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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  February 16, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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company says the hackers based in places such as russia ukraine and china stole up to $1 billion from about 100 financial institutions in 25 countries, including the united states over two years and the attack is not over. security experts are not saying which banks were hit. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, angry retaliation. egyptian jets target isis after the latest video shows the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. terror attack. hard new questions are being asked about public safety and security after a gunman's murderous rampage. eye of the storm. it's pounding 50 million americans with snow ice and dangerous cold. and happy birthday dear leader. what today's celebration says about kim jong-un in north korea. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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we're following breaking developments on several fronts of the war with isis. egyptian jets joined the fight today, repeatedly pounding isis targets in next door libya. the air strikes are retaliation for the killings of 21 captured egyptian christians. isis posted a gruesome video of them being paraded on a beach, then beheaded. another new front in the war on terror denmark, where an open microphone caught the sounds of a gunman's murderous rampage. [ gunfire ] >> tonight, 30,000 people packed the streets of copenhagen to pay tribute to the victims. the danish ambassador to the united states is here in "the situation room" with us. we will also hear from the top democrat on the house armed services committee. our correspondents and analysts are all standing by. let's begin with our pentagon
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correspondent, barbara starr. she has the very latest on isis the brutality and the response. >> reporter: good evening, wolf. the u.s. intelligence community across the administration looking at every single frame of this latest isis video, looking for any clues about the identity of the perpetrators any clues about exactly who is behind this. the brutal video, and we can only really show a still photo from it shows these men who are egyptian christians who came to libya looking for work they had been kidnapped some weeks ago, now paraded on to a beach, brutally murdered. the video showing about a dozen of the 21 men being beheaded. the video is catching a good deal of attention for a couple of reasons. one of the speakers on the video speaks very good very well-spoken english, not clear who he is his identity is if the u.s. intelligence community knows they are not saying.
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keep looking at that picture, wolf. once again, we see this now very repeated act of isis parading its victims out in orange jumpsuits. that is something the u.s. believes is isis' very pointed reference, if you will to the prisoners held at guantanamo bay that several years ago were in orange jumpsuits. the egyptian military weighing in today with those repeated air strikes against isis positions across the border inside libya, where this all happened. >> as you say, this happened in libya. to egyptians, so it clearly raises concerns that isis is expanding right now, doesn't it? >> reporter: it does wolf. libya in a very strategic position. consider the fact this all happened on the coastline of the mediterranean, just several hundred miles from italy. this now puts isis much more directly if you will into what could be considered you know a
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major approach to europe. so that is one concern. but over the last several weeks and months what has happened is isis now expanding, you can call it isis adherents. are they card-carrying member or central members of isis it may not really matter. you see in libya, yemen, as far away as afghanistan and pakistan far beyond their traditional stronghold in syria and then when they moved into iraq isis now, the ideology spreading and certainly the ability to recruit some number of people to their cause to engage in these acts. it's causing a lot of concern. >> certainly is. barbara, thank you. an exclusive new cnn opinion research poll shows voters here in the united states are very unhappy with the way president obama is handling the war on isis. let's go to our white house correspondent michelle kosinski. she's got the numbers for us. disturbing numbers for the president and officials at the white house. >> reporter: very interesting.
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what we see basically from these numbers is a country pretty much equally divided on whether or not people trust president obama as commander in chief. also a growing disapproval with how he's handling the biggest security issues and more americans open to sending ground troops. isis medieval in its brutality, shocks the world almost daily now with its executions of muslims, christians jews, including americans. americans in this latest cnn/orc poll are now increasingly disapproving of how the president is handling the fight against isis. 58% now feel it is going poorly up from 49% just in october. even among democrats, nearly half are not happy. despite the coalition response that's been lauded by the administration. >> we are taking out their commanders their fighters and their leaders.
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>> reporter: maybe because most americans feel it is actually not going well now there's less opposition to the u.s. potentially sending ground troops to battle isis. today, almost equally split on whether that would be a good idea. 47% of americans would like to send troops up from 43% in november. but that's something the president has been against from the beginning. last week asking congress to approve a new authorization for military force more tailored to isis. >> the united states should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the middle east. that's not in our national security interests and it's not necessary for us to defeat isil. local forces on the ground who know their countries best are best positioned to take the ground fight to isil and that's what they're doing. >> reporter: with the vast majority of americans, 8 in 10 do agree on is that congress should vote on what the long term fight against isis will look like. more bad news for the white house, according to these numbers.
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57% disapprove of how the president is handling foreign affairs in general. 54% of his handling of terrorism. and 64% disapprove of his handling of cybersecurity. wolf? >> not very good numbers for the president at this critical moment on these national security related issues. michelle thank you. we are also following breaking developments in the aftermath of a deadly terror attack in europe. we are just now learning the alleged gunman apparently pledged support to isis before heading off to attack a free speech rally, then a synagogue in denmark. our justice correspondent pamela brown is joining us live from copenhagen. what's the latest you are hearing about this gunman? >> reporter: well we are learning that just before the shootings here this past weekend, the suspect, who authorities say is omar al hussain, pledged allegiance or fidelity to the isis leader al baghdadi. he then according to authorities, went to a free
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speech event right behind me here opened fire. he killed one person and wounded three other policemen here. it's believed he was targeting the controversial artist lars vilks who had depicted the prophet muhammed with a dog, was put on al qaeda's ten most wanted list. he was able to escape. we have learned he's now in hiding. from here the suspect then went and apparently changed clothes and then went to a synagogue, opened fire there, where he killed one security guard outside of that synagogue. we know that he was killed in a shootout later after that synagogue shooting. but two people have been arrested two people who authorities say may have helped the suspect hide after the shootings. the investigation, very much ongoing here. >> i know you spoke to someone who was inside the synagogue at the time of the shooting. explain what you were told. >> reporter: just a horrifying experience for this woman we spoke to today. in fact her daughter was
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celebrating her bats mitsviah in the synagogue. she said one moment they're dancing, having a great time and then the security guard runs in says turn the music off, go to the basement to the safe room. she says it was chaos. for two hours straight they didn't know what was going on. she knew the security guard who was shot and killed. here's what she said today. >> all i could think about was of course dan and his family and how are we going to show our gratitude and yeah. so it was scary and it was a very violent experience as you would say in danish. >> reporter: i asked her after this experience does this make her want to leave denmark, as we heard others say. she said no she says i'm danish and proud to be danish.
