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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 2, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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finally free. an australian journalist imprisoned in gyp for more than a year is now -- in egypt for more than a year is now headed home. >> please and thank goodness this is all over. >> a day of joy for one smrg a day of pain for another. her son, a japanese journalist apparently beheaded by isis. and round one is over but a major u.s. snowstorm is about to deliver another punch. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rose row.-- i'm rosemary church. thanks for being with us. we'll have more in a moment. plus mesh's biggest sporting event trending around the world,
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super bowl xlix. >> that's right. the new england patriots pulled off an impressive comeback. if you saw this we'll have a full report from glendale including a surprising play that had everyone shaking their heads. >> and katy perry had quite a few surprises during the halftime show, as well. reviews are in. we'll look at that a little later. let's get to the top story now. an australian journalist who served 400 days in an egyptian prison said to be immensely relieve and desperate to come home. >> peter greste and two otheral jazeera members were released. >> earlier the family said they're grateful that he's finally been freed and that he's safe and healthy. >> i'm ecstatic you know. i can't stay you know how happy i am about it all. i'm very excited and pleased and thank goodness this is all over.
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yeah it's also difficult to realize that this day has actually come. even though i sort of dreamed about it quietly, not daring to think about it too much. it it's -- it's arrived now. >> i have to say that from my point of view there is still a sense of unreality about it all. you know much like the day 403 days back kwh we received the call one night that he was in an egyptian prison. to me it is jet to sink in where they are, what's happened. it will take another day or so. >> reporter: still important to note that greste's two colleagues remain been bars.
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all three men have maintained their innocence. ian lee with more on how officials were able to secure greste's release. >> the relief that al jazeera journalist -- the release of al jazeera's journal has been in the works for weeks. egypt's president said he could deport those in prison. paperwork was sent to the president to get greste deported. the ministry of foreign affairs then worked with the australian yep to get him out of the -- embassy to get him out of the country. we haven't heard from greste but the head of p.r. did tweet that when greste called al jazeera after getting out of jail he asked what australian voice do you want to hear? it's peter. now, we're told by the lawyer that it's not so much a deportation as an extradition. and greste will still face the charges in australia. although it's unlikely greste will see an inside of an
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australian prison as australia has been a strong advocate to get him released. now that leave the two otheral jazeera journalists. mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed. fahmy is a national and could be released but only at the caveat that he denounce his egyptian citizenship. this is what we're being told. that's going to be difficult for mohammed. his wife is confidence that if the two journalists are released that her husband will be released as well. meantime there's sorrow defiance and outrage pouring out of japan as the country continues to react to the beheading of kenji goto by isis. >> japan's prime minister released a statement saying we are not going to forgive these
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horrendous and despicable terrorists. will ripley with more on the ongoing reaction in japan and around the world. >> reporter: the united nations security council issued a statement strongly condemning what they call the heinous and cowardly murder of kenji got oh. we're also hearing from his wife who put out a statement that reads in part "while feeling a great personal loss i remain extremely proud of my husband who reported the plight of people in conflict areas like iraq somalia, and syria. it was his passion to highlight the effects on ordinary people especially through the eyes of children and inform us of the tragedies of war." he devoted much of his drier covering the war zones and people affected. it's his friends in tokyo who tell us that will be his legacy. when the world around him of at its worst, friends of ken joe--
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kenji goto say he was at his best. a heart that pulled goto to where few others dared to go. >> i function a bit different -- >> reporter: his friend remembers his strong happenshake and stronger love of journal im. why do you think he went to place --s places like aleppo and iraq? >> he tops -- he wants to tell us stories. like this about syria's bloody conflict. >> syria's suffering -- >> reporter: goto need video in late october just before what would be his final trip to syria. he disappeared hours later in isis-held territory and reappeared two weeks ago in this propaganda video next to his friend captured by isis two months earlier. why do you think he went to syria? >> maybe he would want to rescue
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his friend. >> reporter: long-time friend and fellow journalist says goto always made time to call his family when he was on the road which made his direct pleas to his wife in separate isis videos last week all the more heartbreaking. >> why they kill him? >> reporter: the final video showed goto facing death with courage and dignity. "i have nothing now but tears," said his mother hours after the news broke. japanese newspapers printed special editions. goto of the lead story on every channel, protesters stood in silence. >> it's very sad, but japanese journalist have to go coverage in war zone. >> reporter: he fears goto paid the price for his prime minister's public pledge to support the coalition against isis. he says despite the risk he's willing to go back. >> we have to continue his
