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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 18, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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my mountain bike. >> come on. give me the one thing you haven't done you're going to do. >> the one thing i'm going to do. i have no clue at this point. i'm a very happy person. i'm a simple guy. every day is an adventure for me. every day. >> get back to me on that. i need you to think about it. when chosen come back and we'll chat. peter felgentreff, thank you very much. >> absolutely. thank you, brooke. all right. top of the hour here. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we could be about to see a dramatic shift in the u.s.-led war on isis. let me tell you why. syrian rebels could soon begin calling the shots. the syrian rebels are on the ground. the united states is planning to give some moderate rebels the ability to call in u.s. air strikes. how will it happen? they will be given gps devices
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to use from the ground. this is not exactly expect ed to sit well with some lawmakers, some members of congress who, as you can recall, were against arming the rebel this is the first place in the syrian civil war. concern that not enough information, quite frankly, is known as about the background of the rebel fighters. thousand with isis extending its reach, as you can see here way beyond syria and iraq the stake got higher. the u.s. needs help in syria. the u.s. military is already doing it with kurdish fighters in iraq. that does appear to be working. just a day isis's advance came to a screeching halt near irbil. calling in u.s. air strikes to finish the job. is ben there? let me know. for months we have been see seeing the u.s.-backed peshmerga
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fighters pushing back in iraq. they are the u.s.'s eyes and ears on the ground. in syria, by comparison the united states has been practically fighting blind. now we are learning the u.s. is planning to introduce a new syrian force to the battle ground. let me bring in david lesh to talk about the pov to get the syrian rebel it is ability to identity targets for air strikes. he's a professor at trinity university in san antonio. also the author of "syria the fall of the house of assad." welcome back. >> my pleasure brooke. >> it's pertinent to remind viewers you regularly met with baer shar al assad before 2009. you have returned from visiting jordan and lebanon. let me begin with the fact you met with the commanders of the syrian opposition. there is a difference in motive here. while the u.s. is clearly focused on destroying and dismantling isis the syrian
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rebels are priority one is ousting assad. correct? >> that's correct. nothing from what i understand the material that we are about to give none of it is a game changer in terms of the disposition of the war. so the syrian opposition is still likely to be very unhappy with the level of support they are receiving. particularly i don't say awe said because they want to aim any guns or weapons or anything they have against assad and not against isis. from the u.s. perspective, we are obviously trying to improve our real time intelligence on the ground because we don't have that many assets on the ground in syria. particularly if we are targeting the leadership. the intelligence community has many levels of vetting to make sure the information we are getting and the people giving the information are reliable.
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i doubt we'll rely on information from the new sources. >> the news of the day that the u.s. could hand moderate rebels to gps devices to call in the air strikes, do you think it's a solid idea? >> it can be a helpful idea in combination with other sources. satellite imagery, intelligence sources via the kurds. i don't think -- even if it falls into isis hands it won't be counter productive to u.s. efforts. this is what we have done in afghanistan and a iraq. trying to increase eyes and ears on ground particularly targeting isis leadership which is a priority for the u.s. now. >> all right. you bring up not as much concern falling into the wrong hands.
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we have seen u.s. weaponry in the hands of isis. weapons caches in libya and now militants on the shores of the mediterranean sea decapitating christians. my question to you is could weapons land in the wrong hands? >> of course. it's almost likely to. which is why we have drawn back from supporting the so-called moderate rebels which is a misnomer now in my estimation. >> how do you mean? >> in the sense that particularly the armed militants are committed to over throwing assad.