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wolf? >> we will get back to you. horrible situation in copenhagen unfolding. thanks very much pamela brown. with us now in "the situation room," the top democrat of the house armed services committee, congressman adam smith of washington state. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. when you see an attack like the one we have just seen in copenhagen this weekend, going after some journalists, if you will then going to a synagogue, are you concerned about something like this potentially happening here? certainly has the feeling of a copycat attack that occurred in paris, now copenhagen. how worried are you? >> that's what we have long been worried about is all the foreign fighters that have gone to syria and iraq primarily, but libya as well to fight on behalf of isis and then would they return home. now, europe's in a different situation. the numbers are much much higher of people who have left europe to go fight for isis and then go back so they've got a bigger problem in that regard.
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but yes, i think it's our number one security concern in the u.s. right now is being concerned about people who support isis either who have been over there and come back or who simply pledge allegiance to them. i know our security forces in this country are tracking that very closely. >> how do you feel with a want-to-be terrorist say inspired because of a copycat or whatever something he or she might read on the internet? how do you deal with these kind of individuals? >> you need good intelligence and good law enforcement. in both the case in paris and the case in copenhagen the individual was known to law enforcement. at least that's what has been reported. so i think you need to do a better job of getting to these people before they act. but they do leave trails. you can find them. whether it's because they have been in these countries, stuff that's posted on the internet intelligence that's available, that's the way you deal with it you try to find them before they commit these types of acts. but it's not easy.
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you are absolutely right about that. >> we have heard some of your colleagues in the house and the senate suggest to us congressman, that isis may now be moving beyond the inspirational, aspirational i should say, aspirational element, desiring to go after a u.s. homeland target but may be actually getting involved in a specific plot. is there evidence that you have come across pointing to specific evidence of a plot or sleeper cells, something along those lines? >> not that i have seen. no. >> but this is the great concern that you have and other law enforcement, homeland security officials have? >> i mean there's two levels to the concern. one is an al qaeda 9/11 type attack where it's plotted, planned and planned, they send in the people to commit the attack. the other which is you know more difficult to deal with in some ways is the lone wolf. the person who is individually motivated in the u.s. acting out. so tracking both of those is of
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topmost concern to law enforcement. >> i want you to stand by congressman. we have much more to discuss, including these latest poll numbers, as far as the american public is concerned.
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in our new exclusive cnn/orc poll americans give president obama poor marks for handling the situation with isis as well as the overall war against terror. we are back with the top democrat on the house armed services committee, representative adam smith. these numbers are not very
2:18 pm
encouraging for the president right now, congressman. the latest poll numbers show 57% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of foreign affairs. 54% disapprove of his handling of terrorism. 57% disapprove of the way he's handling isis. what does he need to do to get a majority of americans to think he's doing the right thing? >> well i think first of all, to clearly and comprehensively explain his strategy. one of the other poll numbers you mentioned earlier was the number of people who think we ought to send ground troops which i think would be the exact wrong approach. that would empower isis. that would have them fighting off western invaders which would i think add to their appeal. what we need to do is what the president has outlined build support amongst sunni arabs in the region to fight that fight and support them. now, i think we were a little slow to do that in syria. i have been arguing for some time we should have been supporting the moderates there,
2:19 pm
the people who were not backing isis the free syria movement and others. but i think more than anything he just needs to explain that strategy consistently and show a commitment to it. i am worried that we will think that because things aren't going well military force must be the answer. i think we learned in iraq and in afghanistan that there's a limit to what u.s. military force can do in terms of reshaping a nation in the muslim world. we need muslim allies. that's what we have to work on. >> because that poll number you mentioned, i was surprised when i saw it as well. should the u.s. send ground troops to fight isis 47% favor it 50% oppose. that's almost an even split right now. you say the u.s. should not send ground troops. are you with the president on the language he submitted to congress last week for military authorization to go ahead and fight this war? >> i think it's a good start. i want to make sure it's not too open-ended. this president is only going to be in office for a little less than two years so another
2:20 pm
president will have this authority as well. so we can't simply rely on what president obama has said he's going to do. we have already seen how the 2001 aumf was expanded beyond what was imagined at that time. i'm worried about the language about associated forces but i think overall, putting a time limit on it and putting a limit on the use of ground troops makes sense. and i think congress should give the president the authority in this fight. but we have to do it in a way that makes sense and is not unlimited. >> let's see if the republicans and democrats can get together because this is the sort of strange situation the republicans want to give the president more military authority, the democrats want to restrain that military authority on a democratic president. it's a little unusual. we will get back to that. i want to turn to the video released over the weekend, horrible video of isis showing the murder of 21 egyptian christians in libya. this is just brutal the way these individuals, these
2:21 pm
egyptian christians who had gone to libya to work were simply beheaded most of them by these isis terrorists. what should the u.s. do as far as expanding air strikes right now not only in syria and in iraq against isis but maybe to include libya? would you be in favor of that? >> if we had targets. if we had clear targets to hit, i think we should. i think also we need to work very closely with egypt as an ally. i know egypt has been very actively involved in libya trying to turn back isis as well. again, we need to work with our allies. we need a united front amongst the countries in that region who frankly, you know are far more threatened by isis directly than we are. we mentioned at the top of the show here that the concerns and they are real in the u.s. and they are real in europe but by far, the most carnage that's being caused by isis is being caused in the muslim world. so we need them to unite against isis and put together a cohesive
2:22 pm
coalition to fight them. we had a meeting with king abdullah of jordan they are very committed to it. egypt is committed to it. we need to build on that and build solid coalition. >> congressman smith, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up after a string of deadly shootings targeting european jews there are new concerns about a rising wave of anti-semetism with one expert warning it's as bad as any time since world war ii. and 50 million americans are now facing dangerous wintry weather. we will have the latest forecast as the snow and ice move in. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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deadly shooting in a danish synagogue. authorities are monitoring a dangerous and troubling trend across europe a rise in anti-semitic attacks that some experts say is the worst they have seen since world war ii. our senior international correspondent is joining us now. she has been tracking this story from london. what is the latest? >> reporter: well wolf european jewish associations and watchdogs have been warning for months now about this rising tide of anti-semetism but the worry is that those numbers are and could continue to spike even further. take a look at this. flowers and fear as a synagogue turned into a shooting ground. the terror attack in denmark coming just weeks after the deadly siege at a kosher market in paris. jewish leaders say they want the world to know these are not isolated incidents.
2:28 pm
antisemitism is on the rise in europe with a chilling increase in attacks that may be worse than at any time since the holocaust. >> there is no question that we have never seen since the end of the second world war a spate of antisemitism like this even hitler would be surprised. >> reporter: in france the number of anti-semitic attacks doubled in 2014 from the year before and so far this year attacks have ranged from cold-blooded murders to acts of vandalism like the desecration of a jewish cemetery just last week. in belgium, denmark, austria, germany and britain, watchdog groups report disturbing spikes in antisemitism. some of the most brutal attacks have been linked to islamic terrorists. the gunman behind the 2012 shooting at the jewish school in france claiming ties to al qaeda. the suspect in a deadly shooting at a museum in belgium last year fought with isis in syria.
