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tv   New Day  CNN  March 2, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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el and the united states are unusually high. just hours, prime minister netanyahu will speak to a pro-israel lobby group ahead of the address before congress. we will layout his take on the current situation with here is from bb accepting this invitation from congress without the white house building in the loop. that led to a snub by the president who will not meet with bw while he is avenue here. >> and this speech is dividing americans, it's dividing democrats and even the jewish community. should speaker boehner have invited netanyahu without notifying the white house. and this comes with enormous political risk just two weeks before israelis decide whether or not to elect netanyahu. let's begin our coverage with cnn's white house correspondent jim accost at that. >> reporter: the white house is offering an icy welcome to israel prime minister netanyahu, the prime minister is it in washington to warn the world that the negotiations over iran's nuclear program about backfire. he speaks to the pro israel lob
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wree apac later today and will address congress tomorrow. the white house not remaining silent today, susan rice and u.n. ambassador samantha power will also address apac today. president obama is sitting down for an en view with the reuters, he will also been pond responding to netanyahu. rice said netanyahu's speech was, quote h destructive but boehner says he is he getting a lot of interest. here is what he had to say. >> they certainly made it worse over the last five or six weeks. the debt coming from iran and the iron neens having a nuclear weapon is a threat to the region region it's a threat to the united states and a threat to the rest of the world. this is a serious issue and we're not going to resolve this issue by sticking our heads in the stand. the prime minister can talk about this threat i believe, better than anyone. >> reporter: and there are hard feelings inside this white house
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about netanyahu's vits. i talked to a senior administration who said netanyahu is trying to make himself the center of attention and the president will not be sitting down or talking to noou this week because the israel elections are just around the corner but as one senior administration official said don't even expect a phone call. >> all right. jim, thanks so much for that. so it's clear, benjamin netanyahu is not backing down so what will the israel prime minister say and how will it play is this global affairs correspondent traveled with the israel prime minister she has that part of the story. >> reporter: prime minister netanyahu spent the entire flight to washington from jerusalem about 12 hours working on that speech sharpening that language senior officials traveling with him telling us that he's going to use this opportunity to lay out the deal with iron that's shaping up as he knows t officials say israel has a great deal of understanding about this deal shaping up.
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he does not feel prime minister netanyahu that congress has been fully informed and so he wants to lay out the deal why he thinks it's bad for israel the united states and the world and also urge congress to put some pressure on the president obama administration to push back a march 24th deadline for a political framework. he says he's not against any agreement at all, but this is a bad agreement. i do think today, though he's going to use this address to apac that pro israel lobby to lower the temperature a bit, to try to mend fences a little bit with the administration saying he has a lot of respect for the president, the white house and try to take out the politically fraught tone of this speech. he's going to say, listen the relationship between the u.s. and israel always bipartisan always has been always should be. back to you guys. >> now it's just unusual that we have the leaders who seem to be presented a different face than the overall relationship between the two countries and that's causing some tension obviously.
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so let's bring hope in peter gonart and gid yan rose. is this a good move for prime minister netanyahu? >> politically it might be he's a good politician so he's clearly betting this is going to help him in the campaign and that he'll gain more than he loses by siding with the republican congress against the democratic administration. so literally it is. in terms of the broader strategy for the region and boarder u.s. israel relationship it's a disaster i think. >> you look at the numbers, peter, there is tension here. we are put up the poll about how this is being seen if this had general. here is the favorable opinion of him. going through the ages those aren't great numbers, he's certainly up against it there. we're hearing about division here among american jews israel juice. >> israel problem is that although it's very strong in washington right now it's based out there in the country looks
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like the republican party. it's older white voters african-americans, latinos and younger voters including judger jewish voters are more critical of israel and this in the long-term demographically could be a problem for israel's base of support in the united states. >> the white house is being a little cagey about it but senator feinstein comes out with something where when prime minister netanyahu says listen i have to think about all jews feinstein says this. >> he doesn't speak for me on this. he doesn't at all speak for me. >> does that goert bother you when he says he speaks for all jews? >> i think it's an air fwant statement. i think the jewish community is like any other community, there are different points of view. so i think that arrogance does not bee fit israel candidly. >> air kbaps. strong word. >> let's be honest.
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israelis consider the packet that american jews are over here not in israel to be a sign that they don't care enough to actually come over there so why should their concerns be taken into account? netanyahu is asserting that he has the right to speak for all jews everywhere as leader of the israel state and that makes sense in his eyes but it doesn't mean that he actually necessarily represents swrush opinion. >> right. two things here. one is obviously jews in america feel very strong ties to israel not just culturally but in term of loyalty to the cause and we see it on many different layers. i would challenge the fact how israel views american jews. when you say i represent all jews and you get push back jews usually do speak with one voice, though not through benjamin netanyahu, yes? >> i think the divisions inside the american jewish community on israel have been growing, they're growing because of an increasing generation gap. younger american jews don't see
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israel as threatened and weak as much as their parents do they certainly don't remember the holocaust or 1967 when israel was on the brink of does trucks. they've seen israel as a powerful can country. >> do you think bb has made himself bigger than israel with this move coming here taking on the white house, essentially taking it about him, is that dangerous? >> yeah i think it's dangerous because it makes people who feel like they have to choose between barack obama and benjamin netanyahu. if you look at an organization like apac its membership are mostly people who voted for barack obama but want to be pro israel. you're forcing them to make a choice and that is not good for israel. >> if you wanted to raise the question of dual loyalty you couldn't do it in a who are obvious way than netanyahu has done. >> we've voted in the election here barack obama and the members of congress represent us. we don't vote to israel. there has been a long history of american jewish leaders making it clear while we care and feel connected to israel we have american citizens and that's a
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very important point to make. >> what do you think of the white house, though returning tactic for tactic which is we don't like o how you snubbed us by being with boehner so we're not going to pete with you, was that the best response to the white house? >> it's always difficult to deal with an ally who is aligning with your own political enemies. this happened with taiwan it's happened in georgia. the white house has a problem because it wants the israelis to shut up and go away bau bu it can't actually say that. how much it should reveal it's annoyance is a political game for hem. >> you always get to express your annoyance with allies but this is different than all those other examples that gid yan just gave. israel stands apart from any other ally that the united states has in the world. >> that's true. america has tended to defer to israel on the pal stin wrans, but when it it comes to questions of war and peace for the united states and that's what iran is if this iran deal
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fails, the united states moves closer to war with iran. this is the kind of issue on which american presidents democrats and republicans, have never deferred to israel or any other of our middle eastern allies. obama is in the tradition here. >> it's easy to say making a deal with iran is dicey, that's easy to say if there's no other solution and you see iran spreading not contractsing in terms of its influence. we do have to remember in the messenger of bb netanyahu this is a man who said this 2003 get into iraq get into iraq that's the place you need to be. often you have to consider the source. >> i think it's also not just about netanyahu there's a dwros hip raes in the israel position. they have a local nuclear monopoly, they can destroy iran in a second later today if they wanted to. what this is really about with iran is a potential future risk to the israel nuclear monopoly in the region. i understand why the israelis don't want to lose that and may eventually at some future date have to rely on deter rents like
