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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> out on bail. egypt releases a journalist after more than 400 days in prison. >> only half the battle. a hard won cease fire in ukraine will be tough to implement on the front lines. >> and from bad to worse. nbc says its investigation into brian williams is far from over. >> hello. you're watching cnn live coverage. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world
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world. >> it's a charge they both strongly denied. he's following developments from us. the family must be quite relieved at this step. >> that's right. we heard from his brother this morning around 5:00 a.m. local time. he is supposed to check in at least once a day every day until the next session of the trial begins. but the family is very happy. the brother tweeted out that he's going to take a bit of a break. it's been a roller coaster for the family.
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we don't know what mohamed's status is. we're going to be checking on that as well. it is likely that he would be released at the same time. >> what is egypt saying about their support of the muslim brotherhood? >> it really comes down to the appeal judge that issued a retrial in the first place. he poked holes in the initial trial, initial judge's verdict and ruling. he even questioned why in a terrorism court, their alleged krils were not violent and he also wondered why the court didn't do a proper investigation
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to make sure that their statements were not done under duress. we're expecting. with the next ruling. they will be acquitted because of the stron condemnation. >> our other top story it is 9:00 a.m. where a cease fire between government troops and russian backed rebels is set to begin in about a day and a half. helped meetuate the talks says the eu is ready to impose more sanctions on russia if moscow
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does not uphold its part of the bargain. we had just two options. bad and worse. why is there such little doubt that this can work this time? >> i think the main reason for that is there was a similar deal that was agreed in september which was essentially along the same lines and that didn't really work out. critics have accused russia for being the main one responsible for continuing to back the rebels. this time though the kremlin has welcomed these negotiations and this deal.
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most not all of the key demands have been met after what was a bruising diplomatic encounter. >> the tension -- >> i have a question about -- >> pew tin was greeted by the french and german leaders but only after several awkward momts did he briefly shake hands with his ukrainian counter part. it was insisted that he stood his ground. >> i can say that everything was difficult and there is unacceptable conditions of retreat and surrender. we did not succumb to a single ultimatum. >> the leaders of franz, germany, russia and ukraine sat down to be marathon appropriations. it was a bleary eyed russian president who announced it.
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>> it wasn't the best night of my life but the morning in my view was good. despite all of the difficulties in the process we managed to agree on the main issues. >> those issues include a cease fire heavy weapons to be pulled out and constitutional a reform to decentralize the rebel regions. but the big question is whether this will really satisfy the kremlin or has vladimir putin simply signed a deal which like the one before it will not last. officials say more tanks and missile systems crossed from russia. it's not a good start. >> well optimism that this truce will survive is not exactly overwhelming. the european union has warned
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russia that it will consider imposing more sanctions against the country if it violates the truce. >> it's not sounding good but we will find out what happens in a day and a half when it is set to begin. >> as i mentioned the cease fire set to take effect first thing sunday but soldiers on the front line say they doubt this plan will succeed. ten months of fighting has left more than 5,000 people in this region dead. our senior international correspondent has more on the fighting. >> head to the here 1,000 yards from the army this is the reaction to the news. the fight stops at midnight saturday. >> i think the cease fire is so they can gather their strength.
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rsh they hear rockets being fired and say move against the wall. how can we talk to them he says? only with this. >> like many of the soldiers on the front line he said why would you give somebody a third chance to deceive you and the cease fire is being used to buy themselves time to regroup for further conflict. >> that morning he says a missile landed. it happens every three hours. he doesn't expect it to stop. >> unlikely ukrainians don't go to cease fire. there is no talk here because of
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how many of our women and children are being killed. so until we freed all of the next region we are not going anywhere. y furious. >> you think someone will like being called second class people he says? these are towns that have found a whole new world underground. paulina and her girls sleep under here most nights. it's labyrinths like these that
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many didn't know existed. >> everyone finding a space underground as a dark mood greets the cease fire ahead. cnn. >> and the shooting deaths of three muslim college students. investigators will look at whether the triple murder violated federal hate crime laws. police believe it was fuelled by rage over a parking space.
