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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we are your anchor team here on cnn for the next two hours. hey, everyone i'm errol barnett. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. >> i'm rosemary church. coming up this hour jailed for more than a year in egypt. right now, an australian journalist is free and heading home. >> despite negotiations with isis a japanese journalist apparently beheaded. concern now centers on a captured jordanian pilot. super bowl xlix an instant classic. all right. first this hour an australian journalist who served 400 days in an egyptian prison is said to be immensely relieved and desperate to come home.
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>> the al jazz ear a journalists were sentenced to seven to ten years for supporting the outlaw muslim brotherhood. >> earlier his family said they grateful and ecstatic that he's been released. >> he is currently with our brother mike in cypress where he's gathering his thoughts at the moment. he's safe healthy, and very very happy to be on his way home. >> however, gresta's colleagues remain behind bars. all three have maintained their innocence. >> more on now officials were able to secure the release. >> reporter: the release of al jazeera's peter gresta had been in the works for weeks. it began when the egyptian president issued a decree that he could deport foreigners held in egyptian prison. fast forward to today. the general prosecutor in cairo sent the paperwork to the
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president to get the journalist deported. the minister of foreign affairs worked with the australian embassy to get him out of the country this afternoon. we haven't heard anything yet but when he called after getting out of jail he said "what australian voice do you want to hear? it's peter. " "we're told it's not deportation, it's extradition. it's unlikely he will see the inside of an australian prison as australia has been a strong advocate to get him released. that leaves the two other journalists. one is a dual national and could be relifted like greste. only if he denies his citizenship. this is painful as he sees him
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as a proud egyptian. muhammad only holds egyptian nationality nationality, but his wife is hopeful that if two are released that her husband will be released, as well. christopher warren joins us from sydney federal secretary for the media, entertainment, andars al -- and arts alliance. you lobbied for the release. what's the your reaction to the fact that mr. greste is free? >> we like that he's free to rejoin his family and friends. we continue to be concerned about the other journalists. there's no reason for them to continue to be jailed. we'll continue to pray for their release. >> i know this isn't over. mr. greste's lawyer says that
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egypt considers this an extra addition so legally speaking something will need to be done on the australian side. what does that mean? >> it does remain unclear. the president gave himself powers in about september last year to enable him to deport or extra indict foreigners facing extra -- ex-tradi at the d. it's unclear whether the charges will be droppeded. >> the australian government of able to milk this happen-- make this happen the
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other journalists, you wonder the prospects for them considering their different nationalities. >> it's obviously much harder. but i know the canadian government has been lobbying. they have had a meeting recently between the canadian foreign minister and egyptian government. there's been talk that they are waiting to whether they will strip fahmy of his egyptian citizenship before similarly deporting him. we hope that he'll be free in the next couple days. then hopefully mohamed will be released soon. he's only an egyptian citizen and doesn't have the same options for extradition or deport. that the other two had. >> still, there are many more journalists being held. despite one being set free. what do you think is the impact the lasting message that has been sent to journalists in
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egypt in the wake of all this? >> it's terrible that egypt has become over the past 18 months one of the most prolific jailer of journalists. i think apart from the al jazeera group, there's ten egyptian journalists being health in jail. it's clear -- i think greste of clear in his communications. this of never about him or the al jazeera individuals, it was about putting freedom on trial. about sending a clear message to egyptian journalists and the foreign journalists that the government of not going to tolerate debate about their actions. it's important for journalist community, those in egypt and reporting on egypt are keen to ensure that the egyptian people around the commune get a real
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picture of when wasat's going on and don't allow themselves to be intimidated by what's going on. >> you and many others will keep the pressure up. we pressure you joining us. christopher warren federal secretary for the media, entertainment, and artsal line in sydney. we appreciate -- arts alliance in sydney. we appreciate your time. >> we'll have more later. we want to turn to japan where people are still reeling from the decapitation of a japanese national by isis. the family of slain journalist kenji goto issued a statement thanking the public for the outpouring of prayers and support. japan's chief cabinet secretary had a statement, too. he vowed that the country will not yield to terrorism, and it will continue to provide humanitarian aid to areas affected by isis and may even expand its efforts to help refugees. wee more now on the reaction from there. so anna you're in hong kong of
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course. just give us an idea because japan is understandably shocked by the news of the murder of kenji got oh. what is prime minister shinzo abe saying about it? how is he responding? >> reporter: yeah. the country no doubt responding with angst and sorrow. you know, japan united in grief. as far the prime minister shinzo abe is concerned. he is vowing revenge. he talks about making the terrorists pay the price, to pay for their since. and if anything, this has strengthened japan's resolve to continue the fight against isis. now, it's important to remember that japan is not involved in a military operation whatsoever in this campaign. but they have been providing aid, humanitarian aid as well as nonmilitary assistance. and something the prime minister said of that we are going to increase the amount of food and medicine that we are sending to these countries involved.
