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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 1, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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still be looking for victims. she probably would still be killing. she would be burning houses and she would be collecting insurance with your premiums. mourners gather in moscow to march in support of an opposition leaders death. the prime minister of israel is hours away from his visit to the united states. will he get a warm welcome or feel political chill? and a soaring cost of drones patroling the border. is there enough bang for the buck? >> welcome to our viewers this the united states and around the world with. i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom.
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n steps away from the kremlin. a russian television station says it appears to show the killing as it happened. you can see it in this time lapse video. nemtsov and two women walking together. notice the snow flou plow on the street. later the pair is blocked by the snowplow. next the person is seen walking on the road and getting in to a car behind the snowplow. the car speeds off and the video appears 0 to show one person at the scene presumed to be boris nemtsov's companion.
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cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. putin wrote, quote, boris nemtsov left his mark on the history of rugg russia in politics and public life. he always stated his point of view. putin vowed his killers would be properly punished. boris nemtsov was promoting an opposition rally hours before he was killed. it has turned to a march of mourning. we go live to senior international correspondent matthew chance in moscow where thousands are expected to attend today. what's the mood there? >> reporter: very somber mood george. people of moscow turning out at this this location on the bridge in the shadow of the kremlin, where boris nemtsov was gunned down on friday evening. people have been coming laying
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flowers, paying their respects. we have been reporting throughout the evening and it's ban constant stream of people coming weeping out of compassion for what happened here. it has really touched a nerve the killing of this opposition figure. he spoke about the corruption of russia the brutality of russia and many people dis missed that tried to move on with their lives. the fact he's been gunned down now, so close to the kremlin sends a powerful message that if you oppose the kremlin this is what could happen to you. obviously, it's touched a nerve amongst many people. that's why we are seeing such an outpouring. later on today, there was going to be an opposition rally against the war in ukraine and the economic situation in russia. that's been cancelled and transformed in to a march through the streets of the center of the russian capital in mourning for boris nemtsov, one of the country's most prominent
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opposition figures, george? >> matthew, you are a photojournalist. the flowers, the kremlin in the background. symbolic as you mentioned. a question for people looking in to this investigation. what's the expectation? what are people saying? do they expect this will be a fair thorough investigation and will they get to the bottom of who did this? >> well, i mean certainly the calls are for a fair thorough investigation. the fact is russia has a very checkered history in getting to the bottom of political killings. the journalist killed shot down in her apartment building in moscow in 2006 was a prominent critic. there's been people arrested and sent to prison for that killing but nobody who ordered the murder has been brought to justice. and another man poisoned in 2006 with the radioactive isotope. nobody's been prosecuted for his
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killing either. russia has a checkered history of getting to the bottom of these political killings. having said that the russian authorities have said they will try their best to do that. even vladimir putten whom with opposition figures point the finger of blame at for being responsibility fbler this. he sent a message to the mother of boris nemtsov saying he shares her grief and pledging to her he will bring those responsible to justice. whether or not that will happen though remains the question mark hanging over this terrible crime. >> matthew chance joining us live in moscow. thank you for the reporting there. boris nemtsov was also outspoken about russia's alleged dealings in ukraine. an anti-russian demonstration is expected to take place in kiev later today. demonstrators are calling for the release of the pilot held in
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russia since june. we are joined live. if we could bridge the gap to the feelings there about mr. boris nemtsov. certainly we know the ukrainian president has his theories why mr. nemtsov was killed. >> there's certainly been an outpouring of grier here also about the assassination of boris nemtsov with people laying flowers and theying respects outside of the russian embassy. the rally that you talked about was initially meant to be a prayer in honor of a ukrainian pilot who's being held cappive in a russian jail and she's on a hunger strike. the russians accuse her of having been behind the killing of two russian journalists last summer. kiev accuses russia of holding her as a prisoner of war. i think what you will see now at this rally or this prayer will
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be also held in commemoration of boris nemtsov, who the ukrainian president described as a great friend to the ukraine, a great patriot of russia and someone who acted as a bridge between the two countries. he said he had a conversation with boris nemtsov a couple of weeks back in which nemtsov said he planned to make public evidence about the russian military -- the russian military's involvement in eastern ukraine and mr. poroshenko said that is what his executioners were very, very afraid of. russia, of course has always denied its troops are involved in the conflict of eastern ukraine. yesterday, therefore, a day of grief really for both of those situations. the fact this terrible political assassination or possibly politically motivated assassination in russia and also
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for this girl this ukrainian pilot who's really become something of a national heroine in this country and a symbol of what many in the country believe to be russian oppression of ukrainian people. george? >> diana, how optimistic are people in ukraine about seeing her release? she's been held for quite sometime now. >> not very optimistic. she has also expressed that sentiment after a series of court hearings where she has asked to be released. nothing has come of it. there's also a great deal of international pressure on russia to release her. let's look at the circumstances of her detention. russia alleges that she was a refugee, who had sought asylum in russia. and therefore she was dick taned on russian territory when she sought asylum.
