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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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bluntly said. it's a simple question and simple answer and the answer is yes. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. for our viewers in north america news room with brook baldwin starts right now. wolf thank you so much. it's great to be with you at the beginning of this work week. i'm brook baldwin. for months united states has been pushing for nations to leave the fight with isis. egypt's president calling for united air force. its mission, a mass joint military force, crush isis and stop the threat that's festering across the region. president in egypt says he has commitments from jordan to send in troops.
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the details are skrars and there's a lot of questions how to force would operate. let's go to ian. egypts president didn't say what he meant by the united arab force and whether he means troops on the ground. you listened to the speech. what did you hear? >> reporter: well brook, he was addressing the nation and he first started off with the isis threat to egypt and this is a country that's facing it on two fronts on the east and the cyanide peninsula and the west as well. he did bring up this idea for united arab force. take a listen. >> this is a stance that we see a unified arab force together. we see it is now and necessary an important and necessary because the challenges in the region and facing our countries
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are huge challenges and we can overcome the challenges once we are together. >> reporter: and brook, we don't really know any other details apart from what we just heard from the president. we reached out to his office today. they didn't offer any details as well. in the speech he also mentioned egypt's military's main roll is protecting its border. if the need were the rise in the region it could be used elsewhere but only with the cooperation of the arab neighbors. we haven't heard anything else. the arab leaders are notorious for not being unified. it will take a lot of diplomatic efforts to try to get this coalition together if that's ultimately what the presidency's goal is. >> excellent final point there. i want to get to my next guest here. the examples have faltered in
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part because of the distrust in the arab nation. he's the author of the new middle east and protesting revolution in the new arab world. always a treat to have you on. let's begin with the notion of historically speaking. definitely competition, not always getting along with the different countries. how do you see this happening? >> well, you know, i'm afraid to say, brook, i don't think we're going to see a unified army marching and to crush isis. it's not going to happen. as you have just insinuated there are major defenses in the arab world. there's fierce rivalries in the region. you have several wars. egypt is polarized as you well know. the americans have been very
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reluctant to work closely with the president of egypt because of the internal political situation. the americans basically are unhappy about the clamp down against civil rights in egypt. even though it's an idea on the table but i don't think this particular idea is going to fly the next few weeks or next few months or year or so. final point, many arab states are part of the american coalition as you know. you have jordan the united saudi arabia kuwait. the question is can the arab world unify its rights and create a cohesive not unified force on its own. this is the question since the establish, brook, unfortunately, they have not been able to create a united force in order to meet the challenges its
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facing. >> let me back up one second. i want to make you answer one of the questions you just posed rhetorically. why would the president of egypt come forward and make such a big, bold statement. i mean this is personal for them. we know about the 21 egyptian christians slaughtered on the banks of the mediterranean sea. you're saying these are empty words. >> i'm not saying they're empty words. all i'm saying they're very difficult to transit late into real action. egypt, as you where he will know is facing multialple challenges and isis and int's also facing threats inside libya. so egypt is trying to find ways and means to face both the insergeants and the threat
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that's emerging inside libya. first, the president called for an international coalition. the security counsels have no political solution or address the isis problem inside libya. now the president asayingis saying the arab world should take care of their own challenges and that we need a unified force to take care of isis. knowing the complications in the arab world and situation inside egypt itself, i doubt it very much that the arab state would stand up and create a unified force to address the problem of isis and other major security problems facing the area. >> then what? i hear your realism and we have spoken in the past how isis has mentioned president barack obama
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by name and taunted the united states to send more air strikes. they would love more than anything that we, the united states are coming to them on a much more ground war scenario. take this off the plate, if you're saying they would not likely have an arab coalition then what? >> you're raising a very important point here. first of all i think you're absolutely correct. the united states should not take ownership of this particular struggle against isis and extremism in the region. the arab states should stand up and defeat this particular menace. point two, that's why president barack obama has constructed a coalition including 50 states and arab states. at the end of the day, brook, even if you defeat isis militarily you need to
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basically show arab and muslim societies that isis has no vision. isis is at their end. you need to basically convince the people that basically pleuralistic societies, you need to establish legitimate governments and take care of human rights. you need to show people in the region that governments within egypt or saudi arabia and iraq and syria are governments. governments that address the real needs of their population. this is the way to go. yes, we know isis needs to be defeated militarily and we will. it's a matter of time and how much damage isis will do in the meantime. at the end of the day, after you defeat isis militarily you need to tackle the root causes of isis. this is political authority,
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dominance of dominance, lack of hope blockage in the system, these are not medical problems. these are social and political and idea logical challenges. >> you bring up excellent points. the author of the new middle east. protest and revolution in the arab world. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up a rare first person account from inside the heart strong hold of isis. i spoke with a journalist who has been reporting on the ground in syria offering remarkable detail about day-to-day life in a city controlled by terrorist. do not miss this conversation. also ahead, the american sniper murder trial taking strange turns as it begins to end. we'll talk to two attorneys about why the jury was allowed to watch last night's oscar awards remember american sniper up for best picture and chris
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you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. now to a terror threat on a large scale shopping mall. we're taking the threat quiet seriously or are they down playing it a little bit. they call for the group's followers to attack shopping malls the britain and canada and the united states. they mention the mall of america, an enormous shopping center. dave johnson addressed it directly on the state of the union. >> if anyone is planning on going to the mall of america today they got to be particularly careful.