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prime minister abe spoke during a cabinet meeting this morning. i want to remember some of that to you. he said "we are going to fulfill our responsibility as a nation with the resolute attitude in the international community fighting against terrorism. we are not going to forgive these horrendous and despicable terrorists." we have to remember rosemary that japan has been watching this play out for, you know 12 days as has the world. you know hoping that somehow obviously the first citizen was killed a week ago, but there was such hopes this kenji goto would be saved. that the prisoner exchange would take place. sadly, that did not happen. >> yeah. of course at the this time the people of japan are mourning the loss of kenji goto. his family members understandably are distraught. we mentioned a little of their reaction. what else are they saying? >> reporter: yeah the family issued a statement this morning expressing gratitude toward those who pray for send gee
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goto. this 47-year-old free land journalist who was known for going to dangerous places around the world. going to war-torn countries to tell the stories of the people on the ground. i just want to read some of the statement now. they said "in his profession as a journalist, he went to many dangerous places to cover the news and we were always ready if the worst happens. however, losing a very important family member, we are falling into a great ms.-- great misery to accept this feeping ing-- feeling of loss." father of two daughters and his mother spoke after the hideous video of her son being decapitated. she wanted people to remember him for his courage and compassion that he went to syria to save the fellow japanese citizen. that was the motive for his trip when he went in october of last
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year. he was then captured in december. incredibly she said and i quote, "i don't want this sorrow to create a chain of hatred," which really is so profound coming from a woman who just lost her son in such a hideous, unspeakable way. >> it is unimageable the depth of grief she must be experiencing. his wife and, of course his two little girls, unbeknown to them what has happened to their father at this point. many thanks to you, reporting from hong kong bringing us reaction from the region. the u.s. vice president accused of a political plot. still ahead, what venezuela's president says joe biden is trying to do. plus the new england patriots crowned the new champions of the nfl. the dramatic comeback and much more from super bowl xlix. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks
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there's a new champion winners of super bowl xlix, the new england patriots. they defeated the seahawks 28-24. in case you haven't heard, in a match-up of the two best teams in the league which came down to a dramatic goal line stan. >> yeah. came down to the last few minutes. new england quarterback tom brady was named most valuable player. he helped his team mount a colossal comeback from a ten-point deficit. brady now has four count them
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four super bowl victories putting him in the rarefied air along nfl quarterbacks. >> and to talk more about this let's bring in cnn spores. what a game, what a -- sports. what a game, what a comeback. >> yeah, this is the makings to be an epic game and did live up to the hype didn't it? tom brady and the patriots were not going to let any deflate-gate discussion nikkei game. let's pick this up in the fourth quarter. seahawks up by three. just before the two-minute warning, brady comes up with the fourth td pass. finding edelman from three the yeas are out. that put the patriots up four. with over a machine to go russell wilson throws deep. and jermaine kearse -- i don't know how he does it -- somehow comes up with the ball inside the pats' five yard line. on second and goal at the winone, wilson throws but is stopped by butler who made the super
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bowl-saving interception. they win super bowl xlix. that says is all. 28-24 the final. a shocking win for the pats and a shocking loss for the seahawks. tom brady named mvp for the third time in his career. he joins joe montana with that achievement. yesterday for-- incredible for him. >> incredible considering he was mired in the deflate-gate controversy. fans saying this guy's a liar. today he's being credited with allowing the patriots to win yet again. he just came from scandal to being the undisputed best. >> we heard him speak this week saying we've put this behind us we're focused on the super bowl. i was like yeah yeah. we'll see how it goes over. >> that seems to be how it's playing out. >> a vicious competitor. he did put that behind him. it was almost like he had a chip on his shoulder. this brought the patriots together. they came out on top. tom brady now has four super
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bowl rings. not many guys can say that. >> people saying he is the best quarterback ever of all time. >> this certainly puts him in that conversation. this is his third super bowl mvp. his fourth super bowl ring. hee just getting it done year after year. and there's talk, is he going to retire after this? i don't think so. he looks great. >> relatives have said he's not interested in retiring any time soon. here's a guy -- >> not now. >> especially not now. controversy avoided. thank you very much. great to have you here. good to see you, special occasion. now, when it comes to advertisers, it doesn't get any bigger than the super bowl. and with instant reaction on social media, a single ad can make or break some company. >> you bet. earlier, i spoke with tony case executive editor at ad week about the best and worst says ads of super bowl sunday. take a listen.
