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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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have here? >> why did judist betray jesus? >> what are the clues he left behind? >> faith, fact forgery. premiers sunday night at 9:00 on cnn. all right top of the hour, you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. we have more disturbing video from the propaganda machine. it shows the group brainwashing the isis cubs. these are children as young as five years of age. cnn cannot verify the authenticity. it shows captured curdish soldiers in the orange jump suits in cages.
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they are paraded through the streets. the fate of these men here unknown. what's known is the fact isis may be facing a new enemy on the frontlines a united arab force. egypt said it's in talks figuring out a military strategy to take down isis. welcome to you. >> hi, brook. >> i had a fantastic expert on last hour who was saying brook, the idea is great on paper but the notion of having jordan and egypt with a story past of issues this realistically is not possible. >> i disagree some. >> how? >> first off, there already is an air force called peninsula shield. it's where the countries on the persian peninsula, saudia
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kuwait. it's a 40,000 man force. the last guest rngs, strategically, nay sayers will be nay sayers and i think it's great he's pushing this. we've seen the president of jordan he's pushing it now. for us this is what we want. we want them to do this. what we should become is let's coach them together to do it. >> what would this look like? >> some type of arab led force that can eradicate isis. iraqis are going to do this. eventually we've been talking about this for months. eventually we have to have a policy about syria and then what about libya too with the egyptians next door. that to me is a good discussion. >> you had a point about egypt's motivation and the oil on that border. talk about that. >> so libya is a failed state. people are trying to figure it
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out. we went in there, got cramericathem out, failed. we got the egyptians going in and i applaud them for taking care of their people. a lot of this oil sits on their border between libya and egypt. if i'm cc i'm looking at a failed state. i want to get in there and protect the people help the libyan people out too. i might be looking for a land grab for that oil also. >> so you've talked a little about what this would look like. when would this happen? >> again, you can't lump this in. i've watched people. let's lump it together. libya is a front. iraq is a front and syria is a front. >> got it. >> the libyans, the egyptians have a force. they have a pretty good darn army. a lot of u.s. weapons and tanks and all those type of things. i think the egyptians are smart to try to say let's talk about isis and maybe i'm wrong but if i'm cc my senior advisers are
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telling me this thing. >> when isis murdered the american aid worker the mass man said this quote, we bury the first crusader and waiting for the rest of your armies to a arrive. if and when, i know you talked about this 40,000 plus coalition already. if you're isis and by the way, i can't even pretend to get into their heads but you have this arab coalition coming after you. how does that change the calculus if at all? >> i don't think it does. unforchau in the un un unfortunately, we got to do this. for all the arab states and the iraq and u.s. then after muzul is taken down we're going to have to look at going out towards syria. then it becomes syria. that could be a year from now, two years. >> okay. thank you so much. i appreciate it.
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>> it's tough. >> it is tough. it's incredibly tough and complicated. to another threat here this large scale attack on an american shopping mall the potential of it. the homeland security chief not taking chances but others are throwing some cold water on this warning here. in al-shabaab's new video they call for followers to attack malls in britain and canada and u.s. in the u.s. they're talking about the mall in minnesota. secretary johnson, what he said about this. >> what other concerns do you have in terms of security at this point after hearing all the explaining? >> i spoke about the situation with the al-shabaab video yesterday on the news shows and we have issued to state and local law enforcement about that
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earlier today and i think i'll stand on that. i don't know that i have much more at this point to add to that. >> other law enforcement agencies including the fbi insist there was no credible specific threat to malls in the united states. wrien is outside the mall in plin -- brian is outside the mall. brian, you're there. are you seeing any tangible examples of increased security at the mall? >> reporter: brook, it's hard to actually see the examples but we are told there is stepped up security here at the mall since that video came out. much of this is going to go unseen we're told my mall officials. cuss many customers are not going to notice much of a difference. we were in there a short time ago. a couple of squad cars outside the mall. i did speak to a mall consultant
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today. he talked about the stepped up measures people are not going to see. they have plain clothed officers roaming around. they have surveillance and people who are trained in behavior detection. they're almost doing profiling of people behaving suspiciously. those measures have been in place and some of those stepped up as well. brook, we are told there's bomb sniffing k-9 teams. those are things customers may notice. as far as the visible security presence here at the mall of america, not a lot more than you actually see with the naked eye. it is being stepped up. of course this area is a particular concern. al-shabaab the group that set out the video with the threat has recruited two dozen somalia americans in this area. one of them became a suicide bomber. isis has now started recruiting somalia americans to fight in syria. the fear is these guys with
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their american passports can come back here and launch an attack on a mall like this which is still considered a soft target brook even with stepped up security. >> on that point, everything that i've heard, two experts i've spoken with says everything they know about them still this is not something they could pull off. do you agree with that or not necessarily? >> right now, i think that's an incredible thing to say. people on the internet say a lot of things and mall security has been one of those bug boos that al qaeda and their associations have tried to attack or threatened to attack for years now. remember that not only the mall of america which is the largest mall in the united states but also the largest mall in canada are supposedly under a threat. the question is whether this organization has the capability to carry out an attack. according to the fbi and dhs,
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they don't have acredible information saying these are threatened facilities. it doesn't mean don't have the ability to do so. >> so then what is this really about? >> this is really about getting into the media. it shows they can make a comment on the internet and suddenly it's ricochetting all over the world. here in the united states our top policy makers are concerned. in the u.k. you have the same thing. what do they do? they don't have to do anything to do this. suddenly everybody's talking about it. >> what are people brian in the twin cities in the somalia communities, how are they reacting to this threat and realizing the microscope will be right on them? >> reporter: absolutely it is brook. we've been talking to leaders not just today but for years now.
