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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 1, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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isis releases a video apparently showing the decapitated body of journalist kenji goto and threatening more carnage. we're live in tokyo at this hour. the daughter of whitney houston is hospitalized after being found unconscious in a bathtub. we have the latest from the u.s. state of georgia. and we take you to a former bustling ukraine city now a hollow shell, as residents take shelter underground. hello. warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. let's get straight to our top story this hour. we begin the hour the strong reactions to the latest killings
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by isis late on saturday. the group released a video showing what appeared to be the decapitated body of journalist kenji goto the second japanese national killed by isis over the past two weeks. people in tokyo have been holding vigil for both victims and shinzo abe is planning to work to bring them to justice. >> translator: we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism. >> it is a despicable act of terrorism. more reaction from the japanese capital. japan is clearly in mourning. >> reporter: it is unimaginable
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what they're going through now. she has tried to shield their young daughters. any parent cannot imagine what a conversation like that with a young child must be like. and when rinko decided to break her silence, hours before the final isis deadline threatening her husband's life she said she wanted her daughters to grow up and to know their father. and they will know their father through the stories that people are sharing throughout this country about his compassion his passion to tell the stories of people in war zones, innocent people whose lives are in turmoil, women and children and so while on the newspapers in japan they are showing as we are a very limited still frame of the propaganda video that really
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doesn't deserve much more attention dhan athan a passing mention, kenji goto was dignified and brave that whole time. but this is the way that people are choosing to remember him. this is what his children are going to grow up and see. memories of their father the smile and his work. his work to tell stories in dangerous places and his courage in doing so as well. there is a silent protest outside the prime minister's office within the last few hours. a silent but nonetheless powerful as people stood and honored kenji goto and his legacy. and his mother who has spoken several times as this whole crisis has unfolded. she spoke again today, courageously and told people how she wants her son to be remembered. >> translator: i'm shedding tears of sorrow. i just can't think of any words to say. but i don't want this sorrow to
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create a chain of hatred. kenji worked for children who suffered from conflicts in poverty and his goal was to create a society without war. i want to pass on his thoughts to people around the world. >> reporter: we have seen several protests outside of the prime minister's office this week. and there are more and more people here in japan who are asking questions. asking why the prime minister chose to make such a public announcement of japan's support for the coalition against isis knowing that there were two japanese citizens in the hands of that terror group. some feel had he made the pledge in a more private way, he would not have potentially put these two lives in such danger because here we are now, just less than two weeks after he made that announcement and there are two japanese citizens who are dead. haruna yukawa and kenji goto who
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is now gone as well. >> time for mourning but clearly anger and frustration also in japan. will ripley in tokyo with the latest. thank you, will. the jordanian government just issued a strong condemnation of goto's killing, the last 30 minutes here. this is what it said. this is all happening while the government waits the fate of one its pilots who isis also took hostage. isis threatened to kill him if jordan didn't release a convicted terrorist. jordan says it is willing to make a trade, but insists that isis show proof that the airman is alive. now more from the country waiting for that proof. >> reporter: all the family can do is sit and wait for word on the fate of 26-year-old muhammad held captive by isis for more than a month. the wait is taking its toll. >> it is too hard. it is too hard to waiting.
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circumstances that we know make us nervous. we can't sleep. we can't eat. we can't do anything. our work is stopped, our life is stopped. >> reporter: in amman, life is normal, but it has been a mood of anxiety and uncertainty. >> i hear the rumors on tv facebook twitter. in fact the government has teach us that never listen to any, like rumors. we just wait the statement of the guard. this is the unity of jordan. trust our government. trust our king. >> reporter: he believes the government's decision to not give isis the female prisoner it demanded until jordan gets proof that he is alive is the right thing to do. at this bustling bakery in western amman, a retired air
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force engineer thinks isis' silence since the deadline passed is part of their strategy. >> in order to break unity, in order to embarrass the government and to make the people here -- it is not the case because i think the game is very well understood by everyone here in jordan. >> reporter: most here realize, what happens next is up to the captors. >> nothing in our hands. we are praying for him. that he will come back to his family and to his friends. >> reporter: there is still no sign he is alive, not clear if he will ever come home. for now, all this nation can do is wait. cnn, amman. >> anxious times there. isis is also trying right now to overrun the oil rich iraqi city of kirkuk. but kurdish and coalition forces are fighting back in the air and on the ground.
