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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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kremlin late last night when a car pulled up he was shot four times in the back. here's what we know thus far in the early stages of this investigation. russia state media released a video of a white car they say may be been used in the killing. putin wrote a personal message to nemtsov's mother promising to punish the killer. writing accept by sorrow and he left his mark in the history of russia. it goes on to say we'll do everything to ensure that the perpetrators of this foul and cynical crime and those who stand bind them are properly punished. my next guest had a personal connection joining me from moscow now, daily beast correspondent ana, and thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. what's the sense on the ground there just in terms of the shock level of people today?
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>> reporter: yes. everybody's talking about the murder. i was just in the taxi coming here to the studio and the driver was saying you know it must be some radicals who want to show to demonstrate to the president that they might be coming to power, so there are different versions and we'll hear the official versions and the kremlin eyes, the usual suspects there, talking about islamic extremists or somebody who hates the kremlin's power, opposition and nobody's talking from their officials about the version that leaders have and they suspect authorities saying they created such as mos fear of hostility like deposition and
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called them traders, but that was what coursed, they say, this trouble. >> early going, we don't want to make conclusions here but asking about the timing. do you believe timing is suspicious since this murder comes at 36 hours before a planned opposition march? >> reporter: yes, it is. and also it is suspicious that the murder happened right after he was criticizing the kremlin and putin. he also gave one more interview 30 minutes before the murder when he remembered the time where he was thinking of him as of him as a successor. we know that boris nemtsov
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received a number of life threats on social networks but he did not pay too much attention to this. he had been threatened many many times in the last oh years. >> right. on that point, i just want our viewers to hear this, hear from nem nemtsov himself. here's what he said in an interview. listen. >> critics of the government putin, bad things seem to happen to them. >> yes. unfortunately, existing power remit, what i stay russia of 19th century. not of 21st. >> even though he knew anna he could be a target, he walked around the streets of moscow with no body guards. many read that as a very defiant statement in an of itself. >> that's true. people talk about this. they now reading the news many
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wonder so if he knew that he was under threat how come he was walking around without any body guards? he was one of the most high profile opposition leaders in russia and he was the former deputy prime minister former minister of russia but that was an insult. he really was always accessible always very close to people and they interviewed him in his career. >> you know, peter baker, author of "kremlin rising" wrote, it sends a terrible message to people who are fighting this cause nemtsov has been fighting. do you agree with that? >> reporter: we'll see tomorrow. tomorrow many people who respect him, who feel concerned about the crisis in russia and the war
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in ukraine will come out in memory of boris and walk in the center of moscow all the way from the metro station to where he was gunned down on the bridge. we'll see how many people come out tomorrow. in one of the last interviews he said that the march that he wanted to be called spring was supposed to be the turning point for changes in russia. tomorrow will show if he was right. >> thank you for joining me. i appreciate your time and expertise on this. thank you very much. as we continue to follow the news just into us really breaking late last night, reaction to his death is pouring in. world chess champion turned opposition activist said when we argued he said i was too hasty, and in russia you have to live a long time to change. now, he'll never see it. rip. it's a distraction to what the latest murder means when the
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pattern is clear oppose putin, and your life is worth little. this coming today, a tireless advocate for the country, seeking fellow russian citizens the right to watch all people to which all people are entitled saying i admire his dedication to the struggle against corruption in russia. elsewhere overseas hamas denounced a ruling by an egyptian court calling it a terrorist organization. this is the latest in a series of moves by egypt to undermine extremists another was when they banned the party, you know the name well the muslim brotherhood. we are joined from cairo, ian, thank you for being with us. i know it's late there. when you look at this, what do you think the significance is to you in your mind? >> it is essentially a damming verdict against the hamas. but looking further into it
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there is a lot of ambiguity. first, it's coming from a court of urgent matters. talking to a lead lawyer here in cairo, and according to the new terrorism law, this court does not have the jurisdiction to call hamas a terrorist organization. that jurisdiction lies with the general prosecutor and a different court system. also looking at it this is unpush for the court to make this ruling. usually, it comes from the executive branch. the president that makes this sort of deckorationdecoration but they have been accusing this group and accuse hamas as a 2011 jailbreak of muslim brotherhood members in the revolution there. hamas denies this but they are very damming accusations against the organization. what this also means is it could make a more dangerous situation.
