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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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rachel nichols and hall of famer dan marino take a look inside football's biggest game. that is this saturday 4:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. thank you for being with me. stay right here. jake tapper and "the lead" start now. breaking news. three american contractors killed in afghanistan and the attack appears to be something of an inside job. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. the cutoff has passed and now the world waits to find out if isis has carried out its threat to kill two more hostages. the national lead. outbreak. a serious children's disease that was once nearly eradicated now spreading dangerously after an outbreak that started at disneyland. are some parents to blame? and in pop culture, if you turn on the tv he will come. kevin costner taking on race in america head on in a project he started long before ferguson.
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we will talk to him about the film that made some in hollywood very nervous. good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper live in new york. those stories ahead but we begin with some breaking news in the world lead concerning the so-called taliban five. you may recall those are the five individuals that the obama administration traded last year for captured american sergeant bowe bergdahl. we are now learning that at least one of these men has returned to a life of terrorism. the swap was controversial at the time for many reasons, including allegations that bergdahl deserted his post plus the fact the swap was done without notifying congress as required by law. and now this. cnn's barbara starr is breaking this story right now on "the lead." she joins us live from the pentagon. barbara, what happened? >> reporter: good afternoon, jake. several u.s. officials now confirm to me that they do indeed suspect that one of the five detainees has returned to
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militant activity. here's what we know. the u.s. conducts a classified program to monitor all of their communications all five of them are in the middle east persian gulf country of qatar. in the last several months one of them has popped up those communications suspect that this individual they will not say which one of the five has reached out to militants and through those communications he's now suspected of being back involved in potentially militant activity. this has sparked a debate inside the u.s. intelligence community. some officials saying there is no direct threat their communications however being monitored even more closely now. other officials saying that debate about whether or not there is a threat still open that they might now classify this man as having been confirmed to return to militant activity. here's the bottom line, of course.
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of all of the detainees released about 12%, 17% of them do return to militant activity. that is known, that is reported to congress. that is understood. there is always a risk. but now in this case in particular a potential political firestorm for the white house as you say, the release of these five men in exchange for bergdahl was controversial enough and the pentagon clearly stepping up the release of more detainees. each and every month, trying to get as many of them out of gitmo as possible because the white house wants to close that facility down. jake? >> barbara starr, thank you so much. we have more breaking terrorism news just coming in to "the lead." about three u.s. contractors who were killed in afghanistan today. our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joins us live from washington. what do you have? >> reporter: that's right, jake. u.s. officials confirming the three contractors killed were
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americans. another person killed an afghan national. i'm told by a u.s. official that quote, initially this looks like an insider attack though it is still being investigated. as you know a consistent problem has been so-called green on blue attacks, attacks by afghan forces on u.s. forces or other u.s. personnel. no final word on that but that scenario is being investigated now. this took place at the kabul airport base. there's a major u.s. coalition, i should say, military base just on the north side of that airport in kabul. >> bring us back up to speed on the two hostages being held by the terrorist group isis. is there any word yet whether they are still alive, whether the swap is going to take place? what is the status? >> reporter: there is dead silence, sadly. we are more than six hours past the sunset deadline that was set yesterday in a new recording from isis. no word on either the hostages. keep in mind this is the third deadline that isis has set in the last week and some of those
