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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 29, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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all right. let's continue on. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we're hating to hear if unprecedented potentially deadly hostage swap will or has taken
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place. this is the border place in turkey, where isis and jordan would make it happen. jordan saying it would release a hostage for one of its own, a pilot. >> i want to let everyone know in jordan from the head of the regime down to the last one of the regime. surv is survival of jor zandan jordan. jordan's survival is attributed to survival of muath. >> first, jordan says it want proof of live proof the pilot is alive. and then the japanese journalist. no word if he's still alive. his life is to depend on the suicide bomber's freedom. here you'll see her with a bomb strapped to her chest. that bomb failed to go off in
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the deadly terror attack in jordan in 2005. she sits on death row in a jordanian prison. why is isis hell bent on getting her? her brother was a comrade in leader of iraq. he was mubarak al rishawi who's you've heard of. he is connected to leader zarqawi. >> so sunset the deadline time has passed. we have no word if anything transpired. this deal if it happens would set a precedent for jordan. this is the first time they've publicly talked about making a deal with a terrorist organization like isis. do you think jordan would renege if they could not get proof of life on their pilot?
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>> it's certainly possible. jordan is playing a high stakes game. they know when to hold them and fold them. i sajida rishawi has been on death row ten years now. she's not an important person as a person. she means a lot to isis and obviously their predecessor group in iraq. the fact they're willing to actually trade this high profile individual from a decade ago for one of their pilots shows the jordanians are willing to risk a lot of international pressure to get their man back. >> how would this even work? that's what i keep coming back to. there's an isis video calling for this exchange along the turkish border. it makes me think of the video of bowe bergdahl when taliban approached with the white flag. we have the video. had the rocket propelled grenade launcher. they were armed in case
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something wasn't arye. how do jordanian officials know they're not going to be ambushed by isis? >> that's one of the points. they may very well have rigged up hostages to go off once they arrive on the turk ir boardish border. if this is actually an ambush no country will negotiate with isis ever again. it shows they are unwilling to engage in sort of the delicate distance that is actually hostage and ransom taking. if they know they're going to get their hostage back in a bad way, they're not going to pony the dough they used to grease the machine. >> since no precedent has been set, and we're talking about rise jordanian fighter pilot here. there are so many variables. how do you weigh the variables with potentially saving this
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man's life? one thing you sort of talked about before isis is not giving proof of life to jordanian government or anybody else. when you engage in hostage situations you have to actually show the person you're trying to ransom is actual lay live. since isis cannot take a picture of him holding today or yesterday's newspaper does not bode well for negotiations. what about the japanese journalist? >> what about the japanese hostage? >> we haven't heard about him as well. you saw the jordanians want their man back. whether japanese can get their man back is secondary to jordanians. obviously japan is quietly putting a lot of pressure on the jordan government to help their man out. this is a huge security crisis for the japanese government. what they're doing behind the scenes is unclear. it's up to isis and jordanian
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intelligence service to make this swap happen if it happens. >> so we wait. >> so we wait. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. aaron hernandez made millions of playing offense. now the former nfl star has to put the defense of his life as his murder trial has officially begun in opening statements today. prosecutors showed jurors the face of the shooting victim. this is odin lloyd, when 27 years old he was shot multiple times and found in an industrial park a half mile from hernandez' home. jurors today got a lesson in contrasting legal styles. prosecutors got into the fine details of their evidence, surveillance video texts, et cetera. all the while the family of odin lloyd sat in the courtroom and listened.
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>> all of them were collected. one to the left of lloyd's foot. another off to his right. two in that little ditch -- i'm sorry -- two in that little area to his left. one above his head. all to the right side of that photograph. >> as for the defense, they took a broader approach and cast suspicion on aaron hernandez alleged accomplices, these two to go to trial at a later date. >> they locked on aaron and targeted him, even when they developed evidence that two other men, who unlike aaron were not friends with odin were with aaron and odin that night. >> with me now cnn legal analyst sunny and mike. welcome to both of you. sunny, you're first. how did the prosecution do? >> you know this is a
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circumstantial case. they don't have a confession don't have the weapon don't have the gun. they don't have any witnesses that will testify that aaron hernandez killed lloyd. given what they don't have i think the prosecution did a good job in outlining this very circumstantial case. circumstantial are hard to prove. you don't have to show motive but this jury is going to question why someone with so much to lose would godo this. they did okay but this is a tough case for the prosecution. >> there's a law act the joint venture. the prosecution doesn't have to prove it was hernandez that pulled the trigger. >> back on that in a second.
