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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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client. tonight "chasing a killer: inside the mcstay family murders" tonight hosted by randi kaye at 9:00 p.m. thank you for being with me here in new york. we'll send it to jake tapper. my colleague "the lead" starts now. the last american hostage today confirmed dead. now isis wants more. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. her life cut far too short. kayla mueller, the american aid worker who lived to make the world a better place kidnapped by terrorists and today confirmed killed. some of her family and friends are set to speak publicly in minutes, and we will bring that to you right here live. plus kayla mueller was the last american held by isis but now brave new warnings from u.s. intelligence officials that more americans may not be safe from the terrorist group's clutch pfz. >> and the national lead. she looks more like -- this
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63-year-old's con artist duped the tsa and got on planes without a ticket not once but twice. if she can swindle security should we be more concerned who else is getting onto our planes? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." breaking news in our world lead where we're waiting for the family of kayla mueller to speak at any time moment. you see the microphones in prescott, arizona. we'll bring that to you live. that family and a nice is heartbroken and isis confirms our worst fears, kayla mueller is dead. her family put out a statement saying isis contacted them directly providing the proof hoping would never come, pictures showing her daughter no lopger alive. the white house shed little light on what was in those pictures. they would not say how kayla died only that the pictures as
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far as they can tell are real and the intelligence community has verified their authenticity. analysts believe mueller was the last american held hostage, but they also say isis wants to kidnap more westerners. let's go to pamela brown. the reason people care about what the photos show beyond of the fact she's no longer alive, which is obviously the most important and tragic, is also because isis claimed kayla was killed in a jordanian air strike. >> that's right. that is still very much a mystery, how she died. the pictures apparently don't reveal how she died or when she died. we know the fbi is right now trying to determine that. but the white house is making it clear today that regardless of whether she was killed in an air strike or executed isis is responsible. calling themselves heartbroken, the family of 26-year-old american hostage kayla mueller said today they have received confirmation that their daughter is dead. u.s. officials say kayla's isis
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captor sent the family a private message over the weekend, including pictures that were used by forensics examiners to verify her death. >> they're taking a look at the actual evidence that's been supplied, and then they're comparing that with intelligence they've got. clearly with the factors they're looking at they feel like kayla is in fact deceased. they're stopping short of saying that isis murdered her, but one way or another isis is responsible for her death. >> the new information does not clarify how and when mueller died, though isis claimed that mueller was killed in a jordanian air strike last friday. at the time, it offered no proof other than these images of a destroyed building. today the white house cast doubt on that claim and made it clear isis is ultimately responsible for her death. >> the information we have is that there's no evidence of civilians in the target area prior to the coalition strike taking place. that would certainly call into
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question the claims made by isil. >> kayla dedicated her life to international causes helping refugees to the turkish border. what brought her to aleppo remains a mystery, where she was kidnapped. the mueller family released a letter kayla wrote in the spring of 2014 while in captiveity saying, if you could say i suffered at all, it's only knowing how much suffering i have put you all through. please know i am in a safe location, completely unharm and healthy, put on weight in fact. i have been treated with the utmost respect and kindness. she signed the letter, all my everything kayla. >> the letter was absolutely written under duress and at the same time i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of that was true. my guess is that kayla was such an incredible, strong spiritual respectful person that she actually caused them to treat her the same way that she treated them. >> and president obama called the mueller family on sunday
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night, we're told to send his condolences. in a statement today he called isis a hateful and abhorrent terrorist group. >> pamela brown, stick around. want to talk to you a little bit more. right now i want to go to cnn's ana cabrera live in prescott arizona, where kayla mueller's family and friends live where we are expected to hear from her parents zat any moment. ana may be a brutal brutal day in prescott. how are people reacting? >> reporter: people are heartbroken. it is a devastating day for the family, for the community, for friends of kayla mueller. again, we're in her hometown and i'm standing next to a throng of media from both local outlets as well as national and international outlets. we are expecting to hear from kayla mueller's family for the first time in the past year and a half as they've been suffering in silence throughout this nightmarish ordeal. we believe they are going to be
