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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> happening now, tensions strained with israel and the united states. prime minister benjamin netanyahu waking up in washington this morning one day before he speaks to congress about the dangers of the nuclear deal with iran. will it pay off? team coverage breaking down that story ahead this morning. good morning. welcome to "early start." it's monday. i'm christine romans. first trading day of the month. >> i hope that keeps you going all day. good morning. i'm john berman. march 2nd. 5:00 a.m. in the east. developing this morning, tension with the obama administration and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has reached a peak as the israeli leader arrived in washington this morning to speak to the group aipac. tomorrow the prime minister will speak before congress. both speeches are expected to be highly critical with the united states and iran over iran's
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nuclear program. israeli prime minister has said he believes that the nuclear program which iran says is peaceful poses a threat to the israeli existence. let's bring in the latest from erin mcpike. >> reporter: john christine, israeli prime minister netanyahu will speak in a few hours. this rift has been growing throughout the weekend. we have heard congressional democrats speak out on this, including california democrat dianne feinstein on the state of the union on sunday. calling netanyahu arrogant. >> he doesn't speak for me on this. he doesn't at all. >> does that bother you? >> yes. i think the jewish community is like any other community. there are different points of view. so i think that arrogance does not befit israel. >> reporter: we did learn on sunday afternoon that u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. samantha power will focus on the relationship with the u.s. and israel. she is speaking just after netanyahu does so it could be a little bit awkward. however, the u.s. has tried to keep an open dialogue with israel around this trip and to that end, secretary of state john kerry spoke by phone on sunday with netanyahu about the negotiations with iran between the u.s. and iran. we should be getting more detail bs s about that in the coming days. >> thank you. the obama administration argues it is trying to ease the friction with israel. it criticized prime minister netanyahu for accepting the speaker's innvitation to speak before congress without talking to the white house. >> has the white house damaged the relationship? >> the animosity between the white house and the prime minister is no secret here in
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town. they certainly made it worse over the last five or six weeks. the iranians having a north carolina nuclear is a threat to the united states and the world. it is a serious issue. we will not resolve the issue by sticking our heads in the sand. the prime minister can talk about this threat better than anyone. >> the american people are not the only audience for netanyahu's speech. he faces an election in israel in two weeks. the clash with the obama administration has been controversial back home. standing by with the latest on that is cnn's oren liebermann. >> reporter: good morning, christine. the timing of the speech allowing netanyahu to play to two audiences. it will be a prime time speech in israel where opinions are split on netanyahu's decision to
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speak before congress. the recent poll by channel 10 israel shows 38% of people support the decision and equal 38% oppose the decision. what is agreed upon here is the content of the speech and the safety of israel. the disagreement is if this is a good idea or not. in the past 24 hours, we learned about the content of the speech. we expect it to be about 40 minutes. our cnn team traveling with netanyahu to washington talked to a senior official. netanyahu has insight into the potential deal and intends to inform congress about the deal with two goals in mind. he wants congress to understand the deal to push back on the administration to at least make sure that israel and safety of the country are a consideration in the negotiations. second he hopes that his speech and the information he will give congress that he learned about the deal will convince the
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administration to push back on march 24th deadline. that march 24th deadline is three weeks after netanyahu's scheduled speech and one week after a close election here in israel. >> oren thank you. happening today, secretary of state john kerry meets with his iranian counterpart in switzerland. it is the eighth round of negotiations this year on the iran nuclear program. the deadline is one of prime minister netanyahu's objectives on the trip to the united states. isis released 19 christian hostages. all but one kidnapped last week in syria. the syrian hostages were released on the orders of a self proclaimed isis court. for the latest let's bring in ben wedeman who is live in erbil. ben, what do we know about why