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a kurdish website says at least 30 isis fighters have been killed and 15 captured since they stormed the city on friday. two peshmerga generals have been killed in the past two days and on saturday they took 15 workers hostage. analysts say isis may be attacking kirkuk to get them from mosul, which isis controls. further west into syria, isis admits to defeat in the keyboarder city of kobani. the flight for control between the militants and kurdish forces on the ground lasts some 112 days but two purported isis fighters said it was the constant barrage of air strikes that drove isis forces out. what militants are saying of the air strikes, they targeted everything. a syrian opposition group says almost 1,000 isis fighters died in kobani. the defenders lost less than
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300. more tragedy for whitney houston's family. her daughter was found unresponsive at home. plus one u.s. family with a daughter backing leukemia now faces a second fight after their family is exposed to measles. both stories just ahead. we all eat foods that are acidic... we all have risk of acid erosion. there's only so much enamel, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel. it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol®.
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a source close to the family says bobbi kristina brown is in a medically induced coma in the u.s. state of georgia. nick valencia has the details. it was eerily familiar bobbi kristina brown found unresponsive, face down in a bathtub in her home early saturday morning. the only daughter of deceased pop star whitney houston and singer bobby brown. her mother died in a similar scene, almost three years ago. >> bobbi kristina's husband found her face down in a bathtub in the bathroom of their home. she was unresponsive meaning not breathing, no heart beat. he immediately started cpr on her. >> reporter: brown was taken here to north fulton hospital where police say she's alive and breathing, but the hospital says they cannot say what her current condition is. police are treating the case as a medical incident. is there any indication medication was a factor at all, prescribed medication? >> right now, they did not see
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anything on the scene that would indicate that. no alcohol or drugs laying around that would indicate that. >> reporter: since her mother's death in february of 2012 there has been concern about the 21-year-old's well-being. people magazine editor mary margaret. >> there has been growing concern. people have wondered what the money that she was giving she turned 21 how that would play into her increasing independence and what she would do with that. this is sort of the worst fears realized. >> reporter: recently there were signs that brown had made positive changes in her life. she tweeted about getting healthier, working out, and resurrecting her acting career. her supporters say they hoped this is a tragic accident and just a horrible coincidence. nick valencia cnn, roswell, georgia. >> investigators are trying to figure up what caused a massive seven alarm fire at a brooklyn warehouse. the new york fire department says nearly 300 firefighters
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battled two separate fires at a warehouse early saturday morning. it is unclear if the fires are related and almost 24 hours later the second fire is still burning. the warehouse and paper records, all that paper fueled the flames making them hard to extinguish. cold weather making headlines across the central and eastern u.s. meteorologist eric van dam is at the weather center. we thought it was a cold snap but it doesn't seem like it doesn't it? >> going back to the firefighter that the firefighters tried to extinguish in brooklyn add in temperatures around 10 degrees fahrenheit or 12 degrees celsius, below freezing and you start to get the water they use to extinguish the flames frozen on the protective outfits, creating icicles on their
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helmets. incredible photos out of that region. extremely cold in new york city. that means any precipitation moving that way will form in the -- will fall in the form of snowfall. we have at snowstorm brewing across the midwest of the u.s. at the moment you see on the latest radar how active it is. all this white indicating the snowfall from chicago, illinois to omaha, nebraska. what i want you to note the center of this low pressure system starting to develop is actually right over northern half of missouri. and expecting it to really pivot right across the chicago, illinois region over the next 12 to 24 hours. that means the heaviest of snowfall will take place across this region. really creating some significant travel delays. across the entire united states we're already reporting upwards of 1300 flight cancellations and the day hasn't even begun just yet. this is from the national weather service. we have winter storm warnings stretching from iowa to the east
