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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 10, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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oh my god. so we have to do this responsibly, if we're going to do it. but there's good news because a lot of people are finding their ultimate match on tinder on hinge, online. >> i was in one of my best friend's weddings thanks to we'll see you tomorrow for more on this all week long here on cnn. thank you. >> thank you. all right. top of the hour here. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. i want to begin with news no one wanted to hear. kayla mueller, the young american aid worker abducted by isis is dead. the family of the 26-year-old from arizona learning of her death in the most hideous way, an e-mail privately sent from isis with a chilling attachment. apparently photos showing her body. the body of the young woman who dedicated her life to helping others. how she ended up in syria explained in this youtube video. >> i am in solidarity with the
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syrian people. i reject the brutality and killing that the syrian authorities are committing against the syrian people. >> what we still don't know is how kayla died. isis claimed she was killed last week in that jordanian air strike on this specific building. it's a claim jordan vehemently denies calling it pure propaganda. the white house didn't say what these photos show but they say isis is responsible for her death. >> there's no evidence of civilians in the target area prior to the coalition strike taking place. and that certainly would call into question the claims that are made by isil. what is not possible to call into question is that isil regardless of her cause of death, is responsible for it. this after all was the organization that was holding her against her will. >> cnn's ana cabrera is in prescott arizona, kayla's
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hometown where her parents are. we know this memorial has been erected there. how are people? our hearts and thoughts obviously with this community. how are people reacting to today's news? >> reporter: brooke people are praying for kayla's family and her friends in this community. obviously a devastating day for their family. and yet, they are steadfastly determined to make sure kayla's legacy lives on even though she is dead physically. and they're working to bring her body home so that she can have a final resting place. this is a 26-year-old woman who accomplished so much, really lived an ambitious life and eventually gave her life because she wanted to help others. and this is something that she did throughout her life from protesting genocide in darfur when she was in high school, to becoming a president of a college organization that was committed to ending mass atrocities around the world. she went on after college to help humanitarian organizations
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in india, israel, and lastly in turkey and syria, where she felt very connected to the syrian refugees who were fleeing the bloodshed and the civil war that was happening in syria, finding a connection in people's suffering and finding her place in the world was to help those who were most vulnerable fight for peace and for justice. and that is the legacy and the way her family wants her to be remembered. we're hearing from people in this community, many who did not know kayla personally who are just in disbelief that there's an organization a group of people who could be so callus as to hurt and murder such a beautiful human being. >> we lost this beautiful young woman that had her whole future in front of her, trying to give her best to other people in other countries and that sort of thing happens to her. my heart goes out to the entire family. you know, you don't know what to
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say in situation like that other than i hope they have the strength to carry them through. i'm hoping this will galvanize everybody to try to stop what's going on over there. >> reporter: just as kayla really represented the best of the world, this world is now rallying around her cause and those who have come before her, lost their lives. we know the united arab emirates did a series of air strikes just this morning. jordan has been relentless since the death of their pilot. the u.s.-led coalition conducting more than 2,000 air strikes since the campaign began over the summer brooke. and we also know that the president reached out to kayla's family and pledged to relentlessly pursue those terrorists who held kayla captive and eventually took her life. >> that's right. placed that phone call last night. ana cabrera in prescott. thank you. cnn has now also obtained this letter that was written by kayla, written to her family in
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the spring of last year during her captivity. let me read part of that now. she wrote, please know that i am in a safe location completely unharmed and healthy. in parentheses she writes put on weight in fact. i have been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. keeping in mind we don't know if she was under duress at the time. obviously, she was a hostage, so yes, she was. but it raises questions about the treatment of captives in the region. let me just begin with, you know, when you're piecing together what it's been like for some of these captives we've covered, including james foley and stephen sot love what strikes me as different this time it's the first time isis has privately and directly reached out to a family offering proof of death in the form of a photo. >> iffic just comment on the
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treatment of kayla mueller. we know at the height of the hostage crisis isis had at least 23 foreign hostages almost all of them western. 19 of those 23 were men. we know that several of the men were severely beaten and some of them were also water boarded. the same hostages who spoke to us and confirmed the details of their torture always told me that the women were relatively well treated. of course they're captives and hostages but the women were not tortured as far as we know. so kayla mueller's letter to me confirms what we already knew about the treatment of women in isis captivity. >> but the notion that isis privately sent a photo, a proof of death to this family have you heard of this before? >> the proof of death as far as a photo to the family i've not heard of before. but of course the details of
