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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 1, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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in moscow you're looking at live pictures as tens of thousands are expected to rally and march in memory of boris nemtsov. >> the foreign deputy prime minister was a fierce and outspoken critic of vladimir putin. >> good morning, i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. so good to have you with us. as we just mentioned there is a huge rally. again, live pictures so you can see what is happening right this
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moment in the heart of moscow. thousands of people expected to protest the murder of boris nemtsov. immediately following this rally, we know they are going to join a morning march for him specifically. >> we have video of the moments when he was gunned down on the moscow bridge. time footage from russian tv. you see two people in the circle believed to be nemtsov own a companion walking and a snowplow moves along the street and blocks them from view and you see running someone there to what may be the get-away car behind the snowplow. the car stops and then takes off. it's thought that person may have been lying in wait for nemtsov and shot him multiple times. cnn cannot confirm the video's awe thuthenticit authenticity. >> with you can tell you we know who who was with him when he was shot. a ukrainian model anna
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duritskaya and we understand she is talking to investigators. >> before the killing nemtsov tonight in an interview. you're looking at him in a video hours before he was murdered there. in a moment you'll hear from nemtsov himself in a never before seen interview. he talked very candidly last year with cnn. cnn international correspondent ma matthew chance is with the marchers. let's start with cnn's frederik pleitgen. what is the latest on the search for the killer? >> reporter: the search for the killer is still going on. as you mentioned, there is that cc-tv video out, the surveillance video camera moment out at the moment when this happened. so far the authorities here are saying they don't have any suspect in custody and they don't have any suspect at all yet. the interesting thing they say they do have they now believe they have identified the vehicle
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that was used as the get-away car. one of the things, victor, helping them a great deal is the fact that there is so much surveillance technology and security technology in the area where all of this happened and it's next to the kremlin and next to red square. the security cameras are everywhere. you can see surveillance camera video of that car on russian tv before the actual vehicle was found. so that is absolutely significant. the other thing that has also been very significant to the investigators so far is the fact they had quite a few witnesses as well because there were other people running around there walking around there. there was a lot of other cars as you can see on that video as well that was driving around there as well. then, of course, there is anna duritskaya, that ukrainian model who was with boris nemtsov and has also given the police testimony. we were actually able to speak to a friend of nemtsov who said he was one of the first people at the scene after this happened because anna duritskaya actually called him and he immediately
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rushed to there. before being taken away by police, she told him that he had been fired on several times and that someone jumped into the get-away car immediately. certainly she is one of the prime witnesses in all of this and the police say they are making headway but they don't have a suspect in custody yet. >> let's talk more about the investigation. because several of the analysts we have had on this program and on the network over the last 48 hours or so, have questioned that this investigation will be one that will satisfy the russian people, that will be one that will actually come to the conclusion of who killed nemtsov and who ordered his death, if, indeed, it was ordered. have you been able to engage the degree of confidence of the people there in this investigation? >> reporter: certainly, the people that we spoke to, and we were, last night, on the bridge right behind me, which is actually the place where boris nemtsov was gunned down, if you spoke to people there, not very
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many of them said they had very much confidence in the investigation that was going to happen. it's interesting. because even the kremlin has come out and they said that they believe that this was an ordered killing, that someone targeted him, that someone plotted this for a very long time. someone must have known the route he was taken and must have known where he was and shadowed him a long time which indicates there was a high degree of professionalism in this assassination. people this morning believe this was politically motivated. the big question who is behind this? of course some people believe it might be the highest level of politics in this country. so far, there really isn't anything to indicate that is actually true. one of the things we have to keep in mind is while boris nemtsov had a lot of admirers in this country, he also had a lot of enemies in this country. it doesn't necessarily have to be the political sphere that did all of this but it could also be groups that were opposed, for instance, to his stance on ukraine conflict. there are some organizations,
