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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 30, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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supporters whether he's pushing ahead for a third run for the white house. now, keep in mind it was just a few weeks ago that romney dropped the bombshell he was even considering another bid. and that news did not sit well with a lot of republicans. cnn's dana bash joins us from washington with more. so 11:00 a.m. eastern is the time? >> that's right. he's going to be talking to supporters to donors, giving them a hint on whether or not it's a go or a no go. when i say a go what i was told is that if it is that it will be kind of the baby step that we've seen other potential 2016 republican candidates make. chris christie jeb bush forming a pac so that he can get staff and fund-raising up and going that i don't think anybody he would do for a third time. what has he been doing? he's been through his aides collecting what romney world calls data. information with phone calls to people on the ground in key
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states, to important donors or bundlers the rich guys who know other rich people who raise millions and millions needed to run a presidential campaign. they've been collecting that data going over it to see whether or not what he says antidotedly with people encouraging him to run is reality out there. the other side is the human aspect. the fire in the belly. does he really want to run? we know he wants to be president. he's made that very clear. he thinks he would be a good president. does he want to go through the whole campaign and everything the gruelling aspects of it and what approximate puts him through and his family through. that's what's being weighed and what he decided very few people close to romney know what he's going to say and we will hear about it probably shortly after he tells them on this call. >> all right. dana bash thank you so much. i appreciate it. if romney throws his hat into
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the 2016 ring he's facing a long list of possible gop contenders. a lot of gop chatter is out there. look at those gop heads thinking about running for president. on the democratic side well not so many. just two. hillary clinton and joe biden. a short list. let's talk about that angle of the story. i'm joined by john king. hi john. >> carol, if you look at that republican field, we may get barry sanders on the democratic side. if you look back to the republican field, when you think back to 2012 and you saw herman cain and rand paul and michele bachmann unlikely they would be the next president of the united states. former florida governor jeb bush. you have senator lindsey graham. you have ted cruz. marco rubio. rand paul. freshman senators. governor scott walker. maybe governor bobby jindal of louisiana. chris christie of new jersey the governor making indications he wants to run. this is a very deep and very
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substantial, credible gop field. that's part of governor romney's decision and part of the competition dana was talking about. romney is making these phone calls and he would start with way more infrastructure than any other candidate even jeb bush. however, he's told he's losing some of it. some staffers signing on mostly to jeb bush and some to scatott walker and others to chris christie. as governor romney makes this decision you would have a former nominee in mitt romney running against a member of the bush dynasty, jeb bush and then chris christie. you have three big members of the republican establishment. then you have the tea party guys. you have the freshmen senators. if he runs and even if he doesn't run, you have a remarkable both ideological and generational fight in the republican primary about to take shape. again, as many as two dozen people looking at it. they won't all run. we'll have a big field and it's going to be amazing. >> it's going to be amazing.
