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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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some developments in this fight against isis right here on the home front. the fbi says a minnesota teenager was stopped at new york's jfk airport, they say he was leaving the united states to try to go join the fight in syria with isis. our justice correspondent evan perez is following these developments from washington. evan what do you know about this young man? >> reporter: this ways chaos is exactly what the white house and fbi has been warning for some time and what this entire conference in washington that we have been talking about which is the threat of these young people who are being lured to go fight overseas with these groups including isis. in this case ahmed is the name of this young man he's 19 years old, he was detained with three others they're all from minnesota and the allegation from the fbi is that they were on their way to turkey and eventually over to join these extremist groups. in the case of hanza ahmed who
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is charged with providing material support to isis the allegation here is that he was helping these others travel brooke. we expect that there's going to be a lot more information on this case simply because the -- all the facts have not been released by the justice department which indicates that there's still some more investigation to be done. perhaps more people that could be involved in this. minnesota has kind of been a hot bed for some of the recruitment of extremists both in is that bab is few years ago in some lae a and more recently with people going to syria. >> as we're talking, absolutely and we're talking about this one young man but there were several who came from minneapolis to new york this one you're talking about was the only one who actually boarded the flight. >> right. >> who were the others? >> reporter: the justice department is not identifying the others by name. they're only identified by initial and what they're doing is still doing some more investigation to try to figure
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out what happens if there's a recruitment circle perhaps some kind of group that's perhaps providing the money for these people to go to try to join these extremist groups. there's a lot more investigation to be done here and it looks like this case is going to get bigger before it's all over. >> all right. evan perez thank you so much. appreciate it in washington. i want to move along because we're getting some breaking news here. in this case of road rage out of las vegas, nevada i've got sara sidner standing by. this is the case if which we learned a new twist yesterday. this involves a mother a young daughter. the daughter was driving, taking her around they come in contact with a man who they honk at fast-forward to the going whack to the home picking up the son who was armed and ultimately back at the home where the mother loses her life. sara sidner what's the news? >> reporter: look we are literally one street away from the meyers family where there's a bullet hole in the wall from
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what happened just a week ago where the mother of four tammy meyers was shot and killed shot in the head after a road rage incident between her and there were three people in the car, the driver of that car police have said is the suspect. let me let you see what's going on just a straightaway. what we do not know yet if these two are related but we do know there is a standoff going off one street away in the same neighborhood where this shooting happened and we have seen the s.w.a.t. team go in we can hear the police saying to someone inside one of those houses down there to come out with their hands up we watched the s.w.a.t. team go in police are crouched down behind a couple of these cars clearly a couple of them are under cover vehicles and then they do have a marked police k-9 vehicle. we are, again, one street away the meyers family has come out and talked to us saying they had heard nothing about whether or not there was an arrest that was imminent it in this case. there is a lot of confusion in this neighborhood people coming out to see what happened.
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this is the second time that one of the nafbs told us that they have ever seen police in this neighborhood. the first time was when tammy meyers was shot and killed after that road rage incident. this case of course getting a lot of attention, not just because of the killing of tammy meyers but because of what police revealed after that. that meyers may -- and her son may have helped escalate the situation when meyers and her son got in the car and tried to track down the suspect who they had just gotten into a big argument with over a traffic incident and her son was armed, they then returned home and that is when the suspect returned and ended up shooting and killing her. no matter what happened and no matter who escalated what obviously no one should have died for such a trivial thing an apparent traffic accident that just turned deadly. right now police are still here they are still in the area trying to get someone out of the house just one street down from the meyers family. the neighbors here are afraid.
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>> so hang on, sara. let me just some you. i want to stay with you and try to understand exactly what's happening. i know there's a lot of activity behind you. just to be crystal clear we're talking about this one family the meyers family in which this mother lost her life but where you're pointing out where the standoff is underway this is a separate house, this is one street away correct? >> reporter: that is correct. this is a different house. it is right down the street. we are one block from where the meyers family lives. with police who are kroechd down and calling again and again on the loudspeaker for someone to come out with their hands up. we also know that there is a helicopter that has been circling for some time and this literally just happened about four or five minutes ago. we noticed it it the neighborhood, we noticed that there was activity we were next door trying to talk to the family family and suddenly police show up and this unfolds. we are still trying to get details whether this was related to what happened to tammy meyers we have not been able to
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get that confirmed but certainly there's more police activity in this neighborhood than there ever has been before. i also want to read you real quick, brooke what we just got from the family who texted our steve forest back there in new york. he said basically robert meyers who is the father and i can tell you right now -- will you, john turn your camera to the right? robert meyers who is tammy's husband and another family member are now coming down the street to see what is going on over here. you can see robert meyers there, he is clearly trying to figure out what is going on and this family wants to know if this has anything to do with the person who killed wife tammy meyers. you see him walking there, he is going towards the scene, but police are calling him back. obviously emotions are high you can see that he is angry. let's listen in.
