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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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inside the home of him hours after he was arrested and finally turned himself over to police. they found a trove of drug paraphernalia inside the house. glass pipes they say that are consistent with the use of methamphetamines as well as some of the drug paraphernalia hidden away in an old-fashioned hershey's chocolate tin can. his uncle has even testified in the hours before he went to the gun range of chris kyle and chad littlefield, they had smoked marijuana and drank whiskey together all of this very important because the prosecutor said it was the abuse of recreation drugs, not the abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol that led to the deathay that chris kyle and chad little field were killed. >> ed lavandera. thank you. here we go, top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. right now isis terrorists are a few short miles away from
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hundreds of u.s. troops. american warplanes have been spotted flying over this iraqi town that is now under control of isis. they have stormed al baghdadi with rocket launchers and mortars waking up sleeping cells within the town of ramadi to help them carry out these series of attacks includingeing rahmani. it's a base home to some 320 americans who are there training iraqi forces well within range of isis rockets. and cnn has now confirmed they believe most if not all of the isis militants were wearing iraqi uniforms. this just coming in today from the pentagon. so let's go straight to cnn's
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phil black. you're saying security forces have been called in. tell me why? >> reporter: clearly they're under pressure brooke i don't think there's any doubt about that. the attack of al baghdadi puts significant pressure on local security forces. in terms of the air base the pentagon says it was successful. the iraqi forces dealt with it. that attack failed. but it was clearly a significant attack, one that involved some planning 20 to 25 attackers, all of them in iraqi military uniforms and a number of suicide bombers. iraqi security officials in the area say there were as many as eight suicide bombers that took part in this assault. so a big attack certainly. but the u.s. military for the moment is saying it isn't too concerned because the attack took place at the other end of this very large facility a long way from where its personnel were but it does believe that
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these attacks will continue and clearly now that isis has control of al baghdadi it has a position from which to launch certain attacks from. >> phil black in iraq. thank you. i want to stay on this. this is a huge strategic gain near this air base as the pentagon has admitted they're gaining a foothold. broadening out this picture for you, you can see we've highlighted other countries. yemen, egypt, pakistan now seeing a rise of isis militants. the reason for this defections by members of the taliban. it's a rebranding of sorts as taliban members realize fighting under the black isis flag will get them not only more money but more recruits. let me bring in two here. also here gentlemen, welcome to
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both of you. and general hurt ling i want to get right into what you heard on the pentagon briefings that these isis militants are now apparently wearing iraqi uniforms as they're encroaching upon this air base. my question would be where did they get them and what does this tell you about what they're about? >> i'd ask to temper the language a little bit, brooek. it's a mud hecht village along the euphrates river. they're not that distinctive. i think the very fact that they were attempting to gain access to the base through one of the entrances, and there are multiple. i've been there several times. shows me they're attempting to
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do some things. this could be the equivalent of a sleeper cell raising up out of the town of al baghdadi but it's typical of the kind of tactics they will use to try to sneak on base. the fact that eight of them had what we assume to be suicide vests are a normal thing. do not get attacked and if someone encounters you, take out as many infidels as you can. for the marines on this barracks they are secure. al assad had been attacked multiple times with rockets and more tars even when there were tens of thousands of u.s. forces there. the rocket is not launched from a system that will accurately fired. it will not come anywhere near the complexes where the americans are. and i think the americans on the base are relatively safe, but there are -- there are things that you need to do to ensure
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better security. >> two things. let me follow up with you, general. one, what would bethe vetting be like in terms of the gates and gaining access, and, two, you say they would not be within range threatened by any kind of mortars. just confirming that from you. >> i am confirming. they might be within range. well at the outer perimeters of the base. but you're talking about a base brook, that's about five miles wide by about three miles long. it's very difficult to aim mortar fire at a particular place from that kind of distance unless you have an observer. the rockets are arbitrarily sent usually off some kind of hand-made rail and they don't strike targets very accurately. the iraqi soldiers that are there have been taught and there's a serpentine complex to
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get into the base. it's difficult because sometimes until you get on a person and you see what they have it's difficult to detect whether or not they have suicide vests or not, but there's a procedure someone will go through in order to get onto the base. so most of the time, it's very difficult to enter a sprawling base like this without being checked on multiple -- in multiple approaches. >> it's interesting to hear the general talk about al baghdadty is this mud hecht ofut along the euphrates, but we do know they've managed to vaps and they've used pretty cowardly attacks. they're targeting the children, the elderly, again, suicide bombings. what does it tell you about the capability of this particular group? >> that's an excellent question. i don't think it tells us a lot. for some time they have been on a downward spiral.
