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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 1, 2015 12:01pm-2:00pm PST

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came shortly after he was to release information. and there is surveillance video of the moment he was shot. you can see nemtsov ---a key witness, a 23-year-old ukrainian model. fred has more on the investigation from moscow so fred is this model friend being pro texted is she cooperating with investigators giving everything that she knows? >> certainly the russians are saying she's being protected but she's not in the official witness protection program. so she is in a safe location she's in an apartment that belongs to one of nemtsov's friends. there are russian security officials there, and one of the things that that lead investigator has said that they believe at this point, there is still so much information that they hope to get from her.
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she's of course a ukrainian citizen who would probably travel back to ukraine if she got the chance to if she were released to do that. however they do want to keep her there a little bit longer as a witness, not as a suspect or anything. they want to get more information from her. what they're saying at this point she is the most important witness they have. she was able to give information, she was right next to boris nemtsov when this happened and she made the initial call to the police. now the other thing that the police have done fredericka we're going to go back to that surveillance video is that they have also questioned the driver of that snowplow that went past the two right as it appears those shots were fired. he apparently told investigators that he did not hear those shots being fired but all of a sudden he saw someone laying on the pavement in his rear view
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mirror. and then this you can cranian woman came up to him and told him that her friend had been shot. and that video itself is obviously a very important piece of evidence because it does dispel the previous evidence the place had that nemtsov and his companion were walking along that route, and then -- stalked nemtsov, shot him and then got into the getaway car. >> so are investigators feeling with more clarity based on the description you just gave that this was a carefully plotted assassination with a vehicle following him, i guess to make sure that he was going the route where an alleged hitman was waiting lying and waiting? >> they certainly say this was an operation that was carried out professionally. vladimir putin came out shortly afterwards and said he believed
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this was a contract killing. he believed that the killer or killers must have known the exact route these people were taking. because before this happened they were in a restaurant together which is right on red square it's called the bosco restaurant. they went across red square, and it appears that that gunman was waiting on the bridge. so swung must have known the exact route they were taking and also that they were traveling by foot and not by car. so it does seem that the case is getting ever stronger that this case was carried out by professionals. >> but the means that they were travel -- r. last year boris nemtsov told
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anthony bore orda ooirk n that he was -- >> for the russian people and the rest of the world. build their unstable and their unpredictable system. a system that depends on one person is very unstable. let's mention for example that putin break his leger something. what happens with this country. nuclear power. a member of the united nations con council of court, right? what's happened to this country? that's why this is a very unstable and unpredictable countyry country. >> be sure to watch video with boris nemtsov that you have
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every seen before. israeli prime minister benjamin net tang yahoo is about two hours from -- he's ees's flying into a political firestorm, over his speech to congress tuesday. he is expected to oppose a possible iranian deal while white house negotiators are at the table. and it's becomes a partisan divide in washington. >> when netanyahu says he's coming to speak, he says he speaks for all jews does he speak for you? >> no, he doesn't speak for me on this. >> does that bother you when he says he speaks for all of you? >> i think it's a relatively -- there are different points of view, so i think that arrogance does not befit israel candidly. >> this has really been a fumble by the white house. the more they attack benjamin
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netanyahu netanyahu, the more atack his speech the more they amplify his message. and that's something that if you're the house, you don't want. >> doug high and senator dianne feinstein on state of the union this morning. so how does vice president joe biden -- will this speech by netanyahu potentially backfire on the prime minister? >> joining me from our london bureau a professor of political science. with so much going on in the middle east so much instability, how does this sort of stress relationship between netanyahu and obama influence that region in any way? >> well i mean the -- they have
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made it very clear that netanyahu's visit isn't very helpful to bridging the divide between the international community about iran. netanyahu should work really hard to assist the president of the united states and the american position in reaching an agreement, an agreement that puts an end to the nuclear question, the nuclear potential that iran could develop a nuclear bomb. so the fact is that this by itself tells you a great deal about what netanyahu wants, netanyahu wants a military strike against iran. a military strike a militarial campaign that could easily implode the region more than it is today. >> how do you see netanyahu's projected missaj how white that
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undermean the president of the united states diplomatic approach with iran especially when the president says allow us a little bit more time to actually make some progress and this kind of speech is only a set back? who wins that argument? >> first of all, let's not lose sight of the big argument. the big argument here fredericka is not netanyahu, it is the republican party, that presented by its top leadership inviteing a foreign leader to make a case against the president of the united states of america. to the president of the united states of america and the u.s. government that's deeply engaged in a very serious talks with a foreign power in order to avoid the outbreak of conflict between the united states and that particular power. this is the question. and secondly for you american viewers, when we talk about iran iran is under one of the
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most stringent sanctions regimes ever. this is ---to basically exert more pressure on iraq. but barack obama's is the following, that he does not want to go to war against iran and the only way to prevent the military campaign a military confrontation between the united states and iran is to reach an agreement. you have new leadership inner ran, and this particular new leadership in particularly has made major inroads to convincing theerrian ---er yachbian leader. i'm not suggesting that a deal is in the offing. but a great deal has been done and basically both sides have made progress and who knows?