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they are trying their darnedest to get inside the community and talk them out of being recruited by the groups but it's not easy. the opportunities are not very good. education they get is often not as good as they want it to be. these community leaders are frustrated and trying to head this off. they think they're making progress. it's been an uphill climb since the recruitment started in 2007. these kids don't have opportunities to do much else because they come from poor families. it's been difficult to defend off that terrorist group. >> thank you both very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up what life is truly like day in and day out living under isis. stories of the victims, ordinary people. prisoners in their own cities. we'll talk to a young man who lives it firsthand. plus three british teenagers,
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you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. words matter as much as weapons in a time of war. leaders of isis making that crystal clear. we know the group of isis refers to itself as islamic state. there's one word the group doesn't want to be called and they mean it. here is cnn's senior national correspondent. >> there's a name that isis hates being called, despised so
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much in fact they've threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone who uses it. that name daesh. the islamic state is what they would like to be called but they hate daesh. it's an acronym that transit lates as the islamic state in the iraq. the name they used before they clair clair declared themselves last summer. what do they hate about it? some say because it sounds like other words that can mean to stomp on something. some isis supporters say they want the full name of their alenlda alegended state to be shared in the world.
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france has already started doing that and even some u.s. officials. so what about the other names we use in english? isis is islamic state in iraq or syria or another version, isil? their name leaves geography out of the mix since their ambitions aren't specific to a territory. can anyone call them an islamic state? they hold land which is an attribute of the state and they have in some areas a government. they're not recognized internationally as a state, just a terror group and there's no consensus on whether they're actually islamic. to supporters isis is the essence of islam. a notion flatly rejected and absurd by muslim scholars and believers around the world. they insist they follow the path
12:18 pm
of ala god. >> that's how they recruit and try to radicalize young people. we must never accept the premise they put forward because it is a lie. >> whatever we call it and it calls itself daesh, isil isis. it is what it is. a group utterly bent on spreading a reign of terror. >> ben thank you so much. meanwhile, concerns are amountings for these three teenage girls missing from great britain. it's believed they are heading to syria to join isis. joining the search to find the girls, we bring in live from london. what prompted them to leave in the first place? >> we don't know.
12:19 pm
there's red flags that they have communicated with people inside isis. that's what police are now investigating. >> they crossed security and immigration, three schoolgirls from east london. 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old. they believed to be headed for the border of syria. what convinced the girls to leave their families and head to syria? were there any red flags police and families should have noticed? in fact one of their classmates left for syria and the police warned them at the time the dangers of traveling to syria. >> access to social media networks is also strictly regulated. students are unable to access twitter or facebook on academy computers. with such measures in place, police have advised us there's no evidence that radicalization
12:20 pm
of the missing students took place at the cramericaacademy. >> one of the girls were in touch with a girl who runs a blog joining women to join isis and giving them step by step instructions what to bring, how to dress and what to expect. women are some of the most successful recruiters for isis online. >> as far as radicalization and recruitment goes women are better equipped at recruiting other women. in fact they would feel more comfortable talking to them on the forums saying what's it like what can i expect when i get there? that bridges down the threshold for feeling comfortable to leave. >> the families hope they will be stopped from entering syria before it's too late. >> the british police say the
12:21 pm
best way to get them back is directly contact them and get them a message. that's why the families put out a personal appeal over the weekend. >> i hope they haven't crossed the border already. thank you. the father of that american hostage killed while in isis captivity says the u.s. government put policy in front of american citizen's lives. they just gave an interview to the today show about their ordeal. isis abducted her back in august 2013 months before the terror group gained cotension from videos. the they say their situation worsened after the u.s. swapped five taliban members for a soldier. >> during this time when kayla
12:22 pm
was being held the u.s. traded five taliban prisoners. >> that made the whole situation worse because that's when the demands got greater, larger they realized they had something. they realized well if they're going to let five people go for one person why won't they do this or that. >> the mueller's have launched a foundation to continue their daughter's work called kayla's hands. our journalist living within the isis capitol of raqqa for some time. can't tell you where he's at now but what life is like for women in a terror state and what isis fighters are addicted to. next the moment at the academy awards when a mother remembered her late teenage son and dedicated to him.