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kayla's death remain complex. they claim she died in an air strike. there's been a lot of questions over whether that's really the case. in all of the other hostages, there was a video, which became the proof of how they were executed and it showed them in the moments before their beheading. so it seems perhaps isis wants to make sure that the family knows that she really is dead especially after the mother and the father came out this weekend in a statement to reporters saying that they didn't believe their daughter that their daughter had died. >> to the time that she was held captive, she references in this letter other cell mates. i'm wondering, do you know how much communication she would have with other hostages and the notion that she would have perhaps handed this letter to one of them? how risky is that? >> what we know is that the men and women were kept in separate
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cells. but in several locations where they were held, their cells were adjoining. i was told in one location they were able to communicate. i'm not totally sure if it was through a gap in the wall or some sort of opening. but several of the european hostages have indicated they saw kayla. one in particular told me that on the day of his release last year he was able to speak to her and ask her, you know, is there any message that you want me to pass on to your family? so it seems that there were moments of connection between them. and we also know that hostages that were released were also able to bring out letters on behalf of james foley and several others. so this practice of bringing out letters is not new. >> if i may, let me pause and go to the pentagon. the daily briefing rear admiral john kirby is speaking. we want to listen. >> is there anything that the u.s. has seen as a result of the proof that the islamic state
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allegedly provided to the family that indicates when or how she died and whether or not there's any relation to the jordanian strike? and i have another question. >> short answer is no. and i wouldn't get into the specifics of evidence itself but we know that she's dead. isil is responsible for that death. but we're not in a position to confirm the circumstances specifically either to timing to be cause of death. >> and what is the understanding at this point of the military of the strength the size the activity of the islamic state? afghanistan? can you just assess how broad that may be? >> i would -- so let's put this in perspective. we've talked about this in the past. this is a group that does want
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to grow and expand its influence. you've heard from general rodriguez. you've heard from general campbell that they certainly are looking very sharply to see if they're expanding in other areas outside iraq and syria. we know they have those designs. the way i would describe isil in afghanistan is nationed at best. i would say more aspirational than anything else at this point. this guy kadeem we assessed he decided to swear allegiance to isil probably no more than a couple weeks ago. and he didn't have a whole lot of depth to any network. i'm not diminishing or trying to dismiss at all the threat that isil poses and wants to pose. in this case, it's a pragsal,
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and that would be an aggressive characterization right now. does that help? >> [ inaudible question ]. >> he and his associates were targeted because we had information they were planning operations against u.s. and afghan personnel there in afghanistan. so yeah he was. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i didn't say that. he and his associates were targeted because we knew they were planning attacks. as i've said before we got into this whole rhetorical debate about the taliban and whether or not we're going to continue to go after them given that we're in a new mission. i told you then and this is proof of it today. if they're going to threaten our interests, our allies our partners in afghanistan, they're
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fair game. >> when he was released, he was released based on what -- >> i don't have -- joe, i don't have the records on this guy from guantanamo bay. yes, he was a detainee. he was released in 2007. he was released to kabul. the other thing that we've said, and this is another great example because we had a long discussion not too long ago about the recidivism particularly the issue of this one individual who reengaged there in qatar. we said they return to the battlefield at their own peril. he's an example. >> theis the pentagon still convinced that guantanamo should be closed? >> yes, the pentagon's position is that the detainee facility should be closed. secretary hagel has made that
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clear on any number of occasions. there's no change to that. >> white house press secretary josh earnest -- >> rear admiral john kirby addressing a number of questions we've been asking. one of the questions he addressed, of course the questions of how -- the circumstances, the timing of kayla mueller's death. he was underscoring basically what you did. that they cannot confirm those circumstances other than this confirmation that kayla mueller is dead. we were talking about some of the -- this one particular letter this hand-written letter that kayla mueller's family has now shared with members of the media. i guess my follow-up question to that would be, you know you were saying it wasn't a rare practice for someone to hand a letter away to a hostage who is freed. do we know who she may have given this letter to to get to her family back in arizona? >> no i don't.
