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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  January 30, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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reats, mitigating those threats. >> there is going to be a lot more on that ahead on "the situation room." make sure to follow me on twitter. that is it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. have a great weekend. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, terrorist's body camera. the paris kosher supermarket gunman recorded video images of his deadly assault. we have new information on how he did it and what happened to those images. new isis attack. after a series of american victories, the terror group launching a surprise assault on a key city vital for its oil reserves. there is fierce fighting under way as local forces strike back. and drone attack after an unmanned aircraft flies over the white house. there are now new concerns about security at the super bowl. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we have got the breaking news. recording his own rampage.
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we are now learning how the gunman at the paris kosher supermarket took what are called go pro video of his deadly assault with a camera attached to his body. there is new information about what he did then with those images. isis launching a sudden and bloody attack on a major city. gunfire echoing through the oil center of kirkuk as security forces try to drive the terrorists out. the ranking member of the house armed services committee, congressman adam smith, is standing by along with our correspondents and analysts. let's begin with our chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto, and our cnn terrorism analyst, paul cruickshank. paul first of all, what do we know about the video? >> we know the video was seven minutes long it's being seen by investigators and features amedy coulibaly shooting dead three hostages as he stormed that grocery store, that jewish grocery store in paris earlier this month. according to the technical analysis of the french it was
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e-mailed from a computer in that store to some form of associate of coulibaly and the fear is that this is now going to hit the jihadi web sites, it's going to be put out by a group like isis for propaganda purposes. >> how significant would this be, jim? >> it's news u.s. intelligence also aware of this video coulibaly had a camera and filmed the attacks. how significant is it? it would provide really a minute by minute reel in effect of the moments of the attack as he went in there and sadly, as he carried out killings of those hostages. the fact is at this point, many of those details are already known. i think the bigger concern at this point would be the propaganda value of this attack as it goes out presumably it does go out, which would have been his intention as a recruiting tool but a demonstration of his powers. as you know this is isis' supreme focus, demonstrating that power as best they can. >> and paul that go pro video camera that was attached right to his chest, right?
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>> reporter: it was attached to his torso so he was deliberately filming this. according to eyewitnesses he was even doing some video editing during this hostage situation in this jewish grocery store in paris before he was killed. the concern is he managed to send it out to some kind of associate. he had actually already previously sent out some video to another associate featuring him declaring loyalty to abu bakr al baghdadi filmed from an apartment in paris just after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. the worry is there's much more gruesome video that will hit jihadi web sites, perhaps pro-isis twitter feeds, soon. >> i guess the question is why hasn't it hit those websites yet? it's been awhile right? >> a similar question as to why haven't you seen word of this
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jordanian pilot hostage. sometimes this group takes their time. they have to produce it. they also have increasing challenge in getting this video out of there because it's difficult to transmit in a war environment. you've got u.s. planes overhead et cetera. that's also a problem. >> do they have a clue who the accomplices were that might have been on the receiving end of the go pro video? >> reporter: i think they probably know but they are not revealing that yet at this point. they are investigating all of this. of course we do know that hayat boumeddiene, his companion, is now suspected to be in syria so that raises the possibility was he e-mailing her. >> that's a possibility. let me turn to iraq right now. jim, there is now word isis launching its own offensive against the kurdish oil-rich town of kirkuk in northern iraq. >> that's right. coordinated attack. it was a surprise attack. it took advantage of a foggy morning as they moved in. it shows the level of coordination possible and skill
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of isis and also to project its power on multiple fronts at one time. you have this jordanian pilot being held hostage presumably in syria, in areas that isis controls in syria. here you have a coordinated aggressive bold assault in iraq even as isis has been under pressure there. the kurds as you know have been pushing up against mosul which is really isis' main strong hold iraq's second largest city trying to cut off supply lines there. now you have them doing an end-around you might say, attacking another powerful city in the north and inflicting serious damage. a senior kurdish commander killed right in the center of town. this was a big deal and it shows their ability to project power on multiple fronts at the same time. >> certainly and further complicating all of this horrible situation in iraq right now, there are these reports of a massacre that occurred that a shiite militia group, iraqi shiite militia group, went and massacred iraqi sunnis killing 60 or 70 people including kids
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and women -- no women, but children and the shock is they did this while iraqi military forces were there surrounding all of them. the iraqi military stood by and didn't intervene. >> this is an alarming accusation. i have spoken to the state department. they say an investigation is still under way. they also say the new prime minister of iraq he has said all the right things and promised to do the right things in terms of reining in shiite militia. this has been a long term problem in iraq, particularly under the previous minister the shiite militias were given free rein and many times they committed atrocities which helped fuel support among sunni tribes for isis as it advanced across the country. a key element of fighting back against isis has been getting sunni tribes on the side of the iraqi government iraqi security forces and the coalition. an attack like this if it proves true would go a long way in undermining that confidence. serious allegation. >> it would so inflame the
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passion, the anger which is already enormous to begin with and the split between shiites and sunnis it would be a disaster. >> inflame the passion and also increase the support for people like isis. >> and raise questions about that iraqi military. is it doing what it's supposed to do. why didn't they intervene and stop what allegedly was a massacre. stand by. more on this part of the story coming up. meanwhile, the surprise attack by isis comes as a prisoner swap has stalled. jordan has been willing to trade a jailed female terrorist for one of its pilots captured in syria but without proof of life the exchange has been on hold. the fate of the pilot and japanese hostage unclear. so why is isis so interested in gaining the release of this failed suicide bomber? brian todd is looking into this part of the story. what are you finding out? >> reporter: one analyst says for the past several years, hardly anyone in jordan or iraq has paid any attention to this woman and quote, even her own tribe didn't care about her. tonight, sajida al rishawi is one of the most important people in the world with isis a key
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bargaining chip. what one isis supporter calls an imprisoned sister. tonight, this woman, seen in a suicide vest is at the center of intense negotiations between isis and one of america's closest allies. >> this female suicide bomber becomes something that has generally captured the imagination when we talk about her in the media. there is this shock and awe. >> reporter: the terror group wants jordan to exchange sajida al rishawi for this japanese hostage. jordan is looking for a deal. they want their pilot back who was recently captured by isis. a mideast official tells cnn isis is engaging in psychological warfare and it swirls around this woman who, until this moment had been largely forgotten for nine years. languishing in a jordanian prison. november 2005 sajida al rishawi and her husband are part of a band of suicide bombers who attacked three hotels in jordan. by all accounts al rishawi had little or no romantic connection to her husband.