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speaking to us any minute. as soon as they step in front of the podium i'll be sure we can all listen in to their words. everybody hanging on to find out how they're going to react, what they're going to say. but i can tell you in a statement that they put out earlier today, what they really want people to focus on today is how kayla lived, not how she died. and her legacy that they believe will live on as somebody who really strived to make aif difference in the world helping people who are most vulnerable going to them in their place of suffering. we are witnessing a group of people just about to step in front of the podium. we understand we're going to be hearing from two of kayla's aunts as well as a couple of friends who want to share memories and stoer stories. >> hi there. i'm reverend kathleen day. i'm a friend of the muellers. kayla was a student at northern arizona university in campus ministry among all the different organizations she was involved
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in. since then, i've kept up with her and know her and her family. they've asked some of us to come and give you a few words of ways that we know kale lashgs maybe words that aren't so scripted. if i can get through it i think about two minutes they said for each of us. as far as syria goes you know when kayla was at campus ministry she was part of a just peace group. we would talk about peace through justice, that you can't have peace without justice. and we met, would have a simple dinner and we would read books and talk about articles through a variety of lenses. and together a group of us traveled to guatemala to hear their stories and just keep that conversation going. so when kayla was in syria, i tried to follow what she was doing, and i would read her posts. it was really like keeping vigil because it was so difficult to read about the horror that was
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happening in syria and to see the pictures that she would post. and i have a few words from some of the thing that's she posted in march of 2013. she said, i want to tell the world about the situation in syria. there's no fuel. there's no electricity. there's no food. this is the situation. they're shelling. explosions, gun fire violence. no one is working. there's no jobs. people are just surviving day to day living for the sake of living. every human being should act. they should stop this violence. people are fleeing. we can't bear this. it's too much. she says, i hope you can tell the entire world what i have said here and what i have seen. that's what we're doing. we're telling the whole world. kayla asked us and i think you saw one of her quotes when they said where is the world? and that we can say, we're right here, syria. we've heard. we've seen your suffering reflected in kayla's eyes. and we've seen it and we intend to do something about it.
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and then when i watched those posts, when we were thinking about having an attack many of us were writing kayla saying what do you think about this military suggestion? and there was no word from kayla. i had just seen her in may when she was home. then we got word that she had been kidnapped so we've taken that long journey with her, where we were forced to hold our breath. you know all of these stories about kayla, she sounds so extraordinary. but what was so extraordinary about kayla is she did ordinary things to extraordinary measures. she gave people food. she gave people water. she looked for clothes houses. one of her posts said i have a family of eight, and they need to stay somewhere for a month. i need $191 and not one ngo can give that to me. can you believe that? she talked about the syrian
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refugees giving refugees money. so when we find that post and we find her resilience, it's not that she was so angelic, it's that she just saw things and did whatever she could with whatever she could. it was just her heart, her mind her guitar her pen, her computer. and then in prison what we've seen from that letter is that she just continued to be free. i thought i'd share with you a couple of funny thing wez heard if you believe, in prison. some people told us that kayla tried to teach the guards crafts, to make origami, little peace cranes. and they told each other stories and sang each other songs, that they tried to exercise in that small space and kayla would stand on her head. those of us who know her and know what a free little spirit she was, we just delight in that, that kayla remained kayla. you know, they tried to silence
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her. they locked her up. they kept us silent out of fear. but now she's free. and she says she found freedom even in captivity and that she is grateful. so her light shines, and we thank you for shining your light not on kayla but shine your light on the suffering that kayla saw. let's tell syria, we hear you, and we're going to do something. thank thanks. >> hi. my name is erin street, and i'm here to talk about kayla mueller. kayla was my closest friend my kindred spirit. i'm going to miss her more deeply than words can express. kayla was joy, and with her life was always fun. a memory that always makes me
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laugh is when our car broke down a half mile from my mom's house. we could have easily walked that half mile and found someone to tow the car. but what fun would that be be? so instead we turned on bob marley full broadcast on the radio and with the car in neutral we started pushing that car home only pausing moments to take some silly pictures. our last road trip together was january of 2010. i was moving from illinois to arizona, and she joined me and my two cats as our traveling companion. it was a difficult journey as i was leaving my family halfway across the country, but her friendship and support eased my pain and brought joy to the adventure. kayla had such great empathy, and it's hard to find that in this world. it's really rare.
