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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the world. >> it is all of that. but, sir, we thank you for your service at 17 going off to serve your country and then come back and get this honor, 70 years later, you deserve that and so much more. >> that handsome man is in his 90s? what is he eating? wow! wow! that's incredible. time now for newsroom with carol costello. have a great day. happening in the "newsroom." egypt hits isis after the beheading of more than 20 christians. new this morning. two people arrested in denmark accused of supporting the man who opened the fire at a copenhagen cafe and synagogue. what we're learning about the gunmen and why police knew him. plus a winter blitz for
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boston. cars piling up on slippery roadways. >> it was total whiteout. >> couldn't see a thing. >> could not see a thing. >> roads so impassable even emergency vehicles got stuck. >> it makes us feel like we're a community forgotten about. >> the south is bracing for its first major snowstorm this year. could we see a snow jam repeat? let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. we begin in a wide coalition and yet another country striking back. egypt launches a wave of air strikes into libya. the target the training camps and weapons stockpiles belonging to the terror group, isis.
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egypt's swift actions comes hours after the terror group released its latest video, the apparent beheading of a dozen hostage, all of them coptic christians and now denmark raising a fear of homegrown terrorism and two men hiding a gunman after an his attack on a free speech forum and synagogue. hundreds of graves dephased with nazi graffiti. we begin with egypt's air strike. cnn cnn's ian joins us. hi ian. >> reporter: yes these air strikes took place in the early morning hours and we saw them slipping into the night and attacking targets in derna. they were targeting weapons depots belonging to isis and training camps according to the egyptian military.
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derna is about 200 miles from the southern coast of europe. it's also 200 miles from the egyptian border. the egyptian president abdel fattah el sisi. we see him at an egyptian cabinetstry meeting and giving his condolences to the christian pope and all of those men were topic christians. we're hearing from the foreign ministry, they are calling for an international coalition, the same we are seeing in iraq and syria and libya. they wouldn't give specifics but calling for political and material support for their battle against the militants. we know the egyptian foreign minister is on his way to the united states to talk to the u.n. security council to try to
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get support through there. we know the egyptian president talked to the french president as well. in that meeting the french president said he would offer his support for an international agreement to deal with isis in libya, carol. >> ian lee reporting from cairo, egypt. now we head to denmark where they're reeling after a terror attack. this morning, two men charged with hiding a gunman in the terror attack before he was killed in a police shootout. and the leader of the country saying her country will not live in fear of extremists. speaking out moments ago. >> the coming days may be very difficult to get through we need to fully understand the nature of this attack but must also insist living our lives the way
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we used to. we must go back to living as normal and think and speak the way we want to. we are who we are. >> cnn national correspondent, nic robertson, live in copenhagen this morning. tell us more. >> reporter: the police charging two men with helping the gunman in fact they said by prior agreement they'd help hide him between those shootouts, the indication there being for the police at least, these two men had prior knowledge that these attacks were going to happen and we're learning a lot more about the gunman himself. >> reporter: this morning, copenhagen the latest european city traumatized by an apparent act of terrorism. >> it's -- >> reporter: new details emerge about the 22-year-old gang member who killed two civilians and injured several police officers in a frightening attack
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over the weekend. his name omar abdel hamid el hussein, according to reuters. el hussein recently served time in jail after being convicted of a knife attack on board a commuter train. according to police there were no known ties of islamic extremism and they believe he didn't travel to syria or iraq. the chilling moment the gunman opened fire saturday afternoon in the middle of a free speech debate obtained by the bbc. >> the turning point is "but." why do we still say "but" when we -- [ shots fired ]. >> reporter: you can hear more than 20 shots fired through the cafe windows, killing the 55-year-old maker noergaard and others escaping. cnn is unable to authenticate the recording. the assumed target lars vilks,
