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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  February 1, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PST

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whiteout conditions later on this afternoon. it's going through pennsylvania into new york and then in across the northeast. we will track it for you here. it stays all snow. i'm not worried about the forecast in chicago. we are thinking a good foot to 16 inches? nareas b in some areas. warm enough air i think new york is going to mix and turn over to rain and freezing rain and that is a mess for the morning commute and boston does get several more inches of accumulation and winter storm warnings posted there as well. i think new york will be okay. they have to be careful as you're traveling and probably not need the shovels there. >> good to know. >> enough for boston. enough for boston. >> enough, but it's more. >> yes. thank you, ivan. we have so much more starting. we are so glad you're starting your morning with us here at "new day." >> next hour of your "new day" starts now. we will never forgive is the message from japan as the nation mourns the apparent beheading of
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a japanese journalist. the question now what will happen to the jordanian fighter pilot also in isis hands. almost three years ago that her mother was found dead in a hotel bathtub. now the daughter of whitney houston is found in similar conditions as the young woman now fights for her life this morning. plus, just days after mitt romney bows out of the 2016 presidential race, a new front-runner could be emerging. wisconsin governor scott walker is finding himself in the top of a key battleground state. your "new day" starts now. always so grateful for your company. good morning. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. the silent grieving protesters are filling the streets in japan. >> and world leaders in the u.s., france, britain say they will not let isis get away with its latest killing of an innocent hostage. this man, japanese freelance journalist kenji goto.
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a video released by isis appears to show his decapitated body. the second journalist from japan killed in just a week. will ripley is in tokyo and ann pike is also with us. talk about what is happening in tokyo to the reaction of this beheading. >> reporter: there was -- this was not surprising for people here in japan who had feared that this was going to happen when the latest isis deadline passed and there was silence from that terror group as we have seen throughout this hostage crisis. those periods of silence and, quite quickly, when isis posts another video and given that their last threat was that they were going to take the life of kenji goto and the jordan pilot as well, people here did fear the worse but that did not mitigate the tremendous shock and grief of the brutality of this video, especially considering the fact that the journalist who was murdered,
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kenji goto, is somebody who people in japan have really grown to know over the last week. every major network here has shown his picture and told his story about the work that he did, his passion for going to some of the most dangerous places in the world and telling the stories of innocent people whose lives were in turmoil. and so the outrage is shared by not only the people, but also japan's prime minister abe as well. >> translator: i feel the strongest anger against this atrocious despicable act. i will never forgive the terrorists. japan will expand further humanitarian support to the region. >> reporter: pledged $200 million to fight the crisis and
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they say that might have put the journalists in danger. both men are now gone. but the one thing that this video doesn't answer, the big question what has happened to the jordanian pilot. he is not mentioned in this isis video so, of course, there is also concern and compassion here for the family of that man as well. >> will, thank you. let's go to erin now. what is the response from the white house? >> victor, we did get a statement from president obama last night and imt want to rea part of that statement with you. i would also point out that we heard this past week from the white house that they are reviewing their policies and protocol in dealing with u.s. hostages abroad because there
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have been increasing numbers of them. of course, in this latest case, the japanese have been involved in negotiations with isis and also the jordanians in the last few weeks. >> erin, when we hear the u.s. and japan and jordan and britain condemning this and vowing to fight, have you heard anything more from the white house regarding ground troops in this battle against i circumstances? >> white house press secretary was asked this question on thursday. he reiterated at the time that president obama does not think there need to be ground troops. i also was speaking with white house official just yesterday who said that white house policy has not changed on this and this in light of barbara starr's interview with outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel. there needs to be troops in iraq for presence gathering and we heard that last week. white house officials are saying
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no ground troops that american troops will be in iraq to train foreign fighters there to take the fight to isis and continue with air strikes, but no more ground troops or no ground troops at all rather. >> thank you both. we appreciate it. let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and cnn military annist lieutenant general mark hertling. general, i want to start with you and the discussion of the negotiations for this pilot. what kind of back channel discussions could the jordanian government be involved with isis? is there maybe liaison working here? are they having direct talks? how does it work? >> there would certainly be interlockers, victor. i think they are continuing to attempt to discuss the things that jordan is very interested in and that is primary the safety of their pilot. they have to find that out. again, it's dealing with an organization that you can't trust. so there has to be some kind of