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hostages have survived. the most worrisome sign however, is there still has been no proof of life whatsoever from the beginning of this jordanian pilot. without that proof of life jordanian officials say there is no negotiation. the sunset deadline set by isis has passed but the fates of their captives mu'adh al kasasibah and kenji goto remain unknown. crucially, the terror group has yet to meet jordan's demand for proof that their pilot is still alive. >> at this point, we want to emphasize that we have asked for a proof of life from daesh and we have not received anything as of yet. we need proof of life so we can proceed. >> reporter: today's deadline is the third isis has set in a little more than a week. the week began with this video showing two japanese hostages kenji goto and haruna yukawa and
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making the demand for a $200 million ransom from japan within 72 hours or both captives would die. the first deadline passed last friday and grim proof soon followed that one hostage had been executed. this image showing mr. goto holding what appeared to be a photo of yukawa's headless body. goto however, was spared. >> what it shows is they are reacting tactically. they no longer have a strategic plan. i think they have been hurt in terms of their leadership and they are just trying to get the best thing going. >> reporter: days later, a change in demands. isis now seeking the release of this convicted female jihadist sajida al rishawi, imprisoned for her role in a 2005 suicide bombing that killed dozens. isis added a new threat. if the swap was not made the jordanian pilot, lieutenant al kasasibah, would die along with goto. >> there's a huge difference between a prisoner swap between warring factions and a ransom request by a terrorist
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organization to a political party. that's the key difference. >> reporter: finally last night, isis issued a new ultimatum. deliver ms. rishawi to the turkish border by sunset today or lieutenant al kasasibah and mr. goto would not survive the day. the relentless back and forth raised hard questions about whether isis was truly negotiating at all. and whether jordan made a mistake to try. >> they are attempting to elevate themselves into the status of a political movement and a state. they are not. they are a terrorist organization. >> reporter: jordan does consider this the equivalent of a prisoner swap something like a prisoner of war swap despite opposition they have had from others and they also say that because this convicted terrorist, this female failed suicide bomber did not kill anyone if only because her suicide vest did not go off, since she doesn't have blood on her hands it's a more manageable
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negotiation but by any account this is a messy negotiation and these constantly changing deadlines, the lack of proof of life show the real difficulty in having any sort of discussion like this with a group like isis. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. the life of japanese journalist kenji goto also hangs in the balance, of course. today, we found out that since december his wife has been exchanging e-mails with the isis terrorists who are holding her husband captive. cnn's will ripley joins us live from tokyo. will what is the family saying about this? >> reporter: well kenji goto's wife is saying the last and perhaps final e-mail from isis came about 24 hours ago where they said if she did not do everything in her power to get their message out, that her husband in their words would be next implying that he could very likely be killed if their demand that sunset deadline passed and they didn't get sajida rishawi back in the fold. i want to play a portion of the message she recorded.
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>> my husband and i [ inaudible ]. our baby girl was only three weeks old when kenji left. >> reporter: jake goto's wife says she has stayed silent until now because she is trying to protect their two daughters from all of this and also because she has been fighting behind the scenes for her husband's release but she says she is coming forward now because she fears her husband may have just hours left. jake? >> will ripley live in tokyo, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss all of this is the former commander in chief of u.s. central command, general anthony zinney author of the book "before the first shots are fired." we have lots to discuss. thanks for joining us. let's start with barbara starr's report that one of the taliban five who was swapped for bowe
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bergdahl has now, according to pentagon sources, returned to terrorism. i guess it's about as predictable as the sun coming up. that's why most of these guys were in gitmo. what's your reaction? >> well, i think it's inevitable that a percentage of them will return to the battlefield. that's the risk you take on the release. i'm even surprised as barbara said it's as low as 12% to 17%. but it is a fact of life when they go back that some are going to return or be compelled to return or even reradicalized in some form. >> it's a difficult decision i suppose, because whether it's one of the taliban five or whether it's this iraqi suicide bomber woman that isis wants to swap it's being done to save the life of an innocent whether bowe bergdahl or the isis hostages but releasing these people could theoretically cause even more loss of innocent life.