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there are different agendas and motivations with regard to what we want to happen in syria and what the rebels or opposition groups want to see in syria. >> look at this big picture. you look at iraq and the fall of zam hussein. you see the state of iraq today. look at libya, the state of libya today in a post gadhafi era. you have assad in syria and you have power vacuums with the dictators gone. what is the better situation? assad in power and isis not taking syria all together or assad out? >> the you want a political settlement because it's clear assad isn't going anywhere any time soon, that's a legitimate consideration. this is what the u.n. envoy meant when he said last week
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that assad has to be part of the solution. no one likes that. i don't like it. it's the reality of the situation moving forward that he has to with considered part of a solution with a transition or afterward. with or without him the crux are of the matter once it became clear assad would stay in power can assad give up enough power from the center to the periphery that will satisfy at least a critical mass of the opposition? not everyone will go along with this. it is negotiable. they are far apart in terms of syria and the power central government will have. most believe there is a six-month window or so before the u.s. election kicks into gear and the obama administration attentions go elsewhere. if you want to look at a
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political settlement over this period of time you have to think of dealing in some way with assad however distasteful it may be. >> david lesch, always enjoy having you on. please come back. isis will be a priority topic here in the race for president. moments ago jeb bush laying out his plan for isis. and distancing himself from his brother and father: plus a new twist in the road cage case involving a mother who was shot and killed. there is word she and her kids left the home looking for the driver who police cannot find. iran's supreme leader blasting "american sniper" saying it offends muslims. he didn't stop there. we have to discuss it coming up. introducing data stash. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward for 12 months. and if you switch today, we'll even give you 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data. data stash.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. jeb bush wants to shake off the
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long shadow cast by his brother and father as he geared up for a possible white house bid. he claimed today, quote, i am my pi own man. the crucial speech of foreign policy. he accused the obama camp of mishandling the threat from iran. >> rand's intent is clear. its leaders have openly expressed a call for the eye anyway litigation for the state of israel. we could face large scale proliferation regions if iran has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon. congress should pass bills to reinstate sanctions in advance if negotiations fail. and require approval. i want to talk about netanyahu's speech to congress coming up in the first week of march. i'm eager to hear what he has to say. israel isn't at the table with iran but has a lot at stake. i don't blame him for wanting to share his views.
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>> let's talk to our chief wash war correspondent, mr. jake tapper. f an intellectual bar to clear. people regard him as a policy wong. none of that really was a shock at all. >> okay. to the bush last name here. i know it was a couple of years ago, 2010. jeb bush was aligning himself closely with his brother's presidential track record. here he was on cnn. >> i will tell you that i'm the only republican that was in office when he was in office as president that never disagreed
12:15 pm
with him. i'm not going to start now. why would i do that now after two years? >> wait not one time did you call up and say, don't do that? >> i'm not going to start now. until death do us part. >> what a difference five or six years would make. how does he distance himself from his other presidential family members? >> you can't just come out and say "i am my own man" and the story goes away. his brother's shadow more than his father's looms large when it comes to foreign policy decision that is the american people disagree with. he did come out today and i think heaven raised the subject of mistakes made in iraq in terms of they are not being enough security provided on the ground for the iraqi people and the aftermath of the over throw of saddam hussein. he credit sized the intelligence as faulty.
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i think the bigger question of would he have made the same decision to invade is one that the american people will want to hear not just because george w. bush is his brother but because i think this is that decision is very important and significant and one that the american people according tole polls in retrospect wish had not happened. i think pointing out those mistakes is fine. distances himself a little bit. but there is still more to come on a lot of decisions. >> okay. we'll see how you chew on this and the big white house summit. president obama speaking during your hour. we'll tune in at 4:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. jake tapper thank you very much. >> thanks brooke. >> let's continue on the politics here and let me bring in cnn political director david chelian. on this issue of listening to jeb bush only a year and a half out of the election and he already -- oh anna navaro
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poof. just like that. forgive me david. anna just because you are full transparency you are close to jeb bush. it's only a year and a half out of the election. he already has to you know distance himself from other members of the family especially the shadow of he is brother who looms large. how exactly does he do that? >> you know this is something jeb has been dealing with his entire life. i think he's comfortable in his own skin and being jeb bush. he'll be who he isment just let jeb be jeb. he'll lay out his own ideas. he'll lay out his own policy. he'll think about things. he thinks about things differently. has a different deliberating process. i don't think you will see him break away. you know, if what people want is for him to go on stage and deny his brother and his father
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that's not going to happen. >> but to jake's point. >> he'll lay out his own policy. where there are mistakes he'll acknowledge them. where there weren't he'll say that to. >> american wills want to know how he would have felt in the hot seat. would he have gone in with the iraqi invasion. do you have any idea how he'd answer that question? >> i don't. it's a hypothetical that would be difficult to answer regardless of your last name. there is no comparison to being in the hot seat during a thing like 9/11. it's a very are hypothetical question. >> david, let me ask you about the polls here. you have mike huckabee. this is the latest poll for 2016 for the republican presidential nominee. in december, bush led with 23%.