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again, that is mr. robert meyers who is obviously distraught. mr. meyers -- >> are you happy? my wife looked like an animal and my son. there's the animal a block away. are you happy? >> obviously very angry what has been happening, what people have been saying about the meyers family blaming them for this tragedy and they have said over and over again that look you know she was scared she was angry, she went out because she wanted to protect her daughter and emotions obviously spilling over. a very very tense scene here. he clearly believes that this person may have something to do with the incident that left his wife dead but police have not confirmed that in any way, same
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or form. i want to make that clear, but you heard him there, essex treatmently emotional, as anyone would be when they lose the love of their life his wife of four children. brooke. >> let me just remind our viewers all this obviously playing out in realtime. sara sidner is there in this las vegas neighborhood just a block away lives the meyers family. they just lost this wife this mother who was shot and killed in her front yard in her driveway by -- in the midst of a shootout we know her son had a gun. what we just witnessed was -- and your heart absolutely goes out to this father this husband. what we don't know and i think it's incredibly important and you pointed it out, let me just underscore it you know the location of the individual who ultimately took this woman's life we do not know where he is. i mean that's clear, correct, sara? we know that he was in the neighborhood. >> that is true. >> we know that this mother came
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home with the daughter after they were doing the driving lesson the son comes in the car, the son has a gun and they go out in the neighborhood and do we even know if that individual lives in the neighborhood? >> reporter: we do not know that. we have not been given that information and of course police have been looking into this they have been trying to figure out who this person is trying to track him down but they have not confirmed that the person that they're trying to get to come out of that has has anything to do with the shooting of tammy meyers. we do know there were at least three instances where the family the tammy meyers and tammy meyers herself and the suspect and two others in the car did end up seeing each other and having some sort of confrontation, that last confrontation left tammy meyers shot in the head she died on valentine's day. there's still a very active scene her, the helicopters going and the police telling us that we need to move back now. obviously if this person is ampld this is a dangerous situation for all the neighbors here they are already scared after hearing a gun battle
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between the son and tammy meyers' killer. we have talked to some neighbors who said they heard those gunshots. but if this doesn't go way they may. we're going to back up. >> let me give you a bead. sara sidner i appreciate all your reporting in las vegas. let me give you a minute. i want you to mover out of the way. as you do so let me bring in one of our legal correspondent -- legal analysts here at cnn. so here is now this whole entirely new twist in this las vegas neighborhood a street away from the meyers home. we don't know if this is at all related to this road rage incident. we've been covering the last couple of days. obviously the missing variable is the driver who ultimately shot and killed this mother. watching all of this play out what are some of your questions? >> well this is really interesting because originally this case could have been a he said she said but one side of the narrative was totally absent
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and that's because the drivers of other car, the driver took off and we don't know what their version of the story is. we may never know. but the important thing in cases like this is the law regarding, say, self defense. where someone is the initial aggressor, if if they want to make a claim of self defense they have to complete retreat, essentially bring themselves back to zero and that may have been -- been what mom and son were to go but remember in this case so far the only narrative that we've heard has come from the meyers side. i promise you that if we ever get the other side of the story it's not even going to resemble remotely the version that the meyers have told so far. it is interesting. i think a lot of people want to know what those people in the car had to say before they took off, but by fleeing, by engaging in a standoff they really undermine whatever veracity they may bring to the table. >> stay with me. we also have sarah side ner and crew in las vegas. stay with me breaking news on
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lives a mother is now gone in
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. i'm brooke baldwin you're watching cnn here we're following breaking news out of las vegas, nevada. here is the situation we're not showing you live pictures at the moment because we're having to move our truck, but what we have been looking at is a massive police presence law enforcement on the ground and also in the air. a standoff is taking place. here you go. here are some pictures perhaps from a moment ago. why is this significant? because the house in which the standoff has been occurring is
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just a block away from really what was the ground zero of this road rage this fatal road rage incident from a week ago in which a mother a wife was shot and killed in her front yard. that all steld from when tammy meyers is her name she and her tower went out to do a driving len, at some point they encountered a driver and there was some sort of altercation, the daughter reaches over honks the horn something happens around there, the something i'm purposely being nebulous. we don't entirely know. mother and daughter go back home the son comes into the car, the son has a gun, they return looking in the neighborhood for whatever reason and then that car and the other driver return back to the to this home a block away from where we're looking and this mother -- there is a shootout back and forth and the mother is shot and killed. whether or not this tick situation that we've been watching the standoff is it all
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connected that is question number one. let me look down at my e-mail. we're hearing now las vegas police is currently in the tactical phase of taking the suspect into custody in the road rage homicide investigation. so perhaps they have found this individual, i say perhaps, that's just what i'm getting from approximate pr in las vegas. i've got nancy grace with me. danny sivalis with me and sara sidner in this neighborhood in las vegas. first nancy grace to you. when you hear the tactical phase taking the suspect into custody in the road rage homicide investigation does this tell you they've got this guy. >> yes, it does. another thing, right before this went down about 10 15 minutes before you put this banner up on your screen i was on the phone with the father robert and he was telling me what happened at the initial incident and what he described to me was that they