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the hostages were let go? >> reporter: what we are hearing from northeastern syria is that, in fact money was exchanged. this court requested ransom paid for the 20 people is our understanding. it includes 19 people, 16 men and 3 women, who were kidnapped early last week. in addition to a syrian man taken hostage a month ago. we also understand that most of if not all of these people are over the age of 50. that may indicate they are not much value on the slave market that sprung up under isis control in recent months. now this still means that at least 200 people remain missing from the syrian community in northeastern syria. last week reports that some hostages had been taken to raqqah. the defacto capital of isis in
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north central syria. it is also where there is a slave market according to our sources. we don't know the fate of the remaining hostages. they could end up on the block at the slave market. >> 200 people or more still held hostage. ben wedeman, thank you. round two of the political fight for homeland security. money runs out in five days after the last-minute stopgap fix. the funding tied to reverseing the immigration reforms from the president. time for an early start on your money. u.s. stock futures are higher. looks like a good start to the first trading day of march. best month for the s&p since october of 2011. the nasdaq up 7.7%. it is almost up to the 5,000 mark. first time since the dot-com
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bubble. it hurt. i didn't have much money then. it hurt. i still don't have much money. get ready for march madness. big swings in stocks. nasdaq reached the high in 2000. wall street will look for more strong jobs growth and clues about interest rate hikes from the fed. in february strong dollars and all this bad weather and still the stock market performed nicely. we don't know what will happen. it was a good month for the 401(k). >> i woke up every morning. tens of thousands in russia protesting against the kremlin this morning following the murder the assassination of president vladimir putin's strongest critic. we are live in moscow with this very important story this morning. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®.
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accused of taking part in the al qaeda bombing plots in new york and denmark and england. the trial featured testimony from the agents that tracked him in 2009. they were cross examined by the defendant himself. the jury is expected to get the case this week. the justice department about to release a report on the ferguson police department. the report will accuse the department of making traffic stops on african-americans and building animosity leading up to the shooting death of michael brown. ferguson officials will likely have to negotiate a settlement with the justice department or face a civil rights lawsuit. the city of cleveland says the fatal death of tamir rice was caused by his own actions.
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rice was fatally shot holding a pellet gun which officers mistook for a firearm. the shooting occurred seconds after police confronted the 12-year-old. a fatal police shooting in los angeles this morning. the video shows the suspect homeless man suspected of a robbery. it is unclear what precipitated this incident. police say they tried to tase the man, but he kept fighting them. after the suspect reached for one of the officer's guns they say three police officers fired shots at him. the incident is under investigation. they plan to review video from various sources. testimony resumes in a few hours in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. the sister of odin lloyd is expected to take the stand today.
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when court resumes, the jury will hear from a sprint employee who talked about text messages. life or death for jodi arias. we are awaiting for an arizona jury to decide. deliberations at her retrial resume this morning. arias was convicted in 2013 of murdering her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. the first jury deadlocked. a texas nurse who contracted ebola from the patient she cared for last fall is planning to sue the hospital. nina pham says the hospital did not have the proper gear to protect workers from ebola. texas health is confident that constructive dialogue will resolve the matter. polling suggests that the chicago runoff with rahm emanuel and jesus garcia is a dead heat.
