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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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ts over the past year missing the cut in three and withdrew from another three with injuries. tiger has decided enough is enough. he needs to put in a lot of practice and figure out what is wrong with his game. yesterday he said my play and scores are not acceptable for tournament golf. like i've said, i enter a tournament to compete at the highest level, and when i think i'm ready, i'll be back. tiger is currently ranked 62nd in the world, his worst ranking since turning pro in 1996. he said he could return to the honda classic in two weeks, but only if he feels he can win. lebron james and the cavs facing the miami heat. cleveland looking to stay red hot. this will look. look how high lebron james gets up on this fast break alley-oop. he almost hits his head on the backboard, carol. look at this. the cavs win this game easy 113-93. the cavs will close out the first half of the season tonight taking on the bulls on tnt.
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ernie, shaq charles and kenny and the gang from "inside the nba" live from new york. a great weekend of festivities. >> andy scholes, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this hour with the debate over the president's plan to defeat isis. right now the house foreign affairs committee is getting ready to discuss the growing threat of the terrorist group and, of course the president's response asking congress to authorize the use of force against isis. in our last hour i talked with the committee's chair, representative ed royce. he says the u.s. should not lead the fight against isis. >> i don't know anyone on the democratic side or the republican side that wants to put the 82nd airborne into syria or iraq. what i do know is that the
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general consensus is that the offensive operations should be led by the kurds, by the jordanians the sunni tribes et cetera and there is a role here in air support. maybe some disagree with that but it seems to be to me that 95% of those i speak to believe that the united states should be leading a robust air campaign. >> in washington though the need for urgency is quite clear. the tentacles of isis have stretched across the middle east and into north africa. the group's focus on propaganda and recruitment means its reach some growing wider. let's talk more about this with cnn's national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> good morning, carol. for all the limits in this new authorization, contained in the language is the ability to go after isis and its close affiliates. the thing is, those affiliates
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and associates are expanding far beyond iraq and syria. that means the war against isis could expand those countries as well. isis fighters parade through conquered territory with dozens of vehicles in tow. this isn't iraq or syria. it is libya. as the isis flag waves over parts of more and more countries, the new military authorization could give president obama and his successors the freedom to engage in more places and on the ground in a limited way. >> if we had actionable intelligence about a gathering of isil leaders and our partners didn't have the capacity to get them i would be prepared to order our special forces to take action because i will not allow these terrorists to have a safe haven. >> reporter: there are already concerns about overreach. >> a resolution that says we can go after isil any time anywhere using any level of ground force as long as it's not an enduring offensive, that pretty much is
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carte blanche. >> reporter: isis is expanding its presence beyond iraq and syria to libya. the terror group claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in january that killed at least ten including an america. to the sinai peninsula in egypt where dozens were killed after suicide attacks on army and police positions. isis claims these photos show the explosions. and on to yemen where isis gained some supporters among al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. on the republican side of the aisle there's the opposite concern, about tieing the hands of future presidents to fight terror groups wherever and however they decide. >> the president's point is he wants to dismantle and destroy isis. i haven't seen a strategy yet that i think will accomplish that. >> reporter: with the numbers of foreign fighters in iraq and syria growing to more than 20,000 strong there are renewed fears that the problem could land in the west including the u.s. in a horrific way.
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>> they're barbarians. i think the barbarians are at the gate. we want to keep them outside the gate of the united states. i'm concerned that some have already returned. >> now to the question of ground troops. you look at the language in this proposed authorization, no enduring offensive ground combat operations. a lot of qualifiers there, carol. we know the invitation is the president intends to show there will not be another iraq invasion afghan invasion or occupation. still it leaves a lot of leeway for some combat troops some ground troops in limited combat situations. in fact as we know carol, the president's own generals have said they may very well recommend that. in iraq for instance in efforts to retake the city of mosul and other areas. it's something i think our viewers should prepare themselves for, american troops again being in harm's way on the ground. >> jim sciutto, many thanks.