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we do but the white house tears all this talk about this threat and they hear the israelis basically trying to manipulate u.s. politics and they get annoyed. whether they should show their annoyance is an interesting question politically, but i think the white house really feels like the israelis are playing fast and loose with the facts on this deal and not presenting the case honestly. >> it is an existential threat nobody faces the one the way israel does and that's a lens through which we have to watch their actions an what they have to say. and we have to see what benjamin netanyahu has to said today. >> while netanyahu is is in washington trying to stop a deal with iran secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland pushing for a deal in the iran nuclear taubs. kn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto joins us line from switzerland with more. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn is. for all the drama and acrimoniy
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in washington the nuclear talks were right on lake geneva they're continuing at pace and in fact an accelerating pace. these talks this week were originally meant to be at the political director level, that's a level below secretary of state state, about you now face-to-face meetings added between secretary of states john kerry and his iranian counterpart. beginning tonight they're going to meet multiple times tomorrow on tuesday and into wednesday and you're also hearing from u.s. officials in effect a pre buttel to prime minister netanyahu's speech. they're say that he has been wrong before that the interim agreement which is in power right now has held back and restricted iran's nuclear program for the first time in a decade. they also say that they didn't choose this dynamic with the israelis it's not the way they want to go but that a diplomatic solution in the view of this administration is the only way to stop iran from getting a puck clear bomb. there's a long way to go in
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these talks, there's a deadline at the tend of this month but i've spoken to people from both sides including the iranian side they say things are moving in a positive direction. that certainly doesn't mean there will be a deal but her' getting closer and the level of focus here and level of work here in switzerland they're not listening to -- they're turning a deaf ear you might even say to all that's coming out of washington. >> jim sciutto, thanks so much for that update. >> breaking overnight a dramatic and deadly confrontation caught on tape. police in los angeles are investigating now an altercation between several officers and a homeless man had a ended when police say the suspect was shot and killed after attempting to get an officer's gun. our sara sidner is live this morning in los angeles with the very latest. another situation very concerning sara. >> reporter: absolutely. the video is chaotic, it's intense and it's disturbing because ultimately you see a man being shot to death in the streets of l.a.
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the video taken by a witness in downtown los angeles begins with an altercation between police and a man on the street. we don't see what caused the incident to turn violent, but the man appears to throw punches towards one of the four officers on the scene who were trying to arrest him on suspicion of robbery. it escalates ending up on the ground. you hear someone say what sounds like drop the gun. then the sound of a taser goes off. then more shouting that sounds like drop the gun yelled twice. a struggle continues and five shots are fired. the suspect lies motionless in the street. police say the suspect attempted to grab the officer's gun. >> during the attempt to detain him this individual resisted our officers they struggled with him, they tried to tase him a couple times, that was ineffective and eventually the struggle occurred where the officers were struggling with
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the individual over one of the officer's weapons. >> police say three sters fired their weapons including a supervisor. an investigation is underway. >> again, this is a very very early stages of the investigation and that analysis is based on one video which shows a portion of the incident that occurred. we want to wait until all the video is in that's available, we want to wait until all the people have been interviewed, all the witnesses, all the officers to determine exactly what happened before we make any kind of judgment whether this was proper or not. >> reporter: and you heard commander smith talking there about other videos. we understand that some of those officers did have body cams on and there's also surveillance video from one of the buildings there in the area. they are trying to look at all that as well as some of the witness statement. they are still taking the statements from witnesses. we talked to two of the witnesses and they said that before all this happened before that video started rolling, that the person who was killed was actually tased once before that but jumped up and started coming
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at police at that point in time. so in this case certainly still under investigation. a lot still to be known, but that video very dramatic and very very upsetting to many many people. back to you guys. >> we're going to have our legal analyst on in the next little while to talk about all they see there. thanks so much for that report. new this morning iraqi troops launching a major offensive against isis to capture takrit. fighter jets helicopters and artillery are attacking isis strong hold. this is the third attempt by iraqi forces to gain control of this city since isis took it over last june. it's also a key point of control in the region. tens of thousands of mourners harch against the assassination of a top critic of russia president vladimir putin. boris nemtsov was gunned down two days before a planned rally to protest russia greg's in
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ukraine ukraine. had he say nemtsov was gearing up to reveal information about russia's involvement in the conflict. >> over the weekend a parody of a toyota ad showing a dad dropping off his daughter sparking all sorts of outrage online. take a look. >> it looks like your ride it is here. you be careful, okay? >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> that isis twist has many asking some wondering does the sketch go too far? did "snl" go too far? some saying that isis atrocities are too lane no us to milk for laughs. we ask you where do you stand, do you find it funny or think it
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goes too far? tweet us or host your comments on our facebook page. >> i love t i love -- what better hallmark of democracy is there than making fun of a group that hads freedom of speech. "snl" has done bin laden, saddam hussein, this is what they do. >> i'm just throwing back to you the families that have just seen their kids leave, families right here in america, too painful for them so soon. >> could argue that they want these people to be disrespected post of all. but what do you think? you let us know. after the break we're going to talk to you -- let's show you this video again. what do you see here? do you see the police left with no other choice other than to use deadly violence or is this an example of extreme force on a homeless man? we're going to take you through it experts will break down the video. and the political fight to fund the department of homeland security starting all over again. when the dust settles will john boehner still be house speaker? superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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. dramatic video of a fatal police shooting in los angeles is sparking new questions about excessive force. in the video it shows spers involved in an altercation with a homeless man suspected of robbery outside of a homeless
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shelter on sunday. police say they tried to taser the man but then he continued resisting and that he was shot after trying to reach for an officer's gun. will body cameras make a difference in this case? want to bring hope in joey jackson and danny savalis what do you see in the video? what stands out to the most? >> the most important thing is going to be whether or not there was a reach for the firearm. once that happens police officers are trained that once it gets to that point deadly force is authorized. the other thing that they're going to consider too, is something you don't see in the tape which is what this suspect is suspected of doing. an armed robbery or other dangerous felony. >> we don't know that. >> right. we don't know that yet. that could amp it up for the police officers if they're aware that they may be dealing with somebody with a weapon. >> we don't foe what predicated this altercation. we do know police were
3:23 am
responding to a robbery call this was a suspect and then this all happened. what do you see that concerns you? shoo the big concern surrounds the process which biwhich they get to justice here. certainly there will be a full and fair investigation, don't want to jump to any conclusions, any video could be spun any number of ways. we know the lapd district attorney will be investigating. there are concerns about w. that because that's the same law enforcement entity that works in the police and we see over and over again you want public trust. in order to get that public trust you want an independent entity to be evaluating this. from a police perspective the argument will be he's resisting, he may have grabbed for the firearm, he's noncompliant they're going to argue that he had mental health issues. >> but those are all fair points. >> absolutely. 100% they're fair point. there are there's two narratives the police will argue that and from the perspective that it was excessive force they'll argue there were multiple officers there, they already tased him. was the force imminent that is immediate to the officers and was the action reasonable?