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>> yeah, i think that's true. in their perverted sense of how they see the world, i think isis and other extremist groups see value in all this. they get plenty of media attention. they could get something like release of prisoners or money for the exchange. they get in their eyes recognition by another state that is forced to do business with them. i think also they see it as a way of maybe turning the people of the government they're dealing with against the war or their government support for the war. again, in their sense of the way they see the world, there are all upsides to what they're doing. >> practically speaking is a ransom or a hostage swap preferable? which one is least likely to cause the death of innocent people at the end of the day? >> well i would worry more about the money. when you're talking hundreds of millions of dollars, you can
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imagine what that might be spent on in terms of weapons systems, training of their people a whole host of things that could bring. if you're giving up a handful of people or an individual that probably is less potentially damaging or destructive down the road. of course the israelis gave up a thousand prisoners for their one soldier. that may be a little bit different situation. they may be better able to track those that they release. but i do think the money is more damaging in the end. >> speaking of tracking these five individuals, the taliban five they were originally sent to qatar, required to stay there for a year and they of course were supposed to be monitored by the qatar government. do you think that's happening? can such a situation even be relied upon by the u.s. government? >> well i think we have to have our own means of tracking and obviously, there is some
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responsibility that falls on the qataris in terms of monitoring them and controlling their movements. it wasn't clear to me coming from what barbara said that they had actually returned to afghanistan and on to the battlefield as you might say, or if they are in some ways communicating with the taliban. but if they have left and have gone back to afghanistan, i think there's going to be some serious repercussions, especially with our relationships with qatar. >> general, thank you as always for your insight. we appreciate it. in our national lead another stage racing to contain a possible measles outbreak connected to the disney outbreak. 1,000 people potentially exposed. health officials are trying to track down anyone who visited a grocery store, a hospital and a post office where the infected people are known to have been. this as the outrage builds from parents who want to know why do pets have to be vaccinated but not children. that's coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the national lead now, a growing measles outbreak has sparked an emotional debate over vaccinations and whether children who do not get them should be banned from schools or if their parents should be held legally accountable for any spread of the disease that results. 52 cases alone can be traced to a recent outbreak at disneyland in california. california also happens to be something of a home base for the anti-vaccination movement with some parents still clinging to now debunked theories that childhood vaccinations leads to autism. while some of these parents think the decision to vaccinate a child is their personal one, it doesn't quite work that way. those who do not vaccinate their children can potentially spread the disease to children too young to get vaccinated or to those children whose immune systems were too weak to get the vaccine. that's why the centers for disease control insists that all children medically cleared to
1:19 pm
get a vaccine should get one. i'm joined now by gina piazza. thanks so much for being here. first of all, where do your kids go to school how old are they and what's your concern? is there a big problem in your school? >> thank you for having me. my son goes to walters school of orange county in orange county. he's 7 and he's in second grade. this is an ongoing concern year after year. last year it was the whooping cough. this year it's the measles. it's a constant concern. i fully vaccinate, always have on schedule and it's an ongoing conversation in my circle of friends. >> what's driving the anti-vaccine trend among parents at that school? what do they say? they think their kids are going
1:20 pm
to get autism do they just not want to put chemicals in their kids' bodies? what's the justification? >> it's a little bit of everything. i believe it's the chemical aspect mistrust of the pharmaceutical companies' ingredients and i also have to say that a lot of them see dr. sears and dr. sears is a big factor. he promotes this in public he says that vaccinations he backs them 100% yet in his office that's not so. >> what do you say to the parents who say, and obviously i do not agree with this but what do you say to the parents who say hey, it's my child, it's my choice it's none of your business? what's your response? >> i say it is my business because i have family and friends that are not yet old enough to be vaccinated and also we live in this world together. we all travel we all go to
1:21 pm
other places which is disneyland is a perfect example. when something can spread very quickly out of our control, and as far as i'm concerned, i have to take control of my family and i vaccinate and i wish everybody else would do the same and protect the most vulnerable in our society. >> this is a disease that was also wiped out basically about a decade ago, now cases of measles on the rise. has this recent outbreak changed any attitudes at your son's school? do they say maybe i should have gotten my child vaccinated? >> you know right now we are working with the school. my husband has a meeting next week actually with the school board and the parent council to address this very thing. so we are working with the school to get the word out, the education out that it would be