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there will be enhanced security there that will be apparent to people. >> federal security as well? >> there will be enhanced security there. public vigilance and public caution in situations like this is particularly important. it's the environment we're in frankly. >> asked him if he regretted any of the comments and he said no. the fbi says there's no credible specific threat to malls in the united states and secretary johnson has just addressed those comments at an event in washington. here he just was. >> you have expressed your concern about the threats against the mall of america in minnesota. what other concerns do you have in terms of security at this point after hearing and listening to everything today? >> well i spoke about the situation with the al-shabaab video yesterday on the news
11:16 am
shows and we have issued to state and local law enforcement about that earlier today and i think i'll stand on that. i don't know that i have much more at this point to add to that. >> all right. have to keep this in mind though. al-shabaab is linked to al qaeda that's responsible for the assault in the mall in kenya. 60 people died in the attack. we're live outside the mall in bloomington, minnesota and also i have with me former assistant director of the fbi and tom in washington. nick you're there. let me begin with you. you heard secretary johnson talking about enhanced security and wondering and given a little bit of push back from the fbi, have you seen any tangible examples of security heights? >> reporter: i can tell you i just stepped foot in that mall here. we were not allowed to take cameras inside. i can tell you from what i saw
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is it appeared to be another ordinary monday at the mall of america. the mall of america released a statement saying they were going to take extra security precautions and have heightened security some which would be visible to shoppers, other things not so much brook. so far, from your vantage point, what we've been able to see outside is one police car in the hours we've been out here. that's not the say there's not other measures not taking place we can't see. i think the broader concern is in the community saying there's a lot of as a rulevulnerable youth and that's his concern, someone in this community here locally will see the al-shabaab video and carry out a loan wolf attack.
11:18 am
the homeland security says there's no working threat or any threat they no of. the leaders meeting and talking and having conversations now. that dialogue is on going, brook. >> we were just talking to some of those leaders in the communities you were last week in the wake of the summit that the white house is holding. let me pivot to you, al-shabaab considered a highly dangerous terror group. the reality is al-shabaab has shown capabilities. based upon your entail what you know do you agree with that? >> brook, i completely agree with what peter said. they don't have the capability and up to now they've had no desire. we constantly we for to them as an al qaeda affiliate. in a way, they're not.
11:19 am
over the years they required for any terrorist group to label themselves al qaeda, they need to wage war on the west not just nationalistic interest and al-shabaab has had national interest in taking over si. the countries are sending peace keepers under the e farm to try to get recruits to come over and help them but not come back and
11:20 am
attack in the u.s. >> that's where i wanted to go next because if they can't logistically do this pull this off, thank goodness, i am wondering, when you look at yes they're targeting malls in europe and canada and in addition to the mall of america in minnesota to nick's point, this is a big somalia community and all places to target what do you think this is about? >> they also mention the mall in canada and that's not a large somalia community. the mall in minnesota is among the biggest in the united states going to about 500 stores. to be able to announce that and the fact that they know there's a large somalia community in the minneapolis, st. paul area by putting out an order like that, they're looking for some psycho pathic jerk in minnesota to go
11:21 am
get a gun and go into the mall and start shooting. it's not coordinated and they ordered the attack. they put that out there hoping someone will follow up on it and go do it. that's the problem in this case. >> thank you. appreciate both of you here. >> thank you. >> coming up next here on cnn, the trial of the man who allegedly killed american sniper chris kyle. jurors were allowed to watch the oscars last night. how that could play in the verdict of the american sniper movie up for best oscar, best screen play best film and what a seinfield episode may have to do with the case. wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc.