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commitment that the continuing negotiation will bring about some kind of change, victor. >> general, this new video of the beheading of kenji goto, the background different from the earlier ones. earlier, there was this video that was indoors with goto holding the photo of the other man who was beheaded. what can we learn from this latest video and does it mean anything to the negotiations with jordan? >> well, in talking to several of my old friends in the intelligence communities, they think it means a lot, because it shows that isis is attempting to continue with the type of operations that they have continued -- that they have done in the past, but, in fact, they have been affected so they have to move the locations around, they have to change their production facility and all of those things in terms of even the quality of the video give indicators of the shape that isis is in. >> tom, i want to get your thoughts on a conversation we
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started with general hertling just a few moments ago, that some people say that swapping prisoners for hostages is better than paying for the release, paying these ransoms. what do you think? >> i think they are both difficult decisions. paying the ransom, obviously, the money goes into being able to buy more weaponry and fund their operations and just lead to more attacks by them. so i think that one we know is a very, very difficult choice for anybody to make. a lot of european countries have been paying ransoms for the hostages that they have had. in terms of a prisoner swap, we have had prisoner swaps in the military for centuries although normally those kind of prisoner swaps are done when the hostile its are over. i think the problem here is when will they ever be over in the middle east or with islamic extremism? we don't know. does that mean we hold people forever, hold gitmo open forever, have jordan hold this
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person, you know, forever? that is where the difficulty comes in. you don't have a point to really say, okay, all of the hostile its are over, nobody is going to be a combatant any more in the future, therefore, it's safe to exchange prisoners. >> tom, i wonder if any indicators pointing in one direct or another, whether isis ever expected to pull off this exchange or are they simply highlighting the story of a woman they believe to be a heroine here and this jordanian pilot isn't even alive? >> i think many people have trouble figuring out what isis true objectives are. my personal thought is that one of their objectives is to extend media coverage as far as they can possibly do it. they just dragged this out for several weeks with the two japanese hostages. they get it to where all of japan comes to respect and love kenji goto and know all about him and his family and his wife
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and children, and then they get maximum savagery out of that, maximum terror effect by then killing somebody that everybody has fallen in love with. i think that here, this jordanian officer, we have not seen this pilot since he has been captured and taken away somewhere. he has not been used in these most recent videos, especially the ones with the japanese hostages. so we really don't know and jordan doesn't know how well he is, if he is well and alive. haven't seen any proof of life but they just don't know. now it appears that isis will drag this out and extend this as long as it goes. we are trying to apply rational thought, well, they are going to get this and they will get money and get a prisoner. they want publicity first and foremost and we are giving it to them. >> yes. thank you both so much. >> thank you. another story that has really caught people off guard. a scene that is early similar to the death of whitney houston three years ago but this time it's her daughter.
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bobbi kristina brown found face-first in her bathtub and we will tell you what we have learned about her condition. new york city is the latest state on high alert because of the measles. after thousands of people could have been infected. we are talking to a public health expert about that. stay close. intercourse that's painful due noboto menopausal changesit... it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue
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theraflu breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. so you never miss a day. theraflu. serious power. 14 minutes past the hour right now. this morning, the singer of bobby brown and late pop star whitney houston is in a medical induced coma. she was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub full of water. >> she was not breathing when she was discovered near her home in atlanta yesterday. of course, this incident echoes her mother's death. houston was found in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel almost three years ago. nick valencia is outside the po hospital where bobbi kristina
4:15 am
brown is being treated. >> reporter: it has been a lifetime for the daughter of whitney houston and another chapter to that life when she was found unconscious and unresponsive in her home in roswell, georgia. it was early familiar. bobbi kristina brown found unresponsive face down in a bathtub at her home early saturday morning. the only daughter of deceived pop star whitney houston and singer b bobby brown. her mother died in a similar scene almost three years ago. >> bobbi kristina's husband found her face down in a bathtub in the bathroom of their home. she was unresponsive, meaning not breathing, no heartbeat he immediately started cpr on her. >> reporter: brown was taken to north fulton hospital where police say she is alive and breathing but the hospital says they cannot say what her current condition is. police are treating the case as a medical incident. is there any indication that perhaps medication was a factor
4:16 am
at all, prescribed medication? >> right now, they did not see anything on the scene that would indicate that. no alcohol or drugs laying around that would indicate that. >> reporter: since her mother's death in february of 2012, there has been concern about the 21-year-old's well-being. "people" magazine editor mary margaret. >> there has been growing concerns. people have wondered about the money she was given when she turned 21, how that would play into her increasing dependence and what would happen with that. >> reporter: recently, there were signs that brown had made positive changes in her life. she tweeted about get healthier and working out and resurrecting her acting career and they say they hope this is a tragic accident and a horrible coincidence. police say they will continue with their investigation. everyone so far inside that home is cooperating with police.