1:22 pm
best but it doesn't seem like as of today, that that's the consensus. there's a no conversation basically. >> i also feel bad for these poor children who aren't making these decisions, they are not informed, they are 1, 2, 3 years old. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. good luck with your fight. >> thank you, jake. when we come back just when it looked as though the u.s. and cuba were turning something of a corner, raul castro starts making demands including compensation for economic damages. is this going to derail all efforts to reestablish relations? plus, authorities now say the copilot flying airasia 8501 was behind the wheel when it crashed into the ocean. why wasn't the captain with so much more experience at the controls? sir, we're going to need you on the runway later don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu. it has the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever,
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1:27 pm
summit yesterday, castro called on the u.s. to give back control of its military base at guantanamo bay and that's not all. he wants the u.s. to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to make up for decades of economic sanctions. i'm joined by senior white house correspondent jim acosta. cuba would seem to have everything to lose if this obama effort fails. what is castro's end game here? >> reporter: it's hard to figure out, jake. they may just be blowing some steam, who knows. but white house officials insist these latest demands from cuba's leader won't stand in the way of the administration's efforts to reestablish relations with the island. but the comments are giving the white house a reality check havana style. little more than a month after the release of american aid worker alan gross from a cuban prison ushered in a new era between washington and havana there's a chill in the air between these cold war adversaries. now that the u.s. has offered to
1:28 pm
restore diplomatic ties with the island cuban president raul castro is making some big demands. for starters the return of the guantanamo naval base to cuba an end to the decades-long trade embargo, stopping all u.s.-run tv and radio broadcasts on the island and compensation castro says, for economic damages. >> translator: the principal problem hat not been resolved. the economic commercial and financial blockade that presents enormous economic and human damage is a violation of international law that ought to be overturned. >> reporter: in response the white house is now cautioning its outreach to cuba will take some time. >> is the united states willing to do any of those things? >> well i think what his comments highlight is that there is a pretty clear difference between reestablishing diplomatic relations and carrying out the longer process of normalizing relations. >> reporter: the reaction from cuban american law makers on capitol hill was swift. we told you so.
1:29 pm
>> president obama will soon find out what the cuban exile community has known for over 50 years. the best that you can say about raul castro is that he's a murderous thug, a thief and a liar. and i'm being kind. >> reporter: but major changes are already in motion. the travel site kayak is posting flight information for americans who want to book tickets to cuba. those consumers still have to meet u.s. travel restrictions but supporters of the new u.s. policy on cuba says even the castros won't be able to stop what's coming. >> i think we shouldn't be derailed by the fact that we are dealing with a difficult totalitarian government and if we allow the cuban government to determine what steps we do or do not take we are in essence putting our foreign policy in the hands of an authoritarian state. >> reporter: as for the demand that the u.s. give up guantanamo the white house was crystal clear on that point, saying that is a nonstarter.
1:30 pm
make no mistake, they were not breaking out the mojitos at the white house. they are pretty concerned about what castro had to say. >> jim, thank you so much. also in world news a major revelation today that might help clear up some of the mystery about airasia flight 8501. it crashed of course taking the lives of 162 people. we now know that the less experienced copilot was in control when the plane crashed into the java sea. the plane wobbled and loud alarms blared. the word "stall" repeatedly as the flight quickly climbed more than 5,000 feet in 30 seconds. commercial planes experts say, are just not designed to ascend that quickly. meanwhile, a search and rescue team vowed to continue looking for bodies. this after indonesia's military pulled its resources from the search. cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh joins me now. what do we know about this copilot who was at the helm and why is this potentially significant? >> reporter: well we know it is not uncommon for the copilot to be at the controls.
1:31 pm
but new details tonight suggest that the copilot was struggling to handle an aircraft that was making erratic moves midair. indonesian investigators say the copilot, a 46-year-old, was controlling the doomed jet while the more experienced captain monitored the flight. >> 2,000 hours in the airbus should have been enough time to make him capable of handling most emergencies but this looks like it may have been an extreme emergency. >> reporter: he flew for airasia indonesia for three years and had more than 2,000 hours in the a-320. but the captain had more than 6,000 hours, more than 13 years commercial experience and 10 years flying for the military. one indonesian crash investigator used a model airbus a-320 to demonstrate how they believe things unraveled. in just 3:20.
