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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 30, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. hour two. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me on this friday. big news from mitt romney. he is saying no he's not running for president 2016. we learned romney has a dinner date with high profile gop contender, none other than new jersey governor chris christie. romney and christie will dine in
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new york city, both their wives may attend. this comes hours after romney called donors to announce he's not jumping into the white house race. >> i believe one of our next generation leaders, one not as well known as i am today, one has not taken a message across the country, one who is just getting started, well may emerge as being better able to defeat the democrat nominee. in a fact i suspect and hope that to be the case. i feel that it's critical that america elect a conservative leader to become our next president. >> so you know the deal. romney now can lend support to whomever he chooses. his list of wealthy donors to republican of his choice. let me bring in michael, political commentator and host who just let me begin with you were tweeting something how you like your crow served up with a
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side of a-1 sauce. >> i'm regretting you follow me on twitter. >> i follow your every move. >> i said why else would he make a big deal out of gathering supporters -- >> at 11:00, let's gatherer and listen. >> i was caught flat footed on this one. interesting he's going to have dinner with chris christie. the biggest beneficiary of this is christie. >> why? >> there would not have been enough for mit, jeb, and christie. jeb has the name family who's run so many elections. he's ready to go. chris christie needs to fund raise and get out and establish the network. i don't think there would have been enough money out there for christie and other two. now dynamics couldle change. >> i want to come back to the bush name. first on the establishment notion republicans and fresh
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faces. mark rubio said this today. he certainly earned the right to consider running. i deeply consider his decision to give the next generation a chance to lead. the next generation. who are the faces? who are the fresh faces potentially? who are the establishment? >> they are not jeb bush. they don't include jeb bush. i found it interesting the sound bite was governor romney saying there's someone else out there, perhaps not as well known as i am today. i said to myself the bush family name is pretty well thoen. i don't think he was talking about jeb. he may have been talking about rubio. he may be thinking about cruz but i doubt it. may be thinking about rand paul. scott walker probably a great name as well. a lot of those who are perceived second tier who perhaps will move to the first. >> you mentioned rand paul. rand paul tweeted thought fake phone call between hillary clinton and jeb bush.
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let me play this for you. >> what do you mean jeb? it's clearly my turn. bush clinton, bush now clinton. >> well hillary, there hasn't been a republican white house without a bush since 1977. we're ready to be back. >> bill and i are dead broke, need a place to stay. pennsylvania avenue is calling me home. >> read my lips hillary. we're not backing down this time. >> on second thought, maybe we can work something out. we both agree on so many issues. bigger government common core amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> we've both got problems. you've got problems with grass roots, and i've got dann conservatives. let's say we make a deal. sorry hillary, i have to go. mit keeps calling. >> for try crying out loud.
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>> okay. so cue laughter. they're mocking two dynasties. even barbara bush. do you remember the sound bite saying america doesn't need another bush in the white house? do you think there's a point in that? >> the humor from paul? as it wore on, it wasn't as funny as it could have been. he's trying to drive the message same old same old. we're going to hear about change. >> change of what? >> faced with prospect of another bush in the white house, i think opponents of jeb like rand paul will be inclined to say it's time for a fresh face and name you haven't heard before. >> michael, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> saturday morning, tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern. losing my track of days. it's been a week. michael, i really appreciate it.
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thank you very much. now to the second day of the aaron hernandez murder trial. it's also the second consecutive day the mother of the victim has left the courtroom in tears after seeing photos of her son's bullet ridden body. shot six times in june 2013 oddin lloyd was 27 years of age. while his loved ones we want he turned the image to the court of the body of the man the defense attorney say was the former new england patriot's friend. in the coming two days the super bowl happening. he was a former pat. pat's taking on seahawks in arizona sunday. all this happening while hernandez is fighting for his freedom, face ago life in prison if convicted of first degree murder. today jurors learn more about how hernandez knew lloyd.