3:24 am
ultimately was the force they used the firing of a weapon, proportionate to the threat that he suppose posed? >> you can look at this two i ways. are police using excessive force, was this man resisting and was he reaching for the gun. here is one thing that we have not had prior to this is one of the officers at least was wearing a body cam rachlt how is that going to play into the investigation and subsequently perhaps legal resource? >> we're at a fascinating time in law enforcement history because these body cameras, originally defense attorneys probably thought this will over all anure to the benefit of law enforcement and not to victims, but it may actually show some police misconduct if that camera is on all the time with no volition or no control. >> is it still doesn't tell the whole picture. there's things that could have happened prior to this that we don't know about and that's where other eyewitness testimony, other cameras, we know there's a surveillance
3:25 am
cameras one of the missions was there that police are getting their hands on. >> let's talk about why what you say is so significant. it's so significant the lead up because it goes to one critical issue and that is the state of mind of the officers who were there. when you enter into a situation, how fearful are you, what is the build up to it? what do you know that we don't know? so certainly that's critical but ultimately is also turns on what happened then and was it reasonable. >> let's flip the script. the state of mind of the suspect is key and reports say that this man was dealing with some mental elt issues. we know on skid row there are multiple mental health issues that's one of the things lap stchlt has been working on getting had a community policing so they know what population they're feeling with. that does play into the state of the mind of the police and also the suspect. >> then you have to take a step back and realize irrespective of any mental health issues police are trained in the force continuum, use the amount of force needed to meet the amount
3:26 am
of force that is presented to you. once we get to the evaluation of is he going for my gun, officers no matter what their training no matter what they may make an ace about somebody's mental health once a hand goes for your firearm you're basically at the highest level and at that point deadly force is usually authorized. >> a lot of people are going to be quick to say this is another example of police brutality, reaching for the gun instead of using other ways to subdue a sus secretary. do you think it's too soon to even make that kind of assessment? >> we see what we see. it will be investigated i don't want to jump to any conclusions but there's major concern. when you grab for a gun i've defended cases when you are're grabbing for a gun and the officer has to use force. did you get ahold of that gun. >> was it likely the officer was in danger and did he need to be shot by three different officers? finally, mcculloch, again, i don't want to poo poo the process, it needs to be
3:27 am
independent and needs to engender the trust and respect of the community for us to resect ultimately what they do either indict or not indict the officers involved. >> the investigation, this happened yesterday, the investigation now will continue. danny, joey lulls great to have your legal minds on this. a man stood up against vladimir putin and what russia is to go in ukraine. he wound up riddled with bullets and dead. ma man was boris nemtsov. did nemtsov have more than an opinion? did he have information about russia that someone did not want exposed? i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit real transformations can happen as much inside a person as out. that's why you should take the listerine® 21 day challenge. use listerine® and over 21 days you'll experience a transformation. take the listerine® 21 day challenge and start your transformation today.
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hypocris the northeast blind-sided by another wave of winter's weapons. boston could beat the all time snowfall record. it all comes down to what comes next. let's get to meteorologist chad meyers. is there any chance of avoiding a record? >> yeah we're at 3 1/2 inches away i don't see how you avoid that with many more snow events possible. i mean look at this 2014 to '15 up to 103.9 inches already and more to come. the bigger story today is the
3:32 am
fog in d.c. and atlanta and charlotte, all the way back to texas, quarter mile visibility eighth of a mile visibility in raleigh, that will slow down airplanes this morning. probably 2 to 4 inches will be the likelihood but it warms up and for you, christopher, to stop your incessant whining i will finally give you a warm day. snow and ice the next couple days but look at this i give you 45 on wednesday. >> chad only in opposite world do you come at me for whining. i had to draw your tears when we were outside the last time. >> i know. >> thank you for for the latest. we will check in with you many times. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington for tuesday's controversial address to congress. relations between the u.s. and israel at least between the leaders, seem to be at a new low as bb prepares to slam the administration's nuclear talks with iran. this comes just two weeks before israelis head to the polls to
3:33 am
decide whether or not bb should be reelected. netanyahu today speaks to a pro israel lobby group. secretary of state john kerry defending israel before the u.n. human riefts council in geneva. kerry meets with iran's foreign minister later today to push for that agreement in nuclear talks which netanyahu is in washington to denounce. william shatner facing some backlash on twitter after announcing thaet not be able to attend the funeral for leonard nimoy. shatner had a charity event in florida, said he could not make it back in time. instead shatner chose to have a virtual funeral for his friend and answered questions about what leonard nimoy was really like in person. >> that's nice. >> yeah. >> all right. so one of the kremlin's biggest critics killed in the shadow of the kremlin, boris nemtsov gunned down just days before leading a big rally that was going to protest russia's
3:34 am
invasion of ukraine. ukraine's president though suggesting boris nemtsov knew too much. what did he know? we look at it ahead. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro.