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coast. if you recall earlier in the workweek we were covering blizzard conditions for boston and new york and look what is headed that way by monday morning, just in time for rush hour traffic. here is our projected snow path. anywhere from chicago to grand rapids detroit, michigan to albany new york all the way to boston and portland maine, even new york. some speculation an to which computer model we're going to trust here but nonetheless, chicago, you'll see a foot of snow or more. new york city expecting lesser amounts. boston which was already crippled by the recent blizzard a good chance of hefty snowfall as well. >> thank you very much. measles outbreak continues to spread. new york state health officials confirm one case of measled at a college. they're reporting a student traveled on a train and saw exposure to the public outside
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the campus may have occurred. for one arizona family the danger for measles is even greater because one of their children already has a weakened immune system from battling another disease. elizabeth cohen has their story. >> reporter: one family in double danger. last week 3-year-old maggie jackson, her little brother eli, were exposed to measles at this clinic near phoenix, arizona. now eli, just 10 months old and too young to be vaccinated is showing signs of the virus, which can cause deafness brain damage or even death. >> obviously scared. i send out texts to my family and my facebook messages and say please pray for my son. >> reporter: if eli does have measles, it is quite likely he gave it to his sister. and she could be in grave danger because maggie has leukemia. her immune system wiped out by chemotherapy which also would have pretty much wiped out any immunity from her own measles
2:18 am
vaccine. what is your biggest fear for maggie? >> my biggest fear is i lose my child. or short of that she gets a severe case and becomes deaf. i mean my family has been through enough in the last six months. i mean i know there is worse out there, but we had a rough go of it and i don't want her to have to go through anything else. >> reporter: we talked to the centers for disease control and they told us not to get anywhere near eli or maggie. so we asked their parents to take cell phone video for us. we're also not going to get near their father. and that's because like many adults he has only limited immunity to the measles. we can talk to their mother however, because blood tests show she does have full immunity. and this is how the children were put in danger. four members of one arizona family went to disney land in december. they refused to vaccinate their children and came down with
2:19 am
measles and went to the clinic. that family gave measles to a woman at the clinic and she in turn exposed 195 children including maggie and eli. what would you say to that family if you could talk to them? >> your children don't live in your liblttle bubble. your children live in a big bubble. >> reporter: health authorities aren't naming the family of vaccine refusers but we spoke with this man, dr. jack wolfson, an arizona physician, who refuses to vaccinate his two young sons because he says vaccines are toxic. could you live with yourself if your child got another child sick? i mean really sick? had complications, even death? could you live with yourself if that happened? >> i could live with myself very easily. it is a very unfortunate thing that people die. but unfortunately people die. and i'm not going to put my child at risk to save another child. i'm not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. my child is pure.
2:20 am
it is not my responsibility to be protecting their child. >> reporter: tim jacks, a pediatrician says the pain brought on by vaccine refusers is like a double whammy on top of his daughter's cancer. >> it is a big deal emotionally. kind of looking back it brings to mind some of the same feelings we had when we first thought maggie's diagnosis. >> reporter: for now, they can just pray their daughter recovers from leukemia and doesn't get measles. >> that was elizabeth cohen reporting. coming up living in a hotly contested town in ukraine means the villains are caught in a deadly cross fire. how they're dealing with the constant conflict and what is being done to end it. that story just ahead. grandpa bode, grandma said you used to be out of control. really... i guess i did take some risks. anncr: bode, bode miller!!! trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes.