4:17 am
is there no word if anything was discovered in the home. victor, christi? >> nick valencia reporting in atlanta for us, thanks. let's talk more about bobbi kristina's condition. elizabeth cohen is with us by phone. why would doctors put brown into a medically induced coma. help us understand that. >> we heard a report that brown was found not breathing. so her brain wasn't getting enough blood and wasn't getting enough oxygen. so what you do when you put somebody in a medically induced coma is that you're reducing their need for oxygen. they are not getting enough so you reduce the brain's need for oxygen. when you put someone in a medically induced coma, you're slowing everything down so that the brain is functioning at a much slower state and so it doesn't need that oxygen. this is often used with
4:18 am
traumatic brain injury, for example. it's often very successful. it's really sort of in theory a simple thing that they are doing here and often it works quite well. >> so at what point do doctors determine they need to continue this kind of treatment as opposed to making a switch? >> reporter: so they look at brain function and when they see that the brain function is starting to improve, if they have been able to, you know, obviously i'm sure they are giving her oxygen, when they say that the brain is starting to come back to normal, that's when they start to back off on the drugs that put her in that coma. sometimes it's found that it's not possible, it's found that even with the coma, even with other treatments, that nothing can resurrect this brain so to speak and there's really nothing else you can do at that point. >> you mentioned that there are reports that it took a while for her to start breathing again.
4:19 am
knowing that, how can they or how well are doctors able to gauge what kind of damage might have been done based on how long she wasn't breathing? >> reporter: right. we don't know -- we are told she is breathing now but we don't know if she is breathing on her own or a equipment is breathing for her. there are measures that the doctors can do of her brain activity to figure out what state it's in, to figure out what level of brain function she has. and we can only hope that she was deprived of oxygen for a very short period of time when she had her incident and that it's reversible. if it's for a longer period of time, sometimes it's not reversible. >> right, right. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen, thank you for walking us through that, elizabeth. 65 million people.
4:20 am
that's how many people could be impacted by the latest major winter storm. and, right now, it's impacting the midwest, but it is heading east. more than a thousand flights already cancelled. ryan young is out in all of it. ryan? >> reporter: the snow is coming down in chicago and i it tell you everyone is getting ready for monday morning. we will have the latest coming up in a live report. ...with thee medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power. (musician's play) carpenters "rainy days and mondays" (whistling) carpenters "rainy days and mondays" ♪ muzak version carpenters "rainy days and mondays" ♪ muzak version ac/dc "back in black" (musician's play) ac/dc "back in black" ♪ ac/dc "back in black" chevy colorado when you find new roads, you win motor trend's truck of the year.
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listen. if you really want to get a good gauge of how cold it's been, look at this! firefighters in new york city literally, as they fought a fire, in frigid temperatures
4:24 am
yesterday. fire hoses froze. their helmets, protective clothing encrusted with ice. they were enduring temperatures around 10 degrees and thankfully no injuries reported and thank you so much to those men and women who are out there doing the job. >> even tougher when you're encased in ice. >> i would think so. >> absolutely. it's going to be tough couple of days for people in the northeast and the midwest. 65 million people across 18 states, that's how many people are in the path of a major snowstorm. more than a thousand flights have already been cancelled as chicago especially. you know that airport is so busy, gets ready for as much as two feet of snow. >> let's bring in cnn correspondent ryan young who is in chicago. remember what we are seeing in chicago is just the beginning what have is going to continue to pass east. ryan, welcome to cnn, buddy! >> reporter: well, thank you, thank you. you're talking about that 65 million people. i can tell you what a difference so far just in the last hour or so.