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i hope you're right. john king many thanks. let's talk more about 2016's potential players and how romney could fit into that. i want to bring in larry. and gloria borger is here as well as senior digital correspondent chris moody. welcome to you all. >> hi carol. >> so, galoreloriagloria you have talked extensively with mitt romney. why would he want to run for a third term? is it ego? is it passion? what is it? >> well i have asked a lot of people about this in the last couple of weeks including people really close to mitt romney. what they have said over and over again is don't get complicated about this. this is not about mitt romney feeling that he needs a do over or avenging his father's loss in the presidential campaign as well as his own. they said don't get complicated. this is about mitt romney
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believing when he looks at the field that he is the best person to be president of the united states and believing as well that he could beat hillary clinton. when i spoke with him in september about this and wrote about this for cnn, it wasn't as definitive as it's been in the last couple of weeks. it was, well he'll jump in if they need a white knight and if everybody else fails, mitt romney would be the white knight. lately it's been you know what? he's giving this a serious look. we're at this point this morning where he looked at all of the metrics that dana was talking about. i was talking to a fund-raiser this morning who said to me look in his heart mitt romney is a go. the question is whether he believes that he can raise the money because a lot of those funders have gone to other places and whether he believes that he can gather the staff that he needs. if he thinks he can do it, he will. if he thinks he can't, he won't. >> larry, we talk -- mitt romney
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is talking about metrics but sometimes even though metrics look good they don't win you the presidency. >> yeah. good example of this carol, is the fact that the last six national polls that i have seen of the republican side of the spectrum romney is leading. sometimes in the teens. sometimes in the 20s. early polls are very deceptive. of course half of the western hemisphere is running for president. many are well known and it boosts well known candidates like romney and bush for that matter but they're going to have more trouble than they imagined right now. >> chris, i suppose it's no accident that mitt romney gave a speech in mississippi testing the waters with his new thing. he joked about being wealthy and embraced his norman faith. things different from the last time around. >> we're certainly seeing a new
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attempt here. a fresh attempt. we've seen that before. the mitt romney who ran for office in the 90s was a little bit different than the mitt romney who ran for governor in 2000s and for president a few times in later 2000s and it will be difficult for him after having several iterations of his candidacy say this is the authentic mitt romney and we saw some reporter over the past week about that that that's really what they're going for. we also heard a little bit of laughter in washington. okay which one is the authentic one? this one. okay. we'll see about that. he's got a lot to overcome. he's got infrastructure. that's for sure. he's won for president twice but he has to win hearts and minds of people and convince them he's the man of the hour. >> he just lost his chief iowa person to jeb bush. that was an important piece of infrastructure that just got blown apart. so the staff is migrating to other campaigns. the money is migrating to other
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campaigns. does mitt romney want to be president? absolutely. does he think he should be president? absolutely. the question is when he looks at everything that's laid out before him, whether he's going to make that decision to actually say yes. >> okay. so larry, i would like to look at this from historical perspective. is it smart to run for a third time? has anyone ever done it? >> sure. ronald reagan did it. ronald reagan won. that's what mitt romney is thinking about. what he's not thinking about is say stevenson on the democratic side who was party nominee twice in 1952 and 1956 and failed miserably. fizzled when he tried for a third nomination in 1960. it can go either way. i would say mitt romney has mt. everest to climb to get to that third try that produces another nomination. >> thanks to all of you. i have to leave it there. thanks so much.
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larry, ggloria chris. that romney phone call with supporters will happen in less than an hour. 11:00 a.m. eastern. cnn reporters will bring you mr. romney's decision live. still to come in the "newsroom," we move farther away from the lapsed isis deadline highlights the danger of negotiating with terrorists in the first place. jim sciutto looks at what's at play next. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid
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it's been more than 24 hours since the lapsed isis deadline
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for a prisoner exchange that could free two hostages. the jordanian government said it would hand over a failed suicide bomber if isis would release a captured fighter pilot. that bomber was discussed earlier as a bargaining chip to free a japanese hostage. we have no word of a possible hostage exchange or if any of the hostages are still alive. as more time passes the more hope fades the situation will end with either hostage coming home. jim sciutto joins us to talk about the dangers of meeting terrorists at the bargaining table. good morning, jim. >> good morning, carol. dead silence over the course of the night. the japanese spokesperson say this morning there's nothing i can tell you. that sums it up. there is no update positive or negative. still no proof of life of that jordanian pilot which has been the jordanian demand even to continue negotiations to take steps forward but also no bad news no video released from isis or on known isis websites
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which everyone fears which is killing of the pilot or perhaps this japanese journalist. it's a frustrating time. i've been in touch with jordanian officials. through the night on their end they kept an intense vigil but still no news. >> do they regret making this all public? >> i don't think so. i think that it's a difficult situation from the beginning. isis has a jordanian pilot in their hands. obviously very valuable from the isis standpoint and that jordanian pilot in great danger because he's a prize. whether dead or alive frankly. so jordan pushed up against a corner. they have to do something. they have to make every effort to free him. this is a big offer to free this failed female suicide bomber from 2005. these attacks were devastating in amman. struck a wedding there. dozens of people killed. the only reason she wasn't killed is her vest did not go off. jordanians say they consider
7:15 am
this a prisoner swap between warring states and that because she doesn't have blood on her hands because her bomb did not go off, that makes it more palatable. everybody knows they don't want to be in this position. they don't have good choices here. the worst outcome even worst than having negotiation with this group would be to have that pilot killed like we've seen so many others in a horrible video of beheading. >> i just talked to chris last hour and he said that with isis changing its demands with every passing day and allowing deadlines to pass that it is certainly stirring things up in jordan to make it difficult for the government there. do other experts agree with that? >> that's one read. i've spoken to jordanian officials that it shows the possibility of division within inside isis as to what to do. they are under pressure and they're making tactical decisions rather than strategic decisions. that's plausible as well.
