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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the global battle against isis widens with egyptian fighter planes bombing targets for a second consecutive day. plus troubling new details about the danish shooting suspect's path to terror. and incredible pictures from the u.s. state of west virginia. the accident that led to this massive fireball. hello, and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and all around the world i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. this is cnn "newsroom." we are with you for the next two hours. we want to begin with the global fight isis. the islamic mill tan's group's
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influence is growing. so, too, is the international coalition against it. >> according to the u.s. state department, about 0 countries are participating in the fight in some way. and you can see some of them here in red. many countries like the united states and more recently jordan are actively fighting the militants. others are providing material or other support. >> now, egypt is the newest member of the coalition to fight directly against isis. we know that egyptian warplanes bombed isis targets in eastern libya. >> the air strikes are a m response to the gruesome footage released by isis showing the beheading of 21 christians. we have more from cairo. >> reporter: in the early morning under the cover of darkness,egyptian f-16s roar into the night sky. their targets, isis training camps and weapons depots in libya. the morning light reveals the destruction in durna. the mediterranean city close to
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the egyptian border and just 200 miles from the european coast. the air strikes, revenge for the beheading of 21 egyptian christians by isis militants. >> translator: egypt deserves the right of retaliation. and with the methods and timing it sees fit for retribution from those murderers and criminals who are without the slightest humanity. >> reporter: the families urge the government to rescue their loved ones sooner. now too late. the situation in libya grows increasingly more dangerous. >> number one, the border -- >> reporter: egypt hear wages a balanced budgety fight against isis militants in sinai. hundreds of policemen and soldiers have been killed in the more than year-long battle. but will egypt commit troops to libya, as well? >> i don't think we will put boots on the ground. i don't think this is in our, i
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will say, aim now. our aim is to strike whenever we can. >> reporter: egypt's foreign minister is in the united states to seek support from the u.n. security council. what egypt would like to see is the international coalition operating in iraq and syria expand to libya, as well. cairo is also asking for political and material support. as egypt bangs the drums of war, the effect on isis in libya is yet to be seen. ans analysts spoke from the libyan city -- >> i believe that the air strikes conducted in egypt today are nothing more than a reactionary measure by the egyptian regime because it feels that it had to act somehow in a swift matter. will it change things negatively for the islamic state on the ground? i don't believe so. >> reporter: egypt hasn't given
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a timeline for its current operation. but to fix libya, it may take a lot more than killing isis from the sky. ian lee, cnn, cairo. we do want to turn now to those deadly attacks in denmark. the man police say killed two people in copenhagen swore loyalty to the here of isis before his shooting attacks -- to the leader of isis before his shooting attacks. >> the gunman a 22-year-old, also had a criminal record and we not a violent past. the allegiant pledge came on what appears to be his facebook page. we want to go thrive coyne now, bring in karl penhaul with more information. good morning to you. we are getting a sense of the suspect, el hussein's background and some as pecks of his character. what -- aspects of his character. what do we know today? >> reporter: yeah. well obviously the 22-year-old
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gunman he of course was killed in the course of sunday. but we do as you say, understand that he had a criminal record. in fact he was only released from prison a couple of weeks before he carried out these attacks. we don't know what happened to him in jail whether he was radicalized in some form or not. but certainly before he went in to jail, police say that they had no idea that he was becoming some kind of islamist extremist. they had him on their radar very much for will have crimes for weapons violations and gang activity. don't forget as well in the course of this investigation, there are two other young men, a 19-year-old and another 22-year-old in custody. they were charged yesterday with being accessories to murder and also hiding the gun dsman between the times he opened fire mid-afternoon saturday and then later on that evening in the
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night, in fact went on to open fire at the jewish synagogue. this is where we find ourselves now, outside the cafe. you see some of the floral tributes candles on the ground there. this is the cafe where the first attack took place, where a 55-year-old movie director was killed. then it was after this that the gunmen then holed up for a while. and then around 1:00 in the morning, unleashed his attack outside the jewish synagogue. and denmark's jewish community is very small. only about 7,000 people. a jewish security guard of killed in the attack. it has the jewish community here running scared. let's see what thoughts are going through their minds in the few days after this attack. flowers for the dead. fear among the living. >> as jews we are always a
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target just for being jews. not for our beliefs in freedom of speech or democracy, but just because we are jewish. >> reporter: netti and her husband held a bat mitzvah party for their daughter hannah. mears away at a synagogue, a muslim gunman went on a rampage. >> one of the security guards came in the room where we were dancing and shouts "stop the music." we did. and shortly after this, he comes in and says "everyone downstairs." >> we stayed underneath in the basement. i got the radio and got the briefing about that somebody has been hit outside boy shots. >> reporter: out on the sidewalk two police officers were wounded. and a volunteer synagogue guard and basketball fan attaic lay dying. at the memorial monday, his body was still undergoing autopsy, not yet ready for burial.