2:29 pm
>> we know that when terrorism is in the word the jews are in danger. >> reporter: within hours of the synagogue attack in denmark, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu renewed a controversial call for jews to leave europe and move to israel to protect their lives. >> translator: i would like to tell all the european jews and all jews wherever they are, israel is the home of every jew. >> reporter: now, thousands of emigrees have already left europe for israel but this latest invitation by prime minister netanyahu has actually been met with dismay by many european jewish associations who say it's putting the onus on the jewish community to flee the violence rather than on their home governments to protect them from it. >> amid this recent spate of violence israel's prime minister you just heard him, benjamin netanyahu is speaking out telling jews to leave europe
2:30 pm
and come quote, home to israel. our global affairs correspondent elise labott is joining us from jerusalem with more on this part of the story. elise, give us the reaction. tell us what's going on over there, to what's going on in europe. >> reporter: well wolf prime minister netanyahu said israel is waiting for the jews with open arms and he's putting his money where his mouth is. the israeli cabinet has taken up a $46 million plan to encourage europeans to emigrate. his comments echoed what he said after recent attacks in paris on that kosher grocery. netanyahu is increasingly facing criticism, irritation, even, from european political and jewish leaders. the prime minister of denmark said danish jews are a strong part of society. the chief rabbi of copenhagen saying he was disappointed by those remarks. leaders in france also slamming him. president hollande saying jews have an important place in europe and in france.
2:31 pm
>> we know the israeli elections are scheduled for march 17 h. a lot of political analysts in israel say what the prime minister has been saying not only as far as european jury is concerned but what he's saying about president obama and the deal that could be in the works as far as iran's nuclear program, a lot of it is aimed at domestic politics trying to get re-elected. give us some perspective on that. >> reporter: certainly the french prime minister accused him of campaign politics and it's not really going over well in israel either. you will notice netanyahu is hitting those themes that speak to his strengths on security issues the danger posed by iran as you said by islamic extremism, former israeli president peres even blasting netanyahu yesterday for exploiting these attacks against jewish targets, saying listen jews should emigrate to israel out of love for the country and the jewish faith, not out of fear. it's also worth noting that jews here increasingly victims of these lone wolf attacks. people are being run over
2:32 pm
waiting for a train. you have that terrible synagogue stabbing last summer. of course israel is always under threat of rocket fire from hamas and hezbollah. all around really right now at this sensitive time netanyahu's argument is falling a bit flat. >> elise labott thank you. let's get some more now. joining us in "the situation room" the danish ambassador to the united states. mr. ambassador, thanks very much for joining us. tell us what you can about this suspect who is now dead the shooter in this case who went to this free speech luncheon if you will going after journalists in denmark and copenhagen and then a few hours later, attacked this synagogue. what do we know about this individual? >> this is a 22-year-old person who was born and raised in denmark. he is of arab ethnicity, citizenry and has been known by police for a long time but not as an extremist, more as a
2:33 pm
violent person who has carried out violence and gang problems in denmark. he was just released a couple weeks before the attacks this weekend from prison and it seems that he might have been radicalized while in prison. >> while in prison radicalized to become a jihadist you mean? >> at least an extremist who wants to carry out violence for political purposes. >> he was in prison for stabbing someone with a knife, right? he served his time, so what you're suggesting is while he's in prison some group or individual or whatever inspired him to go out and go after this danish cartoonist and then go after the synagogue where one security guard was murdered? >> police are still investigating what was motive behind this. it's getting too far out to start speculating too much but there's no doubt he was just a normal criminal and suddenly he became an extremist. as you said in your beginning,
2:34 pm
he targeted a free speech gathering. >> because the cartoonist years ago had drawn a picture, a negative picture of the prophet muhammed. >> a couple hours later, he went to the danish synagogue in the center of copenhagen. >> it sounds like it was similar to what happened in paris a few weeks earlier going after the magazine in paris, then going after the jewish supermarket. >> exactly. it looks as if he might have been inspired by those attacks there and wanted to carry out something similar. >> there are two other individuals, alleged accomplices, who have also been picked up by danish police. tell us about them. >> what i know is that they have been picked up by danish police and they are investigated for helping him out in some way to give him a safe place and maybe also to provide him with a weapon. but there is still an investigation -- >> do they have any political or religious motivations or are they just gang members or common criminals? do you know anything about these
2:35 pm
two accomplices? >> no i don't know. >> they are in jail for ten days as this investigation goes forward, presumably we will be learning a lot more. i have been to copenhagen. it's a beautiful city. denmark is a beautiful country. how surprised are you about these kinds of attacks now, because it goes against the grain of everything we have always thought of in denmark. >> that's exactly right. but i think we have to realize that this has been something we have been trying to avoid for a long time. we had our crisis back almost ten years ago and this meant that we suddenly became a target for extremism and terrorism. we have seen attempts before in denmark against cartoonists and others who have exercised free speech and freedom of expression. and this was just the first time that an attack actually was somewhat successful. we have to remember the danish police actually avoided -- the
2:36 pm
gunman got into the cafe and did damage but didn't get into the synagogue because police were in place and drove him back. >> how concerned are you about the safety of the jewish community in denmark? >> of course we are very concerned when an attack like this is carried out. we have a very very long tradition of well integrated jewish community in denmark. they have been there for centuries. we all remember the rescue of the jews back in the second world war. we see them as jewish danes, actually. therefore, as my prime minister has said we will do everything we can to protect this minority in denmark, as anybody else would. >> i spoke earlier today with the former chief rabbi of denmark who was very upset that the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, is now saying publicly leave denmark, leave france to the jewish communities there, and come to israel. i want you are the representative of denmark to the united states, you are the ambassador. do you want to react to the israeli prime minister what he's saying? >> i can only react to what the
2:37 pm
danish jews the jewish danes are doing. i think they should stay in denmark if they feel safe. we will do what we can to take away any fear they have. if they want to go to israel because they want to live in israel they should go there. but it shouldn't be because of fear or anything else. >> well said. mr. ambassador good luck to you. good luck to all the people of denmark. appreciate your joining us. >> thank you so. . >> thank you so much. denmark's ambassador to the united states. coming up at least 50 million americans are getting pounded by snow ice and dangerous cold including large parts of the country that are not necessarily used to all this horrible winter weather. a happy birthday celebration for the so-called dear leader. does that spell trouble for north korea's current leader?