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rolina's chapel hill campus. >> more than one girl is screaming and then there was nothing. >> the victims, all muslims, 23-year-old, his wife of a little more than a month and her sister all shot execution style, a bullet to the head. and then this man turned himself into police and soon charged him with three counts of first degree murder. what triggered the shooting? the suspect's attorney said it was all over a parking spot. >> it has nothing to do with anything but the mundane issue of this man being frustrated day in and day out with not being able to park where he wanted to
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park. >> but the father of the murdered woman called it a hate crime. >> i feel it. i have no doubt that he would not have acted this way if they were not clearly muslims. cnn cannot ind pently confirm the authenticity. whatever happened it was not a hate crime. >> it's one of the things i know about him is everyone is equal. this doesn't matter it doesn't matter what you look like or who you are or what you believe. >> she was a second year dental student. his wife was about to begin studies at the same school of
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dentistry that her sister was already a student. and she was raising money to provide dental care to sirian refugee refugees. cnn, chapel hill north carolina. >> new questions are emerging about suspended nbc news anchor brian williams. what an nbc source says about the investigation into his reporting. also a battle over gay marriage in one u.s. state results in a battle of the judges. we'll tell you how it turned out. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. [door bell rings] ♪
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>> welcome back. a ruling aims to end fierce fighting over same sex marriage in alabama. a federal judge ordered a judge in mobile county to issue marriage licenses despite his earlier refusal to grant them. the ruling sends a strong signal to other state judges to follow suit. this comes after the u.s. supreme court denied an alabama state request to put same sex marriages on hold. the top u.s. court, the supreme court will rule on the legality of same sex marriages later this year.
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ay 2011 an mh-60 black hawk helicopter is engulfed in flames after a navy seal team successfully killed osama bin laden. the special ops team set fire to the aircraft after it crashed in this courtyard, an attempt to destroy the helicopter's critical technology in an interview in january 2013 brian williams had this to say about a piece of the burned out wreckage. >> about six weeks after the bin laden raid i got a white envelope and in it because thank you note unsigned and attached to it was a piece of the
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fuselage the fuselage from the blown up black hawk in that courtyard. and i don't know how many pieces survived. >> wow. sent to you by one of them -- >> one of my friends. >> those friends according to williams? members of the highly secretive seal team 6. that relationship is being questioned by members of the special operations community and could be one of the things an nbc internal investigation is focused on. williams described a long relationship with seal team 6 when talking about the bin laden laid in another appearance. >> we have some idea which of our special operations teams carried this out and it happens to be a team i flew into baghdad with on the condition that i would never speak of what i saw on the aircraft, the aircraft we were on what they were carrying and who they were after.
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but all of it was shared with me. it's common. to reveal that would be to endanger americans. >> then in 2012 during yet another letterman appearance that perhaps raises the most questions, williams goes further. >> i have a throat cutter on my desk at 30 rock which is helpful in staff meetings. it just sits there. it was sent to me by a member -- >> a throat cutter? >> yes, seal team six. i was told not to make any eye contact or initiate conversation. it was like horses in the fwat right before a mission. this guy had a wristband with his human target that he was after when we landed. one of the members of the deck of cards, one of the leadership targets. they are amped. this is the best we have and until he reached into my box of wheat thins, my last remaining american food it could have
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been a wheat thin commercial because this hand the size of a canned ham goes and i lost half of my net supply of wheat thins but then i chatted him up and admired a knife as part of his utility belt. darned if that knife didn't show up at my office. >> whether brian williams will be allowed back at that office is now being decided by nbc. >> more snow. that's the last thing people in the northeast wants to here. after three weeks in a row of heavy winter weather. when and where this new storm is expected to hit. derek will be with me for more after that.
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le injured and released a thick orange chemical cloud into the air. local officials say the cloud isn't toxic. people in boston will likely be staying indoors for sometime because guess what? more snow is coming. derek joins us with really if i didn't think you were so trust worthy i would think this had to be a joke.
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and it really has been. we're breaking records and on top of that people are just having a hard time getting rid of the snow. we put together the statistics for you. we have had 136,000 hours of plowing. that's 70,000 tons of salt. that equates to 244,000 miles of roadways plowed in the greater boston area. that is greater than the distance between the earth and the moon. unbelievable stuff. the greatest concern is where to put it all. people are clearing path ways to clear out some of the fire hoses and into the fie hydrants. obviously a big, big concern for the firefighters trying to get
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to those or even locate them. with nine tenths of an inch of snow that shot boston up to the all time snowiest february since records began we are easily going be in historic categories in the top five season snowfall rates as we go into the next season snowstorms. showing upwards of a foot to two feet of snowfall. we will get to the specifics in just one moment.
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model, you can see just indicating roughly one to one and a half foot of snowfall. expected right along the new england coast and inland towards maine including boston. we have windchill advisories and warnings. below zero already in place for the next several days. these are high temperatures for the big apple and into boston. well below freezing and well below average. >> boston is such a nice city. it doesn't seem fair that mother nature is doing this to boston.
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>> you're watching cnn live coverage. here are our latest stories and we have a development just in the past few minutes in our
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story out at egypt. they have been ordered a retrial. they both strongly deny those allegations. investigators will look at whether the killings violated hate crime laws. police believe the shooting was fuelled by a parking dispute.
