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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 17, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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isis militants stage a major assault, not far from the kurdish capital. >> and new details about what may have triggered the copenhagen shooting. and responding to allegations of sexist practices. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm john vause. this is cnn newsroom. great to have you with us. continues to grow. the terrorist group has staged a major attack in iraq's kurdish controlled region. close quarter fighting took place near the kurdish capital
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irbil. >> let's go straight to tim lister -- it seems we don't have tim right now. we'll try to get him back on later in the show. >> this fighting in irbil is a huge concern for the kurds. they've been fighting and holding, trying to take the town of mosul. so it's a crucial situation right now. the u.s.-led coalition is looking for ways to stop the militant group from making progress and one main goal is to target the isis leadership. barbara starr has the details. >> reporter: the u.s. has a secret list of the top isis operatives in syria and iraq it wants to kill. number one, isis leader abu al baghdadi. it's been months since the last intelligence report about where al baghdadi is hiding a senior u.s. official tells cnn.
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the u.s. believes he knows warplanes are hunting him, so he moves cautiously even as his influence has grown beyond syria and iraq. >> the fact that al baghdadi has become this pan islamic caliphate boss boss of bosses is pretty distressing. but it also means that we know what the command and control might actually be like. >> reporter: the u.s. has already killed a dozen or so isis operatives including a chemical weapons expert. isis executioners like jihadi john are still in the u.s. cross hairs, but the list focuses on targeting those whose death would broadly hurt isis. isis operatives are added to the list as intelligence often from cell phone intercepts is gained. the kill list may now expand as the u.s. struggles to understand an isis command structure made more confusing with isis moving
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into egypt, yemen, afghanistan, pakistan and libya. one caution, those labeling themselves as isis may have very different goals. >> we have to take each terrorist or cult organization in every country as a separate entity. we can't look at it as part of one big group. you may miss the most important targets when you're doing that. >> reporter: the beheadings of egyptian christians on the libyan coastline underscores the targeting problem. the u.s. wants to identify the killers on the videotape, but the broader worry, isis' position in libya. it now has a strong hold in derna and operates within reach of southern europe via busy shipping lanes. >> it's very difficult to have the same controls over people who might be getting on boats and working as laborers on ships, that are coming into european ports.
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>> reporter: there's no indication that isis is planning some sort of maritime attack from ports in libya. but u.s. and nato warships continue their patrols of the southern mediterranean with the job of looking for any illicit activity. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> we want to go back to a story about heavy fighting outside of irbil in iraq where isis has been fighting. i want to go straight now to our tim lister who is joining us on the phone from irbil. so tim, it seems as though the fighting it appears has stopped for now and there has been heavy casual cities inflicted on isis. >> reporter: that's right. that's what i'm hearing this morning, zain from kurdish peshmerga officials. the fighting lasted more than five hours. it was on a variety of fronts close to the river.
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isis began a multiprong defensive. the kurdish lines down there are pretty strung out. they don't have that many guys on the defenses and they're not very well equipped. however, eventually air power was introduced last night and that may have helped considerably turn back the isis attack. a kurdish official told me that there had been many casualties on the isis side but it was much too early to get a proper fix on the numbers. and they're also very wary of ieds because it's been a tactic of the isis militia as they come forward to lay ieds and disguise them and they have caused 70% of kurdish casualties so far. >> tim lister live for us there in irbil, reporting there was a major isis assault, but it appears the fighting has stopped for now. thank you, tim. the gunman who killed two
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people in copenhagen was shown staggering towards a synagogue where he killed a guard. >> reporter: u.s. law enforcement is helping authorities go through the records of the copenhagen shooter to see if he had any communication with americans. cnn has learned the shooter used an automatic rifle in ace attack heard here in audio obtained by the bbc. the m-95 like this is a powerful weapon often used by danish military. >> this guy, he fired his weapon with single shots. and that tells me that he's quite calm and in control. >> reporter: just prior to the attack he swore allegiance to the isis leader on his facebook page. it is not believed he trained
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with the terrorist group overseas. following the attack a prosecutor says two of his associates provided him a place to hide get a new shirt and add another weapon before continuing to this jewish synagogue. the two men have been charged. it's believed that he was radicalized while serving time in this copenhagen prison after being convicted of a violent crime. an iman working there says groups like isis do have influence there. >> they're interested in it so they may have questions what do i think about isis or what is my opinion about isis. they want to know is it good or are they bad guys or somewhat are they? >> reporter: he describes himself >> a positive social person who is calm of temperament. the report said no suspicion of mental illness. seen here in a boxing video from 2013 was released from prison two weeks ago. >> they felt he was more of a
