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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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family to take. also ahead, the guilty verdict in the vanderbilt rape trial suddenly in question. could the ex-football players convicted on that graphic video and graphic photos case actually get a break because of doubts about one of the jurors? and one of the biggest names in the music business arrested on suspicion of murder. witnesses say they watched death row records found er founder su, they say he ran down two men with his pick-up truck, killing one of them. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." if you're just tuning in expecting big news from mitt romney on a possible re-run in the 2016 race for president, guess what? within the past hour, speculation has been rampant about a romney announcement and all signs pointing to a presidential campaign kickoff. and the former gop nominee said,
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no, he's out. here's what he actually said on a phone call with his supporters. >> after putting considerable thought into making another run for president, i've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. >> you just can't get more clear than that, can you? let's get the backstory on today's news from wolf blitzer joining me live from washington, d.c. it's so strange because for me -- i don't live in your world. this isn't a surprise because all i've been hearing all along from him and his family is, absolutely not. i heard him say no 12 times in a row. and yet a lot of insiders are surprised. >> only because of the last month and a half he was making gestures he was seriously interested in running again. that he was trying to put together initial staff, he was raising money, certainly sounding earlier -- he and his wife were positively not going
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to run a third time. but the last month and a half, he was showing some indications that he was seriously thinking about it. and he was seriously thinking about it. this morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, he decided -- you played the clip from that conference call of what he said. he's not going to run. those are his words. he decided, let someone else be the republican nominee, he said if he doesn't get into this contest, maybe the republican will eventually emerge as the party's nominee will have a better chance of beating the democrat. >> what if -- this is just a what if -- the rest of the potential nominees really fare poorly? there is some talk among a lot of insiders that he could come back and rescue the race. i hate to even ask when people are so definitive about not running. is there a possibility -- >> supposedly that circumstance is a possibility. he said, i've been asked and will be asked again if there are
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any circumstances whatsoever that might development that could change my mind. this is what he said, that seems unlikely, accordingly, i'm not organizing a pac or taking donations and not hiring a campaign team. so unlikely is the word he used about any possibility of changing his mind down the road. he says it's unlikely. >> i think i know what your lead story is for your show next story. >> we'll lead with this. you didn't ask me who i think is the big winner among the republicans from romney's decision -- >> let me guess, chris christie? >> i think it's jeb bush. i'll tell you why. jeb bush is the same sort of establishment, right of center, moderate republican who's gone around telling people he could potentially win florida, key battleground state. if he picked june like john kasich of ohio as a running mate, that would be a formidable
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challenge to the likely democratic nominee, hillary clinton. so a lot of big money republicans who were thinking of going with romney would be decli inclined maybe for chris christie but others for jeb bush. i say it's a nice win for jeb bush who is obviously seriously thinking of running for the nomination. >> nice guy versus tough guy, bush versus christie. this will be a big thing for wolf, the 2016 races. wolf, thank you. another big story, the haren hernandez trial. one of the patriots's former stars is certainly not going to be watching on sunday. how do i know that? because aaron hernandez instead is in a high-security prison in a 7 x 10-foot cell where there
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is no tv allowed and no football games broadcast. he will probably have to rely on the kindness of prison guards for updates on the game. oden lloyd's girlfriend of one year, shania jenkins, is currently on the stand. and the drama of this story line is her sister in the gallery happens to be engaged to aaron hernandez and also happens to be the mother of their 2-year-old daughter. and they are on opposite sides of the courtroom because she lost the man of her love life. alexandra field is live outside the courthouse there in massachusetts. so dramatic to know these two sisters are on opposite sides of this story and the courtroom. and the mother of oden lloyd had to leave the courtroom in tears.
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can you explain what happened? >> reporter: this drama even goes to a higher level. earlier inside that courtroom, we did not see shayana jenkins come in today. she was on the opposite side of her courtroom yesterday. this morning, she was not there. neither was hernandez's mother. but his brother is sitting right behind aaron hernandez. perhaps she didn't want to be here while her sister shania testifies. he expect this to be very emotional testimony. we have seen very graphic images displayed to the courtroom and the jury. graphic images of the wounds that lloyd suffered when he was shot in that industrial park. the images were shown yesterday. but the close-ups of the wounds were close today and it was simply too much for oden lloyd's mother. she got up, she was weeping, very much distraught. she left the courtroom just like
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she did yesterday when those photos were shown. and the judge said from now on she will have to be warned when those photos are shown. it is best for her to step outside the courtroom and not be there for the jury to see. but shania was there in the courtroom, weeping in her seat. she's been called by the prosecution to testify about the death of her boyfriend, lloyd. >> thank you. not getting to the meat of anything right now in court. alexandra, we'll update our viewers as soon as the testimony becomes critical to the actual question in the case, the murder of her boyfriend. thank you for that, alexandra, field. things that people are hearing and seeing in the aaron hernandez are trial are graphic. but they're also seeing very important facts. like, there was a shoeprint, there was a tire print, there was mud that matched the defendant's car.
