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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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say most folks are fine, most folks will be fine, most people will be fine. most folks doesn't matter when it's your kid. it never did. head over to for more information. you'll find a map also there with important information. you can still go there and check it out. that's all for us today. "legal view" with ash leigh banfield starts now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it sure does field like groundhog day especially if you're in the northeast. in fact, this is the second round of winter weather in a week. winter storm warnings in nine, count them, nine different states. boston is declares a snow emergency. it's banning people from parking on the streets. parts of massachusetts are
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expecting up to 14 inches of no, and remember, they already got walloped there last week. the midwest is also not getting a pass on this one of. up to a foot of snow forecast for parts of iowa, illinois, michigan and wisconsin. if you're in chicago right now, i am very sorry to say, you probably know this, you've got more than a foot and a half of snow over the weekend. it happens to be one for the record books, too. it's the fifth largest snowstorm in chicago's history. in cleveland, the story is all about the wind. it was so bad it nearly blew our martin savidge away. >> reporter: it is the wind and it is blasting. right now coming from the exact opposite direction of yesterday, which means the extort is moving away, but it's like needles against the side of the face, 20 to 30 miles an hour. >> it just sounds like it hurts. a story in nebraska, dangerous
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conditions there turned deadly. two people were killed in different car accidents yesterday, and the mayor of toledo, ohio, michael collins, he's in the hospital today in critical condition. 70-year-old was headed home from a news conference yesterday afternoon when he went into cardiac arrest and his car slammed into a utility pole. affiliate wtbg says a woman actually had to break a window to get him off car and perform cpr. i want to get to our incredible team f martin savidge still has the assignment in cleeismt. he's in the middle. snow brian todd is near was thattington massachusetts, and on the right-hand side of martin ryan young is getting his first taste of winter in chicago.
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you are getting hammered by wind an what feels like nails of snow. get me up to date in cleveland. >> reporter: we're at the heat of the today, and ironically this is the time when the winter storm warning for cleveland is supposed to expire, though we're still getting snowed on here, still getting the wind. the wind is not just causing snow problems, but also power problems. this line has been shut down, it's not a hazard, but as a result, the traffic lights in the center of cleveland are nonfunctioning. if you think it's bad with the snow ocean for traffic injures try driving in slippery conditions. the snow drifts on the street are now freezing solid, so they will not be plows these away anytime soon. as you mentioned, it is the wind coming straight out of the east. it means the storm is going away. however, it doesn't look like
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it's going away. 9 airport is open, but many flights canceled, or definitely delayed. every school up here practically i think is closed, including all the may cities in the north. you talk about the toledo and the mayor there. they have suffered even more. more snow, about 8 inches there, 13 up there, high winds and we're still below cyr ooh with the windchill and yet this side of this face is still feeling like nails. >> i'm sorry for laughing you, but i can only do this because we are both from canada. i would like you to hold your mike out so our viewers can hear the wind. let's listen for just a second. so, martin, with that sound, i want to take you back to the days when we listened to our radio reports when we were kids, exposed skin freezes in ascertain number of seconds when
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you have a windchill like that. >> reporter: right. >> it feels like i think 1 degrees, but i think it would be below zero with that kind of wind. do you have any idea how that skin freezes, in terms of seconds? >> you're still talking minutes, i believe, when you talk about freezing. that's why i'm doing my best radio announcer impersonation. this gloved hand is to protect this side of the face. once it gets wet, it acselling rates that freezing problem. so we're doing better now. when we started this morning we were at 7 below zero,ible believe. i'm no medical experience, but i think if i stayed out for longer than maybe ten minutes i would be facing at least the potential for frostbite. >> i remember the dayses in winnipeg, with my mouth freezing, and i was unable to
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broadcast. please be careful. this is dangerous. you need to get some warm temperatures in the car. port martin. doing a great job up there. ryan young, the man from miami got the assignment in chicago. wow, that was pretty mean of us, but you're doing -- [ laughter ] you're so adorable. you're helping him push a car. this is another induction shun. gosh, look at you. >> reporter: we were on a side street and unfortunately the guy got stick stuck, so we've doble this pretty much all the morning long. this is the issue on the side streets. i'm obviously people are trying to get to work and out of their homes. it's a daunting task, that is one of the reasons why we came over here. this is like the third or fourth