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they might reach an agreement, if not in the next few weeks, prebl probably in the next few months. >> appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> all right, still to come venezuela's president bans former president george w. bush and former vice president dick cheney from visiting? rosa floor rest is following the story for us. >> reporter: social media has been lighting up on both sides as tensions continue to rise and hear this some u.s. officials going to twitter to fire back. i'll have that next.
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venezuelan president meduro
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is not letting americans into venezuela. among those the not being permitted to enter venezuela, george w. bush dick cheney senator bob menendez and congressman mario diaz-balart. mario -- even if i am banned from traveling there, #sanctionedbymeduro. relations between venezuela and the u.s. has been very tense in the past and this takes it up another notch, doesn't it? >> one of the things that i find fascinating is that venezuela is one of the top oil importers into the united states if you think about it in the business and trade world, these two countries play in the sand box. but you wouldn't know it by watching this. >> reporter: surrounded by a sea of revolutionary red in caracas,
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venezuelan president meduro announced on saturday the arrest of several americans for engaging in alleged espionage, including a pilot of latin-american origin flying an american plane and carrying what he called all kinds of dock calms. four missionaries from north dakota were detained in venezuela for two days and released saturday according to u.s. officials. it's unclear if these are the americans president meduro was referring to. government supporters cheered when the venz wail language president went into the ---including george w. bush dick cheney bob menendez and
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marco rubio, calling them terrorists in part for what he says are human rights violations by america in iraq, syria and vietnam. florida representative mario diaz-balart firing back on twitter saying i have always wanted to travel to another country that is not a free democracy and now his lap dog won't let me. this comes weeks after president meduro threatened to -- government officials over human rights and years of an outspoken opposition that in the last 13 months has turned into deadly protests leaving more than 40 dead on both sides. as president meduro closing in
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or the u.s. the u.s. house is divided. as these tensions boil over fred it really makes you wonder what will happen when president nicholas meduro and barack obama are in the same room which hear this fred it could happen next month at the stumummit of the americas which will be in panama city panama, we'll see kind of what happens when both of them are in the room. >> all right, rosa thank you so much for us in new york. still to come, snow weary boston could break their all-time snow records. some sadder is watching it all for us. >> another sunday another major winter storm, boston only needs
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stop stories, we are seeing video of these girls who are headed to syria to join isis. 77 million americans are under threat of winter weather. boston may get up to six more inches which will break the record of -- creating dangerous driving conditions whoa take a look right there, a kmov news crew capturing video of that suv spinning out on the highway this morning. and snow in the ohio valley is also affecting road conditions up to six inches of snow could fall over northern ohio by evening. so many areas around
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indianapolis could see a significant amount of snow. nobody can put away their snow shovels, their parkas their mittens, nada. >> one week from day will be daylight savings time. we turn the clock forward, it's something. the tide has to change. st. louis, in the morning, already six to eight inches. and you get to indianapolis and they have had 7.78 inches. you get into areas like washington, d.c. and philadelphia. and it's a little frightening. snow in philadelphia is goc to turn over to sleet and you may get up to an inch. ground stop in philadelphia until 4:00 but i think that's when it's going to change over and get worse. teterboro, ground stoppage, laguardia two hours and 15
12:25 pm
minutes. charlotte had ground stoppage. denver here's the snowfall across the north. and it is going to be moving into boston a little bit later this evening. 5.78 is what you need for the snowiest season. and that's 143 years of records. change to rain in raleigh. good news norfolk, you're on the line rich land you're still looking at an inch. philadelphia snowfall. they're saying one to two inches changes over to a good accumulation of ice. i think in new york city, you'll see that changeover as well. but you may see two to four inches of snowfall that could keep the ice accumulations to maybe about a 10th. we're a little concerned about philadelphia and the surrounding areas. you can see the ice accumulation we'll take a look at the snowfall there's pockets maybe, 8, maybe 10. there's so many cities to talk about. fredericka denver for the month of february on average -- >> they would be happy.
