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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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egypt strikes terror targets in libya. denmark copes with the deadly aftermath of the shooting in copenhagen. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. you're watching cnn newsroom. ♪ ♪ we begin right now in egypt, where the army is deploying to help police secure roadways and other public areas in the nation. the move comes amid tightened security and a second wave of
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egyptian air strikes against isis targets in libya. >> these air strikes are in response to the murder of 21 egyptian christians by isis. mufti condemned it saying the blood is the same blood of muslims which belongs to the egyptian nation. militants in libya are threatening a harsh response. egypt's foreign minister says the planes targeted terrorists. >> the targets that were struck were the ten targets related to training and storage facilities for isis. these were surge cal strikes, based on very accurate intelligence and related to degrading the capabilities of isis in the city.
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there's been a statement that was careful not to create collateral damage by virtue of the timing and position of the strikes, and we are confident that it has substantially had its effect in degrading the capabilities of this terrorist organization. >> a short time ago, i spoke with cnn correspondent ian key in cairo. >> reporter: i talked to an egyptian general about how long egypt could keep this up. they are going to need to be replenished with bombs and weapons as well. egypt is preparing on the ground here in the country. they have army has deployed across the area to assist police in securing vital facilities. the egyptian military has said though -- they haven't said, though, how long or if there are going to be any bombings in the
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near future. the egyptian military is notoriously quiet when it comes to that front. egypt is now trying to evacuate the rest of their civilians from libya. hundreds of thousands of egyptians are still believed to be in that country. the egyptian government is urging them to return home as they believe that all egyptians are now targets. >> later this hour we will hear from one expert on isis about the militants' growing influence not just across the middle east but the threat that it poses to europe. we want to turn to denmark and the man identified as the shooter in copenhagen pledged in a facebook posting his allegiance to al baghdadi. >> he is omar el hussain here in a video. the post on what is believed to be his facebook page was posted
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before the shootings at a synagogue and a cafe which was hosting a free-speech forum. the bbc has obtained audio of the cafe shooting. [ gunshots ] >> it just makes your heart stop. president obama called the danish prime minister monday to offer his condolences. they said they need to work together to confront free speech attacks and anti-semitism violence. shortly after the shooting, outside the synagogue, benjamin netanyahu made a call for jews to leave europe. he wants the mass immigration to israel. some leaders in denmark's jewish community and others around the world disagree. they say that terror should not dictate their lives. >> but it seems danish jews, for the most part want to stay in denmark.
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according to the jewish agency only a dozen migrated to israel last year. compare that to france. still, many danish jews remain concerned about a lack of security. we are joined live from copenhagen. so carl you've been speaking with some jews who actually survived the attack on the synagogue. what are they saying? >> reporter: yeah one at first sight may say well, as unfortunate as these circumstances were one jew and one nonjew killed in comparison with the paris attacks that the danish jewish community is a small community, a community of about 7,000 jews. so any attack on them they feel very closely within that community. it's almost like a small village amongst themselves and also a very tragic past that the danish
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jewish community's had as well. almost the entire community was shipped to sweden during the second world war to avoid the encroaching nazis. so it's really within that context, now, that this the fears amongst the jewish community are growing. but let's take a look and get some insight into it. flowers for the dead. fear among the living. >> as jews we are always a target just for being jews. not for our beliefs in freedom of speech or democracy. but just because we're jewish. >> reporter: they had thrown a bar mits fa party for their daughter hanna. . and a gunman went on the rampage. ? one of the security guards come in the room where we're dancing and shout "stop the music".
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and we did. and shortly after that, he comes in and says "everyone downstairs." >> i got the radio, and i got the briefing about somebody's been hit outside by shots. >> reporter: out on the sidewalk two police officers were wounded and dan uzan lay dying. mourners flocked to his memorial monday. his body was still undergoing autopsy. not yet ready for burial. >> it makes us feel angry in a way that that's necessary. why is that why was that necessary? why did that have to happen? i feel tremendous gratitude toward them. >> reporter: security services estimate more than 100 danish muslims are fighting with radical faxctions in syria, but
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so far, there's no proof that the gunman fought in extremist ranks. >> we've been fearing such a thing could happen in denmark for quite a while. we've seen within the last three years attacks on jewish institutions brussels paris, recently and there's, seems to be a pattern in these. >> reporter: flags flew at half-staff and jewish schools stayed closed monday. >> we have a school. i had my grandchild at school and i'm so worried. >> reporter: some messages vowed that jews would not be cowed. meanwhile, benjamin netanyahu offered them refuge. >> we love israel, and feel that we always have a safe place to go to and that is nice to know but we are danish.