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on. probably this option will save the lives of ewe rainian soldiers. this option will save lives of innocent people. who are under consider sharing. >> we have spoke on the government officials. i have not heard a single one yet who thinks that the cease fire will hold. >> it's better to have this new deal rather than not to have.
11:32 pm
but we do not trust any papers. we are to trust only two actions and deeds. it always a challenge. how do you feel about the agreement that was achieved? >> let's so whether they will be ready to limpimplement what was already signed. to seal the border. >> it's crystal clear that russians will practice it's chris call clear.
11:33 pm
be sustainable, strong state, which is capable of defending itself. >> and again that cease fire is set to begin in a day and a half. we'll let you know. an isis attack has come dangerously close to american troops. officials say militants attacked thursday leaving at least six people dead. the town is just 15 kilometers from the largest military base still under military control. there are hundreds of u.s.
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military trainers there working with iraqi pilots. more now on a story we first told you about thursday. isis claiming safe haven. that claim appeared in a french language isis magazine. here is jake. >> reporter: the widow of the terrorist who attacked the kosher super market in france was last seen here arriving at the turkish airport just days before her partner began his deadly rampage across paris. now isis claims they are protecting the most wanted woman in the world. the extremist militant group
11:35 pm
erful prop for isis. >> she becomes a symbol for what
11:36 pm
can be done in the west. isis and other terrorists are focused on fighting the terrorists in the west whoever they believe have done them wrong. >> she could be a potential gold mine of information. she could offer clues about how a young woman went from a bikini on a beach to a fully veiled radical. but extracting her from the grip of isis could be nearly impossible.
11:37 pm
russia's leader. it's the russian president's increasingly close ties with the leader of north korea that's raising serious concerns. we learned more from brian todd. >> they are two of america's biggest antagonists now there is more concern about the two teaming up. the russians say they are negotiating with north korea to hold joint military exercises. >> there is nothing good about a growing relationship. things could escalate. >> putin has invited kim jong un to moscow in may. russian officials are quoted as saying north korea's leadership has accepted but it's not clear if kim jong un will accept. >> he has a plane but he doesn't fly anywhere.
11:38 pm
i think this is a man who is frightened from leaving the safety of his security network inside north korea. and there is of course a danger that he may not be invited back because there could be generals who decide this is a convenient time to make that adjustment we have been talking about privately. he needs a new friend. china is angry can kim over his nuclear program and over the execution of his uncle who was close with china's leaders. what's in this for putin? >> to some degree this is sticking knit the eye of the united states. hoping to get them together on gas pipeline deals that would take russian gas to the union pacific as well as the railroad.
11:39 pm
>> how would this new axis threaten the u.s.? >> russia has lots of intelligence. they have got snowden in moscow. this gives the potential ability to calculate. or what vulnerabilities are that may not exist inside the other alliances. >> other potential dangers, russia has potential nuclear technology. not to mention a very dangerous dynamic. >> dramatic new at t-mobile, get a sweet tablet on us. right now, when you get a new data plan, you can also get our most popular 7 inch tablet with no money down and no monthly payments.
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. >> the man accused of gunning down chris kyle the inspiration for the movie american sniper allegedly questioned his own sanity in front of police moments after the killing. martin savage has more on a dramatic day in court. >> day two of testimony had some very interesting revelations beginning with the crime scene investigator who said that both victims in this case both men had fully loaded semi automatic
11:43 pm
pistols tucked in their waistband but apparently were killed so quickly, neither man was able to reach the gun that was at their side. and then there were two video tapes, both of them were very interesting but in different ways. the first was a dash camera. that's a police camera inside of a police vehicle. and it shows the suspect fleeing from police after he has allegedly killed the two men. he is driving in chris kyle's pick-up truck and sometimes the speed is close to 100 miles an hour. the other video is one that is a body camera on a police officer and it record ss you hear r mpb
11:44 pm
outh talking to them in ways that sound crazy. you. >> the u.s. president barack obama and high ranking officials in the tech industry will hold a cyber security strategy session later today.
