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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 22, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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right now we have over 1200 youth volunteers. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> i'm grateful to know still young people care for other people. >> it's very important to develop connections and relationships with they people that we're helping. >> god bless you, you know, and thank you. >> if you want to make a difference i have three bits of advice for you. one, use your passion and purpose in life to help make a change in the community. two, get your friends to help. >> 1, 2, 3 -- heart. >> and 3, never give up. what a cool kid. hey, thanks so much for being with me. much more "newsroom" is straight ahead with poppy harlow. \s . hi, everyone you're in the
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cnn noirm. i'm poppy harlow. it's 5:00 eastern. there are major developments today in the war on terror. right now more world leaders lining up in their fight against isis not just in theory not just against the terror group's ideology but also militarily. here's what may change the landscape. the president of egypt on television today describing his vision for a united military force with the singular goal of destroying isis. forces from his own country also bahrain, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. that's how he sees it. he says the need is there and it is growing every single day. this is a significant development. i want to talk about it with object bob baher, our security analysis and also with me james reese, global affairs analyst. thank you, gentlemen, for business here. al sissi says this on today. he didn't outright demand it or
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say we've had a conference and we're going to begin this offensive tomorrow but he did talk about his vision for this. do you think that that changes the game? >> i think we're getting there, poppy. i see changes every today, today or yesterday in saudi arabia the al sheikh came out strongly against the islamic state, saying they're not real muslims, we have to crush the movement. the bombing in libya, the egyptian air force hag bombing. i think what the arabs is heading twoords a nato-like organization and frankly this is the best way to crush this disease. >> to you, colonel reese, we saul jordan go all in against isis when their pilot was so brutally murders, burned to death, and of course earlier this week you have the 21 egyptian christians brutally murdered in libya by isis. do you read this as egypt's way of going all in this. >> poppy, i do absolutely.
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the other thing, the president asilli is challenging the other -- they have the peninsula shield 40,000 soldiers strong of all the gcc countries. that has been used sparingly, last time in bahrain. i see this as a turning point for the middle east and for the gcc countries, and, you know egypt has a heck of a military and i think one of the things you do -- what you do is sit back support them where need be especially if we're going to eradicate isis. >> know question this would be welcomed very much by the united states and the western allies. it's been the line we've been hearing over and over we need our allies on the ground to do their part as well. this isn't just an american war against terror if you will. here's the question. who leads this? you've got really strong intelligence in jordan. you've got strong military force in turkey as cnn reese just sid, a strong military force in
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egypt. who leads the way here? >> well as colonel reese said the best military in this are the egyptians, large military, well did not minded they could go in the battlefield as they are in the sinai right now. if it was an international decision it will be the egyptian military. 9 gcc mass an iffy military but the jordanians are good. it's just a matter of uniting these forces together including the saudis. >> bob, i wonder if you think egypt, right now just the political landscape there, we've seen uprisings, protests in the past few weeks where egyptian citizens have died. is it on solid ground enough politically and the social environment there for people to lead? >> i don't see any instability in egypt right now. they are mopping up the radical
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wing of the muslim brotherhood, which came to power with president morsi, but i think at the end of the day, the egyptians will win at this and i think we should kerr them moving into libya. libya is a running sore which will spread across north africa. it's getting worse by the day, you know two days ago there was the big bombing. this needs to be crushed militarily. we don't want american troops in libya. it's a bridge too far for us and the people to do it the natural military to do this would be egypt. >> gentlemen, stand by. i want your take on a few other stories we're tracking. one significant development, for the first time we're hearing from the parents of the slain american aid worker kale erer kayla mueller. she was helping syrian refugees in aleppo. two weeks ago her parents and the rest of the country received
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confirmation she was dead. in breaks their silence, they took aim at the long-standing poole policy of not paying -- >> we understand the policy but other than the, any parents out there would understand that you would want anything and everything done to bring your child home. we tried, and we asked, but they put policy in front of american citizens' lives. we didn't get it changed. there's something they're going to work on. i'm sure it's in the works. >> do you think the government want did enough to help you? >> i think they wanted to but again the policy and i don't think anyone had any idea this group would be as powerful as they were. >> well kayla mueller's parents are obviously grieving for the
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loss of their daughter. talking about the policy this country has. kayla mueller's deep desire to help syrian refugees was understandable. she wanted to go and do something. perhaps it's that same impulse behind three british teenagers, three young women apparently headed to syria. the father of one of the girls said she acted perfectly normal before she and too of her schoolgirl friend slipped off london and boarded a flight to istanbul. >> before tuesday, had she started showing an interest in syria? was she talking about it. >> not at all. not at all. she was doing her schoolwork because she's taking her gsces this year. there was no sign to suspect her at all. >> reporter: had she shown an interest in politics international affairs? did she talk much about the problems in the middle east?