2:38 pm
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50 million americans are facing more extreme winter weather tonight as a monster storm with frozen rain heavy snowfalls and wind chills bear down on more than a dozen states from the south to the northeast, shutting down travel and causing major power outages. our senior washington correspondent joe johns is joining us from a salt depot nearby alexandria virginia just outside washington, d.c. workers preparing for a wintry assault. what's the latest there? >> reporter: as you can see, wolf it's really coming down
2:43 pm
here. we are at the mega-salt facility on the beltway in alexandria. we have been watching the trucks coming and going, picking up salt. in fact here in northern virginia something like 3800 trucks are moving around on both the major thoroughfares and many of the side streets, but there's a serious problem out here. among other things people are expecting light traffic because it's a holiday weekend. there's quite a bit of traffic out there. one of the drivers just came by and told us tell people to stay off the roads. the other problem, of course is the temperature. the chemicals that they're putting down magnesium along with salt work best around 20 degrees and above. the last time i checked, it was something like 16 14 degrees, depending where you're standing. so difficult problem. the snow appears to be accumulating even right here on the beltway right next to the big salt pile. the best advice from that driver stay off the roads if
2:44 pm
you can in the washington/baltimore area and ride this thing out. wolf? >> they are already starting to close some of the schools tomorrow here in the d.c. area. let's get the latest forecast right now. our meteorologist jennifer gray is joining us from the cnn weather center. jennifer, how does it look? >> well we are looking at some freezing rain continuing across portions of tennessee, even north of downtown atlanta, northern metro areas getting reports of freezing and some icing on some of the higher elevations and the overpasses things like that. we are also looking at incredible amounts of snow across kentucky also moving into portions of virginia. we have actually broken records in kentucky this afternoon. so we are going to continue to see that icing event across eastern tennessee and that's going to push into north carolina. you are starting out with snow. it's going to end up with ice through the overnight hours so be very careful. try to stay off the roads. d.c. it is just beginning for you but you are in for a long night. it's going to still be there
2:45 pm
during the morning commute. look at all of these winter storm watches and warnings. the winter weather advisories all across the south. the ice accumulation is the most dangerous part of this wolf. charlotte, raleigh could pick up half an inch of ice, maybe more. that could possibly knock out power to people definitely icing on the roads. it is very dangerous. eight to ten inches of snow we are talking right around richmond d.c. could pick up several inches. new york city and boston also included in that could see two to four inches of snow. so timing this out, it is going to continue for the overnight icing around raleigh, north carolina. we are going to look at that into virginia. the snow continues, new york city by tomorrow morning, then it skirts by boston giving them a couple more inches by the time we get through tomorrow morning. >> jennifer thanks very much. i want to show our viewers a live picture we are getting in from interstate 81 in southwest virginia right now. take a look at this. see what's going on there. that storm, that's moving
2:46 pm
through virginia it's going to be heading our way, into washington, d.c. and elsewhere. so it's pretty brutal right now. these are live pictures coming in from interstate 81. we'll have much more on the weather coming up in our next hour. but coming up here in "the situation room," an epic birthday celebration in north korea but look behind the synchronized swimmers ice dancer and a lot more. you will see how the young leader of north korea, kim jong-un, is struggling to solidify his power. a gruesome new video from isis drawing a fierce round of air strikes. the latest on the fight against the brutal trar group.
2:47 pm
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they are celebrating in north korea. fireworks, military parades marking the birthday of kim judge ill. there are some concerns that the current leader does not necessarily have the same loyalty from his people. brian todd is here in "the situation room." he has been monitoring what's going on in north korea for us. >> the fireworks and grand display, they are meant to show everyone inside that country that the dynasty is still intact. tonight, there are growing doubts about whether kim jong-un has done enough to buy off his inner circle and solidify his power. the so-called day of the shining star began at midnight with fireworks. with military battalions gathering under the icon of mount pecto which north korea claims is the birthday of its late leader. they pounded third chests in a
2:52 pm
show of loyalty. state tv anchors could barely contain their emotions. north koreans celebrated the 73rd birthday of the so-called dear leader who died three years ago. as the skating and swimming exhibitions show the north korean regime is bent on keeping his cult of personality alive. his son kim jong-un paid tribute to his father at his mausoleum, an attempt to force feed the north korean people into thinking this dynasty has no cracks. >> with him being in a weaker position than his father and grandfather, it's more important that they re-validate that combination between the state, the regime the supreme leader being one being. >> why after three years in power has kim not been able to solidify his rule? >> he is a young man. there are real doubts about him,
2:53 pm
about his knowledge. there's an impulsive quality to him. he is trying to legitimatize his role on the family bloodlines. >> executing his uncle to inspire fear and loyalty and moving the nuclear program forward have boosted kim's standing within the regime. but the one thing he hasn't done yet is funnel enough money to north korea's inner circle of leadership. >> he is not able to bring in the money in the funding into the regime his position will get weaker and weaker. the royal economy, which is that part of the economy that is directly controlled by the kim family is not bringing in as much money as it did in the past. and he is having to expend a lot more funds in terms of largese to buy off loyalty. >> that so-called north korean royal economy does consist of some legitimate exports like building statues for dictators
2:54 pm
in africa. but also it consists of the smuggling of heroin counterfeit american dollars and weapons. the proceeds are thought to have always gone straight into the pockets of north korea's leaders. now that sanctions have tightened, there's not as much of that money coming in. he has had to spend more than his father to buy off those closest to him. >> they have remodeled his plane, right? >> that's right. the north koreans have sent out pictures of him sitting in his newly remodeled plane. they issued aid photo of him with a cigarette on his phone looking out the foetwindow. you can see the paneling leather seats, curtain. he took a flight to view some of the new constructions this weekend. one analyst says he has been frightened to fly outside of north korea out of fear a coup will be staged against him.
2:55 pm
>> we will see if he flies to moscow with that plane. he will make that first trip as early as may. thanks very much. 50 million americans, facing more snow and ice as a very dangerous storm tears across the south and northeast. we are bringing you live pictures. this is interstate 81. you can barely see what's going on. traffic backed up bare barely moving. problems the storm is causing. a story we are following. a new beheading video. a deadly attack in a european capital as the threat from eeisis extends.