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>> what about this news now -- i was talking to pamela brown, one of our justice correspondents. she's saying now, because isis is running out of hostages if you will that there are now fears that they may send people into neighboring countries like lebanon, like jordan and there are a lot of those refugee camps and westerners volunteering at those refugee camps. what do you know about that? >> i think it's true that isis is very low on hostages now. we know that they still have the british hostage. as we've seen he's been doing propaganda videos for them so perhaps he's being used for a different purpose now. they also have one other female aid worker whose name and nationality we're not revealing for her sake. but we know she's not american. so they're down to two. when i was in southern turkey in november of last year and in december there were a lot of warnings from fellow journalists and also from the u.s. embassy
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that isis may be looking for people in border towns and specifically reporters to grab. so i think those threats are real and i think that people that are working there need to take them seriously. >> extraordinary caution. thank you so much. just getting news that we will be hearing from kayla mueller's family. they will be speaking soon is what i'm told. quick break, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. if you're running a business legalzoom
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the man suspected in the death of university of virginia student hannah graham has officially been charged. he is jesse matthew. he's been indicted on
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first-degree murder and abduction charges. hannah graham disappeared in charlottesville in the downtown mall area last september 13th. then her remains were found in october a couple miles outside of town. police identified jesse matthew as the prime suspect based upon surveillance video and multiple witness accounts. he was taken into custody in texas 11 days after graham disappeared. brian todd is in charlottesville today. brian, we know the prosecutor is not pursuing the death penalty there in virginia. is that a surprise? >> it was certainly a surprise to all of us in the room brooke when the prosecutor announced she would not be pursuing the death penalty, at least not for now. this was a horrible crime, as you know. hannah graham went missing on september 13th. her body was found more than a month later along a creek bed in an abandoned property. all that was left of her body was her skull and some bones. jesse matthew also is linked to the 2009 disappearance and later
12:21 pm
the death of virginia tech student morgan harrington. and jesse matthew has been charged with attempted capital murder and rape in a 2005 case in fairfax, virginia. he's pleaded not guilty to that. but there are these other cases that he is linked to. and many people did expect this to be a capital murder case. but the prosecutor said that they are not seeking it for now. she did kind of give a hint as to why. we pressed her on why. she said that they had discussions with the graham family as well as some others involved here and one local analyst told me they believe -- he believes that maybe the graham family might have implored the prosecutor not to seek the death penalty in this case. i asked the prosecutor if some deal was made with jesse matthew to avoid the death penalty, and she said they've had no discussions with him. >> so no death penalty on the table here. what about -- i think you alluded to this a second ago. he's connected to that sex assault case that's going to
12:22 pm
trial next month. that was from 2005. and then, you know this same part of virginia has seen multiple unsolved cases of young women being assaulted and abducted. has he been tied to any of those? >> well he has been tied to them only very loosely in that they are investigating possible links, brooke. the only one he's been tied to forensically according to authorities, is that morgan harrington case. again, she's a virginia tech student who went missing in the fall of 2009. her body was found just after new year's in 2010. he has been rumored and possibly linked to some other disappearances. as you've mentioned, there have been a lot of other disappearances and possible deaths of other young people in this kind of i-29 corridor between charlottesville and the washington, d.c. area over the past several years. he's been investigated in connection with those, but no definitive link has been made with those cases, brooke. >> all right.
