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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> cyclones in australia forced many to leave their homes. there are two of them. >> and one hope to travel to the red planet.
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this is cnn newsroom. >> and we want to get straight to australia now. thousands of people there evacuating from not one but two nagement center. it is hard to believe that the country is getting hit by two powerful storms right now.
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them where it's gone ashore in the northern territories is a fairly isolated and sparsely populated area. most people around the world would probably know it as being close to where the crocodile dundee movie was filmed. the one on the east coast, tropical cyclone marsha has come ashore today after a remarkable build up of intensity over the course of yesterday all the way up to category 5 which means it's packing winds up to 295 kilometers an hour.
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had id gone right over the top there would have been catastrophic damage that was the phrase used by police and emergency officials here. very narrow margin that missed there. it has gone over the much larger city with a population of about 80,000 people. rrow or early on sunday where it will interact with another big wet weather system.
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it has already dropped up to 300 millimeter of rain on brisbane today. the river flooded tens of thousands of homes. they are waiting for early tomorrow morning to see exactly where and when this cyclone interacts. just how many houses or rivers and creeks may be flooded in and around brisbane tomorrow? >> what a story. thank you, jeff. we are following another major weather situation right now as the u.s. deals with brutally cold temperatures. ten have been left dead in the state of tennessee. that may not get better any time
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soon as another surge and arctic air is supposed to hit in the coming days. airports have been hit particularly hard by this weather. renae marsh has that part of the story. >> a plane skids off the runway. crews deice and excess snow is cleared away. that cease the scene as the temperature continues to plunge. and on the street the bone chilling temperatures making roadways retch rous. the colder it gets the more problems getting around. around 30 below zero in general, car fuel and liquids turn to gel and won't run. if it gets colder than 60 below zero it can be hard to start a plane's engine.
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>> the crews can't stay exposed for long period of times like they would in warmer weather. >> the cold weather itself actually helps planes fly. >> the cold weather actually makes the airplanes fly better. the engines can produce more power and the wings produce more lift. >> renae marsh, cnn, washington. >> so as we said these cold temps are affecting some 180 million people.
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>> now we turn to eastern ukraine and a cease fire that appears to be in name only. the city is now in ruins after ukrainian force ss while ukraine's president calls for a peace keeping mission but without russia. let's get more now from the ukrainian capital. this is where it all began a year ago. but it seems the country has got a long way to go for their new era, fred. >> certainly, a year on from the revolution that happened here in
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ukraine it certainly is a bittersweet one. many people here are going to be celebrating on the way down but at the same time they see the situation in the east of the country and for many of them they have bitter feelings about what is going on. if you look at the perspective from the ukraine. on the other hand also towards the military leadership of this country and the way that it has been prosecuting that campaign which they call an anti-terror operation. as far as the actual military situation, we do have some new numbers that we just got in from the ukrainian military. they say that the cease fire was infringed upon 15 times.
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u see that person being shoved off the train there. a man who appears to be scene blocking. the group were also heard singing we're racist and that's
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the way we like it. the club says if there is sufficient evidence of involvement from those they suspended they will issue banning orders for life. ith italian police --
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the violence left rome's famed fountain damaged and full of beer bottles. one member of the city government says the dutch football club should pay for the repairs. that's sad to see. >> next here a warning for health care professionals about a particular medical device following deaths of two people in los angeles. we're keeping an eye on two major weather situations right now from the u.s. and australia.
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>> and some extreme weather really hammering some people around the world. >> yeah. and we have both sides of the world covered at the moment. first we're going to touch on australia. we have the more pert nantinent information. there is heavy rainfall near the darwin region.
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downed power lines and structural damage reported from this particular storm system. all the way down to brisbane also seeing hefty rainfall at the moment. ing up here even into brisbane brisbane unaffiliated with this
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tropical cyclone. the storm hasn't even made its way into brisbane. now to the other side of the world, i will step off the screen so you can see the potential record lows we will break tonight in lexington and kentucky. record temperatures of 18 below celsius. 30 million people windchill warnings. hard freeze warnings all the way to the south. we have the north pole to blame for this one. this is the siberian express. we don't like to see the purples and pinks especially if we live on the eastern parts of the u.s. because that cold snap will continue through the end of february and into early march, believe it or not. >> say it ain't so. i was hoping you wouldn't see that. >> we can't take it can we?
