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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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be careful. the u.s. homeland security chief urges vej lance after militants threaten one of america's largest malls. the families of three girls who have gone missing from london make an emotional appeal. don't go to syria. the stars come out for the academy awards. a look at the big winners on stage and on the red carpet. hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." the u.s. homeland security secretary wants anyone going to one of america's largest malls to be careful. >> this comes after the terrorist group al shabaab released a video calling for
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attacks to malls in the u.s., the u.k. and canada. as will ripley explains the threat may be a ploy by al shabaab to get recruits. >> reporter: their name means "the youth." al shabaab luring young men to east africa to launch bloody attacks. the group claim responsible for 2013's assault on kenya's westgate mall. more than 60 people died. >> what if such an attack to have occur in the mall of america in minnesota? >> reporter: this new al shabaab propaganda video reaches beyond the african borders targeting the west threatening westgate-style mall attacks in the u.s. canada and the u.k. >> this is a drill. mall of america is now going into lockdown. >> reporter: the mall of america already has extensive security to protect more than 40 million annual visitors. today they're adding new safe measure saying, "we take any potential threat seriously." the west edmonton mall in
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alberta, canada is, also increasing security. even as u.s. counterterrorism officials say there's no indication of an actual threat. the fbi thinks al russia sbab trying to use propaganda like isis and al qaeda to inspire new jihadists. the somalia-based militants recruit heavily in minneapolis, home to the largest somali population in the u.s. >> we are still losing them. it's a terrorist hotbed in the midwest, the united states it is. >> reporter: cnn's been investigating terrorist recruitment groups in minnesota for five years. minneapolis community leader say a small minority of disillusioned young men are looking for a path. >> most of these kids are torn between two cultures. they're americans, but they're not necessarily -- they don't feel totally accepted eded as americans. >> this is the real disneyland. >> reporter: al shabaab recruit recruited one young man, and another from canada. both recruited and died fighting
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for terrorist groups. >> it is the hardest it is. >> reporter: castigar's mother told cnn she believes her son of manipulated by propaganda. the same propaganda now calling for bloody attacks on western malls, trying to strike fear in the heart of the west. warship ripley, cnn, new york. jay johnson, the head of the united states department of homeland security says there's no specific plot. still people should stay alert. >> if anyone is planning to go to the mall of america, they've got to be particularly careful. as the statement you read indicates, there will be enhanced security there that will be apparent to people who are there -- >> federal security as well? >> there will be enhanced security there. public vigilance, public awareness, and public caution in situations like this is particularly important. it's the environment we're in frankly. >> and as we reported a mall in edmonton canada is also among the shopping areas al shabaab
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mentions in its video. the city's police chief says they are keeping an eye on the situation. take a listen. >> this was a very general comment. it wasn't specific. we to not have an identified specific threat. having said that, because of the nature of the threat we as a policing agency are absolutely paying attention to this. we will be putting in places processes to address what we see out there. i have to emphasize i feel west hampton mall is very safe. >> and london's metropolitan police counterterror command says it is aware of the video, as well. also in london, the plea of one father captures a family's agony. we cannot stop crying he, hoping to reach his daughter who may have run away to join isis. >> the families of three missing teenage girls are also u all pleading for them to come -- are all pleading for them to come home. as we report the number of young people being houred by extremist propaganda is on the
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rise. >> reporter: three teenaged friends, two 15-year-old and a 16-year-old, shamima begum, kadiza sultana, and amira abase, school friends spending the day together. now at the heart of an international hunt. >> to get her back what she's doing is completely nonsense. to get back -- just remember how we love you. and your sister brother, are -- they cannot stop crying. >> reporter: the girls' families all searching for answers. british police say the girls took a flight to istanbul and are believed to be on their way into syria to join isis. >> she's an a-star student. she's to convince such young girls at that age that are so vulnerable and so -- it's just wrong. it's evil. it's a really evil thing to do. you're breaking up entire