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so far there is no ukraine cease-fire this weekend. all the involved parties met on saturday but the discussions quickly fell apart. these meetings come as a conflict in eastern ukraine escalates killing more civilians. our senior international correspondent takes us inside one ukrainian town that is now a shadow of its former self. >> reporter: those peace talks in minsk set up to fail. was it supposed to start friday today, saturday or who was supposed to attend? were the ukrainians to be
2:24 am
represented by an ex-president rather than a government official. a lot of confusion sur rounding them a lot of bloodshed in the background too. one diplomat said the talks really lasted two hours only a very poison ous atmosphere and no real chance to resume anytime soon. that puts the emphasis back on the increasing violence in ukraine. we saw how separatists appeared to be encircling one key town and exactly how many civilians had to flee the ongoing violence there. this road is the one lifeline for a key ukrainian village separatists are encircling. and it has been shelled for days. ukraine says it has thousands of troops here but we did not see them. just the dead. and the destruction that took their lives, 12 reported killed here this day. you can hear shelling constantly in the background but so few
2:25 am
people left here so many having fled for their lives. but some cannot or won't leave and hear toss over food. about 100 here they say. people who have farms, the elderly, those who can't leave. it is scary, of course. we're poor what else are we to do? on the ground one lightbulb and the sound of separatists nearing. >> however little there is left to fight over ukraine says it
2:26 am
won't give up. but it is the blasts not their troops dominating here. the neighboring town perhaps already in separatist hands. on the way out, we seau cranian reinforcements. the fight here perhaps just beginning. the loss the damage irreversible. this is key to the separatists and what many say their ambitions to try and clear more land of ukrainian government forces in the region and push them back away from the city center of donetsk. many fear though the increasingly confidence and well armed separatists will try and take more land in the weeks ahead. political talks appear to be failing. we're into nothing more than continued bloodshed. nick paton walsh, cnn, ukraine. here in europe a week after greeks chose anti-austerity spaniards flocking to support
2:27 am
and like minded party. the march filled madrid on saturday. they formed a year ago. later this year the party aims to emulate the victory in greece. spain is coming out of a seven year economic slump, but millions of households are still struggling. one in four in the workforce remains out of a job. angela merkel is ruling out any more debt. chancellor merkel said she does not foresee any more cuts. they want to cut the debt by half and roll back the austerity measures that are were part of the country's bailout agreement.
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thanks very much for joining us. an update of the top stories we're following for you this hour. japan's prime minister says its country will not forgive those responsible for murdering journalist kenji goto. the latest isis video appears to show his decapitated body. he went there to try to rescue a colleague who isis captured and killed one week ago. the jordanian government is condemning the killing. isis is holding one of its
2:31 am
pilots. the militants threaten to kill him if jordan didn't swap a convicted terrorist for kenji goto. the daughter of whitney houston is in a hospital, a source close to the family says bobbi kristina brown is in a medically induced coma. she was found face down in a bathtub in georgia. late on saturday isis released a video that appears to show journalist kenji goto decapitated. he's the second japanese national to be murdered by isis in the past two weeks. the murders have angry reactions from japan to the u.s. but former cia official robert bear told my colleague natalie allen the killing may be a sign of weakness for isis. >> i think that the islamic state looks like that they are truly on the verge of collapse extinction they look at the world as being entirely hostile. and the only way that they can
2:32 am
hope to survive is to start slaughtering people whether it is shia or western hostages. these people are not sophisticated. they don't understand that japan is not a player. and i don't -- you can't count on them in any way being rational. >> robert baer. today, marks 400 days of detention for three al jazeera journalists in egypt. they were convicted of supporting the banned muslim brotherhood. they were sentenced to prison terms. for now they all remain behind bars. protesters took to hong kong streets today since the government tore down the encampments in december. they want china to have less control over hong kong. 50,000 people at the march, no word how many activists showed up. the occupy protesters camped in major areas of hong kong for
2:33 am
months to bring attention to their cause. while the movement is long gone people want to experience and it. andrew steven checks in with more details. >> reporter: it was a few short weeks ago that the road behind me here at one of hong kong's busiest shopping districts, was a mess of tents of the occupy movement. you remember the scene, tens of thousands of mainly students demonstrating for their right for more democracy in this city. well the occupy movement is now over. but it lives on at least in spirit on the 13th floor of this building. it is an occupy hotel. for a few bucks, you can experience a little bit of what it was like. that means sleeping indoors in a tent surrounded by some of the