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had this altercation with the shooter, that then the mom gets scared she races home she says to the girl go in i love you, baby stay in the house, let's get the car away from the house. at that moment they felt that the perp had already been following them. the son returns out, they take off, they're getting the car away from the house, they feel the guys in their neighborhood they see them and at that time the guys start shooting at them. they at that time do not fire back. they race back home the guy follows and that's when the mother gets shot. that's what the father has just told me. >> okay. so just to be clear, it wasn't this notion that this mother and son had gone out with this gun to find this driver in the neighborhood according to the father they were trying to get out of there. >> yeah to get the car away. they leave the girl there, they
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get the car away from the house. they feel the guy is following them and this is what the father robert told me minutes later i look up and i see your banner and hear what you said. i had just hung up with the father. 20 15 minutes before this standoff is going down. it's very odd. this means that they're right. if these reports are true the shooter is in their neighborhood and was trying to find their house. >> i want to play you something, i don't know if you saw this since you were on the phone with mr. meyers and put the phone down we've just turned around this is when he happened to walk out and our camera caught him. take a look at this moment. >> are you happy? you made my wife look like an animal and my son. there's the animal a block away. are you happy? >> clearly distraught he's lost his wife days ago. >> so upset. >> absolutely upset, but when he says the animal is right over there is t. makes me wonder if
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the suspect, stes anything to you, does the suspect live in the neighborhood? >> he said the mom was afraid this is according to the son and the girl the little girl they were afraid he lived in the neighborhood that he was in the neighborhood and when he was on the phone with me right before this whole thing went down he was saying they're treating my son and my wife like they're dogs like they're animals. they didn't do anything wrong. my wife would never have gone looking for trouble. never. she wanted to get the car away from the house and leave the girl the little girl there. >> sara sidner i understand we have you on the phone now. sara can you hear me? >> reporter: yes, i've got you. >> i understand the las vegas metropolitan police department now have this suspect in this road rage incident investigation in custody. can can you confirm that? >> reporter: i cannot confirm that. i can tell you what we're going told is that they have pushed all of the media back they have still an active scene, there are still officers who are down on the ground. we just saw the mother of
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whoever was in that house, she came by us and she said that's my son in there. he is threatening to do something to himself. she was very emotional. she walked by us she kept walking down with the detective down toward the house which has been surrounded by police the s.w.a.t. team on the scene trying to deal with this situation. i cannot confirm to you right this second at that they have definitely gotten this tick person in this tick neighborhood one street away fwr the meyers' house, whether that person is indeed the suspect of the road rage incident that ended up leaving that mother of four tammy meyers dead. i can tell you we have seen the mother of the person who is inside that house who is distraught herself, worried about the safety of had her son and really desperate to find out what is going on. i see detectives who have come up we're going to try to get some more information interest them but this case is one thing after another. it's happening so quickly and
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clearly the father of -- sorry, the husband of tammy meyers believes this has something to do with her death, something to do with that road rage incident. he is beside himself with grief and anger and trust duration as you might imagine this family has been destroyed by this. no matter who escalated this situation when you look at this family and how close she was with her four children and her husband, it is heart breaking no matter what the circumstances are. yes, police say she may have had a hand am escalating the situation because her and her son jumped back into a car after she had left the suspect, they came back they went to find him, the son was armed, but they returned home nobody was hurt they got back towards their house and that's when the suspect came up shot and killed tammy meyers. there was a tiring back by the son. just a tragic case all around. >> heart breaking. heart breaking for everyone involved. now that we're hearing a mother is concerned that her young son
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who is inside this home could hard himself. sara sidner i'm going to let you go talk to some of those detectives and connect some more of the dots as he bring in the former assistant director of the fbi. tom, just help us understand and i am looking at this e-mail this is directly from las vegas p stchlt saying they are currently in the tactical phase of taking the suspect into custody this this road rage incident. tactical phase. tell me what that means. >> what that means, brooke is that they believe they have the suspect in that home and since he's already -- they're already believing that he shot and killed this woman that would mean that he's armed and potentially very dangerous and may not want to be taken into custody. so they're in a tactical status of not just walking up to the front door and knocking and asking if he's home, but being prepared for the possibility that he may open fire on them as they approach the house. >> this young man according to sara the mother is worried that
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he might harm himself she's -- that's her concern. he has to know because he's hearing all this activity buzzing around we're looking at these pictures interest moments alg, cars law enforcement, you know s.w.a.t. team en route, you have the helicopter above. how if you are on the ground law enforcement, tom, how are you trying to communicate with this individual inside not to harm himself but to come out peacefully? >> well they will try to communicate. i mean they can to everything interest calling him on the phone if they have his cell phone or home phone number or got his number from a neighbor or somebody else all the way up to like you see in the movies calling out on the bull horn, please surrender. the issue with someone who has gone back into their own home is when he shot the woman in front of her home, you know that was one weapon but when he goes home he may have an arsenal in that house that they're not aware of. they don't know if he's got shot kbuns, automatic weapons or what they might be up against.
