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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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only 34 days into 2015 and already we have surpassed the number of cases reported in all of 2012. there are now 102 reported cases of measles across 14 states. most of them tracing back to an outbreak at disneyland in california. according to the cdc, measles is extremely contagious. if you are not immune either because you never got the vaccine or too young to get one, you have a 90% chance of getting infected. i'm joined by senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. elizabeth, what can we expect from today's testimony? >> i think the centers for disease control is going to reiterate what they've been saying which is number one, it's sure to spread. 14 states now. 102 cases now. it's sure to be bigger in the future. they are also going to reiterate the need for vaccination. what's frustrating to folks at the cdc is this is preventible. this isn't a problem that is just insurmountable.
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it's easy to solve. get your children vaccinated. >> if you got your vaccination before what 1990 you should get another one? >> if you were vaccinated before 1990 you only got one shot instead of two, and you may possibly be vulnerable to measles. if you were exposed, if you know people in some of these 14 states you are hanging out with them go to your doctor and ask what you should do. many doctors will say, look you may be immune. may not be. let's be safe and give you a second shot. >> elizabeth cohen, many thanks to you. i appreciate it. vaccinating your child is not medically controversial but it is an emotional issue. it's your kid after all. the anti-vaccinators are wealthy, educated and liberal. the face of the movement is jenny mccarthy who said my son is my science who saidlater backed away from claims that vaccinations caused her son's
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autism. welcome to you both. thanks for being here. you sally, you wrote an op-ed for "the daily beast" saying "i didn't vaccinate my child and i regret it." you said that we were focused on keeping our daughter safe and little else. that was a mistake. sally, why? >> it's not the first mistake. it's a confession. i'm getting a lot of wtfs from my friends this morning. i haven't talked about this. the story people can read the piece but it's simple. when i was a new parent my partner and i were new parents. it felt like a million decisions to make. everything felt overwhelming and my mom who is a very smart, wonderful, caring person hi
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mom, i love you very much felt very very strongly about this for reasons that ultimately i came to look into on my own and my partner and i came to disagree with but in the beginning she felt incredibly strongly. laid out the evidence against it. and it was one less decision to make. so we delayed. >> so this op-ed must have been hard for you to write. >> it was hard to decide to write. it wasn't actually hard to write. it's been several years since we had a change of heart, change of mind got our child fully vaccinated. >> you are confessing to something and even a lot of people who really really like you are saying wtf, right? >> and sometimes they are spelling it out. you know i have to say, the biggest regret for me is you know look is it a failure of logic? on some part i didn't look into it enough on my own. it also feels more like a moral
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failing. as a progressive, as a liberal, as a patriot, i believe in this notion that we all do better when we all do better. i believe in community. we're all connected. it's part of the values that made me want to send my kid to a public school because i want my kid to do well and invest in education that helps all kids. all those values made sense to me and yet somehow i didn't connect that to this decision to not vaccinate my child, which seemed only about my child at the time but now i came to realize -- >> and, doctor sally isn't alone. a lot of educated liberal people are out there who decide not to fax vaccinate their kids because they find this information online and discount what their own doctors tell them. why is that you think? >> there are a lot of sources of information. a lot of moms and fathers. it's like when a baby is born it's a fast moving train. there's a lot of information
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coming from all sorts of sources. the internet individuals, family and friends, et cetera. in our group what we are focusing on now is providing education about vaccines during pregnancy. the breastfeeding people do that. the safety people do that. and so why not talk about vaccines? why not have that discussion when someone is pregnant and when a family is making all sorts of other decisions that are assimilating other information, we believe that's the time to talk about vaccines. at least to start the conversation and then continue it after the baby is born. as a father myself i had a 4-month jet lag after my son was born. my wife i guess, was even more involved but still the time to talk about it is in pregnancy. to start talking about it in pregnancy. >> with your doctor right. we have to talk about the
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political angle. measles vaccines have become political which is perhaps understandable since you write "why trust the government and pharmaceutical industry when it comes to vaccines. that skepticism doesn't seem selfish but smart until it isn't." is that what senator rand paul was getting at when he said you should have the freedom to decide whether to vaccinate your kids? >> awkward when i agree with rand paul. there are two camps that break down and folks skeptical about vaccines. one is folks who are skeptical, they are skeptical about government and government intrusion and what they see as government intrusion and then sort of liberal progressive well to do folks like myself who have this sense we live in a bubble community and we're protected from other things and are thinking too selfishly. i will say that there's a conversation we should have here which is more than just partisan about the indictment that both sides seem to suggest
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of government and government's coziness with the pharmaceutical industry with the medical industry that when my partner was pregnant we were being told to schedule a c-section. you shouldn't schedule a c-section. a lot of doctors in new york push for scheduling c-sections. there's a lot of hormones in milk are safe and hormones in chicken are safe and a lot of that where government is on the wrong side and can't be trusted feeds into a lot of skepticism when government is taking the right position. >> along those lines, doctor would you prefer that politicians just not talk about vaccines? politicians not talk about vaccines. >> i think we have a democracy. everyone has a right to talk about it. i think how we talk about it is important and vaccines are a science based product. we should give a little bit of