12:19 pm
it wasn't long ago when huckabee was in the single digits. what happened? >> that's true brooke. a couple of things happened. one, jeb bush jolted the race to life in december when he announced he was really going to give this serious thought. and is likely to make a run. nobody else jumped into the pool. he was sort of way out in front in december. i think now you are seeing four guys bunched up in double digits at the top. governor huckabee governor bush governor walker and senator rand paul. think what you are seeing with huckabee brooke is since that time he announced on fox he was leaving his show. he launched a book tour. very popular in conservative media outlets. he dominated headlines with the right audiencement we see the numbers jump up. i think we'll see lots of folks in the top slot as the year goes forward. >> let's talk about potential other folks.
12:20 pm
other than the three governors and the senator, what names are you watching for? >> oh my goodness. the list is so long. i think you could field a football team with the with the list of names mentioned. obviously i'm watch withing for marco rubio, my state senator number one with. i want to know if he'll run for re-election or not. also because 's from florida. he has an overlapping circle of donors and supporters with jeb bush. also ted cruz senator lindsey graham carly fiorina, ben carson. folks that you may have never heard of and folks you have heard about a lot. >> david, i want to talk about the dems because i was reading about a meeting between a potential presidential hopeful hillary clinton getting together with elizabeth warren. i realized the meeting happened
12:21 pm
in december. we are learning about this. what was what was is reason for the get together? >> there is no indication elizabeth warren is open to the draft movement out there. she wants to be a player. hill sees the juice warren has in the democratic party and wants to bring it into her fold as she prepares for a likely run are. she meets with her. they talked about income and equality wall street banks and stuff elizabeth warren is known for that makes her a darling of the liberal left of the party. by bringing her in and seeking advice hillary clinton is indicating to warren supporters that she's pope benedict to incorporateing warren's ideas into her potential candidacy. >> hillary want it is juice. thank you very much. great to have you on anna.
12:22 pm
appreciate you both. coming up next here did the victim seek out her attacker? dramatic details in this road rage case that left a mother of four dead. we'll talk to nancy grace. she'll react to the new twist today. also ahead, the film version of chris kyle's american sniper story is captivateing audiences. did you know iran's supreme are leader is offering his own strong worded critique of the movie. stay here.
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there has now been a a dramatic twist in the deadly road rage case raising questions. the suspected gunman they are pursuing was at one point pursued by the woman he allegedly killed. this goes back to thursday.
12:27 pm
it happened in las vegas. this is tammy myers, the mother. she was giving her 15-year-old daughter a driving lesson. she had an encounter with a male driver that left her frightened. when myers got home she picked up her son who had a gun and went back out looking for the driver. when the mother returned home for a second time gun fire erupted p in her driveway. a bullet hit her. she ultimately was taken off life support on value are tien's day. joining me now, nancy grace who has had a very strong stance on this. with this twist we now know mom left the home with the sun, with the gun to go back and find the guy, does that change your opinion? >> no it doesn't. >> wie? >> i will tell you this. it is a wrinkle in the case. it is a concern if this case ever goes to trial. because this is what i know. police have stated -- this is their quote, not mine, that we -- the police -- don't think
12:28 pm
the mom and son went looking the for trouble. this is the way i interpret what the police said. mom's out teaching her daughter to drive and parallel park. some guy comes speeding past them and the little girl reaches over toot toot on the horn because she thought he was speeding. the guy stops, slams on the brakes gets out of the car, comes to mom's window and chews her out. mom gets scared. they race home. all right. she gets the girl out of the car, gets the son and goes you know i'm going to find this uh guy. he shouldn't have done that. i'm going to get his tag. how many times have you said i'm getting their tag number. i do it practically every other day. >> remind me not to drive around you. >> you know you see somebody in a handicapped spot when they shouldn't be or somebody is driving erratically. they are a danger. mom goes looking for him. guess what. she finds him. she's scared all over again. they turn around race back
