missouri. the meeting over a bill intended to improve relations between the community and police. yet the meeting achieved anything but.
8:48 am
one city police officer, kur tus berg door of expressing his disapproval for the new bill to establish a civilian oversight board over police work. seconds later the room erupts into shouts profanity and a shoving match. protesters believe police union business manager jeff rorda who openly displayed an "i am daryn wilson" wrist band. then he and a woman ended up in a confrontation. it's unclear who started it. he says protesters shouted police down and he stood up to object. >> as i tried to exit, she continued to do that. two or three other anti police radicals rushed over and things deescalated or escalate friday there. >> you didn't push a woman though? >> no. >> reporter: cachet curry says she's no radical but a citizen and roorda shoved her. >> i was getting up to leave.
8:49 am
roorda pushed me over trying to get to kennedy. >> reporter: the sponsor of the bill tweeted, we saw once again tonight how fractured our city remains. we have a lot of work to do. this just the last confrontation following months of unrest in the wake of the death of michael brown and the acquittal of the ferguson police officer daryn wilson who shot him. >> sara sidner is joining us now. in your piece, it lays out very clearly, clearly fractures remain in this community. what ended upcoming from the meeting? did anything happen and what happens now? >> reporter: nothing happened. once this went off, they could not calm everybody down. it really speaks to the issue. if the two sides can't even speak to each other in a meeting that's supposed to be about bringing the community together bringing police and the community together then what is going to become of this movement and the problems that happened and began in ferguson? back to you guys.
8:50 am
>> metaphor for the whole situation. if they can't talk about it how do you expect to move forward? sara sidner appreciate it. the super bowl is upon us. everyone is talking about it except the seattle seahawks he will only face them to avoid a fine. the thing is, he may be fined anyway. we're going to speak to a former nfl great about all the drama.
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they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. it is super bowl time folks. i'm excited. >> i'm excited. >> john could care less.
8:54 am
i'm kidding. at this hour there's a lot going on. tom brady is battling a cold. that is a very very serious. also this i think is more interesting. seattle running back marshawn lynch, he could face a fine despite his efforts to avoid that very fine. his appearance was the ultimate example of mailing it in if you will. >> answer me all the questions y'all want to. i'm going to answer with the same answer. y'all can shoot if y'all please. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> can't argue with that. turns out that the league might fine him anyway because of the hat that he was wearing. it has a logo on it.
8:55 am
the beast mode logo on it. that's lynch's own brand of wear. they could fine to promote his clothing line without getting permission. i don't know why that makes me have the giggles so much. our next guest knows a thing or two about getting ready for the super bowl. joe theismann. he's now football analyst. he's joining us from phoenix. thank you so much for being here. >> i appreciate it. but i'm only here because i won't get fined. that's why i'm here. >> i'm going to ask you 29 questions and let's see how we get through this. as someone who's sat in that seat, is the media day, is it that painful that you can't get through it? what's going on with marshawn lynch? >> i think marshawn lynch
8:56 am
personally just doesn't want to do interviews. so instead of forcing him to do it putting him through the circus, he gets more attention by saying nothing than if he did if he would have said something. >> sure. >> let the guys that want to talk talk. i think the media did what he needed to do. marshawn did what he needed to do. >> why even bother? why does the nfl demand that this guy sit there and repeat that ridiculous line? >> i agree. i agree with you. why force him to do it? the fact he showed up and says nothing means he doesn't get fined. it's probably going to cost him a hundred grand for the hat. so in showing up he actually is going to lose more money than if he didn't show up. that's how ridiculous the whole situation is for him. >> to talk about what some may think is also a ridiculous situation, you did a bit of a scientific test when it comes to
8:57 am
the deflated football issue and the patriots. you didn't think there was a difference that you could tell. what do you make of this whole controversy? >> i think it's a lot to do about nothing when it comes to the outcome of the football game. i think it's very important to the integrity of professional football. with all the black eyes that football has received this year this is a situation they really are taking time to try and get right. i think it goes to the integrity of the game. i don't believe that bill belichick knew. i don't believe that tom brady knew. what happened in that two hour and 15 minute period when the officials did not see the ball that's something we'll find out after february 1st. >> what if there never is proof and all we're left with ask the fact that these footballs had less air than they were supposed to? do they have to punish the
8:58 am
patriots in some way or will they get away with no punishment at all? >> if they find out there was a reason other than someone asking someone to do it or done intentionally, i don't think the league has any other option to say, look the new england patriots are exonerated from this it was the atmosphere whatever the answer is. you can't try to try and convict somebody because you want to convict them. let's let the evidence play out. and then let's make a decision accordingly. i think that's the way you have to look at it. if it turns out they didn't do anything wrong, then the league does do owe an apology. >> we'll ask you about an issue i know is close to your heart here. it has to do with youth football and the issue of concussions. it says if you get your bell rung before you're 12 you're much worse off later on down the line. you've been working with pop
8:59 am
warner about ways to try to improve the situation. >> right. we have. and those studies are so important. i've been associated now as a consultant with a company called unequal. it's called a gyro. it's a kevlar composite that goes inside the helmet. it helps try and prevent concussions. the study that we did, we took 20 teams independent teams, and we had over 500 players. of those players, we noticed that the concussions were reduced 75% below the national average in youth football. i encourage parents out there and coaches out there, take a look at our website which is do the research. kurt warner for example didn't want his kids playing football. he found unequal and now both of
9:00 am
his boys play football. certainly it's a major issue for all of us in sports and it's something we want to make as part of unequal, we want to make the game safe for kids. >> it's a major issue. >> we want to find an answer to it. >> everyone does and everyone wants it to be a safer game. absolutely. joe theismann, great to see you. thank you for being on. >> thank you so much. that's it for us today. "legal view" starts right now. hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." we begin this show with the trial of a one time nfl super star aaron hernandez. as the team is getting ready for sunday's super bowl that former player is sitting in that courtroom at this moment