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they had married just days before to make it easier for them to get into jordan from iraq and sneak into a wedding celebration in oman. in a televised confession al rishawi described the mission. >> translator: my husband took a porter and i took another one. there was a wedding in the hotel. there was women and children. my husband executed and detonated his belt. i tried to detonate mine but i failed. >> reporter: al rishawi ran from the scene and was later captured. her husband and their cohorts killed nearly 60 people in three locations. sajida al rishawi had reportedly been motivated purely by revenge. >> we do know that one of her eldest brothers was very close to an al qaeda commander and was given charge of some part of the region and that her first husband was also a part of al qaeda and two other brothers were killed all killed by americans in the operations in iraq. >> reporter: one of the brothers who was killed was a top
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lieutenant to the murderous leader of al qaeda in iraq. analysts say that brother could have been close to al baghdadi the current leader of isis. with its deep and personal connection to sajida al rishawi, what would isis do with her if she's brought back into the fold? >> she is probably not a great jihadi operative. i don't think they need her as a leader. there is no evidence that she has leadership qualities. what she is is a propaganda piece. what she is is someone you put in front of the camera and she says the right things and she praises isis for even nine years later, never forgetting about her. >> matthew levitt says al rishawi has achieved something for isis that it's really never had, something it's desperately craved equal footing in negotiations with a top u.s. ally. she gives isis at least the appearance of some legitimacy as a state even if only temporarily. an extraordinary situation right now playing out as we speak. >> here's the question. if she is released by jordan in exchange for the pilot, and say
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maybe the japanese journalist could she conceivably become a suicide bomber? >> analysts we spoke to say it's possible but right now it's unlikely. isis has not really used women as suicide bombers, has not even placed them on the front lines of combat. what's interesting is the predecessor of isis al qaeda in iraq didn't hesitate to use women as suicide bombers. used several of them. the very day this woman and her husband launched those attacks in jordan another woman was sent a blond, blue-eyed belgian, blew herself up and killed three u.s. soldiers the same day this woman and her husband were launching attacks in jordan. >> thanks very much brian todd. let's go in depth on all of this and more. joining us the ranking member of the house armed services committee and the democratic congressman, adam smith of washington state. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. we have lots to discuss. let's go through several issues.
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first of all, this apparently new isis strategy trying to move into the oil-rich kurdish town of kirkuk in northern iraq. what's going on here? >> it's part of an ongoing battle. they are fighting against the kurds, trying to control mosul and they are trying to open a new front. the most troubling thing in your report there is the continuing inability of the iraqi government to get a true power sharing arrangement between the shia and the sunni so the iraqi military can become a more effective force. the kurds are fighting and fighting well but they are simply not large enough if they don't have the iraqi security forces fully on their side. we are not there yet. i think isis senses a vulnerability. obviously kirkuk is oil rich a place they would love to control. >> they already control mosul, the second largest city in iraq. the iraqi army abandoned their positions, ran away when the isis forces came in. i spoke earlier today with your
2:13 pm
democratic colleague, adam schiff of california the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee. he seemed pretty alarmed by these reports of a massacre. some iraqi shiite militia went into some sunni town massacred 60 people if not more. while iraqi military forces were standing by watching what was going on. have you heard about this? >> i have only heard what has been reported. i have not heard anything beyond that. if it's true it is a major, major problem and points back to the fact the iraqi government simply hasn't made the changes necessary. even after malaki has left they have not made changes that would bring the sunnis across and get a new power sharing arrangement. if we are stuck with a civil war, that's exactly what isis wants. >> how does all of this relate to mosul? would you recommend putting more u.s. military advisors near the front line? because supposedly the iraqi military backed by the kurds,
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ready to launch some sort of offensive to try to retake that city. >> i think we still have to continue to help them train them and provide the air support that we have provided. i think it's just too important. we cannot allow a group like isis to control uncontested large swaths of territory. we have already seen that they will launch attacks against western targets. they will launch attacks in europe and try to launch them in the u.s. we need partners there locally who can fight them. the kurds have done a pretty good job. we just need the iraqis to step up and do a better job. >> you think this new prime minister is doing the job? are you confident he's going to be much of an improvement? >> not yet. i am not confident. the problems run deeper than one person. from what i have seen i think he would like to try to make some of those changes but he still has a lot of people to answer to within the broader iraqi government who don't seem willing to make the changes.
2:15 pm
>> stand by congressman. we have a lot more to discuss, including the latest on a potential swap for that terrorist, that woman terrorist in jordan in exchange for that jordanian fighter pilot, maybe the japanese journalist held by isis.
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we're back with ranking member of the house armed services committee, adam smith of washington state. i want to pick your brain on yemen right now. as you know the u.s. embassy for all practical purposes has shut down there. these houthi shiite rebels they seem to be pretty much in control of what's going on. they are backed by iran.
2:20 pm
they've got a slogan that says god is great, death to america, death to israel a curse on the jews victory to islam. here's the question. is this a group the u.s. could be dealing with in order to continue launching drone strikes against al qaeda targets elsewhere in yemen? >> that would be extraordinarily difficult. it is a confusing, confusing mess over there, obviously, because on the one hand you just described a group that we are diametrically opposed to. a good explanation of iran's influence throughout that region. on the other hand they are opposed to al qaeda. al qaeda has a presence in yemen and is trying to launch attacks and we had been working with the houthi government there to try and contain that. now we don't have a partner. it's an extremely problematic situation. i don't imagine that we are going to be able to develop a partnership with the houthi in yemen. that leaves us very vulnerable.
2:21 pm
>> does that mean that al qaeda, the arabian peninsula, aqap in yemen which is probably the most serious al qaeda threat out there right now, is going to only get stronger? >> at this point, that would appear to be the most likely outcome. but how do the houthi handle the presence of aqap? how do those two groups interact? that's the one thing that would be a problem for al qaeda would be having a shia group that is obviously hostile to them as well. i'm sure we will look for other avenues to try to contain that threat but it becomes much more problematic with the fall of the yemeni government. >> on the bowe bergdahl trade, five taliban prisoners who were held at guantanamo bay were freed through negotiations involving qatar. they were sent to qatar. bowe bergdahl is back here in the united states. one of those now is suspected by u.s. intelligence and others of being at least in contact with taliban militants in afghanistan. was it a mistake to do that trade?