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story. >> reporter: he says goto's final story is of his life i story of kindness courage, and compassion. a story to share with goto's two young daughters who lost their father to the same conflict he dedicated his life to cover. like many of the children that he covered who lost their parents in conflict kenji goto's children are now growing up without their father. there will be so many people who tell them stories. stories about a man who devoted his life to shieng a light on the problems of the world in hope of making it a better place. will ripley, cnn, tokyo. not r. japan's chief cabinet secretary vowed the country will not yield to humanitarianism. he says they will possibly expand its relief efforts. let's talk about this more with our reporter from hong kong. kenji goto's relatives likely still dealing with the shock
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this he is now gone. what will or can japan do next? to hear the prime minister vow revenge is quite a unique thing in and of itself. >> reporter: absolutely. japan is reeling from what has happened. united in anger and grief. certainly prime minister abe vowing revenge, saying that the isis terrorists will pay the price, they will pay for their sins. this has strengthened japan's resolve to commit to the war against terrorism. this doesn't mean this japan is going to become involved in military operations. they've only been providing military assistance and humanitarian aid, but this is something that is going to be increased. this is what prime minister shinzo abe said. they're going to increase the supply of food and medicine to the countries that are affected by this war with isis. and i now. to read you some of what came out of the cabinet meeting from
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the prime minister. this morning he said we are going to fulfill our responsibility as a nation with a resolute attitude in the international community fighting against terrorism. we are not going to forgive these horrendous and despicable terrorists." we have to remember that japan watched this horror unfold over 12 days. that's how long this saga went on for and over social media hoping that the jordanians who come to the table and rescued goto in the exchange that was one of the demands made by isis. instead they saw one of the japanese citizens decapitate a week ago and tragically kenji goto on sunday. >> anna what then happens next with isis and conversations with the terrorist group? i mean jordan was waiting for proof that its pilot was even
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alive. as far as we know, is jordan still willing to swap the pilot for the female prisoner isis wants back or do we not know? >> reporter: absolutely. they want their fighter pilot, the jordanian fighter pilot, 26-year-old -- sorry, i've gone -- they want him back alive. this is something this they have said from the very beginning. and they wanted that proof of life. he of course of captured in december when his jet went down in syria. and obviously that was never really part of this prisoner exchange. it was just the iraqi tampa suicide bomber in exchange for kenji goto's life. then isis changed the demands saying that we will spare the life of him if you bring the iraqi suicide bomber to the
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border. obviously this exchange did not take place because the jordanians were democratic proof of life. that is still the case. jordan saying we will to this deal but we need to know this our fighter pilot is still alive. for now, everyone is just waiting for the next line of communication. >> and all of these negotiations happening with a group isis that has proven itself untrustworthy. reporting live from hong kong. meantime in jordan watching with anguish as the plight of kenji goto unfolded. his fate was intertwined with another hostage. that jordanian pilot we've mentioned. layer, a live report on that. rosemary? >> all right. we turn now to the united states where we've just learned this a brutal winner storm is being blamed for two deaths in the state of nebraska. authorities say both people were killed in separate weather-related traffic accidents. the storm is now heading for the
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northeast where millions will wake up to blizzard-like conditions for the second time in a week. in chicago, more than 1,000 flights are canceleded monday. the city's public schools are closed as well. a live look at times square in new york. one spot where the storm is taking aim. our meteorologist, pedram javaheri joins us to talk about where the storm is headed and if the folks in its path are prepared. i imagine they are. >> they were complaining last time, the last storm that they didn't get enough. >> here's what i think is going to happen. a lot less snowfall than the little that came down a week ago. i think the potential for more disruption going to be considerably higher. i wouldn't be surprised if we have a lot more accidents, a lot more delays because it looks like business is going to be usual -- >> people back in the streets -- >> 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. >> they're not doing what they did last time and stopping
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traffic? that's the difference here. >> we will see the difference absolutely. much less snowfall. chicago, sixth biggest snowstorm in history for chicago. all of that pushing east. around new york city snowing heavily. points north ward, heavy snowfall. as you get a closer perspective, see the pink? that's the radar indicating sleet on the way. areas of freezing rain working across the region. forecast models bring that toward new york city sometime between 7:00 and :a.m. pause it for you here. about 8:00 in the morning. the freezing rain just north of the city. throughout lunchtime it broadens out. that's the concern. not only will it slick across the region but slushy accumulations and temperatures around freezing. that is a big concern across the area while boston once again looks to be the area hard hit the last several hours. potential for another foot of snowfall across boston before things really quiet down. accumulation here 12 to 18 inches around massachusetts into western connecticut.
