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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 12, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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is washington. there is always a leak. i love it. some people think this is a huge pr stunt. >> i think it helps them. it is coming out in a few weeks. cristina thank you. we appreciate it. "early start" continues right now. breaking this morning a cease-fire deal for eastern ukraine the result of marathon talks overnight. president obama asking congress to authorize the use of force against isis. it is launching a heated debate. a giant in the news industry has died. journalist bob simon died in a car accident wednesday night. we will look back at his extraordinary career. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm poppy harlow in for john berman and christine romans. they have a well deserved morning off. it is 5:00 a.m. here on the east coast. we begin with breaking news on the crisis in eastern ukraine.
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a breakthrough in the marathon talks with france germany, russia and ukraine. the parties agreeing to a cease-fire scheduled to take effect this weekend. let's go straight to nic robertson. he joins us live from minsk. this is a big about face from an hour ago when we heard from ukraine's president of no deal. >> reporter: we were hearing the same from the separatist poppy. yes, there is an agreement. 17 hours of talks. the longest president putin has been involved in according to one of his spokesperson. we have few details so far. what we know is cease-fire comes into effect midnight saturday into sunday. there was an agreement to pull back heavy weapons in ukraine. beyond that there is an expectation there will be a zone
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and they will pull back to new lines on the ground. it is not clear what the positions will be. there is two and a half days left between now and the cease-fire coming into effect. there is continuing reports of military activity on the battle field today. that remains a concern for all involved. at this time, it is being held as something of a success although it does have to be put in the context of the talks here last year in september, but broke down on the battle field. these talks have been far from easy. the fact it has taken so long to reach this moment talks had broken down president putin had left. just the germans and ukrainians and french in on the talks. it is a testament of how tough it has been to get this far. >> nic, do we have a sense of
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who will control that critically important autonomous area on the border of ukraine and russia? that is key in all of this. >> reporter: it is. the ukrainian government had said it wants to see osc. organization for security and cooperation in europe monitors. the european monitors there. many former military people. monitors on the battle field observing the situation. it is important for the ukrainian government that a group like them would control the border between russia and separatists so russia would not have a free flow of weapons across the border and men as the united states and many european countries believe they have at the moment. that is the key. we don't know the details on that. the level of autonomy. how much independence do these separatists have and come into the fold of the full ukraine sovereignty.
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not clear yet. >> nic robertson, thank you very much. we appreciate it. also breaking overnight. the international monetary fund announcing a bailout for the ukraine war-ravaged economy. imf pledging a $17 billion loan to stabilize the economy. it does not come without risk. president obama adding the weight of congress to the war on isis. the president making a formal request to authorize the use of force against terrorists. the draft resolution rules out ground forces and imposes a three-year limit on it. we have more from jim acosta. >> reporter: the resolution will not plunge hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops back in combat. it is aimed more at limited operations with rescue attempts and missions to take out isis leadership. he did take note of the
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three-year time limit built into the authorization to require congress to revisit this under the next president. >> the resolution we submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground combat forces to iraq or syria. it is not the authorization of another ground war like afghanistan or iraq. the 2,600 american troops in iraq today largely serve on bases. yes, they face the risk that come with service in any dangerous environment, but they do not have a combat mission. >> reporter: president obama is finding out there is not a war authorization vote in congress for 13 years. he is taking heat from all sides. republicans say he doesn't have a plan. democrats say the president's proposal is too vague. i press the white house press secretary josh earnest on the fuzzy language. he said that was designed to give the president the flexibility he needs. poppy. >> you bet it will be a big
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debate on the hill. jim, thank you very much. as the u.s.-led coalition wages war on isis in the air, one of the most intense battle grounds is mosul. the largest city controlled by the terrorists. peshmerga forces are surrounding mosul. our phil black joins me now from northern iraq. what do you think, phil? this is key. whether the kurdish forces can retake mosul. we have heard reports of isis fighters removing families from mosul. what are the chances that the peshmerga forces can be successful here? >> reporter: poppy what they are doing effectively is circling mosul on all sides. all four points of the compass. we saw this firsthand at a very important frontline position where kurdish forces managed to cut off the most direct supply
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route between isis-held territory and the syrian occupied city of mosul. it was that position there that we saw kurdish fighters come under fire from snipers. they responded with machine gunfire and mortal fire and sniper fire as well. it is these kurdish forces along with international air power that have significantly rolled back the territory that isis concurred easily when it invaded the region of northern iraq. we are being told the same thing. various frontline positions around here. the kurdish fighters believe that isis to a significant degree is on the back foot, but it is still lashing out and dangerous. it cannot be under estimated. that is why they are saying consistently they want more support from the international community. if not boots on the ground then they believe they should be provided with more advanced weapons so they can do the job for the international community here on the ground in northern iraq. poppy. >> phil black, thank you for your reporting.