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we are proud to be danish. >> reporter: proud, yet humbled by the jewish volunteer guard who laid down his life to help protect bento's family. >> we will do our very best to be deserving. >> israel is the only place where jews can live safely and be protected. how is that being received by european leaders. >> reporter: well european leaders have largely, we've seen france's president, francois hollande come out. we've also had leaders here in denmark come out. and on the one level, yes, they're grateful for the offer from israel. it gives some peace of mind to both france and denmark's jews because, of course, they see israel as the homeland but nevertheless these country's leaders have also suggested that maybe benjamin netanyahu is
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playing politics a little. they indicate that if there is a threat against jews here in europe then here it is that it has to be solved. the solution is simply not to runaway from terrorism or terrorist acts and don't take refuge in israel, if there's a problem here in europe, here it has to be solved. and that is also something the jewish community here in denmark would echo. >> thanks carl. on to another story we were following. investigators in west virginia are looking into how a freight train went off the track. the train was transporting crude oil when it derailed and caught fire monday. you can see the fireball erupting into the air. officials say that one person was injured, and a home was destroyed as well. some of the oil spilled into a nearby river. the governor has declared a state of emergency in two counties. we also know that nearby homes were evacuated as well. the northeastern part of the
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united states is about to be hit by a third snowstorm. >> yet gone. >> in four weeks. more cold is on the way, and it's also extending now all the way down to the south, getting ready for the big chill. >> we're getting ready for it. states of emergency have already been declared in five states. and washington d.c. gets ready for cold and unexpected weather in that region as well. >> pedram javaheri joins us now. we're looking at weather warnings in 20 states. this is going to be a dangerous commute for many. >> the corridor that doesn't have to deal with ice too frequently is dealing with it. if you thought it was cold in recent days it is going to be considerably colder. what you call it john china cold. >> china cold. >> he lived that. he knows how it feels. >> minus 10 minus 15 easily
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going to be the case with the wind chills. there it is the map covered with advisories and warnings. in nashville, that is where an ice storm is in effect across that region of the and we've seen that in parts of the carolinas as well. every single color on the radar in the legend. that's all represented. heavy rainfall from atlanta, northward into portions of the state of south carolina. you become to introduce some sleet, freezing rain. into charlotte, we know again, as we heard, over 1800 flights canceled preliminarily. and this is heading into tuesday. some of the highways going up the i-95 corridor it finally transitions into snow as you get around norfolk, virginia. and then guess what washington philadelphia and new york, yet again seeing more snowfall. now to the north, the snowfall only going to be on the order of a couple inches.
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d.c. going to be the hardest hit. but the ice is the major concern. major disruptions at the airports. schools have already been canceled across that area. but anytime you have three quarters of an inch power lines can come down. the snowfall map really not impressive especially out to the east where they've seen significant accumulations. but this is all about the cold air and what is ahead of us the next couple of days is absolutely astounding. >> the problem in the south when you get this cold weather, they're not prepared for it. they don't have the salt trucks. >> what happened last year 18 hours in the car, on the freeway. . >> yes, yes. so you would think this year they would put a little more in the way of funding to get more equipment. >> we'll see. >> but it is going to be different. >> the shortest month feels like the longest already. we'll take a short break
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u.s. president obama is sending a representative to help stop a major labor dispute. >> 29 ports shut down with boats anchored off shore waiting to be unloaded. if the ports remain shut it's estimated this could cost the u.s. economy about $2 billion each day. in the meantime another story we're following. a grand jury has indicted the man accused of killing three muslim students in chapel hill north carolina. >> police say last week's shootings may have been triggered by an ongoing dispute over parking. but the fbi is looking into the possibility it may have been a
10:18 pm
hate crime. hicks is expected to make his first court appearance next month. eddie ray routh is accused of killing two men, including chris kyle. ed lavandera with the late details. >> reporter: the star witness in the american sniper trial was eddie ray routh himself. but he didn't testify in court. it was a two year old confession videotape. in the videotaped confession from two years ago, eddie routh looks far different than he does today. he's dressed in the same clothing he wore to the gun range when he shot chris kyle and chad littlefield. one investigator even notices bloodstains on routh's boots. this was recorded just after routh surrendered to police after a car chase and a few hours after the killings. routh starts with a ramble being and incoherent answer when he is asked what happened. he says i keep talking to chris.