12:26 pm
>> five to seven inches would be an average february, but they have had eight to ten. >> all right, thanks so much tom, appreciate it. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu set to land in washington what not being a problem for him, landing about 90 minutes from now. tomorrow he addresses the american-israel public affairs committee. but it's his tuesday speech before u.s. congress that is stirring controversy. that is next. i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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happening right now in the newsroom in about 90 minutes, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu touches down in theist with his trip mired in controversy. will his speech to congress backfire? and it has been nearly one year since malaysia airlines flight
12:30 pm
370 vanished without a trace. so is anyone still searching for that plane. >> mh 370 is a challenge like no other. hello again, everyone and thank you for joining us. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will speak before the american-israel public affairs committee tomorrow. and tuesday he addresses u.s. congress a move some are calling destructive. netanyahu is expected to talk about iran's nuclear program. i elise is traveling with to the president and takes a closer look at the threat of a nuclear powered iran. >> reporter: for the state of israel, a nuclear iran would continue to threat israel but now with a weapon of mass
12:31 pm
destruction in arsenal, a threat to its very existence that many people in the united states half a world away cannot possibly understand. >> we have no doubt about the seriousness and the good intentions of the obama administration about it. maybe we are more concerned because we feel the threat because they are speaking about elimination of the jewish state. we are here we are under the constant iran terror threat and nuclear threat and we want the threat to be over. >> reporter: the u.s. has pledged to safeguard israel's security but there are fears here that the relation -- >> the sense in israel and it goes way beyond netanyahu, the president underst mates iran's
12:32 pm
duplicity, under estimates the in -- >> for prime minister netanyahu, tuesday's address is a warning that in his view beneath its friendly new image, iran is still intent on wiping israel off the map. >> i think he feels -- that's the sort of netanyahu mindset is that the people are in peril and he needs to stand firm and say what needs to be said and take the steps that need to be taken. >> reporter: even an iranian nuclear threshold state -- no enemy be able to develop a weapon of mass destruction, even if it means a pre-emptive strike. >> they're afraid at to the end of the day, if the administration fails, israel would be left alone to take the call whether to skep this to
12:33 pm
contain an iranian nuclear ability, nuclear capability. or to make the strike. >> reporter: israel worries that a nuclear iran would spark a nuclear arms race in the middle east and it could find itself in a group of nuclear armed enryes in a sea of turmoil. >> and 30 democrats are going to boycott netanyahu's speech. one democrat in favor of the speech is former senator and vice presidential candidate joseph lieberman who join us now by phone. why are you in favor of netanyahu's speech to congress. >> what i would say is that the speech is not my idea in other
12:34 pm
words, the speaker thinks he had the right to invite prime minister netanyahu and netanyahu said he thought he needed to take this opportunity. this is really what i'm focusing on that members of congress and others shouldn't get distracted by political and personal stuff as often happens in washington, d.c. what's on the line is a really important question which is can we stop iran from becoming a nuclear power, which not only threatens israel and our arab allies but with the iranians building sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missiles. go and listen and see if you agree with him. it's upon our country to show respect to the democratically
12:35 pm
elected leader of any other country. >> what you just spelled out about iran and it's nuclear capabilities hasn't that been spelled out by the white house that it's wisest and most advisable, the diplomatic efforts, let the planning come to fruition before there's talk of anymore sanctions. does netanyahu's speech undermine what the white house is doing. >> let me agree with the first part of this that you just said. there's no question that the white house right up to the president is following a course that they feel is most likely to end in deterringer rang from becoming a nuclear weapons power, a lot of people in congress i would say a majority are concerned about the direction in which those negotiations are going. i'm concerned myself because
12:36 pm
they have gong from the initial goal of the administration stated of stopping iran from becoming a nuclear power in return for dropping off the sanctions against them restoring diplomatic relations, and now the question is when can they become a nuclear power and that's quite different and quite threatening to all of our allies in the middle east arab and israeli. the goal is the same to the concern is that these negotiations are heading, it appears to a lot of us in the wrong direction and that although the president has said no deal is better than a bad deal with iran and agree. a lot of people in congress are fearful that we're heading toward a bad deal and that's why probably most positively there
12:37 pm
was by partisan legislation introduceded last week by senator corker menendez graham and cane. that in agreement with iran could give congress 60 days to review it and take whatever action it wanted to take. that's really a constructive way to go but this is not just netanyahu against obama, there's a lot of people in congress concerned about the way the negotiations are going and the senate wanting to -- all right, still ahead, the clock is ticking again on homeland security funding, will congress let it run out of money on friday? will house speaker john boehner's potentially facing a loss of his gavel in the process? cnn's erin mcpike is at the white house following both
12:38 pm
angles. >> reporter: fred speaker basiner is getting pressure from all sides and is now being backed into a corner. more on that after the break.
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this week the department of homeland security faces another possible loss of funding. many employees could be
12:42 pm
furloughed if congress doesn't send a fundingal bill to congress by midnight friday. that's ees's when a seven-day extension runs out. >> fred there is real skepticism that he is also quite close to another conservatives as a conservative himself. but i would also point out that there is a lot of pressure building in all corners of politics on boehner to bring a clean bill to the floor and funded the department of homeland security for the rest of the year and finding another way to deal with it. that could mean more trouble on the right. airplane security lines are open and planes are flying but travellers we have spoken to are
12:43 pm
still upset with house republicans for delaying the vote on homeland security funding for another week zblvm i voted for his people and they should be doing their job. their job is to negotiate and come to an agreement, not just fight each other. >> the only power we have is vetting. >> this democratic congressman ads -- >> the american people don't care about political gamesmanship they don't care about the inner workings of congress what they care about is that to the first responders are given what they need to keep our country safe. >> reporter: tom ridge believes. >> a little band aid of a wig doesn't help address the problem or demonstrate to people outside the beltway that republicans are capable of leading. conservatives in the house should take the lead from the
12:44 pm
conservatives, the strong conservatives in the senate and passed the funding bill and get about the business of governing. after all, wire in charge of both chambers. >> i like the think that cooler heads will prevail, i think my colleagues don't like the fact that the president has oversteps his presidential authority with all these executive orders. >> reporter: meanwhile at nashville airport, this the texan says he wants to stop the president's actions on immigration, but -- >> i would hope that our legislators scan could find other ways to push back and still keep us relatively safe. >> reporter: but again, funding for the department of homeland security again runs out at midnight on friday so you and i could be talking about this very same thing next weekend. >> is something tells me eyes you ear right, that could happen. but hopefully not. hopefully we'll be talking about
12:45 pm
some good news, a resolution or something. >> i do too. still ahead, it has been called the biggest aviation mystery in midwest. flight 370 vanishes from the sky without a trace, nearly one year later, we still don't know what happened. up next where that search stands. but first, tonight cnn takes an in depth scientific look at the ah then tis ity of objects linked to jesus. the question is whether jesus left a physical record behind. one of the most famous and controversial is the shroud of turin, which was the burial cloth. here's a preview. >> an unprecedented cnn event.