11:18 pm
tony case thanks for talking with us. we want to look at some of the super bowl 2015 commercials which included a range of celebrities, of course. the one that really annoyed everyone is the one that was right at the start, the chevy ad. and of course as a result of that twitter exploded. talk about that. >> it's funny because we've seen this kind of tactic before. the kind of fakeout. i actually thought it was sort of clever. it was very different for that type of advertiser certainly. going become to the "sopranos" sort of fading to black finale and -- you know, it's been done before. there's no wonder that twitter blew up. it's a risky thing these super bowl ads. you're trying to be clever and can find up alienating the very people you pay millions to to try to you know, reach -- >> yeah. exactly. of course, you know some people on twitter were saying never going to buy a -- chevy ever ever ever.
11:19 pm
you talk about alienating people upsetting people. the nationwide ad that really upset people. want to stop for a moment and just flay. -- just play that. >> wait! wait! wait! >> i learned to ride a bike -- or get cooties. i'll never learn to fly or travel the world with my best friend. they won't ever get married. i can't grow up because i died from an accident. >> you know childhood drowning is a very serious matter. a lot of people were saying was this the place? was this the time to talk about it? tony, what do you think? >> i don't think so. the thing is is i thought the tone of most of the ads this
11:20 pm
year was right on. i thought the ones that tried to be funny succeeded in being funny. and the ones this were sort of men to be touching moving ended up being when sometimes those can come off schmalzy. but this was -- it seemed so out of place for the super bowl, absolutely. and the backlash has been incredibly negative with good reason. >> it has. the other extreme, the budweiser ad. we'll air that as we talk. this of course so cute. lots of people you can hear -- it was just extraordinary. what do you think? that's obviously hit the mark right? >> well everybody love a puppy. even though i think after this year i think we'll have puppy burnout. i don't think they'll upon to come back with a third, you know, sequel to the -- a second sequel to the puppy ad. but it's -- it was an ad that was released before the super bowl. and it had already been viewed 12 or 13 million time on youtube
11:21 pm
in the week leading up to the super bowl. so clearly it's resonated. people really loved this creative creative. unfortunately, as you might be aware, godaddy tried to river -- to riff on it. it was a major fail. -- theyened up pulling the ad. we didn't see it. what they put in its place was fairly lame. i thought. i thought the tone of right. it was family friendly with all the scandals in professional football. i think it needed to be softer this year. again, i thought the ads that set out to be funny were. and the touching ads were that without being too schmalzy for the most part even though there were some ads that i thought were just horrendous. >> indeed upon and of course the other big thing of various movie
11:22 pm
trailers airing. the "jurassic world" trailer aired and took people's breath away. the reaction was extraordinary. >> absolutely. i thought all the movie trailers we saw tonight -- not trailers but says ads, they. -- they felt like trailers they were so incredibly cut and produced "jurassic world." we had the "terminator" reboot the with schwarzenegger and "tomorrow land." they all looked fantastic. and this is a fantastic venue for motion pictures. i think we saw 1 2 movie ads this the super bowl. >> wow. quite the showcase. a pretty expensive venture, as well, for some. tony case thank you very much. we really appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, rosemary. certainly a great array of advertisements. and everyone's going to be
11:23 pm
talking about the nationwide ad. >> right. >> it really hit a nerve. it was just the sense that it was the wrong time. >> interesting too, because you watch the commercials during the super bowl. some of them didn't hit any tone. they just wanted to be there. when you look at the cost, $4.5 million for 30 seconds. study show they don't really translate into more sales. anyone who can afford that is pretty sizable already. it is part of the spectacle and conversation around the states. >> people keep talking about it. >> we will took. still to come a winner storm taking aim in the -- winter storm taking aim in the u.s. how it's impacting millions. stay with us. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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a winter storm already blanketed the central u.s. with snow. now it's heading for the northeast. snowplows working overtime at this hour to make sure drivers stay safe during their monday morning commute. >> in chicago, people are shoveling out from massive moon
