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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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mention on morning television. you can check them out online or in the adult health section of target stores. i have heard it all. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" straight ahead. jordan striking back executing two terrorists linked to isis after the terror group burned alive a jordanian pilot. jordan now vowing further retaliation. absolutely terrifying video. a plane falling out of the sky. it is caught on camera. how did this deadly crash happen? how is it that there are any survivors? >> people were pulling the windows off trying to get out through the emergency windows, screaming and yelling. it was total panic. >> a painful reminder to all of us how precious life is. >> absolutely. a deadly train crash during the
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evening rush in new york leaves six dead. we're live on the scene. those stories and more coming up. good morning, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. our breaking news this morning. a dramatic turn in the battle against isis. what some are really calling a defining moment. at dawn the kingdom of jordan executed two jihadies. a female would-be suicide bomber you can see there and an aid to the deceased leader of the al qaeda in iraq abu musab al zarqawi. they were hanged in retaliation for the horrifying killing of a jordanian pilot by isis militants. >> muath al kaseasbeh was burned alive while locked in a cage. his killing sent a wave of outrage across jordan and around the world. king abdullah of jordan will visit the pilot's family today.
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our atika shubert is joining us from amman, jordan with more. there were protests throughout the night calling for revenge on the ground in jordan. what have you been hearing today? >> reporter: that grief and anger you can still very much feel on the streets here. people are just really stunned and horrified by this murder. we've seen spontaneous gatherings throughout the day in support of king abdullah as he arrived earlier today. but also prayers for the pilot and his family. and there we heard people saying isis were killers, murderers and describing kaseasbeh as a hero and martyr. his family has spoken out and said the execution of those two terror convicts in jail here earlier this morning is simply not enough. take a listen to what his family said.
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>> translator: now i call on all jordanians to be in one rank and one person united fearing for the land of our beloved country. we lived in jordan and we will protect jordan and we'll die in jordan. if god wills the arab army the colleagues will take revenge for muath al kaseasbeh. >> reporter: maybe too far away to hear but right now we can hear church bells ringing at different churches in amman in prayer service for muath al kaseasbeh and his family. there have been prayers throughout the day. islamic prayers but now also christian prayers. it really is solidarity from across different communities here in jordan. and the message all seems to be the same. they support jordan's government to take even more military action against isis. >> atika, thank you so much. atika shubert on the ground for
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us in amman, jordan. coming up we'll look at how this brutal murder and anger it created will impact the fight against isis. no one wants to see something like that. i felt the need to watch it for our viewers. i get goose bumps even thinking about it. it's the most horrific thing i've ever seen. >> cnn is not showing it because it is nothing less than isis propaganda and something people don't need to see. unbelievable footage to show you of a plane crash that had dozens of people onboard. this happened in taiwan. the plane lurches between buildings. falls into a river after it clips a taxi. amazing to see that. there are survivors and emergency crews are still searching for additional possible survivors in the water right now. david mckenzie joins us with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, john. certainly quite incredible that there were survivors.
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some 15 survivors they say. unfortunately now the death toll has risen to 25 people confirmed dead. the civil aviation authority in taiwan pulled that fuselage out of that river and pushed most of it to the bank while they continue to pull out what might be survivors but unfortunately probably more likely just bodies from that plane. that extraordinary moment in the morning in taiwan when the plane dipped over the buildings and cartwheeled over a major highway and clipping a taxi and dumping into that river. very early to know what exactly happened but certainly shocked citizens in taipei right now. john and kate? >> just stunning to see that. >> does not seem real. >> we'll talk more about that later about how there could be survivors. we'll speak to mary schiavo.
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and six people were killed when a commuter train collided with an suv in valhalla 20 miles north of new york city. officials say the gates at the crossing came down on top of a car that stopped on its tracks. the jeep's driver was killed along with five people onboard the train that burst into smoke and flames. new york's governor andrew cuomo spoke about what the passengers went through. you can imagine the horror of those onboard. they were evacuated through the rear of the train and people in the front car simply many of them could not get out. we'll have a live report from the crash site in just a few minutes. more snow is coming to parts of the country already hampered by the nasty winter weather. forecasters say another storm system is on the way to hit the midwest and the northeast. this of course is after the previous system hit not only snarling traffic but also killing at least ten people. meanwhile, schools are reopening
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and travelers are trying to get back on their way after thousands of flights were canceled earlier this week. among the city's hardest hit, boston. it set a new record for snowiest seven-day period ever with more than 40 inches. >> no snow no cold and no team could keep the new england patriots from glory. lure you're looking at live pictures from the super bowl victory parade delayed by a day. just a day. it will happen. we'll wind through the streets of boston right there. you can see the snow packed up on the banks there. it's hard to get rid of snow so people would have a place to stand. >> one of the few streets that are clear right now in boston probably. >> just a parade. no rally. they did not clear off in front of government center where they old victory rally because there's too much work to move that snow. up next turning outrage to
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action. the next step in the war against isis. a lot of people see this as a turning point. ed the deadliest train crash in the history of new york's rail rhea railway. we'll take you to the scene next.