2:34 am
umbrellas that define this movement occupy paraphernalia collected by steven thompson before the site was demolished in december. >> i like to see -- keep alive the spirit of the hong kong democracy movement going a bit longer and some informed people and in particular young travelers from around the world about our fight for democracy here in hong kong. >> reporter: that fight lasted more than two months. and these tents became a symbol of the demonstrators' commitment to their cause. now they take up most of steven's small two bedroom, 600 square foot 55 square meter flat. he says people come from all over the world. the u.s. the uk even mainland china, to stay. drawn by a feeling of solidarity with hong kong protesters not to mention a very attractive price, in a very expensive city. $13 a night will get you, well some of the basic creature comforts you would expect from a
2:35 am
hotel. and there is no shortage of political statements. hong kong chief executive in the toilet. >> it is beyond being a hotel. it is an exhibition space. i would have been keen to meet with steven and just explore this stuff even if it wasn't a place to stay. >> reporter: with hong kong's sky high rent steven says he's just about breaking even. but he'll still turn guests away if he thinks they're not interested enough in occupy. it is his way of keeping interest in the movement alive. even as its future becomes less clear. andrew stevens, cnn, hong kong. makejor loss for tony abbott. the government lost more than 35 seats in the opposition labor party. the loss is fueling speculation that abbott could soon be ousted. we turn our attention to
2:36 am
argentina. the prosecutor was found dead and just days after accusing top government officials of covering up iran's alleged role in the bombing in buenos aires. could a cash strapped starved argentina have negotiated with iran. that's the question many are asking. we take a closer look at the economic scenario in the country. ♪ >> reporter: the curl of a leg, a passionate embrace. a melancholy tango danced in the streets of buenos aires for passing tourists. the mysterious death of the special prosecutor is being followed with a similar tragic passion. did he take his own life? or was he killed just hours before he was going to present evidence the president was allegedly covering up iran's role in the bombing of a jewish center that killed 85 people. we sit down with a consultant to see if any of this could be related to argentina's economy.
2:37 am
>> the timing of this cover-up or alleged cover-up happened at a time when access to foreign oil became a crucial or critical component of the administration. >> reporter: according to nieceman's report, the alleged cover-up began sometime after 2007 when investigators linked iranian nationals to the bombing. that's when nieceman says buenos aires and tehran secretly negotiated a deal that would give argentina access to oil if the accusations against the iranian suspects went away. argentina imports oil, which it then subsidizes at the pump. but it is locked out of international capital markets after a debt default. >> the situation in the country is not dire however it is precarious. and access to energy is a cornerstone of how this government stays in power. >> reporter: the cash crisis can be felt on the streets of buenos aires where the government has severely limited access to
2:38 am
dollars. at the hotels you get the official exchange rate 8.7 to the dollar. now we're going to go across town and talk to somebody who exchanges money on the black market. a man we'll call juan offers a much better deal. today it is a 13.5 pesos to the dollar he says. at the bank you have to declare how you got the money and they can't necessarily sell it to you. constant frustration for arnlgen signs, but cause for a government cover-up? according to nieceman's report the deal with iran never reached fruition because arrest warrants couldn't be revoked. bilateral trade did spike during the years the alleged negotiation took place, but crude oil was never part of the equation. ♪ and economic scenario full of dramatic twists and turns.
2:39 am
shasta darlington cnn, buenos aires. just ahead here on cnn, sit-down can actor robert redford at the sundance film festival. his reaction to screening his new film at the festival he helped to create. when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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justice more than 50 years in a making. a judge in south carolina threw out the convicts of a group of
2:42 am
men known as the friendship nine. victor blackwell reports, the men were jailed in 1961 after a sit-in protest during the civil rights movement. >> all rise. >> reporter: this courtroom in rockhill south carolina is packed with people waiting to hear this historic apology. >> allow know take this opportunity to extend to each of you my heart felt apologies for what happened to you in 1961. it was wrong. >> reporter: a wrong committed before the solicitor was born more than half a century ago at the height of the lunch counter sit-in movement of the 1960s. at the time clarence graham was a 17-year-old college student, on the front line of the movement. he was determined but increasingly frustrated. >> demonstrating in the afternoon, after school and in the mornings and being arrested and weren't making in progress.