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families. though you're convincing these girls they're more important than we are. >> reporter: school yard say they're concern by the -- scotland yard say they're concerned by the sheer numbers of young girls or young women hoping to or who have made their way to join isis fires. they wouldn't give us any numbers but admit it's a growing trend. they're asking other parents to please be vigilant. >> if young people are showing people in passports, trying to get hold of lots of money, there are signs. anything breaking the normal routine, any sort of evidence if you like, of children lying about where they may be or may not be. >> reporter: british police say the friends are still in turkey, once they're in syria with isis it's unlikely they will ever be allowed to leave. in the meantime, their family is still hopeful. >> we want you to know that we
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all miss you. we love you. everyone's hurting. we don't know if you're safe, especially your mom. find the courage in your heart to contact us and let us know that you're safe and you're okay. that's all we ask. >> reporter: the clock for them and their families is ticking. time is running out. cnn, london. in iraq there's no word on the fate of about 21 kurdish peshmerga fighters captured by isis. over the weekend, the extremist group released a video aimed at getting other kurds to lay down their weapons and use the prison force relay the message. our senior international correspondent, ben wedeman is, in erbil and joins us live. what exactly is in this video and considering there's a
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propaganda tool that isis uses quite frequently, what should coalition forces make of it? >> reporter: this is a anyone-minute video this shows -- nine-minute video showing men clad in orange jumpsuits being walked in chains to their cages. they're they're interviewed by a bearded man with a microphobe. on that microphone is an isis logo logo. he asked their name, where they're from. then one -- he asked them if he has a message to the pesh america athe kurdish fighters aat peshmerga, the kurdish fighters and he says yes, lay down yours arms stop fighting for what he calls the jews and crusaders if you want to avoid a fate similar to that was ours. we see them still in cages being paraded on the back of pickup trucks through the crowded city streets appears that it's the town that is just south of kirkuk. now interspersed in this video,
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there are some flash frames of the beheadings of egyptian christians that happened last week in elizabeth. but this video actually ends with a tight shot of one of the prisoners. there's no indication they have been executed. but that certainly is the concern of many here that that may be the next installment of these chilling propaganda videos coming out of isis. it's intended to undermine the morale of kurdish fighters but we've spoken to many people here. and they're sort of -- they shrug it off. they realize it's propaganda. they're angry that -- and regret that their comrades are captives of isis. they realize there's not a lot they can do but they look ahead. they realize this is a long fight with this organization. errol? >> so ben, you have a psychological effort by isis to
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weaken peshmerga fighters. over the weekend, isis attempted to break through a number of the peshmerga front lines. what's the latest on that? where does that stand this sunday? >> reporter: in less than a week there have been three major assaults on kurdish positions around erbil. the first was on tuesday night. to the west in a place that was repulsed overnight, there were two assaults on kurdish positions. one to the south in mahmur and another near the mountains near the syrian border. as far as mahmur goes we understand from commanders this more than 50 isis fighters were killed as they tried to break through the front lines. there were coalition aircraft also involved in that action in the mountains. apparently at least 30 isis fighters were killed. and this despite fact that the kurds as they will tell you time
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and time again, they lack any sort of heavy weaponry. they lack ammunition. they lack a lot of things. what they don't lack is the realization that there's no making peace with isis and their intention is to defend their homeland no matter what. >> ben wedeman live in iraq. thanks. australia is taking big new steps to bolster its counterterrorism efforts amid rising concerns over home-grown threats. the prime minister announced a new package of security measures early today. >> this comes after a terrorist siege at a sydney cafe that left two hostages dead in december. mr. abbott says parts of the package are aimed at slowing foreign fighters from traveling abroad. >> already at least 110 australians have traveled overseas to join the death cult in iraq and syria.
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at least 20 of them so far are dead. even if the flow of foreign fighters to syria and iraq stopped today, there's a cohort of hardened jihadists who are intent on radicalizing and influence others. >> a government review in australia is currently investigating over 400 high-priority cases. that number has doubled from a year ago. egypt's president is calling for a unified arab military force to combat the spreading threat from militants across the middle east. the egyptian president said 20 target werity in libya. >> it followed isis' beheading of 21 kidnapped egyptian christians in elizabeth which they -- in libya which they showed in a video.