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a wanted cartoonist for his cartoons of the prophet mohammed. >> they rushed up to the scene, took me in and threw me into a storage room. >> reporter: hours later, the same suspect attacked a synagogue 3 miles south. the gunman killing 37-year-old dan uzan a guard for a bats muttbar mitzvah party. >> we will do everything we can. >> reporter: the police killed the man in a gun battle. the gun battle of two men arrested sunday afternoon and the police continuing to search for more information to find out if there are other accomplice a concern here particularly today, when there will be in a
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few hours time what's expected to be thousands of people attending a memorial march for the victims to remember and honor the victims of a copycat attack also a concern for authorities at this time carol. >> nic robertson reporting live in copenhagen thanks so much. the israeli prime minister is not waiting for europe to solve its problem. netanyahu is calling for an exodus of jews. he says come home. >> translator: jews have been murdered again on european soil only because they were jews and this wave of attacks is only expected to continue including anti- anti-semettic attacks. they are attackedattacked -- are in every country. we say come to your home and call on the mass integration in europe. i would like to tell all jews wherever they are, israel is the
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home of every jew. >> copenhagen's chief is disappointed and say people live in israel because of zionism, not because of terrorism. if the way we should deal with terrorism is run somewhere else we should all run to a deserted island. thanks so much for being here sir. >> thank you. >> is prime minister netanyahu right? should jews get out of europe and go to israel to live? >> carol, i think prime minister netanyahu is right about one thing. israel is a refuge for jewish people and jews everywhere no doubt about that. the chief rabbi's comments are well taken. we have to defeat terrorism everywhere and jews have to be safe everywhere and have a right to live in paris and right to live in belgium and copenhagen. for those who support israel but
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also want to support and end to terrorism, we have to create an environment where terrorism is unacceptable everywhere and every action is taken to protect the jewish communities of europe and many millions of jews will continue to live around the world outside israel and that's their choice. we have to make it possible for them to do so. >> ambassador netanyahu was serious about this. the israeli government has already approved a 46$46 million plan to encourage jewish immigration from europe this year especially ukraine, belgium, trans and other countries countries. we saw record numbers return last year. i know benjamin netanyahu is concerned. is there politics at work here too? >> i don't know about politics. since the birth of the state of israel way back in 1948 it's been the policy of silver governments to enin counseling immigration to israel.
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one cannot argue with that given the history of the jewish people one has to support and i certainly support as do almost all americans the security of the state of israel. we also want to create an environment. here's where the remarks have hit a discord ant note in europe where jews are free to live in europe and safe to live in europe and there's a real danger especially from the paris attacks in early january, it's an embattled population and the national governments in denmark have a responsibility to safe guard all jewish sites and synagogues and the jewish communities themselves. that has to be the focus of these efforts. fundamentally, all of us have to condemn these attacks as rep reprehensible and join hands around the world through intelligence and judicial action and sometimes military action to defeat these terrorist groups. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it.
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joining me now is the rabbi, director of the online site. thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you, hello. good afternoon from copenhagen. >> good afternoon. thank you so much for being here. where were you during the attack on the jewish center? >> well i was at the synagogue earlier in the evening at the bat mittszvah celebration. i gave dan a warm hand shake and actually asked him why he was standing outside. he said we've got to protect you. that was the last words i spoke to him. then i went home to where i live on top of the hammad center and i was there when the attack
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happened. >> you mentioned dan uzan the security guard who was killed. tell me about him. >> yes. dan was a very nice person. it fell yeah. dan was a very nice person and in that sense, he was -- he was very big, very large. we felt very safe around him. he was very friendly. he was fairly playful. he always had a good word and a warm word. he spent a lot of time guarding and protecting the jewish community. that was where he fell in the line of duty. at the same time while being a protector, he was also good to his friends. he was a great friend that everybody that knew him, he always had a warm welcoming smile. smile. >> so there were already security guards in place like dan, who were bravely protecting people right. in light of what's happened will you ad security?