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notice boston could again get a foot. keep in mind they picked up two feet a week ago. new york city picks up a couple of inches. they picked up about 11 inches last week. we will see the difference between no one being outside when almost a foot comes down as opposed to everyone being outside in about four or five inch comes down. >> maybe a case of be careful what you wish for. >> folks complaining last week will get it monday. >> mother nature always has the last laugh. >> thanks. all right. it very well may go down as an instant classic. the nfl's super bowl came down to the wire. we've got all the miles and reaction. a potential u.s. presidential candidate says his views on gay marriage aren't going to change. highway, when mike huckabee has to say about homosexualiti. >> later, u.s. president barack obama sits down with fareed zakaria to answer a tough question about his country's fight against terrorism. lynn a graham says that he's -- lindsay graham he's
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bothered by the fact that you won't admit we're in a religious war. others say the white house takes pains to avoid using the term islamic terrorist. my question is are we in -- are we in a war with radical islam?
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well they could taste victory in the waning seconds of the nfl super bowl. the seattle seahawks quite literally threw all away. the reactions from players and
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coaches says it all. instead, it was the new england patriots who are the new champions of the national football league winning super bowl xlix28 2 havana-24 -- 28-24. >> we have miles moments after the gamened. >> reporter: what a comeback, what a win for the new england patriots after a trying couple of weeks dealing with deflate-gate. the patriots coming through with an epic comeback in super bowl xlix to beat the seahawks. thing didn't look good for the patriots down ten suspense to start the fourth quarter. tom brady led them on two touchdown drives. he threw four touchdown in the game surpassing joe montana as the all-time leader in super bowl touchdowns. after the seahawks' jermaine kearse made one of the most unbelievable catches in history, the seahawks were in position for a game-winning touch. but a questionable call led to
12:20 am
malcolm butler making the play of the game kicking off russell wilson. the that's won the thriller 28-24. after winning a fourth super bowl there's no doubt these are two of the all time greats. >> the other end of this twice now. being ahead late and not being able to make the plays to win. this time we made the play to win. so it's just awesome. >> mentally and physically this tough a group as i've been around. i've been around some -- behind around some. these guys are really -- they're special. i'm happy for them and they deserve all the credit in the world. >> i put the blame on me -- the guy made a play. i didn't know what i could do. i had to see it. we're right there, you know so i put the blame on me. i'm one that gave them the ball in a way. >> reporter: for the third time in his career, tom brady of named the mvp of the super bowl. he now has four super bowl rings
12:21 am
tying him with terry bradshaw and joe montana for the most all time amongst quarterbacks. at super bowl xlix cnn. amazing, isn't it? you see allt trouble that tom brady had before this. he's put deflate-gate behind him. three mvps, four super bowl wins. >> you can't argue with that. >> extraordinary. >> it was. they were put under pressure. they came together at the end of the game. and you see the seahawks players and coaches depressed. thinking it was in their hand. >> absolutely. the investigation for deflate-gate still to come. we'll take a short break. back in a moment. my advice for healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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for those of you watching from the u.s. midwest and the northeast, your morning commute may be very painful after a huge system has come through the region. a storm has dumped snow and is now disrupting travel in that entire area of the u.s. >> and public schools in chicago have canceled classes. millions of people in 18 states under a winner storm warning. we have details from cleveland, ohio. >> reporter: when it's said and done cleveland is not likely to be the leader in the clubhouse at least when it comes to snowfall from this particular snowstorm. but like a hot of the cities and so many of the people being impacted boy it, it's likely and is already the biggest snowfall that they've seen so far this winter season. and it is a problem -- as you can see the streets here are