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gang member than a violent extremist, and they did not keep track of him after he was released. >> reporter: investigators are looking to see if he may have been inspired by the terrorist in paris who left 17 dead. the fbi's head of counterterrorism recently told cnn copy cat attacks are a major concern. >> they want to conduct an attack just to make the news like the folks they saw on tv. they may be at one level of intent but community events or world events at least through their eyes spurs them on to mobilize and conduct an attack. >> our thanks to pamela brown for that report. the first victim was a film maker at a forum on free speech. >> that forum was organized in reaction to last month's massacre in paris. fierce fighting in eastern
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ukraine is underscoring how the peace agreement is faltering without ever get going. >> separatists say they have taken 80% of the transport hub, and are holding 60 ukrainian prisoners of war. cnn cannot verify that claim. >> ukraine says five more troops have been killed in the past 24 hours. the u.n. security council past a resolution urging all parties to abide by the cease-fire. if you're watching cnn in the united states the bad news is winter is nowhere near over. take a look at how much snow has packed in so far. coming up we'll tell you what's in store for the next few days. plus, an accused killer's words are in the spotlight, as prosecutors wrap up their case in the american sniper trial. we'll explain coming up after this break.
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come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? welcome back everyone. after years of accusations of sexual misconduct in france and in the united states as well it now appears that dominic stras kahn may walk away clean from his trial on charges of aggravated pimping. >> the prosecutor has asked for an acquittal, saying there isn't
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enough evidence to prove that he's guilty of organizing or encouraging sex parties with prostitutes. strauss-kahn never denied he attended but his defense is that he didn't know prostitutes were involved. >> in the meantime an alabama police officer is pleading not guilty to charges of assault after he was accused of slamming a visitor from india to the ground and causing partial paralysis. look at that video. he and another officer were answering a call about a suspicious man two weeks ago. there was a language barrier and a police statement said the 59-year-old man was taken to the ground when the officers tried to pat him down and he pulled away. john? zain this just in. the australian prime minister is piling pressure on the
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indonesians over their plans to execute two australians convicted a decade ago in the bali nine drug trafficking ring. mr. abbott has warned of diplomatic consequences and says indonesia owes it to australia to spare the men. >> we are doing no more for our citizens than indonesia routinely does for its own citizens. and if it's right and proper for indonesia to make these representations and for other countries to heed indonesia's representtations. >> indonesia maintains this is a law enforcement issue and interference is not welcome. prosecutors have rested their case in the trial of a man accused of killing chris kyle the subject of the movie "american sniper." >> his lawyered a hits his
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client committed the killings but says he was insane at the time. as ed lavandera reports, the accused's own words were again in the spotlight on tuesday. >> reporter: eddie ray routh is placed into a police car after authorities chased him down on a texas highway. the officer asks if he's okay. he says i'm just so nervous about what's happening in my life today. i've been so paranoid schizophrenic all day. the judge isn't allowing courtroom audio to broadcast until after the trial. at times, he appears agitated in the video and squirms around. other times he rests his head with his eyes closed. people who know routh say the former marine changed before the killings of chris kyle and chad littlefield. >> i did notice a change several months before this all took
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place. it's hard to describe exactly, but it seemed like he was a little bit more jumpy. >> i got a woman and a kid 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy. >> reporter: the legend of chris kyle was well established by the time he took eddie ray routh to that gun range, but he seemed to be annoyed with the two men trying to help him. the small arsenal of weapons brought to the range that day was shown to the jury including one of kyle's rifles labeled "american sniper." but routh, in his psychotic state, thought he was walking into a showdown on that range, say his attorneys. he spoke with a writer from "the new yorker" magazine three months after the shootings. prosecutors played some of that conversation today. routh sounds annoyed and says so we're shooting pistols?
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that's pretty much saying duel. later he is asked what sparked the killings and he plains chad littlefield for not shooting with him. that's what got me all wired up he says. he also said i took care of business and i got in the truck and left. as prosecutors said in their opening statements -- >> i believe the term used was troubled. this is a troubled young man. >> reporter: but prosecutors say this troubled man wasn't insane. they say these are the actions of a cold blooded killer. >> if you are in some parts of the northeastern united states you may want to buckle up. we are seeing some of the coldest weather in decades literally, breaking records, especially in boston. >> so what can they expect? because this is dangerous cold out there. >> it is dangerous cold.