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deferens deferens deferens. not necessarily the government. they are some of the smartest experts with the national institutes of health or cdc, et cetera but also this is not even a controversy within the medical or public health community. the american academy of pediatrics have come out strongly in favor of vaccination. so i think politicians should give a little bit of deferians to people who understand it from multiple aspects to clinical to even policy aspects as well. >> thank you so much. especially to you, sally. i appreciate it. if you want to read the rest of sally's op-ed, head to the daily we see more cases of measles and whooping cough, one michigan mother says enough is enough.
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let organized a group of parents to wipe down desks at a local elementary school to try to stop a growing whooping cough outbreak before it got worse. she also operates a day care and she joins us now. good morning, beth. >> good morning. >> so just your general feelings about this controversy surrounding measles vaccines when there shouldn't be a controversy, right? >> right. i'm a vaccinator. my children are vaccinated. it's a real fear for me because i have an infant right now that can't get all of those vaccinations and i'm just trying to safeguard my children from these preventible diseases. >> i don't know if you heard the conversation with sally kohn did you? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> i understand that it's everybody's decision to decide what they want to do for their family and what the right choice
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is. i think it's up to the parents to do their research to gain a knowledge that they need to make that decision. but their decision does affect their community. >> especially yours. you were so concerned about it you organized a group of parents to go wipe down desks at school. tell me about that. >> well it started out with a small text to some friends asking if they could donate some clorox wipes and spend a few minutes at the school to wipe down some lockers. i decided that it got some good response so i made a facebook page and within 24 hours we had more than 30 containers of wipes brought to the school to the teaching staff, to the office area and within the next 24 hours we had a group of moms and children wiping down every single locker in the school. the computer labs. art rooms. desks, chairs.
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anything that we could do to try to help eliminate and prevent the spreading. >> is it kind of irritating to you that you had to take matters into your own hands? >> no. i think that you know these things happen. and we just do our best to continue forward and try to stop it in its tracks. you know this couldn't have been done without the help of the community, the families at our school mill creek, coming together and stepping up for the kids. >> beth thank you for your efforts. we sure appreciate it. thank you for joining me today. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the snow stops but the temperatures keep sliding. millions of americans find themselves shivering in a flash freeze.
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just moments ago in boston the city's mayor vowed the parade will go on for the new super bowl champions. sanction lining the parade route have been buried under several feet of snow so boston will honor the hometown patriots tomorrow. the mayor promises. alexandra field is in boston to give us a little tour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we're waiting for an update from the mayor who is about to speak
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to let people know if the parade will go on as planned at 11:00 tomorrow. it was supposed to happen today but if you look at the conditions around me you can understand why the city said let's delay this a bit. people are shoveling trying to clear off roads and sidewalks. massive amount of snow that's on the street is a big problem considering the fact that they expected thousands of people to be out here pressed up against these snow banks and nowhere to stand on some parts of the sidewalk but also it's the brutally cold temperatures which really contributed to the decision to call off the parade. that sunshine you're seeing outside of the windows is deceptive. people are just truly bundled up even for boston we're in single digits here. the thought of standing out on the street for the parade probably too much and not a safe idea. in order to take some precautions, the city planneded to have emts and firefighters out here because conditions were so bad but again at the last minute they decided let's take another day and wait for
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temperatures to climb and wait for a little more cleanup to be done. the plan for now for this parade to kickoff at 11:00 tomorrow. those 25 iconic duck boats that the city is known for will make their way up the route that we're following right now. they'll wind up at city hall. yesterday the mayor said that once the duck boats got to city hall that would be it. parade over. no rally in place at city hall which is the tradition of this city because of the cold temperatures. so we'll have to see whether or not that remains the plan carol. >> i just want to look at the roadways once again. kudos to the city of boston. 41 inches of snow over the past several days and those roads are clear. that is amazing. >> reporter: the mayor said that when this storm was in the forecast and of course it came on the heels of the last blizzard that crews were working already to start to clear this route. he's wanted to be clear they are
7:18 am
working all over the city. they were certainly working to get this parade route clear. they didn't want to jinx anyone but they did know patriot fans would be expecting to welcome this team home as super bowl champions. they wanted to give them this parade. they said it was important to have the parade today because so many of the patriots leave town at the end of the season. ultimately it was decided it would be best for everyone to just go ahead and do it tomorrow. they'll clear the roads and hope ice isn't an issue. >> i hope not. alexandra field reporting live from the beautiful city of boston. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the aaron hernandez trial delayed. what happened in the courtroom this morning as it resumes. we'll take you back to boston next.