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how close was this friendship? we saw lloyd's girlfriend also the sister of hernandez's fiance. there's a lot of connections here. she took the stand and talked about how the men got to know one another. >> prior to that date how would you have described their relationship? >> um like beginning stages of a friendship. from what i'm aware of they were only around each other and communicated when i was there, me and my sister were present. >> she also put on the record her boyfriend would not supply marijuana to hernandez who once had a contract worth $40 million. >> hang out and smoke. >> when you say hang out and smoke, how did you know that? >> you can smell it. >> were there other occasions you actually saw them smoking together? >> a few. >> okay. where would they smoke when you were able to see them? >> either outside or when we
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were together in other places. >> and, in terms of -- do you know um where the marijuana was coming from? >> um either odin or aaron. >> were there ever occasions when you went to pick up odin after picking him up you would go somewhere? >> yes. >> and where would you go? >> to go pick up marijuana. >> okay. how far or how close or far was that from odin's home? >> mmm, maybe two minutes. >> okay. and when he would go there, would he go in to meet with somebody? >> yes. >> and after that would he come back to the car? >> yes. >> where would you go? >> we would go attleborough. >> north attleborough is where
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aaron hernandez lived with his fiance. let me begin with you carmen. as a prosecutor what is the prosecutor here trying to get at with this woman's testimony? what are they trying to establish? >> they're trying to establish the relationship was not as close as the defense attorney would like you to believe. >> between hernandez and lloyd? >> exactly. the more distance they put to that relationship less of a motive is created. so the prosecution leer wanthere wants to say they weren't with that close of friends. there's the belief the defendant doesn't have the connection. >> okay. so this is also part of it that i think fascinates me. this connection. you have two sisters here. when you imagine the courtroom. you have two sisters. the woman who testified who was dating the victim odin lloyd sitting with lloyd's family on one side of the courtroom. the mother keeps getting up leaving, weeping in tears.
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on the other side of the courtroom, you have that woman's sister who is engaged to aaron hernandez, sitting with his mother. all right. this is a family divided and courtroom divided. if you are a juror, sit manage that courtroom, how can you not watch those two sides and have it affect you? >> jurors watch everything. the judge is going to instruct them. you can't let emotions come into play when you're deliberating. jurors watch every move every flinch everything that goes on in that courtroom. that's the most important thing that happened to them in years. they are on a murder trial and going to decide a man's fate. i've had a case families were divided like this. it's not very uncommon actually this certain jurisdictions. for example, if a water kills or fights with a brother, or the son or two brothers fight and someone gets shot. that's a common denominator when
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it comes to trials like this. >> okay. so you are instructed as a juror not to be paying attention to that. this mother getting up w50e7eeping for a second time. >> people look at the mother and she's crying. judge wants the jurors to pay attention to evidence. although you see the mom crying you can't let the mother's emotion cloud your judgment. these jurors are going to decide a man's fate. you can't say this man's mother is weeping so i really want to get a conviction for her. it depends on evidence. >> you know what else. if i were a juror i would pay attention to the defendant aaron hernandez. i'd be looking at him, he was chewing gum yesterday. he was sitting emotionless next to the computer screen showing the body of the victim in that industrial park. what -- how do you read into that? >> as a juror, you look at everything as stated.
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this did defendant here is brought up to be a gladiator on a field. he's a football player. he was. now in court, you want to portray him as this lamb on the street. he's having a difficult time doing that. he's not the friendly face. he doesn't come in weeping or with a sorrowful feeling. you're though the getting that attachment as a juror that this defendant feels so remorseful. >> his lawyers have to be saying watch how you -- right? >> that's part of the defense. this is how you need to look in court. this is how you need to dress. this is how you need to sit. don't chuckle. don't give emotions or answers like think and that. jurors are looking at those things. they can weigh a juror's decision. when i advice clients going to trial. i advise how to dress, sit, act. from the moment you walk in the door everything you do -- >> eyes on you --
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>> everything goes to the juror's eyes. they'll pay attention to all of it. >> thank you both very much. >> we're only on day two. tonight, cnn looks inside the case against hernandez and how this man went from this nfl star to accused killer. 9:00 eastern here on cnn. just ahead, first on cnn, one of the gitmo detain thees released in the swap for sergeant bowe bergdahl has tried reaching out to militants. hear how the white house is responding to that. as the measles outbreak grows, are fans going to the super bowl at risk? there's a tie here. we'll tell you what officials are advising if you're going to fee nixz. and no stranger to trouble, he's behind bars arrested in a deadly hit and run. we'll tell you what happened in a moment leading up to that. stay with us. me
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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we have new information about the so called the taliban five, the men traded last year for sergeant bowe bergdahl. one of these men may have reconnected with the taliban. a worst case scenario. the swap was controversial for reasons. some said it was a bad idea and change in policy not to negotiate with terrorists. the u.s. is forced to revisit accusations of hypocrisy and se semantics and jordan is waiting for a swap.