12:29 pm
home. the guy who was in their neighborhood -- my question is why is he in the neighborhood -- does follow them home. he starts shooting first. the police say, all indications are the perpetrator fired first. the son bran are don fires back. mom is hit in the head by the perpetrator's bullet. >> right. >> the fact that mommy is scared and angry and goes looking for him, gets scared again and races home to me doesn't change the scenario that the guy, the perpetrator is the aggressor. >> what about the fact that mom could be perceived as an aggressor if she went out with her son with a gun to go find this guy? would that not change potentially charges if and when they find the driver? >> can i ask you -- do you think it's a crime to get in your car even though you have a gun -- and i'm not crazy about the gun laws but you have a gun in the
12:30 pm
car, you look for somebody and find them? so far that's not a crime. but it may change the perception of a jury. the fact that this guy follows them back home and starts shooting that's the game changer. right there, in my mind. but some jurors may have a problem with it. >> they will be thinking why didn't she just stay home? lock the door. >> why didn't she go in and hide under the bed, pull the curtains and lock the doors? because she wanted to find this guy, get his tag number. >> yeah. >> sadly she got what she wished for. she found him and ended up dead. >> she has every right to have been furious and horrible what happened with the family. nancy grace, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we watch nancy on hln at 8:00. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a new controversy surrounding "american sniper." by some it's being called anti-muslim. there is concern it could
12:31 pm
provoke violence. we'll have the discussion. and a mythical creature driving 12-year-old girls to try to kill. the evidence in the slenderman case is being presented and it is chilling. what investigators found in one of the little girls' bedrooms ahead. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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hold on. i've got a woman and a kid 20 yards out, moving toward the convoy. her arms aren't swinging. she 's carrying something. she's got a grenade.
12:36 pm
rkg grenade. just handed it to the kid. >> bradley cooper if in american sniper. the scene we showed you is a popular scene in the trailer, featured in award shows. is iz anti-islamic? we have shared two points oh of view with you. first the ayatollah saying screens like that encourage nonmuslim youngsters or oh christians to harass muslims as much as possible. first this past saturday a muslim school in rhode island was vandalized with the graffiti. second it was lit on fire. the 55-year-old neighbor was charged with arson and three u uh nc students were killed at their apartment.
12:37 pm
all of the cases are under investigation. for muslims in america, this is open season. >> it's currently an open season a time where it's open season against islam. muslims in washington in the media dehumanizing muslims in movies like "american sniper." >> joining me now a senior editor from the islamic monthly. great to the view have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> the point of view from her sister and the atoe la do those viewpoints have merit ? >> yeah. if you look at it not just "american sniper" with bradley cooper but hollywood's overall picture of arabs after 9/11 where it's "homeland" on show time or "24" with kiefer
12:38 pm
sutherland. there is an ongoing narrative. the bad guy. one of the most hated demographic groups in the united states today. islamaphone i can't is growing in america today. >> i'm haunted by susan's words saying it's open season. i would have to go to the source to get her answer. but in a broader sense why is it open season? because of what's happening in iraq and syria ? and how it's being filtered back here or has it been quote/unquote, opinion season for a listening time? -- long time. >> we had the brutal execution of students at unc chapel hill.