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she was fighting for one of the ukrainian volunteer battalions as she says to defend her country against russian invasion. there is video of when shem she was picked up by pro russian rebels and interrogated by them prior to her arrival in russia. there is a confusing period as to how it was she crossed in to russia. kiev says she was kidnapped and is being held as a prisoner of war, a prison of war within a country who says they are not at war with ukraine. none of this international pressure none of the pressure from kiev has so far made any difference. her lawyers are still fighting for her release. she says she will continue this hunger strike until she is either allowed back to the ukraine or she will die in prison. she's being at the moment given liquids through an intravenous drip but she is past her 80th day in her hunger strike and her
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lawyer says she is very weak. we move to the country of venezuela. the president there claims u.s. citizens have been arrested for spying on his country. speaking at a so-called anti-imperialist rally on saturday the maduro say one is a pilot. journalist phil gunson was at the rally and reports the specifics on this purported arrests are lacking. listen. >> he said a u.s. pilot of latino origin was arrested a few days ago in the southwest, close though colombian border. said he had been -- had all sorts of documentation on him that he had been involved in recruitment, that he was one of several u.s. citizens picked up in recent days. apparently involved in espionage
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and recruiting people for the alleged coup plot. the coup plot itself is rather sketchy. supposedly involves a number of opposition figures. one the mayor of caracas was thrown in jail last week on the same grounds but details remain very sketchy. >> maduro's list includes several prominent u.s. officials who are now banned from entering the country of venezuela claiming they were involved in a quote terrorist action. the list including former george w. bush dick cheney and members of congress. this is a month after the state department imposes restrictions on officials believed to be responsible for human rights abuses. a glimmer of hope for some asyrian christians kidnapped from isis and it is coming from an unlikely place. the isis member known around the
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world as jihadi john has been identified. tech experts say he has covered his tracks very well.
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from paris welcome back. if you are joining us there to cnn newsroom. a new ruling should shake up the future of middle east peace negotiations.
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an egyptian court designated hamas, the governing body of the gaza strip as a terrorist organization. we look at the possible implications on egypt's role as a peace broker between israel and palestinians. >> this is a very damming verdict by the court of urgent matters. what it means is very vague. according to tradition, matters of international relations is dealt with by the executive branch not the judiciary. a terrorism law stipulates the court doesn't have jurisdiction. that belongs to the general prosecutor and appeals court. what hamas is accused of is aiding insurgency that killed hundreds of security personnel. also being part of a 2011 jailbreak that freed members of the muslim brotherhood during egypt's revolution. the muslim brotherhood is considered a terrorist organization here in egypt. hamas belongs to the muslim brotherhood. for egypt they are two in the same. hamas denies these accusations and condemns this verdict.