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not that they'll go away. they have a strong foothold in eastern syria but they've lost some footing. they could make gains in anbar province. there are multiple reasons they could do that. one is they want to attack the air base. girn that they're losing ground one of their most important plays is to send some sort of signal that the united states needs to get out of iraq. they've launched a major attack on al assad. we haven't had anything that major this time around. but it's one step along the route to trying to attack al assad. i agree with general hertling. we shouldn't overstate what baghdadi is. they could try to overrun as well. it's not a major strategic advance.
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it's to be closer to al assad rather than being a major victory. >> that's precisely what it is. it is strategically geographically placed from this huge get. thank you both very very much. >> thank you, brooke. coming up the feds are now looking into whether the murders of three muslim students near chapel hill were in fact motivated by hate. you're about to hear how one of the victims felt about america in her own words. plus the parents of the american held hostage and killed by isis james foley speak out to cnn and reveal their biggest regret about their efforts behind the scenes. and more of brian williams' stories raising eyebrows, stories from the pope to the berlin wall to what he said the navy s.e.a.l. gave him from the bin laden raid in pakistan. stay here.
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i'm brooke baldwin. moments ago the president reacted to the three victims shot and killed calling their deaths outrageous and brutal. let me quote part of what the president said. the fbi is taking steps to see whether they were violated. no one should be targeted in the u.s. know matter who they are, what they look like and who they worship. now the fbi is determining if the deaths of the three could be labeled a hate crime. friends and family members of these victims say they believe it was. one friend recalls a phone call that yusor made after her friend had left the condo complex and yusor asked if anyone had approached her. >> we just left. we didn't see anybody. i asked her why and she said i
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don't know because my neighbor came to my doorstep. he had a gun. she didn't say he was pointing it but he did have one and he told her that your friends are too loud and they woke up my wife. >> when we heard about this, he was the first -- he was the only person to come to our mind just because -- you just don't come -- you don't come to your neighbor's house with a gun. you just don't do that. >> it seems like it is because they were the only people that were shot. i mean if he went to all the neighbors neighbors. he had an issue. >> the neighbor told the news "observer" he would do that to multiple people. >> i have seen him be aunfriendly to a lot of people. >> he yelled at everybody. >> yeah.
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he did. equal opportunity anger. >> let me turn now to the civility rights lawyer and senior editor and cnn analyst mark o'mara. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. >> thank you, brooke. >> i want to get to you because we've gotten a statement from the president of the united states. this is the first time we've seen him weigh in on this recognizing that the fbi is taking certain steps and whether or not federal laws were violated. what do you think of the president's words? >> i think they're very important words, brooke. think this is a heinous outrageous murder that occurred at the university in north chapel hill where three college students were executed with bullets to each one of their heads who by somebody on social media had anti-religion bias who even referred to islam in one of his postings. i think if the roles were reversed if it were a brown muslim man who executed three
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white students not only would be calling it a hate crime but an act of terrorism. if a brown muslim person had done that most americans would laugh at that. so i think this is something very important and i'm glad that the fbi is looking at it. >> let's look at this, mark o'mara o'mara. i understand and i know you wrote an opinion piece for saying it will be a difficult crime to prove, it's a high burden of proof. tell me why. >> don't forget. he's going to be facing a death penalty for three counts of murder and that crime is infused with hatred. you don't decide to kill somebody without hatred in your heart, but what we've done in this country is we've said we'll have a special category of crimes. we'll add an enhancement to it. if you focus on a person or group of people because who they are, their ethnicity or their race and it may well turn out that he did, but the evidence is
12:18 pm
going to be difficult to prove, we almost have to show that he did the murders because they were muslims. now, there's no question that he had some hatred in his heart and he may well have had some bias against the muslim community and these individuals, but in order to get to that level of hate crime which enhances the penalties, it's just a much more difficult burden. >> when you hear that, you know let's take the hate crime element out of it and just say -- let's just say he's charged with these murders. as mark points out, this could be a death penalty case will this be justice in your eyes and in the muslim community? >> no. i think it's important to call out muslim-motivated crimes for what they are. again, i think if craig hicks had executed three jewish students i would be calling it a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism. i don't think they should be