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for instance, a former russian soldiers who are very much opposed to nemtsov's stance on the ukraine conflict so he did have a lot of enemies but you're right. the investigation is not one that is likely to satisfy many people in this country. >> fred, we will check in with you throughout the morning. we want to talk about what this means to other opposition leaders if they are emboldened by this or if they are intimidated by this murder if, indeed, this is found to have some political connection. frederik pleitgen in moscow, thank you very much. cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is live at the site of that killing. matthew, we want to talk about that, as well as this rally that is going to happen today. what have you seen there in the last couple of hours? >> reporter: incredibly emotionally scene. all of the flowers have been late since late friday night when boris nemtsov was gunned down here. a short distance from the
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kremlin is the red walls of the kremlin behind us and the cathedral beyond the red square and a 150 meters or so where this prominent official was killed. a mountain of flowers. all through the night we were reporting from here and there was a constant stream of people paying their respects, laying bouquets of flowers and writing personal messages. this is a good example. thank you for your example of courage and honesty is what it says in russian. that is the kind of tone of the messages, the sympathetic messages, the grieving messages that we are seeing put out on the streets, on this bridge where he was killed. so that's likely to continue throughout the day. and into the days ahead. a short distance on this roadside the march where 50,000 people are expected to attend. a big security operation here. lots of police that have barricaded off this center of
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moscow in preparation for this morning march. you get the sense, even though boris nemtsov was a fringe figure politically in russia, because of his opposition views and opposition to the war in kraen and political situation in russia. a lot of people are coming out now and saying, look, we are giving it a second thought about what he said. one of the big questions is will this killing change the popularity of vaed mi putladimi. we will get a better idea with this morning march later on today. >> in his last radio interview, he called on people to join this anti-war rally that was supposed to happen today that has become a march for him. he said a march can sober the kremlin up. if 100,000 people come out it could turn the kremlin around and be an absolute shock for
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them. how pilvvotal was this rally supposed to be for him and how different will it be today because of his death? >> reporter: well, i mean, the rally was going to be a big one. it was on the outskirts of moscow which pushed it to the perimeters, if you like, both literally and metaphorically. but it wasn't clear that that was ever going to have an impact on russian politics. remember, within the past few days, there have been new opinion polls coming out about vladimir putin's popularity and running at 86%. a rally was never going to make much of an impact. the situation may have changed. boris nemtsov has been gunned down. each people that did not pay attention to opposition politics in this country and now sitting up and saying, you know, our country is really taken a turn
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in a dark direction and i've seen lots of people come through here and lots of people i know in russia who haven't thought about politics before very seriously, and now thinking maybe now is the time to think about what boris nemtsov said about the direction russia is taking. >> sent that interesting to think his death may bring about the change or awareness he was hoping to bring about when he was alive? matthew chance, so appreciate your update for us. thank you. last year, boris nemtsov spent a lot of people with cnn's anthony bourdain and lots of that have not been seen before until now. coming up, boris nemtsov will talk about putin and life in russia. >> critics of the government and critics of putin and bad things seem to happen to them. >> yes. unfortunately existent to represent what i say russia all
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whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™! pictures here. this is what is happening in moscow right now. thousands of people expected to mourn the death of russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. was initially was supposed to be a rally to be critical of the economics there and putin himself but it has turned into a rally to mourn the death of this opposition leader. >> a memorial march that will start this morning. russian investigators call the shooting death of the critic
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carefully planned. nemtsov was shot several times in the back while walking across a bridge outside the kremlin on friday. earlier in the year, cnn's anthony bourdain had a chance to sit down with nemtsov. you will hear him be a critic of the president putin. some of it has aired before on cnn but what you're about to watch are parts of the interview that have never been seen. >> reporter: you kno-- >> you are in a typical country of -- this is typical like philippines and middle asian countries and like some others, right? absolutely typical. the relationship with putin and his people around, right? good relationship with -- doesn't matter. either in the city. while you have a chance to raise money, to be successful, you
3:16 am
know, to buy real estate in the south of france or in switzerland, swiss banks, et cetera. but if something happened between you and putin or you or the governor, you could be in jail. it's very easy. >> reporter: dismantled -- >> yes. police raiders, they are going to organize every central block of business. what we see throughout the world. this is an opportunity for you to do something, right? >> reporter: right. >> and this is your independence. russia strongly defers if you reach, you are slave. if you are reach, you are very much dependent. >> reporter: right. >> i want to tell a lot of -- guys whom i knew, right? they look at me and says you are much freer than all of our team. nevertheless what kind of money raise under your care? because it's difficult to press you and to touch.