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>> not with us. maybe with her friend. we don't know really. >> all right. it is not clear what has motivated these three girls to they believe, have try to go to syria, but the prime minister says there's a disturbing trend of radicalization among youth. >> it's deeply concerning. our authorities will do everything we can for help the girls, but it makes a broader point, the fight guess slammic extremist terror is not just one we can wage by the police and border control. it needs every school every university every college, every community to recognize they have a role to play. we all have a role to play in stopping people from having their minds poisoned by this appalling death cult. >> bob baer and colonel reese, we don't know why the girls flew to istanbul. are they going to help as aid workers? are they going to join in with
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any terrorist organizations? we don't know but even jeh johnson here in the united states said recently we can't control broken travel right? once they're out of the eyes of authorities, what do you do colonel reese? >> well the secretary is absolutely correct. we can tran them coming into istanbul very well, but once they get off in istanbul there's hundreds of thousands daily coming into istanbul going in four directions. if they have an idea because they fit a profile, law enforcement, the intelligence agencies they see the profile coming in they might be able to put surveillance on them. portland through only so many assets assets. they get lost in the crowd and then we have to see what happens next. >> bob baer that part of the interviewy taye la puler's parents, it's heartbreaking, even if you're an ardent
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supporter of the policy, you can't imagine being in their shoes unless you're in there. the u.s. is assessing the policy but do you believe even in any circumstance should be paid as ransom to try to get the loved ones back? >> well poppy, i think what we're all forgetting is iran/contra, when the iranians took hostages appeared effectively paid millions. it almost brought the reagan administration down. i think that this president is probably looking at that occurrence and the politically unpalatable to pay money to terrorist groups. he really would get hit in congress and in the press if he started doing that. >> not just politically. this goes a president that doesn't need to get elected again, but just talking about the global war and prolonged war on travelocity, do you believe it strengthens terrorists significantly to pay for your hostages back? we know other european cunning have done it.
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no. >> they have paid a lot of money and it could be done quietly. you know i think we should review that policy and frankly as cynical as the french are, we should look at what they have done and what they have accomplished. all right. thank you, gentlemen, both very much. stand by. we have a lot more to get to including this -- the terror group calling for terror attacks on western malls, specifically naming minnesota's mall of america. the details are next. there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare gets simpler.
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when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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this weekend, two new videos emerged from terrorists one of them with a specific warn a threat to people in america's heartland. this shows a line of trucks and men locked in cages being paraded around. they're the same type of cages and same orange jumpsuits that we saw with a jordanian pilot being burned to death. they appear tosh peshmerga fighters.