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let's talk more about that with cnn military analyst lieutenant general mark hertling. do you think americans should prepare themselves for a number of american troops on the ground somewhere in the middle east? >> what i think i heard jim say is we should prepare ourselves for participation in combat operations in iraq specifically mosul. i think the president has said that all along when the commanders come to me and say we need more forces to assist local forces that he will consider that authority. i think the aumf gives that potential. the focus of attention in the aumf is to not go into long large scale combat operations the kind we've been involved with the last few years with the military leading the way. it also says that the u.s. will support local forces in fighting their own battle. i can see that happening very
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easily in northern iraq. >> local forces in northern iraq. ki see that too. what about in other places? we've been training these moderate rebels in syria. we talk a little about jordan's military. i'm not quite sure how good their ground forces are. are they an all-out military force or more a force to protect the king? >> jordan has a very good military force, both ground and air. there is currently no sustainable force right now in syria. we're looking to address that. jim sciutto mentioned other countries in the region yemen specifically libya, where local groups are now beginning to take on the banner of isis because they see isis as the new kid in town and the one that's generating so much support among the extremists. so i think all of these areas will be problem areas. truthfully carol, we can't be everywhere. it's too early to dredge up old theorists like carl clause wits. but before you go to war, old
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german theorist said you not only have a strong military. we have that. you have to have the will of the people behind you. that's a little dicy right now with america. some says we should go in some saying we should not. you have to have the support of the government. this aumf causes the government specifically congress to debate how far are we willing to go. so there aren't the issues of mission creep and boots on the ground and all those silly expressions that are thrown around. when we go we should go for good and the president is asking for that authority. >> here is the thing, general, some people say that democrats and republicans won't come to any solution because both sides have problems with this proposal proposal right? the debate will go on for months nothing will get done and it will seem we're not all on the same page in america once again. how harmful do you think that will be if that does indeed happen? >> i think part of the reason for the aumf is coming to that
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driving part. when you commit america's sons and daughters to conflict the government should be behind them. all this snipping back and forth between the democrats and republicans, it's not very helpful for the military commanders on the ground. i've been one of those. it's very difficult to overcome some of those things. the president as the chief executive is saying hey, i need the support of the congress. you guys need to work out your difficulties and come back and tell me if this is okay or not. if it's not okay, give me something different. so far they have not done that. they're still debating that. in the meantime we're continuing the fight. >> this is the first day of the debate. we'll see what congress comes up with. general hertling appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. fbi director james couple many is publicly addressing race more specifically the tension-filled and violent relationship between police and minorities. evan perez is in the audience at georgetown university. he joins us by phone. what did he say? >> reporter: carol, the speech is just beginning at georgetown
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university a very unusual speech because this is not something that fbi directors usually address except in the context of investigations and civil rights investigations. but cony felt he wanted to weigh in on this issue because it's obviously been on the forefront of the national discussion in relation to ferguson and staten island and other places where police shootings have raised questions about whether or not there's inherent bias in policing in this country. right now he's talking about the issue and says essentially that cops don't go into their profession intending tobiased but it is part of society. it is something police have to deal with. he's talking about a national conversation. this is something that eric holder the attorney general, has addressed in recent months and, as you know has gotten a lot of backlash over because people think perhaps he's not being sufficiently supportive of
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police. coomy is lending credibility to this issue and we'll see what the reaction is as a result of this carol. >> absolutely. i'll let you get back to the speech. evan perez live in washington this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," a shom shocker about an executed american hostage. why intelligence officers are investigating if kayla mueller was paired with an isis leader. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over
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stunning new climbs about the 18 months kayla mueller spent as an isis hostage. intelligence says she may have been paired with a male isis fighter during her cap thift, it's unclear if she was coerced, sold or forced into the pairing. the quotes are speculative and unproven noting the government is still analyzing the conditions of her captivity. my next guest has spoken to more than 40 women and girls who were former isis prisoners. they were members of iraq's yeah city minority during the brutal campaign many of these women were subjected to rape and other sexual violence and forced to convert to islam. joining me from yemen is donatella rovera from amnesty