11:26 pm
of snow. more than 1,000 flights are canceled out of the city monday. and 12 school district in several states have canceled classes. some people in michigan are making the best of the weather. you can see it coming down as sledders slide down a hill in detroit. >> good stuff. >> let's bring in our meteorologist, pedram javaheri to get a sense of if people are going to be suffering through the storm in colder areas or because it's in michigan and elsewhere, will they be used to the snow? >> it's the first of the season. the snowfall is the biggest of the season. this particular one comes from the northeast in the busy rush hour commute in the morning hours. new york city not going to get nearly as much as last week which didn't cause much in the way of problems. the city of shut down. this time slushy aconsumes come in around 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. look at the perspective sunday. the single biggest february snowstorm in record history and
11:27 pm
the fifth highest ♪ in -- highest no total in chicago history. well over 30 centimeters. it's pushing away from chicago. cleveland quieting down. it's around portions of new england where it's going to pick up. again, new york city northward, t snowing around new york this hour. we think the heaviest becomes a slushy mess here as the pink indication on radar pushes in around 7 deadlock 9:00 in the morning. that will make for a messy commute. 29 nights canceled sunday, an additional 2,000 machine for a total of 4,500 cancelations. the worst machine into early afternoon monday. snow totals remember boston, 2 inches? another 12 to 18 possible. and points west war could pick up upwards of a foot of snowfall. of course, it is groundhog day. five hours from this moment
11:28 pm
punxsutawney phil comes out of his hill. the weather folklore says if the groundhog comes out at 7:25 in the morning and sees his san ysidro shadow -- see his shadow and goes back in his hole spring won't be seen yet want winner will continue. he's right about 39% of the time. the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life. raiser of blood pressure. disrupter of supply chains. stealer of bedtime stories. polluter. frustrater. time thief. [cars honking] and one day soon we'll see the last one ever. cisco is building the internet of everything for connected cities today, that will confine the traffic jam to yesterday. cisco... ...tomorrow starts here.
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welcome back to those of you watching in the u.s. and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. let's update you on our top stories this hour. >> an australian journalist who served 400 days in an egyptian prison is finally heading home. peter greste and two other journalists were supporting the muslim brotherhood. greste is en route to his final
11:31 pm
destination while his colleagues are still behind bars. the family of kenji goto released a statement thanking the public for their prayers and support. meanwhile, the father of a jordanian pile held hostage -- pilot held hostage appealed to isis for his release. super bowl xlix, patriots beating the los angeles is-- beating the seahawks. tom brady named mvp. this is the fourth super bowl history in franchise history for the patriots. hopes of easing ongoing fighting in eastern ukraine are fading after the government and pro russian rebels failed to reach a peace deal. >> representatives of both sides met in belarus saturday. one diplomat said none of the proposals to end the conflict was signed. a previous agreement which of also negotiated there last september fell apart long ago.
11:32 pm
the latest talks were prompted boy increasing clashes on the ground. ukraine says weekend fighting kill at least 15 of its seasonal and a dozen civilians. >> nick paton walsh was in one town as residents fled the violence. some of what you're about to see is disturbing. >> reporter: this we're is slowly tearing ukraine apart. the soldiers hit by shelling as the separatists advance. peace talks an afterthought now. the dead keep coming and the living emerge shattered from the besieged town. one soldier torn in half put in a body bag here. these mini buses hit two. the youngest still feeling safest and warmest inside them. the morgue is full. military and civilian dead they work 24/7.