6:14 am
>> yes. that's definitely correct. we have added security. the danish state has been very helpful with adding security and we from the jewish community are also adding security. unfortunately yes security is an issue, more of an issue. it's become more relevant especially as we've seen what could happen and especially as we've seen how actually the security guard saved what could have been a much worse situation. if the guard would not have been there, the police probably would have been sitting in their car and not able to react. in that sentencese he could have gone in the bar mitzvah where there was 50 people. >> you're talking about rabbi -- you're talking about bullet proof doors and that kind of protection right? >> well yes both that and obviously the danish state being aware what needs to be done. police protection. yes. jewish institutions do need
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protection. there's the jewish school and the house and the synagogue and different things that need to be protected in their own way. >> do you think jews should leave denmark for israel as benjamin netanyahu has suggested? >> you know benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel is obviously doing his job which is encouraging people and for those jews in denmark who felt the reason they were scared to make it was because of the security situation, he's making a point the security situation in europe is not as good as it could be and in israel it is and to come. and i don't think jewish should necessarily leave the place where they are because terror should be fought where it is. for those who want to make it and been discourage edd because of
6:16 am
denmark and israel unfortunately denmark and israel have their troubles. >> i assume you will not be leaving denmark for israel? >> we represent ha bbab and place s places not as safe as denmark and we plan on staying here. >> i appreciate it sir. a wintry mix slamming the south. live in nashville. . >> reporter: good morning, carol, the freezing rain has been nonstop. you're watching the cnn newsroom with carol costello.
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parts of the south are facing a messy wintry mix. louisville is getting a slick coating of snow and ice right now. officials warning people to stay off the roads. conditions like this j nothing nothing knew for the winter weary northeasterners. northeasterners. not enough to rescue this and finally free the crew. and in nashville and derek van dam in new york city. nick we'll start with you. the south isn't used to this. i don't think any is actually. so cold. >> reporter: it's not quite what we're seeing in boston and new york. it is something special here for the city of nashville. the freezing rain has just bean relentless here since about 3:00
6:21 am
this morning, that precipitation started. take a look behind me what it's done to the roads. this is broadway the main drag through the city of nashville, the entertainment district. that road looks a lot better than it could. throughout the morning we've seen snow plows coming through and salting and grinding and doing that all week to prepare for this weather winter event, they have about a quarter inch of ice on the roads which could be disastrous and we have seen this with the handful of accidents on the interstate. this city of nashville, yes, nashville, is expecting 3-7 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. we'll see how the city handles it. so far, people seem to be doing okay. >> that's good to hear nick. i'm just checking the temperature here in new york. i think it's about 7 degrees. we will head outside there and i'm glad i'm not outside, frankly. but derek van dam is. 7 degrees in new york rangers
6:22 am
and parts of boston northwest in the negative 2s or something like that? >> reporter: you factor in the windchill value and temperatures well below freezing. even though it's risen a couple degrees, it's still frigid. i'm from grand rapids michigan so you'd think i'd be used to this. i was just talking to my producer this is serious cold weather and people need to take it seriously. you have the danger of hypothermia and windchill factors like this leaving your exposed skin to the elements can be quite a problem. let's talk about what's taking place over the eastern half of the united states. windchill values roughly equal to 30 degrees below fahrenheit and freezing. you can imagine what that's like standing outside. i'm standing outside and having a hard time not shivering. currently 50 million people under some sort of windchill
6:23 am
advisory behind the departing nor'easter that brought the snow to boston and the coast. a lot of boston settling in behind the snow and that's a problem because we have a new winter storm we continue to discuss and this one is bringing in moisture from the deep south. when you get this cold air that settles in underneath that warm air you have potential of freezing rain. that is exactly what the i-40 corridor is going to experience the next 12 hours or so plus addition addition 2 to 4 inches of snow from the new england coast as the system quickly pulls out wednesday night. carol. >> i'm cold looking at you. please, please derek head indoors. >> poor derek. thank you so much. >> i will visit you in the studio. >> please do. iraqi force under training one tribal leader fighting alongside of them said they could be on the verge of collapse in a key region. his warning next.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. there are sobering reports from the battlefield in western iraq. one tribal leader says isis fighters are gaining ground in anbar province and troops are in danger of collapse. this takes on a new urgency after isis attacked the town of
