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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the majority of the united states internet customers pay more than their counter parts in europe and asia. thanks for being part of my program this week coming from amman, jordan. we'll see you next week in new york. happening right now in the newsroom. their signs read i will not be afraid, thousands take to the streets of moscow mourning the death of a critic of vlad mere putin. and three teenagers believed to be on their way to join ace sis. and in about three hours from now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu touches down in the u.s. with his trip mired in controversy, will his speech the to congress backfire? you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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>> hem low and thanks for joining me, i'm fredericka whitfield whitfield. marchers went from the city center to the spot where the critic was killed. it was a rally he was supposed to lead today. and there's new surveillance video of the moment he was shot. you can make out he and his -- what appears to be the alleged gunman getting away. this is the companion which is now a witness, a 23-year-old model al model. so is this model friend now in a type of witness protection? how is this investigation being conduct. >> reporter: he's not in witness protection but she's in a place where she's under con stand surveillance by the rush shachb
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security services but apparently it's not the russian government apartment, she's in a place that's apparently owned by a place owned by boris netsof. there are rushsian media reports that reveal that the snow now driver has apparently talked to authorities now. he said he didn't see the shootingshoot ing himself, but he did see in his rear view mirror a man lying on the floor and this krukukrainian model is cooperating with the authorities and they still have grounds to keep her here to get more information from her. >> and you said to keep her there, because she is ukrainian.
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this surveillance video, we saw that wide shot green y video, how helpful will it be in being able to identify the vehicles or maybe even faces? >> it certainly is the basis apparently of what the russians have to work with at this point in time. it's already dispelled some of the early theories that they had. initially they had saw boris and this ukrainian woman walking towards the kremlin, and then a car stopped and -- it appears there might have been a person hiding in the bridge area waiting for the two to come by jumped out and shot him from the back and then jumped in a car. there are staircases that lead up the side of the bridge which certainly would allow someone to go and hide someone if he wanted to stalk a person and he was
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trying to make that get away with that car. the other thing of course is they're going to be trying to look for that vehicle. they thought that they identified a vehicle yesterday. but they have spoke on to the owner, identified the owner and found out this vehicle wasn't actually the right one. the other thing that we're hearing from the russian media as well, is they also apparently put together a video image of what they think this assailant might look like. they say it's someone who's about 5'6" to 5'7" someone who was wearing dark blue jeans and apparently a brown sweater. it's not very much they have to work with at this point in time but they say at least it's something to work with fredericka. >> clearly it now shows not only was he being followed but there may have also been somebody lying wait for him to confront him at that very moment.
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last year boris told anthony bore -- >> it's a general security problem for the russian problem and the rest of the world. we were very stable and very unpredictable system. right? what's happened with this country. without balance, without understanding for the next center. this is for real a very unstable
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and very unpredictionariable country. >> so could this can killing change the popular support president vladimir putin actually enjoys within russia. let me bring in kimberly dozier a contributor to the daily beast. all right, good to see you, even in the context of this rough world of russian politics and intrigue because of the details of this murder and the person that we're dealing with this is already kind of included ingredients of immediate suspicion that that assassination or murder does indeed involve the russian government. >> that's what opposition protesters are saying that this has all the hallmarks of an officially sanctioned operation. now russian officials are saying that this smacks of a contract
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killing meant to embarrass president putin. what it will do is send another chill through russia's opposition saying that even one of these officials, these former officials who had a high profile in the west who was willing to speak out, not even he is safe. now nemtsov wasn't very popular with a lot of younger russians he was seen as kind of an old fogie, as one of the old guards putin. most russians are backing putin, according to the popularity polls and really are buying into the russian government's narrative right now, that the west is against russia especially over to the ukraine, and they're responsible for the ills not putin's heavy handed governing. >> this is fascinate fog the world, this investigation. being president obama weighing
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in saying he is hoping for -- why is this of political interest to the u.s.? >> well it is just one more in a series of moves or incidents inside russia that cracks down on dissent, whether it is officially by the government or by the supporters, the unofficial supporters of the russian government who freelance as it were and commit acts of violence that support the putin regime. this also plays into what's going on in ukraine. the administration the u.s. administration is divided over how to check russia in the ukraine and to send a message that you're stepping too far. we actually saw that this week with administration officials one saying we should arm ukraine and another saying no it wouldn't make any difference and russia would be able to fight back. >> all right kimberly thanks so much from washington