2:56 pm
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happening now, icy blast. 50 million americans are in the path of a brutal winter storm, sending parts of the east coast with up to a foot of snow and killing cold. anti-isis forces launch a second wave of air strikes in retaliation for a mass beheading. the terrorists extending their reach in the middle east and making more enemies. drone danger. the feds take a big step toward allowing thousands more remotely controlled aircraft in the skies potentially racing the risk of deadly crashes with passenger planes. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." tonight a massive new storm is hammering millions of americans, reaching into areas that have
3:01 pm
gotten off easily this winter. snow freezing rain ice and bitter cold from oklahoma to south carolina and up to new jersey. we're getting hit here in the washington, d.c. area this hour. also breaking a second round of air strikes against isis striking isis training camps, weapons and other targets in libya. egypt is escalating its roll in the roll against the terrorists after the slaughter of 21 egyptian christians by isis. our correspondents and analysts are covering isis and the weather emergency. first let's go to joe johns, where the crews are working to keep roads and highways open. joe, it's coming down where you are. >> reporter: it certainly is wolf. you look behind me this is the mega-salt facility in alexandria virginia. the trucks are taking the salt out on the roads. the big story is all the
3:02 pm
traffic, on a federal holiday in a snowstorm. people are still driving. the truck drivers are begging them to get off the road. this is a very serious situation. in many parts of the south and the east it's just getting started. freezing cold temperatures mixed with heavy snow and ice taking aim mostly at the south. more than 50 million people under winter storm warnings stretching from missouri through south carolina, making driving conditions treacherous. in kentucky a tow truck driver gets stuck as others try to make it home. >> it's okay if you maintain. but if you speed, you know you can't get nowhere fast but prayers. >> i'm trying to get home. i had a blowout on the freeway. >> reporter: richmond virginia bracing for more than a foot of snow. from little rock arkansas to memphis, cars covered in ice. charlotte, north carolina was expecting snow first, then half an inch of ice.
3:03 pm
both the city and county government closing early to get people home before the worst of it hit the area. >> we have been meeting and talking on the phone since yesterday to ensure that we have a good coordinated rollout and strategy to deal with a very very unique cold situation across our state. it's ironic this is the same time we had the major storm last year. it's a different type of storm. >> reporter: on the end of a long weekend that coincided with valentine's day and president's day, air travellers trying to get home were also being affected. charlotte's busy airport put its snow and ice control plan into affect. in nashville, southwest airlines canceled all arrivals and departures. three to seven inch of snow are forecast there in the next 24 hours. a state of emergency declared here in the commonwealth of virginia. the same at 7:00 tomorrow eastern time in the district of columbia. the biggest problem of all for the people trying to treat these
3:04 pm
roads is the temperature. they use magnesium as well as salt. but it doesn't work as well until you get above 20 degrees. we are far from that right now. wolf? >> joe johns outside of washington, d.c. in alexandria virginia. look at this live pictures from interstate 81. look at that. it's basically whiteout conditions over there not from roanoke, virginia. it's getting worse. it's getting worse by the half hour shall we say. richmond, virginia -- let me go up to richmond virginia. it's part of the bulls eye. it's awful down there near roanoke. what's going on where you are? >> reporter: we are working our way north. you can see the snow is really starting to come down here wolf. this is an area that's not used to the amount of snow that is expected. we are talking about a historic
3:05 pm
storm. you can see it's already piling up on the ground here. if you pan down you can see an inch maybe two inches already on the ground here. that could make for really treacherous road conditions. by the time this is all over in about 12 to 14 hours from now, wolf we're talking about up to 14 inches of snow on the ground. that would put this in the top ten of all time snowfalls. we're talking records that go back to 1897. that's how big of a deal this is. we're already seeing cars going off the roads. we saw i-85 shut down in one direction because of what appears to be an accident involving a semi. people around here tell us they are not used to driving in these conditions. so hazardous road conditions with one thing. there are 12,000 pieces of equipment ready at mobilized. joe johns mentioned the state of emergency which puts national guard on standby ready to respond. there's concern about potential power outages under the weight of what's expected the
3:06 pm
snowfall. that could be a big problem with the very cold temperatures. we're talking temperatures below 30 degrees below normal for this time of the year in the 20 degree range, maybe into the teens overnight. it's not expected to be above freezing until possibly saturday wolf. >> be careful over there. she's not far from richmond. let's get more now on this dangerous storm and where it's heading. jennifer gray is joining us from the cnn severe weather center. how does it look? >> it's looking bad, as of right now, where you see pink. that's the ice. that makes travel nearly impossible. we're seeing ice as far south as northern metro atlanta. the winter weather advisories have been extended south. we are getting icing on trees, power lines and overpasses in northern portions of metro. we're looking at the ice continuing in eastern tennessee, moving into north carolina. starting out as snow but it's
3:07 pm
going to change over as we go throughout the overnight hours. here is atlanta, mainly rain. see the ice that's just north of the perimeter. as we head into north carolina we are going to see high snowfall amounts, but the ice is what is going to be the big story. we could see half an inch of ice around are araleigh, d.c. it's all snow. we could see up to eight inches in the d.c. area by tomorrow morning. anywhere from greenville charlotte to raleigh, very dangerous. stay off the roads if at all possible. then we talk about the snow component. eight to ten inches around richmond dc you are looking up to eight inches. new york city two to four inches by tomorrow morning. then three tuesday, boston yep, you are going to get more snow. two to four inches which isn't a lot. but when you talk about boston we know they have had much more snow than they want. any more snow is just insult to injury. here is the timing -- let's time
3:08 pm
this out. raleigh, monday 10:00, tonight, all ice. it's going to be very dangerous driving through tomorrow morning. this is rush hour raleigh in the ice, d.c. still in the snow. new york city could be getting snow tomorrow morning. boston you are going to get brushed by this tomorrow afternoon as well. before it pushes on out. it's going to stay very very cold wolf. we have been talking about the temperatures windchills. it feels like two in boston 12 in new york. d.c. you feel like eight degrees right now. the cold temperatures are going to say in place for several more days wolf. >> jennifer gray thanks for the forecast. joining us is the mayor of washington, d.c. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> your first major crisis. >> we have had a few snow events. >> nothing like this. >> nothing like this. and we have been out since 3:00 p.m. with over 200 pieces of equipment on the ground getting
3:09 pm
ready for the snow. >> what are you bracing for in the district of columbia? forget about montgomery county and suburbs of maryland and virginia. what about d.c.? >> what the forecasts say is we could get up to eight inches and it can -- it started a little after 4:00. pe ex we expect it to snow through the night. we have had crews out treating the roads. we will put plows down when we get accumulations to get ahead of this for tomorrow. >> look at this live picture. this is i-81 south of roanoke, virginia. not all that far away from where we are here in the nation's capital. i don't know if you are bracing for this. if it's this have you closed schools, for example? or you haven't made that decision? >> where he goe are going to go on a call to see what the conditions are. we expect to be able to make some decisions, either before bedtime, 10:00 or 11:00 news -- >> you have to let the parents know. >> just as soon as possible. >> prince george's county they have closed schools tomorrow.