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out of the gate, he is an innocent man. they said lloyd was his friend. how did that lawyer do? >> i think they were very effective. i think that in any circumstantial case you have to come strong out of the gate. i think the rulings favor the defense and help the defense. the fact they severed the case of the other two so you can point to them and say those are the guys that did it. the fact they excluded the evidence of the other killings is monumental pretrial ruling. her honor has this focussed in a laser like focus on this particular act. i think the defense is in it and got a real shot here. >> what about the joint venture in massachusetts. explain that more. >> yeah in massachusetts at least, you don't necessarily have to prove for first degree murder you were the trigger person. if you were acting with other people you can be found guilty.
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however, they also don't have evidence that one of the other two pulled the trigger. so again, this is a very difficult circumstantial case. we're talking about first degree murder. i'm very curious as to what my friend mark thinks. he often says that cases are won and lost at jury selection. now we've got a jury right now of 18. it's going to be 12. 13 women, five men. early early todayier today i said this is an attractive defendant with $12.5 million guaranteed. this is a celebrity defendant. i really -- cornell in 2010 did a study that said better looking defendants have a better chance of getting off. i think when you have a defendant like aaron hernandez, it strikes me that this jury is defense friendly.
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>> that's interesting. i was reading something separate this morning that said since it was a man killing a man, perhaps it won't go to your theory as far as women on the jury. marks what do you think? >> well you want a presumption of innocence. if you're famous you get presumption of famous. if you're infamous you generally do not. you have the prejudgment of guilt. he's famous. that's a good thing. as sunny says, he's an attractive defendant. a lot of times you don't have that as sunny will also agree. i think having woman on the jury and stranger on stranger or heene meaning it's non domestic situation i think is going well for the defense. i think the defense has a real shot here. without a weapon and without the forensic evidence you would want. they're going to talk about the casings and other stuff.
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i think and suspect the defense has an answer to some of that stuff. if they're going to come down to just trying to say okay look we're going to throw a couple of things at you. we're going to throw the casings and other stuff at you. he was the last one to be seen with him. that is not reasonable doubt. that may get you past the preliminary hearing but does not get you to an a biding conviction. >> and the why is my issue i think in front of this issue. what is the motive? this case may very well turn on evidence that was excluded. >> that's what i want to get to. stand by both of you. we have to take a quick break. i'm going to ask about the evidence excluded and what isn't. and also what came out today talk act this joint the prosecution says was found at the murder scene. that was brouth out today. in other news we now know the co-pilot was flying before the airasia flight 8501. hear about the warning heard on
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mutual insurance. . we're back talking about the aaron hernandez trial here. i'm brooke baldwin. prosecution has begun presenting witnesses on day one of the trial for hernandez, former new england patriots super star tight end. he had a $40 million contract and now accused of first degree murder. what was proved to be a new detail in the prosecution's opening statement about hernandez' dna found at the crime scene. he was the assistant district attorney in court today as the murder victim's family broke down in tears.