12:25 am
covered with snow. the snowplows have not been able to keep up with the rate of snow that's been coming down. temperatures are critical will be critical in the storm. it had been hovering around the freezing point and that of course allows a lot of moisture to be in the air which creates snow. it's cooled down, but the wind is picking up. that's a problem because it causes drifting. that, too, makes it a difficult issue when it comes to snowplows trying to keep up. when it was sunday this of not a problem. now it's become monday and it is a problem. especially for the morning commutes, for the schools, and especially for air travelers. air travel in cleveland, about 40% of the flights have been impacted delayed, or canceled. ironically not because of the weather here but what's happening out west. particularly chicago. that's had the greatest impact. and speaking about west western ohio. you talk about toledo there they really do have a snow emergency. level three. in fact in lucas county the sheriff says the only people that should be on the road are
12:26 am
emergency vehicles. anybody else you could be facing arrest. we'll see how the day progresses. and the storm will progress. it's not finished yet. dangerously cold weather also moving into the region as well. >> now our meteorologist, pedram javaheri joins us again with more details. give us an idea of how bad this is going to get. >> the snow's not going anywhere. that's going to be the concern here in the next coming couple of days. only gets colder once the snow showers move away from the region. look at the slushy scene out of chicago today. we know from sunday into monday 4,500 flights canceled nationwide. half of them or so came out of areas around chicago. the windchills in the minus ten range across chicago. 13 below around portions of wisconsin. a cold setup. the amount of snowfall that came down the single largest
12:27 am
february snowstorm ever. 17.5 inches. 40 or so centimeters accumulation when you look at the metric system. this impressive feature with this much disruption in the past 24 hours, now the concern goes to new york city and boston yet again. chicago again not done yet. it will be blustery. a blizzard warning in gary, indiana, kenosha, wisconsin. powerful spin and snow blowing around -- winds and the snow blowing around. new york toward boston again going to get into the heaviest of the snow showers in the morning hours. the area in pink is where we think freezing rain is possible sleet is possible. just a wet accumulation. the heavy snow here going to stick around for five or six hours around new york while it could be into the afternoon and evening hours for boston before thing gun quiet down. so here are the total expectations -- generally about a foot or so 30 centimeters, say, boston while a if you smears or four to five inches around new york city. the low temperature in the
12:28 am
coming days, you think it's cold now, in new york 13 fahrenheit. warm up a little overnight for the lows. look at friday down to seven degrees fahrenheit across this region on friday morning. these are the highs nationwide in fahrenheit across the united states. we'll have more coming up. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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thanks for staying with us on cnn. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. want to check the headlines for you this hour. >> an australian journalist who served 400 days in an egyptian sprichb finally heading home. peter greste and two other al jazeera journalists were accused of supporting the muslim
12:31 am
brotherhood. he was stopped on his way home to australia. his kpleegs are-- his colleagues are still behind bars. the family of the journalist beheaded by isis issued a statement thanking the public for their prayers and support. the death of kenji goto prompted outpourings of frustration in japan. the death also stirred deep fears in jordan, in addition to the journalist. isis threatened to kill another hostage. jordanian military pilot. >> right now his fate is not clear. official in jordan are not giving up efforts to free him. senior international correspondent now from bay wrut that part of the story. and the real stumbling block here was that jordan had asked for proof of life. they haven't received that from isis as yet. that is a real concern because in this situation, they don't know if the pilot is still alive or not. so where do they go from here?