12:46 pm
he didn't vanish without leaving a trace. >> for the first time in history, we're able to place these relics. >> this is really the moment of truth. >> it's the story of jesus. >> the rock on which the church is built. >> an icon of -- >> what do we really have here? >> why did judas betray jesus. >> somebody chose to write this. >> the science does matter u is this the burial shroud of jesus? >> what are the tools he left behind? "faith fact, forgery," finding jesus, premiers tonight at 9:00 on cnn.
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12:50 pm
kan flights over the weekend. ash from the volcano shod some 30,000 feet into the atmosphere and winds blew it into western alaska creating unsafe conditions for planes. this is the second time the ash has interrupted air travel in the region. >> i've got the cable, thanks. >> sounds good. >> that's nasa astronauts the duo wrap up the space walk about
12:51 pm
two hours ago, once again a small amount of water pushed into the helmet worn by one at the end of the 5 1/2-hour operation, nasa still says the water poses no threat to the astronauts' safety. we're coming up on one year since the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. the plane believed to have gone down overed indian ocean disappeared without a trace. da'rel tiffs of several passengers offered prayers for the missing loved ones at a touchle in could you lele in kuala lumpur. the search for the missing airliner is far from over while plans to recover the plane are already under way. >> reporter: while the search continues in the depths of the southern indian ocean, a team of mechanical engineers is already planning for the next crucial step. this is an r.o.v. a remotely
12:52 pm
operated underwater vehicle. cutting-edge technology normally used in the oil and gas industry. >> it flying likes an underwater helicopters, it takes the ability of a diver and puts it into a machine. >> reporter: if and when the flight is finally located this could be the device to retrieve the wreckage and the black boxes, hopefully with the answers that went so terrible reply wrong. >> mh-370 is a challenge like no other. it's a unique challenge in the world at the moment. there's very little reference material we can use to know what you would find and what the technology is going to need to do. >> the only test case that comes close is air france 447 back in 2007 that crashed with 228 people on board. while authorities knew where it hit the water, it took nearly two years to recover the black boxes, at around 4,000 meters
12:53 pm
below the surface. the depth of the search area for mh-370 is deeper still at 4,500 meters. but there are sections that drop away to 6,000 meters and it's rugged terrain. >> it's easy to imagine a plane on a sea-day-old bed, but the reality could be different. it's the dynamic range that what is the seabed looks like that's still basically unknown. >> the australian government has already invited an expression of interest for the recovery of the flight preparing for the day when the wreckage is found, retrieves the debris and floit data recorders, as well as human remains from the ocean floor. the company tmt based in perth, is one of many vying for the multimillion dollar contract but the significance of this job
12:54 pm
goes far beyond the monetary value. >> nobody expects to step on an aaron appeared not step out safely on the other side. if we can learn from what's discovered, that would make the world a special ma placened and allow people to properly grieve and move forward. >> reporter: an overwhelming need for the xeems. anna corean, perth. first this tomorrow transformed report. and that's emergency increased demands, so we turn to similar and wind power, as renewables became all the rage. being energy efficiency is just the start. imagine if your home provided all its own energy. for instance the heat from your
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12:56 pm
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happening right now in the "newsroom" thousands take to the streets of moscow mourning the death of boris nemtsov. plus the first glimpse of three teenagers believed to be on their way to join isis. new video shows the girls boarding a bus in turkey. and in the next 60 minutes, israeli prime minister netanyahu is expected to arrive in the u.s. with his trip mired in controversy, will his speech to u.s. congress backfire? you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello again. thanks so much for joining me. a massive rally in moscow today
1:01 pm
for russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. he was gunned down friday night. while thousands commemorate him today, the investigation moves forward. authorities say they are are getting more information from the woman who was with nemtsov. fred pleitgen gaining more details. >> reporter: the investigation in this case is also moving forward. the police now appear to have gone away from the theory that he was walking on the bridge when a car stopped next to him and the woman who was walking next to a person -- the new theory appears to be based on surveillance video from the scene of the crime that someone might have been stalking him on the bridge came up shot him and jumped into a getaway car, this again from cameras around that area which is one of the most secure locations here in moscow because it's right by the
1:02 pm
kremlin and right by red square. now, one of the other things police have said today, is they no longer believe a white vehicle they believe to have identified is related to this case. they say they have spoken to the owner of the vehicle, and that that owner has nothing to do with what happened to the boris nemtsov. the main witness in all of that continues to be the 23 years old model anna duritskaya. she was walking with nemtsov. we here she's in a secure location and she is cooperating with authorities. police here say they have every reason to keep her here and continue questioning her, because she's such an important witness. one of the things that russian media is reporting, is they say apparently police have put together a computer image of what the assailant might look like based on eyewitness testimony. they believe a male between 1 meter 70 and 1 meter 75 taught.