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after a brief weather delay, the aaron hernandez murder trial was expected to resume today. however, we just learned the judge has suspended the trial due to an issue with evidence. miguel marquez is in fall river covering the trial for us this morning. what happened? >> reporter: sounds like a couple things are happening this morning. this is only the second day of testimony. expected to be a very long trial. first, there was what appeared to be a juror who was brought up to the judge to answer some questions. it's not clear what the judge spoke to this juror about previously. the judge had said jurors could watch the super bowl. there was some concern that during the super bowl there may be talk of aaron hernandez but said they cannot research hernandez or research the case and you have to beware that if there is discussion about hernandez during the super bowl you have to turn away and not watch it. it's not clear if this individual, a woman in her 40s, was dismissed or not.
7:23 am
we'll learn more about that. aaron hernandez went up to the judge's desk while this juror was being questioned and then there was a discussion about evidence that possibly the prosecution wants to bring in more evidence. something regarding an evidentiary hearing that the judge wants to hold now. hernandez's lawyers argue that hernandez could be there for that hearing. the judge saying no citing case law. turned into a big legal discussion. the judge said we're suspending this for now awaiting that evidentiary hearing. we should know more hopefully in the next hour or so. carol? >> all right. miguel marquez we'll let you gather more information. i'm joined by criminal defense attorney ann bremner and criminal defense lawyer danny. let's start with the juror issue first, danny. what do you make of it? >> this kind of thing happens all the time.
7:24 am
one of two things could have happened. i'm just speculating. sometimes a juror comes in and says i'm so sorry. i read the paper. i wasn't aware. accidentally i saw something. i want to know if it's okay. i want to know if i'm in trouble. sometimes in high-profile cases i've seen where jurors dime out other jurors and it often happens that we were by the coffee machine and juror number 5 started talking about i would never believe that witness. i heard she's a big fat liar. i have seen that personally in my own cases. what happens then is that juror gets called to the side and the judge finds out what exactly they heard. these are just two possibilities. it frequently happens during a trial that some question is raised about what a juror may have seen or said and the judge has to investigate it. the court has to look at it in side bar and question that juror to find out if they are fatally tainted. >> fatally tainted. you heard miguel marquez.
7:25 am
jurors were allowed to watch the super bowl. if anything about aaron hernandez came up they had to turn away. is that really that serious that you would dismiss a juror over? >> no. everybody watched the super bowl. it's the most watched super bowl ever except for aaron hernandez. all of the jurors were allowed to do it. he wasn't mentioned. i don't know what would come out of the super bowl that would lead to a hearing on a juror. something came up where this juror might have information that might taint their ability to be fair. we'll see. we'll learn soon enough. it does happen all the time in high-profile cases because everybody talks about these cases except for the jurors. >> that's why they made alternate jurors. >> that's why we have them. we foresee this situation. if the juror is no good anymore, the next one moves up and takes the place. >> let's tackle the evidence issue that prosecutors have new evidence to bring into trial.