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also this morning, details about what american aid worker kayla mueller may have endured during her time as an isis hostage. including being paired with a male isis fighter. we are also learning about the family's efforts to free her. our pamela brown has more. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. we have been speaking with the family spokesperson and learn about the great lengths the mueller family went to to get their daughter back. they reach out to the white house last summer and asked if the government would be willing to trade dr. sad irktsiki known as lady al qaeda. there were calls made for her release and the family apparently saw that in the immediate and why wanted to explore every option to get kayla home. the family never turned down a mission to rescue kayla, but asked for notification if there
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would be another rescue attempt after the failed attempt of kayla last july and other postages. we have been speaking to intelligence sources and learned that the 26-year-old apparently was given to a male isis fighter, possibly as a bride, after being kidnapped in syria in 2013. this was intelligence coming from syria. we should say that it has been challenging to know the full picture. challenging because there is not a lot of intelligence coming from syria. officials have been speaking with have been exploring the possibility and kayla mueller may have converted to islam during time in captivity. that is something we have seen in the past by hostages in the middle east. at this point, it still remains a mystery of how and when kayla mueller passed away. poppy. >> pamela brown, thank you. the tragic news to tell you. the death of long time cbs news man bob simon.
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he was killed in a car accident in new york city last night. scott pelley paid tribute to his colleague in a special report. >> the veteran correspondent has been with "60 minutes" since 1996 and renowned for international coverage. vietnam is where he first covered warfare. he gave his first hand reporting from every battle field from around the world since. >> bob simon had been with cbs since 1967. his body of work earned him more than two dozen emmys and four peabodys and highest honors from the press club. bob simon was 73 years old. nbc removed brian williams' name from "nbc nightly news." last night, lester holt addressed the controversy in the first broadcast since the suspension. >> it is an enormously difficult story to report. brian is a member of our family but so are you, our viewers.
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we will work every night to be worthy of your trust. >> the network is pouring through williams past reports for inaccuracies. the next stop for the keystone pipeline bill is president obama's desk in a veto showdown. it is authorizing the construction of the oil pipeline and cleared the final congressional hurdle. passing the house on wednesday with a vote of 270 to 152. the president has vowed to veto the measure and right now it appears that republican leaders do not have enough votes to override a veto. let's get an early start on your money. cristina alesci joins me in new york. stocks looking good. >> getting a boost from the ukraine peace deal. european shares are climbing on the news. even with more stability in ukraine, there is still a lot of unanswered questions about the future of greece's bailout plus
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we are getting earnings from some big players like dr. pepper snapple and kellogg this morning. yesterday, tesla reported a surprising $108 million loss in the fourth quarter. that has tesla shares moving lower. down about 5% before the bell. the company saying it faced delivery problems thanks to winter storms and other shipping issues. tesla is not selling well in china. demand for the model x-suv is strong with 20,000 reservations already. that is double the number of orders for the model s, the only tesla on the market right now. elon musk says none of this will deter his 55,000 car target for the end of this year. >> he has done it before. they hit a really lofty target last year in terms of production. they have been able to do it. we will be watching. this is what everyone watches for the electric car market.
