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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 17, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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xfinity is perfect for people on the go. going after isis. egypt strikes terror targets in libya. the massive winter storm affecting millions of americans in a dozen states. and the two tech giants set to face off in court over washing machines? hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." it is 10:00 a.m. in libya where some areas in the isis-controlled town have been reduced to rubble. militants say egyptian air strikes have killed women and children. >> however, egypt's foreign
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minister insists his country's planes targeted isis training and storage spaces. these attacks are a response to ghastly footage released by isis which appears to be the beheadings of 21 egyptian christians. ian lee with more from cairo. >> reporter: in the early morning under the cover of darkness egyptian f-16s roar into the night sky. their target isis training camps and weapons depots in libya. the morning light reveals the destruction in durna. the mediterranean city close to the egyptian border and 200 miles from the european coast. the air strikes, revenge for the beheading of 21 egyptian christians by isis militants. >> translator: egypt reserves the right of retaliation. and with the methods and timing it sees fit for rhett bougz, from those murderers and criminals who are without the slightest humanity.
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>> reporter: the families urge the government to rescue their loved ones sooner. now too late. the situation grows increasingly more dangerous. >> number one, worst is the place at the border with libya. >> reporter: egypt is waging a deadly fight in sinai. hundred of policemen and soldiers have been killed and the more than year-long battle. but will egypt commit troops to elizabeth, as well? >> i don't think that we would put boots on the ground. i don't think this is in our, i will say aim now. our aim is to strike whenever we can can. >> reporter: is egypt's foreign minister is in the united states to seek support from the u.n. security council wham egypt would like to see is the international coalition operate flooding iraq and syria expand to libya, as well. cairo is also asking for plilg and material support. as egypt -- political and
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material support. as egypt bangs the drums, the effect is yet to be seen. an analyst spoke from the libyan city. >> i believe that the air strikes conducted boy egypt today are nothing more than a reactionary measure boy the egyptian regime because it feelings it had to act somehow in a swift matter. tell change things negatively for the islamic state on the ground? i don't believe so. >> reporter: egypt hasn't given a timeline for its current operation. but to fix libya, it may take a lot more than killing isis from the sky. ian lee, cnn, cairo. just after 9:00 a.m. in copenhagen. the city troying to come to terms with the troyer attacks. in the sign of thing slowly returning to normal today, the danish parliament will hold its first session since the
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violence. meanwhile, new details emerge about the suspected gunman his allegiance to isis and criminal past. karl henhaul has been uncovering the latest details. let's go through all this we know about the suspect in these deadly attacks and about his friends who were arrested. >> reporter: before we go into that just want to bring you up to date on what is going on right now. the reason we are on the telephone is because the area where we set up the mission has been cordoned off in the last few minutes. we've been told to leave the equipment where it is and withdraw a distance of a few meters away. we were standing outside the cafe in eastern corp. that's where the 22-year-old gunman carried out his first attacks mid-afternoon saturday. and then this morning, as i say, just a few moments ago, police
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have cordoned off the area around the cafe and moved to a safe distance. they say they have discovered what they believe may be some suspicious package. we've seen the police bring in a sniffing dog, a black labrador has combed through the area. been sniffing around. also we have seen another truckload of heavily armed danish police arriving on the scene, as well. police aren't telling us anymore right now. certainly the indications are that there's a possible bomb threat given that they've brought in the sniff inging dogs to the area and moving people back. hard to imagine how a suspicious package, have been place the at the cafe since it's been under police guard since even before saturday's attack. although this was the same area where some 40,000 danes flocked
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to last night for a candlelit vigil to honor those killed in the attack on thursday. >> let's get back to the suspect then. we'll keep an eye on that part of the story you mentioned. the suspicious package. talk about all this we're learning about the suspect and friends who are also arrested. >> reporter: the 22-year-old gunman who was killed on sunday early is not morning, as he returned to a location in northern copenhagen the danish-born man of arab origin. we know this he had a passion for kick boxing. he had participated in amateur championship bouts. we understand from friends who are quoted in some of denmark's newspapers some of his former friends, that he was a fairly intelligence man with a short fuse. from police, of course we know
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that only two weeks prior to the attacks he was released from prison. he was held on charges of attacking a commuter a 19-year-old man on a computer train in copenhagen. police say that the gunman had very much bon their radar because he a history of violence a history of weapons violations. they do say that there is no evidence that he ever trained with islamic factions in syria or iraq, and knew him for his link to some copenhagen gangs more really than to any radical ideology. as far as the two other men in police detention, we've been he told they are 19 and 22 years old. they were seized during a raid on an internet cafe and have been charged with accessories to two murders and with trying to