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appreciate it. meantime israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is about three hours from landing at andrews air force base in what's become a controversial trip to washington. his opposition to an iranian nuclear deal is becoming more partisan. >> when netanyahu comes to speak, he says he speaks for all jews. does he speak for you? >> no he doesn't speak for me on that. >> does that bother you when he says that. >> yeah i think it's a rather arrogant statement, i think the jewish community are just like any other community, there are different points of view. so i think that arrogance does not by fit israel candidly. >> he knows the neighborhood he lives in and he knows his enemy, he knows their true nature he knows their true intentions. and it is his obligation not just to protect his peekople but
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to fight for that nation's very existence. so he has chosen to come before congress at the invitation of the speaker and i am glad he has accepted that invitation and i think we owe him the courtesy to hear what he has to say. >> and senator marco rubio underscore ing underscoring ---senator dianne feinstein earlier said she will attend but continues to have concerns. aaron, this trip has created quite the fuss and perhaps it's the invitation in the way it went about that caused the biggest fuss so any indication from either side about how or whether things will calm down. >> we just did just learn that samantha powers the u.s. zwr dwoor
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to the united nations will speak tomorrow but the effect it's had of both sides talking so much about this is not downplaying the attention at all. in fact is drawing mother a ging more attention to the problem. >> reporter: as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu heads to the united states for a controversial visit, there are signs he may be trying to tone down the angry rhetoric between him and the obama administration. during a recent statement he said he actually respects president obama, he said quote, i believe in the strength of the relationship between israel and the u.s. and their strength to overcome differences of opinion, those have been and those that will yet be. and from the white house a similar sentiment the day before. >> the cooperation between the netanyahu administration and the obama administration is unprecedented. >> mr. netanyahu sparked a controversy when he and house
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speaker john boehner went around the white house and arranged a visit and speech on capitol hill without consulting anyone in the state department in an open effort to -- that move was seen as a breach of etiquette and an ongoing sign of the nation -- the tuesday speech has angered democrats who accused democrats to driving a wedge between israeli and u.s. foreign policy. >> to contradict exactly what the president in very tense negotiations is trying to do and that's trying to guarantee that iran does not have nuclear weapons. >> congresswoman jan shatowski will -- >> they do -- john gainer without consulting the white house and without talking to nancy pelosi has turned this most prestigious venue in the
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entire world into a political setting. >> reporter: the israeli leader will also speak to a conference hosted by apac on monday morning just before ambassador to the u.n. samantha power offers her remarks. they hagel over how to approach nuclear negotiations with iran. however some foreign policy watchers say the u.s.-israeli relationship is too important to let wither. >> the relationship itself will recover from this. because as i mentioned earlier, this relationship is too big to fail. >> reporter: the israeli election is on march 17, the obama administration says it's policy has always been they don't want to meet with foreign leaders just before an election because they don't want to be seen as tipping the scales. 77 million americans across
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20 states now are right under a winter weather advisory or warning and snow weary boston guess what? it's bracing for yet more snow. cnn's john stater is watching for us. >> looking at it in print, it's got to help the psyche a little bit. accumulating snow power outages in the next 24 hours and no doubt travel disruptions, we'll talk all about it as cnn returns. 19 days, fred. e. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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snow this winter and could get up to six inches more and that would break all the all-time high. snow in the ohio valley is also affecting road conditions up to six inches of snow could fall or northern ohio by this evening. so many areas around minneapolis could also see a round of snow tonight. >> the complete, that's pretty good fred. march coming in like a lion. >> i love that picture. >> he brought the whole fam. the whole pride. >> we're talking about many states right now? >> should go out as a lamb which is nice. this is a transition month. but what we're seeing is nowhere
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near spring. little concerned about the washington, d.c. area to philadelphia to new york city which could see maybe one, two inches before it changes to sleet, but philadelphia could have an accumulating ice problem, ground stoppages from baltimore, newark teterboro, jfk, a ground stop for two hours. already we had stoppages on the charlotte area and denver as well. by the way, denver snowiest on record for denver. it doesn't look like much across the ho h valley. it's going to beginning in boston it's just a little bit over five inches for your snowiest week of the year. raleigh, you're now rainfall you're below or just above freezing, but you get to the norfolk, and it's going to be a little bit of a mix, up towards richmond richmond, a mix.