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somalia.\ the murder trial of the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle may be in its final days here. a little curve ball today weather wise snow put the
11:26 am
proceedings on hold. they're expected later this week. the defense says eddie ray ralph was insane when he shot chris kyle and his friend. among them claims of seeing friends and neighbors morphing into pig human hybrids. i'm going to come back to that. prosecutors rejected the defense altogether. they suggested that may have come from an episode of seinfield. >> i just saw a pig man. he was sleeping and woke up and looked at me and made a horrible sound. >> no one is laughing over this when it comes to this trial. defense attorneys, welcome. >> brook, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. good afternoon. joey, let me turn to you. i'm sitting here wondering when
11:27 am
ever in the history that any of us can remember do you have this real life trial playing out in texas, you have this film based upon this real story that's been huge. >> $300 million grossing. >> in hollywood. >> up for six awards. got one last night. >> with the widow there. it's all this mixing of hollywood and reality. have you ever seen this before? >> i haven't. closing arguments scheduled for today. it's interesting. it's either coincidence or creative genius on the part of hollywood to make this film coincidence to this particular trial. the real issue is what roll if any will it play? that's the big thing. when mark talks to the jurors we ask the question, can you base the case upon what you hear in the courtroom and the facts and circumstances there as other
11:28 am
other -- as opposed to what you hear on the street. we put a lot of trust in our jurors to do the right thing. hopefully, whatever that right thing is this jury does. >> do you think this is a curve ball for the jurors? it's not like the judge said don't watch the oscars sunday night. >> i think it was coincidental. i don't think they planned it for this time. it's going to have an effect. there's no question chris kyle is a hero to texas and those people in his hometown. joey's right. even though it's true and you like chris kyle can you try this case on the facts and the law? we do that in every courtroom every day in america. granted there's not always such a high profile where we have to get rid of those influences but we ask jurors to be good jurors every day. >> and then to this episode
11:29 am
clip joey what was that about, this expert witness, was that going too far? >> it's big. here's why. the prosecution will say you're fainting mental illness. remember that as a general matter jurors don't like the insanity plea because they want accountability. you can't get in anyone's mind. if you're sick right now and feverish and sneezing and coughing it's tangible. i can see it. i can't look in your head to see what you're thinking. whenever there's evidence that would suggest you're fainting it faking it you got it from a movie. the defense is going to say people get thoughts from various places. how many times do you hear kid you shouldn't play with the video kbamgames. it's destructive. he got the thought there as a result of seeing seinfeild doesn't mean he's fainting illness. >> mark we're days before closings we were talking, joey
11:30 am
and i on commercial break about insanity. it's basically, do you know what you were doing was wrong? right. it's so much more nuance than that. talk about that. >> it's very nuance. that's the problem. the people what we have to look at is the way the texas statute played out. if you knew it was wrong, what you did the prosecution is going to say please forgive us for that event. don't forget when he drove away he knew how to start it and what side of road to drive on. when he stopped at for tacos he knew to stop at a taco restaurant and pay for it. all the incidents that happened prior to it and before are relevant. couple of things particularly relevant it's a nuance but he said he had to kill them.
11:31 am
killing chris kyle makes that a rational event to get away with a crime. the other thing very telling if i was a prosecutor what i would focus on he told the officers when they stopped him that he was paranoid and schizophrenic. well don't forget mentally ill people insane people don't know they're insane. i think he probably messed himself up when he was trying to argue that to the officers. >> the defense is going to say this is a person paranoid. he ran because not because i knew what i was doing was wrong but because they're chasing me and following me and i'm hearing things and seeing things. >> paranoid is not insan cityity. >> i get it. but they're going to use that. there's a lot to argue in those closing statements tomorrow. >> thus the nuance.