2:22 pm
>> it was an extraordinarily difficult call. we had a u.s. soldier who was captured in the hands of the enemy. throughout the history of warfare, there have been this type of prisoner swap. i don't know it's a very very difficult call. i don't envy the president that decision. when it was obvious sergeant bergdahl was in very poor health at that time they were concerned about his wellbeing and they made that swap. i can say that in the history of this type of warfare, these swaps happen. israel has traded as many as a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for one or two israeli soldiers. those decisions are very very difficult. the decision was not made thinking that these five taliban weren't a problem. we knew they were a problem. the question was was it worth it to get one of our own back. >> you really can't blame the jordanian government a close friend to the united states for considering releasing this female terrorist in exchange for
2:23 pm
that f-16 pilot, the jordanian pilot whose plane went down over syria. >> right. >> you wouldn't have a problem with that would you? >> well, it's a difficult situation. obviously you don't want to empower isis to go out and continue to kidnap people in exchange for ransom. but it is a similar situation for jordan. it's just the lines are very blurred. this is not a traditional war in the sense of world war ii or the ones we grew up reading about. terrorism and warfare blur lines and make for some very very difficult decisions. >> well said. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up a surprise attack by isis on a major city. a desperate, bloody battle under way as security forces try to repel the assault. our experts are standing by to tell us what this means. plus are there any credible threats against the super bowl on sunday? pamela brown asked the fbi's top
2:24 pm
counterterrorism official during an exclusive visit to the government's command center for the latest assessment.
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2:29 pm
ambassador you have seen these reports, survivors say iraqi forces watched as an iraqi shiite militia executed 72 sunnis. if this is true that is so going to inflame the passions that are already inflamed between iraqi's sunnis and shiites. >> this is a very bad development, if in fact as you said it's true. we have seen similar reports several times earlier this year in that same area and of course we saw this all of the time in 2006-2007. but again, i have also seen reports that have been exaggerated and turned out not to be true. i think we have to wait a bit. but i wouldn't be surprised if something like this did occur. >> what is so shocking you know this because you were there, you were the u.s. ambassador the u.s. spent billions and billions and billions of dollars training these iraqi troops. a, they simply abandoned their positions as soon as some isis guys started coming in from syria, left their weaponry their tanks, armored personnel carriers simply abandoned a
2:30 pm
city of mosul with nearly two million people. if this is true they were simply observing a massacre. what's going on here? >> several things. first of all, they did abandon mosul but actually many units have held up pretty well since then. we haven't had any kind of flight like that since june. secondly i look at the bottle as half full. first thing is we don't have iraqi troops themselves killing civilians and i have seen that before at times. but these militias are bad news under any and all circumstances. they are quite capable of doing this and it's quite possible the iraqi troops -- >> let me get colonel reese's reaction. what's your reaction when you hear about these kinds of reports, iraqi troops simply standing by and watching an alleged massacre? >> i agree with the ambassador. i have seen it both sides, from all my time in iraqi fighting and now with the company there, i have still seen it. we have to kind of sit back and wait to see what happens. but i also believe this could be an opportunity by isis with their propaganda machine to show this type of thing and dwell and cause that turmoil in there.
2:31 pm
so i'm going to stand back. but we have seen it. we have to watch very closely and see what comes out in the next couple days. >> i think the colonel is absolutely right. if in fact this is true isis will exploit this. >> of course. because al qaeda in iraq which is the parent organization of isis always exploited these things. we may not be the nicest guys in the world but at least we will defend you if you are a sunni civilian. that has been their message consistently in iraq. >> the fear is that something like this could really generate a lot more volunteers sunni iraqis, to join isis. >> yeah. well, we have seen reports from the head of special operations command that a thousand fighters are still coming into iraq now, today, just last week he said this. so you know unfortunately centcom may be killing 200 fighters a week as we heard from the head of centcom but if you have 1,000 foreign fighters coming in, that's pretty much a wash. >> what's your analysis ambassador of this latest battle that's going on in the northern iraqi city of kirkuk
2:32 pm
which has a lot of oil and supposedly the kurds are in charge but isis is trying to move in right now. >> right. in the end i think the kurds will hold it. here's the point, wolf. this is a propaganda strike by isis just like the hostage situation with the jordanians and japanese just like the way they will exploit as peter said these reports of a massacre whether it occurred or not. we are dealing with a foe that is very very savvy on public relations and propaganda and they strike back in various ways. kirkuk is under dispute by sunni arabs, even some shia arabs up there and two factions of the kurds and this is a very sensitive point for many many iraqis and the kurds are going to have to hold this. they will have a lot of explaining to do. >> one of the problems though colonel, the kurds completely -- always complain about this is the u.s. isn't really directly supplying them with weaponry. it's got to go through the shiite-led government of baghdad. some of it might get to the kurds, some of it might not. they seem to be so frustrated. as you know the iraqi kurds are
2:33 pm
very good fighters and they want to do the right thing but they are so frustrated. >> yeah i mean i fought with the kurds and i know several of their leadership. they are very good from their infantry tactics but the ambassador was right. the sovereign nation of iraq that's the diplomatic side of it, and so the kurdistan is part of iraq. they have a vice president for those pieces. we are trying to do the right thing. but we also need to understand the peshmerga are getting weapons from other places, too. they might be lashing out at the americans but they are getting from other places. they are trying to play both hands sometimes. >> let's get to this other story. it was our lead this amedy coulibaly, the terrorist who went into the kosher supermarket, killed all those people over there, those four jews in the kosher supermarket, he was wearing this video camera on his torso on his chest, this go pro video, and it was actually feeding the video to someone on the outside, and there is great fear now that
2:34 pm
video is going to be posted on some isis or some al qaeda website for propaganda purposes. give us an explanation of what's going on here. >> well, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was true because if you go back to the westgate mall attack in kenya, remember the twitter feed that al shabab which did the attack had some of the most accurate information. the fact that terrorist organizations are using twitter and facebook and we have seen this with isis isn't really surprising. they tend to be young guys who are computer savvy, reasonably smart, and they are going to use whatever's available to get their message out. >> you agree, i assume that this could be a propaganda bonanza for a group like isis or aqap. >> combined with everything else we have seen look what you have presented to your viewers this last half an hour. this is really very troublesome because it multiplies and adds up and makes people think things are out of control. >> what do you do about this colonel? what can the world do about what's going on right now? >> well the whole go pro thing is something that's come up over the last couple years.
2:35 pm
the other thing isis will do is they will use it for themselves to after action review if they can get ahold of it to look at the different techniques and procedures security forces are using against them to counter them. this is a tough one. we have some technology out there, some electronic jamming that we can use when these type of actions go but this is a whole other side. i heard the congressman say before we've got to get our minds out of our box and start thinking outside the box because isis is sure doing it to us. >> all right, thanks very much colonel, ambassador peter. appreciate it. sunday's super bowl is also a security nightmare. coming up what's being done to make sure nobody flies a drone over the stadium in arizona. plus are there any real credible threats against the big game? pamela brown, she just sat down with the fbi's top counterterrorism official during an exclusive visit to the government's command center. her report coming up.