11:33 pm
nearly 200 body this month so far, eight the day before just here alone. shelling is the main cause of death, and it is nearing. that day the area encircle boy separatists of hit again. these are among the last evacuees. the city that we saw yesterday heavily shelled by separatists who say they're encircling it. the day before inside we saw where so many were sheltering from the shelling. it was hit this day boy artillery. the hole in that building seen here. throw injured, he tells us. the shelter now empty. 156 people said evacuated today, but some still there. those who have fled feeling their politicians have fail them. "me personally," he says "i'll take any ruler, just don't kill me. all i want is bread and salt.
11:34 pm
just don't kill me." the hostages are the situation, she add. he says "big lipstick interested in killing simple -- big politics is interested in killing simple people. they shoot and shoot and kill us." in a town center that anger is growing. these women gathering against the war. ukraine's army so underfunded its politicians are hand strung but that has not exempted them from blame. "we use snow to clean ourselves," she says "and the new president didn't do anything. absolutely nothing." still, the road he was with ukrainian armor coming, going, this war of such geopolitical import trampling over ukraine's people in its path. nick paton walsh, cnn, eastern ukraine. we've got new information for you about boko haram as it
11:35 pm
tries again to take over a key city in northern nigeria. it is the second attack on the area in the past week. >> residents reported hours of fighting and gunfire on sunday. government officials say ground troops and fighter jets hit back at the insurgent. the army repelled a similar attack one week ago. >> the capital is the largest city of borno state, home to some two people million, one of a handful of cities near the border with chad and cameroon. we have it highlighted. should boko haram succeed in taking it over further advances throughout the state and into these border countries will be likely. >> attacks here are not new. the government has been warding off boko haram in the area for months now, including at least three attacks this past month alone. among them the bombing of a marketplace after a child of strapped with sloefbs. the latest attacks come after
11:36 pm
president jonathan made a campaign visit. the presidential election is two weeks away. now to the arraignan peninsula. yemen's political collapse and the threat from isis are presenting some unprecedented security challenges to saudi arabia. >> yeah. the kingdom is investigating billions of dollars in boosting defenses. nic robertson reports it may not be enough. he talks us on an exclusive ride with the saudi border patrol on the frontier with yemen. >> reporter: saudi border police on the gun. right next to indianyemen. it's rare access yemen is falling apart. saudi arabia is on the front line of the fallout. we just spotted a group of
11:37 pm
smugglers right over there. they walked to the border. and we raced up along the border fence to try and catch them. no one knows who they are. terrorists gun runners, drug mules. earlier in the day -- you have a great view back along the border -- commanders take us to see how the yemenis are crossing the border. you see people walking across the river. saudis say they are spending almost $3 billion building new border roads, watch tower, and high-tech surveillance. their biggest fear terrorist slipping into the kingdom. in recent weeks, iranian-backed houthi tribesmen have taken control of yemen's capital, creating inability. but al qaeda is exploiting threatening attack in saudi. high in the hills, the terrain is so torturous there isn't even
11:38 pm
a fence. and it's not just this border with yemen snaking across the mountains that the saudis are trying to secure. to the north, the border with iraq has come under attack from isis. what's happening? the border post will people keep coming? the camera operator tells the patrol where to go. they move in arrest the suspect. that man of picked up down there where that van is coming around the bend. from what the border police are telling us in the last three months alone, they've picked up more than 42,000 people. the problem is those people could be just anyone. smugglers or even terrorists. they just brought us down to the one guy they captured that we saw on camera here. he tells me he's poor been sneaking in to saudi to work illegally for the past 20 years.