7:26 am
that's normal too, right? >> absolutely. what's interesting here carol, is the confrontation clause. they are fighting about whether or not the defendant can be present during the hearing on the evidence. that leads me to believe this could deal with the immunity issue with his fiance and whether or not she would be granted immunity was a secret hearing back in the beginning of the month and may yet be continued during the course of this trial where there will be an argument he's not allowed to be present because think about it? how intimidating is that for her to have a child together they have a life together a future together supposedly and yet she may be turning on him at this late stage in the game. >> that's interesting. as we told you earlier in the last hour are "newsroom," odin lloyd's girlfriend was going to take the stand and testify against her sister who is aaron hernandez's fiance. maybe that all fits. >> it may. believe me each of the prosecutors have gone to these witnesses and told them this is what you're facing and if you want to save yourself then
7:27 am
think about testifying against this defendant. happens every single day. it tears families apart. and ultimately i think people would find they are shocked that even as close as you are with your own family, if an agent comes to your door and says you're looking at many years behind bars a lot of us change our tune. >> thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the u.s. is considering giving weapons to ukraine as their deadly battle with pro-russian forces continues to spiral out of control. smart idea or too little too late?
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blend oil change tire rotation, brake inspection and more. $29.95 or less. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we want to show you some new images stemming from the paris terror investigation. cnn obtained these private images of the gunman that killed four hostages and then himself inside that kosher market. with him in the photos is his girlfriend who remains at large believed to be hiding at syria. these photos were found on private memory cards belonging to the couple and they are part of the police investigation.
7:32 am
we'll talk more about those photos later on on cnn. also today in france anti-terror police say they arrested eight people. all are accused of having ties to jihadist cells. the arrests come a month after those deadly paris attacks and these new suspects are accused of helping to recruit young jihadists and deploying them to syria for a holy war. for now there's no known link to last month's terrorism but there are similarities. you may remember the kouachi brothers who carried out the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" offices. they too were french jihadists. also suspected of having ties to syria. france's government has been stepping up efforts to fight radical propaganda. they launched an online campaign targeting the militants recruiting efforts. also in the news this morning, the u.s. is considering sending weapons to ukraine to help their escalating battle with pro-russian rebels. high stakes gamble would put anti-tank, anti-air and
7:33 am
anti-mortar systems into the hands of ukrainian fighters. a fear in providing military aid is russia would counter and send similar support to the rebels widening the conflict and putting millions of lives at risk. here's a look at why some say help is urgently needed. it's before and after the destruction at donetsk's once proud energy airport. months ago ukraine's international airport was fully functioning. now dead bodies lie on the ground and utter devastation remains. secretary of state john kerry will be in kiev on thursday meeting withcnn's chief national correspondent joining me from washington with more. >> reporter: i was at that airport in donetsk last spring covering the presidential election there is and when i was there, i thought to myself this airport is nicer than a lot of u.s. airports and now to see the destruction there is just a reminder of how this war is progressing. this is eastern europe. it's in europe. >> so this idea of arming
7:34 am
ukrainian rebels when might this go down? >> reporter: clearly there's a debate in the administration. there are those in the state department defense department whose upon has changed and also democrats on the hill. i spoke to chris murphy. his opinion has changed. the white house opinion, we had ben rhodes on cnn last night saying preference remains on a peaceful negotiation. position remains that more arms won't make the situation better. there's a debate. what has change? why do some new disagree with that administration position? basically because ukraine is losing on the ground. those pro-russia rebels aided by russian troops, russian tanks, russian weapons are moving forward taking ground there and those ukrainian troops don't have the ability to hold ground and fight back. >> russia is involved in this as we know. what about those sanctions that are tanking russia's economy,
7:35 am
not having any effect on the way vladimir putin is dealing with ukraine? >> reporter: apparently he's become putin the undeterrable. those sanctions are exacting a price from the russian economy along with the dip in the price of oil but that's not changed the calculus on the ground. it's sent more heavy weapons in despite those sanctions and that's why you have some in the administration not the white house, but some in the administration to believe it's time to reassess. if sanctions aren't deterring him, perhaps you need weapons to the ukrainians just to right the balance on the ground. nobody is talking about the ukrainians winning this against the military might of russia but restoring balance that can set up negotiations. >> all right. jim sciutto, thanks for the info. we appreciate it. let's talk more about this with a former navy s.e.a.l. and former fbi agent. welcome, sir. thanks for being here. so is it a good idea to arm
7:36 am
ukrainians fighting the pro-russian rebels? >> i think it's a little bit too much too late. i think it's going to have some impact in their ability to fight against the rebels the russian rebels. here's the thing that we need to start looking at. they are the eastern side of ukraine highly russian. the population is mostly russian there. it's been spoken about all along that vladimir putin would come in and really try to take the eastern part of ukraine. there's never been a line set by any of the world's superpowers including the united states saying you will not about past this line. we have to start thinking of things in active military mindset and language that he will understand. we should have at least set up a a line saying you wouldn't go past here.