12:19 pm
it's a swap u.s. does not approve of. >> we don't concessions so terrorists. there are certain circumstances -- and you've been talking a little about bowe bergdahl this morning. he was a member of the military someone who had volunteered to serve his country. we don't believe men and women behind. we took steps to bring him home. >> joining me now, buck sexton former terror analyst. thanks for joining me. we talked about this when the deal went down and controversy i surrounding it. to know this person reached out to militants, is this a surprise? >> no surprise. the rate people released from gitmo is 25 to 30%. what do you think is going to happen when someone has been in captivity in gitmo for years? they're going into society somewhere else and be upstanding
12:20 pm
citizens. the taliban were people wanted for war crimes crimes against humanity. not just ties to terrorists groups. >> they say they're keeping ties on them for a year. >> that's not long enough. they can wait that out. they waited quite a while in gitmo. >> everyone knows u.s. doesn't negotiate with terrorists. she says they can make certain circumstances. someone asked about bergdahl. my question so you is, doesn't that muddy the waters so to speak? >> the idea we don't negotiate with terrorists is not true. it's a guideline, not a rule. there are times they have negotiated from the past to get the release of prisoners and for other reasons. this separation of taliban with isis. somehow the taliban were ending hostilities. that's an outright line. taliban has not ended hostilities with us and we have not with them. and the idea they're a sort of a
12:21 pm
terrorist group, not really a terrorist group. >> here's the wording. taliban is armed insurgency. isis is a terrorist group. >> that's flatly ridiculous. taliban is just as much a terrorist group. there's no distinction to make between the two except the negotiation has already negotiated. they want to pretend there's distinction, some principle separating this. >> which makes me wonder about the negotiation. we don't know the status of the pilot or japanese hostage we've seen in the videos. this notion jordan would negotiate a swap for the iraqi woman, female suicide bomber isis wants back. # a bomb that didn't go off in the attack. how would that all affect the potential swap? wouldn't she then -- she's going back to bad guys with isis if that happened. >> she would be going back if
12:22 pm
jordanians release her. i think it's unlikely. isis demand was release her, and we won't kill the pilot. they've been moving the goalposts and changing demands all along. one point it was $200 million for two japanese hostages. now they added the jordanian hostage and japanese hostage won't be killed maybe for a woman who is on death row for trying to commit a suicide bombing. if they execute the pilot -- i'm worried they will. if that were to happen jordanians have tried to stay out of this as much as they can. they've been drawn into it. i've been to refugee camps of jordan. if they release this to the rest of the world on tv i think it will get accelerated
12:23 pm
combination. >> what about the iraqi female suicide bomber? >> she would be of propaganda value mostly. we're seeing this now by the way. we're seeing the wife of one of the shooters in france. they want these people who are high profile because they're trying to essentially build this ideology along with the state of the islamic state. part of this is tying it back to al qaeda in iraq 1.0. now isis is a al qaeda and iraq 2.0. there are direct ties between her, it's believed and the earliest founding fathers of al qaeda in iraq. >> exactly right. >> this is major propaganda coup if they get it. i don't think they'll release her. >> buck thank you. >> thank you. we've heard the problems with nfl that they're dealing with the season from hell as one of my guests wrote about. measles and what health officials are doing about the outbreak. and authorities are trying
12:24 pm
to get a rape conviction thrown out days after two ex football player wrs found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. s found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. w found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. e found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. re found guilty. a lawyer said a juror hid incredibly key information. that's ahead. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions.