1:32 pm
according to indonesian authorities, flight 8501 was cruising at 32,000 feet when it veered left tilted to its side wobbled, then climbed to 37,400 feet in just 30 seconds. the stall warnings which sound like this -- >> stall, stall! >> reporter: -- were blaring. suddenly the aircraft began to fall. once below 24,000 feet, the plane disappeared from radar. alan deal is a former ntsb crash investigator. >> the fact the aircraft was wobbling could be due to one of two things. one, the automation was shutting down and now they were having to take over and fly manually or two, the actual turbulence was inducing g-force movements in the pilot's hand on the control stick, causing the wobbling to get worse. >> reporter: investigators say the crew was properly certified and the plane had no history of problems. despite the indonesian military's withdrawal the hunt
1:33 pm
for the 90 bodies still missing will continue. investigators have submitted the preliminary report but they would not release it at today's press briefing. it's unclear if and when they will. but this really could just be investigators being very careful because the facts in the preliminary report very well could change. jake? >> rene there is also some big news i want to ask you about a malaysian airlines flight 370 which has been missing now almost 11 months. what are you learning about the case? what's new there? >> reporter: almost a year now since this plane vanished from radar and now we know today that authorities in malaysia officially declared it an accident so what that means, it just allows families to move forward with the compensation claims. this does not mean that the search will end. in fact the search is still ongoing. there are four vessels searching the sea floor. of course not one piece of that plane has been discovered yet but again, this allows families
1:34 pm
to move forward with those compensation claims. >> rene marsh, thank you so much. back to our world lead now. new satellite images appear to show activity at north korea's main nuclear sites which were shut down months ago. just what is kim jong-un up to? meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in more world news real fears today that north korea may be taking more actions to further its nuclear weapons program, setting the world on edge. it turns out that while we were all talking about the sony hack tied to that movie poking fun at dear leader kim jong-un, the rogue nation had other things in the world. satellite activity showed activity at the north korean nuclear facility. take a look at these images. on the left it shows aerials of
1:39 pm
the reactor from december 24th. on the right an image from just a week later. there are signs of steam there and snow melt on the rooftop. that seems to be an indication that something at the reactor was turned on generating heat. i'm joined by gordon chang, author of "nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world." he is a columnist for thanks for being here. north korea, as you know well better than i, already has uranium enrichment sites all over the country. what do you think this might mean? >> i think they're looking for one of three outcomes. one of them is that the world doesn't stop them and they get to keep all this plutonium for their arsenal. the second is we pay them to stop producing plutonium. but the third one, that's the one that really concerns me. got to remember that iran has agreed to freeze its plutonium program in its discussions with the international community and the north koreans have sold them
1:40 pm
fissile material in the past. i'm concerned this plutonium will end up in the hands of the ayatollahs. >> so you think they are completely related? >> yeah they have been running a joint program since at least the turn of the century. every time north korea has detonated a nuclear device the iranians have been on site in north korea. that syrian reactor that the israelis destroyed in september 2007 that was from north korea. north korean technicians were killed there and everybody thinks the iranians paid for that reactor because the syrians didn't have money. you go back, there's a series of interactions between these two rogue states. clearly they are working together. >> for those who aren't familiar with your work you have been critical of both the obama administration and the george w. bush administration. you think that the way they have dealt with north korea has allowed them to develop
1:41 pm
ballistic missile and long range missile capability to develop a nuclear bomb. what should the west do now to stop this? >> well the first thing is to think of this not as two separate programs but really as one program with a lot of coordination from beijing. until we do that i think we are going to have piecemeal solutions that don't really help. unfortunately, i think we are going to have to have much tougher sanctions against both of these regimes and very difficult conversations with the chinese because if we don't get china on board, there is no point in dealing with iran or north korea. >> you said with a lot of coordination from the chinese, from beijing. why would china want an iran with nuclear weapons or a north korea with nuclear weapons, especially north korea? that destabilizes asia. >> one thing it does every time north korea acts up, we run to beijing and ask for the chinese to help and they extract concessions from us. this also keeps us off balance. with regard to iran the chinese compete with the russians for
1:42 pm
influence in the middle east and they also want the iranians to give them oil which is very important for the chinese economy, but also because they don't want iran to support the muslims in china's northwest who really resent chinese rule. there's a lot of reasons why china wants good relations with iran and beijing knows that the iranians want nukes so the chinese are willing to help them. >> very scary. thank you so much. really appreciate it. we are getting some new information now about that deadly explosion at a maternity hospital in mexico city this morning. the mayor's office says a delivery truck driver and two assistants are currently in custody. a camera captured the blast. authorities say that at least one woman and one child died in that explosion but little else is known right now. rescue teams fear that more people including possibly newborns could still be at the very least trapped.