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they would rather preferably get him to surrender and come out of the house by himself unarmed, hands in the air and take him into custody peacefully for his own sake and for the sake of anybody else that may be in that home. you know, they don't want to have what might happen is a barricaded subject or someone at home that's barricaded and maybe using his own family as hostages or human shields. so the potential here for danger is a lot and they'll be trying to get this guy to cooperate and scale it down if he's home assuming he's definitely in the house. >> right. tom fuentes, stay with me. i've got nancy grace with me. this is a statement from robert meyers again, who nancy grace said she spoke with just 20 minutes ago who we saw, this is the husband and tammy meyers who was shot and killed part of this road rage incident. let me read this statement. my daughter was dropped off, look at the footage, bad guys were right behind my wife and
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son drove away from openly bad guys following. she lost them and upon coming home turned on the street bad guys are right in front. after that bad guys opened fire different location. my wife got home told her son to take cover and after he saw his mom shot he opened fire three times, maybe four. yes, maybe in a makeup world she would have stayed home. please remember statement from this an hall. i'm going to give you and your daughter. these guys will get away with murder now. no one gets it. these people came to my home my son never shot until then. if it was the way media is pitching it then why did son not shoot when they turned the corner if he was looking to shoot when he had his chance? nancy grace, to you, you just spoke with him 20 minutes ago. remind us when the father says that the statement from the suspect i'm going to kill you and your daughter when did that happen? >> i'm going to tell you that happened right at the beginning of the entire incident and i
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agree with the father i am sick, sick about the way the media has treated this mother and her son and her daughter and the father. the son watching the mother get gunned down in the front yard when they first started off the mom's teaching the daughter how to drive, how to parallel park on private property at a school about a half a mile from the home. so this car -- they're leaving, a car comes speeding by them the little girl the 15-year-old, toots the horn her mom is driving, she leans over and toots, hey, you're going too fast the guy slams on brakes gets out of the car, comes up to the mom, he's got the mom -- he's right in front of her so see can't get away that quickly and he has a verbal altercation, somebody gives the finger and he says do you know what i'm going to kill the two of you. goes back to his car, at that moment the mom peels off, she's afraid he's following and she
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was right because he's right there in the neighborhood. looking. he didn't know exactly where but knowing they're in that neighborhood. she puts the girl in the house, gets the son out and off they go. that's what he told me. >> danny, you're watching all of this. your thoughts. >> well the narrative seems to be changing and ultimately the question is going to be what did the mom and son exactly do. >> let me stop you. we have a live news conference going on in las vegas. let's take you to that live. >> the homicide of ms. meyers into custody at this point. as you can imagine this is a contact cal situation, it is an active ongoing situation. there won't be much information we will be able to provide from this point forward. once more information becomes available we will be able to release that to you. again, right now we are in the tactical phase of attempting to take a suspect into custody that we believe is involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> is it the person you believe shot mrs. meyers? >> it is.
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it is. >> okay. so what we just heard was sara sidner shouting out the question to i'm assuming spokesperson for law enforcement there with las vegas pd the question was do you believe -- >> and is the suspect hald the sketch that you guys put out? >> i can't answer any more questions other than simply that. that statement. >> i was hearing from the helicopter that they were calling out for eric. >> i don't have any more information other than what was begin in the statement. >> but right now we think that the person that's in that house right now is the shooter? >> i have no information that i can release. >> but you just said that. >> the person involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> a person involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> so not necessarily the shooter? >> no more i will be able to give you guys at this time. once more becomes available i will be able to get that to you. >> all right. so just trying to piece this
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together this is a fast moving story with lots of different parts. sara sidner our kres poend pond ent trying to get some of the questions answered. there are a lot of questions as we've been watching the standoff taking place. the facts cal operation is under way. the police are trying to communicate with this young person whose identity not known who is inside a house currently about a street away from tammy meyers' family. the question and i don't want to step out on limb because i'm not entirely sure it sounded like -- guys let me know when we can get sara on the phone. it sounded like sara was asking if either of you heard this better than me it sounded like sara sidner was trying to ask if the individual in the home was in fact the suspect was the shooter. >> she did and he said yes, it is. >> he said yes. he said yes but then if you heard again another reporter asked to clarify and he said this individual was involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. are we sure that would be the shooter in the other car? >> he told sara yes, that this
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is the person that shot mrs. meyers. that's what i thought i heard him say. >> that's what i thought i heard had him say. sara sidner we've got you now. can you tell me about that exchange you just had with that spokesperson? >> reporter: i'm sorry, you're going to have to repeat yourself. a lot of chaos going on here. >> no problem. it's brooke. quick question just tell me about the conversation you just had with the spokesperson for the pd. >> reporter: sure. basically what we heard from the officer is that for certain the person that we have been watching the person that is inside of that house where they are trying to get him to come out with his hands up that person was involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. now, they're not saying whether or not because i tried to clarify whether or not he was the shooter because, remember there were three people in the car according to police when this soogt went down but he said in very clear terms that he was involved in the homicide it gives you some sense that it could be the shooter.