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bwi, reagan national ground stoppages, philadelphia you could see a third of an inch of ice accumulations and that's going to cause power outages, that's our big concern, and then the snow moves into boston a little bit later this evening, but big problems i think we're going to have to power outages, no doubt. >> you know what this tells me? is that we're going to -- the airlines because of all these cancellations, four or five weeks now, they're going to try to make up for it. >> and we're going to be awaying for it. >> staycation. still to come venezuela president's bans george w. bush and dick chain from visiting cnn's rezosa flores is following this for us. >> sanctioning the u.s. and arresting americans for, hear this alleged es edd espionage, and
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first it's americans accused of espionage. now hugo chaves is denying
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americans entry into the country. those not being permitted to enter venezuela include george w. bush, dick cheney senator bob menendez and senator mario diaz balart. i will continue to speak out against human rights abuses in venz walla, even if i'm an banned from going there. rosa the relations between venezuela and the u.s. have been very tense in the past few weeks, venezuela even accusing the u.s. of plotting a coup. >> reporter: there's been so much back and forth between these two countries, most recently the administration -- u.s. officials calling for the release of political prisoners. let me just put it this way, these tensions don't appear to be simmering. surrounded by a sea of
11:26 am
revolutionary red in caracas, the r venezuelan president turned up the heat on an already tense relationship with the united states. announcing on saturday the arrest of several americans for engaging in alleged espionage. including a pilot of latin-american origin flying an american plane and carrying what he ecallcalled all kinds of documents. four missionaries from north dakota were detained and released saturday according to u.s. officials. it's unclear if these are the americans the president was rivering to. government supporters cheered when the venezuelan president went on to list sanctions on the u.s. including visa requirements for americans, a down sized embassy in caracas and a travel ban on some
11:27 am
american officials, including george w. bush dick chain, bob menendez and marco rubio, calling them terrorists in part of what he says are human rights violations by america in iraq, syria and vietnam. florida representative mario diaz-balartl one of many voices responding on twitter, usaying i have always wanted to travel to another country that was another free democracy and now meduro won't let me. a month after the u.s. imposed visa restrictions over human rights and years over an outspoken opposition that in the last 13 months has turned into deadly protests leading more than 30 dead on both sides. as president meduro begins
11:28 am
closing the doors on the u.s. venezuela drugstruggles in it's outdivided. u.s. officials have not responded to these latest sanctions to the u.s. by the venezuelan government. but they have said that the u.s. was trying to topple the venezuelan government. the u.s. state department saying that those allegations were baseless and false. fred? still ahead, john boehner is trying to bring republicans together on a key funding bill before money runs out for homeland security. the question is can can he do that without angry conservatives and keep hiss job as house speaker. that's next. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it.
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hello, again, everyone. howseruse speaker john boehner's job could be under thet. he struggles to bring together a ethe house passed a so called clean short-term bill friday clean because it's free of provisions blocking president obama's immigration plan but the money runs out in just five days now, and there's concern among boehner's associates that if he brings a clean long-term bill to the floor, others will unseat him. the house is a rambunctious place. we have 135 members, all those members with different ideas of what we should and should not be doing. >> if your conservative colleagues come to you and say we want to try to make a play, we're done with this leadership
11:33 am
team we want to get rid of him. >> not going to happen. >> not going to happen says republican jim jordan. but one of the republicans in the house says hi has heard talk of conservatives using the ds fight against congressman boehner. so what specific -- >> thanks for having me. >> what specifically are you hearing in terms of the potential ousting of john boehner as house speaker. >> well there have been rumors floating largely on friday that if the house takes up the negotiated homeland security appropriations bill sent over by the senate that there will be some kind of a move i think it's a half baked move frankly, to somehow topple the speaker, i don't think it will be successful. but those rumors are out there. i think it's reprehensible that those members would use the homeland security bill to play some inside the beltway
11:34 am
political game that won't be successful. it's important for us to demonstrate that we can function. many groups, immigrations customs enforcement that are vital to our nation's hoimds particularly at a time of increased terrorist activity both in north america and around the world. >> and as it pertains to boehner and his life expectancy as house speaker, is this dhs funding bill the tipping point or has there been express frustration among conservatives who are looking for a way to effect his temporary removal? >> this bill that was isn't to the house, is the same bill that my house claegolleagues have voted for previously.