3:17 am
while this is their choice. guys prefer to raise money and to be quiet and tell -- this is a country of corruption. and i explain. corruption exists everywhere, including the states, right? and even in scandinavia countries. for putin, this is a system, this is not a problem. you don't have such a problem, it's a system. system to control the country. how it works. for example, i'm putin and you are a governor. if you are corrupted, you're loyal, right? >> reporter: right. >> because if you don't, you will be in jail.
3:18 am
i have special cases for you and you knew about this cases, right? >> reporter: right. >> that's why if you build such kind of system that everywhere around have cases, you build very loyal system. >> reporter: right. >> that's what he built. that's why if you are corrupted, but you are loyal and you kremlin, you are within reach. secondly, you are in a very safe position. this is a system. and this is a problem. on the other hand, not for putin. for him, he build very comfortable system, but for russian people, russian people are a bit troubled because what does mean corruption? money disappear. he build super cost in games result in a future for the objects. no discussion in the society at all. big difference between putin and reach and much bigger in the states. that's why this is very
3:19 am
uncomfortable country for every in it. >> all righty. anna is a moscow daily reporter for "the beast." and no relationship to the slain opposition leader even though they share a similar last name. you just listened to this interview and he was talking about the corruption in russian and how problematic it is for the people in russia. what stood out to you in what he was saying? >> a lot of what he was saying, i heard from him personally, he investigated corruption in russia. he was talking about corruption and he was actually, i think -- he really cared about russian -- about russian state. until the last days he was working for a local legislator. he was not against the system of
3:20 am
the state. he really wanted to improve it. he wanted to make things -- to have freedom of speech and he was always successful himself with -- a very interesting feature, even when he was vice prime minister, they could interview him when he was a governor in my hometown, he was very successful. and, today, you know, people are gathering already. if you meet us away from my home actually at the square to pay tribute to bring flowers to the place where he was killed by the kremlin wall. and people wanted political -- is returning to russia. that's what i heard from a few people. >> with west help us understand. how much of a threat might he have been to the -- to putin's regimen. was he seen as a threat to them? when we talk about the enemies
3:21 am
that he had, who were those enemies? >> i would think random people. i don't think that putin, himself, wanted to really get rid of him. so far political figure and opposition leader for many years, so we saw him at every rally, even when not many people came out, he would be standing sometimes even alone with a banner in his hands and demonstrating. that was his principle, to express his view and to, you know, attract people's attention. but, today, we see that as never before, there's so many people who think of himself, so many people come to the kremlin wall when never, never was permitted to demonstrate against the system, against putin. for years, that position were not allowed to come out on the protest on the red square and,
3:22 am
today, we see thousands of people coming to bring flowers. this is a set irony behind this tragedy. >> yeah. as we were saying earlier, maybe his death is going to bring even more light to what he was fighting for. anna, appreciate your time today and thank you for being with us. >> thank you. a political straw poll surprise. the shocker was not who the conservative conference cpac became, but the candidate who finished fifth. plus, john walsh featured this pastor accused of molesting young girls on his cnn show "the hunt." we will tell you where authorities finally caught one of the fbi's most wanted. female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see my parents, so i can't exactly go globe-trotting. if i had friends to go with i'd go,
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here is a look at other stories developing now. senator rand paul won the cpac annual straw poll. he came in on top with more than 25% of the vote. >> jeb bush was a distant fifth. the poll is said to be a pretty decent indicator as to where conservatives are on the issues that past results rarely predicted who the gop's presidential nominee will be, hence, rand paul being number third for the second year in a row. >> a pastor wanted on sexual account has been found in brazil. barnard was featured on cnn's "the hunt" with john walsh last
3:27 am
year and just last week. the manhunt started after a two-year allegation after allegations were made that barnard was preaching to a religious group in minnesota. nasa plans to go forward with the space walk today after cutting a previous walk short when an restaurant found water inside his helmet. nasa says the problem is understood. it does not threaten the astronaut's safety but the six and a half hour space walk is said to begin at 7:10 this morning. they will fit the space station with parts that will allow private commercial spacecraft to dock and good luck to them. we match that with shorter than this story. rhonda rousey won her title in less than 14 seconds in los angeles last night. the contender submit to an arm bar in the quickest ultimate fighting match ever. rousey last three title fights
3:28 am
have lasted 66, 16, and now 14 seconds. >> i'm just going to praise her from afar. >> yeah. high five from afar. >> yes. good for you. congratulations. still ahead, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is en route to the u.s. how his visit may be causing a major strain for the u.s. and the israeli relationship. live pictures in moscow. we are watching the breaking news happening. marchers taking to the streets to protest the murder of one of russia's most opposition leader, as the hunt for his killer continues.