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car that strier tried to help, but as you can see, this is just a big mess. >> i know this is a far cry from what you are used to, but where you are in chicago, i think those guys pushing the car might be used to this, but they're breaking records in chicago. i'm sure it's no surprise. >> reporter: well, 19 inches so far. we've talked to most of the people here. they said, look, a big snow they didn't have issues, but now they're getting upset. they want the life to return to normal. the major arteries are okay, but the side streets are the issues. the last thing up to here is they're going to country article later on. a lot of the cars have damage, because people have been sliding into the cars and hitting them, but you can't stop from trying to help something. >> no, this is just the biggest pain in the butt when it comes
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to, you know, just trying to get mobile. which is why they have snow days. kids ebbet get out, parents can't get to work. welcome to cnn, ryan. nice to see you. you're doing great. >> reporter: thank you. i feel so bad. that's his first assignment. brian todd, i can't imagine it's anywhere more pleasant. you're not wearing a hat, but that -- >> reporter: it's very nasty out here, ashleigh. we're in was thattington, mass. no place to put your car. we've seen three or four vehicles just get stranded in this driveway goods into this gas station. whiteout conditions, about a foot of this slushy stuff that you get tush are stuck in, and that is a problem. we're going to go to my dash
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camera. we have a three-camera capability in our vehicle. khalil will put that camera down. we're just outside. you can see the whiteout conditions behind me. as i move to our vehicle camera, rear going to pull out and try to get on the interstate 93, one of the major thoroughfares here, and again it's covered. what we are told by state officials and we just talked to plow truck drivers. even though there is let snow in this snowstorm than there was last week, ashleigh, the visibility is much worse, and it's gotten worse just in the last couple hours. going to switch from my camera back out to the dash camera, as we get on the exit to route 93 south toward boston, and -- well, here we are. we are blocked. we could get on the highway, because the plow truck is
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waiting for someone to exit. this is the way things are going when you try to navigate around here. i can tell you that interstate 93 is covered in snow, whiteout conditions, and state officials are telling us what they are worried about is a couple things. more people on the road than they were last week, because there's no travel ban. later on there's a cold front coming, the road temperatures are dipping, and they call it flash freezing. that's what will happen. a lot of these roads may freeze even before the plow and salt trucks can get down. we're moving now, ashleigh, but the conditions are very dangerous. >> be very careful. i can see a little melt dribbles down your windshield, whether it's from your defroster, but we have some freezing conditions south of you in the new york/connecticut area. so brian todd and your crew, be safe as well, thanks to martin,
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ryan, and brian todd for their intrepid winter reporting. by the way, if you are just over it, hello, welcome to the club. i have some bad news for, you groundhog punxsutawney phil, that rodent with a mean streak? he's done it to us again. that means the forecast is for six more weeks of winter. it's an annual appearance. i'm getting tired of it, though. rarely does it bring good news today. oh, phil, phil, phil. okey-dokey, super bowl fans trying to fly back to boston may be out of luck. just along with about everybody else out there, no such luck. thousands and thousands of flights are canceled. see the sea of red? we're going to explain who's in, who's out and who is stuck and staying put.
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welcome back to "legal view," but this is really a winter story. there are two trials in massachusetts that have been delayed. we've been keeping a close eye on them, but they're dark today. the pretrial hearing that was scheduled for the boston bombing panty tsarnaev is canceled. and the pry to aaron hernandez, that courtroom is also dark
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today. of course, he will not be celebrating with any of the other new england troits or their fans. no is causing airport delays. thousands and thousands of flights canceled so far. we have a couple people on this travel woe stories. chad myers is looking very wet, cold and misrabbit, and drier but in a complicated place is jean casarez. >> reporter: very upset are the people here. we have over 3400 flights have been canceled around the country. chicago o'hare is the number one airport in the country, but number two, laguardia and newark are neck to neck with airport cancellations.