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>> found a joint, marijuana cigarette, to lloyd's right. that joint was later analyzed and determined to have lloyd's dna and the defendant's dna. >> we're back with cnn legal analyst. let's begin what already has been the role of drugs and marijuana. you know in the opening statements. first you have the prosecutor mentioning the joint found right by lloyd's body with both dna on it. two, you have the defense attorney bringing up drugs and the role it played in hernandez' life. here it was. >> why would he kill his friend? odin lloyd, who was one of his partying pals. his friend odin who was his
12:19 pm
source supplier of marijuana. >> sunny, what's that about? >> you know i think that given the fact that marijuana is legal in certain states now and the fact there's been a real movement toward decriminalizing marijuana, the prosecutors may still think, oh my goodness i'm going to put in front of the jury he was a drug user. this isn't the straight up stand up guy you think he is. i don't know that it gets them far given what people think about marijuana now. i think something was found there maybe. right mark? >> was this defense attorney saying i'm putting it out there. let's move on. >> right. yeah. he's going to blunt the blunt. he's going to blunt the blunt. it really makes -- it really is so naive. you see this with prosecutors all the time. i don't know what -- whether they're living in 1950 60 or
12:20 pm
70 but this day in age, your average jury says really marijuana? that's what you're talking about? we already know they're friends, so why this is a spectacular piece of evidence as the prosecutor would want to center on it is beyond me. >> let's move along were blunting the blunt to the evidence that has been banned. we know they cannot include the text message that lloyd apparently sent to his sister saying you know, nfl, referring to who he was that night. texting nfl and just so you know. that's out. they can't talk about or think about the double murder aaron hernandez is indicted for from the summer of 2012. why is that mark? >> both are correct rulings. it's here say. it's not a dying declaration of any kind. clearly it's not coming in. the double murder is the same thing. he hasn't been convicted of anything. there's no accusation or theory
12:21 pm
those relate in any way shape, form. the only reason the prosecution wanted those in was for the obvious reason. okay. we don't have evidence on this case let's throw up more about the other two. the other rob is that virtually everybody has heard about the other two charges against him. even though they won't be introduced in the courtroom, they're out there. that'sing something as a defense lawyer that gives you a lot of sleepless nights. >> sunny, let me end with you on the dynamics of the courtroom. on one side you have aaron hernandez family and fiance. on the other side you have lloyd's family but also have the sister. >> the sister of her than deznandez. how do these play out? you're a juror, not supposed to be watching the family. >> it shouldn't have anything to do with the trial.
12:22 pm
jurors watch everything from what the attorneys are wearing to your relationship with witnesses and defendant. and in the jury gallery or rather in the gallery of the courtroom. i think it is really significant to note that this has torn this family apart. you've got two sisters on opposite sides. one backing the defendant, another one who's boyfriend was killed allegedly by the defense. just goes to show you brooke how cases tear apart families. i've got to tell you, that may help the defense because the defense already in opening statements said this was his friend. this was his fiance's sister. why would he kill him? we get back to the lack of motive the why, the why. why i think it's going to be an uphill battle for this prosecution. >> it's day one. we have many more days.
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>> fascinating. >> sunny and mark appreciate you both. terrible scene unfolding in mexico city in the maternity hospital hit by a gas explosion. we'll see the moment it happened. new revelations from the final moments of airasia flight 8501 including who was piloting this aircraft and warnings that went off in the cockpit. stay here. you're watching cnn. in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪
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the co-pilot of that doomed airasia flights 8501 was flying moments before the plane crashed according to indonesian authorities. we know the co-pilot 26-year-old frenchman had less experience than the pilot monitoring the flight. we've learned that stall warnings were blaring inside the plane as it ascended too quickly and slammed into the java sea. fred nice to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> first explain, how does a
12:28 pm
plane stall? what does that really mean? >> it's interesting. it's not stall in your car where the engine stops running. the way an airplane works, the wing is going through the air. like you hold your hand out the car window like a kid and make it go up and down. that's what a wing does. when there's enough wind going over the wing it pulls the airplane this the air. when there's not enough going over the wing it stops the airplane and it literally falls out of the sky. engines could be full power and the wings could not see enough wind, and the airplane could fall. >> that's what happens to the air france flight 447 right? >> correct. in the air france flight as in this airplane both were at altitude and began a stall. in the air france flight -- the way an airplane knows how fast it's going through the air, it has tiny tubes in the front of the airplane. those tubes measure how hard the air is hitting the front of the
12:29 pm
airplane compared to other pressure readings at the back. those tubes in air france flight froze up. the pilots didn't know how fast the airplane was going through the air. how fast it is going dictates how much wind the wing is going to see. in both accidents, these airplane airplanes stalled and fell 37,000 feet. interestingly as a pilot, when you train, they're training to recover from a stall at less than 1,000 feet. it boggles my mind as to why it was the two highly trained crews could not recover a sophisticated airplane from a stall at 37,000 feet. >> so many questions still. thank you fred. appreciate it. >> thanks for manage veryhaving me. tens of millions of watching what the nfl will do to address the issue of domestic violence. next a sign of how real and raw
12:30 pm
emotions are in st. louis when a meeting in ferguson suddenly erupts. don lemon talks us through what happened. for
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. we are just past the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let me take you to this meeting in st. louis held to bring police and community together. instead it may have driven them
12:35 pm
further area part. watch this. [ applause ] >> how about you keep order in your police departments? what you just going to shoot people? is that what you want to do? is that our alternative, pull out your gun? that's what i'm talking about [ bleep ]. let's get some [ bleep ] out here. [ crowd erupts ] >> we should point out this meeting was peace aful the first hour. you heard the guy say the word roorda. that's jeff roorda police union leader. some witnesses say he was to blame for last night's -- well, this.