6:28 am
al al-baghdadi and took over the base where hundreds are trained to attack their counterparts. phil is there to tell us more. hi. >> reporter: hi carol. we've known for some time the fight in anbar hasn't been going well and the iraqi army with the help of sunni tribes hasn't been able to stop the advance. now, one of the members of the sunni tribal leaders says the situation is desperate and if they quit they wouldn't survive but won't do that because they're fighting for their survival. and they're floating the suggestion u.s. boots on the ground are needed to make a difference. and in baghdad the prime minister has expressed frustration about the time it has taken for international support to move to be coordinated and have an impact on the ground. he doesn't want u.s. troops on the ground says there are
6:29 am
enough fighters already, weapons, intelligence air support, all of these things are really crucial. it's also interesting to note over the last 24 hours or so around half of the successful air strikes carried out by the coalition have been in that anbar area. it would appear it is desperate. everyone involved knows it is desperate, isis is making ground and seem to be directing resources in that direction to try and stop that advance, carol. >> phil report inging live from ur urbil this morning. egypt bombing terror targets following the release of a horrific video of beheading a dozen coptic christians a vengessaying avenging egyptian blood and punishing criminals and murderers is our right and duty. and the stronghold from
6:30 am
syria to iraq and africa and afghanistan and pakistan. i want to bring in colonel rick franco francona francona. welcome. >> good morning. >> the u.s. says it needs to defeat isis. isn't mission creep inevitable now? >> i think so. we have to address isis wherever it pops up. as isis expands we have to take action to defeat it. i think the authorization to use military force is broad enough to address that. it doesn't restrict operations to a specific area. one question we might look at is egypt going to join the coalition now as an active partner. i think it was refreshing to see egyptians avenging christian blood. there have been a lot of accusations against the el sisi government he has not been active enough going after christian violence. this is a welcome sign. >> egypt says it needs help and
6:31 am
approached the u.n. what should be done? >> egypt has been in a bad way since el sisi gained power. the united states regarded that as a coupe and restricted parts for the f-16 fleet and they need parts for apaches to address the threat in libya but their other border in the sinai peninsula. egypt does need help from the united states and international community if they're successfully going to do that. if the egyptians are willing to stand up to isis i think they need our support. >> a few months back army general david rodriguez said isis was setting up training camps in libya. why didn't the united states bomb those camps? >> i think that would be the definition of mission creep. we're focused right now what's going on in iraq. we're paying -- giving some
6:32 am
attention to syria. but libya, in the meantime has risen up as this area a lull of society, like afghanistan was a decade or so ago, they were open and you could put camps in there. the two countryies you have to look at are libya and yemen, could be al qaeda and isis strongholds. it's no longer just syria and iraq. >> these isis terrorists who killed the coptic christian, they threatened italy and libya is not so far from italy, what about a thousand miles? should italy be afraid because italy also approached the united nations for help. >> italy and libya have a lot of history when you go back over 100 years. we know isis has designs on the former caliphate, which includes a good portion of italy and it was directed at the europeans,
6:33 am
italy in particular. >> thank you. i appreciate your insight. we're learning now plans about the plan to rescue kayla mueller. she was killed by isis. her syrian boyfriend says he tried to free the imprisoned american by pretending to be her husband. how he believed mueller's captors would free her if they believed they were married. instead of going along with the ruse mueller denied she was married and remained in isis custody. the attempt was made solely by mueller's boyfriend without the backing of any government. he believes she didn't say they were married to save him so isis wouldn't take him into captivity as well. now to the "newsroom," seriously, this snow thing is getting old. ryan young is in boston. good morning. >> good morning. who are you telling snow snow and snow?