7:16 am
international. welcome. >> hi. >> first of all, you are in yemen. the government has fallen there, rebels are in control. they chased out americans from the u.s. embassy there. are you safe? >> yes. actually the situation here for now is far less dramatic that once outside. the situation is calm. there were demonstrations yesterday, they passed peacefully. i'm out and about all day in the capital. i've been up north and down south of the country. for now the situation is fine. there is a great deal of uncertainty. we don't know what will happen tomorrow or in the next five minutes. but for now it's safe. >> what are you most concerned about? >> in relation to the situation here? >> yes. >> well obviously there is a
7:17 am
situation of great uncertainty because there is now a formal rebel group that is in charge of the capital and other parts of the country. it's a different story in the south. it's a different story in the east of the country where al qaeda is very strong. everybody is armed. there are armed groups of various denominations. at the moment there are political negotiations of sorts going on. anything could happen. this country has seen many years of conflict. there is obviously a danger that conflict may spread to a greater extent. >> i know you're keeping your eye on human rights violations and, of course trying to prevent them. i wanted to specifically talk to you today about these 40 women and girls who were former isis
7:18 am
prisoners that you personally talked to. what was life like for them with isis? >> for -- well for all of them they were kept in extremely difficult situation. some of them had seen their brothers and fathers and husbands being killed in front of them when they were taken captive at the beginning of august. they were then held in different places within iraq and in syria. some of them were taken to syria. many of them were passed on or given as a gift or sold to other isis fighters or to other men who were sympathetic, who were supporters of isis in both iraq and syria. some were sort of forced to
7:19 am
marry, so to speak, some of the fighters. some were raped. many of them were beaten and subjected to other forms of torture including sexual abuse. they were threatened. some were told that if they committed suicide, their relatives who were also in isis captivity, would be killed. some of the girls told me that they wanted to commit suicide because they saw that as the only possibility to escape the absolute hell and horror that they were going through, but they were deterred from doing so because they were told that if they did sorks their family members would be harmed. some of the girls told me that another girl who was held captive with them did commit suicide, and i heard that from several of the women and girls
7:20 am
who were detained. it's unimaginable the horror that they endured during their time in captivity. of course the overwhelming majority of the women and girls who were abducted last august remain in isis captivity. those who have managed to get away are a minority for now. >> are we paying enough attention to this part of this terrible situation with isis? >> i think there is a reasonable amount of attention. what we're all at a loss for is knowing what completely can be done to stop and prevent the atrocities that are being committed every day against ordinary civilians by isis
7:21 am
fighters in iraq and in syria. they are in control of very large parts of syria and iraq where their rule for the time being is unchallenged. the civilian population that is living under their roof cannot do anything. they cannot escape they cannot physically get out of those areas. they're totally at their her seechlt all they can do is try to keep a low profile and hope that u you know some deliverance will come. frankly, when i speak to people in syria and iraq in the areas controlled by isis, people are very helpless because there is not very much they can do to protect themselves and fair families. >> doneatella rovera stay safe.
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by order of ooh federal court, same-sex marriage became legal in alabama on monday. to say it's not sitting well with the state's chief justice roy moore would be an understatement. you might remember moore issued an order forbidding judges to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples. judge moore spoke in depth with chris cuomo. >> what you're confusing is law with an opinion of a justice. that's the basic fallacy which all this is built upon. what did one lone judge in
7:26 am
alabama federal court says is not law. if it were law, the united states supreme court wouldn't be meeting to determine this issue in april through june. >> two things your honor. first, this appeal for a stay went all the way to the supreme court. the stay was denied. that's the supreme court saying follow the district court order which is what is telling your state to allow the marriages. as you know the history of your state very well better than i, district courts are often the tool for change let's say, with segregation. if your state hadn't followed those district court orders you may still be in a different position legally. your response? >> what you're saying is the injunction was not lifted. it remains in effect. that injunction applied to the attorney general of the state, not the probate courts of alabama. again, that's the difficulty in this camp by the federal court
7:27 am
to control the state of alabama in federal intrusion and state sovereignty. even she admitted after that fact that she had no right, no power, no authority to intrude into the probate court of mobile county and judge don davis. >> she did not have to because the district court, by ordering the attorney general to effectuate the marriages, was reaching out to the top law enforcement official. i would offer that you are drawing a distinction without a difference your honor, because probate judges are functionaries. it is not necessary to reach out to them. it's necessary to reach out to the top law enforcement officer and that's what was done by the district court. >> that's incorrect, sir. you want to keep deep into the young doctrine in 1908. that attorney general did not have the function of the probate courts. in fact he stated that very clearly in his affidavits. that power over the probate courts is under the