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this one links to al qaeda and operates in africa but what it does is that it calls for the group's followers to attack shopping mauls in britain, canada and the united states. it's the same group responsible to the asought on the westgate mall. a voice on the video specifically mentions the maul in america. >> we respond proposely. we have implemented extra security precaution. the head of the department of homeland security saying this. listen. >> if anyone is planning to go to the mall of america they have ton particularly careful. there will be enhance the secure there. >> there will be enhanced
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security but put awareness and caution is particularly important. it's the environment we're in, frankly. >> erin mcpike and will ripley are joining me. >> well poppy, no johnson and pretty big handful of government officials are stressing today that in this case there is no specific attack plan. no set group drawn out. in fact we just got in a brand-new statement from the department of homeland security attempting to clarify this. a spoke or any other domestics commercial shopping center. the fear is this is a call to
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add for people who have been radicalized the secretary johnson explained. they could necessary prevent attacks and get inspired to carry out attacks individually. the biggest mall in the country, right, and then also to you, will ripley when you talk about minnesota, you're talking about a place that has been a fertile recruitment ground for al shabaab in the past. >> you have covered that extensively. as you know the twin cities minneapolis has about 30,000 somalians living there. a lot of them in the cedar/riverside area what the fbi noticed was a disturbing trend, more than 20 men were
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leaving, many of them were leaving the twin cities going to fight for al shabaab in east africa. a number of those young men died. so the fbi has been oregon in that area trying to work the community outreach angle, trying to find the root of this radicalization. but there's concern by mentions the mall of america, they're it's an area of influence, so there could be devastating consequences. eye sit wags actually successful in recruiting. i spent a lot of time with this community they're wonderful people. we're talking about a minority of people in this population. it does not mean this entire community is tied up.
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that's a hard thing they're trying to fight, saying we do all this outreach. and this is a small minority. >> to you, aaron, on that point, i'm interested in what you've red of the statements we've gotten from fbi officials today who have individual they may be tries to recruit, but they're just not that strong to carry out an attack. >> that's exactly right. an fbi spokesman said they're in a, quote, pretty weak end state. that's why there's been some controversy bubbling up behind the scenes in washington today. jeh johnson said that in this plans to go to the mall of america should be particularly careful. that came as a business of a surprise. i wanted him to clarify that. he just keeps stressing, he
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wants people to be vigilant. that's the bottom line. >> will any of the response you've gotten from community members? >> this is obviously, as we've been reaching out our crews on the ground there. this is very upsetting to them. they feel their community has traumatized by this exodus of certain individuals, a very small minority but every death hurricanes. irn erin will thank you both. up next what is al shah bad. is the transcript group trying to compete? we'll discuss.
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this weekend, two more threatening videos released one of them mentioning location in britain, canada and the united states by name the head of security saying he believes that they might be jostling for the world's attention. when we talk about this propaganda that is strikingly similar to the highly produced videos we have seen do you believe they're trying to compete with isis?
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>> the isis puts out, you know an edict and tells people around the world, capture of tourists, and suddenly you have attacks you know all over the world. now you have shabab who have not been able to have that. the 27 kids that went to somalia, they had personal recruiters, and face-to-face and set up the -- that's over with and the parents were shocked, though the religious leaders were shod the community people and they woorcht closely with the fist and state and local police. >> that's what i wanted to ask you, since you have experience i know what you've seen the local officials on the ground do to try to combat this. what about the fbi?
2:27 pm
what has the fbi done? and frankly, tom, do you think there's more they need to do in we know minneapolis is rolling out this pilot program to try to prevent things like this. >> they have a tremendous outreach program, in a number of other cities that have a large population. in fact the rcpp as well in toronto and other cities working very hard. when this recruitment went on the parents had no idea the religious leaders had no idea under the kids were gone. only when they had a number gone and some of them end up dead did they realize they this problem. they work very closely, immediately notify the fbi or police when they think their son is on the verge of joining and being transcripted there. s although there's no doubt that al shabaab would like to carry out an attack they're in a, quote, weakened state?
2:28 pm
>> yeah absolutely. you know the attacks that they have done that were outside of somalia, in 2010 they did an attack when people were watching the finals are the world cup soccer detonated a bomb killed about 60 or 70 people including a number of americans, the fbi dispatched 65 agents there to deal with that conduct that investigation, and then they've been persistent in trying to attack kenya. now these countries are neighbors. it's re easy for them to go across the land border and bring the ak-47s and hand grenades. they have safe houses in both those areas. to extend that logistical chain to the united states or canada i think is almost impossible. the pun thing that is possible as jeh johnson mentioned early today is somebody watching the video might say what a great idea i'm going to do that.