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there was a joint found on the scene with the defendant's dna on it. those are never good facts. if you're a defense attorney, they make your job very, very hard. so after the break, find out what those defense attorneys are doing with all those what we call bad facts and how they're trying to climb out of that hole. welcome back to showdown! i'm jerry rice, here discussing the big race between the tortoise and the hare. my guest is stephanie branton. jerry, i'm going bunny. shocker. not really. you see, the hare's "thoracic limbs" allow for greater extension and elongated strides. look for the hare to leverage this advantage. ok.
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welcome back. we are covering the aaron hernandez murder trial live. and in this live picture inside the fall river, massachusetts, courtroom, on day two of the trial of the victim, he had a girlfriend. and that is her. she is testifying right now. she had been dating him for about a year before he was shot six times and left for dead face-up in an industrial park.
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the odd part is that she is engaged. her sister, rather, is engaged to aaron hernandez. this is very, very uncomfortable to say the least. and they have a 2-year-old daughter together as well. you can imagine the allegiances of her sister to the defendant. and the allegiances of this woman to the victim. at times, we've been watching as shania holds the hand of the victim of oden lloyd's mom in the gallery of the courtroom. and on the other side of the courtroom, her sister, shayana, has been sitting beside the mother of the defendant. it's hard to follow. but it's just a big divide and there's a hallway that goes down the middle in which witnesses are back and forth taking the stand and leaving court. joining me now, cnn legal analysts danny cevallos, paul call lan aan and mel robbins. the victim's sister is taking
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the stand, clearly emotional about this. this is a very emotional thing. but there's something she can't talk about. she got a text message from her brother shortly before he died saying, just in case, i'm with nfl, just so you know, paraphrasing but that's the essence of it. she isn't testify to that. so what on earth is she going to be able to testify to? >> she's probably going to testify to the relationship between aaron hernandez and to her brother. and, listen, one of the huge outliers in this case is motive. you saw the defense in opening statements hammer the fact that these two are friends. aaron hernandez and oden lloyd were friends. perhaps she'll give us insight into the tension that was between these two or possibly some sort of fact pattern that
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none of us know about that would signal a reason why aaron hernandez might want to kill her brother. >> and as we watch some of the live pictures from the courtroom, you're probably wondering, why aren't we listening to her? oftentimes, there's a lot of foundational things that you have to cover, all those things not germane to the topic of the actual trial. as soon as she gets to the critical issues of why the prosecutors want her on the stand, we'll get you in there live to hear her. paul and danny, holy cow, if you sat through all of the testimony from yesterday and the openings, this looks tough in terms of the circumstantial evidence. there is a tire print at the murder scene of a car matching his rental car. there is dirt from the murder scene on the belly of his rental car. there is a joint unlit at the murder scene with both the victim and the defendant, aaron
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hernandez's, dna on it. those are what you call bad facts in this industry. paul, if you're the defense attorney, what do you do to get out of that? >> you'll do exactly what these defense attorneys are doing, poking holes in each individual piece of evidence. now, the jogger who discovered the body was very carefully cross-examined about how many other people run through this path, how many other people might have been in a position to contaminate the homicide scene. and what you'll see i'm sure later on in the case is this dirt that's on the bottom of the car is not some bizarre kind of dirt. it's all over this area and in fact aaron hernandez only lives a half a mile from this site. it's probably the same kind of dirt that's on his street. i think the joint with the dna is problematic. but you'll probably see an attack on the science of the analysis of that particular joint and whether it does really link back to aaron hernandez.
