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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 31, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. hello, again, welcome back. welcome to the news room. we are following the breaking news of bobbi kristina brown, the 21-year-old daughter of the late singer whitney houston, and singer bobbi brown, and she is hospitalize izeized right now outside atlanta. she was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her roswell, georgia home this morning, found by her husband, nick gordon along with another friend. they came into the house after running an errand we understand and then they found
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her unresponsive in the bathtub. she was -- they did try to carry on some cpr. she was then transimportanted to a hospital north fulton hospital where we understand according to the roswell police she is breathing. unclear whether she's breathing, indeed on her own or by use of a ventilator. we talked to a number of people some of whom talked to friends of bobbi kristina. we talked earlier, and, in fact here's an image we just confirmed this van arriving outside of the townhouse complex where bobbi kristina's body was found. we have an image of her townhouse in roswell, georgia. police tape continues to be outside the unit. perhaps we'll bring that to you momentarily right there. that is her townhouse unit where bobbi kristina was found unresponsive. we talked to our legal analyst who said she talked to a friend
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of bobbi kristina who said she talked to her last night on the phone, and she seemed bobbi kristina was in good spirits, but then when we talked to entertainment tonight reporter and contributor for cnn, michelle turner she talked about it was common knowledge that bobbi kristina has been struggling in the last three years as we approach the three year anniversary of whitney houston being found unresponsive consequently from a drug overdose in the bathtub of the beverly hilton hotel. and it's been tough because they were close, in michelle's word, when whistney died she felt she lost a part of herself. we were on the day in which we learned that whitney houston was found dead, unresponsive in that bathtub, and now to hear this
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taking place. again, we understand that bobbi kristina is being hospitalized right now, is breathing. we just don't know whether she's breatheing on her own or use of a ventilator. don, it's been a past difficult couple years for bobbi kristina. we talked about the images of her perhaps using drugs, marrying someone who was raised in the family like a son to whitney houston, like a brother to bobbi kristina, but would end up marrying him. give me idea what they have seen in bob bikristina over the years. >> caller: well what you said someone struggling, trying to find herself, a young kid who's been in the public spotlight for all of her life, all 2 is 1 years and someone carried up on the stage by her mother as a baby and never left her side. they had issues you know sometimes in the relationship, but at the end of whitney's
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life they were best friends, inseparateble, and the last images of whitney houston, you know grammy week, 11 days from now, february 11 2012, 11 days from now, we were on the air talking about the story and covering the death of whitney houston. they were there together. she had left to go shopping or dinner had left the room and whitney was in the room by herself, and, you know of course whitney was found in the bathtub after she took some prescription medication and other things found in the system like marijuana and other things and she was found dead in her hotel room. bobbi kristina came back and could not get to the scene and room and caused a ruckus that evening. as i recall and, you know one understands because if your mother -- you'd want to find out what happened and since then she's struggled to find herself.
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and, as you said with sometimes photographs with what appears to be marijuana, trying to start an acting career trying to start a singing career not being successful with any of that and then just recently lashing out at angela bassett, because she was not choosing her to star in the movie so it's been a couple years for her. >> we're trying to get more information. roswell police outside atlanta will only say bobbi kristina was found unresponsive in the bathtub by her husband and a friend at the home. we don't know her status right now, but she is being hospitalized. leading up to today, you know over the last three years you mentioned, you know the struggle with trying to find her way, but have there been a feeling among her family members or even in small circles that
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she was getting to a point where there were some sort of stabilization in her life that she was starting to feel a little bit more comfortable, even though you know, she still missed her mom tremendously. >> there had been a feeling that she was getting it together because, you know it's not for the -- excuse me -- it's not for the uproar with the biopick, really not a big deal. it was mostly between angela and bobbi kristina and angela just handled it perfectly taking the high road saying it's a young girl who is struggling but she wanted to do what was best for the project and best to serve her mother's memory whistney houston's memory and chose a different actor. they reached out to the family to look at the pick and, you know to you know collaborate as much as possible or at least be involved in some way, not that they would have creative control or anything but, you
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know so that's about all we have heard from her recently. again, the drugs and that kind of thing, and finding herself that happens to a lot of kids. it just doesn't happen in the spotlight, and we don't know what's going on and we hope it's not an issue now with this latest issue. >> we don't know the circumstances to what led up to her found unresponsive. >> caller: i have to tell you, not long ago i had dinner with with bb and his son -- whitney was close to the family -- at a restaurant there, and we talked about it. he said you know, it steamseems like bobbi kristina was doing better and she was taken care of and it did not seem to be, you know quite the drama that's happened you know right after whitney
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died and they were hopeful it was positive and they were not worried about bobbi kristina or the family but appears she was making her way, and everyone was just sort of hoping that's what would happen. >> of course everyone is wishing her the best as she continues to be hospitalized right now at north fulton hospital outside of atlanta after being found unresponsive in the bathtub, and, again, we don't know the circumstances leading up to that. but this is all we can share right now. don lemon, thank you so much. we'll take a short break and be right back with more.