12:36 pm
one possible reason a wristband he was wearing which read i am darren wilson. a show of solidarity with the police officer that killed michael brown last year setting off riots in ferguson missouri and beyond. here's the twist. the meeting was called to create this civilian review board to give the community a better way to communicate with police. obviously to me the biggest take away is the community is on tender hooks. so incredibly frustrated. police are frustrated. nobody is listening. >> it's disturbing. listen i think the altercation is obviously disturbing but what's most disturbing is after this time no one is actually listening to each other. it has been months and months since the death of michael brown sadly. this whole meeting was to set up civilian review board. to get people to come together. all along, i have been saying nothing else matters right now
12:37 pm
but coming together to establish some sort of protocol some sort of truce between police officers police and community. that's what matters now. this is embarrassing for everyone. >> taking it back to the wristband. a lot of questions and frustration has been over the role darren wilson played depending on who you ask in the shooting non indictment and wearing of this wristband. let me play jeff roorda defending his right to wear the wristband and then reaction to that. here we go. >> i have a right to freedom of speech and expression just as the violent protestors in ferguson who attempted to kill and maim police officers every night, they were defended exercising their right to free speech as they were trying to kill police officers. i think i can wear a bracelet in
12:38 pm
a public meeting. >> it lets us know tensions are high in our city. it lets us know how divided our community is. our law enforcement on one side and community on the other side. if our law enforcement is here to serve and protect our community, this cannot happen. >> then you have law enforcement who say you know we want to serve and protect the community. it's like you and i have covered these protests not just you in ferguson but all around. there's two sides to this. it's sad there was an entire meeting called to help with the ties. >> here's the thing. jeff roorda has every right to wear that band. he has freedom of expression. just because he can wear it doesn't mean he should. he should be aware of tensions in the community. let's say -- allow him to wear that. the people who are there should not allow that to distract them. that's not what they're there for. they're not there to be worried
12:39 pm
about a wristband he is wearing. they're there to come to consensus with police. look at the bigger picture. if you think he is a jerk -- i'm not saying he is -- but if that is what you think, let him wear his wristband and keep it moving. your agenda is get something done with the community. then to have this brawl where whoever pushed who or whatever -- let's say jeff roorda pushed me and shouldn't have. do you think i'm going to be on television fighting with someone in public? i'm going to let him act a fool make a fool of himself and keep my dignity. then i'm going to sit down at the table and say we're not here to fight or talk about wristbands. we're here to talk about how to keep people from dieing in the community. end of story. bottom line. >> i was asking bishop robinson at the end. i said you're a man of faith and fairness. what is next? i don't know what the answer is. what's next if you're a man of faith and fairness seeing this
12:40 pm
from both sides? what is next for the community? >> i don't know. it's a tender box. he's right. i think everyone has to realize. i keep talking about the protestors. people have every right to be upset, but you have to realize what the bigger picture is. don't let the little things distract you. take the small things like that and brush it off. >> thank you. >> keep pushing. >> thank you. cnn tonight, 10:00 eastern. do not miss it. thank you. just ahead, the nfl looking to make a statement on super bowl sunday. wait until you see the ad said to be chilling and powerful. we'll play it for you. #. plus i'll talk to a cnn anchor getting very personal sharing her story of fertility. >> never thought i'd see her as a mom. she's laughing. we go way back eight years. rs, carpenters
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you know a lot of women put off having children to focus on their careers to find out later in life they're no longer able to get pregnant. it can be insignificant decisions like apparently what kind of lipstick to wear that adversely affect fertility many years later. my colleague, cnn anchor and correspondent knows this first hand. she's the proud mother of 4-year-old twins. this was not an easy process. so kira turned everything she learned all along the way to this incredible new book called "the whole life fertility plan" which has all kinds of science for ladies and men. it's so great. we know around cnn there's like -- we know. when i look at you you're always trying to encourage women and empower women. here finally, you wrote a book.