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the mystery deepness into the assassination of one of russia president vladimir putin's top critics. boris nemtsov gunned down before he was set to lead a rally. did he hold damning evidence against the kremlin? let's together to matthew chance in moscow. >> reporter: you can see, alisyn, a sea of flowers that was been made this tribute for boris nemtsov. in the shadow of the cripple len ichlt you can still see days after the killing there's a trickle of well-wishers that are coming by paying their respects to this say sass that theed political opposition leader. all this a day after one of the biggest rallies that the russian capital has seen for years.
3:39 am
thousands marched in grief and outrage over the murder of one of vladimir putin's fearsest critics. >> this is something -- something absolutely unbearable. >> reporter: boris nemtsov a former russian tepty prime minister under boris yelt sin was shot four times in the back while walking with had his 23-year-old uk mean model girlfriend, the killing caught on surveillance camera. you can see the couple here walking along a braj right in front of the kremlin. just before midnight. a snowplow passes in front of them. that's when out of view investigators believe a hand shoots nemtsov then runs into a getaway car. president putin ordered an investigation and quickly condemned the killing. in 2014 nemtsov a prominent russian op sis leader compiled a detailed report on alleged corruption at the winter olympics in sochi. >> this is the most corrupted
3:40 am
games in the history of mankind. they steal about 25 billion dollars. >> reporter: for recently ukrainian president said nemtsov was about to reveal information that would prove russia's involvement in the conflict in ukraine, sig that quote, someone was very afraid of that. some mourners believe that someone was putin or his supporters. do you believe that mr. putin, president putin, is responsible for this killing is this. >> we do believe in this sthr but the kremlin says this tragic killing was simple isly designed to damage russia and to create a political storm. well the popularity of vladimir putin is still skylight latest opinion polls suggesting that it's 86% which is absolutely incredible. the big question is will this killing change those opinion poll numbers or will they simply it -- will it simply send a message that if you oppose the
3:41 am
kremlin like boris nemtsov did this is what could happen to you. >> yes, matthew those are the big questions this morning. thank you for that. as outrage and conspiracy theories swirl over the death of the outspoken krit kick listen to his prediction of his own fate in a candid interview. >> i'm a known guy and this is a safety because if something would happen with me it will be a scandal not only in moscow city but throughout the world. >> let's beginning brink in had cnn's chief international correspondent christian a.m. pour. >> good morning. >> so you hear there it sounds like boris nemtsov pre saging his own if not death at least jeopardy and just two weeks ago he told a blog i'm afraid putin will kill me. why did it seem the danger to his life was increasing lately? >> well he also told had his mother said that. he said that his mother had been telling him stop bark putin
3:42 am
because they will kill you. so this is because this has happened in the past. critics of the kremlin over the last many years have been gunned down. remember the great journalist and human rights activist anna anna politskofiya. they are not a big threat to vladimir putin. look at his favorable ratings, look at all the control he has, done of these opposition figures have any access to the state run media or anything like that but they are irritants and the notion that he was going to lead an anti-putin march for the first time in about three years probably upset a lot of the people around vladimir putin. now, the kremlin says it wasn't behind it and it is going to investigate it. putin taking the file himself. but an environment of per miss i believe has been created this russia over the last many years so that even if it was a vigilante, they knew that shutting down somebody like boris nemtsov would be something that was viewed favorably by the
3:43 am
kremlin. >> of course one of the theories is that he had some sort of damning evidence that he was going to present two days after he was gunned down at that anti-government rally. he was going to announce something. do we know what he was going to say? >> we don't really know but obviously the president of ukraine has said that and that's how we sort of know this was going to happen but do you know what alisyn we don't really need boris nemtsov to put that out. he may have had more details, but if you go to russia itself there are regular newspaper morning, you know obituaries for russian soldiers who have been killed in the war and when mothers go and, you know want answers, where was my son killed? why was he killed? they get told that they're traitors. mothers of russian soldiers who are dying in these wars in ukraine. so we know that there is that information. we also know from nato and other satellite imagery that soldiers and heavy military hardware has been crossing at various periods
3:44 am
from russia into ukraine. so we know that this is a fact. had he got specific new information that would have added to that dossier of what is known? what happens. and all of this you know goes against, as i say, the environment that's been created by maximum amount of state run propaganda that anybody who questions what the kremlin is doing is an enemy of the state. >> and, you know boris nemtsov was a well-known critic of putin and he also knew putin well. he used to work for him. so knowing putin's desire for retribution against people who speak out and knowing his iron fist why was nemtsov so willing to continue to speak out against putin? >> well you know nemtsov was actually potentially at one point the chosen successor of boris yelt sin the previous president and he was his deputy prime minister. he obviously through putin, but when putin was chosen their paths divided and diverge and he was thrust into sort of the
3:45 am
opposition path. people believe there is a very small but quite vocal opposition, you know sort of group in russia right now, but they've been thoroughly quashed and it's very difficult for them to get their voices heard. why does he keep speaking out? because people who believe that they must people speaking out despite the dangers. the real big name in russian opposition politics is navalny. and he was meant to be leading this rally this weekend. he was jailed before the rally so that he couldn't go out on the streets and lead the rally. he said nemtsov now you must lead the rally and nemtsov was killed two days before the rally. >> thanks so much for all of the context this horning. obviously we'll follow this story. the clock is ticking, the new deadline to fund homeland security just five days away. will speaker john boehner allow a clean vote in the house?