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it was her greatest strength. she has this amazing ability to share in another person's suffering and still add a little happiness to it. and she could always find that silver lining. i want to share with you a part of a journal entry that kayla wrote right before we took that road trip. this is kayla. for anyone who might be wondering why i'm in illinois let me explain. a dear friend of mine is packing her belongings up and moving out west to our beloved state of arizona. i'm just along for the road trip to share giggles and make sure nobody falls asleep at the wheel. i can try a hand at changing a tire or something, but no guarantees at that one. there have been many long
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good-byes and release of tears that have been residing in deep places over these last two days. it has been interesting to observe the bitter of the sweet that is the situation. i have been reflecting on how i will do the same thing very soon. good-byes have never been too hard for me. they don't seem to be something in need of being made difficult or complicated. sometimes i get a feeling that tell me if i will or will not see a person again, making it easier and sometimes harder. but moving on in a way through things is as much a part of life as breathing. it is an integral renewing and necessary venture for growth and discovery. good-byes come with the package. although good-bye is really just a see ya later later might be a while but as the french say, c'est la vie. i'm not yet sure how to live in a world without kayla, but i do know that we're all living in a better world because of her.
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so i'm going to end on a quote that reminds me of her. peace is not something you wish for. it's something you make. it's something you do. it's something you are. and it's something you give away. thank you. >> hi i'm lori. >> i'm gerri. >> we're kayla's aunts. this is a statement from kayla's aupts uncles and cousins. first we would like to thank the media for your patience. second, we would like to thank the fbi agents that have been working with marsha, karl eric and the family. they have been amazing. we want to thank everyone for their love support, and prayers at this difficult time. it has been a stressful time for
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our family and also for the world. what can we tell you about kayla. kayla was a combination of marsha and karl. she was generous caring compassionate like our sister marsha. she was strong driven and passionate like our brother-in-law karl. she was the best of both of them. she had a quiet, calming presence. she was a free spirit always standing up for those who were suffering and wanting to be their voice. even as a little girl, kayla was a bright, inquisitive, kind little girl. at a very young age, kayla knew her passion. she knew her calling. a lot of people never have the opportunity to say that. kayla's calling was to help those who were suffering whether in her hometown of prescott or on the other side of the world. she has done more in her incredible 26 years than many people can ever imagine doing in their lifetime. my daughter said to me, thing
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that's were important to kayla are finally getting the attention that they deserve. kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieve was us. the world mourns with us. the world wants to be more like kayla. and if that is her legacy and the footprint that she leaves on the world, then that is a wonderful thing. in kayla's letter to marsha and karl she wrote, i have come to see there is good in every situation. sometimes we just have to look for it. and right now that's what we're all trying to do. >> the family and friends of kayla mueller, the american aid
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worker who was just 26 killed by isis. isis claim that's she was killed by a jordanian air strike while in their custody. either way, it is the fault of isis which kidnapped this incredible young woman in 2013. you heard the testimony there from one of her aunts, from her childhood friend from the reverend kathleen day, a family friend who knew kayla at northern arizona university where she was active with campus ministry. reverend day sharing some incredible stories, anecdotal to be sure but remarkable about the spirit of this young woman, how she was even attempting to teach origami to the guards in prison. ana cabrera is in prescott, arizona, was in person watching this remarkable and emotional scene unfold. ana it must have been even more moving to watch in person.