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egypt has been the broker of peace between israel and hamas over the last three wars. if they do not trust egypt to be a broker anymore, if that does not happen if there is another war, that raises the question who can be the broker of peace, poppy. >> is the president weighing in at all on this? >> reporter: oh we have not heard him weigh in, but makes no illusion that the muslim brotherhood is a terrorism organization and egypt sees the two in the same all radicals all fundamentalists are all part of the same branch or same tree so they have not differentiated between the two, but there still is -- there's an appeal process to be done. this is not over yet. >> right. >> also need to note that hamas's militant wing brigade was declared a terrorist organization by the same court.
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>> all right, ian, thank you very much. we'll continue to follow with this this evening and get more later on in the program. thank you. ian lee live from cairo. these are live pictures gop contenders for 2016 fighting to win the hearts of conservatives. today's straw poll could show who conservatives like the most. also maybe who has the inside track to win the next gop nomination. we'll talk about that next.
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talk about jeb bush, right? one of the most anticipated speakers already spoke, what's your assessment? how did he do? >> reporter: hey, poppy. he did very well. because, remember cpac is conservatives, young, libertarians and not necessarily the establishment crowd that jeb bush is the man for. he came in today, had -- came in on friday excuse me had a great showing. he wanted to prove his conservativeness and he is viewed as a moderate. he went to tax cuts. he went to $19 billion in tax cuts as governor of florida, talked about that talkinged about $2 billion in veto spending and he had a great line about that. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we vetoed 2500 line items in the budget totaling $2 billion.
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>> so there you have it. make a a little light of it that went over very well and he was able to kind of convince conservatives that you know, while he maybe a moderate he has very conservative principles and that went over well poppy. >> okay. there's a jeb bush and a lot of people want the attention, frankly, he's getting right now. when it comes to this straw poll do we -- i'd like to know what the results are, but also the significance of it, if it really matters in terms of determining the candidate? >> well it's a great question. it's a snapshot of how the base in this particular base feels about the candidate, and so it is also an exercise in how much momentum did the candidates get coming out of their appearances? you have rand paul who won for the last few years in a row looking for a three peat this year and it's likely he'll get it spendsing a lot of time and energy here organizing that
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straw poll. you have guys like skod walker governor of wisconsin who came in electrified the crowd with the sfeech and was able to show more momentum seeing that in places like iowa now, and he's up in the polls there, and so i think we're going to be looking for scott walker how well does he do? can he overtake rand paul? it's not going to give us a sense of who wins the nomination but it's a really nice litmus test for where we are as a snapshot right now coming out of one of the first and biggest events where these candidates really got to test drive their message and see how it plays with a very conservative libertarian base. >> those results come in the next hour is that right? >> reporter: yeah we're going to have those within 4:30 or 5:00. looking 589 inging at those results coming in. stay tuned because we'll be back here with the results to tell you how did people do. >> we'll come to you live for that. enjoy cpac thank you for joining me.
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a shocking about face by isis in syria. an isis commander reportedly ordered to free dozens of syria christians recently taken captive in northern syria. more than 200 people including women, children and elderly were captured days ago as isis fighters overran a key town. according to an opposition group, a sharia court following strict islam law says 29 captives those christians should be set free. bringing in the guest to discuss this grahm wood contributing editor at "the atlantic" a and article on what isis wants article sparked conversation around the globe. with me the brookings institution center for middle east policy and also author of "temptations of power: islamists and democracy in the new middle east." thank you for being here.