12:39 pm
. there were things like mohamed is a pedophile, f ayla andllah. there is really something wrong and a a new discussion to have. this is feeding the propaganda recruitment tools of groups like isis. >> speaking of president obama, there's been criticism toward the administration that they have been excluding the term islamic when talking about radicalization. he published a column this morning in the l.a. times mentioning attacks on the u.s. committed by muslims. your reaction to his phraseology and how do you think the white house should approach it? >> i think the white house is approaching it in a good way. when you call something islamic extremism you are giving it religious legitimacy they desire. # 1.7 billion muslims around the
12:40 pm
world condemned isis al qaeda, boko haram and terrorist organizations and were not going to honor them. these are criminals committing acts of murder. like the lord's resistance army or the ku klux klan is not representative of christians worldwide. so too, must we make distinctions in order to move the conversation forward in a positive direction. >> thank you so much for coming on. i appreciate your perspective. just to remind the viewers, tonight cnn is going inside the controversy behind this movie. it's "blockbuster: the story of american sniper" tonight at a 9:00 on cnn. ahead, two girls say they were driven to stab a classmate over and over because of a mythical creature known as slender man. they believed it would kill their families if they didn't do it. investigators are revealing disturbing drawings and a chilling to-do list the girls
12:41 pm
had. we we'll take you through the evidence coming up. also ahead, baltimore looks at what life was like way back in 1815. time capsule has been opened. we will show you what's inside. two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist.
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history buffs will love this one. 200 years of history here. a time capsule believed to be from 1815 found at the base of the first monument dedicated to president joernl washgeorge washington. let me bring in the chairman of the restoration committee at mount vernon conservancy, lance humphries. this must be a jackpoter for you. how stoked are you. >> it was a long night last night as the contractors revealeded this time capsule.
12:46 pm
really the corner stone from the building from 1815. it was exciting because of what happened 200 years ago. no one knew where it was. about six days ago we thought we spotted it as we were digging a sewage tank pit. d? >> i can't actually handle the contents. i can show you what we found. there is a two-foot square stone corner stone in which the original masons carved out a well. in the well we knew there were coins and memorabilia from the origin that will accounts. we had no idea how they were
12:47 pm
packed. what we found when we took off the lid which i should show you because it's neat two very large bottles. then a smaller bottle over herement what's awesome is this is the fourth of july 1815. these newspapers are dated july 1, 1813. >> what? >> july 3. >> 1815. i'm sorry. it's all 1815. these are newspapers they bought two days before the corner stone ceremony and then wrapped up in the bottles. >> hold on a second. can you bend down -- what was the headline back in 1815 is? >> well it's rather hard to read them. >> i realize they're old. >> this one -- this is actually quoting july 3.
12:48 pm
they are recounting the declaration of independence. they are talking about things. over here we can really just see the mast heads. american daily commercial advertiser and the dates of the story but not the stories so much. that will be another day when we slowly extract the newss papers if we can with. >> that's phenomenal. i'm ant the fall off my chair trying to squint and read the headlines. once you -- have you figured out what to do with the contents where they will go for history buffs to come check out in person? >> from the walters art museum right next to the washington monument. they were here today to give an initial understanding of what we've got. they will be working with us the next coup of days to understand the safest way to hopefully
12:49 pm
extract these bottles from the time capsule and see what the best process is for long-term preservation. it will be a slow process. we'll do it carefully and slowly. i have to say in this bottle we are hoping the account says there was a likeness of george washington the in a bottle. we hope it's likely this this bottle that was sealed up carefully. >> that would be super neat. >> it would be super, super cool. lance humphries, thank you so much for geeking out on history for us at the washington monument in baltimore. lance humphries, historian and chairman of the restoration committee at mt. vernon >> thank you. coming up next the evidence
12:50 pm
is absolutely chilling. you have these two girls who say a mythical creature known as slender man drove them to stab their class mate. see what investigators are revealing about the case what they found. plus we are a short time away from the president's highly anticipated speech on counterterror summit that will be happening at the white house next hour. our special coverage is straight ahead. ready for another reason to switch to t-mobile. get 2 lines of unlimited 4g lte data for just $100 bucks a month. it's america's best unlimited family plan. and it's only at t-mobile.
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they are being accused of an adult crime and the evidence just presented in their case shows how young they are and how seriously the crime they allegedly committed really is. you will see a barbie doll from one of the two 12 year old girls accused of luring their friend into the woods last may and stabbing her 19 times. the attack according to investigators, was to impress a fictional boogeyman called slenderman. defense attorneys are showing images of mutilated dolls and all kinds of disturbing sketches just to show how the girls were really and truly just lost as far as reality is concerned. one told police slenderman was real and she was afraid of him.