4:25 am
this is really the windy city. you feel it coming down. it's all over our faces at this point. look. we shot video overnight and show some of it to you as workers starting to clear the streets here. when you look back at the river it has not frozen over just yet but steady coming down all night long and seen people negotiating the streets. right now, no information about any power outages or anything like that. if you look out this way you can see everyone is handling the streets very well. we haven't seen any slow down in traffic as people have been getting out here on the streets making sure everything stays moving. of course, that monday morning commute that will be when the big conversation starts with all of that snow headed for this area. >> but at the end of the day, we know chicago knows how to handle all of this. i hear the people were crowding stores yesterday buying shovels and food. this is coming on the four-year anniversary of the 2011 blizzard so you've seen the salt trucks out, right? >> reporter: we have seen the salt trucks out all morning
4:26 am
long. in fact, we will talk you back this way. workers just starting coming out to clear some of the snow. they are walking through the snow with their umbrella right now. in the distance there you can see the guy right there clearing the snow off the pathways here. people haven't stopped moving. i did go to the grocery store yesterday and it was packed with people. they were trying to buy their supplies just in case this got worse. i talked to a taxi cab driver. his plan was to get off the road by early evening. he wanted to make as much money as possible to make sure if this got really bad, he would be out of the storm. >> ryan, head back inside and stay warm until we see you next hour. new york state is the latest state on the high alert now for the measles. a college student who took a busy amtrak train now has the disease. thousands of people could have been infected, but this scare is not just in new york. it's across 13 other states as well. we will tell you what you need to know about the measles coming up. i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth.
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♪ here are some of the stories we are watching this morning. japan says it will continue and would like to expand aid to isis opponents after the islamist militants killed a second japanese hostage in one week. kenji goto went into syria trying to save his friend. isis says it will kill a jordanian military pilot if jordan does the release a jailed woman terrorist. it's not clear right now if the pilot is live or dead. >> bobbi kristina brown was
4:31 am
found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub full of water at her home near atlanta yesterday. this incident is early similar to her mother's death. as you might remember, houston was found in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel almost three years ago to this date. officials are putting the residents in new york on a high alert this morning after a college student confirmed to have a case of the measles. they found out rode an amtrak train from penn station to upstate new york. >> this is putting the outbreak to the forefront here. reminding everyone of the dangers this virus can pose. >> reporter: officials say a college student got on amtrak train on january 25th and got off in roncliff new york and the train went to albany and niagara
4:32 am
falls. the student tested positive for measles and now the health department is on high alert concerned that college student may have exposed other passengers. they are asking anyone on that train to call a doctor or emergency room before going in for care and has some passengers concerned. >> i do have my mask with me and i intend to be careful. >> it's something to be concerned about and something to be aware of. >> reporter: a disease that almost eliminated in this country is on the move again. the current outbreak has spread to at least 14 states, beginning in california in mid december. >> let me tell you, measles is the most infectious disease known to man. that's why we are paying so much attention to it. >> reporter: that causes extra caution for places like new york with millions of people commuting daily or events with large crowds like the super bowl where, today, teams will be looking for signs of this highly contagious disease.