7:16 am
you know they just don't know what to do and they are dragging this out as they go and there's also the fair question carol, without that proof of life what evidence is there that pilot is alive today or was even alive a few days ago. it's just not clear because why wouldn't they give proof of life if the negotiation is serious? it shows the difficulty of trying to negotiate with a group like this and frankly they're benefiting from all of this public attention, right? that's what these groups thrive on. >> jim sciutto reporting live for us this morning. thank you. isis is also making a push deeper into iraq. its fighters launched a new attack on kirkuk a major oil producing city in the northern part of that country. the real goal of the terrorist group may be to pull rival kurdish troops from mosul. an important u.s. ally is a casualty of that fighting. the brigadier general seen here
7:17 am
was highest ranking member in kirkuk and was killed. still to come in the "newsroom," day two of the aaron hernandez murder trial under way. the prosecution painting the former patriots player as a cold blooded killer but the defense says hernandez was too busy planning his future to plan a murder. we'll talk about that next. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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a marijuana blunt, a shell casing and a footprint are some of the evidence in the murder trial of aaron hernandez. you're looking at live pictures of the courtroom where day two is now under way. prosecutors argue hernandez not only orchestrated the killing of his former friend odin lloyd but tried to cover it up. hernandez's defense team says he's as loving father who was busy planning his future not a murder. >> aaron hernandez is an innocent man. the evidence will show that aaron hernandez did not murder his friend odin lloyd. nor did he ask or orchestrate anyone else to murder him. >> let's talk more about this with cnn legal analysts. right now on the stand is a man
7:22 am
that worked at an office near the industrial park where odin lloyd's body was found. why is his testimony necessary? >> well remember you want to lay the foundation. you want to give the jury the entire picture. when was the body found? what condition was the body in? did he have any reason or other purpose odin lloyd for being there. the answer is of course not. he's not an eyewitness to the particular crime. that's what the prosecution is lacking. they have to establish that. the good thing for the prosecution is they are proceeding on the theory carol, called joint venture liability. what does it mean in english? it means you don't have to show that aaron hernandez pulled the trigger but merely that he was involved in the joint venture. he was an active participant and whether he had the gun in his hand or not is enough to convict him of murder. >> we expect odin lloyd's mother to take the stand very soon and
7:23 am
describe a positive picture of her son. he was just 27 years old when he was shot seven times. the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against aaron hernandez. you know her testimony will be very emotional, right? she's testifying for a specific purpose, right? >> the purpose is -- the official purpose would be to give some underlying facts to the jury. let's not kid ourselves. the real reason you put mom on the stand as a prosecutor is to humanize this victim and make him a real person with a mother that loves him. the actual factual part that she supplies is minimal. there's lot more emotional information that she provides. otherwise, the prosecution is doing prosecution 101. they are building a case brick by brick with each foundational type witnesses and, remember the defense strategy is to huff and puff and blow that wall down or more like the game jenga.