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help the gunman hide the weapon and himself in the wake of those attacks right now. no further details on the men. they could be held for several weeks beforing there progress in this investigation. >> karl penhaul on the line. he had to move from the live shot leave his equipment because as we understand a suspicious package has been found. they think it may be a bomb. as a precaution people have been moved out. that is at the cafe where that attack took place on saturday. the northeastern part of the u.s. is weathersing it third norm in four weeks with more cold on the way. now the south is dealing with a big chill as well. >> states of emergency have already been declared in five states as well as over in washington, d.c. this as the southeast tries to handle the cold and unexpected weather. more than 1,000 u.s. flights
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have already been canceled in participation of the storms, primarily in the east. one of the hardest hit areas in the northwest this season is boston. the city has already recorded almost 2.5 meters of snow this year. boston has seen so much snow this winter, it's finding it hard to find places to put it once it's removed from the streets. will ripley reports on boston's snow-removal efforts. >> reporter: you're seeing a herculean effort by the city of boston massachusetts to clear the streets in time for people to return back to work tuesday morning morning. the day after the holiday, a full workday for many. it is remarkable when you look at this. this is an empty lot in boston that's been transformed into what is called a snow farm. they bring the snow in huge trucks after scooping it up and dump is on what this is now a
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mountain of snow. you see the size of it. it dwarfs the heavy construction equipment that they're using to then scoop the snow. let me show the size of one of the trucks that is bringing the snow in here. it is a stream of truck, truck after truck full of snow. they bring it to this machine here. this is called a snow melt erer. they dump the snow into the top. it has hot jets that melt the snow and the water comes out there. it's dumped into the sewer system. this machine has the capacity to melt 150 tons that is 300,000 pounds of snow every hour. yet, still that t's not enough to keep up with the demand. there's an incredible amount of snow that has fallen on boston. so much that it's crippled the city's transportation system. the transportation director saying that it will be 30 days of snowfall snowe-removal operations like this to get the buses and trains running back to
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normal again. and that seasonal if another blizzard doesn't hit the city. what you're seeing here really quite an torte to clean up the result of three weeks, an unprecedented three weeks of heavy snow for the region. and the work continues around the clock. will ripley, cnn, boston. our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us to tell us why exactly we're seeing so much snow in this part of the u.s. >> incredible amounts. not just boston maine to new hampshire have all seen historic amounts of snowfall. a recent study by the intergovernmental alal group for climate change they noticed there was a 71% increase in the northeastern corner of the united states for increased likelihood of precipitation. this is because the atlantic ocean next door was three degrees fahrenheit warmer in recent years which increases the water vapor in the atmosphere by 15%. that equates to you getting more
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moisture within your storm. >> cause and effect. tell that to your friends who say global warming -- >> it looks like the pattern is favoring that area of the united states. a graphic to show what the study showed. notice the 71% highlighting the northeastern corner of the united states. moisture content and extreme precipitation events more than likely in the area. large-scale area with the exception of the hawaiian islands believe it or not would see the least likelihood there was heavy precipitation events in the negative category. that was the study from 2014. goes hand in hand with what's happening. since 1987 the top ten snowstorms in boston six have occurred since 1997. two have occurred this particular season. much the same for new york city. five of ten have occurred since 2000. here's what's coming down -- sleet, been that freezing rain. that is literally in the area in
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pink charlotte around wilmington. travel nearly impossible across the region because of upwards of half an inch coming down there. here's the forecast in the way of snow accumulations. boston has 95 inches of snow this season. this would put it close to 100 if it pans out. it looks like at this point areas around washington have seen four inches. they could see another four before the next couple of hours across the region. quickly becoming one of the most memorable or unforgettable seasons. >> not looking forward to what's happen in the south. a setback for barack obama's immigration policy. a federal judge in texas has put a temporary hold on the president's executive order. >> this is a highly controversial issue in the u.s. let's get you the latest information here. the ruling doesn't mean the president's actions were necessarily illegal. just means a court will have to decide whether they are
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constitutional or if the president overstepped his authority. >> texas led a 26-state lawsuit against the programs which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants in the u.s. one of the programs was stopped start on wednesday. lots more still to come here on "cnn newsroom." a freight train derails and catches fire in west virginia leaving many without a place to stay. we'll get you the details on this straight ahead. they were competing at a trade show. now two south korean companies are battling in court. accusations of washing machine sabotage coming your way. stay with us. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement
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a grand jury has indicted the man accused of killing three muslim students in chapel hill north carolina. >> craig hicks now faces three counts of first-degree murder. police say last week's shootings may have been triggered by an ongoing dispute over parking. the fbi is looking into the possibility that this was a hate crime. hicks is expected to make his first court appearance next month. a huge explosion after a freight train carrying crude oil went off the tracks and caught fire in west virginia. officials say one person was injured, and a home was destroyed. some of the oil spilled into a nearby river. nearby homes were evacuated.