2:43 am
>> reporter: but what graham and eight schoolmates did in 1961 made more than progress it made history. >> there was a lot of animosity you know he? they weren't sure about this. there were extra police here. you just didn't quite know what was going to happen. >> reporter: ann johnson was standing in the crowd outside mccroix's department store that day. >> i was really thinking not quite sure this should happen. especially when you're raised in the south. >> reporter: the men stand at the lunch counter and refuse to leave without being served. >> i was smashed up and thrown on the floor and arrested because of it. >> reporter: and charged and convict of trespassing as expected. but what happened next changed the momentum of the sit-in movement. rather than pay bail all but one of students chose to serve 30 days hard labor instead. it was a first. the young men became known as the friendship nine named after the college most of them
2:44 am
attended. >> after that caught on by summer -- >> reporter: why apologize to the men now? well after writing a children's book about the friendship nine the author urged the solicitor to pardon the men. >> they were not violent men by any means. they wanted freedom and equalities they were not privileged to have. >> a pardon is an act of forgiveness. and what these guys needed wasn't forgiveness, because they didn't do anything wrong. what these guys needed was justice. >> reporter: and that brings us back inside the courtroom. >> justice, sir, is the greatest interest of man on earth. >> reporter: seven of the surviving members and the same attorney who represented them half a century ago, a future chief justice of the state supreme court, appeared in front of the nephew of the judge who presided over their conviction. >> there is only one reason these men were arrested. there is only one reason they were charged and convicted for trespassing and that is because they were black.
2:45 am
that could not happen today. it was wrong then. it is wrong today. >> reporter: and after 54 years justice. >> the defendants' convicts for trespassing in january 1961 are vacated. >> reporter: the charges erased for history's sake but it was meeting ann johnson for the first time that brought graham to tears. >> she said i know you. i saw you on tv. i know who you are. i said, what? she says i was there that day. she hugged me. we talked for a half hour. >> the hug and the handshake would have never happened now if we hadn't have gone through all this up to this point. >> i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: what would ann johnson today tell the ann johnson of 1961? >> if i could tell her then i
2:46 am
would fell her accept these people for what they are. color doesn't matter you know. god created all of us. we're all different colors but so what? >> reporter: those stools are still at the lunch counter. men's names engraved on the backs. and now added to the iconic pictures of the friendship nine this photo. >> let the decision of the court today show the resolve of south carolina to work together to learn together, and to progress tomorrow and to ensure the promises set forth in our constitution. >> reporter: victor blackwell, cnn, rockhill south carolina. >> moving story there from victor blackwell. now the sundance film festival one of the largest in the u.s. is coming to an end today.
2:47 am
robert redford sat down and talked about screening his new movie and how the famed sundance film festival changed over time. listen. >> the festival now, is it what you thought it would be when you began it? >> no. ♪ >> no you don't think -- you don't think about the end result or i don't. because that involves expectations. i don't believe in expectations. i think expectations are dangerous. i try to avoid expecting anything. you just are in the moment as it happens and you begin with hope because that's all you've got. nothing happened. >> it has its own energy its own breadth now. you look at sundance you feel it. >> let's use a horse as a metaphor. you start out with a horse and you have to train the horse. the horse is not ready and you have to walk the horse, pet the horse, get close, get comfort with the horse. then there comes a time you can get on the horse and suddenly the horse moves and then maybe you have a wild horse. that is out of control.