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just about the bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. all the talk about the measles outbreak it's put a spotlight on phoenix. 14 states have confirmed measles case this is year including seven cases in arizona. the disease can spread as people travel. that is a huge huge cause for concern obviously among health officials. cdc recommends people that are sick should stay away from sunday's game. they are monitoring hundreds of potential new cases. let's go to elizabeth cohen in phoenix. elizabeth, this is potentially a huge deal. is the cdc corner drksdcdc concerned
12:29 pm
with people rushing into town? >> they are concerned. one of the most contagious diseases known to man, measles, and huge gathering from people from all over the world. that's not a great combination. having said that most are vaccinated against the measles. that's a good thing. i wouldn't say health officials are panicked but they are concerned. >> when we talk about the contagious factor i always want to bring this up. you can get the measles if somebody had measles, was in a room leaves two hours later someone else comes in. i mentioned seven confirmed cases in arizona. tell me about the contact state officials are concerned with. >> let's talk about the family that started all of this. a family from arizona went to disney land. this wasn't just any family. this was a family that refuses to vaccinate their children. four member of the family get the measles. now that family has 1,000
12:30 pm
contacts. i know 1,000 sounds like gee how could four people have 1,000 contacts? kids go to school. these kids we know went to a clinic. maybe they went to church. a thousand contacts -- again, most likely vaccinated. some are babies who are too young to be sackvaccinated. those are the ones doctors worry about. >> here's to hoping the people that have it stay home thank you very much. days from the big game sunday. next this rape case so brutal it made stomachs turn. two men have been found guilty. now, there's a twist. we are now learning one of the jurors may have hidden something incredibly pertinent to this case. how that could affect the next steps coming up. plus rap mogul could be in deep trouble. he's suspected of running
12:31 pm
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. this week the victim of a brutal rape sobbed as two former vanderbilt football players were found guilty of assaulting her in unspeakable ways and filming it as she lay unconscious. but now cnn affiliate wtvf has learned there may be serious problems with this case. the guilty investigator may be
12:36 pm
tossed out. the attorney of one of the convicted men claim one of the jurors he or she, was a victim of sexual abuse. >> that information would have been useful in a case that had some of the same type of scenarios and allegations to which had been a victim. that's just information. it is incredible to me that they didn't think that information in light of this case and these charges was warranted. >> let me bring back my legal panel. eric and carmen former prosecutor and trial attorney. the first question obviously is would this revelation could this lead to a mistrial? >> it very well could. you have to examine the circumstances. the court has ruled on this and u.s. supreme court decision in 1984 this the case as to what the questions are. one is did he or she lie about
12:37 pm
a material fact that they were questioned about? with the correct response have raised a level where an attorney could have gotten the juror dismissed for cause, an exercise one of the challenges. we really need to know more about what was asked of the juror and whether or not that juror responded honestly or intentionally lied. if they have had a prior rape situation, it's happened. there's been cases there the country there's been a prior rape. it hasn't been answered. the court examines the facts as to whether or not the person felt that was similar to the rape in question. >> right. because if a juror lies about a case on an issue like this -- >> so if the individual was asked about it -- you have to assume as lawyers -- >> that's trial 101. you ask -- especially on a case like this a serious felony case. you ask are there any victims of
12:38 pm
sexual assault, any victims of rape? or any people that have a family member. that could impact their decision in trial. >> if it's a mistrial you start from scratch. you use the testimony from the previous trial. >> yes. you start from scratch. different juror, same set of facts. it's the defense who will benefit from a mistrial. all witnesses at that point are locked into their testimony. the defense has their words win on paper. so if they say anything different under cross-examination, you can point those things out to show there's a difference in testimony and ask the jury to ignore part or all of their testimony. >> after this conviction let me quote. one of these jurors were interviewed saying they were absolutely confident they made the right decision for court based upon video and everything they saw. you still think -- >> it's a hard leap. it's discretionary decision by
12:39 pm
the court. they're young. they're facing 15 to 20 for their sentence. it's a huge issue. >> what about the victim here? >> everyone is entitled to a fair trial. if someone does not disclose that type of fact, that one juror position could have been the hold out to get a hung jury instead of a conviction. you have to have a unanimous verdict. one juror could be the hold out and say i'm not going to convict them. that could give a mistrial from the beginning. >> incredible. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll see what happens. next the murder accusations against suge knight. and how much worse it could get for you in new england coming up. you're watching cnn. n move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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he is no stranger to controversy or the law. the emphasis west coast rapper suge knight was arrested by the la county sheriff. the 49-year-old is suspected of running into and running over two men with a pickup truck. one of those men died and now authorities are holding knight on suspicion of murder. we are live in los angeles. so this all happened after an argument on a compton movie set? >> right. i mean that's what they're saying. the sheriff's department saying he was on the set of "straight out of compton" a film put together about the well known 90s rap group nwa. that argument ended up in a parking lot where the hit and run happened. suge knight's attorney says there's a perfectly good