12:19 pm
targeted based on their demographic allegiances. again, you know if we had craig hicks with some anti-semitic postings on facebook and he went and executed three college students in the head -- again, this was not him spraying bullets and pete getting hit in the arms and legs and dieing from it. these three kids were executed with bullets to the head. >> i know so many people in this community i've talked to friends and family agree with you 100% but my question is when you listen to the is strengthed wife of the suspect and a neighbor who said he was like an equal opportunist hater of so many people and religions, at the end of the day, how do investigators crawl into the heart and soul of this man to see if this is truly biased. >> well, in order if -- if it's truly a hate crime, they have a difficult time crawling into his head. what they have to do is look at
12:20 pm
his history, his social media posts, the interviews of the neighbors are going to be quite important. this man had bias. i think and i agree that if these people were not muslim they might be alive today. even the fbi director a couple of days ago said we all have bias. >> that's right. >> even cops have bias. it was a bias crime. but a hate crime is sort of the penultimate bias crime. i like the idea of having those subtle biases whether it's young blacks or these students it's those subtle biases that are causing the devastation to our communities. the hate crimes are easy to see and easy to punish. with very to start focusing on the more subtle biases. >> senseless. thank you so much. mark o'mara, i appreciate you as well for coming on here. >> thank you, brooke. coming up next the american
12:21 pm
parents whose son was beheaded by isis. they say america's policy on hostages is failing and you'll hear next on their biggest regret. plus another brian williams story now being requested. he said a navy s.e.a.l. who sent him something from the osama bin laden raid. we'll talk about that just ahead.
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this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ isis beheaded their beloved son james foley. it also triggered the need to make noise, lots of noise. looking back foley's parents nearly wishing they had gone public while isis held their son captive in syria for nearly two
12:26 pm
years. they tell cnn the hostage policy is failing and they must be willing to negotiate with isis to save u.s. hostages. >> we were too quiet. we following the policy of secrecy initially at the request of the captor and or government. eventually we heard nothing and we became frantic and went public. >> what became apparent to us is our government knew where they were by december of 2013, even perhaps earlier. >> so why didn't they try sooner? >> oh i think there are multiple reasons. i certainly don't know all the reasons. i guess that's part of -- it appears to me that the american policy is failing them. now, five young americans in the last six months have died
12:27 pm
whereas, their ten counterparts in europe were all whole. >> i think the european nations were willing to negotiate. i think money did change hands. i'm not sure where it came from. but i know there was an intense negotiation involved. my own opinion, john foley's own, is that i think rescue was delayed because the european nations and military intervention was delayed because they were actually negotiating. >> had the world known that 18 journalists and aid workers were held together i think in their most hopeful moments the captives really envisioned a coalition of governments working together and really trying to get them out, and nothing could have been furtherer from the truth. everyone was kind of doing their own thing. there was very little collaboration. we can do better. i just know we can do better. >> what a candid interview this morning on "new day."
12:28 pm
david hrode is with me. he was captured and rescued two months later. glad to have you back. if the parents of james foley were saying basically if they had been louder and more active, my question to you is do you think that would have put their son at greater risk? >> well, and i should first admit, near the end of the case i was advising the foleys and trying to help them what to do so we all failed them in short including myself. i don't think they made a mistake. i think these cases only end when there's payments of in this case multi-million-dollar ransoms by governments. they were quiet. they went public in the end. had they gone public would it have prompted the u.s. government to change its policy and pay a multi-mill up-dollar ransom? to be honest i don't think so.
12:29 pm
most oppose the u.s. government paying ransoms. still despite the deaths of five in syria. >> do you -- if we may sort of lift the veil in the end, were they vocal with you? should they have pounded their fists a little loudersome. >> they talked about this earlier. what they started to do was to try to raise money and what was confusing in the beginning was that -- they believed there was a coordination and that didn't happen. there was no effort to help the americans. and the broader problem here is information to these families. the foleys don't know what happened. they're talking about they think they know and the u.s. government you know, where everyone was held. they should know these facts. particularly now that jim is gone. and then during these cases. family should be given security clearances by the u.s. government.