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was it a hate crime? the fbi is joining the investigation into the fatal shooting of three muslim students in chapel hill north carolina. police say an ongoing dispute with the alleged shooter over parking may have led to the
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shooting. the father of one of the victims says he believes the motive was hate. here is cnn's jason carroll. >> reporter: the preliminary investigation by the police has led them to believe, craig hicks who lived here in the apartment complex, had an ongoing dispute with the three people he eventually shot and killed. those three victim barakat, his wife and her sister all shot and killed tuesday night. police say murdered by hicks. shot execution-style in the head. once again, over an ongoing dispute, police say possibly over a parking space. many people here in the community, poppy do not believe that including the victim's father who says this was a hate crime. >> my daughter yes, sir, honest to god, told us on more than two
2:18 am
occasions that this man came knocking on their door and fighting about everything with a gun on his belt more than twice. she told us daddy, i think he hates us for who we are and how we look. >> reporter: hicks' wife is cooperating with police. she says she does not believe this was a crime motivated by hate. she says this was not motivated by religion or faith. again, she is cooperating with police. hicks turned himself in late tuesday night. he is now facing three counts of first-degree murder. poppy. >> jason carroll, thank you. the widow of the gunman who went on a killing spree in a kosher supermarket in paris has reportedly linked up with isis in syria. the terror group reportedly interviewed her. her name hayat boumeddiene, in an isis run french language magazine. in the article, she said they
2:19 am
encountered no problems reaching isis territory and felt good to be on isis soil. the magazine did not offer any proof to corroborate that claim. the third time apparently the charm for spacex the. the unmanned rocket lifted off from cape canaveral, florida. the rocket carrying a research weather satellite into deep space. it is designed to serve as an early warning system for dangerous solar storms. the u.s. little league world champions from chicago is stripped of the crown due to report ed ringers. andy scholes has that in the bleacher report next. right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine
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jackie robinson west has been stripped of the little league world series u.s. title. now members of the team and parents speaking out. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. what happened? >> good morning, poppy. the little league office vacated all of jackie robinson west's wins because they used kids outside the geographical area. the manager has been removed from his position. the ceo of little league international said it was a heart breaking decision but had to make it to maintain the inn
2:24 am
integrity of the program. the president said he was proud of the kids. members of the team and parents speaking out saying they did nothing wrong. >> what were you rather happen little league, for them to be killed on the streets of chicago? the boys had no inside dealings or willings or borders or boundaries. >> we know we are champions and the team knows we are champions. >> as a result of jackie robin robinson west being stripped the team in mountain west has been given the title. the tiger woods web site says he will return when he thinks he is ready to compete at a high level. so far, tiger missed the cut at
2:25 am
the phoenix open after 82 in the second round. tiger is ranked 62nd in the world, which is the worst ranking since turning pro in 1996. lebron james and the cavaliers facing the miami heat. cleveland looking to stay red hot. look how high lebron gets on the alley-oop. he almost hits his head on the backboard. 113-93. their 14th win in the last 15 games. cavaliers close out the first half taking on the bulls tonight on tnt. patriots coach bill belichick was the guest on david letterman last night talking deflate-gate. we now have video evidence of belichick cracking a joke and laughing. >> i heard that the guy intercepts the pass and takes the ball over and hands it to his guy. he deflates it and says hey, look at this ball.
2:26 am
it has no air in it. is that what happened? >> we're going to bring you in to testify when he get the investigation next month. >> i'm ready. swear me in. >> great, poppy. it is easy to laugh about deflate-gate now the patriots ended up winning the super bowl. >> it is easy to smile. andy scholes, thank you very much. we appreciate it. also our top story this hour. 17 hours of talks resulting in a cease-fire deal in ukraine. this is fantastic news but we still don't know the details or how it will play out on the ground in the war-ravaged area of eastern ukraine. more on that straight ahead. r r reason to switch to t-mobile. get 2 lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just $100 bucks a month. it's america's best unlimited family plan. and it's only at t-mobile. eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing?