1:43 pm
emergency officials say more of the hospital could collapse at any minute. the supply truck was delivering liquefied petroleum gas when a hose started leaking and caused the tragic explosion. when we come back he is used to taking leaps of faith when it comes to his career but will kevin costner's personal investment in his latest film pay off? i will talk to him next. my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing again, on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i finally made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance on humira. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. a chaotic scene shows you how fractured ferguson missouri remains. take a look at this from a city council meeting last night. >> oh, no! >> the goal of the meeting was to try to help mend relations between citizens and st. louis police members were listening to public comment when this all happened. the business manager for the city's police union says protesters were shouting over officers who had showed up to speak. so he stood up and called for order. that's when a committee chairman took offense, people started yelling, pushing, shoving. the scene comes months after officer darren wilson was cleared in the shooting death of
1:48 pm
michael brown, an unarmed black teen who wilson said was a physical threat to him. the city has not yet decided if it will reschedule the public meeting. race in america is the focus of our pop culture lead today. kevin costner is taking on this topic. his new film "black or white" opens in theaters tomorrow. it pits a white man against his biracial granddaughter's black relatives in a custody battle. those who have seen the film have come away with very different views of the movie and the characters and the way race is handled. in it costner hopes the film will get people talking. >> this isn't about black and white, all right? this is about right and wrong. >> when kevin costner read the screenplay for "black or white" he had one of those kevin costner moments. >> i thought this is perfect. i told my wife i said look i think we're going to have to make this fund this. she said come again? and i said i think we're going to have to make this. she goes what is it with you,
1:49 pm
are you like some guy in a corn field, does a voice come to you? >> if you build it, he will come. >> extraordinary leaps of faith have made kevin costner famous. >> what the hell is he doing? >> from building an unlikely field of dreams to blazing new trails in dances with wolves. costner's confidence has catapulted him into stardom. a place where his pockets are deep enough to help fund the projects hollywood studios shy away from. millions given the dances with wolves open range and yes, waterworld were personal investments. >> do you dislike black people? >> not all of them. >> his latest is "black or white" a film that takes on some of the nation's most divisive issues. costner's character, elliott, is raising his biracial granddaughter. all the while fighting for custody with the other side of
1:50 pm
her family. >> you don't want her down here do you, elliott, down here with the black folks? >> studios rejected the film so costner spent $9 million of his own dollars to finance it. not only are you starring in a movie that at the very least is provocative and potentially controversial, but you are funding it. >> yeah. yeah. >> why? >> well you know i fell in love with it. this movie isn't politically correct and everything that maybe could have offended i think ought to be in there because it wouldn't have the weight. when we make movies that deal with racism, we are looking at something like 12 years a slave, like the butler. what i saw is an authentic look at where we are today. >> the release of this movie comes at a time that there has been a lot of discussion of race. >> you know our problems didn't start in august. they didn't start on that street in new york. we have made a pact with the
1:51 pm
devil a long time ago and we are living the result. >> want to keep it straight in my head what job i'm doing. >> what is that exactly? >> when you made the bodyguard it was controversial that it was an interracial romance. amazing to think about. >> i had no idea that was a brave or controversial decision. i was thinking to myself i have to get the prettiest girl who can sing. okay? and the prettiest girl that could really sing in my mind was whitney houston. i thought to myself i can't imagine anybody not wanting to kiss her, right? >> a generation later, it will be interesting to see how audiences respond to "black or white" and costner's portrayal of elliott. do you think the character elliott, who his lawyer describes him as much more articulate than the average klansman or something like that do you think elliott's racist? >> no, i don't. i mean he loves this little black girl. this movie at its heart isn't racism it's about the welfare of a child. what happens is race gets drawn into it.