12:23 pm
brian todd we'll look for more of your reporting on "the situation room." thank you. coming up next in the fight to destroy and dismantle isis is syria getting information on what the u.s. is doing, even though the two don't actually work together? the syrian president now saying yes. we have those details ahead. also the violent escalation in the standoff between ukraine and russia. we're just getting word president obama and vladimir putin have just spoken. hear what president obama told him as he weighs sending lethal arms to ukrainian soldiers. stay here. ♪♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today. ♪♪
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to the crisis in ukraine. as you know violence has been escalating there. 5,000 people killed so many others forced to flee their
12:28 pm
homes in the wake of what's happened here in this country. we know president obama has been weighing this potential to have the united states arm ukrainian soldiers. his administration has been supportive of this notion. president obama flanked by angela merkel chancellor of germany, just yesterday in the white house, saying he has yet to make up his mind. now the new development we've just learned, president obama has spoken with russia's president vladimir putin today. let's go to the white house to jim acosta. jim, what was said on the call? >> well this sounds very much like a diplomatic warning from president obama, from this white house to russian president vladimir putin. there are these talks that are going to be taking place tomorrow in belarus between president putin, chancellor angela merkel from germany, francois hollande as well as petro poroshenko. on the line is what's happening in eastern ukraine. much of the world blaming russia for that violence that is unfolding there.
12:29 pm
so far, at least in the minds of this administration and several other european allies russia has not backed down. so yes, you do have this threat this implicit threat coming from the white house that the president is weighing this option of sending arms to ukraine to fight those pro-russian separatists. and basically what the white house is saying about this phone call between the president and vladimir putin, which took place earlier today, is that if vladimir putin does not take that off-ramp it says if russia continues its aggressive actions in ukraine, we can put this up on screen including by sending troops weapons, and financing to support the terrorists the costs for russia will rise. so that's as close as you get to a real warning. in this statement, the cost for russia will rise. brooke, obviously that could mean further sanctions. the white house believes the sanctions are having an effect on the russian economy. that they're not having an effect though quite frankly on putin's behavior and what is
12:30 pm
happening in eastern ukraine. and so those costs may also mean obviously that those arms could go to ukraine, despite the fact that chancellor merkel as we talked yesterday, is against that idea. the president may move forward with that step. >> big meeting tomorrow as you mentioned. we'll watch for it then. jim acosta at the white house with this phone call update. appreciate that. i want to turn my attention back to syria and the question now today, is the united states coordinating with syria in this fight against isis? in this rare interview with the bbc, syrian president bashar al assad said the two sides do not communicate directly but sometimes information is exchanged through a third-party government, such as iraq. take a listen. >> i'm curious that at a time when your air force is in the air above syria, there haven't been any incidents between the two. no shots seem to have been traded no planes have been shot down.
12:31 pm
that suggests to me surely there's someone talking to someone here. >> there's no direct cooperation. >> direct. is it via iraq? that's what some people have said. >> through a third party, more than one party. sometimes they convey message, general message, but there's nothing tactical. >> and is that a continuing dialogue that you have through third parties? >> there's no dialogue. there's, let's say, information, but not dialogue. >> president of syria in a sit-down interview. the pentagon just responded to that moments ago. >> this isn't a nudge, nudge, wink wink. >> i'm not nudge, nudging, wink winking either. we are not communicating directly or indirectly with the assad regime on military matters. >> okay. so the white house today also denying any coordination with the assad government. let's go to our senior international correspondent,
12:32 pm
arwa damon. you have the president of syria acknowledging this indirect communication. you hear from the administration here and the pentagon not at all happening. what do you make of that? >> i think it's a very delicate situation on all sides. the u.s. does not want to seem as if it is in communication with a government whose president does want to see removed from power. but at the same time as is evident and was evident from that interview, you have both american and syrian fighter jets in the same air space. so presumably there would have to be at least some level of information passing. president bashar al assad is not saying the u.s. is giving him direct tactical information. the u.s. is saying it's not disclosing any sort of specifics whatsoever. but assad did also go on to say it's not just necessarily through iraq but through other nations, that there are indirect sort of messages being passed.