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3:33 am
rally in march that is honoring murdered opposition leader boris nemtsov getting under way right now here. >> the prominent outspoken figure and critic of putin was gunned down on a moscow bridge two days ago on friday night. he was supposed to lead an opposition rally against the ukraine conflict and russian's poor economic conditions today, but now that rally has become a rally and a morning march for him. >> the march wasn't going to go from the center of moscow to the spot where nemtsov was shot and killed. authorities have given permission for as many as 50,000 people to take part and all of this as his killers are still at large. benefiting anyone netanyahu benjamin netanyahu is on a plane to the u.s. >> tomorrow, the prime minister is speaking before the american israeli public affairs committee. tuesday, he gives his address to congress. that is an address some people
3:34 am
are calling destructive. >> he has said he will talk about iran's nuclear program and something that many israelis believe would spell doom for the jewish state. our reporting who is traveling close with the prime minister takes a look at the nuclear threat of iran. >> reporter: for the state of israeli, a nuclear iran would position tehran as a super power in the region and continue to threaten israeli but a mass destruction in its arsenal. a threat to its very existence that many israelis believe the united states, half a world away, can't possibly understand. >> we have no doubt about the seriousness and the good intentions of the obama administration about it. maybe we are more concerned because we see the threat and talking about the elimination of a jewish state.
3:35 am
we are here. we are under the constant terror threat and nuclear threat and we want the -- to be over. >> reporter: the u.s. has pledged to safeguard israeli's security but there are fears here that the relations between the u.s. and iran since the election of their president has clowed the obama administration's judgment. >> the sense goes way beyond is that the administration, the president underestimate iran's duplicity and their ruthlessness, the religious imperative beyond its ideology. >> reporter: tuesday's address to congress is a image iran is still intent on wiping israeli off the map. >> i think he feels that is he leading the jewish people and it faces a genocidal threat.