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breaking this morning, marathon negotiations payoff with european leaders striking a cease-fire deal for ukraine. details of the announcement just ahead. president obama asking congress to authorize military action against isis. his request sparking criticism from both sides of the aisle. will it get congress' stamp of approval? and correspondent bob simon has died in a car accident. we will look back at his extraordinary career. welcome back to "early start." i'm poppy harlow. john berman and christine romans have the day off. breaking news on the crisis in ukraine after marathon talks with germany and russia and
2:31 am
ukraine and france after 17 hours of talks, they had a breakthrough. the cease-fire is scheduled to take effect this weekend. we have nic robertson live in minsk. we don't have all of details, but the cease-fire is supposed to take effect this weekend? >> reporter: midnight saturday into sunday is what we are expecting. we had this information, president putin giving a statement following the talks. he said there was an agreement on the cease-fire and pull back heavy weapons and agreement with the separatists and ukrainian forces. we are beginning to learn more some flesh on the bones of the agreement, president putin said there will be constitutional reform to respect the rights of the separatists in the southeastern ukraine in the donbass area. we heard from the foreign minister as well that they did
2:32 am
not get agreement on everything but an agreement on elections, according to german foreign ministry and agreement on exchange of prisoners. this coming from the german foreign ministry. we are beginning to get the details. 17 hours of talks and the leaders left. they talked through the night, poppy. >> nic, the big question is will this be different this time around from the sees agreement from september? do you get a sense that the deteriorating russian economy has maybe bent vladimir putin a bit and he is being a bit more agreeable to this or do you think this could end up just like what fell apart in september? >> reporter: i think it is very very hard to tell at this early stage to be honest poppy. one of the other details that was a concern for the ukrainian government is who will control the border with russia and separatist area.
2:33 am
we learned from the germans there is agreement on that as well. but the question about what has motivated vladimir putin at this point is hard to tell. some analysts will take he is very strategic and very key. he doesn't want to be seen as an aggressor here. the united states and ukrainians and europeans all believe that russia has troops and is supplying heavy weapons to the separatists. russia continues to deny that. their motivations remain in question here. while they may have pushed for peace right now, it is not clear at all what their strategy will be going forward and how much vladimir putin is really responding to the economic strain that his country is coming under because of his actions, poppy. >> you wonder what it does to the debate over here in the united states over whether or not we should send defensive weapons to ukraine or not if this changes that strong call on
2:34 am
the president to do that. thank you, nic. also breaking overnight, the international monetary fund announcing a bailout for ukraine's war hief-ravaged economy. $17.5 billion in aid to stabilize the economy. director christine legaurde calling this an agreement without risk. and president obama asking the use of force against the terrorists. it rules out the long term commitment of ground forces and gives a three-year agreement for congress to review under the next president. we have jim acosta with more. >> reporter: president obama says this is aimed at limited
2:35 am
authorizations with missions and rescue missions. he talked about the three-year time limit to require congress to revisit the issue again under the next president. here is what the president had to say about that. >> the resolution we submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground forces to iraq or syria. it is not the authorization of another ground war like afghanistan or iraq. the 2,600 american troops in iraq today largely serve on bases. yes, they face the risks that come with any dangerous environment. they do not have a combat mission. >> reporter: president obama finds out why there has not been a war authorization in congress for 13 years. he is taking heat from all sides. republicans say he doesn't have a plan. the democrats say the proposal is too vague. i talked to josh earnest on the fuzzy language. he said that was by design to
2:36 am
give the president the flexibility he needs. poppy. >> jim, thank you. i appreciate it. let's get an early start on your money. we have cristina alesci joining us now. >> good day for stocks so far. asian stocks ended the day higher. european stocks and u.s. stock futures have taken a turn for the better. stocks are climbing on the news of the cease-fire in ukraine. ue officials made little progress on the bailout program for greece. crude oil prices are above $50 a barrel. surprises with not stabilize after seven-month plunge. poppy, you know you reported on this. this is a problem for our domestic energy.