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this oscar season was on films based upon true stories. many touched our lives. crisis hot line veterans press one opened your eyes to the growing suicide crisis facing our men and women in uniform and those hot line counselors who try with every bone in their beings to help them. >> veterans crisis line my name to lose, how may i help you? >> i know you said you have a knife nearby you, do you agree to not use the knife while i put you on hold? >> what happens when you say i'm going to take that 22 and put it to my heart. >> one option was driving the
12:28 pm
car in the tree. >> putting a gun in your mouth is not a solution we want to discuss today, sir. looks like you've been dealing with this for a long time today. you were sitting in your car with a belt around your neck since 8:00 a.m. wow. >> if you say in the e-mail did he say he's thinking about killing other people? >> that is heavy, heavy stuff. i want to talk about thisese phenomenal pleafe no, ma'am employee -- phenomenal employees. now dana perry. >> i want to dedicate this to my son, devin perry. we should talk about suicide out loud. this is for him. >> joining me the oscar winning director and producer of this documentary. latent print did is congratulations. >> thank you so much.
12:29 pm
>> dana what an incredibly powerful powerful moment witnessed by millions. you took what happened to your son and took that moment to make such a powerful statement. can you tell me about that? >> well the thing about suicide, it changes your life forever. once this happens to you you are really a different person and since we've lost evan i devoted a lot of energy. i thought this was a great place to get our two messages out, one about veterans and the help available for them and the trauma they're going through and about suicide in general. there's a lot of cig ma around it and -- stigma and silence around it. we need to talk about it out loud. >> i applaud you for doing that, both of you ladies i talked to
12:30 pm
clay hunt on the show. we tried to shine the light on helping veterans when they come home as well. we saw it all happen at the white house a couple of weeks ago. another part of the story is hearing these staffers sit there on the phone at this suicide prevention center rkts to hear their strength necessary and talk veterans out of this how do they do that? >> i think that the responders are just an extraordinary group of people. a lot of them have been working in mental health for a long time. they have a special feeling for veterans. some of them are veterans as you know some of them are married to veterans or have sons and daughters in the military. i think they have a real mission and that is to let people know there is help available and it's brave to seek it. in the military there's some as dana said stigma around saying i have a problem, i'm not feeling
12:31 pm
like i have a place in the world now that i'm back home from work. >> how many months dana were you all there talking to these responders getting their stories, getting them to open up to you? >> well the duration of the production was probably about nine or ten months. we took eight or nine separate trips and would be there for our five days each time. it was really a little bit of a crap shoot as to what was happening that day. what's interesting is there were surges and calls when there was a national crisis. for example, we were there at the newtown shootings and the anything involving guns and violence. people sensitive already are responding to gun violence. >> what brought the two of you together ellen, how did you
12:32 pm
develop this idea and obviously we see it's beautiful. >> dana was really interested in trying to find a way into the veteran suicide crisis. i have done a lot of work for h hbo in the past for ptsd and the wounds of war. the human cost of war. i think that both of us had an interest in the subject, a slightly different perspective on it and we really wanted to do something preventive. we didn't want to just spend time with the parents of soldiers or marines who had lost someone to hear about what happened after the fact. we wanted to do something that was proactive. we wanted to shine a light on the subject and we wanted to say there's help out there. i think that was the hot line provided a wonderful venue for us to tell that story and to share those messages.