12:30 pm
it happens for all the u.s. government forces. it takes a few months. they're not going to say anything that will leak or endanger their son. you know families should learn classified information. >> streamline getting the information. i was talking to austin tice's parents the other day. they were saying the same thing. they're having to talk to syria directly. they're being informed and then there's the fbi. so again, the president asked for a review of the hostage policy. it seems like it's going in the right direction for these particular families but how incredibly frustrating. david rohde. i want to move along -- >> this is cnn breaking news. >> -- because we're getting breaking news out of the state of oregon. we have just learned word the governor has resigned. he faced mounting calls to resign over the scandal concerning his fiancee's consulting and policy work and this comes at the end of a
12:31 pm
bizarre week. according to the "oregonian," he refused to step down and changed his mind. suzanne, what has happened? >> it's been an extraordinary week if you look at the turn of events because the governor had talked to several on one hand giving them indications that he would, in fact step down. he called his secretary of state from a con frips meeting that was happening in washington earlier in the week to go back to oregon. she would, of course be the person to fill in for him if he resigned. and she was called. she said that he changed his mind. in fact he talked about transition but decided that he wasn't going to. and he emerged saying that from his driveway just a day before. well, now we've got this official statement from the governor saying that he has, in fact decided he will step aside. i want to read just the pertinent parts for you, brooke.
12:32 pm
it's not his nature to walk away from a job i have undertaken. it's to stand and fight for the cause. he said for this reason i apologize to all those people who gave up their faith, time internal and resources to elect me to a fourth term last year. he goes on to say, he says, it's deeply troubling to me to realize we have come to a place in the history of this great state of ours where a person can be charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced by the media with no due process and no independent verification of the allegations involved. but even more troubling and on a personal level as someone who has given 35 years of public service to oregon, that so many of my former allies in common cause are willing to simply accept this judgment at face value. brooke he's talking about all the democrats who have essentially been calling for his resignation over the last couple of weeks, but certainly a growing strong chorus has done so the last couple of days.
12:33 pm
a little bit of the backstory here this is regarding several things but the main point here is the investigation around the first lady sylvia hayes and her role. she has allegedly received some benefits some funds from a group that she started. at the same time she's acted as an adviser to the governor regarding environmental policy. clearly if that is the case, that is a conflict of interest. we've also learned -- well we've learned recently as statement came out in october they have been under fire and she has acknowledged some other bizarre things from her past. she has acknowledged and apologized back in 1997 that she participated in a sham marriage to allow somebody to get a green card and she also has acknowledged that she was with an ex-boyfriend who had purchased some property that they had intended to use to grow marijuana.
12:34 pm
so these are things that have come out in light of this investigation. the final point i should make here brooke, is that this is going to be effective, his resignation resignation, 10:00 a.m., this is going to be on a wednesday in february. so he's got a couple of days to get this together and the secretary of state, she will move into that position once this is officially acknowledged here. but, again the governor issuing his resignation moments ago. >> four-term governor in the state of oregon out. suzanne malveaux thank you. we'll look for more reporting on this throughout the day and more allegations involving the first lady in involving his fiancee. suzanne, thank you. this one, he said he was embedded with s.e.a.l. team 6. we'll talk with a navy s.e.a.l. to see if they in fact do that, period. that's next.
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nowhere near done. that's what they're saying with regard to the investigation of nbc anchor brian williams. he's having more and more of his stories placed under a mike row schoop. first as we've been reporting it was the iraq war coverage hurricane katrina, now questions about his being at the berlin wall in the '80s and meeting with the pope back in the '70s. but perhaps most under scrutiny is what he says happened after 2000. this story and the team famed for killing osama bin laden. >> reporter: may 2011 an mh-60 blackhawk helicopter is engulfed in flames after navy s.e.a.l.