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2:41 pm
event, given the terrorism landscape that we live in today. basically, he said it's all hands on deck. they prepare months in advance. take a listen. >> the super bowl like any large public event, the fbi starts planning along with local law enforcement, authorities on the ground and dhs months and months beforehand looking at venues looking at the situation, identifying threats, mitigating those threats. >> so of course i asked him, wolf are there any threats. he said there has been an increase in chatter leading up to the super bowl similar to what you see at other big events but there are no credible threats. they have a command post here in d.c. and in phoenix and there's a big partnership that takes place with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies. >> he showed you the center, the counterterrorism center there. you had a chance to discuss a whole bunch of issues terror-related issues. >> that's right. there was so much to cover. like i said we talked about the
2:42 pm
threat of lone wolves and even if they are under 24/7 surveillance can you prevent a small scale attack. a few things really jumped out at me first, the role social media plays. we know isis is using that as a recruiting tool but he said kids in america as young as 15 years old are online talking to isis militants. it's a big concern that there is such big volume now of americans online interacting with them. he also talked about sleeper cells. of course a big question are there sleeper cells in the u.s. of course we will have more of his interview coming up next week. also why haven't authorities arrested foreign fighters who have come back from syria after fighting with isis and are now on u.s. soil. i asked him why haven't they been arrested why haven't they been prevented from coming back to the u.s. he gives us the answers we will hear next week. >> maybe you can give us a clue. what did he say? >> we have to wait and see but basically he talked about how the bar is so high before you can bring a prosecution. prosecute someone. >> they are monitoring these
2:43 pm
people watching these, surveillance but they don't have enough yet to go ahead and actually arrest them? >> that's what you know the challenge of syria is an intelligence black hole. how do they know for certain this person was fighting with isis? they might have concern clues but do they have enough to build that case to prevent that person from coming back to the u.s. he talked about how it's impossible to keep track of all the americans going back and forth. his biggest concern, he said is what he doesn't know. those americans that aren't on his radar. >> looking forward to more of this interview next monday. thanks very much pamela brown. good work. >> thank you. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow for cnn's super bowl special. rachel nichols and special guest dan marino they co-host kickoff in arizona, saturday afternoon 4:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. up next we saw the lights come on in a surprise when a drone flew over the white house this week. in a moment you will see what's being done right now to stop anyone from flying a drone over the super bowl. and at the top of the hour a new front opens up in the war with isis.
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others might? ♪ ♪ something disturbing that happened over at the white house this week points to a potential danger at this weekend's super bowl in arizona. the latest forecast calls for good weather, so the stadium's retractible dome almost certainly will be open to the sky and potentially to drones. let's get the latest from our aviation correspondent, rene marsh. >> reporter: well wolf we know the department of homeland security will have choppers
2:49 pm
monitoring the air space and other safety and security agencies are also playing serious defense to protect one of the largest sporting events from rogue drone operators, threatening arrest and hefty fines for anyone who violates the super bowl no drone zone. over the super bowl. the federal aviation administration warning rogue operators to keep drones away from the big game. it's a major safety and security concern. >> somebody could just fly that drone into the crowd and injure a few people. perhaps there is something on the drone that's could cause -- even if it's an explosion, but enough to cause a small panic or a panic on the ground. >> reporter: the secret service scrambled to ensure a drone that
2:50 pm
flew over the white house was not a bigger event. sporting events are not immune. this drone that flew over a soccer match. big league stadiums are a big atrangs for drone enthusiasts in the the united states. law enforcement is threatening an interception if anyone tries it this sunday. >> if we see somebody operating a drone or in preparation of operating a drone, we will make contact and address the individual up to and including arrest. >> reporter: the nfl says the league is increasingly finding drones at stadiums. in the past year 12 drones have landed around stadiums on game day. the nfl will have explosive teams ready to swoop in if a drone makes its way on to the playing field. during last year's all star game major league baseball used a drone detection system scanning the sky above the stadium. it wouldn't be able to stop a drone from flying over.
2:51 pm
this man is the former chief of safety for the air force. his company now makes drone detection systems. >> benefit is you can tell that it's there before it becomes a threat. so that you have time for the decision makers to decide on what they do with it. >> reporter: authorities and the nfl are being tight lipped about whether they are using so-called drone detection systems around the stadium on sunday. you do know that drones have sparked safety and security concerns. the faa has received dozens of reports of drones nearly hitting planes. after a drone landed at the white house, the president says the incident highlighted the need for stronger regulations. the faa has been delayed in issuing the long awaited rules for the growing industry. >> it is growing. thank you. with us now here in "the situation room" our law enforcement reporter.
2:52 pm
thanks very much. we have -- they are simple the drones. you can buy one for $500. potentially, tom, these could be pretty dangerous. >> they can be extremely dangerous. they go from $50 to a couple thousand depending on how large the aircraft is. we have had ones that are models of aircraft that you could attach 50 pounds of explosives and send it in. the problem is they are trying to develop a way to jam the electronic signal. you can imagine at a super bowl if you are jamming signals it you have tv law enforcement has to talk to each other, use cell phones, use radios. god forbid if the quarterbacks couldn't hear their signals. there is a concern of how they can stop these in a crowded event. >> could there could be 70 or 80,000 people. what are you hearing about the serious concern, the no drone zone? >> we know that the homeland security department is working with the local police department
2:53 pm
there and the national counterterrorism center. they will have certain capabilities. for instance we know they can jam the signals -- the communication between an operator and one of these drones for instance, to try to make it crash immediately. we know that they have these detection systems. we don't know what exactly they will use at the super bowl. but they do have them. the problem is as you said what do you do -- how do you find the people operating these? >> let's say there's a drone coming in tom. they spot the drone. do they shoot it? what do they do? >> that's a good question. >> let's say the drone has some sort of plastic explosives or anthrax or some horrible device on board. >> the problem is if they shoot at it the bullets will come down on the people at the stadium. if they fire a rocket it has to come down. they can't put 100,000 people out there with butterfly nets. i think that jamming a particular signal if they can detect it is the only answer in
2:54 pm
the long run or we will face this for a long time. >> you see how simple these drones are. this is lightweight. it can fly. you can control it from your living room or whatever. it flies around. we saw what happened at the white house. apparently the guy who was monitoring this drone or conducting it was ten blocks away. >> the biggest problem is that these things -- as popular as they are becoming the communication system is very flimsy. sometimes someone loses control of it without knowing what they're doing. >> i saw on line a company that made the drone that flew into the white house lawn has received hundreds of complaints about them flying away and getting away. the guy is controlling it and suddenly it's off on its own and they can't bring it back. >> like losing your wi-fi signal. that's what happens. >> a serious problem. security as all super bowls are concerned, security will be tight. this is not new to the fbi. >> that's for sure. >> they have a game plan in