2:37 am
>> jobs for north dakota and texas. a big problem. >> this is a geo political story as much as a business story. >> it is their fault. it is their fault. >> the dallas fed president come out and say saudi arabia is engineering the oil crisis apparently to hurt us. >> that is one opinion. thank you, cristina alesci. lottery officials say three powerball players beat the incredible odds with tickets matches all six numbers in the $564 million drawing. the tickets sold that were the winning tickets were in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. those winning powerball numbers, 25 11 54 13 39 and powerball 19. no word on who the lucky winners are. i bet they will try to keep it private when they find out. remembering a news giant. legendary journalist bob simon
2:38 am
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we have some sad news tonight from within our cbs news family. our "60 minutes" colleague bob simon was killed this evening in a car accident in new york city. >> welcome back. that was scott pelley announcing the tragic death of his
2:42 am
colleague bob simon. the veteran journalist was killed in a car accident in new york city last night. he was 73 years old. he had been with cbs since 1967. his remarkable body of work earned him two dozen emmys and two peabodys. let's bring in brian stelter. i read this this morning when i woke up and i was speechless. >> a loss for all of journalism. bob simon signifies. and "60 minutes" said he was a reporter's reporter. it is a terrible loss for cbs news. a tragedy made worst because we lost him in a car accident. a man who escaped more difficult situations than any journalist in modern times. bob was a reporter's reporter
2:43 am
driven by a natural curiosity. 90% of the stories he filed over his 50 plus years in television were overseas. a foreign correspondent and reporter's reporter. >> so from the vietnam war to iraq he covered the war in the balkins. an incredible man who, by the way, was imprisoned and tortured in iraq for 40 days only to return a few months later to finish his reporting there. that says it all. >> that's the perfect expression of who he was and what he stood for. he was working on pieces at "60 minutes" this month. he had a piece last friday. he was working on one this sunday about the search for the ebola cure. he was working with his daughter who is a producer at "60 minutes." >> i watched his piece on "selma." i had missed it on sunday evening. i sat there watching it and thinking this is why we all do what we do. let's play a little clip of that. the last story that aired while
2:44 am
he was alive. >> you were quoted as saying tell me if it is correct, that were you not interested in making a white savior film. >> sure. interested in having people of color being the center of their own lives. >> he asked questions in a respectful way. >> a superstar broadcast journalist. he wanted to talk about you when you would see him and talk to him. he did not care so much about the glory of the profession. he cared about the story telling. and probably the most important trait for him was the writing. being a writer. that is what separates the good from the great in television so often. he knew exactly how to craft a story and so many young people even at cbs, learned so much from him. >> anderson cooper a colleague of his who worked with him at "60 minutes" calling him a warrior poet.
2:45 am
the former executive properducer of "60 minutes" would turn his back and listen to the story instead of see it. >> "60 minutes"pre-eminent news magazine. even at 37 a full-time correspondent. the piece of ebola still in the works. i have to imagine cbs will show it. it hasn't been determined yet. >> brian, with you being a media critic who watches everything out there, i wonder what you think bob simon has done for journalism. >> he went to the story. in a time where there is a lot of digital journalism that re regurgitates headlines, he went
2:46 am
overseas and focusrcused on interviews and he brought it into a clear and cohesive story. that is timeless in the digital age and revolution. that is a skill that is timeless. it is why "60 minutes" is the highest rated tv show. >> he leaves behind his wife daughter and a grandson who i was reading from some of the colleagues has been the light of his life. a tragedy for everyone and family and industry. brian stelter, thank you. bob simon, we will remember you and your great work. also this a potential bombshell in the "american sniper" murder trial. could the text messages between chris kyle and his best friend help the defense? we will look at the first day of the trial next. try ® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier
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day two of the so-called "american sniper" murder trial in texas. taya kyle the widow of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle was the state's first witness. she spoke through tears about the last conversation she had with her husband before being gunned down by eddie ray routh.