7:37 am
when you deal with somebody like putin, you have to forward think him. that's the biggest problem we've had. we don't set lines and we don't forward think putin and that's been a real problem in our foreign policies. >> let's say that ukraine and the united states agree there's some sort of line right, that russians can't cross. these russian rebels. what happens? how do you keep russian rebels from crossing those lines? >> inevitabley this is where a coalition force can come in handy. often when we fight in the middle east a coalition force is made up of groups that don't really know how to fight and it's so spread out. here we have a very defined area where the coalition -- a world coalition could come in and say this is going to stop. you know when you're dealing with somebody like putin, some people call him a madman. some call him extremely tactically bright either way, you have to show him that you mean business and going over and offering some weapons and
7:38 am
support, which we do quite a bit -- >> when you talk about coalition, are you mean american boots on the ground in ukraine? what do you mean by that? >> there's going to have to be something done otherwise vladimir putin is going to continue to move. there will have to be boots on the ground of some sort advisers people that are actually working with ukrainians to push forward. they are an ally. this is the type of thing that does not necessarily have to be just the united states. i'm a big proponent of going in the islamic fight in the middle east of the united states taking a bigger role on the ground. here, i think it's reverse. this is a conventional war. we can fight this with conventional tactics of advising. >> there is a line of thought that ukraine's fight kind of affects europe more than us right? >> absolutely. >> why don't they do it? >> they should be involved in this. i think that's the problem when
7:39 am
it comes to the way that we look at unconventional war which we have in the middle east and conventional war in ukraine. europe needs to be involved in this. the thing with the united states is we are a world leader. we forget these words like superpowers and look at that and forget the fact that we're world leaders. we should be leading a coalition in ukraine and we should be taking the lead on the fight in the middle east. i don't think we're doing either one of those right now. >> we'll see what happens. jonathan thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," in the midst of rumors about his health new pictures of fidel castro show up in the media. is it an attempt to stop the gossip? we'll take you to havana next. when i drift off into my dreams. others might?
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for the first time since last summer we're getting a glimpse of former cuban leader fidel castro. these pictures appearing in state run newspaper. the 88-year-old castro shown with his wife and leader of the university of havana student association. photos released as republican senator marco rubio will lead a hearing on a bid to normalize relations with cuba. patrick joins me now from havana to talk more about these pictures. good morning. >> reporter: they were a long time coming these pictures. we waited for weeks. really any sign of life. here we have it and then some. 21 photos released. unusual that so many photos would be released from inside fidel castro's home showing his wife who is rarely shown and less frequently mentioned by name which she was today, and the article from head of student organization who is pro-government talking about his three-hour meeting with fidel
7:44 am
castro two weeks ago where they touched on a number of subjects. everything from the resumed u.s./cuban relations to fidel's thoughts on improving world production and new animals brought to the havana zoo. every topic you can imagine. they talked for about three hours so for a man who was supposed to be near death if you believe social media rumors fidel castro seems anything but. carol? >> what's the idea behind releasing these pictures? why now? >> reporter: why not in the beginning is our question. why leave us dangling for so many months. really the cuban government tried to send out filters and little signs over the last few weeks. it really wasn't enough. people want to know where fiddleel castro was and why it took so long to comment on the landmark deal between the u.s. and cuba
7:45 am
and there were no easy explanations like anything this is a very secretive country and there's perhaps no more tightly guarded secret than fidel castro castro's health and whereabouts but he appears given his age and years of health problems he appears to be in good shape. that should dampen down some of the rumors at least for the moment carol. >> at least for the moment. patrick oppmann, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," suge knight faces a murder charge. why a d.a. says this is his third strike and he's out. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler.