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emanuel has 42.9% of voters and garcia has 38.5%. perhaps most telling more than 18% are still undecided. that is a high level of undecided after a runoff election. the city's first ever mayor runoff is set for april 7th. another winter storm socking the midwest and northeast this morning. get this there's another one waiting in the wings. meteorologist pedram javaheri has been tracking the storm for us. >> john and christine. good morning. here we go again. the case is a february to remember. new york city the average temperature for february is 24 degrees. that is the coldest in eight decade decades. toronto did not reach the freezing mark at all for the month of february. the first time since 1978. here you go. washington 41. new york we make it to 37. sad when that is a warming
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trend. it will remain in the same range over the next couple of days. atlanta to charleston 60 to 70 degrees. we have wet weather moving in. that will be the theme over the next couple of days. strong thunderstorms to tell you about in and around new orleans this morning. reduced visibility. work off to the northeast. boston with snowshowers. boston you are less than 5 inches away from the all-time snowiest winter on record. models suggest we will get there. here comes the next storm system. gets here tuesday afternoon. snowshowers across the great lakes and ohio valley gets in on wintry mix. by tuesday night, showers across the northeast. generally north of new york city. boston starts to get a couple inches. pedram thanks. 16 minutes past the hour. thousands of russians gathering in moscow to mourn the death of former deputy prime minister boris nemtsov. a vocal critic of vladimir putin. he was gunned down friday near
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the kremlin walls. sunday's rally hurriedly organized. i want to bring in correspondent matthew chance from moscow. this was vladimir putin's most vocal critic. gunned down right there in full view of the kremlin. >> reporter: one of his strongest critics over several years. boris nemtsov leading political opposition figure in this country. look how close it is to the kremlin here. the red square behind me. the cathedral. vladimir putin's presidential office is just beyond there. it is literally in the chadshadow of the kremlin. there is a mountain of flowers laid on this bridge next to the kremlin in tribute to boris nemtsov. you can see a photograph there. messages put around. messages of sympathy and
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messages of shock as well. that is the key thing here. it was not a surprise exactly that someone like boris nemtsov would have been targeted and killed, but it is nonetheless a shock. he may not have been a mainstream figure very popular in russia during his life but in his death, there is a prospect that this could change the way many russians see their country. he spoke a lot about the corruption of russia and brutality of this country and in death, many russians we spoken to have paid tribute. of the thousands that came out yesterday, they are looking again at his message. >> unbelievable. any idea who did this? the kremlin has said it is going to investigate rigorously. do we have any clues? >> reporter: there is some closed circuit television of the
2:19 am
bridge of the moment when boris nemtsov was killed. it is grainy. the shells from the cartridges fired at him, they have been reclaimed by the police. the police say they are following a couple of leads. vladimir putin has been outspoken on this. even writing to boris nemtsov's mother saying he shares her grief and vowing to get to the bottom of this and bring those responsible to justice. russia has a very patchy record on investigating these kinds of political killings. many russians believe this is just a message. a message if you oppose the kremlin like boris nemtsov did, this is how you can end up. >> matthew chance from the scene of the assassination. thank you. 21 minutes past the hour. it was a rough night for lebron james. the cavaliers, they dropped a game in overtime. you will never guess how it happened and also where lebron james took a shot shall we say.
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harden is trying to prove the mvp. lebron is trying to win it for the fifth time in his career. patrick beverly. they get tangled up under the basket. in the third, lebron trying to get the ball away from harden. then appears to kick lebron below the belt. then they go to overtime. you see lebron say he is hooking me to the officials. they let him play. ended up as a shot clock violation. the game would come down to lebron at the free-throw line. lebron was 3 for 11 from the line. the rockets get the win. 105-103. harden had 35 points in the game. the rockets tweeted out long live the new king with a picture of harden and the words king james. funny in the clippers and
2:25 am
bulls game. crawford goes soaring through the air to stop a free throw. the refs needed to stop the clock. he sprung into action. he may be 63 years old, but still moves like a ninja. in case you missed it over the weekend and you looked down you missed it. rousey broke a record in the title defense. winning in 14 seconds. rousey defeated the last three opponents in 66 16 and 60 seconds. dana white called her the female version of mike tyson. she is a perfect 11-0. if you ordered ufc pay-per-view i hope it was worth it. >> can we see the mug again?
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>> cheers to you. >> i'm joining the battle. >> i don't have a pen. >> andy scholes. thank you. >> #mugsnow. happening now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in washington set to speak before congress about the dangers of a nuclear deal with iran. this has created a lot of controversy in the united states and israel. we will break it down after this. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh...
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happening now. israel's prime minister waking up in washington, one day before
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his speech before congress against white house wishes. what does this mean for the nuclear deal with iran and will it payoff for benjamin netanyahu? team coverage on this big story starts now. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. i'm christine romans. the second day of march. developing this morning, tension between the obama administration and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu reaching a peak this morning as the israeli leader arrives in washington preparing to speak to the group aipac. tomorrow netanyahu is set to address congress. both speeches expected to be critical of the negotiations with u.s. and iran over the iranian nuclear program. netanyahu believes the program, which iran says is peaceful poses a threat to israel. let's bring in erin mcpike.