2:29 pm
>> recruitment. >> right. >> thank you for the expertise this evening. we're going to shift gears in a big way, bring you some happy news from the red carpet. the way that only only my friend don lemon could do. live at the oscars looking good in armani. don? >> thank you very much. happy news for some people. not everybody keg a winner but we'll be talking to the people who -- i'm going to have a crick in my neck because that's the way they're coming. we'll be here live, poppy.
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it is the night hollywood holds its collective breath. the 87th annual academy awards. much of the night is pretty predictable, the annoys music that goes off when the speeches are too long the shoo-ins for certain categories but what splices are in store in cnn's don lemon is on the red carpet sparkling in his designer duds. what are you excited about tonight? >> i'm excited about this severalie i'm going to take. can you see that? >> i can't see, but it doesn't even rival ellen degeneres from
2:34 pm
last year. that's our selfie. that's you. you like that? >> i love it. why am i not surprised you're taking selfies on the red carpet. >> everybody's taking selfies. this is my first oscar red carpet. i've got to tell you, it's been exciting being here and i've seen just about everyone. i keep looking to the level, because the red carpet just opened and fox look absolutely beautiful. the big starts are expected to get here a bit early, because rain is expected. we are covered by a canopy because of the rain. the limos are arriving now. who's going to come over. i want to talk to benedict cumberbatch. i want to talk to reese witherspoon. j. lo said i'll come over and talk. patricia arquette just joined. that movie is the odds-on favorite so we're going to see,
2:35 pm
what do you think? >> who do i think is going to win best picture? >> i think grand budapest hotel. >> what? >> i loved that movie. >> reporter: i thought it was great, a bit quirky kind of a movie you watch and have munchies afterwards if you know what i'm talking about. it's a little odd. c'mon, totally that kind of movie. >> you said it. >> hey, it's the truth. "boyhood" is the odds-on favorite. personally i lime "selma" and "theory of everything." this is my little cheat sheet. it's got all the nominees on here. anyway they looks gorgeous. >> and big props to your producers behind the scenes who i know put together that amazing cheat sheet. >> look at this. this is all -- these are all of my cheat sheets. >> can you see that?
2:36 pm
>> pretty great. don, have a great time tonight. we'll be watching minutes from now. don't my don and michaela live. hollywood's biggest night only right here. it is no surprise that some of the year's most celebrated films are full of political undertones but is it possible to look at the people who worked on the movie, wrote it directed it funded it and how liberal or conserve they are. did that bend the movie? chris moodie joins me from washington. i was reading through your piece, and you were able to dig down and see where basically where the money came from and if that tells them anything about politically. >> breaking news hollywood is liberal. we all know that right? what we did is teamed up with a group called crowd pac, that tracks political donations. we looked at all the people who worked on the movies up for best
2:37 pm
picture, looked at their political donations, which are all public. you can tell a lot from a very private celebrity about their political donations, which they have to file with the f.e.c. we found the most liberal movies or at least the most liberal people who worked on the best picture nomination we are imitation game birdman and selma. and the least liberal was "american sniper" which directedly clint eastwood who spoke at the republican national committee, but interesting enough despite the clint eastwood factor he also gave to democrats, so even the most quote/unquote conservative movie was on the left side of the spectrum as far as the people who worked on that movie. >> honestly, when i saw this, i was like how much credence can we give this? it goes back and looks at people's political donations like for bradley cooper the last donation was from 2000. how much can we really read into
2:38 pm
this? >> that's just one person. there's dozens of people who work on movies. a lot of the donations were from 2012 quite a few people who worked on the movies gave to president obama or they gave to campaigns in california where a lot of them live. brad pitt he gave hundreds of thousands to support the pro-gay rights movement in california. so yeah some go back quite a ways but you can tell a lot from a person over time to see their donations over sever years. you wouldn't want to look at one cycle, because views can change over time. having a nice long sample is helpful. >> it's really interesting. go to, read the pianos, you can see the spectrum. it has the movies and the blue to the red. >> or blue to light blue. >> exactly. chris, good to have you on. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up again switching gears here. isis mobilizing an online army to recruit followers and raise money and they're flooding social media with 90,000