12:40 pm
team 6 killed osama bin laden at his compound in pakistan. they set fire to this aircraft after it crashed in the courtyard in an attempt to destroy the critical technology. in an interview with david letter man in 2013 brian williams had this to say about a piece of the burned out wreckage. >> about six weeks after the bin laden raid i got a white envelope a thank-you note unsigned and attached to it was a piece of fuselage. the fuselage from the blown up blackhawk in that courtyard. i don't know how many pieces survived. >> wow. sent to you by one of the -- >> yeah. one of my friends. >> reporter: those friends, according to williams members of the highly secretive s.e.a.l. team 6. but that friendship is being questioned by members of the operations community and could be one of the things an internal
12:41 pm
nbc investigation is focused on. in 2011 williams described a long relationship with s.e.a.l. team 6 when talking about the bin laden raid in another letterman appearance. >> we have some idea which of our special operations teams carried this out, and it happens to be a team i flew into baghdad with on the condition that i would never speak of what i saw on the aircraft the ira craft we were on what they were carrying and who they were after. but all of it was shared with me. it's common when covering the war because to reveal that would be to endanger americans. >> reporter: then in 2012 during yet another letterman appearance that perhaps raises the most questions, williams goes further. >> i have a throat cutter on my desk at 30 rock which is helpful in staff meetings. it just sits there. it was sent to me by a member of s.e.a.l. team -- >> did you say throat cutter? >> yes. s.e.a.l. team 6. i flew in on a blackout mission
12:42 pm
and i was told not to make any eye contact with them or initiate any conversation. it was like horses in the gate right before a mission. this guy had a wristband with his human target that he was after when we landed. it was one of the members of the deck of cards, one of the leadership cards. they're amped. this is the best we have. and until he reached into my box of wheat thins, my last remaining american food it could have been a wheat thin commercial because this hand the size of a canned ham goes in. i lost half of my net supply of wheat thins, but then i chatted him up and admired a knife as part of his utility belt. darned if that knife didn't show up at my office a couple of weeks later. >> reporter: whether williams will be asked back to that office will now be decided by nbc. john berman, new york.
12:43 pm
>> you heard a conversation about a navy s.e.a.l. and that experience and war souvenir he was given. so are his claims realistic? let's hear from don mann. he was in the s.e.a.l. team for eight years. don, great to have you on. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> you know when you first heard these reports about how he claims to have floated into baghdad with s.e.a.l. team 6 and a piece of the chopper from the bin laden raid as a s.e.a.l. what was your gut reaction to that? >> my gut reaction after hearing the reports and reading the reports, i actually felt it was coming from somebody who's probably a bit delusional. i couldn't see any fact at all how any of that could have happened. >> let's piece some of it apart. do s.e.a.l. teams don, allow for journalists to embed with them? >> you know you do see s.e.a.l. team training, but it's basic
12:44 pm
ujds water s.e.a.l. training. there are plenty of specials on the training. the basic training to become a s.e.a.l. but you'll never have a reporter embedded with s.e.a.l. team six or any of the tier 1 units. it has never happen and never will happen and basically the reason is we protect the identity of those guys on the team the tactics, the techniques and the procedures they use, the equipment they are using. all of that has to stay just strictly to the teams. we -- the last person that neverings would go to would be a reporter. the story doesn't make any sense at all. >> even someone who's the most watched anchor in america, even brian williams. >> even brian williams. any reporter. if somebody got in touch with a piece of equipment or found the identities of people or heard about the training that the s.e.a.l.s use and what they're going to use on their mission, if that left that helicopter if
12:45 pm
that left and went out to the public you're basically endangering the guys' livens the military and those following these guys. those are all classified secrets that stay within the team. >> what about part of the anecdote to be given this war souvenir. just from you personally on any of your missions, don, did you ever take away any war souvenirs? >> okay. yes, okay you can take away little pieces of -- people do. guys do take little souvenirs here and there but not from a stealth helicopter a black hawk helicopter when it's just been detonated. there's been aer this might grenade thrown in the helicopter to destroy it. we didn't want anyone to have any of the information, technology and the last thing would be for a s.e.a.l. operator to take a piece of that and give it to a journalist. it just wouldn't happen. >> from the mouth of a navy
12:46 pm
s.e.a.l. i appreciate you very much and your perspective today. thank you. coming up next behind the scenes with president obama posting with a selfie stick saying "yolo." the clip has quickly gone viral, but is his message getting across? we'll talk to john berman coming up. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist.
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12:50 pm
president barack obama again capitalizing on call it nontraditional methods to push his domestic agenda, this time in the form of a buzzfeed video to boost health care status before open enrollment ends sunday. sorry i'm laughing. it's funny. the clip called things everybody does but doesn't talk about. it features music, the president and a selfie stick. here's part of it. >> the deadline for signing up for health insurance is february -- >> not like any other wednesday. >> that's not right. >> feb -- man.