11:35 am
it makes no sense to me why anybody would want to go to war over this issue. a spectacle has been created. i believe what happened on friday night when the three-week funding bill failed, i mean that was a humiliation, i think for the house republicans, the democrats didn't put themselves well either i mane they were also helping stir the pot a bit. and about 50 or so on my side voting against the bill. but we have to get serious about this before the deadlines. >> are you worried about the eroding -- members of congress getting the job done particularly republicans getting the job done especially when the critics of the white house have mostly been republicans saying that the president's not taking a tough stand on protecting national security and then you've got this playing out involving homeland security money. >> well look the -- i like
11:36 am
many of my republican colleagues i oppose the president's executive action on immigration. i think he's exceeded his authority. >> are people looking at this as an issue of immigration, or fundings of the protection of this nation's security at the same time playing politics? >> i believe that the american people believe we should separate the two issues. i have never believed for one moment that connecting the president's executive action on immigration to the homeland security appropriations bill was -- unfortunately some of my colleagues in the house are a bit delusional. i have always said that self-delusion leads to civil destruction. there's not 60 votes to overcome
11:37 am
an kpekexecutive order. the american people are going to court to make sure that we're fulfilling our obligations and that those who are defending us have what they need. >> what do you see happening in the five days. >> in five days at some point after netanyahu's speech, i believe the house will take up the bill that the senate september tosent to us on friday. and it was unfort natural that ---the bill is the right bill to deem with. it will be dealt with before friday i know there will be probably a lot of drama between now and then but at is end of the day, we'll do the right thing. >> and drama playing out as soon as maybe 2 1/2 hours from now when prime minister benjamin netanyahu lands in the u.s. and in a matter of just two days will be taking to congress. where do you sit on the issue of the invitation going outside of
11:38 am
white house protocol. that netanyahu, will still be addressing members of congress and at least 30 democrats will not be in attendance that including joe biden who will not be in attendance. >> congress is a equal but 13r59 -- i speak the speaker was relevant in his rights to allow the prime minister to address congress. i tell you who broke protocol here, it was the preponderate of the united states. --- >> i'm not offended by that because the prime minister of the uk like the prime minister of israel is a good friend. >> now we're talking about members of congress, house
11:39 am
speaker who would extend an invitation to a leader of state. and protocol says the white house was informed before the invitation was extended when in effect it happened before the president was nevadaed. >> fredericka i will tell you the speaker invited the pope to address us in september, he didn't ask the white house's permission. he did it. he has the right as a speaker. >> but that's not a leader of a nation. it's almost apples and oranges because that's not the leader of a nation the leader of the vatican, but not the nation. >> we have invited numerous heads of state in government to address congress over the years since i have been in in south korea, to jordan to germany, to italy, to israel. and i have never seen such a
11:40 am
dust up, i frachbing -- it's quite clear the president and the prime minister don't have a very good relationship. but the relationship between the united states and israel is institutionally sound. >> and you don't think as a result of this kerthat the relationship between israel and the u.s. will be damaged? >> this relationship is so strong we have a great deal of similarities we share intelligence well. in a lot of ways we get along very well. this is just more two personalities that don't get along very well and i believe the president should take a deep breath and see what the prerm has to say about it. that's okay. but we can listen to our friend and respectfully hear him out
11:41 am
and then have a conversation about it afterwards. >> we'll leave it there, congressman charlie dent thank you so much for your time i appreciate it. and we'll have much more from the newsroom right after this. ng. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® comes in flextouch® the only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. today i'm asking about levemir® flextouch®. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious
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finding jesus faith, in fact and forgery.