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>> reporter: absolutely. in fact you could hear sniffles from residents, community members, perhaps even journalists who i was standing next to surrounding those microphone wrz we just heard from her two aunts who were incredibly emotional as well as her childhood friends and one of her mentors at the northern arizona university kathleen day. i think what was really impactful about what they talked about one, a common theme in all three of those statements was the fact that kayla really wanted to shine light of the people of syria and the plight that they were enduring there. and through the tragic death of kayla, the world is paying attention to what was most important to her, and that he thought that that was particularly important for them as they try to now cope with her loss and try to lift up her legacy. the other thing that i thought was really quite impactful that we heard from kathleen day, i wrote this down, she said you
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know what's extraordinary kayla is she did ordinary things to extraordinary lengths. it's something we can all aspire to do. she was very simplistic in how she was able to help people but she used what she had, her talents, her physical being, her mind, her heart to reach them in whatever capacity she could to aid in their suffering, whether it was as you mentioned doing origami, whether it was providing food and water, whether it was just trying to shine a light in a very dark situation to those people in syria. and in other parts of the world as she went in and helped out in india. she helped in israel. we know she spent some time here in prescott working for an aids/hiv center as well as volunteering at a women's shelter. so this woman spoke through her actions of how important it was to make a difference in the world and to leave the world a better place. i think it was her childhood
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friend who said i don't know how the world is going to move on without kayla, but kayla has certainly made a difference in this world. jake in. >> she certainly has. ana cabrera in prescott arizona, where the family and friends of slain isis hostage kayla mueller just delivered an emotional and heartfelt tribute to this remarkable 26-year-old woman who was striving to make the world a better place in the small ways she could, going to syria trying to tell the world about the horrors the people in that country have suffered because of the civil war in that country and the ruthless dictator bashar al assad as well as the ruthless terrorists of isis. pamela brown is here in studio with me. pamela, the word first came on friday that this young woman whose had been held hostage since 2013 was, according to isis -- and of course they are difficult to believe when they
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say anything -- killed in an air strike. a lot of people doubting that as the method of death but certainly people really starting to worry, even more than they had been worrying. then over the weekend, even worse news. what did the family go through? what did the government go through? how did they find out that the worst had in fact happened? >> well no doubt about it this has been a living hell for the family, jake. add one family friend said, it was a punch in the gut when isis made those claims on friday but it appeared that the family was still holding out hope because as we know there was no proof of death. there was only a dilapidated building that isis was showing to prove she was killed in the air strike. then we learned the family reached out to isis and was actually very respectful. they said, look your daughterour daughter is your guest, please treat her as as much. please provide a private message back to us. then we learn saturday that the
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u.s. government became aware of pictures that isis sent to the family that verified kayla's death. of course the government the fbi forensics examiners wanted to authenticate the pictures and be absolutely certain before going to the family and saying they had a high degree of confidence that she was killed. i think that coupled with the fact that isis -- it would be unlikely ice i would say she was dead and led her turn up alive has led to this conclusion jake. what's interesting here is to compare how this was treated and other hostages other american hostages. isis has really gone to the lengths to exploit the deaths of other hostages. we asked former fbi negotiators today, why do you think isis directly e-mailed this to the family and didn't exploit it publicize it like it has with others? one person said the fact she was a woman may have changed the calculus, the fact that she was probably so respectful such a good person, may have gained favor with her captors. but that's just part of the analysis.
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a lot of unanswered questions. nt fbi right now, jake trying to figure out when and how shi was killed. >> a horrible story. pamela brown, thank you so much. kayla mueller, of course disappeared into the hands of isis in 2013. today that letter released by her family the one kayla penned in captivity, hinted at the emotional toll being held hostage for all of those months took on her. how much she ached to be free, desired to see her family again. in the letter she wrote, i miss you all as if it has been a decade of foorsed separation. the letter scribbled on cursive contains an astonishing amount of courage. do not fear for me she wrote. continue to pray as i will plus by god's will we will be together soon. i want to bring in congressman paul goe sar. he represents arizona's fourth district, which includes prescott where kayla mueller's family lives. sir thank you for being here.