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welcome back. jordan is still coming to terms with horrifying death of their pilot by isis terrorists. this is not the first time isis posted online a video of its killings but what makes this one different is not only the horrific nature of the pilot's death but also the fact he was from a middle eastern nation taking part in the u.s.-led military fight against isis and it appears ices is trying to send a message of sorts that this is the fate awaiting all of
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the countries involved if they continue that fight. >> new this morning, jordan fights back executing two convicted terrorists in retaliation. what impact will that have? let's bring in cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank and senior fellow of national security affairs at the heritage foundation peter brooks. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. paul, let's start with you. let's start with the latest news here. the execution. jordan executed two convicted terrorists. what do you think reaction will be by isis and what more now can and do you suspect jordan will do? >> i think there will be a lot of anger from isis. they could retaliate inside jordan. up to 2,000 jordanians traveled to syria and iraq to fight with these various groups all fighting with isis. up to 9,000 pro-jihadi extremists inside jordan. there were demonstration this is past summer in support of isis in a couple jordanian towns so
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there's a real concern that isis could retaliate inside the kingdom for these executions but also if jordan steps up its air campaign against isis in syria and iraq. >> the question i want to get your take on as well is what more do you expect jordan to do especially in light of the fact that we heard from the chairman of the senate armed services committee john mccain earlier today and he's hearing from jordanians that they are frustrated and they need more advanced weapon systems and more advanced weapons to take on the fight against isis. what do you think? >> well jordan has a very capable military. perhaps the most capable in the middle east. it's not that big. i don't think it can take on isis by itself. we should welcome jordan and other arab states coalescing together to take on isis. i'm concerned we're not making progress we should be but one of the most important things is american leadership on this. diplomatic leadership making this coalition stronger and also
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providing the military arms to our partners in dealing with this. like i said this is going on for a while. i hate to be contrarian kate but i'm not sure this is a game changer. there's as lot of words out there. a lot of rhetoric. we have to see action to deal with this terrible threat. >> and to your point, you say you want to see arab nations coming together to fight isis. we've seen an example just now of where that seems the opposite is happening. "the new york times" reporting that united arab emirates suspended air strikes against isis because of exactly this situation because of the jordanian pilot had been taken hostage. >> that's why i won't call this a game changer. i won't call it game change forethat reasonforechanger for that reason. arab states are looking over their shoulder at what iran is doing in iraq and syria and syrian regime as well who are not friends with arab states.
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if i'm fighting isis am i helping the iranians? the administration has let this go on without having a syria policy. it shines a spotlight on the fact that we don't have a good policy in place right now for dealing with syria. this is complicated and not easy stuff by any stretch of the imagination. >> paul if you can make the counterargument to what peter is saying. some say this is a defining moment and game changer. how does this change the situation not just for the regimes because they came out and made forceful statements but on the streets. you say some 2,000 jordanians are fighting for isis. how does this stop the flow of people into the organization? >> well the pilot was from a prominent sunni tribal family from the south. tribes are very conservative. they are mad with isis right now. that could stop the flow of
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recruitment. i think that it really is a game changer from the jordanian perspective we see protests against isis in jordan and we see cairo calling on isis fighters to be crucified. >> is it because of how he was killed? is it because of the burning? no one should be surprised that isis is brutal. if they are surprised, they haven't been paying attention. now because they set this man on fire which admittedly is horrific that's enough to change the game in parts of these communities? >> these horrible images of being viewed right across the middle east and they are causing absolute indignation that a sunni would be killed by isis. >> burning a body is forbidden according to islam. >> absolutely. main street islamic teaching it
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prohibits anything like this. there is horror across the muslim world and these kind of key moments, which really do affect people of course they've been killing thousands of others including sunnis in iraq and syria but this is a big moment. this is being looked at by millions of people across the middle east and i think it could be a watershed moment. a lot of work has to be done. there are some countries where it's lukewarm for this anti-isis coalition. united arab emirates suspended but i think this will help obama administration make the case for extra arab support for this mission. >> interesting. wonder if it's not just the u.s. making the case but if countries like jordan are making the case to their neighbors as well. thanks so much. >> thanks guys. coming up for us deadly train crash in new york leaves six people dead. dozens injured. we'll take you to the scene live. images so scary.