3:46 am
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
3:50 am
. it's absolutely irresponsible. i said the other night at the republican meeting that they are self righteous and delusional and they don't realize what's happening. >> that was republican congressman peter king calling out his party's right wing. lawmakers only managed to approve one week's worth of funding setting up another crucial test for john boehner's leadership. >> we've got kevin madden former press secretary for house speaker john boehner, very key credential richard sock retease, a democratic strategist. we start with you, mr. madden. >> yes. >> what do you think mr. boehner thinks he can achieve by holding up this process when it looms over our heads like the last shut down and we foe how that went? >> look, i don't think boehner is interested in interested in holding up the pro he is is. i think so much of the maneuvering was an effort to try to get the process moving. he really does want to move his conference together i think
3:51 am
that's his key goal right now. that conference they do believe that what the president did with his executive action was unconstitutional. they also believe the public is on their side. the election in 2014 this was a big part of that election and republicans won historical majorities. lastly if you look at the law, the law is on their side. the only judge is that has ruled on this has ruled that with the 26 states that are suing this action against this executive action and that has emboldened this congress to the point where we are at. but the point still remains the same that the democrats, harry reid and nancy pelosi they're not listening to the ee electoral judgment from 2014. they don't want to cede any republican authority on this. so i think that -- somehow towards the end of this week john boehner is not going to want the government to shut down and he probably will move to pass a bill with democrat support. >> kevin, you say that they
3:52 am
think the public is on their side in the 2014 election is good evidence however, more recent polling suggests the republicans would shoulder the blame if dhs were to be partially shut down or the government shut down. i want to bring hope in richard here. so this fight, i mean they waited two hours up until the deadline then they didn't extend it for a year or month, they extended it for one week. >> all they could get is a week. all boehner can do is to get his caucus extend it for one week. i'm glad kevin brings up the election. the republicans in the election said if you give us an effective majority if you give us both houses of congress and let us govern that we will korchgovern effectively. they are now failing at this most basic test it seems to me because they can't get anything done. this is like a nightmare for the american people. it's like a recurring dream that won't go away. >> is boehner done kevin? >> no. >> is this an example that he doesn't control the caucus this is the best that he can do
3:53 am
they're not listening to him? >> richard is right. john boehner, i believe, is very aware of that risk that we send a message to the american public that we can't govern. i think when you're -- and to alisyn's point when you are the president of the limited government you do pay a price should the government shut down. i think once the senate tries to move to conference this bill and that doesn't work there will be an effort to pass this and make sure that dhs is funded. >> i just want to -- because you worked for john boehner as press secretary where why is he having such a hard time corralling his conservative kau kuk cuss? >> this is not -- leadership on capitol hill is not an event it's a process. you have 50 to 60 members of the republican conference that believe that the true test of their conservativism is voting no often and that is a very big challenge. i think john boehner recognizes that and what he has been trying to do lately and i think that's evidenced by a lot of his actions is he's trying to show
3:54 am
them that the benefits of governing is going to eventually help he their conference get good legislation right now he's struggling about w. that. >> the prem had miss here is something we need to question, the idea that congress need needs to govern. i don't know that that applies. congress needs to bring hope back and forth. really this is about the white house when it comes to governing and i wonder you have an opportunity here you have an opportunity here they're not betting it done that's what you just saw from the house. now, you can either just complain about it which you guys love to do or take it as an opportunity to lead. >> i peel a little bit -- i have a little sympathy for john boehner because this is not what he wants, but what he's dealing with is a republican party that is at war with itself. there are members of the republican caucus in congress who would rather shut down the government they would rather put national security and national safety at risk. >> they are he a about opposition. >> than compromise even a little
3:55 am
bit. >> that little slice is about opposition. >> i don't think john boehner is malicious. i think he likes to get a deal done. i think he'd like to work with democrats but this is the republican party at war with itself. >> what are the democrats date of birth dog to make that easier other than pointing out what you just said? >> the democrats don't have a majority in congress so there's very little they can do. >> harry reid to have could have put it up for a vote and he wouldn't. >> they permitted in interim funding agreement to go through and i think they will cooperate to try to get a deal. i think we have to get a deal. there are reasonable people will prevail in this but it's this -- it's this kamakazi kau caucus of the republican party and they would rather tear everything down. >> you called hem malicious but the tea party stands for taxed enough already. their entire mission statement is to reign in government spending and reign in government
3:56 am
overreach. that's what they do. they don't see it asthma lishs. >> and they have a core believe that what the president is doing is unconstitutional. the president himself said 22 times that the actions that he took on immigration would be unconstitutional. >> kevin, reason you confusing two different issues in that yes, you're right, you have your legal issues you have your court fight, you have a judge on your side right now, but by doing this you're not helping that effort by doing this. you're creating another problem, not a solution. i think that's -- >> and i think that's where you have folk like peter king and john boehner and others who believe, look we've had as many votes adds we can on this harry reid and nancy pelosi are standing in the way, we have to fund the department. let the legal process work on out one side we will have another chance to reverse this action again. >> kevin -- >> the one thing that we're disagreeing over up there, it's not malicious intent it's about tactics. i think some of the tax tick up
3:57 am
there are make taking the wrong approach. >> i feel badly for you, i feel a little badly for john boehner because you are not defending these guys. the truth is that your folks want to deal. you are as frustrated as the american people are, but you all said if you had a majority of both houses you would govern effectively and you are failing at that most basic test. >> very quickly, kevin, your sons. >> i disagree with that. i think this is part of the process. it is a very messy process, richard, it is not one that we like. but, remember the president by taking unconstitutional action and forcing this debate he didn't help it either. and the democrats aren't exactly in a compromising mood they are the ones who are holding up a lot. >> do you really believe that the president took unconstitutional action you have your remedies. you can challenge that in court, you can -- already toert recommend tease that are available. >> no one said it was going to be pretty. >> watching the sausage being made or not be made in this case -- >> separate but equal. >> thanks. richard, kefb thanks so much
3:58 am
for the debate. so we are following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> this is a so err yus issue. we're not going to resolve this issue by sticking our hands in the sign. >> something happens to israel and that's knots the end of it that's just the beginning. >> the main goal here is to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> if something happens with me it will be a scandal. >> politicians being killed in the center of the city neck to the kremlin. >> this is a dangerous time if you are in any way a member of the opposition. >> shots fired. male down. >> cleveland is blaming a 12-year-old boy for his own death. >> tamir rice murdered. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back. the nuclear a.m. bigs of iran threatening to unravel the relationship between the u.s. and israel. israel prime minister benjamin
3:59 am
netanyahu arriving in washington for his controversial speech to congress tomorrow a speech the white house never approved. >> going to get a peek whether bb will double down or take a step towards the white house in just a few hours. mixed feelings about the israel leader being in the u.s. is unusual to say the least. we have comprehensive coverage of the prime minister's visit and what it means for u.s. israel relations and bb's political future. let's start with cnn's senior what you say correspondent jim acosta. what is the word out of the white house? >> reporter: the white house is offering israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu an icy welcome. as you know, netanyahu will be giving two piece speeches one today at the aipac conference war and then tomorrow to a joint session of cobs but the white house is not remaining vie silent this week. they're going to put out firepower of their own, national security adviser susan rice and u.s. ambassador. president obama will be sitting down for an interview with