11:39 pm
recently because of security improvements, it's become much harder. late in the afternoon, we've come to another base. they've told us they've captured smugglers, some cat smugglers. these are -- these are children. turn out the youngest is ten. the second time he's been caught smuggling in yemen's drug of choice. a shrug that's chew -- a shrub that's chewed. he gets $50 from drug barons. what do you do? the answer, send them back to yemen. the tiny hall is a drop in the ocean -- tiny haul is a drop in the ocean. look at this. huge. in the post three months he tells me, along the 500 might have mile border more than half a ton seized. street value close to $100 million. back on the dust chase with the
11:40 pm
gun trucks the fleeing men are caught. they say they are poor yemenis, unarmed on their way home, only here to earn money. so far, some say, saudi jail is better than yemen. how do you know if these men aren't connected with some terrorist group? he tells me "they get fingerprinted. if they have a record the police will know right away." as the sun sets trucked off to a nearby police station. minutes later, more young drug mules apprehended. this day, this night, tomorrow next week and beyond the desert kingdom threatened at its borders. nic robertson, cnn, on the saudi/yemen border. we'll take a short break now. coming up with his popularity
11:41 pm
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11:44 pm
>> reuters reports that nicolas maduro leveled the charge during a televised event saying joe biden spoke with presidents and prime ministers. last week the eventvenezuela an delegation had a gathering, and the president warned the gathering, result in a coup. u.s. president barack obama says he is firm on reaping a deal with iran over its nuclear program and won't consider additional sanctions. >> the republican congress invited israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to washington just weeks before iran's march 2 th deadline. >> in an exclusive interview with fredareed zakaria, the president says he won't meet with them and needs to give diplomacy a chance to work. >> many say this is a rebuttal about your argument of negotiations with iran, the possible deal with iran. do you think it's appropriate
11:45 pm
for him to come in this manner at there time to washington? >> i'll let mr. boehner answer that and mr. netanyahu. i speak with prime minister netanyahu all the time. i'm declining to meet with him simply because our general policy is we don't meet with any world leader two weeks before their election. i think that's inappropriate upon that's true with some of our closest allies. to the broader issue, i don't think there's been any rebuttal of my argument. i haven't heard a persuasive rebuttal of my argument that we crafted very effective sanctions against iran specifically to bring them to the negotiations table to see if we relief the iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic means. by all, including the accounts of israeli intelligence iran has abided by the terms of this
11:46 pm
interim agreement. they have not advanced their nuclear program. they have actually rolled back their stockpiles of highly enriched uranium. and so -- we have lost nothing during this period of negotiations. i haven't heard a good counter argument yet. i will veto legislation if it comes up that imposes additional sanctions. by the way, what i've said to members of congress what i've said to the israelis is the day after iran walks away from a reasonable deal the easiest thing for me to do in congress is pass additional sanctions against iran. >> our fareed zakaria with u.s. president barack obama there. police say a 3-year-old boy in the u.s. state of new mexico shot his father and a pregnant woman over the weekend while looking for an ipad. >> he apparently fired only one shot. that went through his father's hip and struck the woman in her shoulder. officers say the boy of digging across the woman's purse and
11:47 pm
came across the gun. prosecutors are deciding if the couple will face any charges. >> just received a phone gradual probation and parole. and they're interested in talking to the male who is a viced felon, by the way, why he was around a firearm. >> the boy and his younger sister are in state custody while authorities investigate. we've heard about the stories before. the kid accidentally getting hold of a gun and shooting someone. thankfully no one of killed. >> this wasn't fatal. the last one we reported on was. it is a concern. >> we also want to bring you this story -- a sum woman found herself probably the last place she wanted to be while going into labor driving on the highway. >> not a good place to be. she was in the fast lane but the baby was too. here's the incredible 911 call. >> reporter: in the fast lane doing 75. >> reporter: mariah laughing
11:48 pm
now, recounting how she, a trooper and police dispatcher helped bring her beautiful boy into the world and right on i-15. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> i'm currently on the freeway. >> reporter: the call placed at 8:38 sudden night started calm enough. >> i thought it was somebody calling in like a track problem -- >> reporter: in an instant, the dispatcher knew this of one call she wouldn't soon forget. >> oh, gosh -- >> where are you? >> i was hoping i would make it. then my water broke. we obviously needed to get someone to her quickly. >> reporter: instructing mariah to pull over brittany put out a call for help and talked mom through the lightning speed labor. [ moaning ] >> the baby is coming! it's crowning! >> can you feel the baby? >> yes. >> this of the fastest. >> the baby is coming out.