7:24 am
pull out one bring and pull out enough of them and everything collapses. the prosecution must build their case. >> mom's testimony is particularly important because defense attorneys are painting odin lloyd as this drug dealing partying guy who hung out with aaron hernandez to supply him with women and drugs. >> interestingly enough what she says may pale in comparison with the fact that she's there simply to say it because, listen when you see that mom on the stand. the mom whose son was lost way too soon. tragically by this brutal murderer will say the prosecution, it's a problem. of course there's always conflicting and competing theories and i would look for the defense certainly to establish, look she wasn't there. she doesn't know what happens. they have to walk the fine line because you don't want to mess with anyone's mom, particularly a mother who is grieving for the loss of her son at your hands. >> they may leave mom completely alone. there may be nothing -- by that i mean the defense. the defense may not have
7:25 am
questions for her. when there's a witness on the stand that can do more harm than good often the defense strategy is no questions. >> understand. i don't know if we have that picture up but that was the industrial park where odin lloyd's body was found. it would appear that prosecutors have a mountain of circumstantial evidence against aaron hernandez. is it irnsurmountable do you think? >> you can't wildly speculate as to what happened but you can draw reasonable inferences from the facts and follow me briefly. i text two of my colleague, that is mr. wallace and mr. ortiz. i say come and meet with me. i then text odin lloyd and say meet with me too. we've gone to the industrial park and an hour later you're dead. witnesses saying they heard gunshots. you have a marijuana cigarette with your dna on it and you have
7:26 am
ballistics in the rental car with your dna on it and we have surveillance at your house ten minutes later of you holding a gun. it's circumstantial but it's somewhat direct. and at the same time the defense going back to motive why on earth would my client do this? it doesn't make sense, ladies and gentlemen. sloppy investigation focusing on him for celebrity status. it doesn't add up. reasonable doubt. not guilty will say the defense. >> doesn't it depend on aaron hernandez's fiance? if she testifies she got rid of the gun, he's toast. >> in my experience there's nothing more compelling than another witness or person whether it be fiance or otherwise, coming in saying that's the guy that did it or that's the guy that had the gun and even if on the defense side you call that person a liar and prove they were inconsistent and exploit those inconsistencies there's something i found that jurors even if they seem to understand it sometimes they have inconsistencies but if someone came in here and pointed
7:27 am
that finger then for some reason they find them credible. >> if she does. >> i bring that up because supposedly aaron hernandez sent her this cryptic text message in secret code language to get rid of the gun but defense attorneys showed a picture of them and he had his arm around her. why would they show that picture if she's going testify against him? >> that's the wild card. would she testify against him? word is she'll be granted immunity in order to do so. she won't otherwise be prosecuted. they have children together and will that really compel her not to say anything harmful against her fiance? >> we'll see. thanks so much. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts ♪ ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether
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with the super bowl just days away roger goodell will step before the cameras and give his annual state of the nfl address. the league's commissioner under close scrutiny in a year that's seen a lot of controversies on and off the field. everything from deflategate to a former player facing trial for murder. something encouraging to talk about now. a new psa concerning domestic violence. an issue that's involved several high profile nfl stars this season will air during sunday's game. >> 911 operator.
7:32 am
where's the emergency. >> 127 brimere. >> what's going on there? >> i would like to order a pizza for delivery. >> ma'am, you reached 91 11 this is an emergency line. >> youdo you know how long it will be? >> do you have an emergency? >> yes. >> you're unable to talk because -- >> right. >> is there someone in the room with you? just say yes or no? >> yes. >> okay. it looks like i have an officer about a mile from your location. are there any weapons in your house? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> no. see you soon. thank you. >> very powerful psa. i want to talk about it with virginia witt, co-founder and director of no more.
7:33 am
welcome. >> good morning. >> you know this ad is so effective. how did you come up with the idea? >> the add is inspired by real life stories. as we know tragically there are hundreds of calls like this that come in to emergency lines, to 911, to hotlines across the country all the time. this is not -- this is a very pervasive problem throughout our society and that's what we're trying to address with this psa. we really want to get america focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. >> how did you come to work with the nfl to try to combat this problem? >> we've been working with the nfl for a couple of years. soon after he launched in 2013 our campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault, we had an opportunity to have a meeting at the nfl. we met with troy vinson.