12:21 pm
>> thank you. >> are you surprised to hear first of all, that isis is basically being ordered by a court of its own making to release some of these syria christians christians? >> pleased to hear it not entirely surprised because isis is claimed for a long time to follow rules, and it claims these courts impose limits. it's not merely want and violation violence but set rules set by their own jurorists. it's questioned whether they are correctly implementing the law, but it's not the first time they said you can't do anything. you have to set limits. >> i guess i think, okay they have taken more than 200 of these assyrian christians there, releasing 29 of them a small fraction. can you read this as them trying to gain some legitimacy among their followers saying look we follow the courts. >> yes. i think that is one way to think
12:22 pm
of it. you know they've been accused of violating islamic law, in particular ways and sometimes they will make a statement saying that no actually we've had within our own structure the same kinds of violations that we see and punish them when they happen. i think they can try to attempt to get creditability by showing them that they follow rules and that they have some kind of transparent process that follows their particular implementation of the law. >> king of ab la in jordan when asked what isis was trying to accomplish with brutal execution videos this is what the king said. >> what do you think they were trying to do with the video? with the -- >> always trying to intimidate scare, put fear into people's hearts and, you know this is a
12:23 pm
group that works by intimidations, that they are trying to invent falsely linkage to a link to our history in islam with no truth to our history. >> do you agree with that? when you look at the article talking all about how isis really believes their actions are deeply routed in history and in pure islam. >> well certainly, isis thinks that they are subscribing to the true authentic islam. there's no doubt about that. that's not the same to say that their views are somehow equally legitimate as other views on islamic law, so i would agree, and i think the vast majority of muslims and other observers would say that isis has a very unique let's say, distorted approach to islam, but they do
12:24 pm
take -- they take their own believes very seriously whether it's their apocalypse vision their kind of -- the sharia courts you talked about minutes ago, so that is -- so in that sense, they are motivated by religious passions. when you're talking about the fighters on the battlefield, they think they are dying for the true cause in that they are serving god. now, some of the leaders of isis are more cynical in how they manipulate followers and supporters but generally speaking this you know -- but that is -- that's different than saying that this is somehow just because they think that what they are doing is true and authentic does not mean it's actually a true and authentic version of islam. >> important point. let me show this video, incredibly disturbing. it shows isis members using sledge ma'amers destroying price liz artifacts. look at that. absolutely incredible.
12:25 pm
there's reports that they may have saved some that they can then try to sell on the black market. shadi, do you, do you view this as them destroying every sort of icon other than the true god in saying this you know we can't have representations of things like this? >> that's what they say, but they have been more let's say, pragmatic in other instances where they have not destroyed statues and other artifacts and actually sold these artifacts for money, to i mean, there are different sides to isis and that is a very complex organization just as we see now that they've ordered release of 29 christian hostages most of the time they would behead them. that's where i think isis is unpredictable and does not always follow our expectations of them as outside western
12:26 pm
observers. i mean, so the roer sideother side too is their interest in governance where the sharia courts play in. unlike other extremist groups interested in destroying things isis has more of an interest in govern nans. it has to have that because it controls a large swath of territory m i think these different aspects of the organization have to be taken seriously, so some of it is religiously motivated, but other is about holding territory and what you do with territory. >> your article was tweeted a lot by isis supporters. what do you think of that? >> well i'm pleased in one sense, which is that isis supporters seem to think i portrayed them in terms they understand. that was the goal in the article to say what their ideology is to describe it in ways that were true to their own belief. of course that does not mean
12:27 pm
they are right or have the correct interpretation of islam, but i think now that we have some sense of what they think as a matter of policy we can start looking at the many things that shadi pointed out as other elements of the group and other motivations. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. if you have not read the article "what isis really kwmtwant," read and debate with him and others on twitter. thank you, everyone and see the full interview tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. fascinating interview in the morning. next israel, one of america's closest allies for decades, and now that relationship really seems to be in jeopardy because of a big speech coming up on tuesday in washington. we're talking about a battle royale in d.c. that's ahead.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrives in the united states tomorrow night, but before the plane lands, his presence is felt in washington. dozens of democrats promising to boycott the speech tuesday protesting the fact that the house speaker, john boehner, invited the prime minister to address congress without giving the white house notice. we should point out the president is not meeting with the prime min steer on this visit. u.s. ambassador susan rice calls this more than just a breach of protocol. >> what has happened over the last several weeks, by virtual of the invitation issued -- >> by the speaker of the house? >> by the speaker and acceptance of it by prime minister benjamin netanyahu on two weeks in advance of his election --it