9:17 am
this morning it was desolate now the passengers are starting to come to the airport. this is customer assistance. it's not check-in. these are people who have been canceled. i'm hearing horror stories from people who were canceled yesterday, canceled today, they can't get through to a person, and we have a lawsuit student trying to get back to her course and become a lawyer. she's probably one of the most unhappy people of all right now, ashleigh. >> jean i love the fact that you tell people it make lieu clear and pri steen, but there's an army of workers who are clearing the concrete behind you and it will be a dangerous day. can you get me up to date on the scene? >> reporter: if you walk on a piece of concrete that was not cleaned last this, it's going to
9:18 am
look like this. that is what our luggage looks like. this is a ten-pound case that i can barely pick up because of the ice accumulating. we'll go to this shot over here. you see what the trees look like. they are ice coated, covered and they're getting heavier. it is 29 degrees and it is raining. that is not a good combination. i got a call from california, how can it possibly be raining and 29? why is it not snowing? >> because as 6,000 feet it's 35 degrees, so making raindrops. those raindrops are falling through the sky and making that and that. some of those tree limbs could come down, could bring do you some power lining, but also that's when the power lines come up as well. we know there's ice builts up on some of the buildings, so at some point in time when it warms
9:19 am
up, that ice will fall off. a lot of things that are not pleasant, and then the snow from boston all the way across still into pennsylvania and new york. remember, now, from omaha to links to des moines and chicago, i can keep going from south bend to toledo, and detroit, it just keeps going. that's what the snow has been. here's where the snow is going. we still have snow into maine, all the way into montana. here comes the storm rear now, and all of a sit the arrows are coming from the wrong direction. and they're cold. tomorrow morning 38 degrees. we're not blaming canada. >> i was just going to say, blamen canada. are we still at risk for flash freezes on like i-95? >> anything that looks shiny and
9:20 am
wet tonight, about an hour before sunset, when the power of the sun, though not coming through like a bright sunshine, ten minutes or so will flashfreeze and people won't realize it's hard. so watch out. >> chad, stay warm, thank you for that. great information. or tale is doing a terrific job, and painful work. we've got other news to report. whitney houston's daughter is right now in a medically induced coma. this is after she was found unresponsive in her bathtub. just like her mother had been three years ago. we're going to get you updated on what we know about her condition and of course the investigation into the circumstances, next. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications
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still hard to believe almost three years ago to the week that whitney houston turned up dead in a bathtub in vegas, her 21-year-old daughter was found unresponsive, no heartbeat in a bathtub in her townhouse in roswell, georgia. three years almost to the week. today bobbi kristina brown is believed to be in a medically induced coma at a roswell hospital just north of atlanta. so many people shaking their head at the possibility this could be a similar circumstance, but we don't really know about the circumstance in its entirety, do we? >> not at all, ashlee, it is,
9:25 am
some would say an eerily similar circumstance. bobbi kristina, only child of whitney houston, remains hospitalized here. we don't have any information about her current condition. the hospital is not releasing that information, but we aring to, media reports that the family is being told to prepare for the worst. what we just don't know is what happened within that roswell residence, and just how long bobbi kristina brown was falls join in that bathtub. of course, the longer she was without air to her system, to her body, the more difficult it will be for her to recover. i also asked this weekend if drugs or chose had any factor. there has been long speculation about her kem. >> caller: dependency. authorities said that on an
9:26 am
initial sweep they did not see signs of that, but they did carry out a search wart. a statement over the weekend from bobby brown is asking for privacy, asking for love and support for the family, right now it's just a wait-and-see game as to her well-being. ashleigh? >> i misspoke. i said that whitney had died in vegas. she was in fact in los angeles right before -- it was a pre-gappy party, if i remember correctly. do we know if there was any events or any circumstances prior to or, you know, in the near future for bobbi kristina that might give some indication as to maybe what she was thinking or where her head space was at this time before this happened? rrm if you glean anything from her social media pages, i mentioned that concern from the family, but if you look at her social media pages, her