1:52 pm
when it does it starts to get ugly. >> others will view the elliott character differently and that kind of discussion and debate is why costner hopes "black or white" will be a force for good. >> i think it's a starting point for having dialogue. not for solving but for talking, for going forward. not single decision was made over business. it was made over the heart. >> "black or white" opens nationwide tomorrow. coming up in the sports lead murder trials domestic violence deflate-gate. how has the nfl been able to stiff-arm every scandal that's come its way?
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the sports lead now. the nfl has released its new anti-domestic violence public service announcement that will air during the most watched sporting event of the year this sunday and it is chilling. >> ma'am, you have reached 911. this is an emergency line. >> a large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> you know you have called 911. this is an emergency line. >> do you know how long it will be? >> ma'am, is everything okay over there? do you have an emergency or not?
1:57 pm
>> yes. >> the clip is reportedly based on an actual phone call in which a woman dialed 911 but pretended to order a pizza because she didn't want her abuser to know she had called the police. of course the whole no more domestic violence campaign came as a reaction to the league being accused of at the very least looking the other way when ray rice knocked out his then fiancee, now wife. another one of the league's former rising star an ex-patriot is now in court for his first murder trial. his first one. but bring on the dip. we already know the super bowl will be this year's highest rated tv program and as my friend and pats fan, john berman shows us seems like no matter what the nfl does wrong, we are still all ready for some football. >> reporter: what do you call a championship game whose league and players have been accused of nothing less than attacking the brain, assaulting the body and compromising the soul of competition? why, that's the super bowl.
1:58 pm
yeah super. a fitting end to a season filled with defensiveness -- >> i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. and i'm sorry for that. >> reporter: denials. and discipline. >> we have decided the appropriate course of action for the organization and for adrian is to put him on the exempt list. >> reporter: star running back ray rice caught on video hitting his now wife. star running back adrian peterson copping a plea to charges that he beat his son with a switch. star quarterback tom brady dodging cheating allegations. with a barrage of giggle inducing talk about ball inflation. the head of it all, commissioner roger goodell, facing questions about how he handled it all. you might think this would put the success of this enterprise in question. you might think that but you would be wrong. attendance is up record ratings for big chunks of the playoffs.
1:59 pm
for 17 straight weeks an nfl game was the most watched show on tv. now teams are splitting more than $6 billion in revenue. money. there is lots of it. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> reporter: money might explain why the seahawks' marshawn lynch is there answering questions when he doesn't want to. that's why he is there but why are we? if there is so much outrage over scandals with an s, why keep watching? the fact is we do. we like it the game at least. more than 100 million people will watch this sunday and for the nfl, that simple fact can be described with one word. super. john berman, cnn, new york. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper in new york. i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is in -- where is he? "the situation room."
2:00 pm
happening now, return to terror. new information that one of the five gitmo detainees traded for captured sergeant bowe bergdahl may have gone back to his own way. the deal to trade a terrorist for a captured pilot has stalled. we await word. north korea nukes. there is concern that the hard line regime is restarting a reactor as kim jong-un may be planning his first foreign trip to moscow. plus a devastating explosion at a maternity hospital. there are dozens of casualties and an urgent search for babies and adults who may be trapped in the rubble.