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i'm sorry it couldn't be under more pleasant circumstances. i know you haven't heard from the family since this news came out, but you were in regular contact with the muellers. when isis claimed kayla was killed in a jordanian air strike last week were they still holding out hope she was alive? were they hoping isis was lying? >> absolutely, jake. so were all of the community in prescott and arizona's fourth district and arizona and across the country. we were hoping that our prayers would be answered with a miracle coming to prescott. >> isis had made a ransom demand for kayla. did her family consider paying it? did the administration guide them one way or the other? >> i don't know what the deliberations, jake were between the white house and the muellers because i do know it was not just financial but also to have a release of a political prisoner that was convicted here in the united states for 86 years for conspiring with the enemy. so i don't know those
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deliberations between the white house and the muellers, but there were some negotiations that were going on through the muellers. >> do you know the name of this prisoner? >> yes. i believe this is the lady that shaikh mohammed used as a financier and carrier.y courier. she's imprisoned in a federal prison in dallas texas. or in texas somewhere. >> isis sent proof to the huler er muellers that their daughter had been killed a photograph might indicate how she died. obviously isis is responsible for her death. they kidnapped her, were holding her captive. do you think it matters to the family whether she was murdered directly at the hands of isis or in an air strike accidentally? >> i don't know jake. but i know that the family made a press statement basically holding them accountable for kid
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napping. they should have let her go. here is a young lady that was all about humanitarian efforts. she actually went into syria to extricate people who couldn't get care on the turkish side where she was working. this is the worst of humanity taking advantage and they should be responsible for this young lady's death regardless of how it happened. >> they're obviously loathsome and the people they've killed are the most innocent and people trying to make the world a better place. i believe you sent some of your staff to try to save her. they went to turkey? >> they did. my chief of staff in december of 2013 had an opportunity to go to southern turkey so we sent him with the opportunity of maybe going to a refugee camp which he did on the other side of kobani. all of those attempts did not work as well. we also reached out to friends who have family in the syrian area. but because of the way isis had destroyed syria, they had no
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ability as well, jake. so there were very few assets to help us in trying to get ms. kayla back. >> congressman paul gosar, thank you so much. if you do talk to the family please let them know that there are so many of us sending our thoughts and prayers to them today. >> i appreciate it and think of kayla as well. what a wonderful young lady giving the very very best humanitarian effort around the world. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks, jake. >> we have to take a break. next, isis' plans to kidnap more westerners. all of that next. 5ke a break. next, isis' plans to kidnap more westerners. all of that next. 2ke a break. next, isis' plans to kidnap more westerners. all of that next. ke a break. next, isis' plans to kidnap more westerners. all of that next. ke a break. next, isis' plans to kidnap more westerners. all of that next.
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the growing concern that
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isis is plotting to kidnap new western hostages now that the terror group has just one known westerner left in custody this as an online manual to help recruit westerners for jihad in syria surfaces. jim, the intelligence community must be very very concerned, especially now that the death of kayla mueller has been confirmed. >> no question. it's a big concern, what do they do now because they know the enormous value these groups attach to hostages. i've been briefed by intelligence officials on the concern that isis will attempt to capture more westerners by ss in syria, lebanon, turkey. there's no word yet they've attempted it in any significant way, but it worries some in light of the value of hostages as leverage and for propaganda. >> i'm john cantly. >> british hostage john cantly frequently seen in propaganda
1:34 pm
videos is one of the last western hostages held. others dead while in isis' hands. now renewed concerns isis may attempt to reflernmrernish its hostages outside of syria. >> it will be easy for isis members to go to the refugee areas target a westerner, journalist or aid worker and conduct a kidnapping within the area of those refugee camp and just pull them back into syria. >> as u.s. and coalition war planes continue to strike isis fighters in syria, syrian president bashar al assad said elle not stand in the coalition's way. in an exclusionive interview with bbc, assad hinted at even some limited cooperation saying his country receives information about u.s. operations over syria via third parties such as iraq.