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>> rat mogul suge knight is expected to be arraigned in a california court today. he's been charged with murder following a hit-and-run accident that left terry carter dead and another man injured. knight was out on bail for robbery when that hit and run went down. the l.a. district attorney saying that and other previous convictions make this case a third strike case. hi paul. >> reporter: good morning, carol. rather ominous sign here today. it's foggy and certainly no smoke will follow suge knight as he enters court today. when he turned himself in the other day, he had his trademark cigar and was puffing it.
7:50 am
this morning he faces serious charges. one count of murder. one count of attempted murder and two counts of felony hit and run and what's the alleged murder weapon in this case? it is his ford f-150 truck. that's about 2.5 tons. he allegedly drove over two men in that truck. now, knight's attorney is saying all the while that it was knight who feared for his life and his safety. he was being attacked by several men. how did this all start? reportedly earlier in the day, this is last week he was on the set of "straight out of compton compton." knight is either asked to leave or leaves the set and later in the day he meets up with other men who were on this shoot and at 3:00 in the afternoon at a hamburger stand, knight and a man begin fighting through the window of knight's truck trading punches. again, knight's attorney says that knight fled in a hurry
7:51 am
trying to get away from these men but one man was killed and one seriously injured in all of this. violence follows suge knight. he was the driver in the car in las vegas when his friend was murdered and in august suge knight himself was shot six times at a party in a sunset strip club. a lot going on here today he's being held without bail. >> thank you, paul. i'll be right back.
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checking other top stories for you at 55 minutes past. in his first interview since his release from an egyptian prison peter is calling on authorities in cairo to release two of his colleagues still behind bars. still journalists are still held in egypt. all three were sentenced in 2013 to seven years in prison. among the charges, spreading lies to help the outlawed muslim brotherhood. bobbi kristina is still fighting for her life after being found in bathtub face down. sources tell cnn she's been
7:56 am
having seizures. three years ago next wednesday, her mother whitney houston, died in an accidental drowning at a bathtub in a hotel in los angeles. warren sapp lost his job as an nfl analyst. hours after the game he was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute and booked on two misdemeanor counts of assault. he was released after a court appearance late yesterday. he heads back to court later this month. it's one of the things we all will remember about the super bowl's halftime show. katy perry dancing with sharks. her dancing and singing drove raves but sharks took criticism for their performance. just who were those dancers in the shark suits? here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: talk about the worst call at the super bowl. not that one. we mean whoever called for the
7:57 am
dancing sharks. as they gyrated alongside katy perry, they flailed their wings to fame. it was a killer. noted one sports blog left shark failed out of choreography school. on twitter, they were compared to the who willhologram shark from "back to the future" they found themselves in "finding nemo" and inserted into "jaws." who are the mystery sharks causing a splash with their flapping fins. two of perry's regular dancers came out of their shark suits. brian said yep, rumors are true and look at the ads on the dancer who was the right shark. scott tweeted "i never have been more proud to be part of
7:58 am
something in my life." check out his moves minus the shark skin. scott said that visibility in the suit was terrible. i ran into a palm tree but the camera missed it. he said he only had 1:30 to change into his shark costume after being dressed as a horse as she sang "dark horse." scott danced the part of katy perry's kitty on tour but nothing compares to the fishbowl that is the super bowl. soon one shark was dancing in a flip book. >> was it my imagination or were sharks doing the moccerana? >> reporter: it's a feeding frenzy as everyone flips out over floundering fish. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> thank you so much for joining me today.
7:59 am
i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" straight ahead. a brutal weather pattern threatens much of the country. the snow the ice, the wind. it could hit again and again and again for 30 more days. >> to vaccinate or not to vaccinate children? the debate heats up and turns political as the measles outbreak spreads what potential presidential candidates are saying now. new information about the daughter of whitney houston. her family at her bedside. how did she end up unconscious in a bathtub and what is her current prognosis? good morning once again. i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us. >> i'm john berman. unwelcome for some of you surprising forecast this morning especially millions and millions of americans who have been
8:00 am
fighting the record breaking snow and ice and winds. our meteorologist tells us a weather pattern is in place that could bring one storm system after another after another to the midwest and northeast for 30 more days. that's right. 30 more days of this. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled today. at least ten people lost their lives in this storm and today there are bitterly cold temperatures throughout the northeast. cold enough for boston to postpone the patriots super bowl parade. i couldn't imagine what could postpone a


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