4:33 am
because it is so highly contagious the cdc is saying don't take chances with your children. >> the outbreak we are seeing this year are a reminder that measles is a plane ride away. >> some startling statistics and descriptions there. let's bring in infectious disease and public health specialist dr. saline gander. i wonder with all of these people who were on this train likely, how intimate does the contact with a person who has measles need to be to contract this disease? >> measles is an air-borne virus. you don't need to be in direct contact with somebody who is infected. the measles virus will remain in the environment a couple of hours even that person has left the train car so it's not just sitting next to somebody or being in the same train car at the same time. if you were in that train car with that person with measles was at any point during that day
4:34 am
after they were there you are at risk. >> so it's airborne. is a good cleaning of these train cars enough? how do you stamp out this threat after they have now realized this person was on the train? >> it's not just a question of cleaning surfaces. you also have to air out the train car itself and so that takes some time. >> one of the -- we were talking about this in our meeting about this story and about the spread is that one of the victims of the vaccination, people don't know the symptoms of the measles. what should parents and especially parents be looking for? >> the early symptoms of measles are fever and rash but i think the misconception that is all the measles it and it can be more severe. in qung kids about 1 in 3 children would be hospitalized if they got the measles and some of the complications include a severe pneumonia which would put you on a ventilator, brain damage that could be lifelong
4:35 am
and it's a leading cause of blindness still worldwide. >> wow. now across 14 states. dr. celine gounder, thank you. >> my pleasure are. measles in arizona they are talking about too, amongst other things. primary primarily, a little football game going on there? andy shoals is outside the stadium in phoenix. >> reporter: you can see it's kind of foggy out here right now but supposed to be beautiful later on 70 degrees and sunny. coming up we will hear what tom brady has to say about today's big game. fraud watch network means everyone can protect themselves and their families from scams and identity theft. with local alerts, tips from law enforcement, and the inside scoop from former con artists. real possibilities to stay ahead of the bad guys. if you don't think beat con men at their own game, when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us
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4:39 am
the 2014 a.p. most valuable player is aaron rodgers. >> congratulations to green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers taking home the nfl highest award, hi second of his career by the way. he threw 48 touchdowns and only five interceptions this year. congratulations. >> congrats to him. have you figured out where you're going to watch the game tonight? you're going to watch it at home. >> really? i just want to see katy perry, i'm sorry. >> there is that. if you haven't figured out, then figure it out quick. >> the kickoff is, what? 12 hours? less than 12 hours away at this point. new england patriots, seattle seahawks. they want that coveted title. andy shoals has a preview for us and he is live outside the super bowl stadium right now. i know it's really early there.
4:40 am
what? 5:40 almost? but what is it like? are you feeling the energy already? >> reporter: oh, absolutely, guys. on paper, this couldn't be a better matchup but the sports books in las vegas they have the patriots as one-point favorite. this should be a great game. the last time the patriots were here in arizona for the super bowl in 2008, let's just say they don't have very fond memories from that game. the new york giants crushed them in dramatic fashion and winning the hopes and dreams of patriots 19-0 season. that would have been tom brady's fourth super bowl win. win or lose today, brady is going to make history becoming just the first quarterback ever to start in six super bowls. >> you know, it's amazing sitting here, you know, thinking that this is the sixth time i'll be doing this, and it's really a privilege. i've been very lucky over the years to play on great teams and you really want to be as best you possibly can be because the margin of error against these
4:41 am
teams that you're playing and certainly against the seahawks is -- there is no real margin for error, so we are going to have to play our best. >> reporter: brady does have the most playoff wins by a quarterback with 20, but he is just 11-8 since his last super bowl win a decade ago. now if you're still looking to come to today's game, you don't have a ticket yet, good luck! super bowl ticket prices are absolutely through the roof! the cheapest ticket right now on stubhub the worst seat in the house would cost you around $8,000. >> come on. >> reporter: the average ticket price was more than $10,000. this could go down as the most expensive ticket in u.s. pro sports history. just incredible. i have to tell you, walking around downtown phoenix, the majority of the fans i've seen are seahawks fans. they probably outnumber the patriots fans 10-1 so you'll hear a lot more cheers for seahawks tonight than the patriots. >> geographically, it is closer
4:42 am
for them and an easier trip, i suppose. >> reporter: it is closer. the patriots they have been to six super bowls, you know, in the recent past, so it's not like this is something new for their fans. >> right. >> i haven't heard anything since $8,000 for the worst seat in the house. if i'm sitting behind the pole and eight grand! >> that is not doing it for me even if katy perry is doing the halftime show. >> you are right about that. oh, my gosh. andy, enjoy it. there's a reason they have it in phoenix at this time of the year. 70 degrees and sunny. back to you. see you later. >> reporter: i'm looking forward to it. >> big game? have fun. cheer on your team and keep it in no drum zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. talk about a sign of the times. an odd reminder from the faa for people going to the super bowl, drones, along with other
4:43 am
unmanned aircraft, will not be allowed within 30 miles of the stadium during the game. so if you've checked the calendar, it's february 1st, but it's still not too early to start thinking about the race for the white house. scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, may be the one to watch. the conservative governor is leading republicans in a brand-new closely watched poll. can he sustain the momentum here? we will dig into it next. >> thank you. plus devices like the galaxy note 4 for $0 down. we'll even buy out your family service contracts. so switch to t-mobile and get 4 lines for a $100 today. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira.