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happening now, ntsb investigators just arrived at the site of a commuter train crash that killed six people. >> the train hit a jeep stuck on the tracks at the time north of new york city. five passengers and the driver died as a result of the crash and the ensuing fire. listen to what one passenger said about the ensuing chaos onboard. >> there was a passenger that ran past me. he had blood on his face and people were pulling the windows off trying to get out through the emergency windows. screaming, yelling, it was total panic. >> along with the loss of life
8:22 am
this crash is causing trouble for people living on the second commuter railroad line in the country. as many as 45,000 riders take metro north railroad on an average weekday. >> this is the latest in a string of incidents involving metro north. last one was in december of 2013 when a train in the bronx spread through a curve and resulting crash killed four passengers. >> we'll bring in cnn's deborah feyerick live at the scene in valhalla. what are you learning deb? >> reporter: we're learning that ntsb has officially taken control of this scene. i don't know whether you can see this door just past me there. i think we have another camera angle. you have investigators entering the train car to begin the forensic gathering of all different pieces of information that might help put together
8:23 am
what happened. earlier they were at the head of the train and you can see we were able to get a glimpse. there's buses that are actually covering the front of the train protecting it from people seeing it and the front of the train is burned out. you have a silver suv that's still crumpled and mangled in the front of the train car there. so right now we know the medical examiner is asking for dental records and dna to identify some of those passengers who were on that first car. that is the car that took the heavy brunt of the impact. it caught fire actually after the suv exploded and the third rail shot up from the tracks into that train car adding a surge of electricity and that's why that thick, black smoke that you see, that's what that apparently was caused by. now, according to a county official an eyewitness says that there had been an accident on a nearby parkway and so a lot of people were finding divergent
8:24 am
ways to get back to their homes. one woman it appears got caught on the tracks or inched her way on the tracks possibly thinking she had enough time and then the gates went down. she got out of the car and tried to lift the gate but it was simply too late. she was able to get back into the car but the train came just moments after that. that's all something that ntsb investigators will be looking at including looking at the gates, the signals, the weather conditions the tracks all of that. right now they are here and on scene and official investigation has begun, kate and john. >> real quick. any word on how long they think the investigation is going to take? it sure looks like they have a lot to go through. >> reporter: they really do. you see a lot of members of the press here getting the shot of those investigators. they're going to be on the ground for five to seven days. it will take them about nine months to 12 months before they issue an official report. if there is an actual safety
8:25 am
violation or something they can do with respect to safety they'll immediately let the public know about that kate. >> deborah feyerick on the scene for us. you can see investigators really getting their work under way as we speak. deb, thanks so much. jordan vows it will not be intimidated by bruteality of isis but one other group has frozen its role and what the battle plan may be ahead. unbelievable video. look at this. a plane, a passenger plane crashing in taiwan. there are some survivors. we'll take a look at how that's possible next. ready for another reason to switch to t-mobile?, how about getting america's best unlimited 4g lte family plan. get 2 lines of unlimited 4g lte data... for just a hundred bucks a month with any smartphone, including the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down. add more family members for just $40 bucks a pop.