12:32 pm
unfortunate. i think it's -- it's destructive of the fabric of the relationship. >> that was susan rice, national security advisory. let's bring in former u.n. anne state department official thank you for being with me and also i should point out david is a former obama foreign policy adviser. we heard susan rice say that netanyahu's decision is destructive to the fabric of the relationship. when i hear that, a question that comes to mind is that comment as destructive? >> to not support this visit by prime minister benjamin netanyahu, for two reasons, first of all, it's close to the prime minister's election. we forget how important it is for foreign leaders to show their people they are close to the united states. this is in a way, an election tactic by the prime minister and seconds of all, president obama is not supporting the visit because netanyahu is going to argue to congress that they
12:33 pm
should not support the potential deal with iron. this is the nuclear deal and the president and his team are working very hard to negotiate that deal, and, therefore, the president prefers the prime minister could not come at this time to make that argument to congress. however, speaker boehnerments mentwants to use this to inform members of congress. he's going to use it to make -- help make the case to members of congress not to support a weak deal or a deal that does not ensure that iran will not have nuclear weapons for a long time. >> doesn't trust if if there is a deal does not trust that iran lives up to its end of it. that's what it boils down to. look peter wrote recently something interesting saying that the president, president obama understands israel through the lens of liberalism and netanyahu understands it through the prism of security and
12:34 pm
strength. do you see merit to the argument in term the of why there is a divide between these two men. >> you can't break it down like that. you can argue both are seeking to achieve greater security in the middle east. the president by working out a deal with iran so iran does not have nuclear weapons, and the prime minister worried that iran will break a deal. the devil is in the details. what will the deal say? what will iran have to commit to and most importantly in many ways will the deal require that iran back off and make progress on its agreements under any deal before sanctions are lifted by the u.s.? again, that's the incentive for iran. it really wants sanctions. therefore, many support lifting the sanctions gradually as iran demonstrates that it's honoring the deal. >> if you look back to 1990, george h.w. in bush baker testifying in congress and you also have a point in time when
12:35 pm
there was a very frosty relationship between the united states and israel. do you believe that the tension was worse then? do you believe it's really at its worst right now? do we have to look at broader context? >> the tension may be at its worst right now. over the last couple of years, there have been a couple areas of disagreement between netanyahu and president obama. they are clearly not as close as presidents have been in the past with the prime ministers of israel and there are areas where they just don't agree. that does not mean that they can't become closer in a few years. certainly, iran issue needs to be worked out, and israel has to be satisfied that iran is really going to live up to very strong terms and give up its effort to get nuclear weapons. >> even if -- even if the u.s. is successful in reach an agreement with iran by the deadline, do you think netanyahu buys it and believes iran? >> well i mean, if a deal was worked out and the other five
12:36 pm
countryings that are working on the deal with the u.s. agree to it netanyahu will have no choice but to watch and see whether iran abides by it or not. certainly israel has great intelligence. they will monitor iran very closely. >> david, thank you. appreciate it very much. good to have you on the program. >> thank you. up next pilgrims of all faith go to jerusalem to see the holy sites, but the conflict overseas threat from isis gives holy land tourists second thoughts. they are still going though. we'll doesiscuss that next. time if cnn heros, a young invent inventor with a big idea. >> my grandfather has parkinson's disease causing him to shake. he spill all the time. i decided to make the kangaroo cup. i came up with the idea when i was around 8 or 9 years old. i wanted to put legs on the cup
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a trip to the holy land is a dream for many faithful, but begin the recent conflicts, many have second thoughts but others are not concerned believing they will be protected. we talked to them of them ain old jerusalem. >> reporter: after a series of high profile attacks, a war with gaza and with christians facing persecution from isis and other groups across the middle east -- >> pay attention where we are right now. >> reporter: these days israel has a harder time attracting tourists to the holyist sites of early christianity. ♪ then sings my soul ♪
12:43 pm
>> reporter: in the church where the virgin mary is believe to have been born the sound of music reverberates on these walls of worship. in its baritone the deepest inspiration for christians. ♪ how great thou art ♪ >> the place is wonderful, beautiful, and so grateful but it's for him. it's all about him. it's all about worshipping him. >> reporter: christians of all denominations come to jerusalem to visit the sacred places they believe builds a deeper connection with their faith. pastor john turner's tours draw followers from across the united states walking along the path where jesus is believed to have taken final steps. a man of god finds worshipping on this land brings the bible to life. >> so this is the path that jesus took in his final hours?