12:55 pm
>> yeah because he could be anywhere from six feet to 14 feet tall. he's like i said a tall guy who constantly wears a suit with a red tie. he doesn't have a face. >> the judge will decide next month if the case should proceed to trial or go to the juvenile system. we will talk more with psychiatrist dr. charles sophey. eric just on the notion of adult versus juvenile did you think there are grounds here to have this thing proceed through the adult system or no? >> there might be grounds but this is a case brooke where these girls have serious issues. when you have mutilated barbies and all these notes and the psychologist who testified that these girls actually believed that slenderman was real and told them to do this. that goes straight to a mental disease or defect defense.
12:56 pm
when they are listening to voices and the psychologist feels they are listening to voices you know for sure there are issues right here. >> doctor here's really my question. listen a lot of young people i'm sure have distorted views of reality and have writings drawings and maybe some kids pull barbie dolls apart, right? but what is it in a child that takes them from the thoughts to actually carrying something like this out? >> well as you say, these are really premeditated behaviors. these are really disturbing things. if children are really hearing voices and they are doing the things that these behaviors that we're learning about may signify, then they are mentally ill. but i'm not so sure all of these behaviors are rooted in mental illness, or some of them are just fantasy or unparented kids without good supervision. there's a lot of premeditation here.
12:57 pm
>> i was just wondering about the roles of the parents here. one would wonder were the parents looking at the journals did the parents pick up the phone and call someone when they saw these barbie dolls being mutilated. >> sometimes parents -- sometimes parents don't know what their children are doing. these parents may not have been aware of the journals or not read the journals and may not have seen these barbies because that would alarm any parent in any situation to get help for their child. >> true. absolutely true. go ahead, doctor. >> why doesn't a parent know what their child is doing? this isn't one note. this is a journal. this is an ongoing behavior pattern that a child is engaging in. why would they not know? it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of mental illness here. it looks like there's a lot of issues with children and parenting and kids who are on their own too much. >> in terms of the legal system, eric let me go back to that. if this goes through the juvenile system would the charge
12:58 pm
remain the same the charge being first degree attempted homicide? >> the charge could remain the same. however, in the juvenile system a child could only be in custody in that system up to the age of 25. so the juvenile system is designed specifically to rehabilitate anyone who goes into the system whether it's assault, attempted murder or anything like that. so the juvenile system will have to really clamp down and make sure the children get the help they need. >> what kind of help doctor this is just based upon obviously you are not working with them so you don't know the intricacyies of all this but what kind of help would girls like this need to get? >> first, if they are truly mentally ill, this is not something that happened overnight. people do not, children adolescents, adults do not just begin to hallucinate one day to the next. this would have been an ongoing mental illness that would have shown itself in many different ways. they start with a psychiatric
12:59 pm
evaluation to be able to determine is there really mental illness or is there other stuff going on like parenting or other kinds of issues that are not psychotic. because if you are hearing a voice, you have lost touch with reality. if you have lost touch with reality, that doesn't happen overnight. parents should have noticed that. >> based upon everything you have seen final question do you have any idea which way you think this will go? >> i believe they will keep it in the juvenile system because the psychologist that testified at the preliminary hearing that she believed this child actually heard voices and believed that slenderman existed and told her to do these things. so i think the judge may keep it in juvenile court to get the child the help she needs. >> eric thank you. doctor thank you both very much. again, a quick reminder as we covered earlier, coming up next hour we will be watching and waiting for the president to speak from the white house. this is a big white house summit this counterterrorism summit and at issue, you know
1:00 pm
federally funded programs to help pinpoint and focus on young muslim youth specifically in certain communities. could it help others say it's spying. jake tapper will have much more. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. the question from some critics, can he stop islamic extremism if he won't even use the term? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. in moments, president obama will lay out how the u.s. intends to win not just the physical war against isis but the battle against what he calls the propagandaists recruiters and enablers encouraging brutality everywhere. what will the president say? and they beheaded people on camera, burned others alive. just when you think isis has run out of gruesome tactics, the iraqi ambassador to the united nations now making this outrageous claim that he says isis is butchering people to