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8:29 am know it just makes you feel like a person again. every 8 minutes the american red cross responds to a home fire or other emergency. you can help. please donate now. new questions about strategy in the battle against isis. jordan has retaliated swiftly to the murder of its pilot by the terror group. it executed two jihadies this morning and vows it will not be intimidated by isis brutality. >> at least one other member of the coalition is urging caution right now. cnn has learned that the united arab emirates suspended its air strikes for now at least. let's bring in pentagon correspondent barbara starr. you have been looking at this. what more are you hearing about this move by the uae because it appears to be a reaction to the
8:30 am
jordanian pilot being taken hostage. >> by all accounts uae is expressing its concern that if one of its pilots went down that that pilot could not be rescued. there would be little chance of that pilot being rescued. search and rescue aircraft are just too far away for that to happen. i can tell that you what u.s. officials are telling me is when the jordanian pilot went down he went down in a populated area. rescue assets were quickly launched. acres aircraft helicopters. he was picked up within minutes by isis fighters. it's a fact that there is tremendous risk in these air operations to pilots either from being shot down or going down due to mechanical trouble which is what did happen to the jordanian pilot when his plane went down. they do everything they can to get to them in time but it can
8:31 am
be very tough. >> absolutely. barbara starr, thank you so much. barbara starr at the pentagon for us. it could be a troubling development obviously something the u.s. military cares very much about. >> if this is the game changer and if there is outrage in these countries that we're hearing there is from execution of the jordanian pilot, maybe it will galvanize or put steel in spine of the countries. >> is this a game changing moment? unfortunately that's exactly what we have to see. shocking video to show you of a deadly plane crash that happened just moments after takeoff in taiwan. it was caught on a car's dashboard camera. look at that. just look at that. a transasia flight hurdles out of control. watch the wing. it clips a taxi cab and then the bridge and then the pair goes out of frame and crashes down into a river. >> the crash killed at least 26 people. also pretty amazingly there are
8:32 am
at least 15 survivors from this crash. some were able to walk away from the crash. others with injuries. crews are still there on the scene looking for what they believe are 17 missing passengers at this point. let's discuss how this is possible and what we see in this. cnn aviation analyst mary schiavo is joining us now. mary it's great to see you. we have amazing video that we could almost go frame by frame. i want to get your initial take on what you see. why would a plane make a roll like that and head toward a river like that do you think? >> the first thing i noticed is the left propeller went turning the same as the right. it looked like a left engine failure that would cause the plane -- if the pilots weren't counteracting how they have to fly a plane, a twin engine when you lose one of the engines, it's what a plane would do. it would roll to one side and
8:33 am
apply right rudder to counteract that but the pilot may have been aiming for the water trying to do a miracle on the hudson sort of landing. that's almost impossible. >> if we can keep this picture up you said the left propeller is not rotating or flying the same as the right propeller. why might that be so soon after takeoff? >> that's the most dangerous time for you to experience an engine failure. i understand from media over there that they did declare a may day and they had some sort of a problem with one or both of the engines. it can be from that problem with the engine. it could be the fuel selection was set wrong. it could be a problem feathering the props. they could have had a problem -- even a bird strike on takeoff is possible. not likely with this kind of scenario. there are a lot of things that can cause it to fail. that's the most dangerous time to have an engine failure right after takeoff. >> does it surprise you at all
8:34 am
that there are even any survivors from this? fortunately either intentionally or just out of sheer luck the plane missed that overpass by in large only clipping a taxi and part of the bridge that it was on. >> people are amazed at the survival rate on plane crashes is over 50% and aircraft manufacturers are getting better because now one of the big things everyone focuses on is survivability. we increased the g-force loading on the streetseats from 6 to 10 so seat belts will hold you. seat belts improvements on the way for those and flammability. fire kills the most. other than in the recent accidents where the plane fell from 35,000 feet most accidents they come in most at or near the airport and fire kills most so getting out is the key. more than 50% survive.
8:35 am
>> i have never flown in or out of taipei but it looks like a populated area with high rise buildings not far from where the plane took off. at this point cities can't move their airports. does this point to danger of some of the locations of these airports in different cities? >> absolutely. that's been something that the united states has struggled with and when we build new airports which doesn't happen too often because it's expensive, we put them out and away from the cities. denver international is an example. what the u.s. tries to do is we want to have areas that are overrun areas or overshoot areas or if you fail on takeoff there's somewhere to go. the old hong kong airport was a heart stopping experience and they literally built a new one on the water.