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we are wimpy down here. all right. poor people in florida, too. >> breaking records. >> see you in a bit. >> the u.s. food and drug administration warned officials to use extra precaution disinfecting medical scopes. the agency says even meticulous cleaning may not eliminate the risk from bacteria like that that you're seeing. >> hospital spokes people say that they have narrowed it down to the two scopes and they are no longer being used but the fall out is still there. 179 patient ss we spoke with one
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of the attorneys representing one of the seven infected patients. he says his client is an 18-year-old boy. he came here for an outpatient procedure. he caught the super bug and ended up in the hospital for more than 80 days. here's what he told us. >> he was very, very close to death. to make sure the infection
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doesn't spread. >> and what makes the city such a high value target? we will have more about that in a moment. and syria's biggest city crumbling in the face of new fighting.
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e the responsibility to refute the notion that groups like isil somehow represent
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islam. >> the pentagon says it shows coalition planes destroying an isis fighting position staging area and building on sunday and tuesday. it is expected to begin in april or may. >> the second largest city in iraq and the main isis stronghold in the country.
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rown in northern iraq. a symbolically important city. isis has begun building fortifications around the city. the big question is when an offensive might begin. just when? it seems according to most analysts in this region still months away. the other cities are key battlegrounds if the iraqi government is to relieve the
11:25 pm
pressure on the capital. the syrian battlefield is more complex and there are signs that they are trying to reassess priorities. elsewhere in syria, isis appears to be pulling out of certain areas where it's under pressure. it may well be re-prioritizing in damascus where it's probably that a new battlefield will emerge.
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front line for some of the most contentious battles. here is michael holmes with more.
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t night and this morning and which is still ongoing led to the expulsion of the militias. >> this will be a pivotal day
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>> a u.s. military official says an iraqi ground offense to push isis is expected to begin in april or may in mosul. isis in the meantime has released a new propaganda video showing its fighters training in mosul. >> and a cease fire in name only. a city is in runs at ukrainian forces withdrew leaving prorussia separatists in control.
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at meticulous cleaning of the scopes may not eliminate the risk of a super bug. >> the mayor has been arrested for what a venezuelan military source says was his involvement in a coup plot. the well known opposition leader was taken into custody when dozens of agents raided his offices. >> now to australia where people on two different coasts face tropical cyclones.
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180 million people. and this is the really bad part. it may not get better any time soon as another surge in arctic air is supposed to hit in the coming days. >> it is so cold in the u.s. that look at this. niagra falls has nearly frozen over. it's roughly minus 18 degrees celsius there. it's a beautiful sight. >> we're really standing at a winter wonderland. you can see the solid chunks of ice. the cold temperatures make it look like everything is frozen
11:34 pm
over. look at the large ice burgs that seem to encapsulate the entire area. but the lights dot this beautiful picture as the mist rises from the water that is flowing over the side. more than 20 million gallons are still flowing. in this area they haven't had a day over freezing this entire month and that's making people flock from all around the world to see this wonder. it's really a beautiful sight. if you look here you can see what the water has done. there are chunks of ice everywhere. the falls are not frozen over. it has only happened once in the last 150 years and that's what's making people show up here to see the sight themselves. >> the pressure is on for greece to end the debt deadlock. germany rejected greece's request for a six month loan
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extension making it clear that greece should stick to the terms of its original deal. now greece is in a race against the clock. linda, this is certainly a critical day in what has been a series of critical days for the people of greece trying to figure out and dig out of their economic situation. >> this is very much a moment of truth. everybody knows that today's meeting was crucial. we're looking at a week from now effectively. greece also is aware that time is running out and money is running out at the same time. we expect the greek banks could
11:36 pm
soon be facing problems as early as next week but it's not just that. like this. this is why we're into more stable growth environment. germany and those who are sticking to the terms of their original deal are saying we have
11:37 pm
a deal. this is how the european union works. yesterday. these have been described as constructive. really the crunch talks are today. they take place in brussels today and it will be a mixture of politics and finance that lead to the final decision. >> we certainly will be covering that story. thank you so much. this is crunch day for greece. thank you. >> it has been one year since the bloodiest day in ukraine's pro democracy ref lugs.