12:33 pm
he would not confirm that outright but certainly the emotions are high here. i can tell you one more thing, we did just see the mother of the man who was inside the police are hoping will come out with his hands up and that there won't be any kind of violence beyond just trying to put him in handcuffs. we saw the mother she was extremely distraught she said that is my son in there. i am afraid for him. he is talking about hurting himself and she walked off with the officer. so certainly you've got two families here one who lost this mother of four who is destroyed by that another who is concerned for the safety of her son. that family also extremely worried about what is going to happen here. still i want to let you know this is an active scene. we have no indication that there has been an arrest yet. we know there are a lot of officers who are surrounding it this house. they are in defensive positions they have been saying over and over again on the loudspeaker please come out of the house with your hands up. they are em plorg him, they do
12:34 pm
not want this to turn violent. that is the scene here just one street away from where tammy meyers the mother of four was shot and killed killed and shot in the head and died on valentine's day. >> three people there, tammy meyers the daufr was in the car initially then her son and obviously you have this other shooter and just by power of deduction and knowing that tammy meyers is no longer with us and you have this mother who is fearing for her son harming himself one would deduce that the person inside the home would be the person who pulled the trigger, but, again, police not being explicit on that. again, we're looking at these pictures sara sidner can you just continue to paint the pictures of the scene here as we're watching members of las vegas pd i understand s.w.a.t. is there as well crouching around cars. how big of a presence is there? >> reporter: let me let you see because we've actually been backed up we are expecting more and more officers to come on to the scene. right now you can see all the flashing lights down there, some of those cars look like
12:35 pm
undercover cars who have the lights who are put on inside and some of them are marked cars a k-9 vehicle as well. we've seen them bring out what looks like shields as they were backing up away from the house telling the suspect to come out with his hands up and as you know brooke just -- how we are about two blocks down so we're a block over and a block down from tammy meyers' house. we have a straight shot to where this activity is happening with police right now and this is a neighborhood by the way after talking to the neighbors here this has been one of the quietest neighborhoods in vegas. they said this is the only second time they have seen police vehicles in this neighborhood. a lot of people are concerned about their own safety just considering the shootout that happened a week ago. what we can also tell you is that we did see robert meyers the husband of tammy meyers come out to this scene completely distraught his eyes watering in tears, comes up to the officer, starts to talk to
12:36 pm
him, he is making accusations about the person in that house, very very upset as you might imagine because right now this family is still trying to finalize the funeral arrangements for tammy meyers mother of four. this case just keeps changing. every day there seems to be some new information that comes out about this case. the latest information, again, detectives telling us that there is a suspect inside that house and the person inside that house it seems is related to the homicide that left tammy meyers dead. we have someone who has just come up here who is going to talk to us. ma'am, what is your name? >> i'm melissa morse. >> and what is your relationship to either mr. meyers or the women ja inside that house. >> i live right next door to eric is his name. >> we're not going to give out his name just because we don't know what the situation is but we do know that police have said that he had something to do with this situation. >> that's what i'm hearing. they were yelling over the speaker telling him he needed to
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come out with his hands in the air, saying at least come to a window let us know you are you're okay we don't want to hurt you we just want to talk to you we need to discuss this with you. we know that you're a kid, with he know you're young but we need to talk to you about the situation. you're not going to be hurt please come talk to us. they just kept going over and over we're outside your house, this is surrounded they were circling my house my dogs are going crazy. >> did you know anything about him or who else lives in that house? is is he from here? >> i'm friend with his mother. i mean she's a sweet, sweet lady and i know she's been dealing with a lot with him. she's got a little baby just a month old baby so to have all this going on with that it's got to be really rough. i also -- i've spoken with bob, too. i mean this is my neighborhood and these are -- are the people that i would hope to trust to let me know if something was going on and to help me and i just feel -- i feel so bad i'm
12:38 pm
right in the middle of the two houses and the two people and -- >> is there any for you was there any concern that you were in danger when you started hearing all of this and seeing all the police out there? >> i'm not really scared of the neighbor he doesn't really come off as scary to me. he's a little guy, he's like 5 foot and maybe 95 pounds. so -- >>. >> reporter: does he have spiky blond hair. >> no, brown hair and it's short but he does have light eyes. he's tiny. they said 6 footish, he's like this tall. i don't know how he's connected or whatnot, but i know he's not been like the most upstanding citizen, the police were here two days ago and arresting him, so there's been a lot going on over here. >> you said that two days ago police were out here. did you see him actually get arrested two days ago. >> yeah. i mean, i spoke with his mother too, she was calling me because i wasn't home at the time she's like i don't know whose at my door and it ended up being the
12:39 pm
police. she's got the baby and she's like, people have been at my door all week i guess the family of the meyers had knocked on its door and was trying to ask questions earlier that day. >> you're telling me that robert meyers the husband of at that tammy came over to this house and knocked on the door. >> yeah and spoke to kathleen. >> reporter: do you have any idea what transpired in this that conversation? >> no. >> reporter: thank you so much for speaking to us. say safe. you just heard that there, clearly there was police activity here before we are now hearing from a neighbor that robert meyers who is tammy meyers' husband who was shot and killed went up to this house, tried to speak to the people in that house. now, let's make something clear here. she just said the description of this tick person that police are after is very different from the sketch that police put out which was 6 foot tall 180 pound male who was about 25 with spiky