12:46 pm
congratulations. >> thank you so much. you know i spent -- you know we spend our whole lives -- as soon as we know. i knew when i was a little kid i wanted to be a journalist. you spend teens 20s, 30s trying to pursue the dream. it takes a lot to get to this level. unfortunately for women, that means a lot of tiles they have to sacrifice love relationships, family children. you've got to be able to take that job and go when ever you can. and you know i was covering the war in iraq. i was going through a divorce. i had lost everything in my home due to a flood. a pipe busted upstairs. i was sitting on my front porch at 40 thinking oh my god, i completely blew it. i had a huge anxiety attack. there was nothing out there for know read or look at to make me feel better. i decided to do the fertility thing on my own. thank goodness my met my husband and he was open to it. now we have this beautiful twins
12:47 pm
that light up our lives. i wanted something for women of all ages from young toast mid career to geriatric moms like me -- that's what i'm called -- to embrace the fertility process and be empowered. >> so i have something. i didn't share it with anyone but i did it two years ago and froze my eggs. i froze my eggs two summers ago. i wanted to share with ladies out there. it's not scary if you don't mind say syringes. i did it at my parent's house. that was my first injection in my stomach. they send you drugs in the mail. it's a really serious thing. i'm 35 now. i had somebody special with me who supported me the whole time and went with me everyday. you talk about it in your book having to shoot yourself up in
12:48 pm
the back of cars or on stories. i was speaking at a college commencement and had to get a tsa letter because i had shots to take with me. hello insurance. it covered a lot of it. >> that's a blessing. a lot of companies are paying for it for female employees. >> i'm glad you shared the fact you did it. i think women need to know it's okay. it doesn't have to be scary. you're putting dna on ice. we can carry babies much later in life. we don't have healthy, fabulous eggs later in life. at a nice ripe age like you in your 30s, you put beautiful eggs on ice. when you're ready, you've got it. >> so many women i can count on fingers here at cnn and beyond are doing it, have done it. it is empowering. i thank you for that thump, thump, thump many years about wanting to do it. beyond the preservation of eggs
12:49 pm
chapter, you talk about chemicals, lipsticks, shower curtains and plastics that all affect this. >> deaf thitfinitely. there's the beauty of this book young gals can read what they can do differently so they don't get to a point they have to go through fertility treatments. i mean, our cosmetics. there's lead in lipstick. underexercise, being overweight. all these impact conception. alcohol, drugs. we talk about men and what affects them. there are many men that don't realize they're the problem. it's not the woman. >> thank you so much. now you get to share this in the fertility plan. >> thanks so much. >> appreciate it. coming up live, we'll go to
12:50 pm
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begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. we have been watching and listening to opening statements in the aaron hernandez murder trial in fall river, massachusetts. the start of the trial comes just days before his former nfl team the new england patriots face the seattle seahawks in sunday's super bowl xlix. during this sunday's game the nfl will air an extraordinary public service announcement with the powerful message about domestic violence. here's a preview. >> 911, operate or 911.