12:33 pm
this, again, is a very delicate situation for the united states. it's finding itself when it comes to syria and whether or not it is communicating with the government of bashar al assad but also in iraq where it's finding itself in this sort of uneasy allegiance when it comes to yet another key player in the region and that is iran. because you also have iranian advisers on the battlefield in iraq. this is a battlefield that the u.s. at this stage is very heavily involved in as we know quite well. so a very delicate situation all around at this stage. a lot of rhetoric being put forward. again, behind the scenes presumably a lot is also playing out, brooke. >> arwa damon with the perspective, thank you as always. just into us here at cnn, a new development in the investigation of how whitney houston's daughter ended up face down in that bathtub. not only is her father bobby brown calling this a criminal investigation, there's now word
12:34 pm
about bruises found on his daughter's chest. plus when president obama walked out for his inauguration back in 2009 he had some notes in his pocket. they weren't notes for a speech. they were actually written up in case of a terror attack. more on that ahead.
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there are security concerns and then there are security concerns. serious concerns apparently loomed over president obama's first inauguration in 2009. we're now learning a former top aide to the president acknowledging he wrote a special script for the president to read just in case something happened.
12:38 pm
this revelation and all kinds of fascinating anecdotes now public in this new book by david axelrod, who will be on jake tapper's show i believe, tomorrow. let's get a little preview here beginning with -- talk to me about these extra notes, extra script in the president's pocket. >> that's right. what happened was -- you may recall this and our viewers as well. in january 2009 there were four somali americans who had gone for jihadi training allegedly and come back and intelligence officials were very afraid they were going to target the inaugural inaugural. this was top-secret information. the homeland security secretary calls rahm emanuel, who was the incoming chief of staff. rahm calls david axelrod, says get on a hard line i need you to write something. this can't be something the speech writers know about. this is top secret. it basically was plans for a disaster if a terrorist attacked the inaugural. the secret service would tell
12:39 pm
the president. the president would go -- the incoming president, obama, would go up and basically instruct the crowd on how to disperse in a peaceful fashion. so axelrod wrote this his heart pounding the next day gives it to the president. the president doesn't even read it, tucks it into his jacket and of course never has to read it thankfully. and who knows where those remarks are today. but that was this strange bit of speech writing that thankfully was never shared with the american people. >> how bizarre. thank goodness it never happened. then there was the bit about -- which this is really fascinating. i remember all the coverage about the president's stance on same-sex marriage and how he had said, you know, he really evolved. that was the president's words. but it sounds like david axelrod said he never actually evolved. he felt one way for a very long time. >> what axelrod says the language is very interesting, is
12:40 pm
that he felt very strongly axelrod felt that president obama obama never opposed same-sex marriage but he also knew that he was way out in front of the american people on this issue in 2007 2008. so he, in axelrod's language compromised or modified his position. i remember asking then-candidate obama about this then-president obama about this. apparently this whole time he had a different view than the one he was sharing with me but there's an interesting remark. the president saying to axelrod, stumbling over the answer because apparently every time he answered it was difficult for him to do it because he was saying something that wasn't true about his own personal beliefs. the quote s i'm just not very good at bs'ing. for all those looking for whether or not president obama lied or misrepresented the term
12:41 pm
that the president used when it comes to his former opposition publicly to same-sex marriage is bs'ing. >> to quote him. all right, tapper. we'll be looking for your david axelrod interview for all these other nuggets and fascinating tidbits from this book. we'll watch you on "can the lead," 4:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >> thanks brooke. coming up next just into us at cnn, a new development into the investigation of how whitney houston's daughter ended up face down in that bathtub. why bobby brown is now calling this a criminal investigation, next.