3:10 pm
>> you know we want to be able to open if we can. but we have to have the roads, sidewalk conditions safe for the children. >> who makes that decision? >> and for personnel. i do. >> that's a lot of responsibility. >> it's a huge responsibility. more than that we want to also make decisions around whether we're going to be able to provide services of our government. >> the federal government they have to decide also if they're going to have liberal leave policy as they say. shut down big chunks of the federal government in the d.c. area. >> we have been very cooperative with the region. the office of personnel management gets on the call with us at 7:00 and at 9:00 p.m. what's important also in addition to the snow is dangerously cold as you know. we're asking all of our residents to look out for each other and call our 211 if they see people that need help and be safe. >> homeless people in the streets, some them don't want to go to shelters. >> yes. we have all of our partner providers out making sure that
3:11 pm
people have access to our warming centers, shelter if they need it. also elderly neighbors or people who might live without adequate heat. >> are you concerned about losing power? that would be a huge distant. >> it looks like the snow we have coming our way is the light snow. we're not expecting a mix. should conditions change and we get a heavier, icier snow that's when we become more concerned about power. >> i have lived in this area for a long time. d.c. has a problem in that at least my experience over the years -- you are not responsible. they can clear big streets, massachusetts, wisconsin, northwest washington those streets get clear. but the small streets, they suffer tremendously if there's eight inches of snow. it takes a long time to clear the side streets. >> we expect it's going to take a couple of days to dig out, especially since the temperatures are going to remain
3:12 pm
cold. so we're asking our residents to be patient. but i have talked to our entire snow team. my expectation is of course we're going to get to the major commute routes. but we are going to get in residential neighborhoods so people can have expectation of getting out of their neighborhoods as well. >> mayor, this is your first big snow crisis. good luck to you. >> thanks. >> appreciate it very much, the nut new mayor of washington, d.c. let's check in with another city baring a brunt of the storm. what's it like louisville kentucky? >> depending on where you live in our county you get between six and 11 inches which is very unusual for our city. it's a top five record snow for us. >> so you don't remember a time when you are going to hit like this is that what i'm hearing? >> it's been ten years since we had something this significant. we only get less than two feet a
3:13 pm
year for the entire season. >> are you ready for this? >> absolutely. we have about 2,700 miles that we're responsible for plowing. and we're on our third pass of those. >> what about power shortages? we heard from the mayor of washington, d.c. she's not all that concerned because this is a light snow. how is the snow louisville? >> to give her some idea of what we got, we also got that light powdery snow. it was a big break. none of the ice that some other cities are getting. and we have had about 100 homes affected so far today by power outages. >> what do you need most in order to get through this crisis? >> well our main thorough fairs to be clear, people not walking along those areas so we can plow them. because as the mayor of washington indicated, we have bitter cold coming. what we can't get plowed off today is going to sit up like rocks in the next couple of rocks. >> you have shuthave you shut down
3:14 pm
schools? >> today and tomorrow. >> doug hamilton chief of public services in louisville. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it very much. we will stay on top of the story. other news we're following, including a any air assault against isis. anti-terror forces are collapsing on another important battleground. new information about the suspect in the copenhagen terror attacks and his possible connection to isis. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because
3:15 pm
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3:18 pm
tonight, new fire power in the war against isis. egypt launching air strikes to make them pay for the mass beheading of egyptian christians. it's more horrific proop proof
3:19 pm
that isis is deepening its reach beyond syria and iraq. let's go to barbara starr. she has the latest. >> reporter: good evening. tonight, the u.s. intelligence community looking at every frame of this horrific video to see if there are any clues they can learn about who exactly the killers were. some of the isis hostages cry out, oh god, oh jesus, as they are pushed to their knees. a five-minute isis execution video with slick production multiple camera angles and utter brutality on a beach in libya. 21 men, egyptian christians who came to libya looking for work killed. the video shows at least a dozen beheaded. one mass jihadi in well-spoken english. >> you have seen him. >> reporter: his english raising questions about who he is and where he is from.
3:20 pm
in egypt, christians in mourning. the president responding with air strikes inside libya against what egypt says are isis training camps. isis however, achieving one of its goals, using violence to get attention. >> terrorism is political theater. they know how to create spectacle to get into the media. that's why we're talking about it today. >> reporter: the video raising concern that isis capabilities are now spreading across the region. >> isis is clearly in communication with others who have taken on the isis name and the isis brand. not just in libya but elszewhere in the islamic world. >> reporter: also in yemen, afghanistan and pakistan far from strongholds in syria and iraq. for the u.s. iraq remains the top priority right now where still fragile iraqi security forces are struggling to hold on. one iraqi tribal leader telling
3:21 pm
cnn that isis is gaining ground west of baghdad and predicting a collapse there of iraqi army units if tribal forces with draw. exactly what the white house doesn't want just as it is asking congress for new authority to fight the militants. >> our coalition is on the offensive. isil is on the defensive and isil is going to lose. >> reporter: even if the u.s. can push isis back out of iraq -- >> the big question mark in my mind is syria. just exactly how long is it going to take us to be able to confront isis in syria? if they have a safe haven there, they may continue to be trouble for a long time. >> reporter: now, u.s. officials believe this video may be different than some of the other execution videos isis has put out on social media. this time mass murder aimed really at christianity. there's a lot of concern about what this all means. the unanswered questions are,
3:22 pm
when did the executions actually take place? it's believed isis has had these hostages for some time. when did it take place? and why did isis decide now to release this video? wolf. >> important questions. barbara, thank you. also breaking right now, an isis connection to the newest acts of terror in europe. the alleged gunman in the deadly attacks in denmark actually pledged support to that terrorist group. pamela brown is in copenhagen. she's joining us live. you are hearing an alarming story, a post on a social media website. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, wolf. police had been saying they knew about this suspect because of his gang ties. but we're learning about his extremist ties as well. in fact right before the shooting he apparently pledged allegiance to isis on his social media page. for the first time tonight, the
3:23 pm
sound of apparent gunfire at a free speech event in copenhagen. bullets that left three dead. more than 20 shots in this audio obtained by bbc. cnn cannot authenticate the tape. with the shooter now dead police are focusing on two men they arrested who had allegedly helped the suspect. authorities tell cn this that man seen here in surveillance video video. he is under investigation, including any ties he may have had to extremism. in what appears to be a facebook posting just before the shooting, he declares his aleenl allegiance for the isis leader. >> he was known for criminal acts including violence. and he was also known to be linked to a criminal gang in copenhagen. >> reporter: investigators believe he was targeting a dane
3:24 pm
us artist put on a most wanted list by al qaeda after he drew a cartoon of the profit mohammed. the 22-year-old alleged shooter did not kill him saturday and fled the scene. hours later, police say he opened fire at a jewish synagogue, killing a 37-year-old security guard and wounding two more officers before again evading police. this man was inside the synagogue celebrating her daughter's bot mits have a. >> we ran to the basement. >> reporter: the security guard saved their lives. >> once i learned what had happened -- i'm sorry. all i could think about was, of course dan and his family and how are we going to show our
3:25 pm
gratitude? >> reporter: tonight, police are trying to figure out what exactly motivated him. one former schoolmate says it's clear. >> well it didn't come as a surprise for us really. you know he expressed his radical views in the classroom. but to take action from saying them inside the classroom, that's the surprising element of it i think. >> reporter: he got out of jail just a couple of weeks ago, according to national radio. there are indications he was radicalized in jail. people we have been speaking to on the ground here say there is a growing trend of criminals involved with gangs spilling over into jihadism. >> a disturbing trend. thanking pamela brown. as the war against terror threats to new fronts our new in n poll shows americans are increasingly unhappy with the president's response to isis as well as the war on terror.