12:55 pm
where's the emergency? >> 127. >> what's going on there? >> i would like to order a pizza for delivery. >> ma'am, you have reached 911. this is an emergency line. >> large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> you know you called 911. this is an emergency line. >> do you know how long it will be? >> ma'am, is everything okay over there? do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> you are unable to talk because? >> right. right. >> is there someone in the room with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> okay. it looks like i have an officer about a mile from your location. are there any weapons in your house? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> no. thank you. >> gave me the chills. i hadn't actually seen the full thing. rachel nichols is in phoenix. it's incredible i was wondering if it was actually the first sort of ad of its kind to air with such an incredible
12:56 pm
audience. you are saying it's actually not? >> reporter: well this is certainly going to be the first ad of its kind on super bowl sunday. the impact should be amazing. you think about super bowl ratings, nearly 112 million people watch the super bowl last year. that was the largest television audience in american history. amazing. it's supposed to be more than that this sunday. when you think about all the people that will get to see this ad it's remarkable. it's a huge step forward for the nfl. is it enough to cure the image problem they have had on this issue? no nor should it be. but they have definitely taken great steps since where we were say this past fall. it's up to all americans to continue this conversation after they see this ad. keep pushing the nfl and other sports leagues to continue to do more. >> i think it's worth reminding our viewers the context of all of this in the wake of what happened with ray rice and his then fiancee in the elevator in atlantic city and the other allegations involving other players. finally this past season, the nfl did something about it.
12:57 pm
>> reporter: yeah absolutely. they have been meeting with domestic violence groups they have donated money, really making large donations to domestic violence hotlines but again, part of the proof is going to be in the pudding in how they deal with their own players, the examples that they set. we did see an indianapolis colts player pulled off the field right before the afc championship game after he was charged with rape. frankly, i don't think that would have happened a year ago. we are seeing progress and again, we will see what happens as we move forward here. they are installing a new personal conduct policy. we will see how that goes over in the next season ahead. >> i have a couple more minutes with you. let me ask you this. i am fresh off of a couple days in boston and let me just say that all anyone had been talking about was of course the pats belichick, tom brady, joking about deflate-gate and the cold and the snow. i'm just wondering, are we done with that? >> reporter: i think deflate-gate is on hold for at least a few days although roger goodell is going to address the media tomorrow. it's his annual state of the
12:58 pm
union, as it were so i anticipate a whole new round of deflate-gate topics coming up. although i've got to say the bigger concern in patriots land right now is tom brady has a cold. >> heaven forbid. >> reporter: let's all analyze this. i think a lot of viewers can relate because how did he get a cold? from his kids. he said it spread through the house, his kids got the cold his famous super model wife gisele gets a cold. apparently gisele gets the sniffles. why do we care about this? it is actually important because if tom brady is hoarse or loses his voice on sunday he cannot shout out play calls and what is expected to be a very loud stadium. it would have a huge impact on the patriots offense. he did say today he was feeling better. he promises pats nation he will be 100% by sunday. we have to see what happens there. but people can stand down at least for the moment with their panic. seahawks nation by the way, can be a little more concerned because there is an issue, too, with corner richard sherman. of course their big star.
12:59 pm
his girlfriend is pregnant nine months pregnant with their first child, a son, and she is possibly could maybe go into labor on super bowl sunday. so people have been asking richard hey, what choice would you make? we have seen professional athletes with more frequency decide to opt out of their competition to attend the birth of their children. it's generally met with great praise but we have frankly never seen it on a stage as big as the super bowl. richard said he's going to quote, cross that bridge when he comes to it that she's not actually due for another week and he said he has faith in his future son that his future son is going to give his dad, do him a solid and give him an extra week and not put him in that position. we'll see if richard's future son comes through with that. >> do him a solid. that is hilarious. decisions, decisions and conversations to be had with the mrs. understandable. very important. thank you so much in phoenix, arizona. we will be watching cnn's kickoff in arizona this saturday. do not miss rachel nichols and
1:00 pm
hall of famer dan marino take a look inside football's biggest game. that is this saturday 4:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. thank you for being with me. stay right here. jake tapper and "the lead" start now. breaking news. three american contractors killed in afghanistan and the attack appears to be something of an inside job. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. the cutoff has passed and now the world waits to find out if isis has carried out its threat to kill two more hostages. the national lead. outbreak. a serious children's disease that was once nearly eradicated now spreading dangerously after an outbreak that started at disneyland. are some parents to blame? and in pop culture, if you turn on the tv he will come. kevin costner taking on race in america head on in