12:45 pm
explanation for what happened. rap mogul blowing smoke and stopping to put out his cigar as he strolls in the police department. he gives no indication he's about to be booked on suspicion of murder. an investigator says he ran over two men. there were several witnesses. >> all i hear is arguing and sounds going on. i turn to look out, and i seen suge knight turn around and go to his car. backed his car up and then he put it in drive and then hitter carter. he ran him over twice. >> sheriff deputies have not identified the man who was killed. carter's friends identify it was him. his family is devastated they say. >> what was his relationship with suge knight? >> caraway says se this is a
12:46 pm
huge disappointment. >> he was a father figure to me and others in the inner city troubled youth. >> before the hit and run, knight was on the set "straight out of compton" showing the rise of success for the group in the city known for struggles with gangs. on the set the argument began and moved to the parking lot of this restaurant where deputies say knight ran over the two men and left the scene. knight's attorney has another version of the story saying knight was purely acting in self-defense. >> there are witnesses that date indicate mr. knight was being attacked by a number of men. he was making an attempt to leave and tragically two individuals were run over. one expired. >> certainly knight is no
12:47 pm
stranger to being involved with police and violence. you'll remember this brooke. back in august the last time suge knight made head lines when he was shot six times inside a crowded hollywood night spot. then in 2007 he went to jail. he went to jail in 1997 both times for violating probation because of assaults he had been convicted of. certainly no stranger to legal battles. he also had to file bankruptcy. those turned to financial battles. this is the biggest when it comes to legalities he has had with the sheriff department accusing him of murder. >> sarah, thank you so much in los angeles. if there's one thing new england ers are more tired of than the deflate-gate scandal it's this snow. portland maine is scrambling to get rid of two feet of snow.
12:48 pm
on top of that fresh snow has begun to fall. miguel is in portland for us. how much are you expected to get there exactly? >> reporter: they could get up to 10 inches. may be a little less. for portland maine in january, that is a dusting. this stuff, giant hills -- let me see a if i can do this without killing myself. giant piles, two feet they had last week or last couple of days with the blizzard. this pile here. i'm going to try to do that next live shot. that's what they're having a tough time with now. they have storm after storm coming through, possibly another on monday. roads are in good shape. lots slush but not freezing over. part of the problem in the northern part of the state, northern maine, they'll have high temperatures and winds. some schools have closed and office buildings. for the most part people are going about their business and
12:49 pm
getting to it. these storms one after the other after the other getting boring. they have 40 inches on the year so far. that puts them above the median of where they typically get with snow. they normally get 70-80 inches for the year. >> it's january, it's maine. no surprise. i'm impressed you didn't wipe out walking through that stuff. i might have done that earlier this week myself. thank you in portland miguel. next we'll talk to rachel nichols with cnn sports with the question she put to roger goodell during the press conference this the state of the league. did she hit a nerve with goodell? . >> roger, you have faced a lot of problems over the past year that have a wide range. a lot of issues in common is a conflict of interest. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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ongoing concerns about concussions and of course the old deflategate with the super bowl just two days away nfl commissioner roger goodell just last hour addressed a myriad of challenges facing his league including a question from our own rachel nichols. >> reporter: rachel nichols from cnn. roger, you guys have faced a lot of problems over the past year that have a really wide range but a lot of the issues have in common is a conflict of interest. when you do something like hire an outside investigator like ted wells, into the patriots investigation, you're still paying him and robert kraft, who owns the patriots is still paying you. so even when you do everything right in one of those situations it opens you guys up to a credibility gap with some of the public and even with some of your most high profile players. what steps can you guys take in the future to mitigate some of those conflict of interest issues? >> well rachel i don't agree with you on a lot of the assumptions you make in your question. i think we have had people that
12:55 pm