1:35 pm
>> that through a third party, more than one party, iraq and other parties, sometimes they convey general message but nothing tactical. >> they don't tell you, we're going to be bombing raqqa at 10:00 p.m. keep out of the way. >> we know about the campaign before it started but we dbt know the details. >> a senior u.s. military official tells cnn we do not communicate directly or indirectly with the assad regime. a u.s. intelligence official says the number of fighters traveling to iraq and syria has risen to 19,000 from 16,000 in november despite efforts by neighboring countries to stem the flow of militants. a new isis manual tells potential recruits how to evade detection, avoid looking nervous, shaking hands, rapid breathing, cold sweats and lack of eye contact can all be detected as nervous behavior. and there may be guards on the long syrian/turkish border. look around. if the coast is clear, run as
1:36 pm
fast as they can into syria. the 19,000 foreign fighters currently in iraq and syria come from some 90 countries including 3400 from the west including an estimated 150 americans who have traveled or attempted to travel to syria and iraq either potentially fight or otherwise support the conflict. best briefings i've gotten is the new efforts to stop this flow have some some effect but certainly haven't closed the door. so isis crucially able to remrefrnish its ranks despite a lot of losses. >> jim, a few questions. there are reports that u.s. officials have suspended all consular activities in yemen. what can you tell us? >> consular activities, yes, another step in shrinking the presence there. no confirmation they would close the embassy, but i'm told by military officials that even if they close it u.s. terror operations there will continue.
1:37 pm
>> jim shait toe, thank you so much. the family of kayla mueller had been communicating with isis to try and negotiate their daughter's freedom as you just heard from congressman paul gosar of arizona, isis demanded not only ransom but release of this woman who is currently in a texas prison. she is a pakistani scientist who was married to the nephew of admitted 9/11 mastermind of khalid sheikh mohammed. she was arrested and in her possession were instructions on the use of explosions and chemical weapons. during her interrogation there in afghanistan, american officials claim she grabbed a gun and opened fire on u.s. personnel shouting according to prosecutors, i'm going to kill all you mother f-ers and death to america. she was ultimately convicted of attempted murder and is currently serving an 86-year prison sentence. cnn reached out to the pentagon for comment. they have yet to respond.
1:38 pm
the national security council at the white house has no comment. joining me is republican congressman adam kissinger. he served in iraq and afghanistan. congressman, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> are you aware of any demands by isis to release this woman in exchange for kayla mueller? if you were were u.s. officials considering it? >> i don't know. i haven't heard the details of that. congressman gosar claimed that. that would make sense. but we don't negotiate with terrorists. all you're doing is encouraging future abductions of americans. the as traj as tragic as this situation with kayla is we don't negotiate with terror. this is why. they begin to think they can get all end fz us. >> let's talk about what's next in the region. president obama is expected to give his request for war authorization in this fight
1:39 pm
against isis whaxt have you heard about that document? is it something that you could support? >> it's something i want to support. i personally don't think the president as commander in chief needs congressional authority. i think he has it under existing use of force. but i think it makes the country look great if he can come and we can pass it. i don't want to see a use of force that limits the president in his ability to destroy isis. destroying isis is the ultimately goal. i know we don't necessarily need ground troops right now. but at the end of the day we have to say that destroying isis is the goal. the other thing to keep in mind is this authorization going to go beyond president obama. it's not just him. it's going to be the next president too that operates under this. >> the ap just estimate tld are now 20,000 foreign fight irs in iraq and syria. you heard jim say 19,000. how large a fighting force does there need to be, whether it's u.s. or jordanian or whomever in order to defeat isis do you
1:40 pm