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>> it makes us feel angry in a way that that's necessary. why is that -- why was this necessary? why did that have to happen? i feel tremendous gratitude toward them. >> reporter: security services estimate more than 100 danish muslims are fighting with radical factions in syria, but so far there's no evidence that copenhagen's shooter ever fought in extremist ranks. yet the head of copenhagen's synagogue said the weekend attack was a tragedy waiting to happen. >> well yes. basically we've been fearing such a thing could happen in denmark for quite a while. we've seen within the last three years attacks on jewish institution s institutions paris, brussels recently. there seems to be a pattern of these issues. >> reporter: flags flew at half
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staff, and jewish schools stayed closed monday. >> we have a school, my grandchild's school. i'm so worried. >> reporter: some messages vowed denmark's jews would not be cowed. money while, israel's prime minister netanyahu offered refuge. >> we love israel, and we feel that we always have a safe place to go to. and that is very nice to know. but we are danish. we are proud to be danish. >> reporter: proud yet humbled by the jewish volunteer guard who laid down his life to protect the family. >> we will remember that we owe our lives to him, and we will try and to our very best to be deserving of that. >> reporter: also in response to the offer by israel's prime minister for european jews into
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israel which would be that it would be a safe place according to him, european leaders and jewish european community leaders have said that that is not the answer. it condition be the answer to run away from terrorism, to find refuge. they say if the problem is here in europe then this is where the problem has to be solved. what they also however, point out is that it could only be a matter of time before we see another kind of these attacks take place. we've seen the attack in paris. we've seen the attack in denmark. and we know that there are jihadi sympathizers spread out across europe being energized by the fights in syria and iraq. it could be only a matter of time, as i say, before we're seeing another kind of these attacks somewhere else. >> yeah. and for many of the jewish residents there, an invitation to relocate to israel sure she welcomed. many have told us that dan america is their home. that's certainly where they want to stay.
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karl penhaul live at ten minutes past 8:00 in the morning there. thanks. the swedish artist who believes he was the target saturday's attack has gone into hiding for his own safety. lars vilks did speak monday with cnn's anderson cooper about being included on a so-called al qaeda hit list. >> one you get on the islamist list and you point it out you cannot excuse you cannot withdraw because there is no forgive forgiveness. >> you can hear more of the interview in our next half-hour of "cnn newsroom." a huge explosion after a freight train carrying crude oil went off the tracks and caught fire in west virginia. you ought to take a look at the this here. officials say one person was injured. a home was destroyed. you see this massive plume, this fireball in the sky. some of the oil spilled into a nearby river. that's a major concern.
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the governor's declared a state of emergency in two counties. and nearby homes were evacuated. an estimated 1,000 people have been displaced. >> got the somewhere to go. we'll make a way some way. we'll provide a way. >> and it is still a serious situation there right now. fire crews say another tank exploded a few hours ago. federal investigators are headed to the site right now to investigate the cause of the derailment. the northeastern part of the u.s. is weathering its third snowstorm in four weeks with more cold on the way. that part of the u.s. is used to cold weather, of course. the same can't be said for the southern states which are bracing for cold temperatures.