have uncompromising integrity. robert muller an example, i think you asked me the same question last fall about a conflict of interest. their integrity is impeccable. ted wells' integrity is impeccable. these are professionals that bring an outside expertise, outside perspective, and their conclusions are drawn only by the evidence and only by the attempt to try to identify that truth. so i think we have done an excellent job of bringing outside consultants in. somebody has to pay them rachel so unless you're volunteering which i don't think you are, we will do that. but we have the responsibility to protect the integrity of the league whether we have an owner that's being investigated or whether we have a commissioner that's being investigated they are done at the highest level of integrity and quality. >> rachel nichols joins me from phoenix. i have to say, we led the show
12:56 pm
with an entire panel really giving you kudos for what was a tough question and also they were saying they didn't really appreciate part of goodell's response to you at the very end. what did you make of how he responded to your question first of all? >> reporter: i just think he missed an opportunity a little bit. i wasn't asking a question about integrity which he may have known and he answered that way anyway. certainly the politicians answer one question when they have been asked a different question. the question isn't about integrity. the question is about these continuing appearances of a conflict of interest and it keeps coming with the nfl in many forms. they have got the ravens organization the president and several of the other members of the organization in the meeting with ray rice when they interview ray rice. guess what? the ravens have a conflict of interest there. they are interested in getting ray rice back on the field. there's a conflict of interest that the person who investigated the nfl in their handling of the ray rice affair is a law firm that the league pays. you've got a conflict of interest here a little bit in the idea of in deflategate the
12:57 pm
nfl is investigating new england patriots. guess who pays for that investigation? the new england patriots in part. they hire an outside investigator that they are in fact paying as well. so the question to roger goodell was hey, you're in a bunch of these situations how do you mitigate this so that people like richard sherman from the seattle seahawks don't come out and embarrass the league frankly, during super bowl week and say they see a conflict of interest there. we have heard it from the public as well. unfortunately, he didn't really take the opportunity to answer that question but it's a question that's still out there. >> it was a great question. you brought up deflategate. i had gabriel sherman on. he wrote this phenomenal piece on goodell and the season of hell as he phrased it this past season. he wrote this piece in "gq." one of his points is how can roger goodell, since he is so tight with the owner of the new england patriots with robert kraft, how can you have an unbiased investigation. that question was asked of goodell today. what's your assessment of that? >> reporter: well it's a tough spot to be in and they would do
12:58 pm
themselves a favor by distancing them from an investigation that does have a bunch of conflicts of interest. that was a fantastic article in "gq." i believe gabe referred to robert kraft as quote the assistant commissioner quoting an nfl executive. that's the perception no matter what you do and that was my point in talking to roger goodell today, you can run an investigation with the highest integrity but if that is the perception there are people in the public who are going to discount it and there's no reason to give yourself that credibility gap. why put that in your own way? why not create a situation where you don't have a credibility gap and then when people of the highest integrity investigate a situation, everybody can take the results at face value. wouldn't that be nice. >> how about let's move past some of the more serious topics. it was a 45 minute news conference. let me ask you about something that i imagine is part of the buzz where you are. what's your over/under on richard sherman's baby arriving on super bowl sunday?
12:59 pm
>> reporter: well richard assures everyone that the kid is not actually due on sunday. it is the first pregnancy for his girlfriend and statistics show first pregnancies are often running a little bit late so he's got that on his side. the kid's not even due for another week. but that being said anybody who has kids can tell you that their schedule is not your schedule. so even though richard sherman has had conversations with his unborn son and he's explained to him that he needs to do his dad a solid and stay in there for another few days look he's going to cross that bridge when he comes to it. the seahawks organization to their credit say they support him in whatever he decides. i got to tell you, that was not the attitude of sports teams as recently as maybe ten years ago. so that's nice to see. and he's hoping he can do both. you know richard sherman. he thinks he can do everything. >> don't we all sometimes. how do we think that way? rachel nichols, thank you so much. great question today in the news conference. do not miss rachel's super bowl special tomorrow.
1:00 pm
she is taking us inside the game with one of the greats in the sport, dan marino. that's 4:30 p.m. eastern on saturday here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. have a wonderful weekend. stay right here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. just when you thought the butchers who attacked paris could not be any more sick we now hear about a new video. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." breaking news in our world lead. it's terror in the first person. we now know that the gunman behind that rampage at a kosher market was wearing a go pro camera on his chest. who was he desperately trying to send those bloody videos to from inside the store? the sports lead. if you were planning to bring your drone to your tailgate at the big game sunday you better leave it home. the unprecedented measures that the faa is taking to keep the super bowl safe from above. and the bur