12:18 am
and about 1,000 people have been displaced. fire crews say another tank exploded a few hours ago. federal investigators are headed to the site to investigate the cause of the derailment. in indonesia, plans to transfer two australian inmates for execution are now on hold for what officials call technical reasons. this story developing in the past hour. the men were convicted in 2005 as ringleaders of the so-called bali nine who plotted to traffic more than eight kilos of heroin into australia. indonesian officials say among other things, the delay will let families spend more time with the prisoners. they say the transfer will be carried out when those issues are dealt with. this story we're following -- two of south korea's tech giants are heading to court. samsung is accusing 3 lg executives of vandalizing samsung washing machines at a trade fair. they serious about this. paula hancocks live from seoul
12:19 am
with details. you got a big corporate spat between two rivals and security footage apparently key evidence. what's happening here? >> reporter: that's right, this is just the latest bizarre legal battle going on here in south korea. samsung has accused the head of lg's home appliance department of deliberating vanlizing four of their washing machine in a couple of shops in germany last year in september. that executive has been indicted on charges of property damage and defamation and two other second trifs facing charges at this point. lg says that they didn't deliberately damage the goods. they said they didn't believe they had done that, but they did pay for the machines. but they couldn't resist a little dig, saying in a statement that clearly had more to do with weak hinges than
12:20 am
anything else. samsung suing figure defamation as well -- suing for defamation as well. this is an ongoing legal battle between the two. you see the tv footage released by lg on to youtube. they say it's basicallyians showing they're in the right. shows executives opening the door. shows there were samsung employees in the shops around them. and they would have noticed if they had in fact had been deliberately damaging the washing machines. samsung is saying the footage was edited and shows lg's point of view rather than samsung's. this is an ongoing legal battle. mediation doesn't seem to have worked. looks like the courts will have to decide who's right. >> it's difficult for the rest of us to see who's telling the truth here. hopefully you think the customer benefits and will have washing machine with strong doors from
12:21 am
now. on inthe two companies -- i understand the two companies had legal disputes before that ended in a settlement out of court. since thins are still heading to court now, do you get an idea that settling out of court isn't possible? i wonder what the worst case scenario might be. >> reporter: these two companies have been at each other's throats before. they're arch rivals. in 2012, they had a very public battle about whose refrigerators are bigger. who had the best compassity in their refrigerators. they basically took this fight to ucube. both sides posting videos to show that their side of the argument was correct. now that one, as you say, was settled out of court. this one at this point doesn't appear as though it's going that way. samsung says that they actually have the unedited footage of that cctv footage that supports their point of view. but they say to release it would be inappropriate. so of course, it's very
12:22 am
difficult for me to say where this could go. we haven't seen all of the evidence. we're seeing the statements that both companies are putting forward to the public and media to put their point of view across. errol? >> our viewers can head to youtube where one of the companies posted their video to see it for themselves. paula hancocks live in seoul, south korea. past 5:20 there. thanks. ukraine's cease-fire agreement is threatening to collapse the diplomatic efforts to prop it up that are ongoing. our update next.