7:34 am
we did some collaborative work with them and put information on their player engagement website. did some speaking out together on this issue. and then last fall the nfl contacted us and offered us the opportunity to put our ads, which have been on the air produced by joyful heart and celebrity psas that had been on the air for a year to put them on the air more broadly on football broadcasts. it was a terrific opportunity to reach a wide audience with our message. >> here's the difficult thing. when people are watching the super bowl they are interested in having fun. they want to see funny commercials and then they'll see this. how do you suppose that will affect them? will they tune it out? will they listen? >> i think they'll listen. the feedback that we're getting -- last time i checked on youtube, we had over a
7:35 am
million views just in the preview of this. there's a buzz on social media about this ad. i think it's connecting with people emotionally. i think they're drawn in by it. i also think that america is ready to come together just the way they do with their super bowl parties around the table with family and friends. they are ready to come together and end domestic violence and sexual assault. we're sensing a tremendous wave of concern and commitment on this issue. >> so something has changed in our culture do you think or is it too early to say? >> i think we're approaching a tipping point. i don't want to be too optimistic about it because obviously people have gotten optimistic before and been disappointed. if you look across the cultural landscape and you look at colleges and universities if you look at the military if you look at corporations that are addressing this issue, you really see a broad cultural attempt to grapple with these issues. it's going to take time and it's going to be difficult. it's encouraging that the effort
7:36 am
is under way. >> virginia witt thank you for your efforts. i appreciate it. >> thank you. so what exactly will roger goodell say today? let's bring in rachel nichols from phoenix. it's the day for the state of the nfl delivered by roger goodell. what will be the themes? >> roger goodell hasn't spoken since the beginning of october. this is always a highly anticipated event every year no matter what the super bowl. this super bowl certainly more scrutiny than ever. there are more than 800 seats in the auditorium for media from around the world and you can expect carol, there to be a lot of questions. deflategate is going to be the first thing we expect to hear from everybody and there's really criticism of roger goodell from both sides. first of all, why has he taken so long to speak on this? as richard sherman noted players had to talk every day, how come roger goodell hasn't had to answer questions for the couple
7:37 am
weeks it's been going on and then the pace of the investigation. the investigators haven't even spoken to tom brady yet. how come? how come they haven't talked to the key players. there are patriots players and patriots owner robert kraft who is upset in the other direction saying there's been too much investigating and if there's not clear, physical evidence the nfl needs to issue the patriots an apology. roger goodell will be asked about that. of course he'll also be asked about another wide range of issues from drug testing to the domestic violence progress that they have made in terms of combatting the player issues they have with personal conduct all of the way to l.a. and will we see an nfl team in l.a. in a few years? a possibility of that. a wide range this morning. >> can't wait to hear. should be interesting. talk about security for just a second. it's going to be intense on sunday. >> we're really going to see the ramp up starting today and it is amazing the coordination of
7:38 am
agencies here. there's been talk lately about whether the nfl should keep its tax exemption status it has. antitrust status. i got to tell you, a lot of taxpayer dollars are going toward this effort. you've got the u.s. border patrol loaning blackhawk helicopters. you have the tsa loaning some of its screening equipment and its screeners. the federal air marshals are loaning behavioral specialists to walk through the crowd and there are bomb sniffing dogs nuclear bomb sniffing dogs. i don't know how you train a nuclear bomb sniffing dog but they'll be here along with 3,000 local phoenix police and 4,000 private security personnel as well. >> dogs are amazing. we all know that. i've never heard of that either. interesting. rachel nichols, thanks so much. going inside the big game for heart of super bowl central it hear how pete carroll overcame being fired by the patriots to bring in a championship team to seattle.
7:39 am
cnn's kickoff in arizona tomorrow 4:30 p.m. eastern. still to come a deadly hit and run and a notorious rap mogul in custody for murder. we'll take you to los angeles next. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. it's the family plan families are flocking to. now at t-mobile, get 4 lines for just a $100. with unlimited talk, text, and up to 10gb of 4g lte data, plus devices like the galaxy note 4 for $0 down.