8:36 am
that has to happen in the future but older airports are stuck and cities that surround them. >> there are times when i get speechless watching this. sorry for the halting talk here in a way. every time we see this happen mary it's just stunning. >> they have to figure out exactly what happened and why it happened. that's what the investigation is going to be under way. first and foremost are there anymore victims? are there anymore survivors? they are on the scene looking for that right now. mary schiavo, thanks. coming up the killing of the jordanian pilot outraged nations and outraged people around the world including in the middle east. so what happens now? what will the war against isis be like tomorrow? the next day? if there is this new outrage, will this change the situation? christiane amanpour comes and gives us her thoughts. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have
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saudi arabia is joining the growing outrage condemning the killing of the jordanian pilot by isis. according to reuters, the saudi king called it a heinous crime which contradicts the tolerance of our noble religion. >> want to bring in christiane amanpour. thank you so much for being with us. we heard from the saudi king and we heard from jordanian king and leadership of maep ofny of these countries. if there is this outrage among the leadership if this is the turning point that some people suggest it might be if isis overreached, what do you expect will happen now? >> well john i think that this coalition will continue as it has for the past several months. certainly jordanian officials from the seniors down to former foreign ministers, et cetera have said in the wake of the
8:41 am
threats against the pilot and now of his death, they remain committed to fighting this kind of terrorism. this obviously is a major shock for jordan. it hits right to the heart of them. the king is not just king but head of the tribes and commander in chief of the military forces and he has always had to play a very delicate balancing act between his allegiance and alliance with anti-terrorist coalition, his alliance with the west and also understanding that in some parts of the arab world and some parts of the tribal parts of jordan, there is a discomfort with these kinds of wars. if he can persuade people now it's more dangerous to stop being part of the coalition than to continue being part of the coalition, then that's what is going to happen going forward. >> i wasn't even talking about the possibility of withdrawing from the coalition because based on the language coming out of jordan over the last several
8:42 am
hours, revenge, it's been much more than we've heard before. i was curious if there was more they could do or if they could increase their role. >> that's also interesting. what they have done is sworn revenge and to be frank, the father of the pilot has said i don't just want these two who were executed this morning. i want isis to be annihilated. right now the father who is part of a very prominent tribe in the southern part of jordan is saying what the government wants to hear. in other words, go for it. what can they really do? jordan is an integral part of intelligence sharing with the united states and obviously it has much more human intelligence on the ground. it's much more linked with the iraqi tribes et cetera. right on the border of these countries. when it comes to being in the air, it's a junior partner. let's face it. the united states is doing the heavy lifting. so what can it do greater and more? unclear at this point. the fact that it will continue
8:43 am
is very important and i think that we're hearing certainly from the usual leaders in this part of the world at condemning what happened. very importantly several imams including the top sunni imam as it stands in egypt and many others including imams who have come out of syria and who. the real question is -- >> to that point, if when you -- i just keep returning to this since i just recently watched the video. if a gruesome video -- that doesn't even do it justice -- doesn't convince arab nations to come together and this is a fight worth fighting, if burning someone alive, anyone but someone from a prominent jordanian family doesn't convince jordan and other arab allies that this is a fight worth fighting what is going to convince them you know?
8:44 am
>> so far they seem convinced. they aren't the problem. the problem are the psychopaths who keep joining what's a death cult. now you are having more and more people calling them that. they sunk to a terrible low. i would also say one needs to hold saudi arabia to account as well. the new king has come out and condemned this but this is the kind of horrendous ideology that's come out of the extreme hard line wing of islam, which has its roots and home in saudi arabia and for decades the saudis have traded stability inside for farming out that kind of extremism and they fought their own battles against extremism at home but too often these people have been able to flourish outside their borders. this is a major problem that has to be confronted. >> a difference between words
8:45 am
and action and we'll see if that difference remains over the next few days. christiane amanpour thank you for being with us. appreciate it. taking a look back at home. a different kind of gop presidential candidate. that's the image that jeb bush wants to send to party faithful as he takes the stage in less than an hour. this isn't just taking the stage. this is maybe the unveiling of potentially a campaign message. we'll see. that's coming up. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. you pay for you data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use?