12:44 pm
>> that's right. you know when we go all around we know these are places that jesus could have been b but we know this is the place where he was. it was the place where he took his cross, and went you know for us and so that's why it's moving and touching to us. >> reporter: this pilgrimage began in california as a parstor talking about this for 30 years but seeing it confirms a lifetime of conviction. >> the believing is not because of the places are here. the believing was there before but it just gives a confirmation that what i've been reading, what i've studied, what i taught all these years, there's validity to it there's truth in it. >> reporter: tourism in israel slowed since the war in gaza with hamas last summer and elsewhere in the region christians are under persecution at the hands of isis extremists. believers like ruth harrison
12:45 pm
flocks here believing they are safe in god's hands. >> he controls my destiny. wherever i am i believe he'll take care of me no matter the circumstance. that's been true my whole life. >> reporter: a final prayer on the stone pavement where jesus is believed to have taken up the holy cross. >> amen. >> reporter: ultimate connection to their creator. ♪ jesus paid it all ♪ >> reporter: on the journey of a lifetime to follow in his footsteps. cnn, jerusalem. >> fascinating piece. thank you for that. coming up next a war of persecution. christians see the fight perpetrated by isis as an actual holy war. is that an accurate assessment in we'll discuss coming up next.
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a surprising move by the terrorist group, isis, 29 syria christians are set to be released because of a court order, isis's own court. still, though the fate of nearly 200 others taken hostage by isis many are women and children remains unknown, and this comes days after they were kidnapped from their villages in northern syria. this is latest example of the atrocities of isis but are they simply the acts of a terrorist group or on the brink or in a holy war already? let's bring in father edward host of the the sunday mass and cnn religion commentator and joining me as well, retired colonel, james reese, and let me begin with you, father beck. do you read this and see this as a holy war, pure and simple? >> i don't, poppy. there's nothing holy about it.
12:50 pm
it's an unholy war. if it's a holy war, you give legitimacy to the thought that these are two legit rat religions fighting. it's not that. isis not that. isis does not represent islamic tradition, religion by any stretch of the imagination. so i think that's what they want to see it be called. they want to see it be called a holy war. if you do that you give it legitimacy it does not deserve. >> colonel, do you agree with that? isis would say and has said they're going back to the roots of islam. they represent true islam. they're trying to build this caliphate across syria and iraq and would like to spread it further if they can. obviously many many muslims in this world do not agree with that at all, most. do you believe that this is a holy war? or do you believe what father beck said this is exactly the opposite? >> hi poppy. it is not a holy war.