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>> translator: it is a shocking dangerous decision that targets the palestinian people and the palestinian resistance that is defending the dignity of palestine and the arab nation. it also goes against the rules as it relates to the israeli enemy as a friend and to hamas, the palestinian people and the palestinian resistance as enemy. this decision will never harm hamas, and its victories or the stand of its leaders, but it will directly contaminate the reputation of egypt. >> this does create a very dangerous situation. egypt has been the broker for peace between hamas and israel during their past thee wars. egypt is also a broker in interpalestinian politics. the question is who will pick up the mantle that all parties can agree on? for now, this ruling can be appeal. ian lee, cnn, cairo. u.s. and coalition forces launched 20 new air strikes against isis in both syria and
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iraq. according to the combined joint task force, u.s. and coalition warplanes hit six targets here the syrian city of kobani on saturday. in iraq air strikes on five different cities including al-assad and the isis-controlled town of mosul. in northern syria, a self proclaimed isis court is recording the release of 29 syrian christians. according to the syrian observatory for human rights. the hostages are part of a group of more than 200 people captured during the attacks on villages in northern syria this week. the fate of the remaining hostages has not bb decided. authorities are having trouble finding out more about gee had di john. identified this week as mohammed e. his on-line presence is limited at best.
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le to do everything but you can get close. >> it takes persistence. it takes understanding of where the information about you originates and how it gets put in to different searchable databases and on-line services. it takes some amount of knowledge, research and actual patience to remove your identity from various on-line services where it is possible to do. >> cnn could only find a single tweet referencing him. a tweet from a london court to notify the public about his court appearance. he was later found not guilty of theft charges. he graduated from the university of westminster, here in london with a degree in computer engineering. so he may be more adept at keeping a low internet profile
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or sweeping up his tracks on-line. a slew of services on-line promises to help erase you, account killer has a large database of sites and quickly gets you to their delete features. just delete me alerts you anytime you are on a site that might need to be purchased and another lets you type in whatever user names you have used. when there is no way to close a account people look to falsify the name listed. eu citizens like emwazi can fill out an on-line form to wipe traces of search results they would rather not appear on-line. what you do is get in trouble with the law or file complaints that could be entered in to public record. emwazi appears to have done that questioning help from a group called c. a g.e. to
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protest his treatment by authorities but he used a pseudonym keeping his true name off the interit net. while most of society is seemingly obsessed with sharing everything on social media, another wave of people like mohammad emwazi may leave it behind without a trace. samuel burke, cnn, london. >> a u.s. town of just 50 residents lost nearly 20% of its population in a killing spree that has investigators searching for answers. still ahead this hour we will take a look at the missouri mass shootings.
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chicago as ice and snow get ready to plow across the united states again. and wind and rain ready to blast parts of europe. karen maginnis is at the weather center. when will people get a break? >> we have three more weeks before spring officially arrives in the northern hemisphere. look across the broad spectrum of europe. there's snow reported right now in munich. later in the day in to tuesday, we'll expect some of the snow across the highlands in scotland also in northern
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ireland, as well. looks like some of the west coast could be battered by high winds, as well. we are looking at heavy snowfall across the alps as well. look at the winds we are expecting in the next 24 to 48 hours. this is the first in two back-to-back situations. we saw that in the past 24 hours. the rainfall totals are going to be adding up especially as we go in to wales, also across southwestern ireland. for the united states, this is what we can expect -- here's one more view as to how high the winds were recorded in the past 24 hours. 126 kilometers per hour. look at ireland, we had one report of 115 kilometers per hour. a very stiff breeze there. i just checked some of the local conditions across southern britain and we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies, but the weather will
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begin to deteriorate later in the afternoon. here's the snow for the ohio river valley. these amounts in inches. it will be the southern rockies that could be blasted by several feet or just under a meter of snowfall. even for boston, the snow will be coming in. also for washington, d.c. winter weather advisories are out and for the latest round of snow george it looks like this could push them in to the record books. we could see record seasonal snowfall for boston in the next day or so. >> karen, in a month will we be talking about sun in boston or no? >> let's 0 hope so. >> thank you so much. former star of one of hbo's biggest hits "entourage" has a new project. he wants to your help to find money for some whales. >> what do you do with a blue whale? >> no idea. >> with you cheer them up.