12:33 pm
>> dana i know as i mentioned off the top, final question to you, just a few minutes. the people saw the two of you last night. we need to be talking about suicide out loud. i may ask for just a message to everyone watching right now when it comes to something that is definitely carries a signal with it. >> i'm sorry, what was the question. >> what message would you have to people watching? >> do i have a message? yeah. it's the same message which is we should not have silence around suicide. it happens more than you think. after my son died i can't tell you the number of people who came up to me i known for many years who said i lost my whatever relative and they would always say it like in a whisper. why can't you just say it. let's just talk about it. it didn't just happen to me. it happened to you. let's have a real dialogue about
12:34 pm
this. it's not a reflection of character. i can be connected to a lot of things mental illness, ptsd. having a dialogue is really the only prevention there is. i've talked to many suicide prevention groups and they say talking about it raising awareness, this is a way to get the message out and let people know there are consequences too and in the film i made about my son, you see a family responding to grief and loss and i can't tell you the number of letter remain silents i got saying after i saw the affect of your son's death on his family, i changed my mind and that's how i know for sure. >> that's powerful. >> that's powerful. dana, perry dana perry, thank you so much. the academy award-winning film crisis hot line press one. ladies admire your strengths.
12:35 pm
thank you so much for coming on. coming up next much more on my incredible interview with this young man shining a light on what happened. plus rudy giuliani found himself himself, what he's saying and writing now coming you want you're watching cnn. my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing again, on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i finally made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to
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now more of my look inside the city that isis claims is the capitol of the raqqa. we spoke to a young man. he is a syrian activist with this group called raqqa is being slaughtered silently. he has watched day in and day
12:40 pm
out as isis has terrorized syria and raqqa. i spoke with him earlier and asked him to explain the horrors of daily life and what gets him out of bed in the morning and here's the second part of the conversation beginning with thousands of the foreign fighters who have come to raqqa. >> isis fighters are addicted to the internet and they're also sex addicted. you write about how their stealing viagra. >> isis are really sick men. some of them have two or three wives and with that they are trying to find slaves. we saw them a lot buying viagra and things from the pharmacy and even they try a lot to harassing girls and to speak to them as they are on the street. the girls, they're bothering
12:41 pm
them and harassing them and the women and the girls are being forced to marry them. if you want to marry from any isis fighter just put a white vail under the black vail so they can recognize them. the women cannot leave the city if they are over 45 years old. they cannot leave. this is forcing people to make and manage and we document a lot of things. we document more than 278 cases forcing girls to marriage to isis fighter. >> what about the foreign fighters you see in these internet caves reaching out to their families back home and europe and beyond. what happens to them? do any of them have regrets.
12:42 pm
do any of them want to defect or go home and can they? >> the foreign fighters most of them when they are coming to the islamic state or raraqqa city, most of them are wanting to just live under that state. they don't want to fight. even if the isis are making videos and carrying weapons, they don't know how to use it. a lot of them don't know how to use it and there's no bullets inside, just propaganda for isis recruiting new guys from europe and u.s.a. most of them these guys want to live just under the islamic state and when isis warned new fighters they lost a lot of battles. they are forcing them to go and these guys and these fighters start to be angry and start thinking about depictions. the problem for them the isis
12:43 pm
taking their passport and if anyone tries to depiction from this, they will kill them immediately. the problem is not how to grow the problem is how to get out from the city of raqqa. >> do you hear any reports of isis fighters booby trapping and setting up any explosives on the perimeter of the city in case someone tries to leave or enter? >> i hear all those rumors about the isis fighters but i can't see them. i have one case about two months ago, one depictions from the islamic state and isis catch them, arrest them and execute them in secret and they throw their bodies in a big hole in the city near the lake and when the fisherman was fishing there, the very bad smell of the bodies start to you can smell it. the isis take the bodies and bury them.
12:44 pm
i know that two of them are from syria. yes, there is some of them but we cannot see. the problem is there are big wars between the syrians and foreign fighters. it's like two different lives in the city of raqqa. so yes, it's happened some of these foreign fighters because they give them a lot of money, they give them the fantasy houses and cars. >> i know you're young. i know that at one point you had begun medical school and here you live in the city where i imagine the fear is how do you feel when you wake? >> every morning i wake i want this to be a nightmare. i lost my life i lost four years of my life. i don't have school. i don't have future.