6:34 am
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. another week another blizzard blasting the massachusetts coastline. a hurricane strength wind made for a dramatic rescue. this is the coast guard reaching a disabled sailboat. there you see it.
6:38 am
waves reached 25 feet. imagine how cold they were out there. following the storm, bitter cold. these images are enough to make you want to grab another extra blanket or two or three or 500. as i mentioned earlier in the show. boston officially had its snowiest month ever at 55.8 -- 58.5 inches this weekend. ryan drew the shortest straw. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm talking to everybody and how cold it is on their live shots. i'm saying are you kidding me? we're talking negative 25 and everyone talking how cold it is. look at this park and snow left behind. there are snow mountains the size of city buses. we have seen that ourselves. people are tired of this right here a snow shovel. we saw people digging out yesterday after the blizzard. 16 inches came down just on sunday. people are getting tired of
6:39 am
having to deal with this. we saw zach walking with his son, what a cute face here. are you tired of dealing with all this snow and cold? >> yeah. i think everybody is tired of it. it's been two weeks and it's too much. the icing on the cake, i guess. low pressure >> reporter: talk about the side streets. is it difficult? >> yes. i think the night before last the national guard was here with the front-end loader. it's brutal. tough to get around not much fun. >> reporter: the little guy here, how's he handleing it so far? >> he's been inside two days straight. we dropped the wife off at work and going to go to the aquarium and get him out a little bit. >> you have to love the face. everybody is dealing with cabin fever. our crew is working hard. you guys are going to hard to the aquarium. >> going to head to the aquarium
6:40 am
and hopefully it's toasty inside and get a little exercise. >> reporter: that is really the story how people are dealing with it. i love it folks in boston for the most part are dealing with this with a stiff upper chin and giving it right back to winter. >> i was amazed zach isn't wearing a hat. is he crazy? >> reporter: we had him sitting in our truck a little bit and brought him out just for the interview. he's got a hoodie on. i don't want to get him in trouble but definitely has a hoodie on. >> thanks. i'm glad. i appreciate it. the snow isn't all bad news for my next guest, joined by frank in poppolito. hi frank. >> good morning. >> is there any way to describe in words how busy you've been? >> yes. but a lack of sleep and desire to rest our entire crew will tell you right now, they've been going for the lasthow long the last
6:41 am
guest said, three, 3 1/2 weeks. >> can you even work with all that snow on the sides of the road? >> that's a really big challenge in terms of getting out there to serve our customers. we have to deal with the same issues and move really slowly carefully down the street. as one guest said side streets are very challenging. you're right. it's challenging. >> where are you putting all the snow? >> anywhere and everywhere there is an open piece of land that won't obstruct the view safely of a driver or prevent someone from getting out of a doorway or moving a car. so when all else fails on the site we're actually hauling it away overnight to a local snow farm in an adjacent city of ours we have a partnership with.
6:42 am
that farm is pretty full right now with snow. >> i travel between new york and boston often. i met a guy on the train from michigan who said he was going to boston to make money shoveling snow. have you got an lot of offers from people out-of-state to work for you? >> not just offers. as i speak to you today we have four folks in two from michigan and two from ohio we've augmented our staff with. they know there's money to be made in boston. they jumped in their equipment and spent the better half of a day driving up here. and put them up at a local hotel and add them to our staff. they've been an immense help in letting us scale to these storms. >> wow. so speaking of money, how much have you made since i don't know since the latest blizzard hit? >> yeah. with the last round of blizzards, we continue to put two, three and four x of our revenue on top of the already
6:43 am
lucrative winter. it's allowing us to reinvest into more equipment to help serve the customers better. that's one of the good things that yields this storm, helps us get to our growth plan even faster because of the amount of bad weather mother nature is dealing us. >> when you compare like last january's revenue to this january's revenue, how do they compare? >> from season to season i would say there's a shift in the months this year because last year it came a little bit earlier. we've seen a 3x a trim in revenue from the beginning of this financial fiscal year which is really nice to see. a triple in revenue. >> i'm sure it is. thanks for being with me and stay safe out there. try to stay warm. still to come in the "newsroom," lawmakers take a week off as one of the most vital federal agencies is at risk of being shut down.