2:39 pm
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their able to use the internet and associate media to gain converts and mobilize is unprecedented. it appeals to the tech-savvy youth, it can reach them direct will on their cell phones, computers, anywhere. let's bring in intelligence and security analyst bob baer and rabbi abraham cooper of the simon weisenthal center. i'm interested to hear your group -- i know a lot of what you do is to try to fight the online propaganda war, working
2:43 pm
with companies like facebook et cetera. what are you doing to try to combat this? >> well poppy, thanks for having me on. we head up a project call digital terrorism and hate. ich globetrotting tokyo, paris, berlin everyone we speak to in the intelligence and policing have the same concern -- the isis and the similar groups have these brilliant, very effective marketing plans in place that encourage the teenager girls to leave london and be you notice in syria in three days and it's great to hear the white house talk about proactive measures of positive messages but we have to really focus in on a fundamental. we need to social networking giants to do their job, to help degrade the very effective marketing plans of terrorists. >> here's the question right?
2:44 pm
there are limits to what you can just take off-line in this country because you don't want it out there. just because you disagree with the message, as horrible and vittry ri vitt re. >> we don't see this as a speech issue. we each hit that button i agree, sign a contract with the company, facebook has a set of rules, if you don't follow them they have the right to throw you off. our focus here is not about hate speech but about the food chain of terrorism. that's really the key. if you're proactively involved -- for example, today showing the 27-minute video on youtube, threatening malls in the united states who says youtube has to show it? they have the right to take it down. >> when and how did isis get so
2:45 pm
good at this? >> they have simply, poppy, stolen our technology as we talked about earlier, you know they have encryption technology which the national security agency can't beat. for instance even in tactical communications in iraq they're using russian speaker, uzbek speaker, so the locals can't under them. they're using satellite wifi. even values a lot of this technology people in the west are showing up in the middle east and applying it to this recruiting campaign which
2:46 pm
surprises me that it's working, but it is. >> it's absolutely terrifying. >> i just want to say, poppy, within an hour of the french killing the two assassins of the "charlie hebdo" karkcaricature you have hashtags they were heroing, role models. we are just giving them literally the red carpet and the five-star treatment using social network. if we put our minds together on this in combatting terrorism, not speech we have a chance of at least degrading the brilliant marketing strategies. bob baer rabbi, thank you both for joining me. i wish we had more time to talk about t we will continue. after a quick break, bill o'reilly's former cbs colleague says the fox news host lied. we'll bring you his comments,
2:47 pm
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some former colleagues of bill o'reilly say that some of the stories he told about reporting from argentina in the 1980s just are not true. the fox news host worked for cbs back then on a trip to cover the falkland war he depicted buenos aires as a combat situation
2:51 pm
telling the story that he helped save an injured cameraman at one point, but multiple cbs employees are telling cnn they don't remember anyone getting hurt during that coverage. the cameraman declining to comment to cnn. o'reilly's former kleegeric enberg from cbs was also in argentina at that time covering the story. he told brian stelter o'reilly is not telling the truth. >> is bill o'reilly lying when he describes his combat situation? >> well i think that what he's doing is he's trying to build it up into a more frightening and deadly situation than it was. it wasn't a combat situation by any sense of the word that i know. there were no people killed. he said that he saw troops fire into the crowd. i never saw that and i don't know anybody who did, and i was there on the screen. the one thing i am going to
2:52 pm