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>> reporter: freezing cold temperatures mixed with heavy snow and ice taking aim most iii south. more than 50 million under winter storm warnings stretching from missouri through south carolina making driving conditions treacherous. >> ken-- in kentucky a tow truck driver help others get home. >> maintain speed, you know so you can't get in a crash. >> i'm trying to get home. i just had a blowout on the freeway but was able to pull in here. >> reporter: richmond virginia bracing for more than a foot of snow. from little rock arkansas to memphis, cars covered in ice. charlotte, north carolina, was expected to see snow first then up to half an inch of ice on the roadways. both the city and county governments closing early to get people home before the worst of it hit the area. >> we've been meeting and talking on the phone since yesterday to assure this we have a good coordinated rollout and strategy to deal with to coordinate across the state.
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it's ironic this is about the same time we had the major storm last year, but it's a different type of storm. >> reporter: the end of a long weekend that co-insighted with both valentine's day and presidents' day, air travelers trying to get home were also being affected. charlotte's busy airport put its snow and ice control plan into effect. and in nashville, southwest airlines canceled all arrivals and departures. three seven inch of snow are forecast there in the next 24 hours. here in virginia and also in washington, d.c., government officials declared states of emergency as the storm walloped the region creating more hazardous conditions. first responders and salt truck drivers alike were begging motorists to stay off the roads until the weather improves. joe johns, cnn, alexandria, virginia. >> joe johns in that horrible weather. for more on the ensuing -- temperatures are going to be cold snow. meteorologist pedram javaheri joining us to tell us what to
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expect. the air itself even in atlanta, is cold. i went for a run the other day. just the air -- >> the problem with the southern states thanks don't know how to deal with the snow. >> this time as you said the three -- past three weeks, of course multiple storms come in. this particular time focused on the southern states. 2,000 flights canceled monday. preemptively 2 1,000 cancel so far on tuesday. charlotte, north carolina is the area we saw in the piece that's one of the hard-hit regions. i'm going show when was happening across the area. expansion of extremely cold temperatures in place, and if you think it was cold in recent days outside, wait until you see what's in store over the next couple of days. multiple shots of cold air begin to usher in across the northern tier of the united states. the midwest. eventually the northeast, as well. look at these temperatures across the midwestern u.s. minneapolis, seven above. it feels like seven below. working into chicago, 15 above, feels like 3. in a couple of days by thursday afternoon, the windchill of 3 degrees this chicago will actually be your high
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temperature for chicago. so kind of shows you what we're talking about as far as cold air. there you go. plenty of snow showers, generally on the light side. still enough to cause delays and disruptions around the northeastern u.s. airports down to orlando, florida, rainfall possible if you're headed to the magic kingdom. 45 minutes or so expected in the way of delays. 35 million people underneath winter weather advisories, warnings watches, freezing rain warnings around nashville. anything above half an inch of accumulating ice causes major disruptions. pink in charlotte and southward, that's where we've had 30% of the cancelations across the united states right there. charlotte to douglas national airport with that pink indication showing that freezing rain is coming down in heavy moons. and that then begins to taper off and becomes more snow. the white shows you where the snow is. and notice once again it's in washington. it's in baltimore philadelphia new york and eventually will get to boston. now boston fwheeds a half inch of snowfall to get second -- to
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second place with the snowiest winter ever. they'll get four to five inches by this afternoon. >> pretty staggering. >> yeah. another five inches on top of what they've seen. then we'll get toinches for the entire season. >> is it time to move? >> yes. a short break now. ahead, the latest on the american sniper trial. hear the gunman's confession and what his attorney says it means. and later this hour u.s. regulators ground amazon's planes for drone delivery. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. now to the so-called american sniper trial. eddie ray routh is accused of killing two men including former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. >> kyle is the subject of the
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film "american sniper." the deadliest sniper in u.s. history with 1 0 kills in iraq. we have the latest on the trial. >> reporter: the star witness in the "american sniper" trial was eddie ray routh himself. he didn't testify in court. it was a two-year-old confession videotape. in the confession from two years ago, rouths looks far different from to. he's dressed in the same clothing he wore to the gun range when he shot and killed kyle and his friend, chald littlefield. one of the investigators even noticed blood stains on routh's boots. this was recorded after routh surrendered after a car chase and a few hours after the killings. routh starts with a rambling and incoherent answer when asked what happened. he says "i keep talking to chris. there's a few dozen chrises in my world. like every time i talk to another man named chris or get sent to another man named chris, it was like talking to the wolf you know? the ones in the sky are the ones that fly, you know what i mean?