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what do you do with a lonely whale. >> i don't know. >> you fund a kick starter so we can find him. >> reporter: that's adrian. you may know him as vinnie from the show "entourage." >> what do you say, turtle? >> reporter: why is he telling megawhale jokes? it comes down to a movie he wants to make about a whale nicknamed 52. >> a whale called 52 because he speaks at 52 hertz where other whales speak on a different wave length. he has been calling out his entire life without ever once receiving a response. >> that is depressing. >> it is certainly lonely. >> reporter: a story that dates back to 1989 when an oceanographic researcher picked up a 52 hertz frequency in the ocean. the scientist, dr. william watkins determined the sound belonged to a one-of-a-kind whale whose call couldn't be heard by any other whales. he spent years tracking 52 also
1:27 am
known as the loneliest whale in the world. >> imagine calling out and nobody responding. imagine feeling like you are being misunderstood. such a beautiful story and has so much resonance with us as human beings. >> it's such a unique touching subject to think there is somebody out there alone, floating about. >> reporter: the story strikes a chord and he wants to move behind the camera to capture it. >> we are here on kick starter to ask for your help in funding the search. >> reporter: they are on a quest to tell 52's story, collect data and make a film. >> we are looking to fund a scientific expedition that will give i us an opportunity to study hybrid whales and the affects of ocean noise pollution on these majestic creatures. >> for you personally -- i know you are an actor, on "entourage" what's your connection though
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the lonely whale. >> "entourage" is all about friendship and connection can. vince and the gang have a each other, their friendship. i guess it is safe to say the lonely whale needs an entourage. >> the news continues here on cnn as investigators try to figure out who killed boris nemtsov and why. we look back at what russian opposition activists had to say about vladimir putin. what he had to say during a dinner with cnn's anthony bourdain. and what can we expect to hear from netanyahu during his visit to the u.s.? some tempers are flaring in washington. that's ahead in washington. ♪♪♪
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. i'm george howell in atlanta. the headlines this hour venezuelan president maduro is claiming that u.s. citizens have been arrested for spying in his country. he didn't say how many were detained. while speaking at a rally on saturday he announced new visa requirements for anyone visiting from the united states as well as the down sizing of the u.s. embassy in caracas. mourners of political figure boris nemtsov are expected to march in moscow in just about 90 minutes. boris nemtsov was an outspoken critic of putin. he was gunned down on friday night just outside of the kremlin walls. a year ago, boris nemtsov sat down for dinner with cnn travel show host anthony bourdain bourdain. he spoke about life under putin's control. here's a clip of what he had to say in that interview. >> you know you are in the
1:32 am
typical country of kronny capitalism. this is typical. like philippines, pakistan like some others right? absolutely typical. good relationship with government doesn't matter. you have a chance to raise money, to be successful you know to buy real estate in the south of france or in switzerland. swiss banks, et cetera but if something happened between you and putin or you and governor you are going to be in jail. it's very easy. >> dismantle -- >> yeah. police raiders are going to block your business. this is an opportunity for you to do something, right? >> right.
1:33 am
>> this is your independence. >> russia strongly -- if you are rich you are a slave. if you are rich you are very much dependent. a lot of very rich guys whom i know right, they look at me and say, boris you are much more free than our team. nevertheless what kind of money or reason do you have because it is difficult to oppress you and to touch. well this is their choice. guys prefer to raise money and to be quiet and tell nothing. this is a country of corruption. i explain corruption exists everywhere including the states right. even in scandinavian countries. but this is a problem for the united states for canada for the united kingdom, et cetera. for putin, russia this is a
1:34 am
system. this is not a problem. you don't have such kind 0 of problem. this is a system. he built a system to control the country, how it works. for example, i'm putin and you are a governor. if you are corrupted, you are loyal, right? >> right. >> because if you don't you will be in jail. i have special cases for you, and you know about these cases, right? >> right. >> that's why if you build such kind of system that everywhere around have cases, you build very loyal system. >> right. >> that's who what he built. that's why if you are corrupted, but you are loyal and for kremlin, you are in a very safe position. that's it. this is a system. this is a problem on the other hand for -- not for putin.