9:27 am
instagram, her twitter account. it seems as though she had been making positive strides, working out, wanting to resurrect an acting career. it is worth mentioning a lifetime movie did come out a week or so ago on her mother that portrayed some would say portrayed her mother in a negative life, saying the fame and fortune was off the success of bobby brown. some blogs are saying that could have contributed to it, but that's speculation at this point. she had -- her last post on social media was about 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. it was just eight hours later she was found unresponsive, not breathing, by her husband and a friend. >> heartbreaking for everyone involved, particularly for her dad, bobby brown. he put out a statement yet. very, very short, very to the point, effectively confirming
9:28 am
what the media reporting, but i mean it was really clear, no additional informationless forth coming so, nick, has he been at the hospital? has anyone seen him coming or going? do we know did at the his ago going to be -- >> we have not physically seen him, but there are reports he was flown from california to georgia with the help of tyler perry on that jet, tyler perry's jet. i went into the hospital to try to talk to a hospital spokesman, they want they didn't even have that available for us. and then they asked us right after that to leave the property. so we haven't seen anyone coming or going. we're actually across the street from the hospital. it's gone from very little activity outside this hospital to a lot of, as you would suspect, a lot of media presence here outside. everyone waiting for word on the
9:29 am
condition of that 21-year-old bobbi kristina brown. >> this is a terribly different situation no them to be in. thank you for that. i'm sure many people are coming down off that super bowl buzz in one way or another, or they're desperately depressed. patriots are preparing for a big parade. the problem is we have knee-dive snowfall. that's a lousy place to live if you live on the right-hand side of the country. we'll have more on the big winter storm, still on the move, making a big mess across the mid we had and northeast. how much worse can it get? who is in the path next? that's coming up, next.
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i want to get back to the top story today. a lot of cancellations to tell you about. look at the picture on your screen. two unhappy jets sitting at a mostly empty airport. this is a snowy reminder of what happens when there's ice and snow. flights gets canceled. more than 3400 of them in and out of the united states are canceled today. that's just a ghost-like picture. i can't stand that thought of all those people inside that terminal.
9:34 am
schools are also closing today. canceled in chicago, boston, detroit, omaha and across big cities in ohio, and i'm going to say hi to my kids against. yet another snow day for my boys. i hope you are having some fun and playing. good reason for cancellations. it's not just the snow. more than a foot of snow has fallen on some palaces, but ice is also a big problem. new york and boston are expected to be coated in ice, as this storm continues to move east, talking about more than a quarter inch of ice some some place is. that is lethal if you are driving or even walking in some places. from saturday into sunday in detroit. 13.7 inches.
9:35 am
and every one of those inches is heavy and unfriendly if you're at the other end of a shovel. we want to bring in meteorologist martin savidge is still and miguel marquez actually got the warmer assignment, in rhode island near newport when i'm sure is rather icy. gen you ifr, you're in boston, and they're expecting a big welcome back parade for the new england patriots, but their roads have to be chock-full of snow. >> reporter: that's the big concern ever since i heard the parade was happening at 11:00. you can see the roads. this is one main thoroughfares here in boston. it is just a slushy mess, all
9:36 am
roads are snow mounds, so i'm wondering where the floats are going to go, and this is thesh and you know, i just left boston about three days ago. when i came back yesterday, it looked like a completely different city. they cleared a lo the of the snow out, but just in a matter of 12 hours, it is back. this is quickly becoming the snowiest stretch ever in boston. i'm sure we will pass that easily. it's wet, temperatures are about 31 degrees, we could slip into that wintry mix for a couple hours, as we go into the afternoon, and then turn back into snow, so do expect just a mess around boston. of course we've had about 500 flight cancellations in and out of boston.