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the daughter of whitney houston remains in the hospital. >> in the name of jesus! >> nearly 300 people turned out for this public prayer vigil for bobbi kristina brown near atlanta. the 21-year-old has been unresponsive since being found face down in a bathtub now ten days ago. just last night brown's family asked for continued prayer. >> on behalf of bobbi kris i know she thanks all of you all for your support and continued prayers for her recovery. and i would like to say, you know continue not just while you're here just continue to
12:46 pm
pray for us all. >> and now to the developments new today in this investigation into how bobbi kristina brown ended up in that bathtub. ai lee that machado is outside emory university hospital. let's begin with these details about bruises that were on her chest. what was that from? >> before we get to that i want to point out that sissy houston arrived here. bobbi kristina's family continues to stay at her side. we are hearing from a friend of the 21-year-old who says police have questioned nick gordon about some bruising on bobbi kristina's chest. that friend told hln's nancy grace that nick said those bruises were the product of him performing cpr on bobbi kristina. police in this case have not said much on the record but we are hearing from a source with knowledge of the probe who tells cnn that the investigation is really focusing on anyone and
12:47 pm
everyone who was in the house the night before bobbi kristina was found, and that they're also talking to people who had contact with nick gordon. now, we have tried to reach out to gordon. we tried to find him, tried to see if he has an attorney who's representing him, and so far we've been unsuccessful in tracking down that information. >> also for the first time we're seeing the words criminal investigation. this is part of the statement from bobby brown's attorney. tell me exactly what it said. >> well that statement was pretty lengthy. in it the family addressed the vigil, that prayer vigil you mentioned from yesterday. they expressed gratitude for all of the prayers. the statement also addressed a few interesting things. it said there were -- there are false reports out there. they called it egregious. i want to read part of that statement. it says the desire to be first has clouded the judgment of many reporters as they forego accuracy. this is a criminal investigation, and the integrity
12:48 pm
of that process requires silence. the family again is asking for privacy. the statement concluded by saying that god is hearing our prayers. brooke as you mentioned, the statement did make mention of a criminal investigation. this is the first time that we have heard the word criminal attached to this investigation, but we want to caution you and say this is coming from the family and not from police brooke. >> and all of this tomorrow marks three years to the day that whitney houston was found in that bathtub in that hotel in beverly hills. thank you. and now to this. you know we've all been there. you're cleaning out your closet find some old stuff you think you've forgotten about. unless you're neil armstrong's wife that stuff probably has not been to the moon. let's take a look at some items not seen since apollo 11 landed on the moon. we're told the items were intended to be left on the moon, but neil armstrong carried them back with him and kept their existence a secret.
12:49 pm
i have been so excited to talk to you as a space geek here. these artifacts are on display next to you. before we get to that may i just say, so neil armstrong had these mementos from the moon. he kept them in this white cloth bag, this purse, and never told anyone about them. am i getting this right? >> pretty much. the purse was actually named that way because it was actually a piece of equipment among all of the equipment that was stowed on the lieu mar module, which took the astronauts to the moon. early on in the program in apollo 9 when there was a test night of the lunar module one of the astronauts said look we're going to need a place to stow stuff in case we don't have time to put it back and we don't want it to drop on to the floor, get in our way. so they invented a white cloth bag and called it temporary
12:50 pm
stowage bag. that's the way nasa names things. all thes a that naughts referred to it as mcdivot's purse. it looks like a purse, sort of a clutch purse. it opens at the top. that's a story in and of itself. it gave the opportunity of neil armstrong gave the opportunity of neil armstrong when he was about to rejoin his colleagues mike collins in the command module to come home to go ahead and put a few souvenirs in that bag and then pass that bag along to mike collins. of course, the most important thing was to pass along all of the rocks and samples and then soon cartridges which had the precious images taken on the mission. those are the most important things. and thef were very tight on how much space there was but there was a little margin for error. and he figured he could put a few pounds of sort of souvenirs into this bag and then stow it and apparently he took it home with him.