2:31 am
>> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will speak in a few hours. this rift has been growing over the weekend. we heard democrats speak out on this including dianne feinstein calling netanyahu arrogant and she added this. >> he doesn't speak for me on this. he doesn't at all. >> does that bother you? >> yeah. i think the jewish community is like any other community. there are different points of view. so i think that arrogance does not befit israel. >> reporter: we did learn on sunday afternoon that u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha power will focus her speech at aipac on the relations with u.s. and israel. she is speaking after netanyahu does. it could be a bit awkward. however, the u.s. has tried to keep an open dialogue with israel around this trip and to that end, secretary of state
2:32 am
john kerry spoke by phone on sunday with netanyahu about the negotiations over iran between the u.s. and iran. we should be getting more details about that in the coming days. >> thanks, erin. the obama administration argues is it trying to ease the friction with israel. at the same time it criticized prime minister netanyahu on sunday for accepting the house speaker boehner's invitation without informing the white house first. the speaker is defending the invitation for blasting the administration. >> has the white house damaged the relationship? >> the animosity with the white house and the prime minister is no secret here in this town. >> they made it worse. >> they made it worse over the last five or six weeks. the threat coming from iran and the iranians having a nuclear weapon is a threat to the region and united states and world. this is a serious issue.
2:33 am
and we are not going to resolve this issue by sticking our heads in the sand. the prime minister can talk about this threat i believe, better than anyone. the united states congress wants to hear from him. >> it is interesting. he mentions the u.s. congress and american people. neither of those audiences are the primary audience for the speech. that is the people of israel who will go to the polls in two weeks and perhaps elect a new prime minister. that may be the audience that the prime minister wants to address more than any other. let's go to cnn's oren liebermann. >> reporter: good morning, john. the timing of the speech allows the prime minister to address the american public and israeli public. there will be an audience. israeli public is key. the people that support those parties see this as a vital
2:34 am
opportunity to warn america and europe about the threat nuclear iran poses to israel and the middle east. on the other hand those on the left see this as purely a political move with two weeks to go until the elections. in the last 23 hours, we learned more about the contents of the speech. our cnn team spoke with a senior official traveling with netanyahu to washington. he believes netanyahu knows more about the issues and he will use the speech to inform congress about some of the details of the deal. he has two goals. first, he wants congress to put pressure on the white house to make sure that israel is a consideration and a safety of the country is a consideration in the negotiations. secondly netanyahu would like the march 24th deadline for the negotiations pushed back. that deadline is three weeks after the speech before congress and one week after the israeli elections. the polls are very close.
2:35 am
>> very close in a speech like this could make a difference. thanks for being with us. happening today, secretary of state john kerry meets can iranian counterpart in switzerland. the eighth round of necessitygotiations this year. getting the deadline extended is a main objective in netanyahu's speech. all but one hostage kidnapped last week in northeast syria. the syrian hostages released on the orders of a self proclaimed isis sharia court. let's bring in ben wedeman. he is live in erbil, iraq. ben, what do we know about why this isis court has let the hostages go? >> reporter: the reports we're hearing from northeastern syria,
2:36 am
christine christine, money was paid. a ransom and it was provided. it is not clear from whom but possibly from the syrian christian community in northeastern syria. there are 20 people released according to the human rights group. the u.k. based group. of the 20 19 were taken hostage last week. of those 19 16 are men and 3 are women and the 20th is a man who was taken hostage by isis last month. we understand that they are all over the age of 50. although this is a glimmer of good news we understand that as many as 200, possibly more syrian christians who were taken hostage by isis during an offensive against syrian christian villages remain hostage. some we're told have ended up
2:37 am
in raqqah, the de facto capital of isis. if we go by experience some of them may end up sold as slaves. christine. >> tragic. thank you, ben. we are learning new information about the british voice of isis. nicknamed jihadi john by his captives. we are live in london with the latest in about 15 minutes. round two of the political fight to fund homeland security. money for the agency runs out in five days. that is still after last week's stopgap fix. republicans are still trying to keep dhs funding tied to blocking the president's immigration reforms. the senate has approved the full year of dhs funding with no strings attached. time for an early start on your money. asian and european markets are higher. china's central bank cut interest rates to stimulate the economy. u.s. stock futures are up.