9:37 am
ashleigh, this is exactly where we were a couple days ago, you can see the snow, this bottom layer of snow. then all the -- of course, the windy conditions, we were in blizzard condition, so a lot of it drifted around. people are saying, what is this? jennifer, stay warm. i want to go back to martin savidge, because when visited you with a half hour ago, the live shot was so incredible. it just keeping getting colder and colder. >> reporter: six more minutes is
9:38 am
torture enough just standing out here. it's the wind essentially. it's still snowing now. the windstorm warning was supposed to expire at 12:00. apparently that didn't happen. it's the harsh blowing wind that makes it bitterly cold. it also impacts the ability to get rid of snow removal. ice does not work that well when the -- salt didn't work that well on the ice, thank you very much, when you've got such a low, low temperature. andrew, how are you? what are you doing? andrew is a -- >> bicycle messenger. >> reporter: who is out in this weather. how do you manage this? >> just got to do it, i guess. >> reporter: do you have snow tires? >> no. >> got bless you and good luck to you. >> it's not that bad. >> reporter: he said it's not
9:39 am
that bad. >> reporter:. we'll let you get on the way and inflated to -- >> 110. >> so belichick, just take note of that. >> oh, good one. it's covered with ice and he's ready to go. life goes on. this is not a bitterly windy cold. back to you. >> seriously, martin, that guy is from cleveland, you and i are canadians and you're bundled up warmer than i have ever seen and i'm cold just looking at you. that has to be serious resilience. >> and i had to borrow the hat. >> your mother will be so handy you're wearing it. martin, good work out there. i hate to say better you than me, but i paid my dues. so has marty. we're going to continue to watch
9:40 am
the weather story for you. by all means keep an eye on, because you'll need updates. got at story on our radar as well, also some that causes deafness, brain damage, even death. it's called the measles. it is making a sudden comeback in the united states. why are some people refusing, even fighting to stop vaccinations that protect against the measles? and what are your rights if someone you know refuses to vaccinate his or her child at your child's school. you'll learn that in a moment. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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measles is making a comeback, in the last few years, especially in the last few weeks, 102 cases in just the first month of this year.
9:44 am
cases recorded in 14 dates across the country. the cdc says most of the infections are linked to an outbreak at disneyland in california. one father has a plan. he says schools should bar any children not vaccinated. as dan simon shows us, some parents and children have immunity when it comes to their hands being forced. >> reporter: 6-year-old rett is not vaccinated for measles or anything else, but it has nothing to do with religion or his parents' philosophy. he's been battling leukemia. he's in remissions, but 1,000 doses of chemo weakened his system. >> the vac nations are basically wiped out by the chemotherapy, and then they were to wait until his immune system is strange enough to revaccinate them. >> they want the school in marin county, california to bar any
9:45 am
children, such a move would decrease his chances of getting measles. >> this is not just about rett, but about all kids who have immune dysfunction, whether it's from chemotherapy or a different syndrome. >> instead of waiting for an outbreak and reacting to what is a disease, let's get ahead of it and avoid having that outbreak in the first place. >> here in california and other states already exemptions that allow parents to opt out and still send their children to school. >> reporter: are your children vaccinated? >> for the most part. >> tracy has school at the school. she did gets them vac nated for measles, but not everything else the school required. she gots an exemption, when requires the form to also be signed by ash she doesn't believe in forced immunization. >> we live here in marin county, a liberal place, a well educated
9:46 am
group of people. it's a thoughtful group of people, and i think parents are chewing not to vaccinate is probably for a reason. >> the number are not trivial. more than 6% have personal believe exemptions, nearly three times the state average. nationally it's 1.8%. in a statement provided to cnn, the school district tells us that california law protects the rights of parents to refuse to vaccinate their children. in doing so, prohibits schools from excludes these children from school unless there's an active outbreak. rett's parents concede they're on the losing side of the battle, but still hope some good will come of it. >> what we're tried to achieve is herd immunity, so we don't have to worry about measles. >> they don't want to worry about their son suffering from another horrible disease. they're just glad to be triggering this national conversation. dan simon, cnn.