11:21 pm
the pigs." routh then becomes obsessed with talk of his soul. "you can't keep letting people eat your soul up for free you know. it's not what it's about. it's about having a soul that you have in you for yourself and there are tons of people that are eating on my soul right now." the detective asks "what did you shoot first?" routh says "the one i could clearly identify." he's talking about chris kyle. "i knew if i did not take out his soul he was going to take mine next." >> he was in the grip of psychosis. the psychosis was so severe at that point in time that he did not know what he was doing was wrong. >> reporter: the interrogation video lasted nearly 90 minutes. routh complains about the handcuffs being uncomfortable. he's left alone and tries to put on glasses. he asked to speak with his mother asks for a cigarette. when he doesn't get one, "doesn't anyone smoke anymore?" the investigator asks routh, "after you killed them what did
11:22 pm
you do next?" routh responds "i fled. i didn't know what else to do. my adrenaline of so high. i didn't know what was right. i didn't know what was wrong. i know what was right now." the investigator would come back to this nearly a half dozen times leaving routh alone and coming back to ask repeatedly if he knew that killing kyle and littlefield was wrong. after first answering he didn't know. each time after that routh says he knew it was wrong. the detective then asks routh what he will like to tell the victims' families. "i will tell them i'm sorry for what i've done." prosecutors say the tape proves routh knew what he was doing. >> menial illnesses, even the ones that this defendant may or may not have don't deprive people the able to be good citizens. to know right from wrong. >> reporter: knowing right from wrong in these cases is central to insanity cases here in the united states. and that's why you see both sides, prosecutors and defense attorneys, going back and forth
11:23 pm
over this question. if the jury decides that eddie ray routh did not know that committing those murders was wrong, then he could be found not guilty by reason of insanity. that's why you see both sides going back and forth over the issue. ed lavandera, cnn, texas. still to come on "cnn newsroom," the cease-fire in ukraine in peril as leaders try to make it work. stay with us.
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welcome back everyone. a big setback for u.s. president barack obama's immigration policy. a federal judge in texas has put a temporary hold on the president's executive order. >> now this ruling doesn't mean the president's actions were illegal necessarily. just means that a court will now have to decide whether they are, in fact constitutional or if the president overstepped his authority. now, texas, important context here texas led a 26 havana state lawsuit again the programs which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants in the united states. one of those programs was meant to begin wednesday. the attorney general of the -- of texas calls this decision a victory for the rule of law. certainly there will be those who disagree with this. we want to bring in christina
11:26 pm
jimenez, managing director of united we dream. the largest immigration youth-led organization. thanks so much for joining us on cnn for this developing story. we're just getting the information now. you say this ruling this federal judge issuing a temporary hold on the executive order is just a bump in the road. what do you mean by that? >> well we understand that after the president made the announcement on the changes last year which of after a lot of pressure from rights organizations, republicans were going to attack the program and president the's decision which is -- president's decision which is really an attack on communities. we believe this of a bump in the road a decision that's not perm. we're confident that the president announced the
11:27 pm
administrative team as honoring this within his legal authority. even if it was out of place, we feel confident this this will be a good deal. we're encouragingment immigrant community here in the united states to believe they're eligible for the program. [ inaudible ] >> you don't necessarily sound too concerned about this legal move. and we should note that this program that barack obama initiated was in response in his words to a lack of action but by congress before a comprehensive immigration reform program. so with this executive order, the u.s. president hoping to allow some five million undocumented workers the ability to apply for this -- for work permits, temporary legal status. that application process would
11:28 pm
have begun wednesday. the judge, federal judge in texas, issuing this hold is described as an outspoken critic of the obama administration. i money, most americans agree something need to be don address the issue of undocumented individuals in the u.s. do you get the sense this as times change that the american population is more willing to see some kind of compromise short of deportation as we watch footage here from the homeland security doing just that? >> what we're seeing is that more than 70% of american abhor the decision the president made, the administrative changes on immigration. the republican idea is mass deportations of undocumented immigrants here. and when americans. to see is a program like the president has enacted where people can come out of the
11:29 pm
shadows, be able to sign up for this program, to live without fear of being -- and essentially congress has the opportunity to see this, while republicans blocked every other tune to get there. we have confidence that we're moving in the right direction. and we already have more than 100,000 young people that have aemployed for the first program, that provides -- applied for the first program, that provides that the program is successful. [ inaudible ] >> obviously there's a desire by folks to get some legal status. managing director offish night dream, picking up the phone in new york at 2:30 early in the morning there.