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welcome back. with a delicate see threatened in ukraine, the leader of russia germany, and ukraine have agreed on ways to allow osce observers to monitor the situation. >> the u.s. state department has griffey concerns about the continued fighting especially around the strategic down. the ukrainian president is urging all pears to begin the withdrawal of heavy weapons under the control and verification of the monitors. the separatists and the ukrainians each accuse the other of violating the cease-fire. the fighting has been going on for ten months and it's exactsing a heavy toll. nick paton walsh joins us now from donetsk ask.
12:26 am
we know most of the fighting has happened in the town talk about how shaky this cease-fire is. >> reporter: here there snow steefr speak of all at frankly. we were -- well is no cease-fire to speak of at all frankly. we were here and ukrainians saying they couldn't go much farther down than the key village. one worker explaining how the road is covered in mines and shrapnel which, potentially shred the tires of a convoy, say, like the osce monitors who are still trying to gain access. they should have access as part of the minsk peace agreements. that is what was called. again today by the russian, french and german presidents. it hasn't happened yet. it may still be extraordinarily difficult. without the monitors getting into the city, it's going to be very hard to secure some drop in violence in the fight for it.
12:27 am
here's what we had saw yesterday. these ukrainian tanks have just come out of the besieged town. the road to it a one-way street to the grave, one said. we're following an aid mission to civilians caught by the fight in the supposed cease-fire. this is cursed to be an artillery range. the quiet former soviet union town caught in the crossfire. even no still with a supposed cease-fire, its people forced off the streets. underground, its homes reduced to rubble. yevgeny has brought the red cross food. >> maybe 2,000 will leave. i don't know. >> reporter: in the past culture of those who have nowhere or way to run. some underground for three weeks now. this man begs us for insulin.
12:28 am
the children show us mary ann. "i'm death," she cries. imagine only knowing the bombs are landing when the walls shake. you can hear still in this town shelling in the dance. unclear which way it's going. delve not the sound of a cease-fire. this used to be a hospital. now it's a woodshed and shelter. young dennis uses his fingers to try and show he's 2. it's scary, they all say. "i want to go home," he says. "the it's cold and uncomfortable." this is the bathroom for everyone. they fled three weeks ago. have no idea their hometown is rubble. they ask us what's happened to it as we saw the damage a week ago. "is the new church okay," they
12:29 am
ask. dasher is a dance champion. here they don't care who was shelling or why, just that it's stopped. [ applause ] >> reporter: on the highways above, hours away from when the heavy guns are men to be with drawing -- meant to be withdrawing, we saw ukrainian weapons headed the wrong way. it allowed the question what do you call a cease-fire when the fire hasn't stopped. it's quieter here in donetsk, but the cease was always to be the place where the cease-fire came unstuck. heavy weapons were being with withdrawn. there's no sign of separatists pulling back either. there are media reports suggesting that both sides think they control that key road down into the town which is a remarkably confusing situation frankly, for diplomats who have
12:30 am
to try and navigate this. at what point does the cease-fire have the rug pulled from under it and people stop calling it? that could be imminent. the monitors whose job to say effectively make the call their patience may run out eventually in terms of going along with saying the cease-fire is holding to a degree. i've heard from a european diplomat that a planned meeting with the key -- what's called trilateral contract group, that's the separatists, the ukrainian military and monitors was supposed to happen in kiev at 10:00. it's not going to happen. you clear quite why, but another sign that perhaps some of the sequencing the kind of infrastructure of diplomacy here is beginning to shred at the seams simply because of the violence around the town. and the fact that both sides don't seem to think that the cease-fire should hold water. back to you. >> diplomatic efforts still underway. not looking good for the cease-fire at all. nick paton walsh reporting from
12:31 am
donetsk. egypt's air strike in libya highlights a growing concern -- expanding reach of isis. coming up for you, we'll show you why europe is especially worried. plus southern states in the u.s. are getting hit with extreme cold temperatures. snow and ice. how they're preparing for the unusually cold weather next. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years.