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welcome back. we continue to watch breaking story, a 21-year-old bobbi kristina brown, only daughter of the late whitney houston and singer bobby brown is hospitalized right now outside atlanta at the north fulton hospital after being found unresponsive in the bathtub of her roswell, georgia home. earlier this morning, roswell police say she is breathing right now, unclear if it's on her own or a ventilator. more information as we get it. meantime a developing story from the middle east now. there's been a new round of air strikes against isis by the u.s. and its allies. 27 attacks in total, 17 in iraq and another 10 in syria. the coalition is trying to
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prevent isis from oeppening a new front, and now some wonder if the u.s. will have to offer more than air strikes if the coalition wants to defeat isis. during an exclusive interview with cnn's barbara star chuck hagel said the option is on the table. >> caller: we have to look and see what is better for them fe deployment for some troops not doing the fighting or combat work we did for six years in iraq and we did for many many years in afghanistan, but to help air strike -- >> locate targets, intelligence -- >> those are things where we can continue to support. >> now -- >> i would say we're not there yet. whether we get there or not, i don't know. >> all right, what will it take for the coalition forces to defeat isis? i'm joined by david grange retired u.s. army brigadier, and
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a former ranger. he served in the first iraq war. all right, glad you are with us. we've been hearing this coalition has been able to take out several senior commanders within isis and retake some battlegrounds in your view is significant process being made? >> caller: i think significant progress has been made especially with the kurdish. they have retaken several key pieces of terrain in villages they are holding, and they are working with the iraqi army forces but the coalition air strikes are key keeping the isis or as the people do in the fighting on the ground on the dash just keeping them at bay. >> so traditional air strikes, and correct me if i'm wrong, air strikes clear the way so that you know ground forces can make their way in and in this case
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since it wouldn't be u.s. ground forces in large numbers, of course not in syria, but not even really in iraq. is this enough to clear the way for iraqi forces ground forces to you know make a dent try to defeat isis? do you believe that iraqi forces can carry through like that? >> caller: not yet. i believe that the coalition -- the air strikes, air power, has to be tied to ground forces and the iraqi army is not ready except to limited objectives to do that yet. >> so then -- >> caller: the effort so far is to train, equip, and train forces in order to do what you just said. the kurds made the most gains, but they also are under armed and need more training. they are great mountain fighters but now they learn to fight in the villages of the open areas, and they need advisers and support. once that happens and is put together they can be more
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effective and taken down a lot of the isis locations. >> uh-huh, all right, got it, david grange thank you so much. glad you were with us. >> my pleasure, thank you. now to eastern ukraine where peace talks aimed at stopping fighting between ukraine's military and pro-russian rebels ended for the day. a diplomat with knowledge of the meetings says it will not continue tomorrow likely and we are joined from eastern ukraine now, so give us the latest how to measure progress here. >> reporter: this road is the one lifeline for a key separatists encircling, and it's been shelled for days. ukraine says it has thousands of troops here but we did not see them. just the dead. and the destruction that took their lives. 12 reported killed here this
11:17 am
day. this destroyed, you hear shelling in the background but so few people left here fleeing for their lives. but some cannot or won't leave, and here they fight over food. a hundred here they say, people who have farms, elderly, those who can't leave, she says it's scary, of course. the man adds we're poor what else are we to do? on the ground one lightbulb and the sound of separatists nearing.