11:30 pm
a technical -- bit of an issue with the audio. thank you very much for joining us on this news as a federal judge in texas blocks president obama's order, executive order on immigration. we'll continue to follow this. rosemary? this just in to us here at cnn -- indonesia now says plans to transfer two australian inmates for secretion on hold. the men were convicted in 2005 as ringleaders of the so-called balli nine who plotted to traffic heroin into australia. indonesia's decision to postpone follows a warning from australian prime minister tony abbot, but the executions could have diplomatic consequences. take a listen. >> we certainly appreciate that the indonesian government doesn't normally go ahead with executions of this type while there are legal options still available. that's when we're saying to the indonesian government given that
11:31 pm
there are legal options that are apparently still there. let's not do this dreadful final, irrevocable thing any time soon. >> and indonesia has apparently responded to that cautionary warning there from prime minister tony abbot. you are watching "cnn newsroom." you're watching news as it breaks. still to come living on al qaeda's hit list. hear from a prominent writer targeted by extremists. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
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it's frustrating being stuck in the house. good thing xfinity's got 2 hour appointment windows. they even guarantee they'll be on time or i get a $20 credit. it's perfect for me... ...'cause i got things to do. ♪ ♪ oh, yeah! woooo! with a guaranteed 2 hour appointment window and a 97% on-time rate xfinity is perfect for people with a busy life. welcome back. are you watching "cnn nierm." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. here are the big headlines this hour -- federal investigators
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will look into how a freight train carrying crude oil went off the tracks and caught fire in west virginia. officials say one person was injured. a home there was destroyed. some of the oil spilled into a nearby river. the governor has declared a state of emergency in two coins, and about a thousand people have been displaced. egyptian warplanes struck the city of durna in eastern libya. it was in response to the murders of 21 egyptian christians by isis. islamist militants say the planes hit civilian areas and killed women and children. egypt's foreign minister says isis training and storage facilities were targeted. the suspect in this weekend's deadly shootings in coyne pledged his -- copenhagen pledged his allegiance to leaders in isis. that's according to a post on what appears to be his facebook page. the post of made before the alleged gunman attacked a synagogue and a free speech forum killing two people there. now to the delicate cease-fire talented in eastern ukraine. reuters reporting the leaders of
11:35 pm
russia germany, and ukraine have agreed on ways to allow osce observers to monitor the situation. >> the u.s. state department says it has grave concerns about the continued fighting especially around the strategic down. under the terms both sides were supposed to pull heavy weapons out of the area monday, but that did not happen. in russia president putin met with the security council monday to discuss developments. matthew chance joins us now from moscow with the latest. a lot to cover there. let's start with what was discussed about the shaky skies fear in the phone call held between the leader of russia, ukraine, and germany. >> reporter: yeah. this of a phone call that was held last night quite late.