2:55 pm
mind. let's hope we enjoy the game. good luck to both teams. thanks very much. coming up after a series of american victories, isis launching a surprise attack now on a key city vital for its oil reserves. is the terror group opening up a new front? terrorist camera. we're learning more about that video, the video images the paris kosher market gunman recorded during his bloody rampage. i love... listening to intriguing sounds when i drift off into my dreams. others might? ♪ ♪ moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor
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happening now, surprise attack. a deadly new show of isis fire
3:00 pm
power as the terrorists keep the world guessing about the fate of two hostages. is isis growing stronger or more desperate? the defense secretary responds to new questions about the prisoner swap that freed a u.s. soldier and is it having dangerous consequences? terror video. the images of the kosher supermarket attack that the world hasn't seen before. new information about the pictures recorded by the gunman in the midst of the rampage. romney says no just when he seeped open to running for president of the united states again. the republican says never mind. who gains most from his decision? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." let's get right to breaking news. cnn confirming that the paris terrorist had a camera and
3:01 pm
recorded his bloody rampage as it was happening. stand by for new information on that. breaking right now, an attack by isis terrorists. they are taking their fight for land and power to new territory. a strategic oil-rich city. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee is standing by along with our correspondents analysts covering the news breaking right now. first, let's get to the paris terror attacks and the shocking video taken by the gunman at that kosher supermarket. cnn confirms he was recording in the midst of the slaughter. the gunman had a go-pro camera strapped to his body. authorities believe he e-mailed the video to terror i haves sistterrorists. that comes from a reporter who has been doing joint reporting with cnn. let's get more information. what are you learning paul? >> it's a seven-minute video. french investigators have
3:02 pm
watched it. it showed amedy coulibaly storming in and killing three people that he is filming from the go-pro camera on his torso. they have established that he e-mailed out the video to some kind of accomplice. the fear is this will emerge on a jihadi website. we saw a previous video that he put out emerge on a pro-isis twitter stream. so concern that the horrendous video images are going to soon hit jihadi websites. >> the concern is specifically that he was recording on this go-pro video strapped to his chest if you will when he murdered those four jewish men in the kosher supermarket? is that what they suspect? >> they have seen the video, french investigators, of the horrible murders taking place in
3:03 pm
the jewish supermarket. they have now established through technical assessments of the computers that they recovered from the supermarket that he managed to e-mail out this footage to some kind of associate somewhere. they suspect somebody with ties to a jihadist group. the worries that this footage will get out there, it's going to be used by propaganda purposes by a group like isis. kshl amedy coulibaly swore allegiance although he wasn't formally part of the terrorist group. >> see if the videos surface on the isis or al qaeda social media sites. let's get to the other breaking stories, the attack by isis terrorists. our national security correspondent jim sciutto is joining us. more on what's going on here. >> reporter: this was a large,
3:04 pm
surprise assault on an important city in the north. fighters advancing under fog killing the most senior kurdish commander and sparking a gun battle. it's a powerful demonstration of isis' ability to project power on multiple fronts at once. a new front in the war against isis. isis militants launching a coordinated surprise attack on the oil rich iraqi city of. they fight back against isis fighters in center of town. here kurdish fighters raid the building to retake control. >> it's no surprise to us that they contain or can demonstrate the at built to continue to reek
3:05 pm
violence. >> reporter: isis advanced seen burning tents. among the dead there, kurdish commander, shown here in an interview last summer. he was the highest ranking commander there. representative adam schiff ranking member on the house intelligence committee, sees isis desperate to demonstrate its strength. >> isis is feeling a lot of pressure. they have lost ground in the kurdish areas. they lost ground to iraqi special forces. they had the lost in kobani. they are very lethal but they are worried about pressure being put on mosul and supply lines being cut off to mosul. >> reporter: iraqi forces are planning a major assault to retake mosul, possibly as early as the spring. kurdish forces have launched attacks to cut off isis supply
3:06 pm
lines to the city. tonight the fate of isis hostages the jordanian pilot and japanese journalist remains in a painful limbo. more than 20 244 hours after the deadline passed still no proof of life or otherwise. the only update japan's government spokesperson can offer today was there is nothing i can tell you. new developments. central command announcing an air strike killed an isis chemical expert. the strike took place january 24 near mosul in the north. isis' predecessor who joined in 2005. it reminds you isis has its roots going back a decade to al qaeda in iraq. remember the u.s. coalition declared victory over al qaeda in iraq.
3:07 pm
isis came back. >> it's unusual for the u.s. military central command to announce not only that -- they announce strikes all the time. but they announced the targeted killing of an individual of an isis commander. that's unusual, isn't it? >> it is. but they have done it for senior commanders before. watching this announcement come out as we have seen this through the year it reminds me of covering the iraq war when you would have announcements of who who was killed and with great fanfare when you would kill the leader or senior leader of some of the organizations with the impression given that by doing that you strike in a decisive blow. but we know they get replaced quickly. this one had knowledge of kep chemical weapons. >> fair point. thanks jim sciutto. officials in jordan and japan are trying to get information about the citizens held captive by isis and whether they are dead or alive. what are you learning over
3:08 pm
there, will? >> reporter: it's frustrating right now, wolf for the japanese government and jordanian government the lack of a direct line of communication with isis. monitoring social media accounts for postings about this terror group's next move is one of the only ways that information is coming in. there are a number of unconfirmed reports. isis has had direct contact with the wife of one of the hostages kenji goto. their last threat was ominous saying that if she did not do her part to expose their propaganda to the world that they threatened to kill her husband. of course that's in addition to the threat to kill the jordanian pilot. the key issue here the key problem is that you have a world power like japan, a yeejregional power like jordan that are being forced to wait on a terror group like isis that appears to be trying to drag this out to elevate their own status. they have continued to dominate the headlines for more than a week now. yet these governments, because two innocent lives are on the
3:09 pm
line they have no choice at this moment but to do what they can to try to work out a deal with a group even as there are increasing fears and increasing questions about whether isis is serious about a prisoner swap or if they are trying to keep this going as long as possible playing a game with the two major governments. >> let's hope the two host anlages are released soon. thank you. breaking news. i want to get to barbara starr. she finished an exclusive interview with the outgoing defense secretary. he was very candid with you about your reporting on the swap of the prisoners, the five taliban prisoners for beau bergdahl the pressure he has been under. tell us what he told you. >> reporter: wolf secretary is just a few days away from leaving office. tonight he gave us this interview and surprised us with his candor. we started by talking about that swap five for one for beau bergdahl and the program that he
3:10 pm