11:18 am
hey will not give up. it is the blasts not their troops dominating here. the neighboring town perhaps already in separatist's hands. on the way out, we see ukrainian reenforcements. the fight here perhaps just beginning. the loss the damage, ir irreversible irreversible. >> now, that violence we're seeing there continuing and the town around it and the news where all sides were hoped to be gathering today and yesterday, for some form of peace talks to reinvigorate the cease fire that never got going months ago. they have collapsed. they are not likely to resume
11:19 am
tomorrow and secretary of state john kerry here, flying into an environment of increased volatility and bloodshed rather than compromise and talk of a settlement. >> a dangerous mission there. thank you, nick walsh live there in eastern ukraine. more from the news room right after this.
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welcome back, bobbi kristina, the 21 -year-old daughter of the late whitney houston and singer bobby brown, is recovering in atlanta. brown's husband and friend found her unresponsive in the home of that couple, in the bathtub. 911 was called after they tried to perform cpr, and then she was transported to a suburban hospital there. we do understand from roswell police she is breathing, but unclear whether it's on her own or by way of a ventilator. michelle turner of entertainment tonight and contributor to cnn is back with us. michelle do you have new information about the circumstances or bobbi kristina's status? >> caller: well hi fred yeah
11:24 am
i spoke to sources close to bobbi brown, and i have more information on that side of things. i'm told number one, her father is on the way to atlanta, and is not in atlanta yet, but he is traveling there to be there with his daughter. i've also been told that bobbi kristina's problem, and hfs eluded quote, they are deeper than everyone can see. i was told that the situation is serious with her, and this incident that happened. they did not know if she was breatheing on her own. they did not know what the status was at this very moment, but they did say that it was a very serious situation, and i will also tell you that the family and the sources i spoke with all said they were very concerned about her relationship with nick gordon. they believe deeply that he is not good for her. they do believe that she has been spiraling out of control more so than she has been in a relationship with him and they
11:25 am
are very very concerned about her, so this is a situation that no one is taking lightly. they are very upset and concerned, and people just want to see her okay but they are not sure what's going to happen here fred. i need to stress one of the things they said was it does not look good to them at this point in time. they are trying to figure out what is going on with bobbi kristina at this point. >> and then michelle i -- i realize these are, you know, personal friends of hers and they don't, perhaps, want to reveal too much publicly, but when you say they say the problem is a lot deeper than everyone can see, are they talking about a problem specific to drug use certain habits the problem related to having a difficult time dealing with the passing of her mom, coming up on the three year anniversary in a matter of days? >> caller: well i think they are concerned about all of that fred to be honest with you. you know one of the things that
11:26 am
was said to me today that was they did not believe it was a coincidence she was found in the bathtub like her mother was. some of the thing she's been struggling with you know, she's really been having a hard time since her mother passed away and we've been talking about that. you know all day today. they believe that there are some real issues that this young girl is having and i know they, like sunny said was trying to get help get through to her, and having a hard time doing that. i know the relationship with her father had been estranged, and he had been trying to get through to her, and he thought he was making some strides with her and making a breakthrough and i can tell you he is beside himself right now with worry about what's going on with her, so i know he is trying his beth to get to atlanta and hopefully will be there soon to be by his daughter's side. >> were friends or relatives willing to elaborate in collaborations and maybe in today's conversation how the
11:27 am
family or friends have been trying to help her? to what extent? >> not specifics, but he is close with some members of the family. she is close with her aunt pat. she is close with her uncle gary who is whitney houston's brother. she is close with them you then again, she's a 21-year-old girl through a super traumatic time all this of played out in the public. all in front of our eyes. also a young girl who is trying to cope with everything that is fame and infamy brings to her, and so she had not been coping well. that's just the bottom line. she has not been coping well and they are just hoping that maybe this is the situation that can spring everyone into action and get her help. >> and, the circumstances in which she was found unresponsive in the tub, but the person or people that you've spoken with
11:28 am