11:36 pm
details are starting to emerge. reuters also reporting that there's been agreement on concrete steps to begin withdrawing from eastern ukraine. this withdrawal should have begun on monday. it's now going to start today on tuesday, according to reports. also were there reports for putin to put as much pressure as he can on the ukrainian separatists in the east of the country to fulfill their side of the bargain, as it were. it seems that all the parties at this point are in discussions about how to implement the terms of the minsk agreement, the cease-fire the other clauses of the agreement, as well. even though there's still been fighting even though the withdrawal hasn't been done yet, the cease-fire, the truce is not dead in the water. there's still hope this it can be implemented. >> despite the cease-fire the
11:37 pm
town continues to be the scene of most of the fighting. presumably that's the case. although there were reports of continue being as intense as before. talk about the rode of vladimir putin now -- the role of vladimir putin now. he's met with the security council. we see some change in that fighting and in the intensity of it? it? >> it's possible but it's not clear if putin has complete control over what the rebels do in the strategic town. remember, it's not just the rebels firing at ukrainian government positions. the same is happening in other direction, as well as both sides battle for this important location before a cease-fire takes root. in much of the front line with the exception of mariupol in the south. the cease-fire has been essential implemented and is pretty much a lot quieter than
11:38 pm
it was previously. there's pockets of conflict that are continuing. in terms of putin, will he use his influence to save the cease-fire the minsk agreement? it's possible this he will simply because the minsk agreement is something favorable toward russia. it gives them control still, at least for the next considerable few months, over the border between russia and ukraine. it gives them the ability to create this relatively autonomous area inside ukraine. and through that they can influence ukrainian politics. and so in a sense -- it also, by the way, prevents the potential, limbs the potential of the european union and the united states placing even more sanctions on russia as well. and so yes, it's a relatively positive thing for vladimir putin. he may want to save it. that's a calculation being made in the kremlin. >> all right. matthew chance keeping a close eye that very delicate cease-fire situation in eastern ukraine. many thank reporting from moscow.
11:39 pm
lars vilks, the intended target in one of the attacks in copenhagen has gone into hiding. he's been on al qaeda's hit list for years. >> lars vilks isn't the only person the terror group is targeting. rani kay looks at who -- randi kaye looks is the who is on the list and why. >> reporter: the poster reads, "wanted dead or alive for crimes against islam," published by al qaeda. those picture read people who criticized or satirized the muslim faith. in the eyes will manipulatetant islam, punished by death. solomon rushdie. 1988 he publishes "the satanic verses." a book highly critical of islam. protests erupt book stores in the u.s. and britain and a newspaper are bombed. iran's ayatollah issues a fattah ordering the killing. >> i think people think because nobody's killing me there isn't
11:40 pm
anybody trying to kill me. that's not true. i wish it were. >> reporter: 2004, douche filmmaker theo van go publishes "submission," criticizing the treatment of women in islam. a few months after the film's release, virginiahe's shot to death in amsterdam. his killer an islamist serving life in prison. van go's partner in "submission" is also on the hit list. ian hearse ali. and kurt wester guard. the cartoonist draws an image of the prophet muhammad with a bomb in his tushan. muslims -- turban. muslims are outraged. westergaard receives numerous death threats. eventually a man wielding an axe breaks into his home but he survives the attack. stefan cherbonet. 2011 his satirical french
11:41 pm
magazine "charlie hebdo," publishes a comic against muhammad and he is named editor editor-in-chief editor-in-chief. the building is firebombed but nobody is hurt. >> everybody believes they're driven by fear. that's a handful of people wants to do -- govern across fear. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: tragically last month, he and 11 others are killed when two islamist extremists open fire inside the manage's office. more than -- magazine's office. more than 50 shots fired. also on the most-wanted list, lars vilks. 2007 the swedish artist sketches drawings depicting the prophet muhammad as a dog. protests erupt. vilks receives death threats, and an al qaeda affiliate offs up to $150,000 for his assassination.