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the s&p 500 has climbed 5.5%. the biggest gain since october of 2011. the nasdaq with the climb last seen during the dot-com bubble. warren buffett sent a letter to shareholders and he said his successor already works at birkshire. this is his 50th letter since taking control in 1964. the company trails apple and google and exxon. he says america's best days lie ahead. there are pessimists who think america is going down the tubes. if you stay in the market you keep your fees low. he says the biggest risk is not investing in the stock market. tens of thousands of russian russians protesting after the
2:39 am
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tens of thousands of russians gathering in moscow to mourn thinge death of former deputy prime minister boris nemtsov. he was assassinated within the sight of the kremlin walls.
2:43 am
let's bring in cnn correspondent matthew chance live from the protest site. good morning, matthew. >> reporter: good morning, john. even now, several days after the killing of boris nemtsov, you can see a constant stream of people coming to the bridge in the shadow of the walls of the kremlin to pay respects to boris nemtsov. the mountain of flowers laid in tribute to the former deputy prime minister. messages put down as well. this one saying propaganda kills. a reference to the idea that it is the atmosphere of animosity inside russia at the moment. if you are against the kremlin, are you you are the enemy of the state. this is the context for the killing of boris nemtsov. that is the powerful message that this killing has sent. whoever pulled the trigger and gave the order, one message received by ordinary russians is if you oppose the kremlin, this
2:44 am
is what could happen to you. obviously, that could have a very negative impact on what is already a fringe opposition movement in the country. >> matthew, some of the signs of the protests read we are not afraid. the question is is that a real sentiment that will last. the investigation, is it widely trusted within the country? >> reporter: i won't say it is widely trusted. i will say that vladimir putin has been very upfront in saying look i'll get to the bottom of this. we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. written a message to the mother of boris nemtsov to say just as much. the truth of it is russia has a very patchy record indeed when it comes to investigating these kinds of political killings. back in 2006 the people who ordered that execution in the
2:45 am
apartment in moscow of a prominent correspondent, never brought to justice. so i think it is fair to say a high degree of skepticism despite what the government says the same may happen this time. >> opposing vladimir putin appears to be a dangerous line of work. matthew chance thank you. the justice department about to release a report on the ferguson police department. they were making discriminatory traffic stops on african-americans leading up to the shoot death of michael brown. this has been critical to balancing the city's budget. the city of cleveland says the death of 12-year-old tamir rice in a police shooting was directly caused by the boy's own actions. the city is responding to a lawsuit filed by the family.
2:46 am
rice was fatally shot holding a pellet gun. video shows the shooting occurred seconds after police confronted the boy. dramatic video of a fatal police shooting in los angeles. shows officers involved in an altercation with a man reportedly homeless suspected of robbery outside a shelter on skid row on sunday. it is unclear what precipitated the altercation. the police tried to tase the man, but he kept fighting them. he reached for an officer's gun and three separate police officers fired shots at him. the authorities say the incidents is under investigation. they will review the video from various sources. some of the police officers wearing vest cameras. more evidence to go over here. >> new questions. let's see what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. >> i'll talk to you about the case you showed us on video.