12:40 pm
blond hair and light eyes. she's saying this is a very short gentleman with dark hair. it doesn't really match but, again, police have not said that this is the person necessarily who shot and killed meyers. he may have had something to do with the homicide that is all they're giving us. we want to make that very, very clear, but certainly the situation here is involved in some way, does have something to do with what happened to tammy meyers the mother of four who was shot in the head after a road rage incident. brooke. >> sara sidner thank you so much. i've still got tom fuentes with me former assistant director of the fbi. two questions for you, tom fuentes. are you with me? >> yes, i'm here. >> okay. tom, one, what do you make of the total discrepancy in the suspect's sketch versus the way this woman just described this individual, and, two, if you are trying to negotiate with this individual if you are, you know s.w.a.t. or law enforcement outside and you know this is a young man, does that
12:41 pm
change things? >> well first of all, what changes things in my mind is the confusion over the description of the suspect and who did what is it the person who actually did the shooting or maybe was along for the ride with the shooter and is essentially a witness. so i think it would make the police much more cautious to not shoot this individual you mow, unless he started shooting at them because he may not be the right person. so i think there's enough discrepancy in all of the events from the beginning of this thing there has been -- the story has been changing almost daily or hourly and i think that creates a huge problem for the police and how they handle it. if they know they've got this person in that house and they're trying to talk him out, i think they're going to stay with that as long as possible. >> tom, i want to play some sound, this is from the -- i presume is a las vegas police department spokesperson moments ago, very brief statement he made take a listen. >> just i can briefly tell you
12:42 pm
at this point in time we are currently in the tactical phase of taking a suspect who we believe to be involved in the homicide of ms. meyers into custody at this point. as you can imagine this is a tactical situation, it is an active ongoing situation. there won't be much information that we'll be able to provide from this point forward. once more information becomes available we will be able to release that to you. right now we are in the tactical phase of attempting to take a suspect hoo custody who we believe to be involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> is it the person you think -- you believe shot mrs. meyers? >> it is. it is. >> can you repeat at that? get a two shot. what we need to know is this the person you believe shot mrs. meyers? >> this is a person we believe involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> and is it the suspect that had the sketch that you giet put out? >> i can't answer any more
12:43 pm
questions other than simply that. that statement. >> now, i was hearing from the helicopter that they were calling out for eric. is this the suspect. >> i don't have any more information other than what was begin in the statement. >> right now we think that the person that's in that house right now is the shooter? >> i have no other information i can release. >> but you just said that again. >> the person involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> a person involved in the homicide of mrs. meyers. >> correct. >> so not necessarily the shooter? >> no more i will be able to give you guys at this time. once more becomes available i will be able to give that to you. >> all right. tom, so obviously this is a tactical situation underway right now, he has to be very careful with the words he uses when you hear the way he answered those different questions what did you think? >> well he's saying that he believes that the person that did the shooting is in the house and they are tactical in that they have the house surrounded and they're trying to get that person to surrender, but, again, it doesn't say if other people are in that house and certainly the officers have to be cautious that they don't want to engage
12:44 pm
in any kind of a shootout with somebody not knowing who else is around or who else may be in that house or what the whole situation is and i think they also -- even though he did say he believes that's the shooter, i believe so they have the right person in that house, but that may turn out to not necessarily be true later in the investigation. so again, they have to approach this very cautiously and deliberately as they go forward. >> all right. tom fuentes, thank you so much. stay with me. again, tactical situation underway as they are trying to can a joel this individual out of this home. again, according to sara's reporting seeing the mother very concerned that this young man, this individual inside this home who clearly is connected to this road rage incident very worried that he will harm himself. nancy grace, let me pivot to you just for a quick moment but before i do we do have some sound, i know you talked to the husband, you talked to mr. meyers right before all of this started happening, but first
12:45 pm
just for the viewers if you have just tuned in we have just seen the husband of a woman who was shot and killed am her front yard if the wake of this road rage incident he has come out and in the midst of this standoff happening in his neighborhood here he was. >> are you happy? you made my wife look like an animal and my son. there's the animal a block away. are you happy? >> plansy grace, agree, your heart just goes out to him, he lost his wife his children lost a mother. what did he -- for people who are just tuning in you just spoke with him, what did he share with you? >> i was so taken aback. i talked to him 15 20 minutes on the phone and he was describing to me what happened the night his wife was gunned down in the front yard in front of their son. i hang up the phone, go into the next -- out of my office into our studio and look up and there's the banner with you
12:46 pm
describing the standoff. it happened that quickly. just ten minutes later it seemed like. this is what he told me first of all, he was in tears and he was angry at the same time on the phone with me. about the way the media has portrayed his wife and his son. treating them as he said like taugs, like animals. as if somehow they were the bad guys after the son sees his mother gunned down in the front yard the daughter comes out and sees the mother's body out there and somehow they've gotten portrayed as the bad people. he was telling me that the mother is teaching the daughter how to drive at a school a public school near b. private property to parallel park and drive, they're getting ready to leave, they go out on the street and this car whizzes by them really fast and the daughter the little girl leans over to the mom host driving and toots the horn like hey, you're going too fast. this particulars the guy off.