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you've got to rug up. in new jersey a little scary scene there on tuesday afternoon. three people out on a lake, somehow they ended up 90 or so meters out over the lake. a lake frozen solid, parts were not, and what you have to keep in mind when you have snow covering a lake it acts as an insulator. so thin pockets don't freeze over. of course they were okay. the water temperatures well below freezing at the surface, about 25 degrees fahrenheit. so a very scary scene. i want to show you what's going on across the country. the cold air in place, about 3 million people dealing with windchills that are 35 to 40 below zero. ice on the hudson between pier 92 and 94 on the hudson river and work your way to the south, the cold air has filtered in.
10:19 pm
winter weather advisories for about 25 million people around nashville, louisville through charlotte with some significant ice accumulations. notice on radar, not too impressive. what is impressive is what's going on at the surface with the cold air. just a couple inches in the forecast with the exception of eastern maine. you can get four to six inches in interior new england. so the snow not the big story, the cold is. chicago, 8 fahrenheit. that will feel very warm in the next couple of days. look at the 40s down in jacksonville. new orleans, sitting just a notch above freezing at 37 degrees. look at the windchills des moines down to minus 17. chicago's windchill down to minus 6 degrees. look at the highs over the next couple of days. drops off like a rocket. i can tell you temperatures will remain in the 20s over the next
10:20 pm
couple of days and that pattern is expected to continue for at least the next ten days. >> we should point out that these temperatures are in fahrenheit. in celsius, it's a lot worse. >> when we say zero fahrenheit it's minus 18 celsius. coming up on cnn, a judge has blocked president obama's efforts on immigration. but he says he's not giving up without a fight. and the head of color airways has some choice words about allegations of sexism. we're back after this break. [engine revving] [engine revving] [engine revving] ♪ introducing the first-ever 306 horsepower lexus rc coupe with available all-wheel drive.
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welcome back everyone. the greek prime minister says he will not back down in a fight with the country's european creditors. his comments come one day after debt talks collapsed. he wants to end austerity measures tied to the current bailout plan. >> new reports say greece may can for an extension of a loan agreement with the eurozone but the greek government has said the full bailout program is dead. here's what he had to say to the greek parliament.
10:24 pm
>> translator: we are not in a hurry and we will not compromise. we are working hard for a honorable and beneficial solution a solution without austerity, without the bailout which destroyed greece. an agreement without the toxic presence. >> a federal judge in texas has temporarily blocked president barack obama's executive actions on immigration. >> mr. obama says he acted legally, and that the justice department will appeal the ruling. more's our joe johns. >> reporter: less than two days before the government was going to start taking applications for immigrant children who want protection from deportation, a luge last-minute setback. a texas federal judge brings the administration's new enforcement policies that's correct affect up to 5 million people to a screeching halt. at least temporarily. late today, president obama said the administration would comply with the court's decision blocking implementation of his
10:25 pm
new policies that made clear that the legal fight is not over. >> i disagree with the texas judge's ruling, and the justice department will appeal. >> reporter: the judge said homeland security secretary jeh johnson did not follow the law and administrative rules when he launched the policy last year. he wrote, the public interest factor that weighs the heaviest is ensuring that actions of the executive branch comply with this country's laws and its constitution. the judge is an appointee of former president george bush and a sharp critic of president obama's policies. texas governor filed the lawsuit on behalf of his and 25 other states. >> in texas, we will not sit idly by while the president ignores the law and fails to secure the border. >> reporter: the white house is fighting this battle in congress over the policies that could affect funding for the homeland security department.