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are you watching "cnn newsroom." we appreciate you staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. let's check the headlines this hour. happening right now in copenhagen heavily armed police and bomb-sniffing dogs are on
12:34 am
the scene of sudden's deadly cafe shooting. police were investigating a suspicious package that possibly be a bomb. the suspected gunman shot and killed two people at a cafe and synagogue after apparently pledging his allegiance to the leader of isis on a facebook post. he died in a shoot-out with police. despite a cease-fire agreement, the fighting persists in eastern ukraine. the leaders of russia germany, and ukraine have agreed on ways to allow osce observatories monitor the developing situation there especially around the strategic transportation hub in the town. a federal judge? texas has put a temporary hold on the u.s. president's executive word immigration. texas led a 26-state lawsuit against the order which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants in the u.s. the ruling the president's actions were illegal, it just
12:35 am
means a court will decide whether they are constitutional. militants in libya are threatening a harsh and painful response after egyptian warplanes attacked an isis-controlled town there. >> they claim the strikes killed women and children. egypt's foreign minister says the planes targeted terrorists. >> the targets struck were ten targets related to training and storage facilities for isis. these were surgical strikes based on accurate intelligence and related to degrading the capabilities of isis in the city of durna. it has been an undertaking that was careful to not impact or create collateral damage by virtue of timing and position of the strikes. and we are confident that it has
12:36 am
substantially had its effect in degrading the capabilities of the terrorist organization. >> those air strikes are a response to the apparent murder of 21 egyptian christians by isis militants in libya. far away from theitional isis territory -- the isis territory in syria and iraq. >> it highlights the militant group's growing area of influence. as we report europeans are worried about where isis might expand next. >> reporter: islamist militants proudly parade through the streets. the isis insignia displayed on police vehicles. the isis flag waves over government buildings. now is not iraq or syria. this is libya. in november isis fighters took over the city of durna along the mediterranean coast. population 100,000. there are fresh concerns that isis' tentacles are creeping toward europe. >> the city is a couple hundred miles south of the southern
12:37 am
shore of concrete right on the southern doorstep of the european union. a lot of concern that isis are training people in more than half a dozen camps in the area between durna and benghazi. >> reporter: libyan sources tell cnn that isis has set off larger training facilities in the green mountains. they are carrying out publishless, floggings and killing as public spectacles and controlling education and public radio. this video from last year shows hundreds chanting allegiance to isis and its leader. al baghdadi. this is a name given to western libya libya. libya has a long history of extremism. now a country being dragged deeper into chaos that's swept libya since the uprising of muammar ka dafy in 2011. isis makes no secret about its plans to expand in the video
12:38 am
announcing its murder of american a worker peter kassig last year. the terror group bragged about now outposts in five countries including libya. europe and the world now alert. cnn. we want to get you breaking news something out of pakistan now. a police official says a car bomb near the police station has killed at least five people and left seven wounded. you're seeing the aftermath of that blast here. the first time we're getting images of what took place. local media report that the blast blew out windows in a nearby building left several vehicles on fire as you see. at this hour there's no claim of responsibility. we're chasing more information. stay with us for updates on the story. to another one we're watching. the dead suspected gunman in the copenhagen attacks was known to police for his gang involvement and other criminal acts. he wasn't on their radar for
12:39 am
being a follower of isis. >> a former classmate of the suspect named as omar abdel hamid el hussein says he's known about his radical ideals for years. our justice correspondent, pamela brown has more from denmark. >> reporter: for the first time tonight -- [ gunfire ] >> reporter: -- the sound of apparent gunfire at a free speech event in copenhagen. a hail of bullets that left one dead and three policemen injured. more than 20 shots in this audio obtained by bbc. with the suspected shooter dead danish police are focusing on two men arrested who allegedly helped the suspect. danish authorities tell cnn that man, seen here on surveillance video, is 22-year-old omar abdel hamid el hussein. tonight he's also under investigation including any ties he may have had to extremism. in what appears to be a facebook posting by el hussein before the shootings, he declares his allegiance to a possible reference to the isis leader.
12:40 am
>> he was known by the police for several criminal acts including severe violence. -was also known to be linked to a criminal gang in copenhagen. >> reporter: investigators believe el hussein seen here in a boxing video from 2013 was apparently targeting controversial artist lars vilks. the 22-year-old alleged shooter did not kill vilks sudden and fled the scene. hours later, police say he opened fire at a jewish synagogue killing a 37-year-old security guard and wounding two more officers before again evading police. this woman was inside the synagogue celebrating her daughter's bat mitzvah. >> i went to the other room and said everyone to the basement. >> reporter: he says the security guard saved their lives. >> once i learned what had happened -- i'm sorry.