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7:43 am
in a bizarre scene, knight paused to finish his cigar before he headed into the west hollywood sheriff's station. good morning, sara. >> those pictures are interesting. that's when he was going in for questioning. this is the latest in the string of run-ins with the law that he had. the former rap mogul suge knight. these are the most serious charges he ever faced. he was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder after sheriff's investigators say he ran over two people killing one of them in the middle of the day here in l.a. in the compton neighborhood. that trouble started yesterday afternoon when an argument broke out on the set of a biography called "straight out of compton" about the once hugely popular '90s west coast rap group. the l.a. county sheriff says the argument ended outside a burger joint when knight ran the man
7:44 am
over in his truck killing one of them and injuring the other. there were witnesses. let's hear from one of the people who says they heard what happened. they were out there when it happened. >> all i hear is arguing and so i turn to look out and i seen suge knight turn around and go to his car, back his car up and he put it in drive and he hit terry carter. he ran him over twice. >> you heard the name the witness says is one of the victims but sheriff's deputies have not confirmed the name of either of the victims in this case. knight's attorney told "l.a. times" that he's positive that knight will be exonerated. let's talk about suge knight. he knight constantly found himself surrounded by violence and in legal trouble much like the music that he produced. the last time knight made headlines was in august of last
7:45 am
year ever he was shot six times in a packed hollywood nightclub during a preawards party. he survived that. in 1997 going back several years, knight was sentenced to nine years in prison for violating parole in an assault case. he got out in four years but ended up back in prison for two after violating his parole again for striking a parking attendant. his legal battles turned into financial troubles and nine years ago he filed for bankruptcy. now he's facing the biggest liam battle of his life accused of murder. >> sara sidner thank you. still to come a part of life for millions of college students but is alcohol really to blame when it comes to sexual assault on campus? we'll talk about that next. female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see my parents so i can't exactly go globe-trotting. if i had friends to go with i'd go
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dartmouth is taking a bold stand to prevent sexual assaults on campus banning hard alcohol. dartmouth is trying i have to wonder if it's going after the root cause of rape. does hard liquor turn young men into rapists or does it fuel something inside them that needs to be addressed? let's talk about that and more. liz is an advocate for rape victim rights who was raped at the age of 17 and aerial is the ceo of safe horizon. thank you both for joining me this morning.
7:50 am
liz, i want to start with you. interesting note here. two football players at vanderbilt were convicted of raping an unconscious women. their defense, they were so drunk they don't remember urinating and raping this woman. with that in mind is dartmouth on the right path? >> it's not on the right path. rapists use the idea of rape culture and intoxication as an excuse now when before they denied it existed. so before it was the young woman or victims who had been intoxicated now. i think it's so tone deaf. as you said in the beginning of the piece, hard liquor does not turn a young man into a rapist. rapists are rapists. we're painting everyone with a broad brush here. >> do you agree? >> we see thousands of survivors every year. we know that alcohol may be present but is by no means the cause of a sexual assault.
7:51 am
i actually think that what dartmouth has done even though the headline is about banning of alcohol, it's part of a very comprehensive program that includes four-year preventive education and education for first responders. so we think it's a pretty good comprehensive step in the right direction. >> some would say that you're going to educate people and that will solve the problem on campuses? >> sending a strong message to every young man and every young woman that says no one has a right to have sex with anyone without their consent and enforcing that in education and in response that victims get when they do report i think that's a lot. >> let's talk about banning of hard liquor. i'm interested because you have talked to rapists, right? >> we mostly talk to victims. >> i know victims, right. but you certainly have experience in knowing why men rape right? >> there are a lot of reasons why men rape.