7:28 am
administrative direction of the chief justice of the supreme court, and that's myself. >> all right. the issue will go to the u.s. supreme court later this year. we'll see what happens. still to come in the "newsroom," the cease-fire is coming but some of the front lines in ukraine plan to keep fighting. is the deal doomed to fail? we'll talk about that next. in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery! when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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president's request to use military force against isis. on capitol hill the house foreign affairs committee taking up mr. obama's plan to defeat and destroy the terror group. this is a live look at the hearing, actually outside the hearing. this plan has critics on both sides of the aisle and some are predicting it will fail to come to a vote. it took a marathon session 17 hours for a cease-fire to be reached over the crisis in ukraine, but peace could still be a long long way away. that cease-fire brokered by the leaders of russia ukraine and separatist groups along with france and germany goes into effect on sunday. it includes the withdrawal of heavy weapons. but the same heavy weapons, a military spokesman from kiev says were crossing into ukraine even as talks were on going. on the front lines, those rebels may not support the deal. our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh joins us to tell us more. >> reporter: carol, forget about
7:33 am
whether or not the next 50 hours will lead to an escalation in violence that makes the cease-fire impossible and forget about whether or not the heavy weapons get drawn back large distances. you have to ask yourselves the fighters on the ground many different factions here unsure command structure, are they going to listen to the diplomats? we went to one front line to the south of donetsk and broke the news a cease-fire had been called to some of the separatist fighters. their reaction pretty negative a lack of trust of the enemy. also a feeling they had to keep on fighting because they didn't want to be part of ukraine again. here is what one of the fighters we spoke to had to say. >> translator: ukrainians won't have a cease-fire. ukraine armed forces i mean. we can resolve this conflict in only one way, ukraine withdraws its armed forces from the territory of the donetsk republic. that's the only possible way.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now, obviously that's one soldier, but a number of those fighters said similar things. they may get orders from their commanders to obey this deal but there's so much that could go wrong, particularly in the next 50 hours. the deal says basically whatever territory they've won they can keep until that stage. we've been here before back in september. then the separatists had an awful lot less territory. now they're increasingly emboldened. a lot of them think they need to take the whole donetsk region. potentially from minsk we have a potential of violence from the weekend, so far removed from a final resolution of the conflict here. >> nick paton walsh reporting live from ukraine this morning. let's talk more about this. joining me is michael weiss at the institute of modern russia and a columnist for "foreign policy" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> nick paton walsh is wondering
7:35 am
if the rebels will obey the diplomats. will they? >> no i don't think so. in fact putin told a media outlet he expects ukraine to surrender to bolts va the city that rests along the main highway system that would connect donetsk with lou gansing. most importantly, we've been here before. this is a cease-fire a warmed over 2.0 version of a cease-fire that was inaugurated in september, never implemented in the moment pen hit paper. i have very dim hopes this will amount to anything. as a final point, while they were negotiating in minsk all night, according to the ukrainian government something like 50 russian tanks crossed the border into ukraine. we can't substantiate that claim yet. it's interesting one side in this conflict is saying actually the russians are escalating when they claim to be pursuing peace.
7:36 am
>> has mr. putin already won, and should we concede that he controls parts of eastern ukraine? >> i think that's essentially what these negotiations were about, negotiating the terms of ukraine's surrender. the question is what kind of influence, high gem me will he have over the done bass. according to this cease-fire agreement, one thing that has to be done is ukraine has to coordinate with the separatists on everything from taxation to holding elections for greater autonomy. i think this is just a fantasy. what we have is a frozen conflict already in place. the question is what kind of dirty business is going to continue not just in the foreseeable future for the term of this cease-fire but in the long term for years. >> so the economist is kind of right, take a look at its cover. it shows putin as puppet master putin's war on the west. i guess he is right? >> i would argue what the west still has in its arsenal is
7:37 am
information that the information to disclose including mr. putin's personal fortune estimated to be greater than any bill nair in europe also the inner circle in kremlin, "the new york times" in its blockbuster exclusive today about russians buying up apartment buildings all over new york city where i'm sitting using shell companies. this is the kind of thing that i think he actually takes much more seriously, when you go after the cash he tends to get a bit nervous. >> michael weiss, thanks for your insight. >> thanks a lot. still to come in the "newsroom," the trial of the man in the shooting death of chris kyle under way. up next disturbing details about the day kyle was gunned down.