12:47 pm
he pulls over in front of them gets out of his car, he's right in front of the mother comes to the mom's window and starts yelling at her, this is a verbal explosion and he says do you know what i'm going to kill the two of you. this is according to the father. he goes back to had his car, the mom pulls back and takes off, gets away she's afraid at that time that he's polling her into the neighborhood. the father told me that they pull into their home she says get out, honey, i love you. go in the house. the son comes out, gets in the car with her and they get the car away from the home. that they thought he was following them to the home, they wanted to get the car away from the home. next thing you know they see the car, at that time the perp shoots at them they do not return fire even though her son has a gun. they get scared. they come back to the home and that's when the perp pulls up behind them and shoots the
12:48 pm
mother. that's what he just told me. obviously he had a bead on who the shooter may be you just heard the neighbor say the meyers family has been there, knocking on the door wanting to talk to the people inside. >> right. and that's the question. if he also just went over or tried going over we watched him as this whole thing was playing out trying to go over to this home where the standoff was happening. obviously in a lot of neighborhoods in this country you don't always know who your neighbors are if you live a block away or a street away. when you hear the woman who was this neighbor talking to sara sidner that the differences in descriptions between who this individual is who's holding up himself in this son and the individual who was involved in the shooting sounds like two different people. >> i don't know about that. i was analyzing that because, remember the eyewitness identification was made of someone in the car at night and as best as the girl could tell
12:49 pm
the little girl sitting in the passenger's seat looking through the window her mother's driver's window up at the guy. she's looking up at him and the son sees him inside a car at might. they see it's a white male with hazel or blue eyes with spiky hair and they said all along dirty blond, which is brown mixed with blond. so i don't know if it's off that much except for the height which i understand because the perp was in a car. how do you know how tall he is in a car? >> great point. i was wondering the same thing myself. >> danny, i want you to weigh in. >> one of the interesting things so far is that we know there were a number of people in the car where the shooter was and i wonder if we'll ever know for sure who this shooter was because i wouldn't be surprised if when they find -- when and if they actually talk to somebody everyone is going to point the beginning finger at each other. it would be interesting -- the son may have seen exactly who leaned out and shot but, again, again, in the heat of the moment he may not be sure eyewitness
12:50 pm
testimony can be a little unreliable. it will be interesting to me who among the people who are an hended will point the finger at whom. it's not unusual for in cases like or three co-suspects for each of them to say the other guy did it and say i had no idea there was even a gun in the car. i have seen it a million times. >> right. stay with me. i have another voice that wants to join this conversation. he's a former sergeant with the lapd s.w.a.t. team. sergeant put yourself in these s.w.a.t. team shoes here. you have this tactical situation under way in which they are trying to apprehend or get this young man to come out of the home in a peaceful way. how do they do that? what are they doing? >> well it's really just a series of steps. first they will do their very best to determine whether or not in fact this suspect is inside the structure and once they reach the conclusion that he is or at least there's a high
12:51 pm
probability that he is then they need to begin their tactical plan which usually calls obviously to contain the structure so nobody can get out, certainly nobody can get in -- >> sergeant forgive me. i want to come back to you. i've got to dip into this live interview happening with one of our affiliates in the neighborhood in las vegas. >> -- out of the house? >> they were on the public address on one of the vehicles calling by name asking him to come out of the house with his hands free. they just want to talk to him. they weren't going to hurt him. they weren't going to go away. they had the house surrounded. and i came out the front door, motioned -- the detectives motioned me to go back in the house. i was like okay. a few minutes later they came and knocked on the door and said they were going to ask us to leave. >> that was about the time we all had to move down here. >> exactly. >> eric you heard them over the p.a. saying they know he's home. did you see him? >> no i came home from work at 7:00 this morning and helped my roommate get her son ready for
12:52 pm
school took him to school and i came home and went to bed. i work nights. >> we have all seen that sketch. i know you answered this earlier. that sketch doesn't look like eric to you? >> not to me. he's very small in stature. not tall he is but he's not 6 foot. he might be 100 pounds soaking wet. we see him around the neighborhood. he runs with some of the lesser element around the neighborhood. we never had any problems with him. >> the car they showed on surveillance video, have you ever seen him in a car like that? >> he doesn't drive. does not drive. doesn't have a license. according to his mom he doesn't drive. >> then you guys your roommate was the one that called his mom to let her know what was happening? >> when i woke her up we looked out the window kind of watched for a minute she called kathleen on the phone and said i'm on the way, and so she has been helping her out, calling her because people have been beating down her door ever since this happened and she's got a
12:53 pm
one month old baby. so she has been beside herself, not getting any sleep. my roommate has been calling her, helping her, offering anything she needs. >> we saw her get escorted -- >> that's her car right there. >> have you been able to talk to her yet? >> we talked to her just briefly. my roommate asked here if she was okay. she's like no, i'm not. that's it. she went on down with the detectives. >> then i know when the officers came up to you, did they tell you how long you will be out of your house? >> no. >> obviously it could be a long situation. i appreciate you talking to me. thank you very much. we are still waiting for the armored s.w.a.t. vehicles to arrive here on scene. take a look down there -- >> so you were listening to one of our affiliate reporters interviewing presumably one of the neighbors here. again, i'm scratching my head over this detail that just came out. according to this neighbor this individual in this home who according to police was involved in the shooting could be the shooter who doesn't have a license and doesn't drive. obviously that doesn't mean someone can't get behind the