12:51 pm
i i absolutely agree with father beck. what i've tried to do throughout these years now, instead of finding the difference -- i'm a christian. i'm a roman catholic. instead of finding the differences between islam and christianity what we try to do is find the commonality. i was talk that by a muslim in saudi arabia about the come onnal tis between christianity and islam. >> father beck when you look at the head of the catholic church pope francis has condemned isis's actions. some say it's up to the vatican to do even more. do you believe we should be hearing more from the vatican on this? >> well words i suppose are helpful. you know what i would like to see, poppy? i would like to see pope francis call a meeting, a conference of all the muslim leaders, the
12:52 pm
major muslim leaders. we had one, ain't faith dialogue a couple of months ago. just muslim leaders. a lot of people say their not speaking vociferously enough against isis. well of course they are. but it's not in a unified way. so if the pope were to have them come to the vatican and have them at one voice denounce isis i think that would get a lot of media attention. the world would say that there are many muslim leaders who are decrying all the violence of isis. i think that could take one more step toward a peaceful solution perhaps. >> we saw something similar to that play out at the white house last week with a lot of muslim leaders going there in this conference about fighting terrorism. when you look at what has happened this of course is kidnapping of the asyrian christians comes after the beheading of 21 egyptian christians in libya. what i find interesting is the fact that with all of these
12:53 pm
recent moves, colonel, isis seems to be infuriating those that perhaps were not joining the fight against them. >> yeah. i agree on that with you, poppy. but you know the other thing they also try to do, they swing 180 degrees with this ruling with the asyrian christians by again trying to show their followers that they are a state, that they are a nation state, and thatey are going to set up the caliphate. they go from left to right. it can be confusion sometimes for most people watching this. at end of the day this i not a holy war. the muslims out there do not believe they represent islam in any way. and they're just crazy. >> thank you, colonel reese, father beck good to have you on the program. >> thanks poppy. an american and an outspoken critic of extremism met a violent end overseas. radicals in bangladesh swore they would kill him if he ever set foot back in bangladesh. he did, and he was brutally
12:54 pm
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we're learning new details in the troubling death of a prominent american blogger, brutally hacked to death in his native bangladesh. multiple media outlets reporting the attack was a professional hit carried out by islamic
12:58 pm
radicals. aviji roy was an outspoken critic of religious extremism. he was no stranger to death threats. threats. >> reporter: on the street of the bangladesh capital on friday following a brutal and deadly attack on an american author and blogger, aviji roy, a u.s. citizen and his wife were returning from a book fair when witnesses say they were attacked by at least two men wielding machetes. the 42-year-old roy was hacked to death. his wife was fiercely injured. >> translator: i saw an unknown person bring out a big knife and first hit him from behind on his head. and then on his shoulders. i shouted for help from the people but nobody came to save him. no one came. a lady was with him. she was his wife. she was also hit on the shoulder. >> reporter: police say they've recovered the machetes used in
12:59 pm
the attacks but haven't yet identified any suspects. according to several reports, an islamist extremist group has claimed responsibility. friends and family say roy had received numerous death threats from islamist militants unhappy with his blog. roy founded the site free mind which champions secular thinking and condemns religious extremism. on friday, the site posted a simple message in bangali which translated reads "we mourn but we are not out." roy also wrote for the center for inquiry, a u.s.-based nonprofit group, which said it was shocked and heartbroken by the attack. >> what's so sad is the way in which he was murdered was so brutal and so callous. for someone who is just so kind and so open minded. it's horrible. >> reporter: news of the shocking attack was splashed across papers in bangladesh on friday and hundreds of
1:00 pm
protesters marched through the streets of the capital to denounce roy's murder. he's the second blogger to have been killed and the fourth writer attacked in the muslim majority nation over the past ten years. cnn, new delhi. you're in the cnn news room. i'm poppy harlow joining you from atlanta. 4:00 eastern. we begin with the brutal extremist group isis doing something they usually never do, releasing hostages. an isis court, their own court in syria reportedly has ordered 24 asyrian christian hostages to be freed. they were taken captive along with 200 others when isis overran key town a few days ago. meanwhile four canadian teenagers including this 18-year-old are believed to be the latest