4:00 am
routers and you will recall it was rice last week who said that the set up where netanyahu is going to be giving the speech to congress, he arranged this with john boehner without looping in the white house, rice called all of that destructive. john kerry sort of dialed down some of that rhetoric. here is what he had to say. >> we don't want to see this turned into some great political football. obviously it was odd if not unique that we learned of it from the speaker of the house and an administration was not included in this process, but the administration is not seeking to politicize this. we want to recognize the main goal here is to prevent iran interest getting a nuclear weapon and on that israel and the united states agree. >> now, white house officials say their other goal is to stress the strength of u.s. israel relations but make no mistake there are hard feelings inside this white house. i talked to a senior administration official who said that thank you is turning this
4:01 am
week into something of a circus and just making himself the center of attention and as you know the president is not going to be sitting down with netanyahu the white house says because israel elections are just around the corner but this official told me don't even expect a phone call. back to you guys. >> all right, jim, tui. the israel prime minister is up for election at home but he's also being evaluated in the u.s. as well as by this citizenry. so it's the politicians and the the people here. what kind of trouble is this going to cause in both places for him. cnn global affairs correspondent lisa laf vat has been traveling with the prime minister. >> the prime minister tomorrow is going to lay out the iranian nuclear deal shaping up as he understands it. the israelis have a lot of information about the deal on the table, enough to conclude it's a bad deal for israel but also for the u.s. and the world. netanyahu does not believe congress has been fully informed on these negotiations and he's
4:02 am
hoping this speech will raise questions and he's going to urge congress to pressure the white house to push back that march 24th deadline for a political framework. his aids say israel is not against any deal at at all but feels there are too many compromises that will leave iran able to move toward a nuclear weapon down the line. i do get the sense the prime minister realizes this political fraught part of the trip. he is going to use the speech today to lower the temperature, talking about how important the relationship with u.s. and israel s how it's always been bipartisan how it always should be and as jip said you can see the obama administration also toning it down secretary of state john kerry not only talking about how the u.s. and israel still need to work together on a deal but also today defending israel at the u.n. human rights council in geneva. so i think the white house realizes bickering, placing too much focus on the speech want to take the wind out of the prime minister's sales as those nuclear talks start in geneva
4:03 am
this week. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. thanks for breaking all that down. prime minister netanyahu's visit is sparking ago fierce debate among many in the jewish community. a full page ad in the new york times had this message, prime minister netanyahu, congress is not a prop for your election campaign. let's bring hope in the president of j street that's the group behind that new york times ad and the founder and executive director of the group this world he is strongly supportive of prim's visit and speech. it's great to have both of you on with your differing perspective because you disagree. in that ad that you put out you also said the visit will damage u.s. israel relations. how so? >> well i think the basis of the strength of the friendship has been that it's been able to be bipartisan it's been able to cross a whole range of ideological lines to unite behind the notion that israel's security is a paramount american
4:04 am
interest and the united states and israel's friendship is rock solid. when the prime minister works with the ambassador to washington and works with the prime minister and speaker boehner to set up a speech behind the president's back and does it to the benefit of his own election campaign to the benefit of speaker boehner's efforts to undercut the president that injects partisanship into into relationship. >> okay. your response to that? i know you support the prime minister coming here but what about all of those back room deals? >> the issue of jewish unit is absolutely secondary to the survival of the jewish people. jeremy's ad in the new york times was not against hamady who has threatened the nuclear a my lags of israel. it's against the prime minister of israel who is here to warn the world 70 yearsing ago jews were marched in death camps where they were gassed to death. his organization is attacking
4:05 am
the democratically elected leader of the jewish people instead of the dictator of iron that is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. murdering innocent civilians through hezbollah, through rockets. this is astonishing. >> before we go any further -- >> i will subordinate jewish unit -- excuse me jeremy excuse me. please be a gentleman and allow me to speak. i will subordinate jewish unit any day to stopping a second holocaust and the threats against the jewish people in cope hay began and brussels and paris, jews are dying in too many places. >> your response. >> before we go any further, your ad this weekend has done more to union guy the jewish community than anything that has happened in this country than probably several decades. i'd like you to take this opportunity to say to susan rice the national security adviser to the president of the united states that you apologize for the ad that you placed this weekend which was vile and
4:06 am
repugnant and has called for apologies from across the board. >> here is the ad. let me show the viewers what you're talking about. they put up this ad in the new york times susan rice has a blind spot. genocide. do you still stand by this ad or do you want to apologize as mr. benemy is suggesting. >> the person who should apologize is susan rice. she said that his speech alone, his speech alone would be destructive to u.s. israel relations a speak about preventing genocide of the jewish people. why is the obama administration so absolutely keyed up about a speech? why are they so threatened about a speech? i went to the church in ra a want da where those skulls are from. 8,000 ra want dance died -- >> absolutely one of the most -- >> excuse me. >> you need to learn to be a gentleman on television.
4:07 am
>> excuse me. >> allow other people to speak. >> genocide is a serious issue notwithstanding how much jar he knee -- jeremy your political access is -- >> it is loath some. >> now, be a true jewish leader speak up for your people attack iran not me attack iran not netanyahu. the fact that you spend most of your time and your money attacking fellow joist is it self repugnant. >> it is vulgar and loath some whaufr done and to proclaim yourself to be america's rabbi and run an ad like that putting susan rice's tase next to a series of skulls and accusing her of supporting genocide on a personal basis is really one of the low points in my 30-plus years in american politics that i have ever seen. >> this is astonishing. we said that susan rice had a -- >> that you have sunk to -- >> we said that susan rice has a
4:08 am
blind spot based on what her successor samantha power the current u.s. ambassador to the united states wrote about her. she called her a bystander to genocide it was a 2001 article in the atlantic. samantha power repeated it in a book called "a problem from hell" about genocide. everyone recognizes what susan rice said at the time that political considerations must take precedence over stopping the genocide in ra want da or labeling it a genocide and that is something that cannot happen again in the united states. >> the message is that susan rice and the obama administration are ignoring the evils of iran. what is your response to that? >> well the thing that unites democrats and republicans in the united states and israel j street and aipac, the entirety of the jewish community that we are concerned about the possibility of iran getting a nuclear weapon. the question is what is the best way to prevent it. the president of the united
4:09 am
states says that a dim hat tick arrangement over the course of the next 10 to 15 years that denies iran the right to get to a nuclear weapon that keeps them a year away and has intrusive inspections and limits the amount of uranium and tracks it from the moment it leaves the mine to the moment it's processed and leaves the country that that is the best way to prevent it. there's no reason to go after people on a personal basis the way that the rabbi has done it in this case. >> gentlemen, obviously it's a very heated debate as it will be for the next 48 hours as we watch the prime minister's speech here. tlaings so much for both of your perspective. let's get over to chris. >> right now the biggest military operation in iraq since last june in underway. that's when isis took at that create and right now iraqi forces are trying to take it back. we also have a major and shocking development. isis terrorists in northern syria release 19 christians.