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>> and if they were drug buddies as the defense is haalleging in its case, what's to say aaron hernandez might not have actually put the joint together, licked it closed and hand it to his friend and sadly was murdered by other people? but one of the things i noticed in the questioning and the cross-examination by the defense, which seemed very skilled to me, was an effort to get to, how close to the get to the body, did you trample on the scene and wreck it and how careful were police at preserving the forensics in this case? typically that's who knocks down all this. messy police work, transfer of the chain of custody of the items they take from a murder scene -- that's usually how you get all these awful facts to not seem quite so awful. >> you got it. and the defense attorneys in this case are doing a good job of picking witnesses not necessarily hostile to them yet.
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and exploiting some facts that will be helpful to the jury and pointing out exactly what you talked about. hey, maybe a lot of people did have access to this place. maybe i saw a lot of things the police did that didn't secure the place -- the crime scene properly. if they can develop that -- it's a very good use of taking a witness that would otherwise be bad for them that the prosecution put up there and eliciting facts that may be helpful. but there was an effective use of pretrial motions. if that text message had come in that tended to show some fear of the defendant, how devastating that would be. so this is a terrific example of the defense team fighting and winning many battles not only during trial but before the jury was even impanelled. >> and i like the notion that the air jordan shoe which is damaging evidence, the shoe print matches the aaron hernandez air jordan shoe. how many people run through and
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walk through that area all the time? we'll see how they knock down the prosecution's case. once again, you're not missing any of the critical testimony. the prosecutor has been showing pictures of the house, et cetera, to this witness. we'll keep you up to speed on everything she says that is critical to this actual question. there's the victim up on the screen. can't be easy for her to stare down that. i also want to let you know that tonight we've got a cnn special report that's airing, "downward spiral." aaron hernandez probably never thought he would be in a special two days before super bowl like this. probably never expected it would be about that. maybe he expected he'd be shown on television for his sports acumen. but he's not. it's about this case. it airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. just ahead, one of the biggest names in hip-hop is right now locked up and he's being called a murder suspect. you probably recognize him right
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suge knight has come a long way since his death row records days of the early 1990s and mostly in the wrong direction. today, though, a first. he's been arrested on suspicion of murder. in a hit-and-run yesterday in compton just east of los angeles, police say he ran over two men twice and killed one of them after an argument on a film set. knight's lawyer says the whole thing was an accident. that's what he told the "l.a. times."
9:24 am
if you're thinking, suge who? let me give you a primer. he co-founded the first rap label to have big-time mainstream success. he helped make superstars of dr. dre and snoop dogg and the man on the left and now the man on the right. he was a passenger in suge knight's bmw and that suge was driving that night that up theak was shot to death in 1996 in vegas. i could go on and on about his list of accomplishments and list of notoriety as well. but i want to bring in cnn correspondent sara sidner who's in los angeles. i'm also joined by cnn's legal analysts, mel robbins, paul callan and danny cevallos. sara, i did not expect all of a sudden we were going to hear he's been arrested on suspicion of murder and being held on $2
9:25 am
million? did they really suspect this could be a first-degree murder or another kind of homicide? >> reporter: they haven't said. but murder is murder. and the worst charge that he has yet faced. it's interesting, though, when you see some of the video of him walking in, he's smoking a cigar, being very calm. that's when he was walking in to be questioned. and then authorities booked him on suspicion of murder, very serious charges, indeed. the trouble started yesterday afternoon when an argument broke out on the set of a biography being filmed called "straight out of compton" about the rap group nwa. the argument ended outside a burger joint when knight ran two people over with his truck killing one of them and injuring the other person. there are witnesses to this because this happened in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight. let's hear from one of the men who says he heard what happened and he was there when it all
9:26 am
went down. >> all i hear is some arguing and sounds going on. so i tried to look out. i seen suge knight turn around and go to his car, back his car up and he put it in drive and then he hit terry carter. >> reporter: but we are hearing this information, saying that suge knight was not trying to kill anyone. he was trying to escape for his life. that he was actually being beaten. here's what his lawyer had to say. >> there are witnesses that indicate that mr. knight was being attacked by a number of men, that they were beating him through the car window, that he was making an effort to leave and tragically two individuals were run over. and one has expired. >> reporter: clearly, so far, the sheriff's department has only charged one person in this case -- not charged, excuse me. has arrested one person in this case and that is suge knight on
9:27 am
suspicion of murder. they don't seem to be buying the self-defense story so far. we're also told that knight has been moved to the jail in downtown los angeles. >> wow. that's the first i'm hearing that he's suggesting that he was being beaten and there may be actually witnesses who can back up the fact that he was being hit through the vehicle. that really changes the dynamic here. sara, stand by for one moment. guys, i want to bring you in on this. paul, beginning with you, there are witnesses who said that they saw him back up and then drive over. so that's a two-hit incident in that parking lot. but that same person who we just heard, a direct witness -- didn't say anything about, i saw punching and hitting and everything else beforehand. >> yeah, that sounds strange. street cred comes with a price with a lot of these rap guys. >> this is just a restaurant. they weren't even on -- >> the old feuds last.