since they did say they are willing to say to you they did not below the relationship with nick gordon, who is her husband, is a good relationship. would they reveal anymore about that? >> caller: no they just would say simply they did not believe he was good for her. they believe that she had been spiraling more out of control since she got with him, i don't know they were isolated but you saw her and her mother all together but now with the pictures of her, it's her and nick gordon, and really, you only see them around one another, so you know, they are concerned about it. they want her to be okay and they are concerned that she would fall into the same patterns that her mother and father were into at one point. i will tell you what struck me when i was, you know having the conversations, this same conversation sounded like what
11:29 am
we heard about bobby and whitney all those years ago. this is a very odd, strange, sad cycle that i fear is playing out in front of us. >> right. a lot of very worrisome parallels unfolding right now. again, february 11th 2012 is when whitney houston was found unresponsive consequently from a mix of drugs, drug overdose in the bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel. you reported it and many of us said it over the years. struggling with the pass of her mom, trying to figure out, i guess, what path to take in mother life, would it be singing, acting, anything in the entertainment industry and now to hear she would be found unresponsive in the bathtub of her home outside of atlanta, certainly, you know very eerie here --
11:30 am
>> i asked, fred also was she underwater? we do not know if she was submerged in the tub or above the water. that stuff they could not give details on that. we don't know exactly how she was found yet as well. >> that's right. all right. michelle turner, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> caller: sure. >> let us know if you hear anything new. and nick valencia trying to bring details he's able to get there from the north fulton hospital where we understand bobbi kristina remains, she is breathing, but as we get information, we'll bring it to you when we come right back. y big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better
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and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. all right. it's almost here, just 28 hours to go for the super bowl. we are covering the game when it happens for us and everything beforehand rachel? >> reporter: hey there. well we're, obviously, expecting a spirited contest on the field, but, of course there are a lot of issues off it as well. we had roger goodell, the commissioner giving his address, state of the union, state of the nfl as they called it yesterday, and a lot of pointed questions about the record on domestic violence record on conflict of interest record on deflategate, all kinds of things they are juggling here and it's interesting to see the players respond to all
11:35 am
of that too. the head of the players's union had a quote floating around here repeated several times about the success of the nfl doesn't necessarily refleblgt roger goodell doing a good job according to him. as he put it even the worst bartender can do well during spring break. there's a real divide here. that should disappear before the game on sunday. >> all right. and then tonight, there is more at 4:30 joined by dan marino for your special? >> reporter: yep, absolutely. now, it's going to be great to have the old quarterback hall of famer out here on set breaking things down for us. we're also going to have a lot of special guests including a former super bowl mvp, drew brees. he stopped by. look at the clip of that. >> encouraging fans to go on social media and make super bowl predictions, and the winning team fan base each day at 7:00
11:36 am
mountain time will actually light up verizon super bowl central where we are standing right now, right behind us, with a light show highlighting their team. >> all right. >> the team with the most votes. >> have you voted? >> no i have not. i'm not voting. >> reporter: makes sense. you got the super bowl ring and mvp. you're not done yet, right? how competitive are you about getting back to the game in. >> it's all i think about. it's what can we do this off season to put ourselves in the position to be playing for this next year. >> drew brees here in phoenix on veer verizon sponsorship, and it's interesting to see the other players wondering downtown here here with their sponsors and they have to come on the shows and talk about the game and all they would rather do it playing in the game so it's good sport of drew to come on here and chat with us and certainly fun to watch his determination to get back here and play himself next
11:37 am
year. >> that is cool. it is fun to see. i'm sure the fans' response when they see somebody like drew or dan marino walking in the crowd, hey, wait a minute is that -- >> reporter: exactly. >> cool stuff. thank you so much appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. >> of course you need to tune in two hours from now at 4:30 eastern time watch rachel and hall of fame quarterback dan marino hosting "kickoff in arizona," an inside look at the super bowl, and we will be right back.