think? >> i think ultimately in the tens maybe hundreds of thousands. that doesn't necessarily mean american troops. keep in mind there's a large iraqi military that needs to have its spine restiffened, be retrained but ultimately will be the force including the peshmerga that take back iraq. the question is syria. syria is the incubator of the isis problem. how do you get rid of isis in syria? what do you about the brutality of bashar al assad? is it going to be turks, juror jordanian jordanians, american troops interspersed? maybe. but right now it's not looking like many good options in syria. >> assad did an interview with the bbc in which it was suggested that there was some coordination going on, not that the u.s. told assad's forces where u.s. fighters were going to be flying but that maybe iraq or some other country was serving as an intermediary. i would assume that's necessary
1:41 pm
so that the planes aren't crashing into each other. >> it's possible. and it's possible that coordination is happening. but there's a huge psychological advantage for assad to say that. he is demoralizing the free syrian army believe and they should believe the united states is on their side the moderate rebel opposition. if they're under the impression that the united states is in any way coordinating with bashar al assad that would be very demoralizing to them. he's try to convince them as it is that the united states is backing him. and if this in fact is the case i think he has a huge psychological reason for saying that. >> i can understand why that would not be desired but at the same time we don't want american pilots or whomever jordanian pilots, uae pilots hitting each other or hitting good guys on the ground. there does need to be some coordination, even through an intermediary. you're a pilot. you would agree with that i would assume. >> you have to use intelligence reconnaissance, the technologies we have to find that out. bar shar al assad's air force is
1:42 pm
not something we need to be overly concerned about hitting in the air. they have a few fighter jets. they have barrel bombs coming out of helicopters and hitting innocent civilians. these helicopters are creating new isis members every day because people who are sick of the assad regime either go to the free syrian army or isis. right now isis has all the money the power and the momentum. it's drawing a lot of folks into their ranks. >> congressman, pleasure. i know you just got off your jet a few days ago. thank you so much. >> you bet. coming up she might look like an innocent grandmother, but she's also a gifted con artist. how this 63-year-old managed to get through airport security, even board flights without a ticket. she's done it more than once. plus, employees run out of a building in the boston area as the roof begins to cave in. we're now learning about at least one death due to this latest winter storm. that's ahead. t pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest
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welcome back to "the lead." the national lead this latest round of cost lit, frigid and destructive blizzards in new
1:47 pm
england has also turned deadly. a man was killed in medford, massachusetts when a snowplow hit him. in many cases, snowplow drivers can't see what's in their paths. this is the third straight week of snowstorms in the northeast and two more systems are on the way. they have been record-breaking. this week boston got more than 22 inches of snow in one day. look at the impact this roof at a sheet metal shop crumpled under the weight of all that snow. six people inside ran straight to the door when the ceiling started to fall. cnn's miguel marquez joins me live in hingham, massachusetts. emergency workers are worried about more roof collapses. >> reporter: yeah across the entire area. this whole part of the south shore just south of boston got tons of snow. all that weight on loofroofs. this is a very old building that collapsed under the weight of the snow. this entire building will be taken down now.
1:48 pm
it's right in the center of hingham. there's a train tunnel that goes just behind it. they're concerned about that. here's the problem, jake. just the amount of snow. 2 1/2 feet. that's the sidewalk there, and that's the amount of snow they've gotten this week. schools are closed north of boston, schools are closed throughout the area. courts. it has been a real disruption. this is a place used to snow but people across the area say enough is enough. >> the worst i've ever seen. i'm 83 years old and i have never seen so much snow. >> reporter: now, in addition to this roof that collapsed there's a place not too far from here, rockland a piano shop and in that piano shop was a very famous piano, the studded piano of liberace. it was damaged when the roof there collapsed as well.