1:03 pm
that's between 5'6" or 5'7" dark blue jeans with very short brown hair. police say they're looking for additional eyewitnesses a 3 million ruble reward. fred pleitgen cnn, moscow. confirmation that three british school girls have reached turkey on what is believed to be a journey to become brides of isis. you're looking at newly released surveillance video of the 15 and 16-year-old girls at an us tan abu bus station. investigators believe they were taken to a border crossing with syria, where they were med by isis militants. tom fuentes is cnn's law enforcement analyst. according to timecodes, the
1:04 pm
girls may have waited in the bus station for 18 hours, so with this worldwide alert that these three girls had left great britain, what kind of information would have been provided in order to know who to be on the lookout for? >> that's a good question fredricka. you don't know what the british sent to the turkish authorities and how well they disseminated it to bus stations and train stations and all the other place that is one would use to get transport into syria. so we just don't know what details they provided or failed to provide. >> it's presumed at this point -- it's been so long now, they are likely in syria. there is no tracking them down but what if anything can -- whether it be scotland yard other even u.s. authorities learn from how these young ladies have traversed, their entry points? what can they learn to either prevent or try to catch up with
1:05 pm
the next batch of young girls that are lured into isis and go by way of, say, turkey? >> i think the problem is even with what they learn, it's not enough to dissuede young girls who have decided they had to go and be -- or just help in the cause, you know that's the problem, even knowing, working with the parents, parents trying to talk kids out of it. but, you know all of the motivations that kick in for a teenage girl to go are either not known or just too strong to really persuade them not to. >> doesn't that seem to be the burning question, no matter how many times we do the story, what are the persuasive words? what are the incent i was these young girls are given? they already have some public knowledge of what isis is but what is it recruiters are telling them or promising them
1:06 pm
so they overlook all of the bad news in world and how is it they seem to believe there's some utopia if they go with think esis militants or recruiter. >> how do you prove there isn't a utopia. i think a certainly element, especially for teenager is if you're a teenage boy, you want to be like this it's kind of like joining an international street gang if you're a girl and these black universities giant words, mean tough, brutal you know all the things that we -- they're dressed to the nines, so to speak, they have bags so surely somebody saw them packing bags but maybe their family
1:07 pm
members thought they were going to a sleepover and didn't know they were leaving town? what do you see when you look at they images that might help in future surveillance or even teaches you something about these young girls? they looked like they were willingly going somewhere. >> what i see are kids children almost that are just young, naive, maybe downright stupid and aren't going to listen to an adult's version of what awaits them when they get to syria. much of what awaits them they already think is great. you will have a certain number that just think this is that good old-fashioned religion and they want to establish, they want to establish the caliphate, help the warriors be warriors. there's just so many possible motivations for anybody, much less 15-year-olds to do it. we've had the three girls from denver that wanted to do canadians girls, british girls, and actually they're coming from all over the world.
1:08 pm
we now about that about 1 in 6 that travel to syria to join are girls. >> wow. remarkable numbers. tom fuentes, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. in about 30 minutes from now, benjamin netanyahu is scheduled to land in the united states but our nest guest says the speech doesn't matter because the u.s./israel relationship is too big to fail. aaron david miller explains, next.
1:09 pm
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1:12 pm
all of israeli citizens even those who don't agree with me. for the entire jewish people i'm deeply worried about the security of all of israel ace citizens and about the fate of the nation and the fate of our people. i will do everything in my power to ensure our future. this morning senator feinstein spot about netanyahu's visit with our dana bash on cnn's "state of the union." >> when netanyahu says he's coming to speak, he speaks for all jews. does he speak for you? >> no he doesn't speak for me on this. >> does that bother you when he says he speaks for all jews? >> yeah. i think it's an arrogant statement. i think the jewish community are like any other community. there are different points of view. so i think that arrogance does not befit israel candidly. >> joining me with more on this, aaron david miller are the wood
1:13 pm
row wilson center joining us. is it your view that netanyahu will still to the plan of sanctions or do you believe he's modifying his goal given the discussions that his visit further strains israel relations. >> i think he's financialing on two basket sumps. whatever agreement will be produced will not be a good agreement. second, the agreement is imminent so is he feels a certain amount of urgency to make his case. this guy has cared about iran for a long long time and it is the way he identifies. he is not going to be the architect of a palestinian state. his mission is to lead the people of israel and the country out of the shadow of the iranian bomb despite the crockery or
1:14 pm
the broken -- despite the erosion of some measure of bipartisanship, he's determined to make his case. one speech fredricka isn't going to change anything. this agreement is going to succeed or fail on the basis of the needs and requirements that are now being negotiated between the two sides. >> isn't the speech that you know is in the spotlight here is it also his pow furthering his defiance if you will of coming even, but the without has said you know the president is not even going to meet with him? >> yeah it's driven i think by a perfect storm. iran is now in the end game. you have a republican-controlled congress that's determined to put its own imprint on american foreign policy and challenge the president, and then you have israeli elections. what you have to ask yourself is this being driven by conviction or is it being driven by political pragmatism