2:48 am
you get the analogy? >> yeah i get it. we'll leave it at that. i guess i do. you have a film in the sundance film festival. >> i thought you said you were in shape. >> i am. >> how does that feel for you this time? >> it is a little strange. we always had a deal i would keep myself separate from the selection committee. and i always thought that was healthy and there would be no self-interest involved. i said to cooper our selection guy, i said you guys do what you have to do. as long as you adhere to the mission of who we are and what we're trying to do to give new voices in film a chance to be heard, that's your choice. that was 30 years ago. this year he kind of sabotaged me. and put it in the festival. i said what are you doing? >> let's talk about the film "a walk in the woods." i understand you wanted to do this movie with paul newman. >> it was about the reparation of a friendship about a friendship revived. i was attracted to this. right away i saw a chance for paul and i to have a third
2:49 am
outing. because it had the same relationship and score that we had in the other two films. that's how it started. that was back in 2000. unfortunately paul's age and declining health became an issue. and so that fell out at a certain point. >> the ever charming robert redford. now a u.s. government agency sends a warning to drone operators this year the super bowl is a no drone zone. we'll tell you why the flying of drones aren't welcome at the game. stay here on cnn. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. the average person will probably drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. i recommend pronamel. pronamel helps to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet... it helps to strengthen
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the plane that the u.s. president calls its own is set to end its service in a few years. the pentagon chose its replacement for the aging aircraft. tom foreman has more on what it takes for the next air force one. >> reporter: part white house, part war room part political icon the new air force one will fill many roles. >> air force one cleared for takeoff. >> reporter: on the surface, the requirements are simple must be a wide body four engine commercial aircraft but then things get complicated. >> the biggest misconception about air force one is the idea that it is some sort of a plush comfortable luxury jet, that only is used for executive travel. when in fact it has a military mission. it is a flying headquarters for the commander in chief. >> reporter: will it have an
2:53 am
escape pod like in the movie air force one? no that's fiction. but it does have defensive capabilities shields against electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear attack and anti-missile systems too. the plane must be able to travel anywhere in the world, landing at big and small airports and, of course there are many secrets. at the reagan library, an earlier model, modified boeing 707, is a major draw. >> we all want to know what is on this plane. there is such a mystique. it is america. it is our presidency. and i remember the first time i walked through it you get chills. >> reporter: air force one has been in the middle of many extraordinary moments when john kennedy was assassinated lyndon johnson became the next president on board. ronald reagan took it to meet the russians and practice his putting in flight too. and george w. bush used today's version to fly back to washington on 9/11.
2:54 am
unable to do a tv address to the nation until he landed. that was later fixed and the new jet is expected to have full inflight broadcast capabilities along with sleeping quarters a shower an airborne oval office and an emergency room. delivery in seven years. but -- >> trust me when i tell you that the pentagon's military acquisition system can't achieve anything in that short a period of time. >> reporter: so like the rest of us sometimes, even the president may have to wait for his plane. tom foreman, cnn, washington. now, security officials are always on high alert for big sporting events like the super bowl. but at this year's big game they'll be taking a closer look at the skies for potential threats. brandon marsh explains. >> reporter: law enforcement and the nfl on alert for something that could be hovering above the
2:55 am
super bowl this sunday. the federal aviation administration warning rogue operators to keep drones away from the big game. it is a major safety and security concern. >> somebody could just plain flat fly that drone into the crowd. and injure a few people. perhaps there is something on the drone, you know that is kinetic that could cause, you know even if it is just an explosion, but enough to cause a small panic or a panic on the ground. >> reporter: the secret service scrambled this week to ensure a drone that flew over the white house was not a bigger threat. sporting events are not immune either. like this drone that flew over a european soccer match. big league stadiums are a big attraction for drone enthusiasts in the united states too. this one flew over wrigley field during a game in chicago. law enforcement is threatening an interception if anyone tries it this sunday. >> if we see somebody operating a drone or in preparation of
2:56 am
operating a drone, we'll make contact and address the individual up to and including arrest. >> reporter: the nfl says the league is increaseingly finding drones at stadiums. in the past year, 12 drones have landed around stadiums on game day. the nfl will have explosive teams ready to swoop in if a drone makes its way on to the playing field. during last year's all-star game major league baseball used a drone detection system scanning the sky above the packed stadium. but it wouldn't be able to stop a drone from flying over. fred rogero is the former chief of state for the air force. his company now makes drone detection systems. >> you can tell it is there before it becomes a threat so you have time for the decisionmakers to decide on what they do with it. >> reporter: authorities and the nfl are being tight lipped about whether they're using drone detecting systems around the stadium this sunday.
2:57 am
drones have sparked safety and security concerns. the faa received dozens of reports of drones nearly hitting planes and after that drone landed at the white house, the president said the incident highlighted the need for stronger regulation. but the faa is delayed in issuing the long awaited rules for this growing drone industry. renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> and that does it for us for this hour. thank you for joining us. "new day" is just ahead. for everyone else, there is "the best of quest" after a look at the top stories. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪
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♪ isis says it has beheaded a second japan hostage sparking outrage around the world as jordan works to secure the release of a captive pilot. >> daughter of whitney houston found in a bathtub of water early similar to the way her mother daued threeied three years ago. a winter storm headache is moving east. thousands of flights already