3:26 pm
michelle kosinski has the poll numbers for us. tell our viewers what you know. akio >> reporter: you see a country divided as whether they trust the press. this growing inging disapproval over how he is handling the issues. 58% say they feel the war against isis is going badly. that's up from 49% just in october. among democrats, half are not happy. also, a majority disapprove of how the president is handling foreign affairs in general. terrorism and even cyber security. >> what about ground troops the possible deployment of u.s. combat ground troops? how do the american people feel about that? >> reporter: that's one of the most interesting things. as you see this grows disapproval, you also see among the respondents, more americans open to using ground troops in
3:27 pm
they had that choice. 47% agree with that idea. 50% approve, that's up from 43% in favor of ground troops just a couple of months ago. president obama, of course, staunchly opposes the use of ground troops. when he submitted just the other week this request for the authorization of the use of military force against isis to congress he ruled out long-term use of ground troops in combat but didn't rule them out all together. that's up for debate once congress takes this on wolf. >> thanks very much michelle kosinski at the white house where the snow is coming down. let's get more with our experts. joining us is philip mudd a former cia official our cnn intelligence and security analyst bob baer a former cia operative, retired lieutenant colonel james reese and our law enforcement analyst, fomtom fuentes. the suspect in this denmark
3:28 pm
shooting is dead. but two accomplices -- potential accomplices, alleged accomplices are being held right now. where does this investigation move especially now that he posted before this incident his loyalty to isis? >> wolf the first place it moves is to the two additional people that they are investigating as to whether they provided support to him, knew of the plot in advance and helped him carry it out or at least provided a safe haven for him. and whether others are involved and whether it's connected to the other attacks directly or indirectly in paris and the groups in belgium and to the united states. they are trying to look at who is involved. >> would the fbi normally help the danish in a situation like this? >> yeah. the fbi opened there in 1999. going back the plot to go after the newspaper in copenhagen was being planned for by a man who
3:29 pm
coordinated a mum buy. he made trips to the newspaper, surveilled it sketched out how they would do the attack. so that goes back to 2008 and '09 in that time frame. >> phillip mud, the gunman in denmark who is dead may have been inspired by what happened in paris a few weeks ago, the kouachi brothers going on the attack against the charlie"charlie hebdo" magazine and then amedy coulibaly going on the attack at the kosher super mashtmarket in paris. this looks similar to copenhagen. >> that's right. i don't think we should say may have been inspired. i would be surprised if he wasn't inspired. when i catch cases like this at the agency overseas and at the fbi, domestic cases across america, there's not only an operational bridge for a suspect to cross between thinking about an act of violence and conducting it there's an
3:30 pm
emotional bridge. it takes a great deal of energy for someone to finally decide that murder is appropriate. i think what might have happened in this case is what i witness in other cases. this individual in denmark watches the french case and looks in the mirror and says if i don't act now, if i don't act on my idea that what happens in paris is appropriate, am a coward? am i not willing to accept i have a role in attacking the west? what might have happened in paris is sort of the switch that encouraged this individual to cross that emotional bridge from considering an attack to actually conducting an attack. >> what about that bob baer? could this attack the attack in paris, now the attack in copenhagen inspire other would-be terrorists maybe even here in the united states. >> phil is right. this is a copycat attack. but what struck me is that he didn't swear allegiance on facebook until he was ready to pull the trigger. these people know that the fbi
3:31 pm
and intelligence are looking at facebook all the time twitter, trying to run these contexts down. they are getting more cautious. the question is, where did he get the weapon? it sounds like it was a pistol. there's so many weapons in europe missing from the military they cross over to something bigger. this is law enforcement's worst nightmare is a lone wolf inspired knows how to use guns knows what the targets are, finds his guidance off the internet and doesn't show his hand. these guys are really hard to catch. >> what do you do colonel reese, about these individuals? no known formal ties to isis or al qaeda or any other terrorist group. they get inspired and go out there and do what they have done. how do you deal with this? >> well wolf one place we have to find is where is the origin of these aspects coming to a place where they are getting inspired? right now, we have seen several
3:32 pm
places where to the coulibaly people. this is nothing new. we have seen this inspiration come from all different sides of radicalism whether islam or others that we see here in the states at times. >> tom fuentes, i have heard this a lot that sometimes a gang member goes to jail -- in this particular case this individual this suspect was in jail for stabbing someone, serving time and becomes radicalized while in prison. you have heard that? >> it's common here in the united states. we have had people get radicalized. it's happened a lot. not only that they join a gang -- they get brought into some organization. in some cases another gang. in some cases it's a religious organization some cases christian, some cases extreme islam. we have seen that. >> i want everybody to stand by, because we have more to go through. we're getting new video of a
3:33 pm
train derailment right now. look at this. a state of emergency now in two counties. we will tell you what we know. look at the pictures that are coming in to "the situation room" right now. wow. more on this when we come back. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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did you get a picture of that? >> take a look at that. look at that fire. look at the plume of smoke. these images coming into "the situation room." cxs train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded in west virginia. this happened 1:30 p.m. eastern as cnn affiliate wsaz was recording an interview. this is video as it happened. tonight, people are being kept out of their homes in the area. one home is reported destroyed. so far, no one is dead. let's hope it stays that way. a dozen of the train's 109 cars came off the track, some spilling oil into a river used for drinking water in west
3:39 pm
virginia. we don't know why that train derailed. take a look at this video. it's really really disturbing. there's a state of emergency we're told in two west virginia counties right now because of this train derailment with that explosion and all of that oil spilling. more information and get you updated on that. let's get back to our terrorism analysts. philip mudd this video that was released by isis over the weekend depicting the murder -- the beheading of 21 egyptian christians, what possibly could motivate isis to not only go ahead and execute these egyptian christians who went to libya to look for work but then to promote it on their website and do a fancy video about it? >> boy, there are a couple of things u.s. need to think about. they think they are
3:40 pm
representatives of the true faith defending the faith from threat. if you look across the middle east in yemen, it's defending against the shia houthis. in iraq defending against the shia government in baghdad. in syria, it's defending against the iranian backed assad. in libya, defending against people they will portray as christians coming in. they are trying to persuade people to join them because they are the defenders from their own perspective of the true faith. one other quick point. that is we think of these as religious radicals. when i watch cells in the united states and overseas you should think of this as a cult culture. it's a very tight knit group of leaders who persuade each other that these acts of violence are not only appropriate, they are required by the faith. this combination of religious motivation with this tight-knit almost cull-like group of leaders leads to this group conducting acts of violence like thechristians.