1:15 pm
and the need to dominate the political stage? >> and what will most people interpret? >> i think it depends really on what you think of mr. netanyahu. his admirers and defenders will argue this is a conviction play that israel simply cannot allow the kinds of risks and uncertainty that an american president can have with respect to iran's putative -- and his detractors will say thinks simply cheap politics. he knows he cannot impose an agreement. i don't know you know i'm not an advocate i'm an analyst, but i will say one thing. i've had both netanyahu and the late prime minister rabin say the exact same thing when it comes to seniorsly. and i quote, both of them said the same thing -- don't preach to us about our security needs
1:16 pm
and requirements. you live some chevy chase, maryland. we're sitting out here in a very dangerous neighborhood. and whether or not you agree with that proposition, you really really can't trivialize security needs, and you ought to listen to netanyahu present them. i'm not saying in the end he's right, but the reality is where you stand in life if you're a nation has a lot to do with where you sit. and washington and jerusalem are sitting in very different places. >> okay but payment the u.s. is either inviting or sometimes willingly saying that, i guess, more apt to or yeah willingly going to be a participate in helping to resolve whatever kind of instability there might be in that region. so there is a u.s. interest, is there not? >> there absolutely, and the president believes and so does john kerry, and most of that
1:17 pm
negotiating team that in effect they can produce an agreement that will also appropriate israeli neither and requirements. maybe they can, but i think in the end it's got to be a balance between our needs and requirements and israel's and under these two, obama/netanyahu, we haven't found it yet. >> thank you so much aaron david miller. >> a accomplish. the iraqi military with a major operation to take a key city back from isis. ben wedeman is in iraq. ben? >> yes, we'll talk about this could be a very major test for the iraqi army against isis. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome;
1:18 pm
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1:21 pm
the iraqi, for much of the past eight months also the hometown of former dictator hussein. >> ben, there had been talks by days
1:22 pm
be the biggest test yet but tell be a hell of a text. tikrit has more than 200,000 people. it's the birthplace of saddam hussein, the vast majority is sunni sunni many of them -- as well as the iraqi army the prime minister has warned those people that this is their last chance to give up. so far in much smaller towns and
1:23 pm
villages isis has made very different going for the iraqi army using ieds, mines, bobby traps, so going into a city of 200,000 with a population that isn't necessarily well discusses posed will be quite a test. debra? >> all right. ben wedeman, thank you so much. coming up. venezuela president bans george w. bush and dick cheney from visiting, that's next. plus here's this week's ones to watch. >> our next ones to watch is in the locker room and ready to roll. jennifer lopez has hired him as choreographer, but found his dancing so captivating she haus pulled him from behind the scenes to perform with her center stage. what is it ma makes him so irresistible to the stars. >> he's the best dancer in the
1:24 pm
world. the thing that makes chris and people like beyonce and j. lo michael jackson, is the fire. you know i think when michael passed away he left his soul with chris. it's like your last dance always, he does there. >> the spins, the hits the thrusting, chris spent his child childhood studying michael jackson's moves. the king many pop had a magic he was desperate to understand. >> the way he transformed when he got on the stage, the way he owned the stage was amazing to me. he really made me feel how he was feeling. it's one thing to learn and do all the stuff, but for you to embody it and feel it and have the emotions you know, it's
1:25 pm
really tough. i was taught to always rerehearse rehearse until it becomes you, you don't have to think.
1:26 pm
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good. i hate surprises. ahhhh ahhhh are you ok? nope. we treat you like you'd treat you. we've already given more than 175 million free fico® credit scores to our cardmembers. apply today at police in moscow have new theories in their investigation into the murder of a key russian opposition leader boris nemtsov was known as a fierce critic of russian president putin. he was supposed to laid an opposition rally today. instead it turned into a march to commemorate him. cnn's matthew chance was there. >> reporter: for thousands of
1:29 pm
people you can see have turned out to pay their respects to boris nemtsov. they're chanding that russia will be free marching across the bridge in the shadow of the kremlin where boris nemtsov was gunned down. what message do you think this killing has sent to russia? to russians? >> wake up. wake up. >> reporter: some of the messages on the signs have been very moving indeed. one of them says propaganda kills, a reference to this idea that whoever odd the the killing of boris nemtsov, whoever ordered the trigger, it's the atmosphere that if you're opposed to the kremlin, you're the enemy of the state, the context in which he was killed. that's what most people are concerned about here. do you believe that president putin is responsible for this killing? >> we do believe in this and we
1:30 pm
believe that all current troubles the country is going through is because of his presidency. >> reporter: despite these big crowds and enormous turnout, the popularity of vladimir putin is extremely high some opinion polls in the region of 86%. the question is will this change russian politics or simply send the message if you're opposed to the kremlin, this is what could happen to you? matthew chance cnn, moscow. lostary, boris nemtsov told anthony bore deign he had become increasingly concerned how president putin could be undermining the russian political system. >> the problem is that general security problem for russian people and for the rest of the world is that we build very unstable and very unpredictable system.