2:47 am
the big story is the mounting tension over benjamin netanyahu's speech before congress tomorrow. he is here now. we will get a preview of what he will say in a pro-israel lobby speech today. what is the message on iran and why is there tension with he and president obama. and jews. the poll numbers here that give an interesting picture of what is expected here in the united states and back in israel. we will break that down. we will get into the case of the los angeles police shooting. it is on video, as you saw. the reason that the officers faces are fuzzy, according to the authorities, not all officers involved in the shooting. they fuzzed the faces. the pattern is going to present familiar. what was done? was this force needed? what other lesser force was used? we will have experts here to
2:48 am
weigh in. every one of the cases, john and christine, seem similar, but every one is fact driven. >> thanks chris. we have new information revealed about the isis executioner. he is described as a loner. as someone who is cold. someone who is strange. we are live in london with the new details next.
2:49 am
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2:52 am
new details this morning about the isis fighter known as jihadi john. a terrorist defector who met mohammed emwazi two years ago tells the bbc says the man was a cold loner who wanted to appear in terrorist videos. describing emwazi as odd and strange. let's get the latest from nic robertson in london. >> reporter: good morning, john. odd and strange because he was living in a house in syria with a group of other british jihadists. according to the isis defector jihadi john, mohammed emwazi would take himself off to pray by himself with a close group of friends rather than doing what other fellow jihadists were doing, praying in large groups. that would set him apart. a journalist in britain contacted by emwazi by e-mail in
2:53 am
2010. emwazi telling him i'm a dead man walking. he explains the reason for that. i'll give you more background and detail here. emwazi believed it appears by british intelligence and the police to have had connections with al shabaab, the forerunner of al qaeda in somalia. helping fund them. closely associated with people fighting with them. perhaps this was why he was under scrutiny. he says he feels like a dead man walking because he advertises on e-bay to sell his laptop. he says his laptop is believed to be in a gang that has been ripping off local residents in a rich neighborhood close to where he lives. he advertised his computer. he goes to the tube station to sell it to somebody he met. he told that person about his surname. the man says without checking the computer, muhammad, thank you very much.
2:54 am
this is the picture painted. a loner associated with terrorist circles. >> nic robertson. thank you so much. 53 minutes past the hour. silicon valley is where all the money is. not for everyone. we have more on a clash with the haves and have-nots there next.
2:55 am
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2:58 am
february. the s&p 500 up 5.5%. the biggest gain since october of 2011. the nasdaq almost reached 5,000. it hasn't seen that level since the dot-com bubble. another clash with the haves and have-nots in silicon valley. bus drivers who shuttle employees to work at apple, yahoo! e-bay and zynga are union unionizeing unionizing. they are following in the footsteps of federal bureau of investigation facebook drivers. they see this money made in silicon valley. these are the people who get those people to work. >> they don't get the piece of the ipo. israel's prime minister wakes up in washington one day before the speech before congress. all of the details on "new day" starting now.
2:59 am
>> tension may be at its worst right now. >> animosity with the white house and the prime minister is no secret. >> we have a difference of opinion on how to handle the iranian account. >> they need a nuclear program for peaceful purposes the way i need a ham sandwich. >> the politicians killed in the center of the city next to the cripple kremlin. >> the russian authorities. >> it will be scandal not only in moscow city, but the world. they came out with the guns and shot him five times. >> they always shoot to kill. >> that man is dead now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." tensions between the leaders of
3:00 am
israel and the united states are unusually high. just hours, prime minister netanyahu will speak to a pro-israel lobby group ahead of the address before congress. we will layout his take on the current situation with here is from bb accepting this invitation from congress without the white house building in the loop. that led to a snub by the president who will not meet with bw while he is avenue here. >> and this speech is dividing americans, it's dividing democrats and even the jewish community. should speaker boehner have invited netanyahu without notifying the white house. and this comes with enormous political risk just two weeks before israelis decide whether or not to elect netanyahu. let's begin our coverage with cnn's white house correspondent jim accost at that. >> reporter: the white house is offering an icy welcome to israel prime minister netanyahu, the prime minister is it in washington to warn the world that the negotiations over iran's nuclear program about backfire. he


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