is in charge of to release prisoners, detainees from guantanamo bay. he had an awful lot to say. >> the five for one still the right decision in your mind? >> absolutely it was the right decision. it was the right decision barbara, because we don't leave our troops behind. that has been the culture of the american millyitary since george washington. it was clear that bergdahl was a prisoner of war. the circumstances surrounding that we have investigated. that investigation is over. i am absolutely as committed to that decision today as when the decision was made. it was the right decision. are you concerned when you release any detainee from guantanamo? of course. because there is no 100% guarantee of anything. and i think i've got a pretty
3:11 pm
clear record on this. in fact not everyone at the white house agreed with how i handled some of this. i have maded it clear that i will not certify, sign anything to release a detainee as long as i'm secretary of defense unless i am convinced it's in the best interest of the country and the substantial mitigation of risk can be verified as closely as we can verify. >> you just brought up -- you said it not everyone at white house agrees with you. tell us what you mean. >> well i think the press has been pretty clear on that. >> let's hear it in your own words. >> what i have said is what i just said. not everyone at the white house has agreed with me. >> on what part of this? >> probably on the pace of releases. >> because you have been cautious? >> because i have the responsibility and i play my own game here. and that is because by law i am the one -- the one official in
3:12 pm
government charged with certification of release of detainees. i take that responsibility very seriously. >> have you had pressure? >> we have had a lot of conversations. >> with the white house? >> yes. and congress. and the press. >> you don't seem too fussed by the notion that maybe there has been pressure from the white house. >> barbara, i have been in this town a long time. there is pressure all the time in every job that come from a lot of different directions. if you are not prepared to deal with pressure every day in the job you are in coming from a lot of different directions then you shouldn't be in the job. >> look i have to tell you, we have covered secretary hagel since the day he took office. he has never publically been this candid about that pressure from the white house. what is the pressure? we know that he is confirming that the white house wanted him
3:13 pm
to move faster on approving the release of detainees from guantanamo bay and white house wanted him to approve more of them. chuck hagel says i'm responsible for national security on this. i'm not going to sign any of the transfers unless i'm convinced it's right thing to do. on the bergdahl one he is convinced. he thinks the problem with the one detainee can be handled. truly, an extraordinary admission from the secretary in his last few days in office that yes, he was pressured by the white house. >> he certainly very very blunt by the outgoing defense secretary. barbara, we will revise all of the suggestions at the time of his announcement of his resignation that he wasn't very happy with what was going on the pressure he was getting from the white house, right? >> i think that this now is a big hint perhaps even just straight up an acknowledgement by chuck hagel in his final days that he will say what he thinks.
3:14 pm
he has been under pressure since all of it was he fired, was he pushed out, did he resign? it's clear there were differences with the white house. he was a real gentleman about it trying not to say too much. but we know in the last few days in office we now know his view is he can be more candid can he say what he thinks he can offer his views, his opinions and really nobody can do anything to him now. he is leaving. >> he certainly is. stand by barbara. we want to run more of this interview you had. he is very blunt. the outgoing defense secretary. let's bring in congressman ed royce. >> i think he was very straightforward about the pressure. considering the pressure that he is under, if we look at some of the individuals released these were individuals who were participating -- they participated in the worst atrocities that occurred.
3:15 pm
>> the five frees in exchange for sergeant beau bergdahl? >> that's correct. they were involved in atrocity. so the question now that the story has surfaced that one of them is already in contact gentrying to rejoin the fight brings up the whole question of the history of those who have been released from guantanamo 30% have been involved in some way in getting back into action. and, of course americans are targeted. british have been targeted by these former taliban leaders. this is on the conscience and on the shoulders of our secretary of defense. >> stand by mr. chairman. we have more to discuss. more of this exclusive interview coming up. we will take a quick break. more of the breaking news right after this. (melodic, calm music.) hi this is conor. sorry i missed you.
3:16 pm
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we're back with ed royce. congressman, we are getting more with the interview with chuck hagel. barbara, you sat down with the defense secretary. what else did he tell you? >> wolf a couple of minutes ago we were talking about his candor as he is in his last few days in office. also that candor extended to the current coalition campaign to fight isis in iraq and syria. one of the big issues on the table is would there be a recommendation to president obama that a small number of u.s. ground forces might have to go into iraq not the advisers
3:21 pm
and trainers that we have now, but actual ground forces to go help the iraqi forces as they make their advances. these people would help collect intelligence intelligence, point out targets, go right to the front lines. the secretary was unusually candid let me say. he had a few caveats, but he also had a bottom line. >> he said to his commander general dempsey and general austin if you think you need to recommend to me to the president that we should look at other options, then i want you to bring those recommendations to me. that so far, has not happened. whether that would happen in the future again, the president has said to his commanders if you think this is what's going to be required i need to know it. you need to make the recommendation. i will listen. >> what do you think? >> well i think just as the president has said and it is the
3:22 pm
advice have i given the president, what general dempsey has, we have to look at all the options. i think it may require a forward deployment of some of our troops not doing fighting not doing the combat work that we did at one time for six years in iraq and we did for many many years in afghanistan. but to help air strike -- >> locate targets, intelligence? >> those are things we continue to support. i would say that we're not there yet. whether we get there or not, i don't know. whether that's something that our millitary commanders would recommend into the future, i don't know. as the president has made clear, i need to know your honest opinion. he has been very forthright about that. what you think, if that's something that you think -- >> you are saying -- you are saying you think it could be
3:23 pm
necessary. >> it could be. i'm not willing to say that it will be necessary. i say it could be necessary. >> he is saying i think it may require forward deployed u.s. troops. he is caveating that. what we are seeing for the first time is an insight into his advice to president obama. now we know defense secretary hagel, general dempsey, general austin all have talked about this that this could be on the table for president obama to decide. wolf? >> excellent work barbara. i'm glad you followed up and you pressed him for answers. that's what you are supposed to do and did you it well. thanks very much. let's get back to the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, ed royce. forward troops. that sounds like it could be
3:24 pm
combat troops even though they might be advisors, if the iraqi military and the kurds, are they going to go mosul to retake the huge city of nearly 2 million people and u.s. troops will be forward troops that's a dangerous operation whether you call them ground troops or combat troops whatever you call them they potentially are in harm's way. >> on our committee, we will hear from john allen next week. he is retired now. he was in charge of the awakening of working with those sunni tribes at that time. his current job is working with the state department in the state department on that same project. so he will lay out to us the way in which some of our special ops and military officers were able to work with the tribes in order at the time to get them to push back on al qaeda. some of the concepts from his perspective about what could be done to take down isis.