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the republican race for 2016 is getting a little more interesting this morning. >> it is. >> a new des moines register pole puts wisconsin governor scott walker the top choice of caucus goers in iowa. he is followed by rand paul and mitt romney who said on friday he is not even running and mike huckabee and leaving others trailing below there. >> let's bring in steven collinson. scott walker said he sees, quote, gaps in the potential republican presidential field for 2016. does this poll indicate that there are gaps? >> this is actually a really interesting poll. it shows, i think, that conservatives who are very important to the electorate in iowa where the first polling place takes in exactly a year's time. you talk to grassroots
4:48 am
conservatives they feel the nominee the last two presidential cycles, john mccain and mitt romney weren't conservative enough so they are looking for a candidate who can push the social conservative message in a general election and win against the democrats. the people taking attention to this race already in iowa like scott walker. had he a great weekend last week at the first candidate cattle call. the knock against him has always been that he is conservative. he's won elections three statewide races in wisconsin which has gone democratic in recent presidential elections. but didn't have a great deal of charis charisma. we are a year away. most of the major candidates haven't really started campaigning at all in iowa and in a year's time, no one is going to remember this poll but it does show, i think, early momentum for walker, put it that
4:49 am
way. >> the front-runner according to this poll. put it up on the screen. front-runner 15% the biggest winner is undecided and everybody else in single digits. i want to look at fourth here with 10%, mike huckabee won the iowa caucuses in 2008. he just gave up his fox show. does this prove he is having trouble with the conservative base? >> i'm not sure. >> or just -- >> right now, he is a popular candidate in iowa. he probably has a sort of base around 10%. it's a question of whether huckabee is seen by iowa caucus goers as a person of the past or a person of the future. there are a lot of attractive conservative candidates running right now. ted cruz, rubio is going to take a look at running. you know? so i don't know if mike huckabee has really sort of made too much of an entrance in the race up there. he has not done much campaigning up there. it's very interesting to see if he still has that kind of magic
4:50 am
in iowa that helped him in 2008. >> chris christie is going to meet with prime minister david cameron when he goes to the uk for a trade mission. >> it's always a question for governors, especially in presidential races, what kind of credentials do they have to serve as commander in chief? you often see them go off on trips. barack obama, for example, in 2008 went on a trip to the middle east and europe. christie has been having sort of sessions with well-known republican foreign policy gurus. it's a question also that scott walker is going to face. you know, the governor of wisconsin, he says he's the commander of chief of the national guard but he doesn't have much experience on the world stage. someone like marco rubio has sort of adopted a role for himself in the senate as a foreign policy expert, and i think you're going to find that national security is going to be a big issue in this race given the turmoil around the world,
4:51 am
especially in the middle east, the showdown with russia and the ukraine and president putin. the republican nominee, whoever it is in this cycle, is going to have to show some competency on foreign policy, perhaps more than in the past. >> i'd like to see that poll again, one to three aligned, now that romney has pulled himself out of the running. steven colinson, thank you. president obama says he will not meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when he visits the u.s. in march. cnn's fareed zakaria sat down with the president during his trip to inld yeah and asked him if this had anything to do with house speaker john boehner inviting prime minister netanyahu to address congress. >> reporter: last week when it was announced that the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is going to come to washington and do a joint session of congress at the invitation of the republican speaker of the house, many people are saying this is a rebuttal of your arguments about negotiations with iran, the possible deal with iran.