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he thanked the united arab emirates and jordan. british police have identified three soccer fans they say were involved in a racist incident on the paris metro. chelsea supporters are accused of preventing a black man from boarding the train last week. they were also heard chanting "we're racist, and that's the way we like it." it happened during a tourism match between britain's chelsea and paris st. germaine. >> one of the suspects richard barkley, is apologizing for the incident. look at what his lawyer says. "he did not participate in racist chanting and singing and condemns any behavior supporting that." his lawyer add that his client is sorry for the trauma and stress the victim suffered. well up ahead, "birdman" swooped up the top award on hollywood's biggest night winning for best picture. it won throw other oscars for best cinematography directing, and original screenplay.
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>> "the grand budapest hotel" also won four oscars. we'll look at other big winners and memorable moments coming up. you're with "cnn newsroom." just ahead -- >> the city -- [ screams ] >> a deadly bumming mars a unit -- bombing mars a unity rally in ukraine. plus, what's causing south korea to look like this? and disturbing new interrogation video. why two young girls in the u.s. say they stabbed their classmate 1 times.
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call now. in eastern ukraine, an explosion killinged at least two people including a police officer. >> it happen during a peaceful pro-government march sunday. government officials say they've arrested four people and say the explosion is a suspected terrorist act. meanwhile in kiev activives held a dignity march to mark one year since pro-russian president yanukovych of deposed. let's bring in senior international correspondent fred pleitgen live in kiev for more on the blast and the latest on ukraine's cease-fire. fred, what more information do you have on the blast and those arrest d arrested? >> reporter: we got information
12:19 am
from ukrainian authors. they do place the blame once again on russia. there's one security organization here in ukraine that says that the people who are behind all of this are in russia. they believe there might have been russian involvement as far as the russian intelligence service concerned as well. what we know from ukrainian security sfoersz that four people have been arrest after the blast. apparently they belong in an organization that trained in belograde in russia according to the ukrainian authorities. we haven't gotten anything from the russian authorities so far. obviously this is a horrible blast that happened there. one of the thing we have to know is that the town does have a certain degree of volatility. there wasfliction shortly after the revolution happened about a year -- was friction shortly after the revolution happened about a year ago. there were buildings that were occupied and riots, frankly,
12:20 am
between russian speaker and the pro-ukrainian government population there. it is a place that so far has not been engulf in the worst of the violence like in other places in eastern ukraine. but there are many in key whoef fear there might be forces trying to destablize it as well to get it torn into the area that has been so badly hit by the violence they believe it may be the next target of pro-russian separatists. there's nothing that would confirm that but that's the fear on the ground in kiev. rosemary? >> let's take closer look at that cease-fire in eastern ukraine which appears to be that in name only. what is happening on the ground as the cease-fire hangs by a thread? >> reporter: i wouldn't say it's in name only. but there are certainly infringements happening. one of the things ukrainians are saying is they have a plan in place to withdraw heavy weapons from the front line. frankly they say they can enact the plan unless the fighting
12:21 am
stops in all places along the cease-fire line. they say clear that that is what the cease-fire agreement says. the pro-russian separatists for their part have saidive -- they've signed an order to withdraw heavy weapons. it's unclear at this point whether or not that's been enacted. whether or not any weapons are being with drawn. at this point in time the organization that's supposed to monitor the cease-fire and the next stage of the cease-fire, which would be the withdrawal of heavy weapons can't get to most of the areas where it is supposed to do that. there have been freer enfrankments that happened overnight. authors told us there were only two breaches of the cease-fire a lot less than we've been seeing over the past couple of days. clearly there still is enough tension, there are enough skirmishes for at least the ukrainian side to say at this point in time they're not willing to move to the next stage and get their heavy weapons ready for the front line. >> fred pleatitgen joining us live
12:22 am
from kiev. thunderstorm watch thank you very much. in bangladesh at least 68 people were killed when a ferry got capsized there. local officials say 19 children are among the dead. this happened sunday on the river north of the capital. >> police say the double-decker ferry sank after a cargo ship hit it. a transport official says about 100 people were rescued, but it's unclear exactly how many were on board. ferry operators usually don't keep record. ferry crashes lead to dozens of deaths every year in bangladesh. if you're watching from south korea, there are warnings to stay inside today. coming up what's causing much of the country to look like this and why it's so dangerous. stay with us.