7:52 am
certainly a culture that doesn't hold men accountable enough for violence against women of every kind. that's one reason. too many young men for whom sexual exploits are considered part of young manhood. there are a lot of societal factors and individual factors that cause people to rape. alcohol may reduce their in inhibitions but it doesn't cause rape. >> so what the root cause? >> we've been seeing it forever but now we're focusing on it. everyone in the wake of uva and "rolling stone" article and vanderbilt everyone is rushing to do something. none of it is exactly right. it needs to be treated as the crime that it is. the whole idea that prohibition was supposed to cure social
7:53 am
ills. i think what's happening is young men and young women are punished for being future rapists and i think that's just wrong. i think this whole rush to talk about alcohol as the main cause is wrong and we really need to get back to basics by raising people to say rape is wrong. i don't blame the entire greek system or alcohol on what happened to me. i blame the actual rapist. no one seems to be getting that or taking that home as the point. i think that a lot of people are in a really good hearted place and we're all trying to do something but even those of us who are experts, i don't think any of us are getting it right right now. we're all fumbling around and we all have the best intentions and we will come up with something comprehensive but each campus is different and i think the way we raise our kids really has a lot to do with this. >> i would have to agree with
7:54 am
liz. the final thing to you. if a young woman on a college campus accuses someone of rape why not just go to the police? why go through this campus system? i don't understand that. why not skip the middle man? it's a crime. it's a crime. why don't universities report those crimes to police to somebody well versed in how to handle these cases? >> i agree with you. we have absolutely seen not only in cases of sexual assault but look at penn state and assault to children as well that there is too much of a sense we want to keep it in house and under wraps and deal with it inside and that is absolutely wrong and so so damaging to victims who don't get their day in court and their fair say and to be helped by people whose actual profession it is to help people that have these terrible things happen to them. >> liz, thank you so much. aerial thanks to you too. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. ures with toothpaste or plain water.
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we told you that mitt romney
7:57 am
would announce whether he is going to run for president. gloria borger has been working her sources and has information. >> i've been e-mailed by a senior romney adviser which says that romney is going to tell this conference call that he is not running. he says in the statement i would have had the best chance of beating the eventual democrat nominee but that is before other contenders have had the opportunity to take their message to the voters. i decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. i think, carol, what we can say is that mitt romney very much wanted to be president of the united states. i think he took a look at all of the numbers. his polls as he points out in this statement are quite high and good. but i think privately they were taking a look at the fund-raising. they were taking a look at the
7:58 am
staff they would be able to gather at this relatively late date and romney decided that he would not do it. the idea of his running was not accepted with open arms by a lot of folks in the party who were scratching their head and i think again this is something that romney believes he should be. he believes he should be president of the united states but i think that he has decided this time that it would be too difficult and it's not his time. >> all right. i want to bring in another political analyst who has something to add to this conversation. peter, take it away. >> just to add to gloria's conversation about calling around to get financial support. the unmistakable backdrop to this decision is that jeb bush owned the inadvisable stages. bush's aides call their strategy a shock and awe strategy.
7:59 am
swift. mighty. deadly. they wanted to clear the establishment establishment. jeb bush was moving to line up support for his likely candidacy and so as gloria mentioned in the last two weeks, romney and his team called around to donors and realized a lot of these people are with jeb bush and that's not just in the new york financial circles that we've been talking about. it's in every state in this country. there's a line in a statement that gloria just read. it's hard to see how the candidate isn't jeb bush at this point. >> mitt romney decided not to run for president in 2016. peter, many thanks to you. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" right now.
8:00 am
good morning. happy friday. i'm kate bolduan. john is on assignment today. we'll continue with the breaking news that we were just hearing in the last hour in the last couple minutes, mitt romney despite all of the optics that looked like he was heading toward a third presidential run, he's announced to supporters on a conference call that he's not going to be making that effort. he will not be running for another nomination. there sure a lot of fanfare around this. let's talk about the announcement and what it means for the republican field going forward. chief washington correspondent and anchor of "the lead" jake tapper gloria borger and chris moody and peter also joining us. gloria you were one of the first to get this information. what do you glean from t


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