12:32 am
isis almost appears to be toying with them. >> reporter: well it is absolutely an impasse. isis has only ever offered proof of life in return for the release of the convicted terrorist which puts the jordanian government in almost an untenable situation against a backdrop of heightening anxiety and pretty vocal criticism inside jordan. his father is now speaking out, pleading directly with isis to release his son. take a listen to this. >> translator: the committee appeals to the islamic state in iraq and syria and asks them in the name of god and his prophet, peace be. him, and with the nationality of religion, the blood to secure the life of our son, the pilot, and be gracious to release him.
12:33 am
>> a very very emotional time for the families. they're pretty difficult time for the jordanian government. this has never been a popular mission. jordan is a staunch western ally. it's a key member of that u.s.-led isis coalition. and there has been criticism even before this that a muslim country would be part of air strikes that have had a growing civilian death toll inside iraq. that has been the concern. and now the concern is growing. what role will jordan continue to play in this coalition within the u.s. and amongst the western allies. the question is -- the question has been answered by the jordanian spokesman. he's reiterated the commitment. but how will a jordanian presence within the coalition look like post this internal criticism? will they still be willing to put their people in harm's way? >> and when the news of the beheading of the japanese
12:34 am
journalist kenji goto of received there in jordan what was the response? how did that play out in the media? and indeed across the whole region? >> reporter: just an extraordinary ratcheting up of the anxiety levels because nothing was said about the pilot in the beheading video that isis put out. nothing has been said. poem are watching closely. all of the social media accounts associated with isis the usual mouthpieces, and there's been nothing. the jordanian government says it is still willing to barter him. but as you said, it does almost feel like the most absolute cruelty as if isis are toying with the emotions of an entire nation. and the emotions of people across this region. this really is being felt so hard. we've seen the family come out time and type again saying this is -- time and time again saying this is not his fight. he was carrying out his duty to
12:35 am
his nation and to his king. we just need him to come home. >> and we hope this ends that way. we'll be watching the story closely. thank you very much for reporting from beirut. here's another story we're following. the next stop on the greek finance minister's diplomatic tour is london. seen here on the left he tops rejoesht the bailout terms. he met with his french counterpart in paris on sunday. he said greece won't take on any more debt and repayment of its existing debt must be tied to growth. he made clear he believes europeans must stand together. >> my concern as a european first is that the present bailout problem is costing the rest of europe not just us too much. we're interested in minimizing
12:36 am
the losses to our partners, and the best way of doing that is by a assisting greece to turn a page to reform and to start growing so it can actually afford to pay back everything with interest. >> the greek finance minister will visit rome tuesday. rosemary? let's take a look at the european markets right now. and london's ftse it actually added half a percent. germany's dax up only slightly. opposite story there for france's cac 40 down fractionally. and zurich's smi up over a third of a percent there. most of the major asian markets are closed, but let's see how their machine went. japan's -- their monday went. japan's nikkei went down,.opinion 6% down. -- .6% down. shang he went down more than 2.5%. australia up more than .5%.