12:54 pm
wheel of a car but that's an added detail that's been thrown into this entire story that is unraveling live here on television. i had andy lampry former sergeant with los angeles police department s.w.a.t. team and andy we were talking about the different steps in terms of police outside of this home trying to get this young man to come out safely peacefully. interestingly, listening to the neighbor hearing police saying we want to talk to you, we don't want to hurt you, what else would they be trying to communicate? >> okay. so obviously they have started negotiations with the suspect and that will continue at some point until metro s.w.a.t. arrives, las vegas metro s.w.a.t. arrives. at that time i'm sure they will probably hand off to a negotiator from the s.w.a.t. team. they may even introduce into the equation a forensic psychologist who will try to make an
12:55 pm
assessment as best he or she can to help the s.w.a.t. team in their negotiations to get him to come out of the house. barring success in that regard they have to make a decision what their next step would be. ultimately they are not going to go away so ultimately they are going to have to make entry into the structure. of course the primary importance is who else may be inside the structure that could be subject to harm if able to make entry and if this thing continues to unfold time is on their side unless of course they determine that somebody is threatened by the suspect who may be in the house, then they would have to probably make some kind of emergency entry. but barring any of that time's on their side. they can afford to sit back. they have contained the structure, he's not going to go anywhere and then the commanding
12:56 pm
officer, the officer in charge of the tactical operations will then make a decision ultimately what the next step is which could probably be making entry into the structure and apprehending him that way. >> before it would come to pass to have to do that how long -- you're saying time is on their side. how long could a negotiation last? i imagine you want to keep this individual talking, communicating. >> that is absolutely correct. as you continue to keep that person talking, this is good, it not only fatigues him but feeds information to the tactical team. i have seen tactical operations go on for 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours. it really these kind of things unfold and what happens at one point typically drives what the next step will be. there is no way of telling just how long this may go on.
12:57 pm
>> you mentioned so s.w.a.t. will take over once s.w.a.t. arrives there in las vegas. you also mentioned a forensic psychologist. what kinds of conversations or questions would a forensic psychologist be asking to then perhaps alter the negotiations with this individual? >> well i can speak from our experience here in los angeles. >> sure. >> the forensic psychologist did not actually take part in negotiations but they would listen to the conversation between the negotiator the police department the s.w.a.t. negotiator and the subject, and then based on what the subject, how he responds to the questions, the conversation what tone it's taking does it sound like they're making progress or does it sound like this guy is not going to give up and we are in for the long haul. so many times, they have admitted as much it's an educated guess because the human mind is capable of so many
12:58 pm
different thought processes and it's a real challenge to try to assess the way these guys are at mentally, psychologically. >> -- with lapd s.w.a.t. thank you so much. let's listen in. another news conference in this neighborhood in las vegas. >> is everyone good? i think we're good. good afternoon. i'm the captain of las vegas metropolitan police department robbery/homicide bureau. suspect has been taken into custody a few minutes ago pursuant to the road rage homicide that occurred. suspect is en route to headquarters to be interviewed. we still have a lot of investigative work to do as a result of where we're at in the investigation right now. we will provide you more information at a later time. but we do not want to jeopardize where we're at in the criminal investigation at this time. thank you very, very much for coming out.
12:59 pm
at this point we are trying to restore order to the neighborhood now that the tactical component of this operation is over. so that the folks that live in this neighborhood can get back to their lifestyle. so that's where we're at right now this afternoon. we will not be answering any questions. thank you. >> this is the suspect in the murder of tammy meyers? >> yes, it is. that's all we've got right now. thank you so much. >> all right. so sounds like they got him. who exactly "he" is and his specific connection his involvement to this road rage incident this homicide that is yet to be determined. but we do now have official confirmation from las vegas metropolitan police department that they do have this individual apprehended here. we have been watching for the better part of this last hour this standoff playing out. s.w.a.t. teams, law enforcement and so they have had success in getting this individual, this young individual according to neighbors, out of the home and into a patrol car and continuing
1:00 pm
this incredibly important investigation. thank you so much for being with me here. stay with cnn as i'm sure we will continue to cover this story and much more. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. thank you for being with me. let's go to washington now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. we have been watching this police standoff in las vegas unfold moment by moment. the las vegas police department just announced they have taken a suspect into custody and he is en route to police headquarters. the las vegas police department had been in a tactical phase working to take the suspect into custody. the man police say was inside a house, authorities say he had something to do with the killing of 44-year-old tammy meyers that mother of four who was killed in that road rage incident on valentine's day that went the worst possible way. this standoff today took place only blocks away from where meyers and her family lived. just what


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