4:10 am
ben wedeman is leave in erbil with the latest. >> reporter: chris, as far as that operation to retake at that create we understand that as many as 30,000 troops are involved in that effort. not just the iraqi army and the air force, but also sunni militia men as well as shia militia 34e7b. this is a city of 300,000. not very well disposed to the shia dominated central government and army. the worry is that the city has been sewn with ied's, booby traps and mines, but it's a very ambitious goal set by the iraqi army and a very important step on the road to liberating bow sul, which is about 200 kilometers to the authority which is the strong hold for isis in iraq. now, as far as those syrian christians in northeastern syria we understand that 19 have been released 19 who were kidnapped
4:11 am
by isis earlier last week in addition to one man who was kidnapped a month ago by isis. now, of the 19 who were kidnapped last week 16 are women -- are men 3 are women. we understand that money was handed over to win their release, but of course there's still as many as 200 still in isis hands and the worry is that some of them could end up on the slave market for isis fighters. chris. >> all right. ben, thank you very much. mcculloch. a fatal lapd shooting caught on video it is raising new concerns about police use of force. this happened sunday on l.a.'s skid row a robbery suspect confronted by police and a struggle en viewed sued. it ended when police say he reached for an officer's gun sara sidner joins us live from los angeles. >> reporter: you know the video is extremely disturbing and it shows a man being shot and
4:12 am
skilled on the streets of l.a. on skid skid row. there's a lot of talk about who this man was. some of the witnesses saying he was homeless but police have not confirmed that for us but there is an investigation going on as we speak. the video taken by a witness in downtown los angeles begins with an altercation between police and a man on the street. we don't see what caused the incident to turn violent. the man appears to throw punches towards one of the four officers on the scene who were trying to arrest him on suspicion of robbery. it escalates ending up on the ground. you hear someone say what sounds like drop the gun. then the sound of a taser goes off. then more so you get that sounds like drop the gun yelled twice. a struggle continues and five shots are fired. the suspect lies motionless in the street.
4:13 am
police say the suspect attempted to grab the officer's gun. >> during the attempt to detain him this individual resisted our officers they struggled with him. they tried to tase him a couple times. that was ineffective. eventually the struggle occurred where the officers were struggling with the individual over one of the officer's weapons. >> reporter: police say three officers fired their weapons including a supervisor. an investigation is underway. >> there has been criticism there were a lot of officers and only one guy why did they have to shoot him. >> that analysis is based on one video which shows a portion of the incident that occurred. we want to wait until all the video is in that's available, we want to wait until all the people have been interviewed, all the witnesses, all the officers to determine exactly what happened before we make any judgment whether this was proper or not. >> reporter: now, according to police there are several other videos from different angles. one being from the surveillance camera at the homeless shelter, one being from some of the
4:14 am
officers wearing body cams. we have not seen toes videos yet, we are hoping to get ahold of hem at some point. there's also a statement from the person who initially called 911 who said that they were being robbed describing the person that police eventually went after. the man who was killed. we do not yet know though the identity of that man, but this video has really gone viral, a lot of folks talking about it on social media and already there was a small peaceful protest about 20 or 30 people who came out late in the evening to recognize what happened here in los angeles. mcculloch. >> there has not been a rush to judgment but there's a lot of as you mentioned surveillance video and that body cam video from the officer had a obviously they need to take a look at. thanks for that. we'll say following that. >> let's take a look at live pictures here. this is secretary of state john kerry speaking to the human rights council in geneva. he is in switzerland for iranian nuclear talks.
4:15 am
he will meet with his iranian counterpart for the latest negotiations. iron's foreign minister insisting all sanctions must be lifted for there to be a deal. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington, d.c. to denounce these negotiations. law enforcement officials say an upcoming justice report will blast the ferguson missouri police department but over traffic tickets. it it accuses them of targeting blacks in traffic stops, creating years of racial animosity which boiled over after the michael brown shooting. it says the city relied on those traffic stops and the fiennes they earned to balance the city's budget. once the report is out ferguson officials will likely have to negotiate a settlement with the doj or they could face a civil rights suit. a skydiving student in australia suffered a seizure midair. yeah the dramatic moment caught on video, you can see the hand's instructor here try to grab ahold of christopher jones, he was finally able to smag the
4:16 am
22-year-old and deploy his parachute for him. fortunately jones gained consciousness before releasing the ground allowing him to make a controlled landing. jones' medical specialist did clear him for the jump. this judge man was halfway through a training program to be a licensed qualified jumper. many are asking why somebody with epilepsy would be allowed to get that kind of clearance. it seems like the most dangerous place to be if you have epilepsy. >> terrifying isn't it? >> once he's tumbling away how did the instructing get town to him? >> luckily he was able to. >> great still skill on that guy's part. it is a legitimate question. you also have to figure that someone gave an answer to it somewhere along the way if he was through this course if his doctor had cleared him for the jump. so the question is you're going to have to know where y. they did that to assess the situation. thank god for that guy that grabbed him. thousands of russians pourng the slain opposition figure boris nemtsov we're learning more about the man and what may
4:17 am
have made him a target for assassination. did he know too much? >> politics 101 when deciding to run for office being cagey, respected, dragging your feet tolerated, but when your hunger for office starts to get questioned it is time to get in or get out. john king has what hillary's advisors are telling her to do on inside politics.