10:26 pm
the ruling means that people who were planning on filing for deferred action on immigration for their children starting wednesday will have to wait. >> these people who were so excited in november now they can gather their papers together but they can't participate in the program. >> reporter: and the president's supporters were urging immigrants who want to change their status to get their paperwork together. >> get your birth certificates. i want you to get your passports up to date. get all your documentation to prove that you've been here. >> reporter: the funding bill for the homeland security department has been snagged in the senate because of a disagreement between democrats and republicans on the new immigration policies. house speaker john boehner called on senate democrats who disagree with the administration to help get the bill moving. joe johns, cnn, washington. now to another story. the ceo of qatar airways is defending his company and rejecting claims that female flight attendants are fired if
10:27 pm
they get married. >> this comes from a report which was done by the international transport worker's federation which says flight attendants must get permission from the airline to marry, and they have to notify the company if they fall pregnant. the ceo denies the claims and he's using some forceful language. >> that is not true. that is a lot of bull [ bleep ]. this is people creating issues because we don't have unions and this is what they don't like. they say that our work practices are very progressive. people have all the rights that they require, and what rumors are being circulated is absolutely untrue. >> he also had some choice words for delta's ceo. you can find the full interview on >> sounds like the unfriendly skies. coming up stopping would-be terrorists on the home front. that's what the white house is
10:28 pm
trying to do. ahead, how they plan to act globally. plus north korea threatens to respond strongly as details emerge about brutal treatment inside the secretive regime. the prisoners had to scrimmage for rodents, for mice in order to survive. there was just not an appropriate level of food for the people to survive. i have the flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hey!
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom. i'm john vause.
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>> and i'm zain asher. the headlines at this hour. kurdish officials say they have beaten back a major isis attack in iraq. the multiprong assault lasted five hours around two towns near the kurdish capital irbil. the kurdish commanders say they inflicted heavy casualties on the isis attackers. a truce agreement in ukraine is collapsing as they battle for control of a key transport hub. both sides refuse to back down. the u.n. security council passed a resolution calling on all parties to abide by the peace agreement. and the greek prime minister says he won't compromise over his country's financial future. eurozone leaders want greece to request an extension or lose all funding when the program expires at the end of the month. the white house is hosting foreign ministers from around the world for a summit on
10:32 pm
violent extremism. >> one of the key things that they're talking about, local programs that try to stop would-be terrorists before they commit violent acts. here's jim acosta. >> reporter: with the isis cancer spreading quickly in denmark where a gunman's rampage was inspired by the islamic state, and to libya, where egyptian christians were beheaded the white house is scrambling to counter a potent terrorist message. >> we need answers beyond a military answer. we need answers that go beyond force. >> reporter: vice president joe biden opened up this week's summit on countering violent extremism, talking about the root causes of radicalism with the u.s.-led coalition carrying out air strikes on isis the goals are aimed at the home front, identifying vulnerable communities, brainstorming ways to counter propaganda and
10:33 pm
sharing that globally. while it's not singling out isis the obama administration is ramping up efforts to combat the group on social media. and on youtube, with videos boasting about the u.s. coalition. meeting with the new defense secretary, the president said the u.s. needs a comprehensive strategy. >> everything from making sure we are dismantling isil and not only stabilizing the situation in iraq but addressing the foreign fighter issue and countering the narrative of violent extremism that has been turbo charged through the internet. >> reporter: but senator ted cruz claims the name of the summit doesn't even mention the word "islam." >> the words radical islamic
10:34 pm
terrorism do not come out of the president's mouth. the word jihad does not come out of the president's mouth. and that is dangerous. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder says critics are missing the point. >> we've having this conversation about words opposed to what our actions ought to be. this is a difficult problem. >> reporter: just before the summit kicked off, officials were asked why they avoid the term islamic terrorism, as one official put it call them what you want, we'll call them terrorists. jim acosta cnn, the white house. the canadian government is helping to fund one program meant to guide people away from extremism. extreme dialogue is a campaign intended for teens aged 14 to 18. the program includes videos and teaching aids meant to stimulate discussions in schools and youth groups. the website features a story of
10:35 pm
a woman whose radicalized son died while fighting for isis. another online campaign directly targeting isis is coming out of syria. activists are posting online what life is like under isis rule and trying to undermine their control. here's atika scubert. >> reporter: isis propaganda videos attempt to show normal life aid delivered by fighters with ak-47s. but now more and more are posting their own pictures to counter these claims. these pictures from aid from the world food program, papered over with an isis flag and delivered by isis fighters. we spoke to the activist who posted this video. he runs a network of a dozen activist inside the isis strongholds. for his own safety, he's asked not to be identified.