9:28 am
>> i think it goes beyond that because they were at the film site. and that's where the fight allegedly began, the argument. >> right. >> but then the incident happened at a restaurant parking lot. so, danny, the question here becomes, you probably have to rely on a lot of surveillance video to see exactly what happened if there is surveillance video. and then the other notion is if you are in fear of your life and you do this, wouldn't your first inclination be to call your lawyer, call the police as opposed to go home and hope for the best? >> first, oh, how the criminal landscape has changed because of surveillance video. there's more than likely some surveillance video of this going down, especially if any of it happened at a restaurant. part two is you can see the defense circling their wagons. i predict two distinct branches of the defense emerging. number one is, i was being attacked and i had to get out of there and i had to drive away no matter what and those guys got in the way. another prong might be that in california as in many state, if
9:29 am
you are accused of a hit-and-run, the state has to prove that you were aware that you hit somebody. it's often the case that defendants use the defense, he had a big car, he was backing out -- the state has to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. i bet you'll hear both of those being raised, i had to get of out there, i was in fear of my life -- >> i'm with you on that, danny. i usually hear about that when you hit a deer on a highway. mel, can you really say in a parking lot you back up and you drive over and you knock out two people and you didn't know anything happened? is it plausible? >> no, it's not plausible, particularly when you're claiming that you were the one being attacked and had to escape and then somebody expired. two things i want to point out. you pointed this out to begin with. every account that i've read so far says the fight, as you stated, happened on the set.
9:30 am
one of the people that was involved in this incident was actually part of the film crew. and so what they're saying is that the fight happened on the set and 20 minutes later, you've got suge confronting these guys at a restaurant. that's huge. another thing that's huge, only one of the victims has died. so in addition to witnesses, you will likely have one of the people that was actually involved in the actual incident itself and in the fight being able to testify. >> this happened at a restaurant, so i knew mel robbins would -- >> huge rap sheet, guys. >> yes, he does. >> this happened at a restaurant and i knew mel robbins would have knowledge of the situation because it happened at a restaurant. she knows her restaurants -- >> i'm never on the inside of those jokes. i find this fascinating for so many reasons because suge knight is well-known to law
9:31 am
enforcement, been in and out of prisons. >> you can use a truck as a weapon just as you can use a gun as a weapon. it depends on whether they show intent. >> no one should pass any judgment until we hear from many of the people who witnessed what happened, surveillance video, if there is some, i hope it is there. guys, thank you so much. sara sidner, thank you for your reporting as well. we are on the sidelines of something else here. an athlete's trial. aaron hernandez, one the star of the new england patriots who didn't spend a lot of time on the sidelines, he was on the field as a star. and by the way, his team, they have a slightly important game in just two days. we'll take you live to phoenix and talk super bowl and we'll talk about how much super bowl is being talked about when there are so many other incredible distractions this week. by the way, there were some really cute kids just running around. we'll find out about that, too.