12:37 am
former arkansas government mike huckabee says asking christians to accept same-sex marriage is "like asking someone who's jewish to start serving bacon wrapped shrimp in their deli." the likely presidential candidate was responding to a question about whether he thinks being gay is a choice. huckabee went on to say that he has friends and associates who are gay. >> i don't shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view. i don't drink alcohol, but gosh a lot of my friends, maybe most do. you know i don't use profanity, but believe me i've got a lot of friend who do. some people really like classical music and ballet opera, it's not my cup of tea. >> his commentary is turning heads. he alsos he hopes there's room in america -- also says he hopes there's room in america for people with different points of view without screaming and wanting to shut the businesses down. venezuela's president is
12:38 am
accusing the u.s. vice president of organizing a coup against his government. reuters reports that nicolas maduro leveled the charge during a televised event saying joe biden spoke with presidents and prime ministers. last week the venezuelan opposition attended a forum attended by former region at president was mexico, chile and colombia. mr. mad uro warned it could result in a coup. some republicans are criticizing president obama's stance on the terror threat to the west. >> they want him to label it a religious war investment an exclusive interview with freed froed, mr. obama says -- fareed zakaria, mr. obama says that's something he's not going to do. >> lindsay graham says he's bothered by the fact that you won't admit we're in a religious war. others say the white house takes pains to avoid using the term islamic terrorist. my question is are we -- are we
12:39 am
in a war with radical islam? >> you know i think that the way to understand this is there is an element growing out of muslim communities in certain parts of the world that have perverted the religion have embraced a violent, almost medieval interpretation of islam. and they're doing damage in a lot of countries around the world. but it is absolutely true that i reject a notion that somehow that creates a religious war because the overwhelming majority of muslims reject that interpretation of islam. they don't even recognize it as being islam. and i think that for us to be successful in fighting this scourge is very important for us to aline ourselves with the
12:40 am
99.9% of muslims who are looking for the same thing we're looking for. order, peace, prosperity and so i don't quibble with labels. i think we all recognize that this is a particular problem that has roots in muslim communities. and that the middle east and south asia are sort of ground zero for us needing to win back hearts and minds particularly when it comes to young people. but i think we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if weir not taking into account -- if we're not taking into account that the overwhelming majority of muslims reject this ideology. >> others say that you've downplayed the importance of terrorism. you want to downgrade it as a threat to the united states. >> well i -- look i have to talk to the families of those
12:41 am
killed by terrorists. i have to talk to the families of soldiers of ours who fought to make sure that al qaeda and the fattah couldn't carry out attacks against us again. so i think -- i'm pretty mindful of the terrible costs of terrorism around the world. what i do insist on is that we maintain a proper perspective and that we do not provide a victory to these terrorist networks by overinflating their persons and suggesting in some fashion that they are an existential threat to the united states or the world order. you know the truth of the matter is that they can do harm but we have the capacity to
12:42 am
control how we respond in ways that to not undercut what's -- what's the essence of who we are. that means that we don't torture, for example, and thereby undermine our values and credibility around the world. means that we don't approach this with a strategy of sending out occupying armies and playing whack a mole where a terrorist apolice. that drains our economic strength and puts enormous burden on the military. what's required is a surgical precise respond to a specific problem. and if we do that effectively, then ultimately these terrorist organizations will be defeated because they don't have a vision that appeals to ordinary people. >> president obama talking with our fareed zakaria there. security -- school security is ramped up in pakistan after a
12:43 am
deadly attack. but some say it's gone too far. details coming up. also ahead, we'll get you the latest information on whitney houston's daughter who is said to be on a ventilator and in intensive care in a u.s. hospital. we'll bring you details on her condition and bobbi brown's request. and we can't talk about the super bowl without mentioning pop star katy per whoa certainly brought the fireworks to her halftime show. we'll have that coming up. [ male announcer ] meet jill. she
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last december the world was shocked and terrified when the taliban stormed a school in pakistan and killed more than 145 people. the vast majority of them children. >> now the educational center is taking a controversial new step to keep students safe. michelle stockman reports from bashar. >> reporter: this might look like the sniper nest of a military fort but it's actually at the government high school. the shoblg of the taliban attack that killed more than 130 students is still reverberating across the city. with government security forces stretched thin the principal here has dramatically ramped up security. a higher wall topped with barbed wire. surveillance cameras. and that's not all. he's now keeping a gun in his desk. teachers who have gun licenses are you now allowed to bring their weapons to school.