11:45 am
it takes an in depth scientific look at the authenticity of rel liks of jesus. one of the most famous and controversial artifacts is the shroud of turin, and that it was his burial cloth. >> the shroud of turin appears to be a silent witness to all the sufferings of jesus. and then according to the gospels, after he was laid to rest, jesus is resurrected. the only thing left behind in his tomb the linen used to cover his body.
11:46 am
>> the crucifixion is among the most powerful parts of the goes sell because it's the death of jesus, the son of god, but also his entry into new life. >> it is extraordinary to finding an archeological piece that is proof of his existence, of his death and his resurrection. >> based on the research i have been involved in i think we are looking at the historic burial cloth of jesus, 2,000 years ago. >> joining us right now are david gibson and michael mckinley, they are the co-authors of finding jesus, faith, forgery on which this series is based. welcome to both of you. does this documentary, does this offer more clarity, particularly about the shroud and whether it
11:47 am
is indeed authentic, whether it will give us a more clear view of who and the imagery of jesus? >> i think it really does. we take you about as far as you can go. look the burial shroud the shroud of turin, your faith isn't going to rise and fall on whether this is true or false. but we certainly take you up to that very point where you can make a judgment. there a laep of nate with any of these kinds of objects, it's still always going to be a mystery. >> you know michael, how did you come to terms, how do you decide on what things to tackle what mysteries to try to unfold? >> well fredericka we took a three-pronged approach, on not only the artifacts but how the approach them in creating this series and to the book.
11:48 am
what was the burial linen in jew day up in the first century. and how did that object get to now? it made it manageable and it also made it very compelling. >> so what are the answers in terms of how it traveled. >> it was a dangerous thing to be a christian they didn't exist yet after jesus died. his followers were jewish. and they found these linens and they kept them safe. if they had been found with them it would not have been a good then for them. and during years past this linen was taken through europe by the -- it's had a remarkable trip. >> david, what about the scientific backing, how did you go about getting that establishing that? >> well there's -- the shroud of turin is probably the most
11:49 am
studied object in all of history really it's one of those unusual objects where scientific advances have actually deepened the mystery, it wasn't until photography came that we saw that it was a 3-d image. so there's been radio carbon dating and a series of tests that we can put it through that kind of give us a global picture of what this thing, this object is how old it really is and above all, who is that image. >> wow. we look forward to all the discoveries. again, the special "finding jesus, faith, fact, forgery" premiers tonight at 9:00 eastern time. much more after this.
11:50 am
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because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. checking our top stories, a volcano in russia forces the cancellation of several alaska airlines flight over the weekend. ash in the volcano shot some 30 feet into the atmosphere and then winds blew it across the bering see into western alaska creating unsafe conditions for planes. this is the second time a volcano has interrupted air travel in the region.
11:54 am
and almost shatner's decision not to attending leonard nemoy's funeral. shatner said his daughters will be representing the family. >> yeah, i got the cable, thanks. >> yes. >> and that's nasa astronauts barry willmore and terry dirk. and once again a small amount of water pushed into the helmet of one of the astronauts. water poses no threat to thes a as astronaut astronaut's safe eity. here's this week's open court. >> in 1975 elton john thompsonreleased
11:55 am
philadelphia freedom. what many people don't know is that it was written as an homage for billy jean king. >> elton wrote that song for me and the reason he wrote that song is he used to come and sit on the bench and watch me actually play. which were going to a concert and he says i want to write a song for you, and i'm thinking i thought he was teasing. i said you're joking right? and he said what are we going to call it? we should call it philadelphia freedom. >> you do think that inns the coolest thing in the world that elton wrote you this song. and it's a good song. >> of course he's so unbelievable. mostly as a friend which is even better. writing that song and have it be a hit. and i own the philadelphia freedoms now, the league. it's come full circle. >> it's the best signature song
11:56 am
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afraid. thousands take to the streets of moscow more on the death of boris nemtsov, and more on the three teenagers girled who are believed to be on their way to join isis. and in about three hours, israeli prime minister netanyahu touches down in the u.s. you're live in the cnn newsroom. hello again and thanks so much for joining me i'm fredericka whitfield. gunned down within sight of the kremlin friday. thousands of marchers went from the city center to the spot where nemtsov was killed. this was a rally he was supposed to lead today and it