11:32 am
we'll be watching. thank you so so much for that. coming up next we will take you inside the capitol of the islamic state where isis runs the show. our guest has been there and lived there for a time. he tells us two major adictions of the isis fighters that may surprise you. not miss this.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. today, we wanted to give you this unprecedented look inside this capitol city inside of rocca, syria. the he has witnessed day in and day out the devastation, executions crucifixions mutilations isis has brought to the people of
11:36 am
raqqa. i spoke with him earlier and this is part of what he shared with me. we have wanted to cover the city of ra kwrkqqa but it's difficult. if an isis fighter were to find you or know you were exposing what they're doing, what would happen? >> yes. actually we had team members but after we launched our campaign one of our members, 20 years-old got arrested by isis because he's one of our members and he was torchered and executed by isis because he's one of our members. everyone inside the city of raqqa asked if anyone has information about our campaign
11:37 am
or who we are or who are the guys running this campaign. give us this information and if anyone catch anyone of these members campaign kill him and you will not be judged for that or killed for that. it will be very good for you. they ask the people to slit our bloods in the street. >> you paint this picture of raqqa with the black isis flags which then becomes a target for the u.s. coalition and the air strikes and so now these isis fighters have painted some of these buildings pink and gold? >> yes. that's true. it's about three weeks or a month they paint all in and around the city. it's the t like it's like the times square. it's pink gold and white and green. i don't know why they change it. i think they're afraid of the air strikes because of the isis
11:38 am
places. >> and it's these pink buildings and green buildings where these gruesome executions are taking places. >> yes, yes. the most famous is the square. they were making their beheadings and crucifixions in this area. it's gold and white and green now. not the black like before. >> how often are people executed in this main scare? >> there is a lot of executions in the city of raqqa. for example, in the last two months 40 people got executed in raqqa city and the country side of the city and different charges. some of them they charged with
11:39 am
homosexuals and some of them are charging are killing some people. so if anyone the isis will know he is against them. if you're an activist they will take you to death. so they executed a lot of people. they make crucifixions and it was very bad. >> so they're not discriminatory discriminatory. you talk about how isis is short both because of the war on blood and they're short on money. can you first talk to me about the money and how they're getting money, isis is getting money through keeping stores open during prayer and accepting fines instead of punishing people? >> yeah. when the coalition started in the city of raqqa because isis depends on the oil and oil
11:40 am
refineries and when the coalition destroyed the oil refineries they started to have a new strategy for money. for example, extra for the, there's taxes on the people of raqqa. they must pay 1,500 syria pound. they also make the people donate for blood. they force them into donating blood. for example, if you have anything they say go to the hospital and donate the blood and bring me the receipt. if you don't have it i can't help you. also they're starting for example. >> what do you mean people are being forced to give blood? do they stop you on the street and force you to donate? >> no. they don't stop you on the street. for example, if you have anything to do in the islamic papers or stuff like that it's the city and the people have problems they force them to go
11:41 am
if someone's house got robbery or something like that. they say to you, we can't help you until you go to the hospital and donate blood and back with the receipt. so we make sure that you give us blood because there's a lot of air strikes and these air strikes make a lot of isis fighters and a lot of isis fighters got to go. >> again, that was just part of my conversation. we're going to play much more of it next hour. we pivoted and talked a lot about women and the muteilation of a lot of young girls. how this is a prison for women and how isis fighters know which women are marriable based on what they're wearing. they're addicted to sex and the internet. do not miss the rest of this conversation the next hour. coming up next a teen accused of killing a loss saythis las vegas
11:42 am
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this is cnn. the world news network. >> the man accused of killing a mother of four in an act of road rage said little in court today. before his arrest what eric told his friends poses a
11:46 am
question whether this was road rage at all. no issues to enter a plea and will return to court next month to face charges of murder attempted murder. he shot and killed this mother in her las vegas driveway week before last. the family says he was after meyers and her family over an earlier run in in their cars. two of his buddies told police after the shooting he quote unquote got those kids. they were after me and i got them end quote. then there's more. his attorney says there's a chance some of his statements to police may be tossed out since he was high when he was arrested. so with me now i got defense attorney and prosecutor. guys this may not be road rage at all because aprntly they knewparently they knew each other. >> that's going to play into it.
11:47 am
the fact this was strangers driving. road rage incidents are so rare so scary. we've all been on both sides of them. it's like oh my god and now to find out that mom may have gone home hey son do me a favor. grab your gun, we're going to go hunting for somebody who threatened me and throw into do they know each other, not know each other. this is not the national oh wow road rage we thought it was. >> it's not just road rage. it's the idea that someone could follow you home after the road rage incident and shoot you. now we're learning there's more to it. some kind of confrontation and the mother followed the defendant around. if the defendant was the shooter, if he was, was he justified? >> that's one of the questions. we had the whole thing playing out live a couple of days ago, there was an initial suspect description of someone who was
11:48 am
six feet tall and turns out this guy is 5'3. >> and a hundred pounds. >> supposedly more than one person in the car and police at one point were looking for other suspects. it's unclear. maybe it was another person or maybe a wrong description. we don't know yet. what happens is you're beginning to see the underpinnings of a defense of simply reasonable doubt because you can't get the description right and then you say to yourself wait a minute why would you have all these different encounters if they each other. apparently mom had counselled the defendant. they're rather close. >> close, i don't know. >> close enough to counsel. you don't provide counselling to just anyone when suffering a loss. why wouldn't be defendant said i'm sorry, ma'am, i didn't realize it was you or vice versa. then the second encounter, the whole self-defense. whose the aggressor?