12:51 pm
>> he took it home with him? >> apparently. >> and so his wife finds these. tell me what you have next to you. >> well these are just two items from about 17 items plus the bag that we now have on loan from the armstrong family and that will be donated to the museum. this is a temporary gallery which is open here until june 8th. the whole process, they're dog space walks called eva, extra vehicular activity which is the nasa logo for space walks. so two of the objects were specifically relevant to space walking, one of them over here is this hook and ribbon device and that's called a waist tether. what it is is in case they had to do an emergency space walk in case they couldn't hook back up to the command module and had
12:52 pm
to float, they would need to hook something on to their space suits, hook another on to the hand hold on the spacecraft. when you're floating in space, you don't want to let go of one thing until you grab onto something else. >> we've seen "gravity" i. know what you're talking about, al allan. >> up until june 8th we can see this at the air and space museum there in d.c. >> these two items, right. the other item is the camera that was mount nd theed in the window which took the incredible picture of them landing. if you remember its tranquility base here, the eagle has landed and sort of the picture of the shadow coming down and the spacecraft shadow coming to rest. this is the camera which took those pictures. now, the cartridges go on the outside, and the cartridge of film was returned back in 1969
12:53 pm
and we've developed those films films a long time ago. >> i could sit here and listen to you forever, but i do have to go. allan needle thank you so so much for the time and the show and tell. i truly appreciate it. >> okay, thank you. next a family of four vanished from their home only to be found dead years later. the man who saw them last who claimed to be their friend is now the one accused in their murder. you'll hear from that man next. thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today.
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12:57 pm
a family of four found buried in the desert three years after they went missing. their friend and business partner is now charged with their deaths. tonight at 9:00 here on cnn, we're looking into exactly what happened to the mcstay family. the man accused of killing them spoke to cnn before he was charged, and it's pretty erie to hear what he said about the case. here's randi kaye. >> early on friend and business associate chase merit was at the top of the list. >> detectives are taking a close look at joseph mcstay's business relationships.
12:58 pm
>> he spoke to us in his only television interview. >> i was the last person who saw him so of course i was a person of interest. >> did detectives ask you if you killed joseph mcstay and his family? >> i don't recall them asking me that. >> nothing that direct. >> no. i don't recall them being that direct. >> you took a polygraph test. what did it show? >> i don't know. >> you passed the polygraph. >> apparently. i mean, i haven't -- i kind of simply assumed, well apparently that resolved any issues that they may be looking at with me. >> randi kaye is here with a preview. just watching him sitting across from you cool calm collected. >> yeah. >> little did he know what he had in store. >> the d.a. is so sure they have the right guy. first of all, some of the evidence, chase merritt, in our exclusive interview, told us he was definitely the last person to see joseph mcstay. you have to wonder about that.
12:59 pm
he also lived at the time the family disappeared about 20 miles from where their remains were found four years later in the mojave desert. he told us he was the first person at the house where the d.a. believes all four family members were killed. we know there may have been blood spatter he may have had time to clean up. they were first alerted to the home and the missing family 11 daze later didn't get a search warrant until 3 days later. 120 pieces of evidence from the desert. >> 20 seconds. does he have a good lawyer? >> he has himself. >> himself. >> he had a lawyer. but he wants to represent himself. he believes he has six to eight months to live and he wants to get through this trial. very quickly, just to let you know, patrick mcstay, the grandfather in the case said he who represents himself has a fool for a client.
1:00 pm
tonight "chasing a killer: inside the mcstay family murders" tonight hosted by randi kaye at 9:00 p.m. thank you for being with me here in new york. we'll send it to jake tapper. my colleague "the lead" starts now. the last american hostage today confirmed dead. now isis wants more. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. her life cut far too short. kayla mueller, the american aid worker who lived to make the world a better place kidnapped by terrorists and today confirmed killed. some of her family and friends are set to speak publicly in minutes, and we will bring that to you right here live. plus kayla mueller was the last american held by isis but now brave new warnings from u.s. intelligence officials that more americans may not be safe from the terrorist group's clutch pfz. >> and the national lead. sh