1:31 pm
the system when everything depends on one person is very unstable. let's imagine that for example, putin breaks his leg or whatever his -- what's happened with the country? nuclear power. a member of the united nations counsel 8 on security right? what's happened with this country? that's why this is real very unstable and unrickable country. be sure to watch the rest of this amazing discussion the bore bourdain airing at 7:00 p.m. new ties between the u.s. and venezuela are deteriorating. first several americans were arrested accuse of spying now the country is banning prominent u.s. officials from entering. among those not permitted,
1:32 pm
former president george w. bush former vice president dick cheney senator menendez and mario diaz-balar. senator mennen decent tweeted this -- #sanctioned by maduro. rosa now it's worsened. what's going on? >> you know it's not just the relationship between the u.s. and venezuela that's been boiling over. the situation within the country is also very, very tense. there's been massive protests. just a few weeks as there was the arrest of hear this the mayor, an opposition leader of the capital of venezuela for allegedly being in cahoots with the u.s. government to overthrow the maduro government. surrounded by a sea of
1:33 pm
revolutionary red in caracas, nicolas maduro turned up the heat on an already tense relationship with the united states. announcing on saturday the arrest of several americans for engaging in alleged espionage. including at pilot of latin-american origin flying an american plane, carrying what he called all kinds of documents. four missioniaries from north dakota were detained in venezuela for two days and released saturday according to u.s. officials. it's unclear if these are the americans president maduro was referring to. government supporters cheered when the venezuelan president went on to list sanctions on the u.s. including visa requirements for americans, a downsized u.s. embassy in caracas, and a travel ban on some american officials,
1:34 pm
including george w. bush dib cheney bob menendez, and marco rubio. calling them terrorists in part for what he says are human rights violations by america in iraq, syria and vietnam. florida representative mario diaz-balart, one of the many voices firing back on twitter saying -- i've always want to do travel to a corrupt country that is not a free democracy, and now castro's lapdog won't let me. all this coming weeks after president maduro accused the u.s. of plotting to overthrow his government a month after the u.s. imposed visa restrictions on venezuelan government officials over human rights and years of an outspoken opposition that in the last 13 months has turned into deadly protests leaving more than 40 dead on both sides. as president maduro begins
1:35 pm
closing the door on the you see, venezuela struggles on its house divided. the u.s. has not responded to the latest sanctions. as for the alleged plot against the maduro government by the u.s. government the u.s. government has come forward and said those allegations are baseless. now, fred a lot of these u.s. officials who were on that list of terrorists that maduro listed have gone to twitter to show their outrage. i want to read to all tweet. this is from state representative illeana ross-d. proud to be banned. i will continue to advocate for human rights #sosvenezuela. we're see a lot of this on line. >> rosa flores thank you so much. we'll be right back. ouncer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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ben bhin netanyahu scheduled to land in the u.s. in about 20 minutes, and expected -- let's bring in our political panel. cnn's senior political analyst ron brownstein also the editorial director at the national journal. good to see you. ron, to you first, democrat senator dianne feinstein said today, she will attend the speech of netanyahu, she's be respectful but cautioned in his 2011 address, he in her words,
1:40 pm
threw out a lot of harsh red lines, threw out the gauntlet she says. wants to hear what he says to do if there's no iran agreement. will netanyahu likely deliver on that? >> well look i mean i think, as aaron david miller pointed out before security issues look very different from the vantage point of the prime minister of israel from the president of the united states often, but even with that you have to think this was an extraordinarily counterproductive decision by prime minister netanyahu to undertake this intervention in this way, virtually unprecedented for a foreign leader to involve themselves in such a direct confrontation with the president. we see intense polarization around this along party lines, over an issue historically headline divided the parties, that is support for israel. i think what he has done is created a climate in which it's going to be harder to have a reasoned debate about the -- if an agreement is reached, with
1:41 pm
iran which is necessary to have that debate. i think he's made it harder more partisan and i think this will be looked at as a mistake. >> partisan intense polarization so i wonder doug, do you agree with that? "the washington post" actually writing today this might be the most important speech of netanyahu's career. do you agree with that? >> i think it may be. i think it may es be the most important speech we've had in israeli/american relations for a long time. >> what do you mean? >> what we see right now is u.s. and israeli relations are at the worst they've been in at least a generation if not before. certainly the israeli government feel that american hasn't been the ally,en there for israel, certainly with the relation ship in the way they need. they feel threatant every day, even the boycott, the sanction strategy that takes movement -- trying to make money out of the economy at the expense of
1:42 pm
palestinians in the west bank there are real concerns that israel has right now. it's not surprising to be that benjamin netanyahu, with america not being the friend it's traditionally has been that they're going to be concerned about that. >> what about leadership even though you have the backdrop of you know all this theater around neddenia hue's invitation, eyes are still on the leadership of netanyahu for israel the leadership of the president of the united states obama, so i wonder with this event, this addressing of congress does this harm the leadership of either one of the men that i just mentioned, or does it embodden the leadership of either one? ron? >> look i think it narrows prime minister netanyahu's interest i think he has identified himself with one party, the republican party to a greater extent that i anyone -- that's aaron david miller who worked with six secretaries of state would give you the same
1:43 pm