10:19 pm
there's a few dozen chrises in my world. and it's like every time i talk to another man named chris or get sent to another man named chris it was like talking to the wolf you know? the ones in the sky are the ones. it's about having a soul that you have in you for yourself. and there are tons of people that are eating on my soul right now. the detective asks who did you shoot first. and routh says the one i could clearly identify. he's talking about chris kyle hire here. i knew if i did not take out his soul he was coming to get mine next. >> he was in the grip of a psychosis. a psychosis so severe at that point in time that he did not know what he was doing was wrong. >> reporter: the interrogation video lasts nearly 90 minutes. routh complains about the handcuffs being uncomfortable. he's left alone and tries to put
10:20 pm
on a pair of glasses. he asks for a cigarette, and when doesn't get one asks does any one smoke smianymore. he says i didn't know what was right, and what was wrong, well i know what was right now. the investigator comes back to this a half-dozen times, leaving him alone and then asking him repeatedly if he knew that killing kyle and little field was wrong. routh says he knew it was wrong. the detective then asks routh what he would like to tell the victims' families. i would tell them i'm sorry for what i've done. >> even the ones that this defendant may or may not have doesn't deprive people from the
10:21 pm
ability to be good citizens to know right from wrong. >> reporter: knowing right from wrong is essential to cases in the united states. that's why you see prosecutors and defense attorneys going back and forth over this question. if the jury decides that eddie ray routh didn't know that committing those murders was wrong then he could be found not guilty by reason of insanity. that's why they're going back and forth over this issue. ed lavandera, stephenville texas. the fighting persists in eastern ukraine. also, a look at the growing influence of isis, and what it means for your safety wherever you are around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom.
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welcome back. with a tentative cease-fire in the balance, the ukrainian spokesman says five were killed in fighting with separatists. >> grave concerns have been expressed about the fighting especially around a key transport hub.
10:25 pm
germany's chancellor was one of the four leaders who negotiated the peace agreement in minsk last week. and this is what angela merkle had to say about the latest fighting. >> translator: the situation is fragile, particularly with regard to this area. it was always clear that much remains to be done and i've always said there are no guarantees about what we are trying to do to succeed. it will be an extremely difficult path. >> angela merkle petro poroshenko and vladimir putin discussed the developments in a phone call conversation i'm joined by our matthew chance live from moscow. so what was discussed in this phone call and what are they doing to make sure that this fragile cease-fire is upheld? >> reporter: well, they're talking about it which is a good sign. this phone call was between petro poroshenko vladimir putin
10:26 pm
and angela merkle the german chancellor. they're speaking about how to i am member the terms of the minsk agreement. they spoke about the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the cease-fire and how that's going to be addressed. they didn't give any further detail on what decisions if anywhere reached in that phone call. the good thing is at least they are talking. remember it's all sides that are engaged in combat around that strategic town. it's not just the rebels firing on the ukrainian government positions. it's other way around as well. so while you've got the eu and the united states calling on russia to call back its military and the rebel military there, you've also got the russians saying the same thing about the government side that all sides should stop the fighting now, but that doesn't appear to be happening as we speak. >> and we heard that both sides were supposed to withdraw their heavy weapons from their sides, but that doesn't appear to be
10:27 pm
happening. coming up we'll take a look at americans' views on the war on isis. we have a new opinion poll of the president's handling of the threat. plus midwestern and southern states in the u.s. are getting hit with unusually cold weather even for winter. it's still happening, and that's up next. i have the flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hey! if you don't think top of my game when you think aarp, you don't know "aarp." aarp's staying sharp keeps your brain healthy with online exercises by the top minds in brain science. find more real possibilities at [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage,
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welcome back everybody, you're watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. and we have big news a big set back for barack obama and his immigration policy. a federal judge in texas just put a hold on his executive order. it that does not mean that the president's actions were illegal. it means that a court will
10:30 pm
decide whether they were constitutional whether the president overreached his authority. texas launched a lawsuit. one of the immigration changes is supposed to take effect on tuesday. the attorney general of texas calls the decision a victory for the rule of law and this could be the start of a very long battle over whether or not the president overstepped his constitutional authority. in the meantime a second wave of egyptian war planes pounded isis targets in libya, a response to the murder of 21 egyptian christians. islamist militants say the planes hit civilian areas and killed women and children. the suspected gunman from the deadly attacks in copenhagen had a facebook post pledging his allegiance to isis.