10:36 pm
in this interview, we will call him rafik. what is the punishment for something like this? >> it's going to be death. they treat him as traitor. >> reporter: to risking their lives to get this photo? >> yes. >> reporter: it's one of many small movements working with sporadic internet access. syrians are posting pictures with hash tags photographed at the scene to prove that they are there. though there is no way for cnn to independent confirm this. isis has been hit by hundreds of air strikes. activists say these pictures suggest that may be taking a toll especially in the isis strong hold of raqqa. >> it's coming from the isis to all, don't pick up any isis members and don't take them anywhere. this is a sign of how much they
10:37 pm
are scared and worried, because the number of people defecting. >> reporter: rafik's network is not the only one. "being slaughtered silently" has countered isis propaganda from the heart of isis territory. and rafik challenges isis supporters online. he believes that all of this will add up to a revolt against isis rule. >> i've been talking to some guy three days ago, and he said i think there will be a revolution very soon in raqqa against isis. >> reporter: does it look like there will be 24 revolt in >> i think so because i know several people who are very patient, but we have limits. so somewhat's happening with us it might happen with them with anyone else. that's what is going to happen very soon. >> reporter: small but important steps in challenging the rule of isis. atika scubert, cnn.
10:38 pm
a police department in st. louis, missouri is under fire for turning off a dash cam during a very physical arrest. >> the camera was rolling. you can see the officers pull the driver from the car, kick him repeatedly and then stun him with a taser. but then one of the officers walks back and turns the camera off and take a listen to what she says. >> hold up, hold up. everybody, hold up. if you guys are worried about cameras, just wait. >> red light is slang for a rolling camera. the confrontation happened last year but the video was only just released because the driver in the footage filed a lawsuit. >> that does not look good for them. the italian coast guard has released video of 300 migrants crossing the sea on monday. >> all those on board were
10:39 pm
transferred to a medical center for treatment. in the last few days at least 1,000 migrants have been rescued at sea. and more than 300 died last week attempting to make the same journey. in the meantime in haiti's capital, an accident during the national parade has killed at least 16 people. investigators say it began when a singer on mardi gras float was electrocuted by a power line. authorities say at least 78 people were hurt as people scattered. >> haiti's president called the tragedy a grave incident. officials declared three days of national mourning. coming up here the israeli journalist and his social experiment on the streets of paris. >> kind of felt like a walking target.
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flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. welcome back everyone. two people accused of plotting a valentine's day massacre at a shopping mall in canada made their first court appearance on tuesday. the canadian man and american woman face a number of charges, including conspiracy to commit
10:43 pm
murder and making threats over social media. they did not ask for bail. >> they were arrested friday after police say they were tipped off to the suspect's plans to kill as many people as possible and then kill themselves. a third suspect was found dead in a home. the paris terror attacks were coordinated. >> investigators say that one of the kouachi brothers who, together killed 12 people in the "charlie hebdo" massacre texted the man who would later kill four people at a kosher supermarket. coulibaly received the next just an hour before the kouachi brothers opened fire at the magazine's offices and sent to one of coulibaly's 13 phones. >> no word on the message, but investigators say evidence from the phone shoes coulibaly and cherif kouachi met on january
10:44 pm
7th the day of the "charlie hebdo" attack. in an attempt to raise awareness on anti-semitism in europe a journalist filmed himself walking through the streets of paris wearing the yammica on his head. >> the video shows him being abused in areas with large muslim population. >> reporter: one man follows him, calling "jew." he appears to be spat at. this israeli journalist secretly filmed himself walking the streets of paris, wearing a jewish skull cap and prayer tassles. at times, he's verbally abused by people he passes by. >> kimtdz of felt like a walking
10:45 pm
target. i had a bodyguard with me. and at certain point, he told us to leave certain areas because he saw commotion, you know things going on because of the fact that i was there. >> reporter: out of the ten hours of footage, they posted 90 seconds. cnn hasn't seen the rest of the footage. klein copied the format that went viral in november when a woman spent ten hours walking around new york being subjected to sexist abuse. that video has been viewed 40 million times. klein says he wants to raise awareness of evidence anti-semitism in europe. in the january paris attacks, four jews were murdered at a kosher supermarket. the video begins with klein at the eiffel tower. but he admits that most of the abuse was out in the predominantly suburbs of paris.