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minutes from now, likely 2016 presidential candidate jeb bush will be making his major policy address for the first time speaking at the detroit economic club. a prominent venue in presidential politics. >> the former governor is expected to outline his ideas on what he calls reform conservatism. i'm old enough to remember a different guy named bush talking about compassionate conservatism. that aside, he'll also discuss his so-called right to rise economic plan. designed to boost the middle class. we're joined by cnn chief political correspondent dana bash live for us in detroit. one thing i know about detroit is it's not iowa or new hampshire. >> reporter: no, it is not iowa or new hampshire. i remember back when that other bush was running, this was a swing state. not so much anymore. but it has nothing to do with that. the reason why jeb bush and his
8:50 am
aides asked the detroit economic club to come and speak here is because of the economic symbol that is here and the fact that detroit has been in such dire straits for so long even during economic booms nationwide. so he is going to push since we're doing some bush history and metaphors here, the vision thing. for the first time, he's going to really talk about what his vision is for any potential campaign. talked about reform conservatism conservatism. he's also going to talk about his theme, the right to rise really trying to play up the middle class, those left behind. here's an excerpt -- one of the excerpts that his aides put out. he's going to say this. the recovery has been everywhere but in the family paychecks, the american dream has become a mirage for far too many. so the central question we face here in detroit and across america is this, can we restore that dream, that moral promise
8:51 am
that each generation can do better? so basically what he is trying to sort of in a nutshell do is to set the tone not so much i don't believe, in the specifics of how he intends to do that economic policy. but in terms of the theme and as you said, as the message. and to differentiate himself from other potential republican candidates. wants to give a positive tone wants to set himself apart from everybody else. i think that is the fundamental goal that he has today. >> more testing the waters for a potential campaign in terms of his theme and his message rather than we're not going to be hearing policy prescriptions on exactly how to help the middle class improve? >> reporter: that's exactly right. but, remember with the history of the republican party and republican presidential candidates you don't have to go that far back in history, less than four years ago, mitt romney did have a big problem reaching out to the middle class, reaching out to people who were
8:52 am
not doing well with the economy because they felt that he didn't connect, the 4% moment, the list goes on and on. so that is a big thing that it seems as though he is going to not so subtly try to do say that he is the anti-romney. but we are in detroit and the big issue here over the past many years has been the auto bailouts. democrats are having a field day pointing out, he opposed the auto bailout. but it turned out to be pretty successful in the long run. >> about 6,000 democrats on twitter informed me of that over the last several hours. this is really the first speech of the rest of jeb bush's life the first time he addresses the public since mitt romney withdrew, a big, big moment for him. i know i'll be watching. dana, thanks so much.
8:53 am
the new england patriots celebrating their fourth super bowl title. you can see it there. the streets of boston the duck boats, the fans. we'll take you there live next. you pay for you data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. and we'll even get you started with 10gb of free 4g lte data. can a truck change how people feel about a guy? we talked to real people, not actors. we showed them two pictures of the same guy in the same location. the only difference... the vehicle behind him. the guy with the truck would definitely have like a german shepherd dog... i mean come on. a tarantula. a rattle snake.
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8:57 am
>> -- is boston. all those duck boats, the new england patriots, the super bowl champions. people flooding the cold streets. a day later than originally planned to celebrate their super bowl title. >> and they've got a whole lot of duck boats there. that's my big question. what is the history behind the duck boats? it's the fourth duck boat parade for the patriots in the past 14 years. the team's first since 2005, though. jason carroll is along the parade route, if you will. jason, rather than standing on snow and being cold i'm sure no one there even feels the cold at this point. >> reporter: i can't even hear you. i know you're asking a question. i know you're asking me something. robert kraft, the reason why everyone was screaming is robert kraft just went by with the trophy in hand. the crowd just went crazy. i have to show you something here as the parade gets under way.
8:58 am
not snowing here but folks are hopping on top of the snow piles because where else do you go when you have all this snow? i have some die-hard pats fans with me. a lot of folks wanted the parade to be held this weekend. but doing it today instead, what do you think? >> so excited about it. >> it's beautiful out. >> reporter: a lot of folks are also surprised that so many of you came out today. it's cold but it's not that cold. but i guess not cold to a dedicated pats fan. >> absolutely not! >> reporter: who are you looking forward to seeing most? >> tom brady. >> tom brady. >> reporter: clearly, a lot of loud music here. you get a front-row seat to the parade going by.
8:59 am
hey, guys. it's been a lot of fun out here, as you know. everyone here has wanted something to celebrate. the snow, more snow expected tomorrow. they finally have something to celebrate here as thousands line boyle street to take part in the victory parade. back to you guys. >> jason carroll standing on the tops of street signs with these very i would say, measured women there to cheer and to see tom brady and julian edelman. >> where is malcolm butler? >> malcolm butler is in the sixth duck boat. >> is that good or bad? >> it's all very good. jason carroll can't hear us at all -- >> have fun, jason. >> but he's being a great sport. just wave. >> give me a short and skinny. why the duck boats. >> duck boats were around in there in the late '90s.
9:00 am
it just became a tradition. it wasn't just the patriots. the red sox have had three world series duck boat patriots. the celtics, the bruins. >> i had not planned to ask you that. impressive. look at that. something to celebrate. thanks for joining us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. soon after isis telegraphed the revolting murder of a jordanian fighter pilot, jordan takes its revenge hanging two jihadist prisoners. is this the tipping point? what will isis and jordan do next?