10:31 pm
the gunman died during a shoot out with police. afghan authorities say one person was wounded when a vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device in kabul. it breaks a lull of what had been a wave of insurgent violence. and the northeast is getting ready for another winter storm. and the south is getting ready for the big chill as well. states of emergency have been declared in five states as well as washington d.c. the beheading of the egyptian hostages has been felt by europe as well. it's a short boat ride across the mediterranean to europe. italy's interior minister has warned isis is at the door. we are joined from new york by
10:32 pm
the co-author of isis inside the army of terror. it's good to speak with you again. when we look at isis spreading across the middle east, it seems like an invading army but that's not quite the right assessment. it's a collection of franchises and affiliates. >> remember this was an organization that began as the franchise of al qaeda in iraq and in many ways it still replicates global al qaeda. i don't think they're just at the door of europe. i think they're well within europe and i think they're in the u.s. and one of the things that isis does well is they have sleepers. they have sleepers in the conventional military sense of guys that go do reconnaissance in hamlets and villages in iraq before they move in to take these areas over. we interviewed a guy in southern turkey dressed rather like i am now, no long black beard or anything like that, and he identified himself as a sleeper
10:33 pm
agent of isis and said his job is to basically spy on other rebel groups, cultivate recruits recruits. it's very worrisome. >> so when isis talks about taking rome the italians should be legitimately concerned. >> not in the sense that you're going to see humvees and tanks driving down the italian riviera, no. but they will launch attacks against western targets. they have no reservation about disclosing this as part of their interests, but yeah look isis's ambition is global. it's not regional. they plan to take over the world. if you want to take their propaganda at face value. >> it seems almost as if the presence in isis is grown out of the mess left after muammar gaddafi, much like al qaeda
10:34 pm
which grew out of the mess left behind to the u.s. invasion of iraq. it seems painfully obvious, isn't it? >> yeah. there's no question about it. sar kau which laid a trap for the united states. so it osama bin laden. he came in and said if i can bleed the super power white, i will attract tractttract mujahideen from all over the world. there's not going to be a degrade and destroy campaign. we've got to get this out of our heads and be realistic. we've been at war with this organization for 11 years. at the very least, we're going to be at war with them for another 11. i interviewed about a dozen people for this book. not a single one of them tells knee is go me this is going to be wrapped
10:35 pm
out without boots on the ground in syria and iraq. >> is this retaliation simply a show of force by the egyptian audience than anything else? >> i think isis can't be defeated by air power alone. i would be really impressed if the egyptian military invaded libya or at least waged a ground campaign of some kind. i don't see that happening. i'd be more impressed if the jordanian army did the same in syria and iraq. and for a few days it looked like it could happen. if isis gets ahold of an egyptian soldier or jordanian soldier, that's exactly what they want. we've all seen or read about the gruesome snuff video, the jordanian pilot. that to them was a bonanza in terms of propaganda. >> as always it's been great speaking with you. >> i'm sorry to be so depressing. but what can i tell you. >> it's one of those topics.