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11:41 am
generation of the next republican leaders, one not adds well-known as i am today, one who has not yet taken a message across the country, one who is just getting started may well emerge to be able to defeat the democrat nominee. in fact i expect and hope that to be the case. i feel that it's critical that america elect a conservative leader become our next president. >> all right, joining me is chris moody cnn correspondent and political common at a timer and republican strategist good to see both of you again. again to you, chris, hello to you, tara. all right, so what's the real reason in your view as to why mitt romney says no not again. he was moving forward in making another run. >> it did, but i think the biggest reason the lack of enthusiasm. >> on his part or lack of
11:42 am
enthusiasm from supporters. >> from supporters from the base from members on capitol hill. i think he didn't really realize how many people were not so keen on him running again, and on top of that you had a lot of strategists who worked for him before that were already being taken up by other campaigns, and i think -- >> ie jeb bush. >> correct, the nail on the coffin was one of the biggest strategists who worked with him from back when he was a governor. he jumped ship over to jeb bush this week. i think the writing was on the wall for him, and he knew he needed to get an apparatus in place sooner rather than later from funds raising to getting his on the the ground apparatus in place. that window was closing quickly. so with all of those things combined i think mitt romney realized a third time's not the charm for him. >> chris, you know another nail in the coffin may be donors. a lot of donor support has apparently reportedly been
11:43 am
lacking as well. you know if romney has met with jeb bush even had dinner, may be likely he's more influential out of the race as in an advisory role? >> i don't know if he's more influential, but he is not going away. you're still seeing him engaged and involved with candidacies. his, i believe, one of the advisers in new hampshire would not be surprised if he supported someone in the primaries here. we can look at the statement to see if there were any clues to who he's looking at right now. he did not say any names, but said somebody new who has not taken the message across the country. he's eagleer to support and involved in the process over the
11:44 am
next year i'm sure. he's not going away. >> who could that be? i thought i interpreted romney as saying someone not as well known as him. but, you know, he was the nominee nominee, and jeb bush is well-known but it seems like mitt was also kind of you know giving a nice pat on his own back saying, you know he is kind of a leading guy most you know the -- with the most recognition given that he was the nominee, but who might he be talking about? >> the losing nominee. >> right. >> the losing nominee. but what i found interesting in all of this is that with the aspect to the fund raising and bundlers you know florida is a very important state for politic politics politics. 29 electoral votes, bush and rubio flirting with the idea of running, interesting dynamic there, but the money raising is important too. there was a bundler who raised a
11:45 am
lot of money for governor rick scott who may not go to bush's camp but she was pro-romney and now that romney is out, who does she throw support behind in place like florida? marco rubio, chris christie so that inside baseball maneuvering is more important right now than what we see out in public because it is everyone putting their campaign machines together and those kinds of things are more indicative of who is in who is not, who gets the advantage, and who is not. naturally jeb bush is the winner here if you want to look for one, but bush and rubio could be the beneficiaries of romney not in as well. >> interesting months. thank you so much to both of you. we'll be right back with much more.
11:46 am
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit a jury convicted two former vanderbilt university students of aggravated rape and related charges, cory batey and bran con vandenberg could serve decades for gang raping a student in 2014. video shows the player carrying an unconscious woman through the dorm and graphic images of the assault were taken from the
11:50 am
players' cell phones and two other explayers await trial for rape and sexual battery. lawyers for one man convicted want the verdict thrown out saying the juror did not disclose they that that person is a sexual assault victim. so let's talk more about this. cnn commentator and legal analyst mel robins and legal analyst criminal defense attorney joey jackson. joey, you first, will the vanderbilt case, you know, help in the prosecution of future claims? ? you know i think it could. good afternoon. at the end of the day r what you want is you want a jury to be fair be impartial and everything else. to be clear, the evidence here was compelling. you saw a videotape and various things being done to the victim on the videotape, and the prosecution certainly had a lot of evidence to get a conviction in this case. at the same time the sixth amendment provides and requires that there be an impartial jury.