3:36 am
he needs to act in the way to take the steps that need to be taken. >> reporter: even an threat that would threaten their security and no would be able to develop a weapons of mass destruction even if it means a preemptive strike. >> they are afraid at the end of the day, if negotiation fails, if iran relaunched its project, israeli would be left alone to make the call whether to accept this, to contain an iran nuclear ability capability or capability, or to make -- >> reporter: israeli worries a nuclear iran would spark a nuclear arms race in the middle east and that it could find itself surrounded by a group of nuclear armed enemies in a region of turmoil. >> reporter: let's bring in cnn politics steven colinson and
3:37 am
washington correspondent nanan goodman. na tan, you wrote recently a new reality of overt part shaunship of a relationship. what is the damage of that relationship? does it reach the level suggested by susan rice it is destruction to the frick of the relationship? >> i think it's probably too early to know if it's really destructive to the fabric of the relationship. only time will tell. but definitely it is clear that all this event of the past month since prime minister netanyahu announced his agreement to come and speak to congress have led the partisan approach towards israeli. democrats feel offended. they feel that the prime minister has slighted their president, and, therefore, they are angry and this could turn out to be a problem for israeli, because, obviously, now republicans control congress but they won't control congress
3:38 am
forever. sometimes it would be under democratic control and sometimes it would be republican control and sometimes you have a democratic president and sometimes you have a republican president. and one of the fundamentals of pro-israeli activity in the united states has been all these years that you have bipartisan support, that both parties accept the idea that israeli is america's greatest ally in the middle east. and once this starts cracking, many people in the communities feel that there is a real problem. now, prime minister netanyahu is aware of that but he believes that the iranian issue is so serious that the concern is so real that he would with rather, first, take care of iran and then deal with any consequence that he might have regarding the relations. >> let's take to that to steven then. more than 30 democrats have said they will not attend the speech on tuesday by prime minister netanyahu. do we know that if this
3:39 am
disagreement, this conflict will hurt his chances when democrats, with democrats getting tougher sanctions placed on iran? >> you know, if you think about it, this is an extraordinary occurrence. you have the leader of a close ally of the united states, one of the closest allies, coming to washington to openly campaign against the president's top foreign policy priority in his second term. so this is a very interesting occurrence and it's very unusual. and i think you could definitely see some sort of will lowing down of support for stronger sanctions against iran that have been contemplated in the senate especially. >> natan, the prime minister said before boarding the plane this morning en route to the u.s., this is a crucial trip, even a historical one. i fear for the fate of the state of israeli and, therefore, i'll do everything i can to ensure the security of our future.
3:40 am
he seems to be ratcheting up the expectation of this trip. who is the audience for that? the israeli audience or is it for washington? >> there are two audiences here basically. the first would be members of congress. netanyahu really believes that in his speech on tuesday, he can convince enough members of congress, especially democrats, that this deal that obama administration is discussing with iran is a bad deal and, therefore, they should do anything in their power to stop it, including imposing new sanctions or voting against it in any other way if they have that possibility. that is his primary audience. but also a secondary audience in israeli that netanyahu would like to address and position himself as the leader of israeli, that is in saving his country from grave danger. keep in mind, elections in israeli are only two weeks away and netanyahu is running neck and neck with an opposition
3:41 am
leader he leader. his eyes set on the voters who are listening to the speech as well. >> thank you both so much. a reminder, cnn's elisye is traveling with benjamin netanyahu. stay with cnn throughout the day and monday and tuesday in his address to congress. we have new details about jihadi john. >> new information about his background, what may have pushed him into a life of terror. also we want to show you the live pictures of this massive rally and march. that is moscow at this hour. the marchers are mourning and protesting the shooting death of opposition leader boris nemtsov and taken to the streets in the shadow of the kremlin.
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welcome to the nascar xfinity series. information about mohammed emwazi. the 26-year-old isis terrorist known as jihadi john. >> a newspaper reports he still has family in dkuwait and not allowed to have a relationship with iraqi regime during the invade of kuwait. new video apparently shows three british girls who ran away from home to join isis. now, it was taken from closed circuit cameras at a bus station in istanbul on february 18th. police say the girls got off the
3:46 am
bus before it reached its final destination. this is the first time the girls have been seen since they disappeared from their london homes. authorities say the trio flew from london to turkey and may have made their way across the border into syria. >> king abdullah said he didn't watch the video of his country's pilot being burned to death by isis. he called it propaganda that has backfired on the terrorist group. we have an exclusive television interview, his first, in fact, since that pilot was killed because the king spoke to cnn fareed zakaria. listen to this. >> president obama has gotten into a little trouble or at least has received some criticism because he says he doesn't want to call groups like isis islamic extremists because he doesn't want to give them the mantle of legitimacy by