1:35 am
for him he builds very comfortable system but for russian people. russian people are in big trouble because what is corruption, money from the budget di disappear, he builds super olympic games, no discussion in the society at all. big difference between poor and rich much bigger than in the states. that's why this is a very uncomfortable country for everybody. >> frank conversation at the dinner table minimum colleague jonathan mann spoke to one of boris nemtsov's friends and a former spokeswoman for the opposition and she said it is curious there are no suspects in his death, especially since he was constantly monitored. >> in the time i knew him, no he was always by himself. there's always people like him under surveillance in russia. i mean in this sense he had bodyguards but they were from
1:36 am
russian state agencies. >> let me put two and two together for you. we would expect that even friday night, near midnight there would have been some official presence around him, even if he wasn't expecting it hoping for it or conscious of it. >> yes. i would totally agree with that. this makes the circumstances of his murder even more con volume lewded. there's no way he wasn't under the state surveillance and moreover there are surveillance cameras all over the place because it is only a few meters from the kremlin. so i have a question why do all state agencies which are now trying to investigate, because it has been more than 24 hours since this happened and there's still no suspects and no -- so basically, no evidence that they will find the murderer. >> did the timing of his death make any sense to you? would he have been at greater
1:37 am
risk now than a month or year ago for that matter? >> you know, if you asked me this question two days ago, before it happened i would not have predicted the scenario. we can't predict anything. when you live in the country where there is a one-man rule or the personal rule and it's makes the government a chaotic process. we don't know what is on the mind of this people and when the threat is coming. but he himself, boris himself, he gave an interview a couple of weeks ago saying his mother is afraid putin will kill him for his opinion and for the actions he was -- his reports on the presence of russian military forces in eastern ukraine which he was about to publish and that was it. >> i want to jump in because i want to ask you about that and it comes down to the timing.
1:38 am
the two things we anticipated in the days ahead are sunday's opposition rally but that doesn't seem like a reason a man would die and the report you mentioned, his personal investigation that media accounts suggest was going to detail russian involvement in ukraine. how much does anyone know about that report and presumably now that authorities have searched his apartment his own copy of it and any documents he had would be in the hands of the authorities. >> basically i'm not aware because i have been in the united states for a while. i can't say where did he keep those documents. i know this information from the chief of the times. she had been talking with this with boris nemtsov. and the word is reliable to me. he probably kept it safe. and speaking of the march, which was about to take place
1:39 am
tomorrow, yes, he was one of the organizers ever since the detail taned. he did everything possible. the main reason why it happened is that inside of hatred -- incite of hey thread which is the main thing which putin does to our country. so the propaganda thing. and basically the hatred against opposition leaders. boris nemtsov accused of one of the leaders. all of this brought the consequences. basically the only person who's responsible for that is putin. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to the united states. as he boarded a plane to washington earlier, he called this trip historic and crucial.
1:40 am
mr. netanyahu is set to address the u.s. congress on tuesday, expected to speak against the white house's efforts to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program. mr. netanyahu says an agreement would only make things worse between iran and israel. still at the western wall the prime minister said he respects president obama and wants to work with the u.s. on monday mr. netanyahu will address the american israel public affairs committee in washington. mr. obama has sent the u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha power to speak right after netanyahu. national security adviser, susan rice will speak there later in the day. so-called cult leader who's been on the run from the united states has now been found in south america. ahead, the accusations that sent him running. plus the u.s. uses drones to catch undocumented immigrants at the border with mexico. just wait until you hear how much it costs to find just one
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in the u.s. state of missouri the mother of a man suspected of killing seven people has also been found dead. the coroner says 74-year-old alice ald ridge died from lung cancer on friday natural causes. investigators are looking in to whether her death is somehow
1:44 am
connected to her son's killing of seven people, including four in his family before turning the gun on himself. that man, his mother and the seven victims were all nine residents in a town of gist 50 people. you can imagine the pain that folks are feeling in that town after it happened. >> there's no stop light in tyrone missouri no post office or gas station, but this tiny town is the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in recent missouri history. john got a phone call to go to his cousin's house down the street. >> whenever i got him by the arm, you could tell he was dead already. >> reporter: shriver thinks his cousin and wife were killed quickly. their car and washing machine still running. their 13-year-old son alive and terrified in a back bedroom. >> he's in shock?