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with deflategate and tom brady being sick and marshawn lynch refusing to talk to the media and the aaron hernandez trial under way, man, is that ever a list. sort of seems like the actual super bowl is getting lost in the mix of all those other ugly headlines. the new england patriots and the seattle seahawks are set to go head to head on sunday for something we wait for every year. the players are now on lockdown. we are not going to hear much out of them until after the
9:36 am
game. doesn't mean you won't hear about it. joining me live from phoenix at the site of this year's super bowl is cnn's rachel nichols. i couldn't believe the list of all these things. seems all in the last week alone, the latest being that richard sherman, the star of the seahawks, may not even make the game at this point? can you expand on that? >> reporter: well, he's more likely to make the game than not. but he's got an interesting conundrum that a lot of americans can relate to. his girlfriend is nine months pregnant with their first child. it's a boy. and she is here in phoenix because she could go into labor at any time. the kid isn't due for another week or two and richard sherman has been joking he's had a little chat with his future son and told him to stay in there for -- at least until monday. he said he told his sunday to do me a solid and stay in there. but the question is, what
9:37 am
happens if she goes into labor on sunday? is he going to go with her or is he going to go to the football game? used to be that athletes always played. now in the last ten years, we've seen a real shift. a lot of athletes have missed big athletic competitions. joe flacco, the quarterback for the baltimore ravens, he played in the game last year during the birth of one of his children. and there's the perception, if you're a big player, maybe you get the excuse card from the family. but the seahawks said it's richard's choice. >> i was six weeks early. so keep on your toes, mister. i can't advise him either way. those are-in-a-lifetime things for sure. but roger goodell is saying everyone should be talking. but he's expected to talk at 1:30 today. what are we getting out of this
9:38 am
state of the state that he's supposed to deliver? >> reporter: yeah, this is an annual address that he, the commissioner, does at the super bowl, dates back much longer than roger goodell. he's going to sort of address the state of the league. and by a lot of metrics, the league has never been stronger. television ratings are through the roof. 28 of the top 30 programs on tv were football. this sunday's super bowl is supposed to be even more watched than last year's super bowl. but a lot of image problems for the nfl. the domestic violence issues that they've had. and deflategate, there will be a lot of questions about that investigation as well. it's going to be interesting. you'll see it here on cnn. >> good thing there's no court on sundays because bill belichick is on the witness list for that little trial in massachusetts. rachel, thanks for all your good work. >> reporter: thank you. >> rachel is still on the clock, too. next hour, the commissioner, roger goodell, is going to do
9:39 am
that, deliver that state of the nfl. and cnn will bring that to you live. and we're not going to give her a break at that point either. tomorrow, go inside football's biggest game with rachel joined by dan marino. that's at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. lawyers for a vanderbilt football player convicted of rape are saying, not so fast. they say they have new information that could make the judge throw the guilty verdicts out. and get this -- it involves a juror who said that young man on your screen did it. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement.
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♪ dartmouth college, the school that inspired this raucous comedy "animal house," now dartmouth is taking a very hard stand on what appeared in that movie all the time, hard liquor. on thursday, dartmouth announced sweeping changes to curb dangerous behavior on campus. those changes? liquor will be banned, banned. no more pledging fraternities, no more pledging sororities and all students will be required to undergo an extensive sexual violence prevention program. and speaking of sexual violence on campus, remember that story we've been telling you about for over a week now? you may have thought the trial of those two vanderbilt football players convicted earlier this week of that filthy, sadistic and disgusting rape of a fellow
9:44 am
student who was drugged and was comatose while being raped, there's a problem with the case. brandon vandenburg's attorneys want the guilty verdict against him thrown out. they say one of the jurors did not disclose before the trial that he or she, we don't know who it is, was a victim of sexual abuse. we don't know if the juror did anything wrong or answered questions erroneously. it's not clear whether the juror was asked whether he or she had a history of sexual violence in the past. >> it could have been a case that had some of the same type of scenarios and allegations two which [ muted ] had been a victim. that's just information that is incredible to me that [ muted ] didn't think that that information in light of these cases and charges was warranted.
9:45 am
>> i want to bring back in our legal experts on this one. mel robbins and paul callan. mel, first to you, you never, ever have a juror voir dire without having a question asked, have you ever been the victim of a crime. i have never heard of it. perhaps i'm mistaken. but i think i'm on the money with this one. >> yeah. i'd be shocked if she wasn't asked it. but, again, you said that in the opening of this segment. we're not sure if he or she was asked directly and lied or whether there was an omission. and if you notice, one of the defendant's attorneys said it would have been helpful, it would have been interesting information. he didn't say that it would have been critical information that would have changed the outcome and when a court looks at this on appeal, they weigh the interest of justice and frankly when you have a case with such damning evidence and you've got jurors that are already out now talking in the media about how they were all convinced and the
9:46 am
video sealed the deal, then i don't think in the interest of justice one juror that had something happen two decades ago with no evidence of him or her swaying the rest of the jury is going to make a bit of difference. >> and that's actually something that has been voiced at this point as well. we are all informed by what happens to us in society and jurors are no different. however, paul, i'll reiterate this, we don't know if that juror perjured him or herself. maybe they didn't know that it was a crime because it didn't go through the criminal justice system. what informed you of your notion of society -- would that have made a difference on a panel if someone had actually been the victim of sexual assault? would they have been stricken
9:47 am
right away because of it? >> no, they wouldn't be stricken because it's not an automatic disqualification. but certainly defense attorneys if they knew that there was a rape victim on the jury would be questioning her very carefully about, can you be fair in this situation and evaluate the evidence in this case and not transpose your own personal experience here? those questions would be asked. but i will tell you this, a lot of defense attorneys in rape cases like to have women on the jury and particularly women who maybe have had incidents of their own because they think that they bring a certain skepticism to claims sometimes. so i wouldn't be -- >> he or she, we don't know the gender of this juror, had been a victim of rape or sexual violence, that skepticism might not -- >> don't be so sure. mel knows from trying these cases. women are skeptical of other
9:48 am
women. >> would the defense attorneys have presented their evidence differently if they had known that there was this person on the jury? would it have made a difference in the way they actually went about their case? >> absolutely. and i also think, to paul's point, they would have voir dired the living daylights out of this potential juror. and depending upon what they learned, they might want her or him on the panel because they think that he or she will bring a level of skepticism or they might want to do everything they possibly can to get this juror off. and if they got the juror off, that means they could have gotten a different juror that might have led to a different outcome, a hung jury in this instance. so you're going to see them fight tooth and nail on this because frankly, it's all they've got. >> got to leave it there. thank you both. back right after this.