12:41 am
all i could think, of course was dan and his family. and how are we going to show our gratitude. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out what motivated el hussein although a former schoolmate says it is clear. >> well, it didn't come as a surprise really. he expressed his radical views in the classroom. now take action from saying them inside the classroom is the surprising almost of it i think. we want to shift now to the weather and a look at the massive snowstorm hitting the united states. our meteorologist, pedram javaheri, joins us now. and of course the problem here with this storm is the southern states. they're not used to these sorts of temperatures and dealing with the snow and ice. it's a problem. >> charlotte, north carolina has seen 30% of all the flights
12:42 am
canceled tuesday preemptively happening in charles's kind of been displaced to the south. want to show what's happening. the temperatures over the next couple of days going to be absolutely brutal. 60 million people now underneath winter weather advisories watches, and warnings from nashville all the way toward just south of new york city. so yes, it is now a little displaced from the areas that were hardest hit in recent days. still a mess across this portion of the united states. and radar imagery, in fact take a look. south of charlotte into raleigh, anywhere you see the pink indication that is making travel nearly impossible because of the ice. a half inch or greater accumulated across the region. not only weighing down power lines and tree limb, but an issue when it comes to travel on the roadways. here's the current perspective, with the windchills it feels like 28 in atlanta. charleston south carolina milder about their before the front pushes through. 61. minus one in boston. three, what it is feeling like in chicago. that's going to feel warm for some in the next coming days. windchill advisories in place. 25 to 35 below in the northern tier of the country. see minot in the northwest
12:43 am
corner? the town they have a little saying -- why not in minot. 35 below zero that is why not. and you take a look cold air begins to be ushered in multiple times heading in from thursday into friday. pushes all the way south into northern florida. here are your high temperatures across the united states across chicago. three the high temperature by thursday afternoon. and leave you with a little video here. i don't know if you can get to the video of philadelphia pennsylvania. take a look at this. a steeple collapsed into an alley. there were 12 people inside worshipping worshipping. wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. steeple topples over. scary scene. cold windy, and kind of what winter has been like. >> look out for falling steep else. >> glad no one was hurt. >> yeah. >> okay. >> thanks. coming up greek debt talks collapse. and the country may soon be forced out of the eurozone. we will have a live report after the break.
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12:46 am
european finance ministers say the ball is now in greece's court. talks between athens and its creditors broke down on monday moving the greeks one step closer to leaving the eurozone when its bailout program expires at the end of the month. >> greek officials again rejected a proposal to extend the current program. they say they want to stay in
12:47 am
the eurozone but without maintaining austerity reforms. despite the failure, greece's new finance ministers he think something will get work -- greece's new finance minister says he thinks something will get worked out. >> i have no doubt that in the next 48 hours europe is going to come together official economy together and we shall find the phrasing that is necessary so that we can submit it and move on to doing the real work that is necessary to establish common ground and to billion a new contract between greece and europe which will be both good for greece and for europe. >> very optimistic. we'll see if it happens. finance ministers meet today in brussels and greek debt will likely be on the table. we have more live now from london. nina what's the likely next step for greece now at that talks with eurozone creditors have collapsed? and how long can greece stay
12:48 am
afloat without foreign support if nothing can be worked out? >> reporter: good morning. well, it depends who you ask. obviously if you ask one side of the argument like for instance the euro group meeting of eurozone finish ministers who have been grappling with greece for the last few days they say wednesday. so tomorrow is the detroit lion. another self-imposed deadline by the group by which time greece should have some kind of proposal in place. on the other hand who you heard before the finance minister, says nothing is achieved when they're facing an ultimatum. he says greece can buy more time to financially get its house in order and not necessarily to take on the weight of another bailout without more talks attached. the financial back stop expires at the end of next week. and europe feels if greece is continued to continue in the
12:49 am
eurozone without the financial backdrop its banks could see a run on banks, depositors taking out their assets. and that, in turn, could put greece in a situation where it spirals out of the eurozone. it depends who you ask. we still have until february 28th. the back drop to the talks seems to be getting increasingly acrimonious det despite the fact you heard the greek finance minister saying we're optimistic. he says that in a passive aggressive tone where he's saying we will get a deal done we hope but on our terms. >> what could be the points of compromise do you think, nina? >> reporter: there are certain suspense of contention including greece not willing to accept another financial package that comes with terms and conditions attach. austerity terms and conditions. the radical left wing government was elected to repeal. the problem so far is that the
12:50 am
current greek government doesn't want more money. they'd rather have a bridge loan to see them through in the short financial term and no conditions attached. i was mentioning before how the backdrop to the talks seems to have become increasingly acrimonious. one of the things the "financial times" visiting today is that the greek machines minister at one -- greek finance minister at one point, and this has happened twice over the last week, was selling to sign a paper put forward by some of the euro group members. then the paper was eventually revised to include clauses that would senate greece would adthey're terms and conditions put forward by the euro group,ous term terms and conditions over which they would have no say. that's when the negotiations seem to have broken down overnight. that is going to be the main point of contention. if somebody they can find some kind of compromise perhaps to extend it, it seems that the greeks may be happy with that as long as they have the overall
12:51 am
say over which austerity measure they have to implement. >> did. times for greece. we'll keep a close eye on this as you will also. thanks. this being called the real-life "shining" hotel. still to come, a young couple who are winter caretaker at an isolated hotel just like in the horror film.