9:47 am
>> could the people who refuse the vaccination and spread the disease be held liable for doing so? by the way, what about that whole notion of forcing unvaccinated kids to stay home from school? is that legal in maybe some other places? we'll talk about that next. ♪ they lived. ♪
9:48 am
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not too many years ago measles were eliminated, but the numbers are growing, an there's a new call for vaccines. what should happen to parents who refuse that call? one writer in "usa today" says he thinks those parents should go to jail, and that a parent's right not to vaccinate their child and when it affects another child's health and life. think about that for a moment. the outbreak caught the attention of the white house. president obama is adding his voice to the debate now. >> i understand there are families in some cases are concerned about the effect of vaccinations, the science is pretty indisputable. there is every reason to get vac nated. >> so here with me now joe jackson, hln legal analyst and kelly wallace, atlarge -- i
9:52 am
don't know that we could ever go that far, but i am curious about barring children. sure it's within your right at this point to not vaccinate your child, about you do you continue to get the ride to continue to go to public school? >> there's always a balance between your individual right to do what you want to do and do as you please, and the rights of everybody else who you may affect. where he know about the first amendment. you can say whatever you want, but can you? you can't defame everybody. we now about the right to bear arm. they make their own rules. ban in 1905. they said that compulsory vaccinations are indeed lawful and appropriate. just this year, the 2nd circumstance in new york sell, look, in you is don't want your
9:53 am
tilled to be vaccinated, but keep them away from the school. why? because it has an effect on everybody else. you know i guess, kelly, i wanted to ask you about this movement and where parents stand. how many parents are doing this now? >> it's in the minority, but in certainly states like california, washington and oregon, they have a higher, you now, look, i have to admit i struggled with this as my parents. my first dahl nine years ago when i had her, the study was out there saying there is a link between the vaccinations and autism. that study has been discredited. let me repeat that. that study has decredited, debuvged and there's been other research that should put parents' minds at ease, that these vaccinations do not link to autism or other developmental
9:54 am
delays. i had a radio bowles debate with some women who said it should be my choice. one woman was saying i don't believe there's enough science there to tell me that the vaccinations, the schedule of the vaccinations, the dosages are actually healthy and good for my child. and ir. >> and that's fine and dandy, but when a public makes its decide through the government toe establish the law of the land, make your choice, but you cannot encroach on the other. does the person who gets affected by parent a's choice to not vaccinate, does that person have any recourse sun that unvaccinated baby getting my baby sick. i can i so that person? >> well, think about it this way, ashleigh. we know the school will have a policy. that policy is, before you go to school, have your child vaccinated. we know they are certainly exemptions, and to kelly's
9:55 am
point, there's a major concern. >> are you liable if you take that exemption? >> no, because the school is allowing your child there. what are you as a parent doing wrong? you've gotten your exempt, so i'm not going to be personally liable. the issue would come down to whether or not the school itself would be liable for let letting you in. if they can exclude you certainly you would -- >> but so absolutely no liability on the parent who chooses to go against public policy, because it gets protection -- the if the child is allowed to be in that school, thensh. >> then it's the school. >> if i get my exemption and go through the proper protocols. i think you'd see schools looking at it much more closely. >> heck yeah is right. i also think we have not seen these diseases in this country. as we see the numbers rise, i'm
9:56 am
wondering how many parents who haven't vaccinated their children will say, you know what? maybe the risk are much greater. >> and a reminder, guys, you can die from this. i hate to say it, because it sounds like the sky is falling. i have to leave it there. >> 58 bills in 24 states throughout the country addressing this issue. it's a robust debate. >> good to keep talking, though i have to talk, because my show is over officially. thanks for watching, everybody. stay tuned for wolf after the break. \s.
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