3:47 am
acknowledging they are islamic. do you think he is right? >> i think he is right and think i think this is something that has to be understood on a much larger platform, because they are looking for legitimacy that they don't have inside of islam. the debate are you a moderate or an extremist. what these people want to be called is extremist and they take that as a badge of honor. >> you can watch the entire interview with king abdullah ii at 10:00 a.m. after he says they have detained several americans. coming up we will tell you how in a crazier move, he has banned more u.s. officials from stepping foot in his nation. (vo) after 50 years of designing
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venezuelian president is ratcheting up tensions to the united states. unspecified number of americans were arrested a few days ago and accused of recruitment activities and espionage. >> he claims one pilot was arrested because of the in possession of all kinds of documents. that announcement happened the same day four missionaries were released after being questioned for several days by venezuelian authorities. according to a pastor in that group the governor attempted to link them to espionage
3:52 am
activities. the venezuelan president is requiring now u.s. citizens to obtain visas before visiting and a group of prominent u.s. officials will be banned from entering venezuela altogether. >> listen to part of the list. former president george w. bush. former vice president dick cheney and several members of congress. maduro has banned them what he says is their involvement in bombing iraq, syria, vietnam, other terrorist actions as well. you see the former cia director george tenet on that list as well. >> let's to you take a former fbi director tom fuentes. wondering what kind of precedent is there for one nation, say, to ban, you know, a former and current lawmakers or heads of state? >> well, actually, it's happened before, but it doesn't happen that often and it's usually not senior government officials but somebody within the government. we have done that with countries that we have sanctions with will say, okay, certain officials
3:53 am
from that country are no longer allowed to visit the u.s. and other countries will do the same. we have had similar circumstances, particularly the russian federation and a few other countries where they may evict a few of our dip mattlomad we will evict a couple of of theirs. >> tell us, how, tom authorities or officials at the embassy in venezuela, there are u.s. officials there, can verify the reports of the arrests of these americans? >> well, the other agencies are still present and working with the venezuelan authorities within that agency and that would include organizations like the fbi that has had an office there all along. back when i was running international operations, we had, in the late 2008 and 2009
3:54 am
time frame several ambassadors were asked to leave venezuela but not the fbi. at that time, the reason was there was an individual named robert allen stanford out of houston, texas, who woo runnias a ponzi scheme, 7 billion dollar scheme and had a branch in venezuela and defrauded venezuela ans out of $2 million. venezuela said you other agencies get out but fbi, don't go anywhere. we want you to help us in this case because in the event the money would be recovered it would be repate riotated to venezuela. nothing has happened since 2010 because of who is running the operations down there. as far as the visa requirement, the u.s. requires them to pay and that is typical. any country in the world where we require their visitors to get a visa and pay, which i believe
3:55 am
is about $140 those countries require the same. if we do it, they do it. so that is not uncommon either and we do require them to pay for a u.s. visa. >> tom fuentes, good to see you this morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> we have reported on this measles outbreak at disney land in california. another breakout. a fire. what officials say is causing this. marchers are protesting in moscow and morning the leader opposition leader nemtsov. >> one year before he was gunned down, he spoke to cnn's anthony bourdain. >> people inside are in the interested about corruption inside russia because this is russian people. russian own this money, not america. >> we will give you more never before seen video from that interview next hour.
3:56 am
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a small fire broke out at disney land in california last night and happened a little after 9:00 local there in a tree near it's a small world attraction. it was put out and authorities say it may have been caused by fireworks. a volcano in russian forced a cancellation of two flights last night. this is the second time the ash has interrupted air travel in the region. >> naus will go forward with a space walk this morning. the six and a half hour mission will begin at about 7:10 this morning. two astronauts will continue fitting the international space station with parts that will allow private commercial spaceships to dock.
4:00 am
we have live pictures here from nasa as the astronauts, it looks they are beginning to start this space walk. we will bring the space walk to you, more of it, as it continues. >> best of luck to them. thank you so much for sharing part of your morning bus. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day." it starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. breaking news in moscow. we want you to take a look here at live pictures. this is what is happening in the center of moscow right now. thousands of people rallying and marching in memory of boris nemtsov and just in the last hour, we can see how the numbers of people have been building. >> yeah. many thousands here expected his call was for 100,000 and not sure if that number will show you up tens of thousands expected. the former russian deputy prime minister was a fierce and outspoken critic of vladimir putin and


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