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
imagine taking care of a large remote hotel during the winter where only a snowplow can reach you. >> this is the plot of the horror classic "the shining," right? our natalie allen spoke to a young married couple doing exactly that in real life minus the horror. >> reporter: a young mary couple with an unusual job -- winter caretakers at a remote hotel. isolated buried by snowstorms. if it sounds like the plot of a horror movie, that's because it is. >> here's johnny! [ screams ] >> reporter: the many glacier hotel in montana is reminding some of the haunted hotel from "the shaning." david and rebecca wilson even joked about the comparison on their blog. >> we thought it was the thing to do. >> reporter: look at the furniture draped in sheets. spacious lobby hotel bar, and those long eerie hallways reminiscent of this famous scene.
12:55 am
>> come play with us -- >> reporter: even this message -- all work and no play make jack a dull boy spelled out on the blog instead of a type writer. the couple isn't living in the hotel because it's not heated. they say in a cabin nearby. still, rebecca must have nerves of steel. she read stephen king's book "the shining" this winter to pass the time. >> it was good. i liked it. >> reporter: you weren't looking over your shoulder, rebecca? >> no. >> reporter: snowdrifts there can cover the door. >> yeah. that wasn't really a big deal. >> reporter: nothing quite like the drifts in "the shining." >> i can't get out. >> reporter: despite the horror flick comparisons the hotel is also beautiful. located in montana's glacier national park where opening scenes of the movie were actually filmed. >> it's beautiful and we do a lot of snowshoeing. just to walk around the lake here is just a beautiful way to spend the day. >> reporter: they are 12 miles
12:56 am
from the nearest town and the road is closed off. the wilsons don't mind a little peace and solitude. will you be dreading when people move back in april? >> yeah actually. >> reporter: at first there was hesitation to take the job. >> i was a little hesitant with he talked about being in the area and having the flies ourselves. >> reporter: and their family had concerns, too. >> obviously "the shining" thing came up as any family would be i imagine concerned being so for out and remote. >> reporter: the closest they got to horror -- one bushy-tailed wood rat. no fear of cabin fever, though. david and rebecca have phone service and internet. >> we actually do have cable tv. we can watch cnn. >> reporter: natalie allen, cnn, atlanta. >> luckily they can watch cnn. >> right. a quick story for you --
12:57 am
what is the dee living past 100, rosemary? you have -- the oldest woman claims to have the answer. emma murano was 115 years old and lived in itail. she lived a quiet life until she lived to 110 aggression and gotyears old and got noticed for her age. >> she's been eating three raw eggs a day since her teens, though she has recently cut back to two. and the other she says is staying single. she was married once but has been single since 1938 and recommends the independence for longevity. how about that. stay alone, you'll stay hollande old, right? -- you'll aid is, -- --, -- -- you'll stay old. >> thanks for joining us. stay tuned for "cnn newsroom." i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line.
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the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. find it in the foot care aisle or at the registers in these stores.
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egypt stepping up its attacks against isis after 21 egyptian christians slaughtered by the terrorists as u.s. officials look for clues to help stop the spread of isis. a fireball lights up the sky as a train derails in west virginia. hundreds of people evacuated after one home is destroyed and oil spills into a nearby river. what caused the train to go off the tracks. a blast of winter slamming 60 million people from the midwest to the northeast. the snow piling on as