12:51 pm
february 15th. february 15th. >> the video reminiscent of obama's "between two ferns" interview. when you look at the views here it seems pretty successful. cnn's john berman is good enough to join me on this friday afternoon. you know second only to you, my friend i have to say the president has pretty impressive comedic timing. >> thank you for that. look he did a very good job. he does a good job when he gives the speeches at the white house correspondents dinner and he tells the jokes he tells. george bush did the same thing and had the same kind of timing. these guys communicate a lot. i think over time they develop a sense of how to do it well and how to do it persuasively. that's what's going on here. don't make any mistake about it here. they are going after something here which is to get people to sign up for he's very entertaining and at the same time getting like 15 million views as of 8:00 last night. i have no idea what it is now. got to be through the roof. >> crazy.
12:52 pm
just like your twitter followers, i'm sure. what's the deal? because we look at the recent interviews or the president is conducting, you have buzzfeed you have the youtube stars that they allowed to interview the president, vox. one camp would say where's the traditional media, where are the real hard sit-down videos this is just silly. what say you? >> well look people who have a legitimate gripe are like the "washington post." i saw a note from the "washington post" they haven't had a sit-down with the president in over 1100 days. that's a long time for the leading newspaper in the nation's capital, and they should get an audience with the president. when they see something like this you can understand why they are unhappy. but at the same time the white house will respond by saying look we do everything. he's done a lot of interviews with cnn, a lot of interviews with other major media outlets. he does news conferences. if he does that and also does this offbeat stuff, there aren't many losers here.
12:53 pm
there are some but there aren't many. >> john berman pulling triple duty today. we will be watching for you. >> "ac 360" 8:00 eastern. >> there you go. must-see tv. 8:00. thank you, sir. appreciate it. now blizzard warnings i'm afraid to report issued for you in the boston area again. we will talk about that next. at t-mobile, get a sweet tablet on us. right now, when you get a new data plan, you can also get our most popular 7 inch tablet with no money down and no monthly payments.
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12:57 pm
for those of you who played powerball recently, listen to this. 26 years old, four children and one very lucky lottery ticket. have to share the story of maria hall one of the three people lucky enough to match the numbers for this week's record-breaking half a billion dollar powerball jackpot. her share, a cool $188 million. >> i don't know if i want to cry or what. i'm just grateful for this moment. it will hit me soon. first i'm going to pay my tithe because i wouldn't have it but for god. i'm grateful i can bless my kids with something i didn't have. >> she was previously employed
12:58 pm
both at mcdonald's and walmart before having to quit to take care of her kids, one of whom was cerebral palsy. she plans to buy a house and set up college funds for her kids. two of my friends in the city of boston, sorry. another winter storm is heading your way. this latest storm is bringing more snow to the northeast, bringing bitter cold and nasty winds. ivan let me bring you in. our cnn meteorologist, boy, oh, boy, just when you think they have had enough boom. >> yeah again. apologies also from the cnn weather center to our good friends in boston. this is incredible. we are talking about our fifth storm now and this one again will have the potential to be quite crippling not just because of the heavy snow but because we are talking about winds. blizzard warnings have just been posted for the entire eastern massachusetts, including as well maine and all the way down into the cape. then winter storm warnings further to the north and west. it extends from boston all the
12:59 pm
way out to 495, which is about 30 miles. that's a pretty significant distance now. i think with this next storm we have the potential to get into the top five here. i was in boston for the top one, '95-96 107 inches. we may get there but we are at 79.5 and with this next storm we could get anywhere from 10 to as much as 14 inches. that could put us into the top five. here's the timing of it. saturday night by the way, valentine's day. i recommend a valentine's brunch not a dinner because by the time you get out, you will be looking at this. winds 40 50 miles an hour and heavy snow blowing sideways. you don't want to be stuck in that. the accumulations will be anywhere from 10 to 14 inches. where will they put it? they are melting it out there so that's a good thing, i guess. here we go again. again, power outages a potential because of the winds gusting to hurricane force along the cape. that's going to be serious stuff. then of course it's in the single digits as far as the temperatures so if you lose power, it is going to be very
1:00 pm
chilly. hopefully your valentine can help you with that. >> valentine's brunch. all right. we will have crews there through the weekend covering it for everyone. thank you so much. thank you for being with me. have a wonderful weekend. don't move. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. isis terrorists wearing iraqi army uniforms infiltrating a military base with american soldiers. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. isis blazing a trail of terror across iraq. now the terrorists have taken a town and are trying to push into an air base where there are hundreds of u.s. troops. how vulnerable are these americans? the buried lead. they could literally freeze to death. 26 people marooned in the antarctic circle. their fishing boat stuck in the ice 900 miles away from land. we will talk to a commander on the