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south korea is dealing with this -- dangerous yellow dust. this is what seoul looks like at the moment. meteorologists say it's the worst yellow dust storm in five years. a warning in place for much of the nation and city leader want people to stay inside because it can be bad for your health. the dust storm started in mongolia and picked up some toxins along the way as it moved into the korean peninsula. >> for more on this dangerous yellow dust our meteorologist, pedram javaheri, joins us now. it's not a term that we use
12:26 am
often, but is this common in south korea? yellow dust every year? >> every spring is kicks in. the city takes this seriously. in marine years they've -- in recent years, they've cracked down on barbecuing and barbecue restaurants in seoul which there are 10,000 of. they're saying they're subsidizing filters for these restaurants, bath houses also popular. and they're saying that the barbecue joins, ten thoish contribute to 1/40 of the pollutants. any little way they can remove pollutance -- >> i've always loved korean barbecue. now you're making me think it's dangerous. >> a little bit. they're trying to help with the cause. they're putting 70,000 trees, the sew city government spent this $50,000 in 2009 and planted. 70,000 trees in portions of mongolia. 500 miles west or so of beijing help inhibit plautance making their way to this part of the world. still, with a strong storm system that's kicked up the dust 445, the air equal index at the hazardous category.
12:27 am
take a look at the nasa image. the mode us show from above. the bohi bay. you can pick out the dust over the last 24 hours. seoul being the last point of landfall before it moves back over the pacific. and if the upper level winds in the atmosphere are strong enough certainly, displace that you will cross the pacific and ended in the western us. we've seen it happen before. we think sometime by tuesday orred with a storm system will push in -- tuesday or wednesday, a storm system will push in. it could follow sue. we think improving conditions are expected in the next 24 to 4408 also wet across the southwestern of the united states. the rain shower from tlux san diego. we'll take higher elevations. the san gabriel mountains above 5,500 feet, a couple of inch of snow there, as well. temperature at 6. phoenix cooled off to 8 after a reeb warm spell. -- recent warm spell.
12:28 am
gorgeous in the pacific nyet 56 to 60 degrees. of course the big story for a lot of people has been the 65 million dealing with temperature at about 20 to 30 spots. some spots had 030 to 40 degrees. i don't know if we can show to full screen, but we had a graphic up if we can get it to you. an interesting perspective. >> stay tuned. there we go. >> oh! >> you know what this is it -- >> frozen bubble. it's fascinating because it freezes so quickly. >> yeah. when you get your temperatures at five fahrenheit or minus 15 celsius celsius, you can make a picture. >>storm come on "cnn newsroom" -- still to come on "cnn newsroom," rudy giuliani challenge the u.s. president's country love of country. now he's facing a backlash and backing down sort of.
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a warm welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. i want to check the headlines this hour. the u.s. says there is no credible evidence of a plot against american malls after an al shabaab threat. the somali terrorist group released a video this weekend calling for attacks in the u.s. youck, and canada. law enforcement is reminding people e people to stay alert. several malls say they are aware of the video and are taking precautions.
12:32 am
in eastern ukraine, an explosion killed at least two people including a police officer. if t happen during a peefl pro-government march -- a peaceful pro-government march sunday. government officials say they've arrested four and say the explosion is a suspected terrorist act. "birdman" swooped up four oscars at the 87th annual academy awards including best picture. "the grand budapest hotel" also won four oscars. eddie redmayne won for his role in "the theoriyy yof everything" and julianne moore won for "still alice." former new york mayor rudy giuliani is backing away somewhat from remarks he made last week questioning u.s. president barack obama's love of america. in an op-ed for the "wall street journal," giuliani offered a mea culpa for the blunt not of his language he said his problem is with mr. obama's policies.