11:51 am
when you have a juror on that jury who, perhaps, was not as forthcoming as to their background and did not disclose they, themselves they have been a victim certainly, all parties, the defense and prosecution, should have been on notice being afforded the opportunity to question them further and perhaps they should have been on that jury. >> to interrupt, was it an issue of not revealing it not volunteering the information, or was the question asked of that juror and the juror was not truthful. >> the defense is clear saying they would have certainly inquired further, and that they did inquire of the issue and, therefore, was not forthcoming in the information. it's relevant that should have been disclosed. the fact it's not could have affected the verdict, even if it was a hung jury. certainly, the defense has an issue here. >> so, mel, the argument is how judicial was it then that this juror would have been a victim of sexual assault, not revealing, whether the person
11:52 am
was asked it or did not volunteer it. how does that potentially influence the decision how this juror receives dissects evaluates information during the case? >> well, it could cut either way. it's an excellent question. think about it. there's a lot of defense attorneys, and i used to be a criminal defense attorney in new york city that like women on rape cases because as much as i hate to say it women are skeptical of other women. take a step back here and let's look at this particular case because here's the issue. on appeal it's not a slam dunk to get a verdict overturned and, in fact it's hard to do. basically, even though they are going to be arguing this juror did not disclose her experience as a victim of rape two decades ago, and that she was then bias or he was bias because we don't know, what they got to prove is that in the interest of justice, that's the standard in the interest of justice, the verdict
11:53 am
must be overturned. that's highly unlikely in a case where you have videotaped evidence that made the jury gasp it was so gruesome you have a jury that was out for three hours, and now you got jurors that are out and about talking to the media. they include several doctors on the jury by the way, who were talking about the fact that the evidence was so compelling that the boyfriend that carried her to the dorm room in this situation, who did not even physically do anything to her is guilty on rape as well because it was so egregious, so in the interest of justice, i kind of doubt there's going to be any kind of mistrial in this case. >> so then i wonder to both of you, you know when you hear from these young men who say, i was so inebriated there was so much alcohol involved i did not know what was going on. there was the argument of whether they were willing participants whether there was
11:54 am
a conscientious effort whether there was intent. when you have young men who say there was so much alcohol flowing, so drunk, even if they want to appeal or make the argument of appeal is that enough to say there was no willfulness here? >> no no. absolutely not. >> joey? >> absolutely not. there's people who get wasted all the time and they do not commit a class a felony of rape. also in addition to these guys there's two other codefendants who have yet to be tried, and there are other friends, by the way who saw the videotape who were not wasted who have now pled guilty to misdemeanor because they passed along the videos. >> i did not know until i saw the videotape, i, myself you know was ashamed, and even tried to apologize to the victim, so joey you know that kind of distance of responsibility or awareness that's just not defense enough. >> it isn't. a few points here briefly. the first one is voluntary
11:55 am
intoxication in and of itself is not a defense. why? anybody and everybody who gets drunk will say, i had no intent. i had no idea what i was doing. the law says you're not going to do that. the other issue, though relating to the jury itself is listen you have a right if you're a defendant to know who the jurors are. if there's any misrepresentation on the part of the jury it is a legitimate issue for the defense to say, hey, had we had known we could have made an educated choice maybe we wanted a juror or maybe we did not want you know the juror on that particular jury so that's certainly establishes an issue in this particular case and the third point, though is listen at the end of the day, i don't believe -- it's a very high standard to me but i'll just leave it there saying that you know it's an issue, i don't know necessarily that it gets overturned on that. >> all right. leaving it there. a sad situation all the way around. thank you so much, mel robins joey jackson appreciate it. >> great to see you both, thank you. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on...
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right now, five people are safe thanks to the u.s. coast guard rescued after their sailboat mast broke in strong wind and 13 foot seas 200 miles off the coast there. they arrived on scene hoisting five people off the boat. next friday president obama and the dali llama will attend the breakfast, no plan if they plan to meet like three times before that angers beijing. the dalai lama is the most visible symbol of independence from china. in sports williams petes sharapova in the australian open right there. it was a close match, though but the world's number one female player powered through winning 6-3 and 7-6.
12:00 pm
that's her 14th grands slam title title. congrats to her. more of "the news room" straight ahead with poppy harlow. this is cnn breaking news. you're in the cnn news room i'm poply harlow breaking news this afternoon, the late whitney houston's daughter was found unresponsive in a bathtub full of water. police say that bobbi kristina brown, 21 years old, was not breathing when her husband and friend found her this morning in a home outside of atlanta. it is a disturbing echo of her mother's tragic death almost three years ago. whitney houston was found face down in a bathtub in the hilton hours before she was set to attend a pre-grammy party. whitney houston accidently drowned in 12 inches of water, and her death blamed in part on years of