3:25 pm
>> what's your reaction to what we heard from chuck hagel? >> that's the dialogue. that's what we will hear from john allen. how can some of our special ops work with these sunni tribal leaders who are expected now to push or play a big role in pushing isis out of their territory in syria, in iraq? >> do you have any confidence in the iraqi army? >> we don't have a lot of confidence in the iraqi leadership. one of the reasons is because they continue to allow shia militia to come in here and be engaged in all of this. every time it happens, of course it is more disrupting. we have watched the kurds forces. >> iranian forces. >> we have watched them from lebanon into syria into yemen into iraq all through the
3:26 pm
region. this is very very concerning. wherever they go you can notice how they destabilize the local situation. they just did it in yechlmen. >> you heard reports of a massacre a shiite militia. this is the report we got. iraqi forces watched as shiite militia executed 72 sunnis including young little boys and the iraqi military stood by and let this happen. >> the reports to read them -- of course they are reports. we have to follow up. but to read that iraqi soldiers stood there crying but not stepping in to stop the militia show the arm that the iranians have now into the country. and the fact that the leadership in baghdad won't stand up and stand down the militia that are
3:27 pm
influenced by iran and the fact that iran continues to push the types of tactics is very concerning. >> you blame iran that this -- you directly blame iran for this? >> we worked to push maliki to stop the -- >> the former prime minister. >> we're working to push the current prime minister explaining to him, if you are going to be able to bring order here you have got to get the iranians out, you have to get these shia militia to stand down, let the military do its job. to allow the sectarian militias which are often led by iranian forces come in and do the types of butchering they have done this has been a disaster all through the region. >> if these reports of this massacre are confirmed, it will poison the relationship between iraqi sunnis and shia. who knows what will happen down the road. >> it's tragic. >> mr. chairman thanks for
3:28 pm
joining us. >> thank you. >> ed royce, chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. the report that the error i haves -- the terrorist who was in the kosher attack e-mailed the attack. mitt romney is out of the race for the white house. (announcer) don't settle for 4g lte coverage that's smaller or less reliable when only one network is america's largest and most reliable 4g lte network: verizon. with xlte, our 4g lte bandwidth has doubled in over 400 cities. and now, save without settling. get 2 lines with 10gb of data for just $110... ...or four lines for just $140. and get a $150 bill credit for each smartphone you switch. hurry! offers end february 4th. only on verizon.
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we're following breaking news. chuck hagel telling barbara starr in an exclusive interview that the white house pressured him to release detainees from gitmo. let's get some analysis.
3:33 pm
here is philip mudd and jane harmon here in "the situation room" and our analyst paul is joining us as well. jane jane, he was very blunt. he didn't mince any words. he didn't like some of the pressure he was getting from the white house on some of the key decisions he as the defense secretary of state had to make. >> the white house is involved in a lot of cabinet decisions. i'm not surprised to hear this. i don't have any specific information. it's just a shame it seems to me that the independence of the defense department and the expertise wasn't let loose on this situation. i think the trade turns out in hindsight to have been ill advised. >> you done't like it? the policy is to bring -- >> i don't think it was vetted who the five guys were. i get it about him. but i think the five guys turn
3:34 pm
out to be problematic. a number of -- i do know this. a number of key people in the administration were not consulted before the trade was made. >> that's a serious situation. what do you think about all of this especially the blunt talk that we heard -- barbara starr did an excellent job getting him to answer questions. he seemed a little frustrated. it may have been one of the reasons why he's no longer the secretary of defense. >> this is washington, d.c. on sensitive policy issues for the white house to press the department of defense is not a big surprise. i say, people are speculating on whether you could have gotten a better deal. we're playing in the taliban casino. we have five of their guys. they are going to kill a u.s. soldier. you can say we want a better deal. the taliban will say no. it's bring them home for a bad deal or let him die in after dan stan. there's no easy way out. >> what do you think, paul? you have studied this closely. >> yeah. these were five pretty senior guys in the taliban. some of them had minuteisterial
3:35 pm
experience. some may try to rejoin. they were not operationally active in terrorist plots. these were leaders of the taliban that were released. people who were getting on in age as well. >> it looks like there's a stall right now in the potential swap of the female terrorist, that would be suicide bomber held by the jordanian government. what's your analysis? >> i think there's no adequate proof of life. i think that's -- >> of the pilot? >> of the pilot. i think jordan wants to get him back. he apparently is -- he or his family are critical people in jordan plus they want their pilot back. same conversation we just had. giving her up is something that i find surprising.
3:36 pm
i remember being in congress during that hotel bombing and how outraged the jordanians were. it was a tipping point in terms aqap in terms of ugliness. i'm surprised they would think about this. >> why hasn't there been proof of life? that's what the jordanian government -- they are very close to the united states. they want evidence that fighter pilot is alive. >> i think there's a growing question here. that's whether isis was serious to start with. we started with a $200 million demand. nobody would ever take that seriously. the one on one looked reasonable. i wonder whether they are trying to sugarcoat what is the decapitation of another prisoner. >> paul you are reporting it. you have good information. this videotape apparently that amedy coulibaly, the terrorist who went into the supermarket killed the four jewish men, that he was recording it. he had a camera on his body one
3:37 pm
of the go pro cameras. it was sent out at the time to some accomplice. it's about to go public on some terrorist website. tell us what's going on. >> that's right. it's a seven-minute video. investigators have watched this thing. you see three of the hostages being killed when amedy coulibaly storms the jewish supermarket in paris earlier this month. through technical assessments, they have established -- they managed to e-mail this out to some associate. this information was provided to cnn by a national security reporter who has been doing joint reporting with cnn. it is astounding that he filmed this with a go pro camera attach attached to his torso. there has been precedent for this. in 2012 there were a series of attacks in southern france including against of a jewish school by somebody who trained
3:38 pm
with al qaeda in pakistan. he filmed the attacks and sent it. and it took a phone call from the emir of qatar to prevent that getting out in 2012. worry is that a pro-isis website now has this and they will put it out on the twitter feed. >> they assume this will generate good propaganda for isis. that's why they want to do it. we will have more on this coming up as well. thank you. roughly 9 people in iraq and syria have been forced from their homes by isis militants and the conflicts in the region. you can help. for ways to donate go to roughly nine million people have been forced out of their homes. breaking news continues here in "the situation room." we're following all the major terror developments including new information about that pair irmarket -- that paris market attack. mitt romney won't make a
3:39 pm
third presidential bid. who benefits the most from romney's decision? ♪ ♪ ♪
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huge shift in the landscape for the next race of the white house. the former republican nominee mitt romney says he will not run three weeks after he caught almost everyone off guard by saying he was considering a third campaign for president. let's talk about all of this and more with dana bash, peter and katie, the deputy campaign manager for the romney campaign last time around. thanks to all of you for coming in. he took himself out. this is significant. you are getting new information about his decision. tell us what happened. >> well surprisingly to at least some people on his staff, mitt romney made this decision last weekend. that was before his big campaign-like trip to mississippi and before -- and after a conference call he had with his staff, which was talking about how we gear up for