7:38 am
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disturbing new details about the day american sniper chris kind was gunned down by a veteran he was trying to help. yesterday during opening statements in court, a defense attorney red a chilling text message that kyle sent to his friend chad littlefield as the pair drove to a gun range with eddie ray routh. kyle wrote this quote, this dude is straight up nuts. chad littlefield who was also killed that day responded, quote, he's right behind me watch my six. that's military slang for watch my back. the defense claims routh suffered from psychosis, so bad the defense says routh didn't know what he was doing was wrong. how will this all play out in court? cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney danny cevallos is here. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you wrote an op ed on about this. do you think this is the right defense? >> in a case like this where
7:42 am
it's pretty clear that this defendant was the one who killed the two victims, it's really his only option. but lest anybody think the insanity defense is some get out of jail free card. it's anything but. it's used in a tiny fraction of cases and in those cases, much less than half of them result in successful acquittals. the idea the insanity defense is letting truckloads of defendants go free and walk the streets is just not accurate. >> we do know ptsd and suicide are serious problems among former military and even current military members. according to -- i want to read you the statistics according to the department of veterans affairs, 22 veterans commit suicide every day, a suicide every 65 minutes. that's about 8,000 veterans a year. this is an awful problem. of course chris kyle was going to help this man, right, get over his ptsd so he wouldn't
7:43 am
commit suicide, right? how will that play into court? >> since the '80s when ptsd was added to the dsm, defendants have used ptsd as an insanity defense and other defenses like self-defense or otherwise, with very varying results. for the most part it's anything but a consistent insanity defense. juries can and will find a defendant guilty even in the face of ptsd evidence. in texas, remember texas has a very stripped down insanity defense, a very limited insanity defense where the defense must show by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant factually believed that -- did not believe what he was doing was wrong, and that's not a question of whether the defendant personally believed it was wrong, but rather that he was aware that society deems his conduct wrong. >> we'll see what happens.
7:44 am
danny cevallos thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come, the pope says it's okay. we want to know is it ever okay to spank, slap or hit a child. we'll talk about that next. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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7:48 am
when a man hits a child who is not his own. >> maybe e he shouldn't be swinging a bat like that. >> what are you doing? >> put down the bat right now. >> listen to me when adults talk to u you, you listen to what they're saying. why are you swinging the bat at rocco like that? >> not his child. it's sparking discussion about spanking a child. let's talk about that with yolanda, the contributing parenting editor at essence magazine and david sparrow the senior editor at parents magazine. welcome to you both. >> thanks for being here. >> david, is it an unspoken cardinal rule that you are never, ever to hit someone else's child? >> it's not even unspoken. i think it's a spoken rule. absolutely it is not within your boundaries to discipline another child that way. in general, you should try as much as possible to stay away
7:49 am
from disciplining another person's child. >> yolanda, the same question to you, is that cardinal rule true under all circumstances. what is your sister's kid is an nye lading your kid? >> all circumstances. i agree with david wholeheartedly. i would say not even hitting. if you have a problem with a child, you go to the part and you don't deal with it yourself. >> what if the parent is not around? >> well i know i was brought up in a situation where people were always sort of the eyes and ears of my parents. back then people did discipline you. from a practical matter, live in the burbs. they all play sports. talk about parents behaving badly. it's not just the child we're talking about, although that's very important, you don't want to hurt or injure a child. think about the culture we live in. think about this miniseries. >> but that's exactly what i'm
7:50 am
talking about, david. sometimes the parent is as bad as the child. how do you stop someone else's child from misbehaving if the child is misbehaving in an extreme way? >> if it's an extreme way and the parent isn't doing anything i mean if you have the opportunity to try to talk to the parent first just to make them aware of the behavior and how it's impacting your child, you certainly are within your rights to do that. >> you make it sound so easy. that's not easy. >> it's not easy. it's true. there's extreme moments. you're the adult and you have to rise above your emotions. there may be an impulse to hit, but that's not within your rights. what you can do is remove your child from the situation before your child gets hurt. >> that's true. >> and you can gently tell the child, no we don't hit. that's not appropriate behavior. can you find a better way to express your emotions? there's no way that physical contact is ever in order in this case. >> i will say this -- yolanda an