11:49 am
whose not the aggressor? thank god to law enforcement doesn't snow shut your mouth put your case together and present your case in a courtroom. squl >> the defendant made statements putting himself at the scene. it's an issue of self-defense. >> if those are told to friends whether coming in not coming in we don't know. >> thank you both very much. we'll see where it goes and if there are other suspects, where are they? we appreciate both of you. coming up next, the oscars. did you watch? the oscars usually a night to celebrate. many we'll be right back. i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning ... needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that...
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the 87th academy awards was definitely a night to remember. this year's show wasn't just about the oscar. award winners took advantage of
11:54 am
this huge, huge hollywood platform from wage equality to civil rights. they used speeches to as one trophy winner put it to say something meaningful. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> i would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or different or doesn't fit in anywhere, yes, you do. >> it's an artist's duty. we say selma is now because of the struggle for justice is right now. >> joining me now, film critic and columnist. welcome to both of you. i wanted to know what did you any? >> terrible. the polish guy is still talking,
11:55 am
by the way and lady gaga is singing one more song from sound of music. i love someone in tattoos singing in nonmedially. don't you. i'm just kidding. she's okay. the whole show was a weird mixture. neal patrick harris was not funny and belabor every joke. he would pause and lean on the joke and they would pump up the laugh track. it was deadly. you just saw three examples of speeches talking about rights for women and african americans and gay people. >> it seemed like such a night for advocacy. talking to the women behind the film that won helping veterans that come home hoping they don't commit suicide. >> and there's a lot of talk about the academy's treatment and neal patrick harris made jokes. >> at the top of the show. >> which was good. i felt he treated some african
11:56 am
american celebrities in the audience. he told octavia spencer to look at his briefcase all night. >> i know. i've interviewed her and she's as lovely as can be. >> she should have fired her agent. >> i do have to put in some love the opening was amazing and he's a very game host very reliable as a host. not every joke he was a very game host. >> i'll be a game host. >> i love lady gaga. >> what i really wanted to talk about patricia arquette. she won the phenomenal movie. to me it's crazy risky. she wins the award and this is what she says. >> the truth is even though we feel like we have equal rights in america right under the surface, there are huge issues that are at play that really do
11:57 am
effect women. it's time for all the women in america and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of clr that we've all fought for to fight for us now. >> so to be clear, that was so she had this acceptance speech and finally, she had a great message about gender paid quality and that was her having to explain it. interestingly, she got blow back for that. >> she did. let's talk about the big platform her acceptance speech. she chose to take part of her moment in front of millions and millions of people in this country and around the world to talk about the importance of wage equality and how the time is now. that's a great message. >> rich women are tweeting in every venue there has to be equality. men get twice as much.
11:58 am
the same women, mer srill streepe was cheering for the person who won over her. >> that's where she got a lot of blow back talking about the allie movements like racial equality and now it's time for you guys to step up for women and so that's where she got some back. >> that's a little rewriting of history. >> everything is a lot more complicated. i think for the purposes of sort of an oscar nominee going on stage and having a message, like she did what she could. >> i applaud her for having a message. >> the larger conversation about the oscars i think it's great we are getting into the weeds of
11:59 am
different con trich what . >> mom, i'm calling you tonight. i love that message. don't text don't e-mail. >> don't watch the oscars, don't waste your time. i love you mom. >> racheal and michael, thank you very much. all week long we've been previewing this film. it takes a look into the history of jesus separating fact, faith and forgery. here's a look. an unprecedented cnn event. >> for the first time in history we've been able to place these. >> and gross something that changed the world. >> this is the moment of truth. >> this is the story of jesus. >> a rock upon which the church has built. >> an icon of scientific obsession. >> the archaeological piece. >> what do we really have here?
12:00 pm
>> why did judist betray jesus? >> what are the clues he left behind? >> faith, fact forgery. premiers sunday night at 9:00 on cnn. all right top of the hour, you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. we have more disturbing video from the propaganda machine. it shows the group brainwashing the isis cubs. these are children as young as five years of age. cnn cannot verify the authenticity. it shows captured curdish soldiers in the orange jump