3:45 pm
this campaign how we build out the trip to mississippi, which was a college event making it look more like a campaign event. in the end -- i spoke with his son today. in the end, he said he decided that he could be the nominee, thought he was going to win the nomination but the fear was in order to get there, it was going to be so hard fought that he could not emerge from a position of strength meaning, rerun of 2012 against obama and this time it would be hillary clinton. >> you worked for mitt romney last time around. were you surprised by this decision? >> i felt it could have gone either way. ultimate ultimately it was a very personal thing. he knew the factors. he knows what it takes to run for president. at the end of the day, it was going to be a decision of whether or not he felt like he could emerge from a position of strength and whether that was a journey he wanted to go on. neither decision would have
3:46 pm
surprised me. i think there were -- there was disappointment from folks on the inside but maybe a sense of relief he was saving himself from turmoil that goes on. >> i spoke with kevin madden. he was surprised. i was surprised. he was giving all the indications in what he was saying and the body language going after hillary, that he was a serious candidate. >> there's a difference between sending messages though and actually doing the work behind the scenes. i don't know if you agree with this. but over the last month, i think it became clear -- this surfaced in this romney conference call last meeting in boston. his advisers gave him a clear assessment of the landscape. staff that were with him last time were going to other potential candidates. donors were going to other candidates. in particular jeb bush. which again goes to all that we're talking about, that his staff was going to be with him if he wanted to run because they
3:47 pm
are loyal. >> mostly very loyal. >> but they were very -- >> realistic. my understanding is that just as you said they got -- he got candid assessments. but that what the staff who were doing the data collecting as they called it out in the field, not just polling but talking to key supporters in all the battleground states the key money people was that it was doable. somebody said look could jeb have raised more money? of course. but jeb has not gone through this -- the process not just once but twice as mitt romney has. there's a lot to be said for that. there really is. the flip side and i think this was -- i don't know that they had to say it. if it was the elephant in the room. people know mitt romney for better or worse, he is the 47% guy. he is the guy with the cars in the garage. he is the guy that talks about
3:48 pm
being severely conservative. those are all -- for bet heter or worse, when you are a politician -- >> he did leave the door slightly open. he said i have been -- i will be asked again. if there are any circumstances whatsoever that might develop that could change my mind. it seepms unlikely. unlikely is not no. >> i don't think he is playing a game here. i think he has no intention to run. he is sending very clear signals. could there be a 1% scenario? sure. >> the white knight. you heard it here first. >> he has no intention of doing this. his team was almost 100% loyal. all of the senior level folks said they would be with him. there's no candidate that wouldn't trade the strength and assets that he has going in. >> there were senior level people who they would be with him if he wanted to do about t but they were very clear eyed about what this would take and
3:49 pm
how he might -- >> very quickly, peter, the big winner on the republican side from this is? >> chris christie or marco rubio. >> why not jeb bush? >> because i think there is -- jeb bush already has a significant chunk of the republican establishment in terms of financial support and staff. he is hiring lots of people from the chamber of commerce whatever. then there is rand paul who is the grass-roots frontrunner. there is the anti-jeb who doesn't want to be -- >> we have to leave it there. don't go too far away. much more coming up. more news. we will take a quick break. we will be right back. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks.
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the nfl commissioner said it's been a tough year for the nfl. he didn't like the question posed by cnn's rachel nichols, listen to this. >> roger, you have faced a lot of problems over the past year that have a wide range.
3:55 pm
a lot of issues have in common is a conflict of interest. when you do something like hire an outside investigator into the patriots investigation you're still paying him and robert craft who owns the patriots is paying you. even when you do everything right, it opens you up to a credibility gap with the public and some of your most high profile players. what steps can you take to mitigate those con fliktsflict of interest issues? >> i don't agree with you in a lot of the aassumptions you make. their integrity is impeccable. these are professionals. they bring outside expertise and outside perspective. they're conclusions are drawn
3:56 pm
only by the evidence and the attempt to try and identify that truth. i think we have done an excellent job of bringing outside consultants in. somebody has to pay them. unless you're volunteering which i don't think you are, we will do that. we have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the league whether we have an owner that's being investigated or we have a commissioner that's being investigated. they're done at the highest level of integrity and quality. >> he said the league has done a lot of soul searching and taking actions to try to address a lot of these problems. let's bring back gloria and dana. i want to get your reaction to that exchange between rachel and the commissioner. >> i think he was unduly kind of snide to rachel. she was asking a very
3:57 pm
legitimate hard hitting question. it country about the integrity of the investigators. it's about the integrity of the league which is what's been at issue here. she asked a tough question and he tried a little joke which didn't work. it backfired and he seemed snide when he should have answered the question directly. >> first of all, i want to be rachel nichols when i grow up. >> she was great. >> she was great. she was tough and she was exactly right. there are have legitimate questions. of course, as you were saying the people leading those investigations are stallworths. >> former fbi directors. >> no one is questioning their integrity. there are ways to pay them or there are ways to compensate them so it's not comeing from the nfl or the owner of one of the teams. i'm thinking about here in washington. we stand up and we ask tough
3:58 pm
questions. we sometimes get a smack down. they go after, but i will say that most of the time when a principal is attacking me for me question, it says something about hitting a nerve. she hit a nerve. you go girl. >> she hit a nerve because he remembered that she actually asked the same question before. i would argue then be prepared for it this time. this is his issue. this is not rachel's issue. she was doing her job as a serious journalist and he couldn't answer her question. >> we're used to asking public officials who are responsible for answering questions like this. in sports there's a little bit less of that. in hollywood a lot less of that. there's a whole different situation. she was not going to just kind of roll over. i think that's important for all
3:59 pm
of us to remember. >> she is wasn't raising questions about ted wells integrity. she was saying these guys are being brought in to adjudicate what happened but they are being paid by the nfl and ted wells case about indirectly, the new england patriots who pay the nfl. >> it's the equivalent of a special prosecutor. it should be the same. >> that's why we picked rachel so ask the tough questions. that's what he needs. >> thanks to rachel for doing her job. thanks to both you have for doing yours. you have a big job this sunday morning. dana will be hosting cnn state of the union. it airs 9:00 a.m. eastern and noon eastern. this sunday. anchored this sunday by dana. she's got some good guests including john mccain and who else. >> mike huckabee.
4:00 pm
>> good show. look forward to it. thanks very very much. have a great weekend. remember you can always follow me on twitter. tweet me tweet the show. we'll see you monday. i'm wolf blitzrer. erin burnett starts now. a major development from the pentagon. check hagel telling cnn that he was pressured by the white house to release gitmo prisoners. the measles outbreak in america grows. the same virus that killed nearly 150,000 people around the world in 2013 now spreading. is the anti-vaccination move to blame? a whole lot more snow is on the way. let's go out front.