analysis and i think that weakens his influence. i think the larger question though that prime minister netanyahu and other critics of this deal will have to answer is what is a plausible alternative that will do more to contain and defer the iranian nuclear threat. is the other alternative a military force? can you imagine a sanctions regime that would truly defer this and ka inthis threat? no one is suggesting that the agreement would eliminate the threat but to that it could be rolled back is there a viable alternative that the western nations would genuinely approve? >> do you see this as boehner's approach potentially undermining any progress the white house may have made says it pertains to diplomatic efforts towards rarn. >> when iran talks about a plausible alternative i wonder if we're talking about farce dhs or vail. there's obviously a lot of
1:44 pm
problems that congress is facing but ultimately what i worry about is how the white house or what i see from a communications perspective is they have actually amplified the message. if they had ignored this as much as possible -- >> what do you mean ig noir? how do you do that? >> what we have seen is the white house on the record off the reasonable. be critical of this happens the more they do that the more they elevate the platform. if they don't like what he's saying the best thing they could do is to say as little about this as possible and try to move on. >> all right. doug high ron brownstein we'll see how things shape up on tuesday. we'll have to have you back to reflect. this is before the fact. next week after the fact. >> it won't be boring. >> it's going to be quite a week. all right. very good. doug ron, thanks so much. guess what? it is happening yet again. 77 million americans this time bracing for another winter wallop. what it means for your monday morning commute. but first, cnn's chris cuomo
1:45 pm
takes a look at today's "impact your world." >> this was cool, though. eat up and don't give up. >> the notes share messages of hope and more each symbolizes a slice of free pizza, for those who can't afford one. >> one day a customer came in he offered to prepurchase a slice for the next homeless person who came in short, mush roomed into the thing where we've given away 9,000 slices in ten months. >> the homeless community obviously really appreciates it. it's a very flexible program that affords them access to food which, you know they leave. >> the concept has customers flocking in for a. >> a slice for me and a slice for the homeless to give bomb. >> mason mortgageman started rosa's named after his mom. he calls in an elegant solution to the problem of hunger. one he hopes other businesses
1:46 pm
will adopt. >> we have thousands of restaurants throughout the country. i mean we could largely feed a lot of people very quickly if just a fraction of them acted in similar ways. >> for those like michael rodriguez, who is homeless the pizza and words of support make all the difference. >> coming in to get pizza, which is my favorite food is really great. >> i've been where you're at. trust me, your miracle will come, just take time.
1:47 pm
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit checking our stop stories, now, a fugitive american pastor accused of dozens of sexual assaults have been arrested in brazil. victor barnard faces extradition to the u.s. barnard was featured on cnn's "the hunt" with john walsh last year and again this past week. william shatner is defending himself after his decision to skip leonard nimoy's funeral. he explained that he was in florida for red cross ball and could not make it to los angeles
1:51 pm
in time. he says his daughters are representing the family. 77 millions americans are -- later on today and tonight, yes, boston already socked by 8 1/2 feet of snow this winter could get up to 6 more inches by monday. that would break the city's all-time snow record. the wintry weather that clobbered parts of is the southern plains is marching east creating really dangerous conditions. there captured the video of that suv spinning out. snow in the ohio valley is also affected radio kins up to 6 inches of snow could fall -- and many areas around indianapolis could also see a similar amount of snow by tonight. cnn's tom sater keeping track of all of this boy, that's a lot. >> another sunday another storm. >> march coming in line a lion
1:52 pm
we have though think positive. 19 days for the first day of spring by this time next week daylight saving time begins and st. louis, the warning has lifted after 6 to 8 inches. indianapolis -- my concerns of d.c. it's baltimore, philadelphia and new york. look at the ground stoppages. i think that's where a good and that's on the threshold of losing some power. 1 to 2 inches of snow but -- excuse me 2 to 4, but not as much ice, maybe a tenth of an inch that would be bad for your overnight period into the community tomorrow morning. they had ground stoppages, too.
1:53 pm
denver too had ground stoppages, denver you broke a record from the records go back to 187 ons, but you can see the snow. we're watching it carefully. thanks so much tom. appreciate it. all right. just into cnn, isis militants in northern syria have released some 20 assyrian christian hostages according to the head of the opposition syrian observatory for human rides. the hostages were among some -- captured on february 23rd when isis swept through several villages in northern syria. of course we'll bring you more details as we learn them. we'll be right back.
1:54 pm
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they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. today cnn heroes recognizes a 12-year-old girl who invented a special cup. she's now sold 11,000 of them. they're going used by a lot of people. take a look.
1:58 pm
>> my grandfather has parkinson's that causes him to shake. he spills all the time. i decided to make the kangaroo cup. i came up with the idea when i was around 8 or 9 years old. i want to do put legs on the cup, because i figured that it wouldn't be as likely to spill. the original cup was made out of porcelain. we decided to make a plastic version so it can be used by anybody like little kids people with mobility issues. i have a design team and they really do help me so much. colorwise. >> yeah the blue. >> lily has sold about 11,000 cups total. many of her classmates and teachers don't even know what she's doing. >> it would be like the next big thing. >> i do keep the talk to a minimum. >> i remember reading about it.
1:59 pm
>> now the word is getting around school like wait lilly, she did what? she inventsed this cup? my gosh that's so cool. >> lily how are you doing? >> good. the cup has changed my grandfather's life. that's the only cup he uses now. once the kangaroo cup came the other cups were just out of the picture. >> one day i wanted to give money to parkinson's research. hopefully it will find a cure. >> here's to you. >> oh, what an extraordinary little girl. that's fantastic. thanks so much for joining mess all day. much more in the "newsroom" straight ahead with poppy harlow. \s . 5:00 eastern, this