11:49 pm
>> the baby's coming out? can you put your hand down and catch the baby? >> yes. the baby's here. the baby's here! >> quite the experience. >> reporter: willard police chief jean loveland was first on the scene. >> she was laying back in the front seat with the steering wheel here and console here. >> reporter: all too close to the cars and trucks speeding along the freeway. >> she was actually in the emergency lane. so i could feel the wind of the vehicles blowing by. >> reporter: uhp trooper, trained emt, showing the view from his dash cam when he got there and not a moment too soon. >> i caught her. she's just fine. >> he came out in my hand and just -- was right there. >> reporter: the seasoned trooper tearing up as he talked about the emotional experience. >> oh, what a cutey -- he's crying good upon he's squinting his little eyes. when a beauty! >> reporter: a healthy nine pound, eight-ounce boy that came quick and without complications. >> i am grateful that i have
11:50 pm
easy labors. i really am. even if it's on the side of the road. >> reporter: from brigham city amy nay reporting. >> delivering your own baby -- that is spectacular. >> that can't be easy right? >> no! absolutely not. >> thank goodness for hands-free phones. obviously she had made the call and done it all. >> guided through it as well. >> cute baby too. still to come for you here on cnn, highlights from the biggest american sports event of the year. plus where in the world some pro footballers are gearing up. it's the family plan families are flocking to. now at t-mobile, get 4 lines for just a $100. with unlimited talk, text, and up to 10gb of 4g lte data, plus devices like the galaxy note 4 for $0 down. we'll even buy out your family service contracts. so switch to t-mobile and get 4 lines for a $100 today.
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already folks are calling super bowl xlix an instant classic. the new england patriots are the new champions of the football league knocking off the defending champs seattle seahawks 28-24. >> it was a ferocious comeback for new england. they had to overcome the largest fourth quarter deficit in super bowl history to win. they it thanks to solid play from quarterback and symboluper bowl mvp tom brady. this victory makes four nfl championship for brady. putting him in the conversation for best quarterback of all time. >> he was that good. he can go by any name. >> exactly. >> people will know who he is talking about. now the spores world's attention may be fixed on this super bowl win now.
11:54 pm
half a world away american football is making a cultural play. >> yeah. we show how the sport is making waves in the united arab emirates. >> reporter: supporting from the sidelines of the sports field, this family watch a game not usually associated with the uae. american football has touched down in the country, and it's thriving. especially amongst the locals. [ cheers ] >> the feeling you get when you run down the field with the ball and there's someone in front of you, and you know you can make it past them. >> reporter: abdullah started playing just a few months ago, but he already says he'll like to become a professional and one day maybe play in the nfl. and he's got a lot of backing. >> my family likes it because they think it's good for me to have sports. and a lot of my friend want to join as well because they find cool that i'm doing something unique and different. >> reporter: it any be unique and different but since it kicked off around two years ago,
11:55 pm
the football league has faced quite a few obstacles. >> one of our biggest challenges was just getting equipment. nobody around here sells equipment. so we had to go into the united states ship it out. everything from mouth guards down to shoes. everything had to be shipped in. at the beginning, two more challenges were officials. not many officials happened to be in the middle east but also coaches. we had i think seven coaches 2.5 years ago. now we've got 53. so it was a little bit of just putting the call out to the community to say we really need some help. they showed up en masse. >> reporter: and involving the community is a key strategy for general manager chernasky. not surprising then that like the uae itself the league is incredibly diverse. >> i will say about 1/3 of our athletes are from the united states and canada. and the rest from everywhere else. it's really amazing. the thing we hear over and over from the new nationalities that
11:56 pm
are playing is i've always wanted to play. i always wanted to try american football. that's where we are. we're the opportunity for some of these guys to get a taste authentic american football. >> reporter: american football in the uae is very much in its infancy. with the enthusiasm i've seen both on and off the field, this all american sport seem certain to feature on the landscape for years to come. for football players from the uae, the american dream is very much alive and kicking. cnn, abu dhabi. thanks for watching this hour. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. stay with us for another full hour of the world's biggest stories. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better
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finally free. an australian journalist imprisoned in gyp for more than a year is now -- in egypt for more than a year is now headed home. >> please and thank goodness this is all over. >> a day of joy for one smrg a day of pain for another. her son, a japanese journalist apparently beheaded by isis. and round one is over but a major u.s. snowstorm is about to deliver another punch. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rose row.-- i'm rosemary church. thanks for being with us. we'll have more in a moment. plus mesh's biggest sporting event trending around t