11:42 pm
in 2009 a plot is stopped by law enforcement. among the plotters, three americans. one a woman named colleen larose who is dubbed jihad jean. in the attack this weekend in denmark, vilks narrowly escaped death again. escaping unharmed when a gunman opened fire. cnn, new york. >> lars vilks spoke with anderson cooper about the shooting and what his life is like since getting into al qaeda's cross hairs in 2007. >> reporter: what went through your mine when you first hear the gunfire at the forum in copenhagen? did you million think -- did you million know what was happening? >> no no no. it's the kind of thing like bang bang bang bang bang. and what's going on here? is someone having a firework?
11:43 pm
there was -- i was looking forward to my thinking it was the bodyguard. they reacted quickly. suddenly i was drawn off the seminar table there, and they took me out into a storage room. and i was put on a table there and surrounded by bodyguards with drawn guns. and then joined by a police officer who was wounded, but still in the fighting spirit. >> i know you have been on an al qaeda hit list the same list that the editor of "charlie hebdo" of on. i'm not going to press you for details, but do you feel -- as you said you've been under protect for a long time since 2010. do you think the threat to you, to other free speech advocates in europe has changed significantly over the course of the last several years?
11:44 pm
>> yes. i mean when i got this bodyguard, there was a new division. they didn't have it before. there's much more need for security today. in the beginning of this year it was a high point. and i just got to narrow that i will not be able to return to my home. so they will put me away somewhere else. >> for you, there snow going back? purely on a security level this is the reality for -- >> no. when one you get on the islamist list and you point it out, you can not be excused, you cannot withdraw because there is no forgiveness. you are pointed out and you are bounds to die in these people's eyes. and there's no way out. >> that was lars vilks speaking earlier with anderson cooper. we'll be right back.
11:45 pm
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a new u.s. government proposal could mean some businesses will soon be able to fly unmanned aircraft or drones, but one company not able to take advantage of the new rules is amazon's new delivery service, prime air. >> yeah. some people may be surprised by that. these new regulations came out on sunday. as renee marsh reports they will ground the drone-based half-hour delivery service. here she is. >> reporter: the faa is making way for thousands more drones to take to the sky. the agency's new proposed rules would allow businesses like hasan solutions to fly unmanned aircraft. >> a lot of companies want to utilize them for the dull dangerous, and dirty jobs. there's a lot of jobs that are done with human beings that rex treatmently dangerous.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: -- that are extremely dangerous. >> reporter: right now the u.s. bans almost out outdoor commercial services. flying this drone inside our studio no problem. the head of the faa told cnn he pricks a bottoming industry with thousands of drones in the sky within years. >> this technology hold great promise and great potential. that's something that's only going to ton grow. i don't think we fully know what the use of unmanned aircraft is even at this point in time. >> reporter: the new proposal will allow companies to fly unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 spounz up to 5 -- pounds up to 500 feet during the day. operators would have to get a license and keep the aircraft within sight. that line of sight requirement would prevent amazon's plan to use drones to deliver packages. the proposal is perfect for other companies. hasan will use drones for tasks like inspecting electrical
11:48 pm
towers. realtors farmers, and even tv producers, send drones up. safe is still a concern. just last month, a drone crashed on the white house lawn. in 2014 there were more than 190 drones sighted near plains and at least two dozen near collisions including this one spotted by a pilot landing at jfk. >> i don't know if it was a drone or what came real quick. >> this lays out a framework of what's allowed and whether isn't. doesn't change any use needs to operate safely within the national airspace system. resign >> reporter: cnn, washington. more in depth now. the president of the new york city drone user group, steve cohen, joins us from new york. amazon amazon's ceo obviously sees this as the future. in a way, by teasing drone delivery last year, put pressure
11:49 pm
on the faa to get the ball rolling. now we have a framework that amazon is left out of the picture for now. what do you make of that? >> that's a tricky one. i think amazon finds itself in a funny place. i will say it's not all that fair to them. i think that what amazon is tampaing is years off. nonetheless, we need that innovation and that sort of drive to really come one plans that work in long-range situations to drive the whole market. unfortunately, the mprm as it was released yesterday in effect ignores amazon as you say. treating them as a different class where you're carrying parcels and packages. and subject to a different set of rules -- >> isn't that necessary? one of the issues is a line of sight requirement. the operator must be able to the drone because they can
11:50 pm
apparently go rogue. there was one incident at theis who with -- the white house with a government employee intelligence officer, who lost control of the drone and it fell on the white house lawn. shouldn't this begin slowly? >> yes. i think that the faa is always one to take the crawl/walk/run route to any innovation. however, they're being pressured quite hard because their pace is not the pace of a marketplace. >> isn't that also part of the issue is that the perception of drone flights for the layman, for most of us who don't know about the technical aspects of it? shouldn't the publicer more convinced that these things are safe so we don't all worry about amazon dropping someone else's deliver on our heads? >> i think that is all really a fair assessment. i think what amazon need to be allowed to do which which they are not currently is, at the least be able to test the system on their own property.