12:33 am
he wrote, "i did not intend to question president obama's motives or the content of his --" here we are it "my intended focus was the effect of his words and his actions have on the morale of the country." giuliani's remarks about president obama were met with a firestorm of criticism. even republicans are distancing themselves from his sentless. some of them -- sentless. some of them on the sunday talk shows. >> he was expressing frustration in a way i don't agree. with i don't doubt the president's patriotism. it's been love of country. it's about leadership or lack of leadership. the way he arcticticulated it, i don't care for it. >> the "washington post" looked at giuliani's comments on obama, then examined quotes from the president's speeches finding at least nine instances where mr. obama outrightly expressed his love of country. for that the "post" gave mr. giuliani four pinocchios for
12:34 am
inaccuracy. inaccuracy. another u.s. host under fire for fabricating a story. seven former colleagues who were with fox news anchor bill o'reilly during a riot in argentina doubt his depiction in buenos aires as a war zone. they also challenge his description of a cbs cameraman being injured in the chaos. former cbs correspondent eric enberg was there and spoke about it. >> is she lying when he -- he he lying when he describes the combat situation? >> i think he's trying to build it up into a more frightening and deadly situation than it was. it wasn't a combat situation loi by any sense of the word that i know. there were no people killed. he said that he saw troops fire into the crowd. i never saw that. and i don't know anybody who
12:35 am
did. i was there on the scene. the one thing i am going argue about, the thing that's got my talking about this is in one of those types -- you haven't played it -- >> actually i think i know which you'll refer to. let me play the sound bites and see if that's what you're referring to. this is from the hamptons in 2009 -- >> when the argentines surrendered from the british, there were riots in the streets of buenos aires. i wrote about this in my novel "those who trespass." i was out pretty much by myself because the other cbs news correspondents were hiding in the hotel. what -- you got to cover the story which i did. >> reporter: that was the first time. i wanted to have you react. he says nobody else was out there that night. you say -- >> what he just said is a fabrication, a lie. there five cbs news correspondents including him assigned to the bureau. he send all five of the correspondents and all ten or 12 of the camera crew members out
12:36 am
into the street. nobody stayed in their hotel room because they were afraid. we were all working and swhau of a moderate sized riot. it was a couple of thousand people attacking the casa rosata or area around it by waving their arms clapping chanting singing songs. nobody attacked the soldiers. nobody attacked the police. there was nobody lying on the ground when it was over this i saw. >> o'reilly firmly defends all his claims. "nbc nightly news" anchor brian william of recently suspend after it came to light he misrepresented events he was covering during the rack war in 2003. today is the day for greece to turn over its proposed reforms to eurozone creditors. the reforms are expected to crack down on tax evasion and
12:37 am
streamlined civil services among other things. >> they must be approve for greece to receive a full-out bail operation. we check to to see how greeks reacting to the new plan. >> reporter: carnivale, a time for celebration in greece. a break of everyday worries, and a chance to forget the country's troubles. for some man it's time for cashing in. when the mask comes off, it captures the uncertainty of life in greece. >> life in greece is a lot like juggling actually. it's a strange situation as we've been living history for the past five years. we've been living the same day every day for anniversaries now. a day that's -- you turn on the tv and hear news -- we're go to get the bunk ear -- we hope that there are foreigners and maybe this is the last chance that we
12:38 am
have. >> reporter: tourism is crucial to the greek economy. none more so than on the island of makanos. luxury hotel owners describe running his business under the current circumstances. >> we need a perm and stable solution so investors will come back to greece. so we can plan our own businesses how we will manage to run them. we have to know what will be the environment, the taxes. now the economy's frozen. so for example i want to build a new hotel. and i don't know what will happen next month. so this makes us stop everything and wait. we cannot hold our breath forever. >> reporter: on the famous athens street renown for high-end boutiques and shops, you will find few people looking and even fewer buying. the greek economy is in dire
12:39 am
straits. the government appears to have been given some breathing space. but is this a question of simply kicking the can down the road or is it truly a first stop recovery? -- first step to recovery? senior political and financial analysts say now is the time to start addressing the make or break issue. debt relief. >> four months from now we will again be talking about very tough negotiations between greece and the eurozone about how to progress. that's the big question mark hanging over this deal. it leaves it just short of when greece has to repay the european central bank almost $7 billion in the summer and with no clear picture about how we move forward here and if there will be debt relief. >> reporter: hopes and fears, a juggling act as greece and europe consider their next
12:40 am
moves. and we're joined now live from athens to talk about the delicate balance between driving its economy and managing its debt. as you showed i worn if the greeks are used to it and are getting used to the jewelrile. >> reporter: i think there the key phrase is a fumes. extention after ecoxtension does not create the right environment for money to be coming into greece. for real project to be taking place thm is the -- place. this is the concern. obviously people are happy a solution has been found, and they're happy to hear that details are being worked out. many people also believe that the structural reforms are very much needed. and they're at the heart of the
12:41 am
problem in greece. the extension means that the economy is likely trow main frozen for longer because until the right environment is created for people to be able to invest here and to carry on with their lives. this uncertainty will remain. and i think this is very much at the core of how people are living their lives right now. they seem to be living in a perpetual state of crisis. >> yeah. it may be frustrating, but you all analysts have said the systemic financial issues that have underlied grease's economy had to be dealt with in order for it to prosper as part of the eurozone. work that needs to be diamondback done. thank you for joining us from athens. hsbc is presenting its earnings report for 2014 under the shadow of scandal. the global banking giant reports before tax profits of $18.7 billion for 2014. down 17% from 2013.