3:41 pm
the >> the egyptians saying they will get revenge for the beheading of the egyptian christians. bob baer the president is getting poor marks on his handling of the war on terror and against isis. i spoke to the top democrat congressman adam smith of washington state. listen to what he said to me. the latest poll numbers show 57% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of foreign affairs, 54% disapprove of his handling of terrorism, 57% disapprove of the wait he handling isis. what does he need to do to get a majority of americans to think he is doing the right thing? >> well i think, first of all to clearly and xrencomprehensively explain his strategy. >> what do you think about that? >> well wolf let's don't forget last year he called isis the jv team of terrorism.
3:42 pm
he is completely mysticaliscalculated the thread. he miscalculated it in iraq libya. he thought if we could keep hands off that this would go away. at times i did too. i thought it would collapse under its own weight. i was wrong. the president was wrong. he has to get a better intelligence team in there, the state department and the rest of the government to tell him what's going on. we have to deal with the reality of this which we all haven't quite grasped and get a new game plan. >> does he need to do a better job, colonel reezse in getting the strategy making it clear to the public? >> we talked about it for months. i believe -- again i say the center of gravity on this piece that the president is not speaking about is syria. that's the main stronghold for isis right now. i believe it's where their senior leaders are sitting. it's a save haven. we skirt around the issues of syria. until we figure that out, it's not going to ep hadhelp his numbers. >> stand by. more on the war or terror. new details of the powerful
3:43 pm
explosion this afternoon with the train derailed in west virginia. stand by for that as well. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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a state of emergency has been declared in two west virginia counties after a train hauling crude oil derailed and exploded this afternoon in fayette county west virginia.
3:48 pm
wsaz was recording an interview and caught the explosion as it happened. i want you to watch this. some of the derailed tank cars are spilling oil into a river used for drinking water in several west virginia county. the intake for the water supplies have been closed. people near the derailment are being kept out of their homes. at least one home is reported destroyed. we will stay on top of this story for our viewers. an awful situation there in west virginia. we are following developments as the federal government tries to cope with thed by drones.
3:49 pm
>> wolf u.s. airspace is about to look like never before. they are about to open the skies for drones to share the skies with passenger planes. the faa is making way for thousands more drones to take to the skies. the agency's new proposed rules would allow businesses like hazon solutions to fly unmanned aircraft. >> a lot of companies want to utilize them for the dangerous and dirty jobs. there's a lot of jobs done with human beings that are dangerous. >> reporter: the u.s. banned almost out outdoor flights but tliing inside our studio no problem. the head of the faa told cnn he predicts a booming industry with thousands of drones in the sky within years. >> this technology holds great promise and great potential. and that's something that's only going to continue to grow.
3:50 pm
. i don't think we fully know what the full scope of the use for unmanned aircraft is even at this point in time. >> reporter: the new proposal would allow unmanned aircraft weighs less than 5500 pounds up to 500 feet during the day. operators would have to get a license and keep the aircraft within sight. the line of sight requirement would prevent amazon's plans to deliver packages. but it's perfect for other companies, like inspecting electrical towers realtors farmers and even tv producers could send drones up. but safety is still a concern. just last month, a drone crashed on the white house lawn. and in 2014 there were more than 190 drones sighted near planes and at least two dozen caused near collisions. >> i don't know if it's a drone
3:51 pm
or a balloon. >> this rule lays out the fame work of what is allowed and what isn't. it doesn't in any way change that any use needs to operate safely within the national air space system. >> well the proposed rules are a huge step because it gets the ball rolling. but some businesses say it is still too restrictive. the rules that drones cannot be flown near crowds of people can only be flown during daylight and up to 500 feet. that simply limits what they can do with the technology. but just be mindful, we'll see these flying in the air next week. it will take two or three years before it's hashed out. >> thousands could be flying around the faa says, before you know it. rene, thank you very much. more on the awful train derailment and the huge explosion in west virginia.
3:52 pm
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so what happens when six cnn answer anchors compete against each other all in the sake of charity? tune in tonight on cnn's quiz show the presidents' edition. here's a behind-the-scenes look at the anchors sizing up their competition? it's rare that we're all together in one place so it's an interesting dynamic. jake tapper takes this game really seriously.
3:57 pm
>> martin van buren. >> that is correct. >> john quincy john berman you guys are going down. >> dead weight that's how i describe it. dead weight. >> and then there's don, the testosterone overlooked. >> looking out for cuomo, the fancy boy from the governor's mansion. >> what competition? >> the purpose of the question -- there is no competition. >> and joining us now, the host of the cnn quiz show our own anderson cooper. how much fun was this for you? >> it was a lot of fun. i was able to have fun. they were all nervous, understandably because their reputations are on the line. he was in the position of just asking the questions so i could -- and i could poke fun of them at the same time. >> and i'm sure you did. what surprised you the most? >> you know there's a lot of tough questions. i was surprised by how much
3:58 pm
presidential knowledge they actually had. i don't know to what level they studied, how they couldn't study, i've been on jeopardy a couple of times and it's not something that you could study for. since they knew it was going to be presidential trivia i'm sure they knew they were studying the presidential trivia books and i'm surprised at the vastness and the voracity of the questions. >> this is like the dumbed down celebrity edition of "jeopardy," which i was on. but there were tough ones. and i felt bad for a couple of anchors because sometimes one group seemed to get really easy questions and the next group got walloped with tough ones. it's fun to watch. the cause is for charity. it got pretty cut-throat.
3:59 pm
>> did you get the impression that these anchor teams did prepare, they did their homework? >> oh yeah. there's no doubt about it. i'm not sure all of them prepared but i think some of them prepared. but also look jake tapper is an american history major. john berman may have studied american history but he knows an awful lot of presidential trivia. those were the two pillars in terms of the competition but there's a lot of studying i think, going on. >> all right. looking forward to seeing it later on tonight. you'll have fun. let's see what happens. by the way anderson will be back in one hour at 8:00 p.m. and then "the cnn quiz show" is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. tweet me @wolfblitzer. be sure to join us again tomorrow.
4:00 pm
right here in "the situation room." watch us live or dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next egypt hammering isis with new air strikes after a brutal new video surfaces showing terrorists beheading christians. is this the turning point in the war against isis? and breaking news new information about the gunman in the deadly denmark terror attacks. what's his connection to isis and are there other plans in the works? plus a mother of four after a road rage incident. the hunt is on for her killer. let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm erin burnett. "outfront"


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