7:51 am
online pole for parenting magazine found 81% of people spanked their child at least once. i talked to parents around cnn this morning, and they told me you kind of have to spank your child once to make them afraid of you and you don't have to do it again. >> well that's a debate we could have for ages. you hear a lot of people say, well, i was spanked as a child. look at me. i'm fine. i get really frustrated with that argument. we don't go around saying i drove around in my car seat and my mom had a cocktail when she was pregnant with me and i'm okay. we know better now. that's the point. we know better now. we know the damage spanking causes. i have three kids i have a teenager -- there are many times when you do want to haul off, but you're the adult. what you have to realize is that that's just letting out aggression. it's not disciplining your child. so let's call it what it is. it's you letting out your own
7:52 am
emotions and you having an outburst. >> david, is the pope absolute lit li wrong when he says it's okay to spank your child if you don't take away their dignity? >> the pope is absolutely wrong. i'm sure i'll have people who disagree with that. but the fact is not only again, is spanking you're hurting your child you're letting out your aggression but you are not changing the child's behavior. in fact your child is far more likely to grow up depressed, aggressive and have trouble with relationships if you spank your child on a regular basis. >> so that's my problem. just kidding. >> you need to overcome yourism pulls. it's so important to be an adult. >> all you're teaching the child is if you're upset, hit someone. i'm sorry, david. >> that's okay. i was just going to say, i think you need to rise above it and understand this is the child
7:53 am
misbehaving and it's not good behavior and not appropriate, but you're not going to make the situation any better by your suddenly coming in and slapping him. >> all right, thanks to both of you for an interesting discussion. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," a fake newsman who earned the very real trust of millions of viewers. jon stewart stepping down and jeanne moos is looking back. check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something
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jon stewart bids farewell and many of his targets bid good riddance but not one cnn staffer who famously enjoys a good laugh. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: watch 16 years fly by in six seconds. >>ic snay. >> variety of ministries. >> change out of my work slacks. >> reporter: jon stewart started out slightly stiff and ended up loosey-goosey loosey-goosey. >> i'm so excited. >> who needs a joke when you've got that signature stare. he welcomed foreign presidents. >> this is an american delicacy it's called a twinkie. >> and barbed american presidents for instance after the 2011 election. >> i was not elected to zephyr one party. >> you were not elected. >> now he's elected to quit while he's ahead praising his staff. >> i love and respect them so
7:58 am
much. >> we love you jon! >> reporter: tweeted one fan. i regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your resignation at this time sincerely, literally everyone. well maybe not those he chose to imitate. >> with all due respect i don't believe that's a credible statement. >> with all due respect. >> reporter: did you say respect? >> it was the right thing to do. >> mam. you carry your house around on your back. >> reporter: mostly he gave, sometimes he got. >> you ever listen to your program, pulling it out of your butt. >> reporter: after being the butt of his jokes, jon, feel free to reach out to us at ka donald trump felt his rath. >> after that tirade we need -- >> your moment of zen.
7:59 am
>> reporter: you know what's really scary, when you're sitting at home watching "the daily show" and you realize you're the one about to be skewered. give it to me jon. >> covering their coverage of the malaysian plane storage. >> reporter: a public fascination with the plaid shirts mitchell seemed to be wearing. his plaid shirt even started its own twitter account. who is going to keep an eye on us when you're gone jon, or teach us the proper way to eat pizza. >> watch and learn for god's sake. >> reporter: jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> i'll miss him, but maybe not all the time. thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" ahead. -- captions by vitac -- a cease-fire deal due to
8:00 am
start in eastern ukraine in just three days. will it hold and will fighting intensify until then? >> a chilling text message suggests chris kyle knew something was off with the man who would kill him moments later. the media drama in the american sniper trial. did it stem from an ongoing parking dispute or was it something much deeper and worse. three muslim college students shot in the head. a college town rocked. today the search for why. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. breaking overnight, there is a deal. the question is is it real and will it stick? thousands have died in what has become an all-out war in eastern ukraine. this morning after a marathon night of negotiations and moments when it looked like it all might fall apart, rus


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