12:42 am
hsbc blamesing inging inging inging regulatory pressures. it allegedly helped clients dodge taxes by concealing tens of billions in swiss accounts. still to come for you here on cnn, two young girls in the u.s. nearly took a classmate's life. they explain why in disturbing new interrogation videos.
12:43 am
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12:45 am
chilling new interrogation video has been released in the trial of two girls who stabbed a classmate in the u.s. state of wisconsin. all three were 12 years old at the time. it is shocking. >> absolutely. the girls say they did it to please a fictional online character called slenderman. here's cnn's randi kaye. >> reporter: at just 12 these two girls nearly took another classmate's life. last may, they lured her to a wooded area where police say they stabbed her 19 times. video of their interrogation being made public for the first time. >> who stab her first? >> i think she stabbed her first, then i continued. these said "make sure she doesn't escape!" >> she said to make sure she got her in the lungs, right here six times. then like in the leg a few time. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says the victim who was also 12 was goodly wounded.
12:46 am
one knife strike coming so close to her heart the criminal complaint says she was one millimeter away from certain death. still, she survived. not exactly how her attackers were hoping this would end. listen. >> so we told her we were going get help but we really weren't. we were going to run and let her pass away. see we ran. >> reporter: the girls also told detectives how they each took part in the stabbing. this is their supply list. notice the kitchen knife. >> how did you get the knife? >> she shoved it into my hand and there it was! and i didn't know what i did. it was -- it sort of just happened. i didn't -- it didn't feel like anything. it was like air. >> reporter: incredibly the
12:47 am
victim managed to crawl out of the woods. a bike rider found her and got her to the hospital. the young suspects were arrested soon after. both charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide. when investigators asked why they it they both had the same answer -- slenderman. and this is where a will have and nearly murderous act becomes nearly bizarre. slender man is a fictional internet monster, a ghoul who lurk in chat rooms in some of the internet's dashest corners. he's faceless often portrayed in a dark suit with octopus-like tentacles. central american slend -- slender man is said to haunt children and those who take a look expose him. slerpdman was first exposed on the website creepy pasta wiki. police thought he was real -- police said the girls thought he was real and if they didn't kill a classmate, he will hurt them or their families. >> you thought you saw him?