11:51 pm
and that's something that the faa is currently not allowing. that's a hindrance. >> the possibilities are endless. we appreciate your insight. president of the new york city drone user group. thank for your time. >> pleasure. thank you. a short break, but coming up "saturday night live" then and now. we will look at its 40th anniversary extravaganza and see how the stars have aged. ♪♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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11:53 pm
ireland. this is the first time since 1958 9 that a u.s. late night show has ventured to cuba. >> you may remember in december president barack obama announced plans to re-establish relations with cuba. o'brien's show airs on tbs, which we should note is owned by the same parent company as cnn. nbc's late night comedy show "saturday night live" celebrated its 40th anniversary in style. massive viewership numbers, as well. they had a long list of former and current "snl" stars. >> crazy night. some of the stars looked the same. others not so much. from opera noon king tut, who -- opera man to king tut, who held up? ♪ >> reporter: "saturday night live" may not be as old as king tut -- ♪ >> reporter: if you were a young man in the early days of "snl," you're not anymore. ♪ >> reporter: isn't that the fun part about reeyewitness newsons like "snl's" 40th?
11:54 pm
to how people age? people like jane curtain -- >> you ignorant slut. >> reporter: now 67. >> i used to be the only pretty blonde woman reading the fake news. now there's a whole network devoted to. that ripe it seems like just yesterday we were saying -- >> hello -- >> reporter: to chevy chase. >> good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. >> good night! >> reporter: at 71 a lot of those tomorrows are yesterdays. remember opera man? adam sandler adding his own still holding os -- ♪ >> reporter: also looking okay-o -- >> okay -- >> reporter: -- eddie murphy, though he made no jokes and seemed caught in they technical snafu. >> i thought right there you were going to do -- >> reporter: jim carrey never made it past his "snl" audition as post nuclear elvis. but he made it as a host and
11:55 pm
terrorized hosts on the reunion red carpet. betty white and bradley cooper bridged the generational gap with a kiss. bill murray the lounge singer then -- ♪ >> reporter: -- bill murray now. ♪ there is no escape from the jaws of age -- what is this mess? this makes no sense. what? hey, what are you laughing at? little do you know you're going to end up looking like this someday. okay okay. whatever. this some things resist the tug of time. >> catch a bass remove the hook and drop the bass -- >> that's the whole bass. >> reporter: dan aykroyd may be almost four decades older, but he hasn't aged a bit. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> time can do some terrible thing. >> i don't know. i thought jeanne moos looked good. i thought some of the stars, considering this is decades later, what do you expect? >> chevy chase, yeah.
11:56 pm
not so much. >> you said it not me. let himself go? come. on steve martin had the body suit -- >> he was okay. >> i thought it was pretty good. >> didn't change much at all. thank you very much for staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. don't go anywhere. we'll be back with another hour of news. ." oh, oh! [ applause ] flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie,
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xfinity is perfect for people on the go. going after isis. egypt strikes terror targets in libya. the massive winter storm affecting millions of americans in a dozen states. and the two tech giants set to face off in court over washing machines? hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." it is 10:00 a.m. in libya where some areas in the isis-controlled town have been reduced to rubble. militants say egyptian air strikes have killed women and children. >> however,