10:36 pm
it is one of those topics. and as the fight against isis continues, images have been released showing them marching near a city in libya. >> cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of these pictures. americans are increasingly unhappy with president obama's handling of isis. of that's according to a new poll. michelle cakosinski has details. >> reporter: isis shocks the world almost daily now with executions of muslims, christians jews including americans. and americans in this latest cnn orc poll are increasingly disapproving of how the president is handling the fight
10:37 pm
against isis. 58% now feel it is going poorly. up from 49% just in october. even among democrats, nearly half are not happy. despite the coalition response that's been lauded by the administration. >> we're taking out their commanders their fighters and their leaders. >> reporter: and maybe because most americans feel it is not actually going well, now there's less opposition to the u.s. potentially sending ground troops to battle isis. today, almost equally split on whether that would be a good idea. 47% of americans would like to send troops up from 43% in november. but that's something the president has been against from the beginning, last week asking congress to approve a new authorization for military force more tailored to isis. >> the u.s. should not get dragged back in a prolonged ground war in the middle east. that's not in our national security interest, and it's not necessary for us to defeat isil.
10:38 pm
local forces on the ground who know the country best are best positioned to take the file to isil. >> reporter: nearly eight in ten do agree on what the fight against isis will look like. cnn, the white house. from one terrorist group to another. police in niger have arrested nearly 160 people. meanwhile, boko haram attacked a military camp in waza. nigerian soldiers also were captured by boko haram on monday. two south korean companies were competitors at a trade show. now one of them is alleging sabotage.
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for many prescription nexium helps heal acid-related erosions in the lining of the esophagus. it's my prescription. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache abdominal pain and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. it's my prescription. nexium 40mg is available only by prescription. pay only $15 a month. visit today. welcome back everybody. south korea's tech rivals are set to square off in court. three lg executives are suspected of vandalizing samsung's display at a trade
10:42 pm
show. they say they were just trying to investigate their competitors when the washing machines broke. how much proof does samsung have that it wasn't an accident? >> in isthis is a bizarre legal case. they say think deliberately vandalized four different washing machines last september. now lg has row leased cctv footage of the alleged event, showing that their executive was testing, as they say, the product. can you see him putting some fresh huron it but they don't believe they damaged the product. but they do say they paid for the four washing machines and thought that was the end of it but they couldn't resist having a little pop at samsung. they said maybe it had more to do with weak hinges than
10:43 pm
anything else. so now samsung is suing those executives for property damage and also for defamation. mediation is simply not working between these two companies. now samsung has said that lg's edited this footage to try and back up their claim. samsung says they have the unedited footage, but they don't believe it's appropriate to actually release that to the media. lg released this onto youtube. so they're fighting a very public battle. so it looks like the south korean courts are going to have to decide. it's not the first time these two have had this bizarre legal battle. they had a public spat about whose refrigerators were better and bigger and they took this fight to youtube. each company posting different videos to prove their point. eventually they settled that one out of court, but this one looks like it's staying in court for the moment.
10:44 pm
>> you see both sides making digs at each other. so now you have lawsuits and counter suits as well. how does this resolve itself? >> well it is effectively up to south korean prosecutors at this point. samsung has launched their complaint, the suing is going ahead. the indictment has been brought against three lg executives and the head of one department. that head has apologized for what has happened. he said he apologized that this has happened in such a bad economy. this was not his intention. but lg does maintain that they don't believe that there was damage done to these washing machines. and in this video that they released to youtube, they actually showed different laboratory experiments. they showed children bouncing up and down on the door of the washing machine to prove that wouldn't break it trying to point out that the executives couldn't possibly have broken the washing machine, of course there were samsung
10:45 pm
representatives in the shop. but both sides are sticking to their stories, so it seems that we will see this legal case continuing. >> it is incredibly hard to believe that lg would stoop so low, but then again there is video, so i don't know. >> paula hancockss thank you. >> who -- >> such a bizarre story. >> i guess it's a very competitive industry. >> would you do that john? >> i certainly would. there are are consequences warned if the execution of two australians continues. >> they were caught trying to traffic heroin into australia. now indonesia is being urged to proceed with caution. >> we certainly appreciate that the indonesian government doesn't normally go ahead with executions of this type while there are legal options still
10:46 pm
available. and that's what we're saying to the indonesian government given that there are options that are apparently still thayerere. let's not do this dreadful final, irrevocable thing anytime soon. >> prime minister tony abbott. in france at least two prostitutes are dropping their claims against the imf fund chief, dominique strauss-kahn. >> but he is charged with aggravated pimping, for his alleged role in organizing sex party the while he was in charge of the imf up until 2011. he deny the any wrongdoing but if convicted, he could face ten years in prison. what a fall from grace that is. >> opinion polls have him higher as a preferred president than francois hollande that's only because francois hollande is at
10:47 pm
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...blood,sweat and tears into it. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. and welcome back. forget about snakes on a plane. this time it was a scorpion on a plane, a flight from los angeles, and it was forced to turn around after a woman was bitten by a scorpion. >> it's hard to believe this actually happened. the alaskan airline flight was on its way to portland. the passenger describes the moment she realized she was bitten. >> i'm like what's that. and screamed like ah, so then everyone started freaking out and put their feet on the seats.