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9:53 am
reconnect with militants. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr broke that news. we're also joined by cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. i can hear a cacophony of people across the country saying, i could have told you so. but i also hear a lot of people saying, wouldn't we have been following him? >> reporter: well, ashleigh, let's kind of unpack this a little bit, there are detainees who have returned to the battle in the past, about 12% to 15% of them. in this case, very much politically charged because it was a 5 for 1 transfer to get bowe bergdahl back. what happened here is the u.s. actually does run a classified surveillance program on all of their communications in qatar. e-mails, cell phone, all of it. and they found very quickly when it happened essentially in real time that one of them had made phone calls to taliban associates back in afghanistan. so they picked it up really
9:54 am
almost instantly that this had happened. it's one of the benefits you might think of this classified surveillance program, of their communications. inside the intelligence community, a bit of a difference of opinion, perhaps. some say, not so serious. but i have to tell you, i've talked to several sources who tell me they are taking this very seriously, they do have concerns about it. and the qataris are supposed to keep physical control over them. there's a travel ban on them for one year. so come this spring, we'll see if they stay there or they go somewhere else. >> i'm not going to suggest that i know how the cia plies its trade. but i want to ask if it's not a great idea that if he did actually return to militant activities, doesn't that bring you right to the source? doesn't that bring your intelligence right to the source of where the others are, meaning, isn't it strangely a good thing? >> it's a phone call at this point that they've monitored that they've intercepted.
9:55 am
there's no suggestion that he's left qatar and gone back to afghanistan or anything like that. but, of course, any phone call that can be intercepted -- >> a lot more intelligence. >> these guys were senior figures in the taliban, ashleigh. right at the top of the organization. so of course if they can intercept these kinds of calls, that can be useful. but there is very embarrassing for the qataris. >> not for the americans. >> absolutely. i think one of the -- >> you don't think it's embarrassing for the americans, that they've released -- >> the qataris gave the assurances to the united states. >> and the united states believed it? >> they took it at face value. the release of this information may be to try to get the qataris to do so more when it comes to -- >> does this mean the relationship with the qataris is forever changed? >> no. i don't think it will transfer the relationship with the qataris. it's a pretty deep relationship between the united states and qatar. not always a particularly good relationship. there are disagreements on some of the sort of regional
9:56 am
politics. but i don't think this will transform that relationship. >> i have to leave it there. thank you both for your input. we'll continue to watch that story. thanks to both of you. thank you, everyone, for watching. it's been nice to have you with us. hope you have a great weekend and a great super bowl. my colleague wolf blitzer takes over with a lot of breaking news, not the least of which that whole romney thing. did you hear? yeah. he's not running. or is he? have a great weekend.
9:57 am
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. 9:00 p.m. in riyadh, saudi arabia. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we begin with a major announcement today that could potentially have a significant impact on the 2016 presidential race here in the united states. republican mitt romney says he will not, repeat, not run, make a third run for the white house. he revealed his intentions to stay out of the race in a conference call with supporters just two hours ago. he also gave the reasoning for his decision. listen to this. >> i believe that one of our next generation of republican leaders, one who may not be as well-known as i am today, one


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