11:45 pm
this is months after the huge hack your page when you die. they can post on your behalf and accept friend requests but they won't be able to read chat logs or delete your previous postings. if you don't want your data living on facebook will delete your account after you die. that sounds down right creepy. what if i told you in the future that love and intimacy will not require any touching. it sounds strange but several
11:46 pm
virtualry alty companies are tarting to make it a reality. this could change the way we all think of traditional relationships. sex where touching is optional. here is where things could get really interesting or weird. it all comes down to virtual reality. put on a headset and you're instantly next to a person. >> the change is going to be so profound. it will be larger than anything. when you're immersed what you will be seeing are real people and you will be able to touch and you will be able to interact and hug and dance and have sex. >> brian runs other verse, a platform for virtual relationship building. his software is one of many that allow real people to connect in the virtual world at places like
11:47 pm
parks, cafes and strip clubs. >> whoa. >> now he says those connections are becoming even more real with 3d headsets and he sees virtual relationships going way beyond a trip to the strip club. >> the sexual sing lairty. this is when people would prefer to have a digital relationship and digital sexuality. this is going to happen with the convergence of virtual reality technology which is the technology of remote touch. >> the harbor that can simulate senses is improving. your belief is that technology will be so good that when combined you can put on goggles or glasses and almost be on a date? >> that's exactly right. >> but you got take a off the goggles at some point. >> well yes. but once you're in love with
11:48 pm
somebody is that really going to matter? >> the doctor says yes, it will. she's a biological ant poll gist. >> could you simulate a sexual experience on a virtual reality headset? >> the human brain knows the difference between fantasy and reality. the human brain needs touch, taste, hearing, these brain circuits need to be really activated before you can fall madly in love for any real length of time. >> it's a concept that has been explored. think about the movie her, where a man falls in love with his operating system. >> i wish i could touch you. >> how would you touch me? >> they are playing with the idea of artificial intelligence. >> the robo will not have to look like a person at all. you will be wearing contact lenses that will be able to shape and augment your reality. >> for the time being, i'm going to stick to humans.
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because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. something special happens when you come to you get in the know. and when you're in the know about your credit, you feel confident, ready for anything. at you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion report with the swipe of a finger. come to and get in the know. >> either you like it you hate it or you're indifferent but kenya has an opinion on the new film 50 shades of gray because it'ses sexually explicit over the top topic.
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>> now we have a choice as nations that our nations who have accepted that our stations will protect their societies, which we as a country are among them and we are say we are the trustees of the future generation. >> the best selling books portray a young woman in a relationship with a man that involves bonn damage. sometimes the sex scenes sometimes depict a woman as a sex slave. the movie embraces pornography which is illegal in kenya. on the other hand there are many fans of the book and they will likely be headed to the theaters. cnn wanted to know what is it that they're so december tined to want to see? >> mr. gray will see you now.
11:53 pm
>> what was he like? >> he was polite. >> hello. i'm mr. gray. mr. gray hair. >> do you have any interests outside of work? >> no i would like to know more about you and how women are fantasizeing about the movie release of 50 shades of gray. >> everybody that i know cannot wait to see the film. >> this movie is going to be a big deal. >> i have my panties picked out. >> groups of women are going together. >> popcorn with the dripping butter gives you the imagination and the sexy part of it all. >> but there is more than sex in 50 shades the movie. >> we're expecting a lot of this. >> the saga of mr. gray and anastasia. >> now it's going to become much more mainstream. it's going to be like oh, everyone has a set of nipple
11:54 pm
clamps at home and everyone gets tied up and spanked. >> most of the women i have pursued or interviewed. >> everyone kept saying this is mommy porn. it's not about that for us. for women, for moms it was about a love story. that's what i truly believe we all got out of the book. >> what a pleasant surprise ms. steel. >> just ana. >> he found where she worked. >> i'm usually getting a restraining order. >> he is a little stalkerish. >> do you stock cable ties? >> yes, we do. >> can i get some help here? >> i can show you if you want. >> nobody ever speaks that breathlessly in a hardware store. >> who do you bring? >> my husband mig be a tad bit jealous. >> most men want to sit at home waiting for most men's super bowl. >> not interested. >> just doesn't interest me. >> i thought amazing, i got to
11:55 pm
see that. >> may i show this reclining seat. >> 50 shades bring it on. >> we're reclining. the girls are reclining on the amazing delicious chairs that are comfy and soft. >> my name is mr. gray. do you have anything for me? >> as we said some people are fans some clearly are not and we will wait and see just what well how big of a hit 50 shades will likely be. president obama is no stranger to social media and the internet and his latest video is racking up serious views, more than 18 million on facebook alone. you're looking at yes, the leader of the free world prepping and primping and mostly mugging for the camera just like he says a regular guy does. turns out the prep is supposedly
11:56 pm
for a health care ad he's about to record. >> deadline is february -- man. >> some are critical of the video saying it's beneath the office of the president of the united states but as we said it has gone viral. happy watching. and this has been cnn special coverage. i'm natalie allen. george will be back with me in just a minute for more. hope you stick around. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step
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