10:46 pm
actually the message and some of the abuse he received came from a specific part of the city, so it's not the whole of the city. >> i'm not claiming it's the story of the whole city but again, france is in europe and france is a democracy, and i don't think it should be a problem for any person that believes in any religion to walk on any street in these cities. >> reporter: although klein says he was extremely scared at times, he was actually expecting worse. >> i would have been beaten up which is something i thought was going to happen and it didn't happen. most of the people that walked next to me and saw the way i was dressed treated me with respect. >> reporter: max foster, cnn, london. >> he makes a good point. you should be able to go anywhere in paris without suffering that kind of abuse. we have reached out for comment to the office of the mayor of
10:47 pm
paris, but so far we have not heard back. another story we're following. north korea is threatening to respond very strongly to a human rights conference in washington. >> the head of the u.n. inquiry says pyongyang should be referred to the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. brian todd reports new details that have emerged about the regime's notorious prison catches. >> reporter: new satellite images from inside kim jong-un's prison camp system. a sand bar where public executions took place. a reported burial site. this is camp 15 a sprawling prison inside north korea for those who run afoul of the regime. >> you could fit two washington, d.c.'s inside of it. >> reporter: the photos show hydroelectric plants farms where prisoners are believed to be forced to work. there were mines at the camp since shut down. all things they tried to hide. >> north korea practices what we
10:48 pm
call camouflage consolement, deception. they make every effort to hide their activities. >> reporter: threatening to respond "very strongly." the conference highlighted a report from last year which hundreds of former presidents detail ed detailed activities at the prison camp. i spoke with the chief investigator. >> the prisoners had to scrimmage for rodents, for mice in order to survive. there was just not an appropriate level of food for
10:49 pm
people to survive, and prisoners gave testimony to the commission of inquiry that their job was to pick up the bodies and put them into the incinerator and then scatter the remains on the fields as fertilizer. >> reporter: from north korean officials, a flat denial. >> we made it very clear that there is no prison camps in our country. >> i think they really feel that this really hiltts at the heart of the legitimacy of the regime they've never experienced before. they've experienced sanctions, but this is new and different to them. >> reporter: new and different because that u.n. report recommended kim jong-un and his inner circle be referred to the international criminal court for prosecution. that's unlikely to happen. but one of the reasons kim's regime has been embarrassed by the report and a key reason why they tried to stop that human rights conference in washington is that it all collectively exposes kim's regime and could possibly leak to people inside
10:50 pm
north korea. brian todd cnn, washington. >> thanks to our brian todd for that report. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is coming under heavy criticism for how much he and his wife are spending at taxpayer expense. >> they spent almost $24,000 for takeout food in 2011. even though they have a chef on staff. and the state paid around $20,000 a year to clean their two houses for the nearly four years, which mr. netanyahu has been in office. >> and the worst thing about this this comes just one month before national elections and he's already in a pretty tight race. >> there's always the scandal about flying on the private plane. lit be an interesting election. when we come back the most
10:51 pm
prestigious prize in the kay nine dog world. we'll tell you which pooch took the prize.
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10:54 pm
had his hands on mrs. carter's shoulders. there it is. he leans in whispers something into her ear. she kind of nods her hand in a very uncomfortable way. >> biden said he has known ashton carter for years. >> there we have it. the 139th annual westminster kennel club dog show and this year more than 72700 dogs competed. and it all came down to the final seven. >> ms. p is the second beegagle to win the prize. reserved best in show went to the terrier good time charlie. >> even though ms. p won best in
10:55 pm
show what about best in snow >> jeanne moos has more on that. >> reporter: when you're a show dog, the last place your handler wants your paws is in some salty, grimy new york city snow. >> we carried him in. i brought him in on my shoulders. >> reporter: this is a crowd where you stumble on a dog in a baby carriage wearing a $400 motorcycle jacket. >> i design coats for women and dogs. so i have the complementary jacket. so he did a charity event. >> reporter: so where can a show dog owner turn for up to the minute weather? >> schmitty the weather dog. hey, everybody, ron trotta here with schmitty the weather dog. >> reporter: schmitty may not be a certified meteorologist, but ron is.
10:56 pm
>> okay we had some snow this morning. >> reporter: his weather forecasts appear on the westminster kennel club website with schmitty chiming in via corny thought bubbles. >> that's the latest poop from new york city. >> reporter: and he also takes her to schools to talk about weather and science. a four-pound yorky who eats a 40 pound masstiff. folks were posing and taking photos of schmitty. even though most weren't quite sure why. do you know who this dog is? >> no, i don't. >> she has a nose for the weather. >> reporter: actually, ron has a nose for turning schmitty into a bland, but this is the dog to turn to if you think the weather is turning schmitty.
10:57 pm
jeanne moos cnn -- >> schmitty, the weather dog. >> reporter: new york. >> so much fun. thanks for watching everyone. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. stay with us. you're watching cnn. [engine revving] [engine revving] [engine revving] ♪ introducing the first-ever 306 horsepower lexus rc coupe with available all-wheel drive. once driven, there's no going back. lease the 2015 rc 350 for $449 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool.
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