1:49 pm
it's affecting a lot of people across a very wide swath. with another storm coming even though they can keep the roads clean pretty easily they're used to moving snow but storm after storm after storm really affecting things. one school district up north of boston has closed for the entire week, expecting just a little more snow to come. just making things miserable. >> miguel marquez, thank you so much, reporting on those record-breaking blizzards. in other national news, a serial stow away may have exposed a massive security flaw. again. the 63-year-old faces felony charges. she says she not only slipped past security but sneaked onto multiple flights without a ticket. it's almost impossible to believe given the hoops one has to jump through. marianne jean hartman says she flew from minneapolis to jackson and pulled the same stunt last summer sneaking onto a flight
1:50 pm
from san jose to los angeles. rene marsh is here. obviously this is really serious and potentially very problematic for tsa. >> absolutely. and you know she not only made it past airport security she's actually done it twice and onto planes. now she's claiming she's done it for a third time. of course, that's putting security at our nation's airports back under the microscope tonight. >> i certainly don't want to do it again. >> reporter: she has the face of an innocent grandmother. the 63-year-old mareilyn jean hartman's collection of mug shots continues to grow. her m.o.? getting through security and boarding flights free. she was arrested for checking into somebody else's villa at this resort. she also told police she flew from minneapolis to jacksonville without a ticket. hartman has successfully pulled
1:51 pm
off the same stunt before. in august she pleaded no contest in california for stowing away on a flight from san jose to los angeles. >> it was stupid and it is something that i don't want to repeat. >> she bypassed tsa and airline document checkers without a plane ticket. hartman was arrested upon landing. and just six months earlier, she was arrested again after she got by security in san francisco. she was seated on a hawaii-bound plane when the passenger whose seat she was in arrived. >> the fact is we don't have good security. you do have to have a boarding pass to get into the security line. how did she manage to do that? you've got to have a boarding pass to get on an airplane? how did she manage to do that. i don't have answers to that. we do have one answer. she did it on multiple occasions, which says that our system isn't layered. our system is like swiss cheese. >> the tsa says it's reviewing airport surveillance video to confirm whether hartman's most
1:52 pm
recent stowaway claim is true. but she's not the only one who successfully breached airport security. this 15-year-old california boy caught on surveillance video didn't get a seat on the plane but managed to stow away in the wheelwell of this hawaii-bound plane. officials say he snuck onto the tarmac at san jose international and alluded detection for six hours before crawling into the wheel well. >> airport security is everyone's responsibility right on down to the janitor up to the airport director. but overall aviation security is directed by the transportation security administration. it is their responsibility to make sure everyone is doging their job. and in cases we've seen in the last several weeks, they're not doing their job. >> last year the serial stowaway said her lawbreaking days were over. >> obviously they'll be on the watch for me so i wouldn't dara tempt this again. >> but the question now is will airport security be able to stop
1:53 pm
her from striking again? hartman's charges stem solely from checking into posh hotel room under someone else's name. if her stowaway story is confirmed, she'll face even more charges. she made that first court appearance today. bond is set for $55,000. we did reach out to her attorney, but they're not offering any comment at this point, jake. >> what a bizarre story. thank you so much, rene. coming up the revolving door at the hillary clinton campaign, and she's not even running. who's already out, next. [ female announcer ] we help make
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1:58 pm
the hawkeye state. the race is on. leading the news in the probable presidential pack today is jeb bush from florida with close to 275,000 e-mails he's dropped today ranging from 1999 to 2007. the former florida governor posted them online, quote, in the spirit of transparency and perhaps in hoping that reading 275,000 old e-mails will be alluring to would-be supporters? governor chris christie brought his blunt jersey talk to iowa again where he said he would fight isis differently than president obama. >> you see, the president taking bows, saying he has terrorism on the run. yet isis is beheading people. i will make no apologies. no apologies for fighting terrorism hard. >> for the democrats, one of hillary clinton's top allies david brock resided from a
1:59 pm
pro-hillary pac citing a serious breach of trust. no one is making too much of this, but staff infighting is one of the reasons clinton lost the primaries in 2008. that's where we are, just 3 of636 days to goo until the finish line. there's word today of an early presidential endorsement. former secretary of state henry kissinger is said to be throwing his support behind jeb bush. in national news charles manson is reportedly calling off his wedding to the woman who wants to make money off his dead body. all couples argue about this sort of thing, right? according to a reporter who spoke to the "new york post," aston alean burton who goes by "star" was just waiting until charles manson died. she wanted to put the 80-year-old's corpse on display in los angeles. apparently manson got wind of it and called off the wedding. that may explain why there was no wedding before their marriage license xmriered last week. star does not exactly have your
2:00 pm
typical day jobs. she spends her days maintaining manson's social media web sites. he's serving a life sentence. tragic. be sure to follow me on facebook or twitter. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now -- proof of death. isis e-mails evidence to the family of a young american hostage kayla mueller, as the white house pushes for new authority to carry out the war against isis. embassy evacuation. after the fall of an ally the u.s. prepares to abandon a key outpost as a region spirals out of control. security lapse. a serial stowaway sneaks aboard a flight as warnings grow about terrorists working to sneak undetectible bombs on airliners. and first degree murder? charges are filed against a


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