4:52 am
do you think it's appropriate for him to come in this manner at this time to washington? >> well, you know, i'll let mr. boehner answer that and mr. netanyahu. i speak with prime minister netanyahu all the time. you know, we're declining to meet with him. i'm declining to meet with him simply because our general policy is we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election. i think that's inappropriate, and that's true with some of our closest allies. david cameron who's got an election coming up recently came to visit because we insisted if he wants to come and it was a very important meeting, he needs to be far and away enough from the election that it doesn't look like in some ways we're medaling or putting our thumbs on the scale. >> watch the full interview with president obama, watch fareed zakaria gps, it's this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. we'll be right back. just take a closer look.
4:53 am
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though a walking quadriplegic is something you don't hear about every day, that's how a boston man describes himself after breaking his neck and getting out of his wheelchair to walk again. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> reporter: doctors told dan cummings he would never walk again. with each step the 34-year-old proves them wrong. >> you want to motivate me, tell me i can't do something.
4:57 am
i'm going to do it. >> reporter: at 19 he was left paralyzed from the chest down after he dove into shallow water. >> i truly believed as long as i took one day at a time that there was going to come a day that i got up and walked again. >> reporter: he got frustrated after doing three years of traditional physical therapy. >> i felt that i was being taught how to live in my wheelchair and i wanted to be taught how to get out of my wheelchair. >> reporter: done moved from boston to san diego. he wanted to be part of a program that helped people who suffered spinal cord injuries. four years later he walked out of the door. >> that left me with new missions. i wanted to bring that program to boston. >> reporter: he did just that with the opening of journey forward. it's a nonprofit dedicated to helping paralyzed people be more mobile. >> retraining the nervous system. hundreds of thousands if not millions of repetitions, something clicks and you build off of that. we give our clients the proper tools necessary to get
4:58 am
independence. even people their life back. quality of life. >> reporter: dan's next challenge now is to get insurance companies to cover the $100 an hour cost of therapy. that would allow more patients access to the treatment. he would also like to open even more facilities around the country. >> took me seven years before i took my first steps. it's a game of inches. give it everything you have. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> wow. these numbers are growing by the hour. now nearly 100 million people, 100 million people in the path of this winter storm. take a look at this. >> the winter scene moving in on chicago this morning. a blizzard warning is in effect for the chicago metro area now. more than 1300 flights already canceled, and this is just starting in chicago. it's going to continue to push east, and for that we go to ivan cabrera who has all the details for us. good morning, sir. >> yeah, the blizzard warnings
4:59 am
take effect this afternoon. 2 to 3 inches an hour. that will pile up the snow. 10 to 15 inches your blizzard warning in chicago. winter storm warning stretches all the way to the east coast. this is where things are going to get tricky. that will be an event that will be with us sunday night through the day on monday especially. look at the radar in chicago. that rain line is going nowhere near you. you're going to stay all snow. we're talking about accumulations. take a look at this. this very heavy band beginning to move into chicago. things are getting going here. i think it's only going to get worse by later on. clock sunday morning. by sunday afternoon things begin to improve sunday evening and then the storm heads east. this is what gives me an ulcer. look at this. pink. we do not want to see pink across new york city because basically that puts the rain line very close. we're talking about a period of sleet, some freezing rain, perhaps accumulating ice especially in the early morning hours and the temperatures are below 32 and then snow event for boston. accumulations likely from 8 to as much as 12 additional inches of snowfall.
5:00 am
i know you don't want to hear that, boston. it is coming. patriots are in the super bowl and of course they're going to win, right? >> nice spin, nice spin to put on that. thank you, ivan. appreciate it. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> next hour of your "new day" starts right now. isis says it's beheaded a second japanese hostage sparking outrage around the world. as jordan works to secure the release of a captured pilot also held by isis. and the daughter of pop superstar whitney houston found in a bathtub of water unresponsive. this morning bobbi christina remains in a medically induced coma. >> and a major winter storm is slamming the midwest and east. nearly 100 million people are in this storm's path. and we are wishing you the best if you happen to be one of them. good morning to you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor bl


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