12:48 am
>> it was after morgan stabbed her. >> and he has ten drills that are very sharp. >> you mean in your dreams or where you see him -- >> oh, i see him in my dreams. >> reporter: evidence presented in court shows what was found in mcgwire an geyser's bedroom -- morgan geyser's bedroom. numerous disturbing drawings and disfigured barbie dolls. many with the slenderman symbol on them. all proof the defense team says the girls truly believed slenderman is real. >> told him -- i should have been left out so i didn't hurt her. but that's why i'm in here because we were careless. i knew this would happen. i knew we'll get in trouble. >> reporter: cnn new york. >> troubling. jerusalem's mayor jumped
12:49 am
into action to help stop ape stabbing suspect in the city. >> >> the man was driving by when the attack unfolded. you see him in the white shirt. after the suspect dropped the knife, he health the man on the ground until help arrived. >> police say the suspect is an 18-year-old palestinian. the israeli man who was stabbed was not badly hurt. it was biggest -- hollywood's biggest night isn't all about the awards. >> coming up we'll look at the best and worst on the red carpet. nearly half a million cars were stolen in 2012, but for every car stolen 34 people had their identities stolen. identity thieves can steal your money, damage your credit and wreak havoc on your life. why risk it when you can help protect yourself from identity theft with one call to lifelock, the leader in identity-theft protection? lifelock actively patrols your sensitive, personal information every second of every day,
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welcome back everyone. "birdman" is flying high winning the coveted oscar for best picture at the 87th annual academy awards. [ applause ] >> the film picked up three other oscars including best cinematography and original screenplay. "grand budapest test hotel" also won four oscars. >> the oscar for best director went to alejandro inharito for "birdman." eddie redmayne won best actor for his compelling role in "the theory of everything." and best actress went to julianne moore for her performance in "still alice." she'll been nominated 15 time. this is her first win. you can see a complete list of winner at besides the big wins, also a
12:53 am
night where some celebrities used their brief moments on stage to get a big message across. >> we saw a fair amount of that. best supporting actress patricia arquette used her victory speech to demand wage equal for women. >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it's our time to have wage equality once and for all. and equal rights for women in the united states of america. [ applause ] [ cheers ] ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ ♪ with songs they have sung ♪ >> how about that? lady gaga left her outrageous outfits at home this year and brought her powerhouse voice to the oscars. she belted out a medley from
12:54 am
"the sound of music" on its 50 anniversary just before julie andrews came on stage to gill i give her a hug. >> and i deandean -- idima menzel introduced him as gong gadzingo. >> then he touched her face in a strange way. >> too many times. there were lots of formfitting dresses on the red carpet. >> i caught up with executive fashion and beauty editor for "harper's bazaar" magazine. thank you very much for joining us. of course, we saw lots of beautifully dressed actresses on the red carpet. who do you think stood out as best dressed? >> it was a stellar red carpet that season. i think i'm going to go number one for rosamund pike who really pulled out all the stops.
12:55 am
it was fabulous. give givenchy couture. that post baby bod looked gorgeous. >> i thought it was an audrey hepburn moment for sure. just gorgeous. what about best hair and make-up? what pulled it all together? >> you know i loved sienna miller. i thought -- she was wearing oscar de la renta, a plain black look. but she's one of those sort of very rock and roll kind of gals. this season with her hair up her beauty of absolutely right for the rook. i think i will name her as my top gal in terms of a beauty look. >> we wanted to look at the worst dressed. certainly when i locked at the gorgeous dresses -- i looked at the gorgeous dresses, beautiful actresses, they seemed to pull it together. what did you think? was this a worst dressed that stood out? >> i don't think there was a worcester dressed. it's kind of unfair sometimes because everyone spends so much
12:56 am
time grooming themselves it's not nice to see that you were on the clunker list. this season you know one after one, there were great. reece worthington spoon in custom tom ford. margo roby hair and make-up perfect. again, wearing st. laurent. the less goes on. they really did look good. and gwyneth, a lot of people saying i'm not sure that, the flower on the shoulder. i thought she looked really beautiful in that pastel pink. it was very right for her. i was chatting with her at tom ford's friday night. she was looking leggy in a short black dress. the opposite end of the spectrum. she would have been on my best dressed list. >> interesting. in the end, what's the takeaway do you think from the fashions of the 2015 oscars in terms of trends and colors for all the rest of us to consider perhaps? >>. >> i think we'll be not flouncy and overblown and over the top. i think this is a formfitting
12:57 am
season. if you've got the shape that's great. we weren't looking at the fishtail moments. it was quirky. you know scarlett johansson had a share hair dsdo but an ear cuff. and great moments with rita ora wearing serpenti. fantastic. these came together and looked quite right. i think. >> they did. it was quite a night and enjoyable to see all the different outfits, all the beautiful styles. many thanks avril graham, for bringing your point of view. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. >> bye-bye. they men didn't get a look in there. >> they did well. mr. aiello had a maroon type suit. fellows in tuxedos always sharp. >> all looked gorgeous. . this has been "cnn newsroom". i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. stay tuned for max foster in london.
12:58 am
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tackling terror. egypt wants to unite against isis. how do they do it? a live report moments away. and malls on alert. how law enforcement is responding. and big night for "birdman." we have all the big winners and must-see moments. lady gaga "the hills are alive." >> "birdm