6:44 am
hi. >> hi. the house and senate are at an impasse over funding for the department of homeland security. at stake, more than 200,000 paychecks. more when we come back.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
lawmakers in washington are on vacation this week as the people that protect the nation's and borders are in danger of being shut down. still, critical jobs will not be shut down but john boehner said he did his job, not his fault if the department of homeland security runs out of money by the end of the months.
6:48 am
>> it's time for the senate to do their job. i have a tough job, so does senator mcconnell. senate democrats are the ones standing in the way and jeopardizing funding. why don't they offer a bill and amendment and their ideas. let's see what they can do. >> what if the department of homeland security time runs out? >> then they will be responsible for it. >> you're okay with that? >> sure. we've done our job. >> i thought republicans control the senate. >> reporter: good morning. they do. here has the problem. senate majority mitch mcconnell has tried three times to bring up the bill the house passed for a vote. senate democrats are blocking it. they don't want to vote on the bill and won't pass the senate. why? because it includes plans to block the president's actions on immigration. many in the house don't want to see their president able to carry out those executive actions. the problem is the senate is not
6:49 am
able to pass this bill because there is not enough support to do so. even if they passed the house's version, the president would veto the plans he made this past november. what's at stake, more than 240,000 employees at the department of homeland security. i believe we have graphic that shows what the plan would be. essential employees would remain on the job, people like the tsa passenger screening folks would continue to work. many of the employees who would be required to work would be doing so without pay until they can resolve this issue. some those folks the president laid out. 40,000 border security agents. 50,000 tsa security screeners, a lot of folks without a paycheck. someone has to blink. the question is who has to blerng and when are they going to blink? will they end up doing some sort of short term funding bill yet
6:50 am
again to continue to hash out on the republican side to block the funding of immigration. >> i'm >> really that's the question we're all asking here. when they come back, there will only be four legislative days left to clear this up. it's not looking good right now. maybe we end up with another short-term bill that kicks this can down the road again. carol? >> i knew that phrase would rear its ugly head again soon. thank you. i'll be right back. is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer,
6:51 am
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>> we are. >> we are. >> we are two wild and crazy guys. ♪ >> they are so talented. comedy's biggest stars came out to celebrate four decades of "saturday night live" from tina and amy to bill and will. here's a look back at the best moments of the "snl's" 40th anniversary. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "saturday night live" 40th anniversary special. >> i'll take 200. >> it's who reads. >> let's hear what this celebrity has to say about his
6:55 am
favorite cocktail. >> i have an important decision to make. i do the same thing. up down up down. >> why is it that you can't get to the end of a sentence. >> it's been a long time. >> "saturday night live" turns 40 years old this week with a live 3 1/2-hour broadcast that won enan emmy in the first ten minutes and lost it somewhere in the middle. >> don't cover your face.
6:56 am
>> i am definitely dancing with you. >> here for the first time is nick ocean to sing the love theme from "jaws." ♪ jaws get away from me ♪ >> tonight's top ten list is the top ten things about "snl." i want to remind everybody that this show is actually live so you have to stay in down and locked position. that means you too, kanye west. >> i don't know about you, but i needed that. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. ou feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter.
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happening in the "newsroom," egypt strikes back against isis. watching air strikes in libya after the brutal beheading of more than 20 christians. new this morning, two people arrested in denmark accused of supporting the man who opened fire on a copenhagen cafe and synagogue. what we're learning about the gunman and why police knew him.


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