1:45 am
>> i would say. >> reporter: the house one of six crime scenes and nine deaths. seven people shot and killed four from the same family. less than three miles apart. the gunman's mother apparently dead of natural causes. police investigating if her death somehow triggered the rampage. >> you know what, in our job we see a lot of bad stuff. this is bad. this is also hard on the police officers who with are working there. it's not natural to see that sort of thing. >> reporter: the missouri state highway patrol says the gunman joseph aldridge killed himself. authorities say he had a minor criminal history, nothing to foreshadow something like this. many this this quiet corner of southeast missouri say they don't even lock their doors. >> my concern is children. our kids are having a really tough time. wide variety of emotions shock, tears, a lot of questions.
1:46 am
>> reporter: investigators working to figure out why one someone would want to kill nearly an entire family hoping the sole survivor, now in the hospital can provide some answers. >> how's your community going to move forward from this? >> one day at a time. as a family. this community is based in faith and based in family. i have seen them come through some very difficult situations. nothing like this, of course. >> reporter: a massacre in a missouri town the few left behind left to wond wither why. as investigators in tyrone try to answer the question why, they continue talking to the sole survivor of the shooting. a woman who remains in the hospital and we're told is cooperating with investigators giving them whatever information she can. will riply will cnn, southeast, missouri. an accused cult leader wanted for sexually assaulting girls this the united states has been captured in brazil. bernard is wanted for 59 counts of sexual assaults in minnesota.
1:47 am
a 33-year-old woman with him was arrested for allegedly helping him. he was featured in cnn's "the hunt" last week. some of his alleged victims say barnard said he was prized on earth and convinced church members to hand over their first born daughters to live with him. for nearly a decade the united states has been quietly patroling hundreds of miles of the mexican border with unmanned drones. they have been used to chase down undocumented immigrants drug smugglers and possibly terrorists. but as drew griffin discovered this high-flying technology comes at an extremely high price for taxpayers with questionable results. >> reporter: they are silent weapons of war now battling the war on arizona's border predator drones patroling the skies in the hunt for illegal immigrants. according to the retired marine general who runs this program, they are proving invaluable.
1:48 am
>> we could never see the border in the same way as we could before we got these platforms. >> reporter: the trouble is general randolph tex alles is one of the few in government who thinks so and a look at the price tag tells you why. report after report are the homeland security department's inspector general basically calling the entire operation a waste of taxpayer dollars. some tom berry with the center for international policy studies the billions spent securing the border and nothing could be a bigger waste, he says than the $28,000 spend on a predator drone to catch just one illegal immigrant. you heard that right. $28,000 to catch a single illegal immigrant. sglit has been a waste since the program began in 2005. the inspector general says we shouldn't spend any money. i think it should be shut down. >> reporter: seen up close, it's impressive technology.