12:45 pm
i don't have anything. but i didn't want that for me or for my city. it's the situation forcing me to do this. i don't want to be famous. i don't want anybody to know who i am or what i'm doing rngs just for my city, my family and for my civilians that they cannot say no to isis. we are trying our best. we are trying to save our city. it's our city. everyone loves our city. when i wake every day in the morning, i just feel okay when this all of this will end. >> again, thanks for speaking with me. i hope to stay in contact with him. it is so important we shine the light on what's happening in raqqa. coming up next giuliani taking a step back after saying he doesn't believe president obama
12:46 pm
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former new york mayor rudy giuliani says he's earned his reputation for being blunt and his bluntness may have overshadowed his true thoughts when he said president obama doesn't love america. in today's "wall street journal" he writes that what he really meant is quote, that ir irrespective of what a president may feel his inability to emphasize what's right with america can hamstring our rights as a nation. this is particularly true when a president is seen as president obama is as criticizing his country more than other presidents have done regardless of their political affiliation. so to our chief congressional correspondent dana bash we go. is this as close as giuliani
12:51 pm
will possibly get to backing off just a little bit from what he said last week? >> reporter: yeah. the words that were not in there, i'm sorry or apology. you're exactly right. it's as close as he's going to get. he realizes clearly that he kicked up a big mess when it comes to the people who want to be the next president of the united states because look rudy giuliani is a significant figure in the party, in politics and by him saying that the president doesn't love america, it is something that of course is going to lead to a question to the dozen or so people who are running for president, primarily because the whole concept of president obama as other, as somebody who, you know many in the republican base six years ago or even beyond questioned whether or not he was born in this country, whether or not he was a christian. it's all wrapped up in that. what it actually has done even though giuliani says in the "wall street journal" today that
12:52 pm
he wants this to be a conversation about the president's leadership it's actually turned into a pretty early delineation within the potential republican field of those who are answering that those who are maybe appealing to the republican base now and those who trying to get beyond that and broaden the base by their answers. >> we talked a lot about on friday the week of giuliani's comments and the presidential contenders, how they would respond. we heard from marco rubio, we heard from bobby jindal and also heard from wisconsin republican governor scott walker. that was his event giuliani was at last wednesday. let me pivot to governor walker because we know in recent days in the wake of what giuliani said he sort of you know took a pass more or less asked whether he agreed or disagreed with giuliani's remarks, and now he's told the "washington post" that he didn't know if president obama is christian. let me quote what he said. i don't know i have actually never talked about it or i haven't read about it. i have never asked him that.
12:53 pm
you asked me to make statements about people that i haven't had a conversation with about that. how could i say if i know either of you are christian. i hear you have some news as far as how governor walker plans to respond. >> reporter: right. because one of the reasons why this has gotten so much attention is because this is now sort of part of a pattern when it comes to governor walker not wanting to answer questions, starting in london earlier in the month when he didn't want to talk about evolution, then as you said about rudy giuliani's comments on the president of america and now this. he clearly is trying to send a message by saying nothing, and i'm told that he's going to give a speech tonight in nashville, where he is going to take this on head on and say that he doesn't want to engage in what he will call manufactured media crises he will try to stay on subject and talk about the issues and not about these gotcha questions. at the same time you talk to
12:54 pm
republicans that say that's a great strategy but he's got to understand he's in the big leagues if he's running for president and to stay on top of the polls which he is right now, he has to find a way to finesse it better. we will see if he wants to do that. >> we will watch nashville. dana bash, thank you. we'll be right back. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. the angie's list app is the simple, new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today. i want...regularity. i want good digestive health. i just don't want to have to think about regularity. natural benefiber helps support digestive health...and maintain...that word. you know what it tastes like in water? water! except this water makes you feel great. benefiber. now in stick packs.
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in today's u.n. factor the actress struggled and rose above a disorder that affects millions
12:59 pm
of americans. here's dr. sanjay gupta. >> had a tough time staying seated in class. always found the window next to my desk and the things that were happening outside of the classroom far more interesting. >> it wasn't until davis' first grade daughter was diagnosed with adhd decades later that she discovered she had it as well. >> my entire childhood was explained in that moment. i became a person who studied twice as hard as anyone else. just became super diligent in the areas that i was interested in. >> for davis, that was acting. she did find success on tv with a role on "army wives" and with parts on show's like abc's "scandal." now the actress is passing along her positivity. she volunteers for a nonprofit organization which provides educational support for people with adhd. >> i'm really here for those kids who aren't feeling good about themselves.
1:00 pm
>> dr. sanjay gupta, reporting. thank you so much for being with me. i will not be back tomorrow. i'm off for two weeks to go climb a bit of a mountain. see you when i'm back. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. they have already attacked one mall overseas. now they are calling for it to happen here. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. terrorists with ties to al qaeda calling for their followers to massacre innocent people at the mall of america in minnesota. the world lead. her parents stayed silent for more than a year while the terrorists of isis held their daughter hostage, but now kayla mueller's mom and dad are speaking up and they say the obama administration had a chance to get kayla out alive but the administration put policy before their daughter's life. plus the pop culture lead. hollywood's biggest, most glamorous night upstaged by hollywood's o