2:51 am
eddie ray routh had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome. let's get more from martin savidge. >> reporter: the prosecution agrees on eddie ray routh killed chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. where they differ is why. the prosecution says it was murder. that they say, will prove by showing how the murders were carried out. both men shot multiple times using two different weapons. also they say that routh carefully reloaded and fled stealing kyle's pickup truck with the intention of going to oklahoma where he was apprehended. the defense says he killed both men, but the reasoning was because he suffers from
2:52 am
psychosis. that he killed the two men because he feared that those men were actually going to kill him. then there was the bombshell from the defense. it was chris kyle's words. a text on the deadly day. chris kyle texts his best friend next to him with routh in the backseat. telling littlefield, this guy is straight up nuts. that is in support of the defense claim that routh was insane. poppy. >> martin, thank you for that. we will follow the trial today. also this thursday major concern of measles in california. officials say tens of thousands of commuters may have been exposed in an infected resident in the bay area rode the train for three days in a row. that person went to a san
2:53 am
francisco restaurant and bar last week. so far, we know there have been 110 confirmed cases of measles in the state of california. streamers getting an unexpected sneak peek of "house of cards." netflix didn't want you to see that or did they? an early start on your money next. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come
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let's get an early start on your money. cristina alesci joins me now. things are looking good. >> stocks are up on news of the peace deal in ukraine. european stocks have taken a turn for the better. u.s. stock futures are following that lead right now.
2:57 am
even with good news of the cease-fire in ukraine, the standoff with greece and creditors still very much top of mind for investors and oil prices are volatile. up 3% right now. well if a $70 first class ticket from u.s. to europe is too good to be true that is because it is. yesterday, thousands of tral travelers thought they got a great deal. united airlines says it will not honor the cheap first class tickets. the airline said it did not make the mistake. it was a third party software provider. the mistake fares are nothing new. in the past most airlines have honored the tickets. it may be customers faults. did you catch an early glimpse of "house of cards?" >> no. >> episode three did.
2:58 am
it popped up on netflix episodes were released yesterday. the "house of cards" twitter account tweeted, this is washington, there's always a leak. this is speculation this is a pr stunt. both of us like the show. >> great pr. >> neither of us knew it would be out in two weeks. now we do. >> now we know it came out two weeks early. we have to wait until the 27th. good job. cristina thank you. that will do it for me on "early start." thanks for starting your day for us. a lot to cover this morning. including that breaking news about the cease-fire ve always denied they actively involved in the
2:59 am
conflict in east ukraine. >> this is a broad agreement to pull back heavy weapons. making his case for the authority to wage war against isis. >> when the president says he wants to destroy isil i don't think anybody believes it. >> i think it can pass but not in its present form. tell me my son is. if he's dead tell me he's dead. >> it's basically incomprehensible to me that you can murder three people shooting a bullet into their head. >> he would not have acted this way if they were not clearly muslims. this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, welcome to your "new day," it is thursday february 12th just before 6:00 in the east and we have an agreement to end the bloodshed in eastern ukraine. >> after 17 hours of negotiations the leaders of germany and france have reached
3:00 am
a cease-fire deal with the presidents of russia and ukraine. it calls for the fighting to end on sunday. let's get to senior international correspondent nic robertson in minsk with the breaking news what's the latest nic? >> the agreement says that there will be a pull-back of heavy weapons, tactical missiles will be pulled back almost 100 miles there will be a demilitarized zone and we've heard from the russian president vladimir putin that there is an agreement for under the ukrainian constitution, for constitutional change. that the rights of the people the separatists in the southeast of ukraine will be respected. and word from the germans saying there will be elections in the near future. they will be working towards that. there will be a prisoner exchange as well. just before this was finally agreed the talks almost fell apart. the ukrainian president saying there wasn't


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