argue about and the thing that's got me talking about this is that in one of those tapes, you haven't played it. >> i think i know the one that you'll refer to. >> go ahead and lay that. >> this is from the hamptons in 2009. >> when the argentines surrendered to the british there were riots in the streets of buenos aires and i wrote this in my novel and i was there by myself because the other cbs correspondents were hiding in the hotel and i said you have to get out and cover the story which i did. >> that was the first time. he said nobody else was out there that night and you were a cbs correspondent. >> what he just said is a fabrication, a lie. there were five cbs news correspondents including him assigned to that bureau. he sent all five of the correspondents and all ten or 12 of the camera crew members out into the street nobody stayed in their hotel room because they
2:53 pm
were afraid. we were all working and we saw what looked -- what was a moderate-sized riot. it was a couple of thousand people attacking the casa rosada or the area around the casa rosada by waving their arms and by clapping and chanting and singing songs. nobody attacked the soldiers. nobody attacked the police. there was nobody lying on the ground when it was over that i saw. >> all right. i want you to know also that our brian stelter did reach out to bill o'reilly and also to fox news with multiple interview requests. his requests so far have been denied and if we get an update on that we will let you know. >> we are moment away from our special live coverage of the academy awards and stand by for that at 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. also we'll take you inside a movie theeter thatater that literally hits all five senses but first this. >> just last month, 67-year-old
2:54 pm
linda garrett started her journey with the fit nation team. >> this was good! >> swimming. >> biking. >> watch your heart rate! >> running. all to get ready for the nautica malibu triathlon in september, but now, just a few short weeks later the first major hurdle for linda to overcome. an old knee injury flared up and she needs surgery. >> miss garrett had a tear in her medial meniscus over the knee. >> dr. kerry was able to do arthroscopic surgery and all went smoothly but overall, he says linda will do as good as knew. >> she has arthritis and a good-looking knee overall. >> as for garrett herself, she's sore but looking forward to getting back in the game. >> i feel like i can catch up. just a minor setback. it's a hiccup. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
2:55 pm
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all right. it is hollywood's golden night and we are moment away from our live red carpet special that begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn, but could we see a change in what films get nominated next year thanks to a completely new way to watch movies? our brian stelter introduces us
2:58 pm
to four dx. ♪ ♪ >> absolute cinema spears. 4dx. >> right now. >> oh! >> if you've never heard of 4dx it's like seeing a 3d movie on steroids. >> there were a lot more than four dimensions going on in here. >> the fourth dimension beyond just sight and sound and you have the motion from the chairs moving up and down forward, backward side to side. we have fans so air blowing air shots. it feels like bullets whizzing by your head and maybe an arrow going by and then there's water, rain can come up and they shoot from the back of your chair and they shoot up. we have eight different scents. we have gun, gunpowder, burning rubber and we have one that we mix together where it will put out the gun powder and burning together and that just smells really great. >> this is underneath now all of
2:59 pm
the chairs. >> correct. >> flower raspberry coffee. >> so this one you'll be able to smell right away, ready? >> you can let it out right here. >> great! >> and while it's only available in one theater in the united states right now, it is flourishing elsewhere. >> it's doing extremely well in mexico japan, china, korea. pretty much any territory that's building new cinemas at a rapid rate is excited to have this theater technology that differentiates it and drives more people to come to the theater and creates a special experience. >> the only u.s. theater with 4dx technology regal lax. >> we've seen the revenue up 50% and we'll have the biggest box office year in history here in 2015. >> as what you can expect to see in 4dx later this year. >> jurassic world. >> fast and furious 7.
3:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> insurgent. and certainly at the end of the year "star wars," everyone wants to experience luke skywalker. >> brian stelter, cnn, los angeles. >> that will do it for me. i'm poppy harlow. hollywood's biggest night hosted by don lemon and michaela perrera begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- tonight, the stars. >> you need me a lot more than i need you. >> i knew i shouldn't have had that champagne. >> the movies. >> come to selma. join us. >> who are you? >> the surprises. ♪ ♪ >> i'm grateful. >> is this for real or are you shooting a -- >>