10:51 pm
the tail. >> just incredible. airline officials are unclear how the scorpion got on the flight. that flight originated in los cabos, mexico. the best and maybe not the brightest faced off on a cnn quiz show for charity. >> that was the best part of it for charity. >> three teams of two anchors put their presidential knowledge to the test. and they had some fun there take a look. >> which performer did not sing at a swearing in celebration, a, kelly clarkson. >> beyonce. >> incorrect. >> it's not incorrect. she lip synched. >> oh, that's low, that is a low blow. >> calvin coolidge had many pets during his term as president, which was not one of his pets,
10:52 pm
billy the pygmy hippo. b, ebenezer the donkey zachariah the horse. >> smoky the bobcat. >> that is incorrect. >> zachariah, the horse? >> that is correct. >> there is no such thing as a pygmy hippo. >> answer? >> who is mark felt. >> that is correct. let's take a look at how much you wager 400 points that brings you to ten points ahead. jake and alisyn you guys win. >> beyonce, he was right on beyonce! >> you all know the truth. you all know the truth. >> jake and alisyn get $20,000 for their charity.
10:53 pm
>> and what fun to watch. and now we know who the real nird nerds at cnn are. >> chris cuomo and don lemon got the hardest questions. >> they were up against the guys from washington d.c. so they had a bit of advantage. am i making excuses for cuomo and lemon? >> they are a lot smarter than it appeared on that show. they just got tougher questions. >> so it seems. nbc's late night television show "saturday night live" celebrated with a long list of current and former snl stars. >> some of the stars looked the same others unfortunately not so much. here's our jeanne moos. >> reporter: saturday night live may not be as old as king tut. ♪ now when he was a young man ♪ >> reporter: fewer young men back in the days of snl, not anymore.
10:54 pm
isn't that the fun part about reunions like snl's 40? to see how people age, people like jane curtain. now 67. >> i used to be only pretty blond woman reading the fake news. now there's a whole network devoted to that. >> reporter: it seems just yesterday we were saying. >> hello -- >> reporter: to chevy chase. >> goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. >> reporter: 71 a lot of those tomorrows are yesterdays. remember opera man? adam sandler's holding his own, still adding os. >> david spade looks okay-o. >> reporter: also looking okay-o heady murphy though he seemed caught in a technical snafu. jim carey never made it past his audition as post nuclear elvis,
10:55 pm
but he made it as a host on the red carpet. betty white and bradley cooper bridged the generational gap with a kiss. bill murray the lounge singer then, bill murray now. there is no escape from the jaws of age. >> what is this mess? this makes no sense. what? hey, what are you laughing at? little do you know you're going to end up looking like this some day. >> okay okay whatever. >> reporter: but some things resist the touch of time. >> remove the bass. that's the whole bass. >> reporter: dan aykroyd may be almost four decades older, but the bass-o-mattic hasn't aged a bit. jeanne moos, cnn. >> i thought jeanne moos looked great. >> the best part of that was when they talked to nbc about their missing anchor.
10:56 pm
thanks so much for watching everyone. i'm zain aesh. >> i'm john vause. rosemary church will be up with all the late east you're watching cnn newsroom. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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11:00 pm
fighter planes bombing targets for a second consecutive day. plus troubling new details about the danish shooting suspect's path to terror. and incredible pictures from the u.s. state of west virginia. the accident that led to this massive fireball. hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. this is cnn "newsroom." we are with you for the next two hours. we want to begin with the global fight isis. the isl


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