1:49 am
drones at 18,000 feet silently view the landscape below. determine and lock on to potential suspects crossing the vast arizona desert. commanded by a control team safely tucked inside of this virtual cockpit, those controllers send the guards right to where they are needed. >> so this is happening in realtime. >> that's the pilot of the drone. this is the person who's the second pilot. he's watching the camera and they have detected a group that is now crossing the border illegally or potentially suspects and another group of gentlemen, which we can't show you has the radar screen and they are trying to vector in agents to see are these guys illegal? are they carrying dope? do they need to be arrested? that is happening right now. >> reporter: seems perfect until you do the math. that arrest, according to the department of homeland security's inspector general cost you the taxpayer $28,000. >> that doesn't seem like an efficient way to protect the
1:50 am
border. >> that's one of the reasons that we wrote this audit. >> reporter: each drone costs $12 million. operations run $62 million a year the entire program is $300 million. all for nine drones that fly part time. although he won't say it flat out, inspector general john ross' latest report is clear, military drones used by the customs and border patrol to catch illegal immigrants is a waste. >> they have fired back saying you, your office the inspector general did not capture a lot of the things that we believe are valuable about this program that can't be measured. >> so the question you have to ask yourself is what we are getting from this. you have to be able to measure your investment and that is true in the government. it's true in business and i think that's what the american taxpayer wants. >> this this measure of this
1:51 am
drone program, it's not measuring up? >> as we see it while it contributes to border security, they haven't put mez measure s in place as to if it is effective. the measurements with saw show it is not effective. >> reporter: the inspector general said his job is to point out where money is wasted and the drones he said are indeed a waste and yet they still fly and congress even debating whether to buy more. to tom barry it's a clear example of congress and the customs and board er patrol simply ignoring the facts. >> they refuse to set performance goals. it snubs its nose at these reports made by government investigators. so one can become very indignant as a researcher and taxpayer. >> reporter: the u.s. is now spending $12 billion a year supposedly to secure the border, which by almost all accounts is hardly secure with or without predator drones. >> that was drew griffin
1:52 am
reporting. drew also tells us that u.s. customs and border patrol does not want more drones at the moment. it wants to prove the program actually works first. nothing like the olympics to bring the world together. the international olympic committee says rio will be ready for the 2016 summer games but problems around the city suggest otherwise. we take a closer look next. if you can clear a table without lifting a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. [ male announcer ] meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have if not for kari,
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. we are 17 months away from the 2016 summer olympics but questions remain whether rj religion will be ready for the big event. there is the problem of violence and crime and the city's sewage system and transportation infrastructure. cnn's shasta darlington has the story. >> reporter: lush waterways with tropical birds. what could lurk here? we quickly find out as we catch a ride with this biologist. not all of the birds are so chirpy. over in baja there are a series of lagoons that back up to the park. you can see the garage and a terrible stench of open sewage. people staying nearby at the athlete's village could take notice. he says the problem isn't new. the city has grown a lot in the last 50 years and sewage infrastructure didn't grow with
1:56 am
it, he says. today all of the rivers end up here are contaminated. across the city the waterways that will host sailing events face similar challenges. 49 prts of rio's homes are connected to sewage lines. government officials say they may not meet their target of hooking up 80% of homes before the games. but on wednesday, ioc officials said they were confident water venues would be ready for competition. >> we have been given the reassurance that all of the venues will be met will meet the level of sustainability. >> reporter: she also said inspectors were pleased with progress on construction but noted the fast pace has to be maintained. >> an example of where this will be fully visible is with the venues where sites like the golf course, and equestrian cross country have very aggressive
1:57 am
time lines. >> reporter: security another challenge. here special forces train for potential terrorist attacks on a bus line. really high crime and violence remain the biggest threats in rio. it is also not clear if the subway extension connecting venues will be done on time but rio officials are confident they will meet the targets and visitors will be won over by the city's natural beauty and charming residents. shaps shasta darlington cnn, rio de janeiro. >> will rio be ready? we will have to wait and see. thank you for joining us. i'm george howell. stay with us. we will have more from moscow as mourners are set to march in honor of slain opposition activist boris nemtsov. the news continues next hour here on cnn u.s. and cnn international.
1:58 am
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a planned opposition rally for a mourning politician. cnn is live from moscow next. tough talk from president maduro. several americans are being detained for engaging in es peon age. we'll explain all the hype around a boxing match up. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell thrks