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a cnn photographer captures the moment when a group of medics is seen helping a man lying on the ground. there is a shot. one medic fall to the ground and tries to crawl away. we don't know if he survived. the casualties climb quickly. some are carried to a nearby hotel. the protesters set up an
11:39 pm
emergency medical claim. this is where some of the first casualties were brought. they say three people were still alive when they were brought here. but the efforts have not been enough to save the lives of at least these 11 people who now lie on the marble floor of this hotel lobby. >> they were killed by snipers directly with the metal bullets. shooting direct lyly. >> he says he did his best to clean the bodies for them.
11:40 pm
ce square throwing whatever they could get their hands on. they targeted lines of security forces a short distance away standing beyond the range of rocks and bottles. but we also saw one man firing a shotgun. we don't know what he was using for ammunition. these people have no effect in the government declared cease fire. the president said no more violence. >> the president says it all the time.
11:41 pm
the protesters pursued them to the streets.
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york. the meteor likely came from the asteroid belt that's just beyond the planet mars.
11:45 pm
. they range from science to academic s academics. >> she joins me now via skype. thanks so much for joining us. what does it feel like to have gone this far in this process? >> it feels really amazing. just really happy.
11:46 pm
>> people probably want to know what kind of person will pick up and leave earth and be one of the first pioneers to kol s tos to colonize mars. >> i think i would love to be the first person to go to mars. i would regret knowing that i didn't apply because this is pretty much a dream come true for me if i was able to be the first person on mars i would be following my dream since i was a kid pretty much. >> what scares you about it? you would be like in a, let's see, minus 50 degrees fahrenheit on mars unbreathable atmosphere. your pro teen i was reading, would come from insects. you would like to have a baby on mars and give birth to the first
11:47 pm
mar shan martian. >> we have got ten years to work on the technology and make the journey as safe as possible. >> you're stdying to become a scientist as well? this is your passion? >> yeah. i'm an astro fis cyst. >> what did your family think? >> originally they were really skeptical about it and they didn't believe that i was actual actually going to mars. >> it's called mars 1.
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i believe i have it right.
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accusations. here is a clip from the skit. >> $600. >> it's our video daily double and it's about alcoholic beverages. let's hear what this celebrity has to say about his favorite cocktail. >> dear god, no. we filmed that in june. >> murphy decided not to perform in that skit because he didn't want to take a dig at cosby while he's battling allegations of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women. >> fans turned to social media with mixed reactions about the unauthorized images.
11:54 pm
cnn explores the controversy and the impact photo shop has had on the portrayal of women. >> this week is the 25th anniversary of the invention of photo shop. it changed not only how brands and companies market to women but also how women see themselves. beyonce became the latest celebrity to fall victim to an unauthorized leak of unphoto shopped images and the response from her fans has been fascinating. there were people who came out and said gosh i really didn't want to say that or she looks not very good. actually i did notice this overwhelming trend saying hang on she still looks better than me on a bad day. i don't think her image has been tarnished at all. >> there have been multiple instances where people believe that she has presented pictures as candid that have been photo
11:55 pm
shopped. there have been other allegations that her skin has been lightened. that one is a bit more difficult. as a black woman often you see yourself on screen looking so much lighter than you are in person. kerrie washington was unrecognizable. we know what she looks like. viola davis found herself at the heart of so many different conversations simply by just taking off her wig and make up on a prime time u.s. network show. allowing herself to reflect back to so many of her fans the reality that greets them when they look in the mirror. >> do you feel make-up takes away from the story that you're reporting? >> i think it can be a distraction from what you're saying. i think especially with women,
11:56 pm
most people don't need an excuse to focus on what you look like whether that's the good or the bad. it's not to take away from women who do choose to wear make-up. i think extraordinary and beautiful things can be done but i just don't feel like me. >> the worry is that the industry is not representing these women, not giving representation to women that are true to who they and their fans know them to be. >> very true. that photograph of kerrie washington? that is some serious photo shopping and what a beautiful actress she is.
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alls is partially frozen. >> that was a beautiful picture when he did that. and welcome to our viewers. yes, it's that cold in the united states.