12:47 am
principal sayid says seeing teachers carrying guns make them feel safer. they think of their teachers as fathers, he says. knowing the gun helps them relax. firearms are not uncommon in this part of pakistan. some critics say it sends the wrong message. "if teachers take guns into classrooms if glorifies the weapons in to kids. could kids to seek out guns in the future ms. use them and cause tragedies to take place." police walked me through a seminar they offered to teacher. many who have never picked up a gun before but who want to protect themselves and their students. "if the terrorist knows someone is firing from the inside, it buys time," he says "allowing damage to be limited before police arrive." this is the practice range where students who want to carry guns in the classroom receive basic
12:48 am
training. with 65,000 police officers responsible for security across the entire province let alone in its 35,000 government-run schools, there's not enough manpower to provide adequate security to schools that are on the front line in a country at war. a threat that pakistan's teachers and students are trying to counter in any way they can. michelle stockman cnn. now the world-famous venice carnivale kicked off with a splash but probably not how you might imagine. take a look at this. high waters washed over canally walls flooding st. mark's square. the cold and wet weather didn't stop the crowds of revelers for the big event as they rode along the canals of venice. the theme was the most delicious feast in the world celebrating the culinary traditions. i would still turn out for that too. >> quite a scene. you know, a wet, windy and for some snowy week is expected
12:49 am
across europe. pedram javaheri joins us again from the international weather center with all the details on that. so where is it going to be worst? >> you saw the wet one across st. mark's square. we touched on what's happened across the united states. around france we've had decent snowfall impressive to say the least. people digging out the cars there in the higher elevations across the pyrenees in the southwest of france on the border of spain. very cold temperatures. minus five celsius, what it feels like around london this hour. the windchills in london once again again comparable to that was in moscow and the actual temperature is colder in likewise than that was in moscow. again, shows you the impression cold spell. generally clear skies to the north, to the south, we have wet weather in place. the vast majority cold enough to come down in the snowy variety. that's the culprit. drops over madrid brings showers. as it drops across western areas, another expect another of
12:50 am
snow showers around the alps as well. in europe generally fog around the lion airports 15 to 30-minute delays. heavy snow in bulgaria, 60 to 0-minute delays -- 90-minute delays. and the other disruptions out of munich and berlin due to fog. and delays out of southwestern france. more news coming up. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for more 100% real dairy treats you'll 100% enjoy look for lactaid® ice cream and lactaid® cottage cheese.
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whit new houston's daughter -- whitney houston's daughter is fighting for her life after being found not breathing in a bathtub. she did not have a harebeat when the ambulance -- heartbeats when the ambulance arrived. listen here. >> responding to an echo-level response. possibly cardiac arrest. 21-year-old female in the bathtub, facedown. >> we want to stress despite the emergency scanner traffic, we don't yet know what caused brown's condition. police say there's nothing to indicate alcohol or drugs are to blame. "in touch weekly" senior editor has more on the story. kim serafin, thank you very much for joining us. we do want to start with the shocking find of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina facedown in the bathtub. what is the latest on her
12:54 am
condition? >> yeah. this is -- so sad. i mean really is the best way to describe it. just there's so --
12:55 am
12:56 am
perry's performance live up to the hype? >> i think so. i love katy perry. it's great to see her do what she said she was going. do she said she was going sing live. she sang live. show she said she will sing the
12:57 am
songs everyone knows, "california girls," lenny kravitz performed with her. she said there would be sharks were there dancing sharks, and she ended with "fireworks." a great song to end. with she rose up above the stadium, pyrotechnics around her. a great way to end it. a perfect fit for the super bowl. family love her, kids love her, adults love her. just a really good show all around. >> yeah. quite the performer. kim serafin always a pleasure to talk with you. many thanks. thanks for watching cnn, i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. "early start" is next for those of you in the states. for everyone else stay tuned for "cnn newsroom."
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12:59 am
happening now, a deadly snowstorm hitting millions from
1:00 am
the midwest through the northeast. flights cancelled schools closed, cities warning drivers that the morning commute will be very dangerous. chad meyers is tracking it all. vowing revenge after isis beheads its latest hostage. the new video creating outrage and new pleas for the safe return of other hostages. live team coverage ahead.