4:18 am
4:19 am
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man stands up and says i
4:21 am
oppose vladimir putin what we're doing in ukraine is wrong and he winds up getting shot and killed. are the two things connected? joining us ambassador if i can las burns he was george hw bush's director of soviet affairs for the national security counsel under president clinton. it is very good to have you with us. so boris nemtsov, well known in russia for his opposition to vladimir putin. do you believe this was a political assassination? >> we'll never know for sure. i think it stands to reason that someone in the russian government at some level in that highly controlled society probably knows something about this. the other theory is that extremist russian national groups might have been emboldened by the fear that vladimir putin has created. i think the truth will not come out. as you saw over the weekend the cripple lynn spokesperson were
4:22 am
pointing fingers at the other governments and we will not see truth as to what happened. >> putin was open and loud in his demanding an investigation basically threw what amounts to his entire investigative agency into this. that could be for show of course if if he wanted to be cynical, but the for direct question for you is why would it help vladimir putin to kill this man? >> well first of all, we don't know who killed him. and i think what's -- >> that's the speculation, right if is that somebody friendly to vladimir putin took out an opponent. why would he need to do that when he's so popular and this guy was really just a shadow voice sm. >> the speculation is that it is either someone in the russian government below putin or someone outside the government tied to the government through nash in a list circles. waste embarrassing for putin was that boris nemtsov was killed in red square right next to the kremlin in the full ware am fact it's on videotape for all the world to see. it's an embarrassing spectacle for the russian government so
4:23 am
they're launching this investigation, pointing the finger at everyone but themselves in an attempt to avoid responsibility. >> and if it is embarrassing that t. raising that same question if they did it why would they be embarrassed by it. then there's the other side of it let's given to boris nemtsov in his own words frighteningly predicting his fate. >> i am a well-known guy and this is is a safety because if something happens with me it will be scandal not only in moscow city but throughout the world. >> he was talking to anthony bore dane of cnn. ambassador, the speculation is what? they knew something that the kremlin didn't want to get out? what could he know that would be so dangerous? i know that's a question that's impossible to answer but the universe of possibility on it. >> there are two sources of
4:24 am
speculation. one is that nemtsov was about to public an exposé about the degree to which russian troops are involved in dividing ukraine, fighting in ukraine. putin has never acknowledged that thousands of his troops have crossed the border to support the pro moscow separatists there. the other thing is that nemtsov was a rifle to putin in the 1990s, they both worked for president yeltsin, both were the presumptive heirs and nemtsov has been leading a small embattled democracy party since then. so those are the pockets here. he was clearly someone that the kremlin detested but, again, i think the tragedy is we're not likely to know the truth because the kremlin is not about the ruth. it's going to sweep thinking under the rug if it uncovers evidence. >> there's a question of whether this man and life wound up being in vain because it's supposed to be a call to the legitimacy of the situation is but when you look it's very difficult with the internet and the media even
4:25 am
as it exists in rufks to explain how the russian people could not know that russia is so heavy handed in ukraine right now. does vladimir putin's popularity signal that they don't care that russia is in there banging up ukraine is this. >> that is part of the rob. since putin invaded crimea a year ago his popularity has sword. there is a rising tide of russian nana ligslism. he has never acknowledged putin, that he has intervened military y'ally. russian soldiers have been killed this ukraine and they're trying to cover that up and apparently nemtsov was working on a report to expose that to start a public debate with about that. certainly against the wishes of the kremlin. >> look we know that there is a very heavy investigation going on but of course it is compromised with the speculation that those investigating it may have been involved in it. of course that's always the russian paradox in situations like this. ambassador burns, thank you very
4:26 am
much for the insight into the politics and the dynamics there. alisyn. >> back to politics here at home. wisconsin governor scott walker riding high in conservative popularity polls, but he's also changing his stance on some major issues. john king will talk about it all coming up on inside politics.
4:27 am
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4:29 am
4:30 am
mcculloc . israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu just hours from speaking to a pro israel lobby group before tomorrow's controversial address to congress. relations between the u.s. and israel as strained as they have ever been as netanyahu prepares to slam the obama administration's nuclear talks with iran. the lapd is investigating the fatal shooting of a homeless man that was caught on video. this happened sunday what you're watching right now. cnn has blurred the faces of the officers involved because we don't know who was involved this this shooting yet. police say they tried to taser the man but it did not work and that he reached for an officer's gun and that's when police say they needed to fire three cops
4:31 am
fired at him killing him. the police say they're going to review all video of the incident including officers' body cams as part of their investigation. we'll stay on it. out of pl plane resting rights on its nose after skidding 60 treat offer the runway at marco island airport. it is a private jet. during landing the reverse thrusters and landing gear failed. of the nine people on board one was taken to the hospital. fortunately no serious injuries were reported. the faa is now investigating. hopefully i didn't take years off your life on that one. no i blame winter. >> absolutely. >> and now you've said that this is why you sold the jet. >> occasionally this happens so i just got rid of the private jet. >> what was it about the luxe are ri yacht, again? >> i still have that one. >> too slow slow. had to walk too far to get down to the main deck. >> let's get inside politics on "new day." >> monday morning, be a little bit more gentle to your
4:32 am
colleagues. >> thank you, john. >> i want to ride on the yacht, though. busy monday morning. to go inside politics. jonathan martin of the new york times, peter ham bee. let's go through scott walker then and then. scott walker is the ascend ant candidate during the 2016 republican hopefuls placed second in the straw poll over the weekend. this is 2013 remember he's gearing up to run for reelection what he thinks will be a competitive reelection campaign and he's asked about the undocumented the estimated 11 million year in the united states and he's asked if they should be able to get a pass to legal status or citizenship. >> can you envision a world where with the right penalties and waiting periods and meet the requirements where those people to get koizship? >> sure. yeah. i think it makes sense. >> sure. i think it makes sense. that's october 2013 to the was saw daily herald. here he is on fox news sunday
4:33 am
yesterday. >> my view has changed. i'm flat out saying. it candidates can say it. >> so you've changed from 2013. >> absolutely. i look at the problems we've experienced over the last few years, i've talked to governors on the border and people all across america and the concerns i have we need to secure the border ultimately needs to put this place a system that works. >> now politicians should be allowed to change their position and to his credit he doesn't try to hide it, but this 2013 he was with george w. bush and john mccain and barack obama in saying it makes sense. now he has the republican mantra border security first. >> it's a lot of republicans were at that place in the beginning of 2013 obviously marco rubio led the senate immigration bill this is after they got clobbered losing his pan mix in the presidential election three to one. it's just one more example of republicans boung to the actual reality of republican politics which is that you really -- it's very difficult to be for a bath way to citizenship in the
4:34 am
republican primary. jeb bush god booed for saying so at c pac, but you are so write right, we were talking during the break, if it was john mccain or mitt romney they would be getting drilled by this but walker has goodwill and credit with the republican base. it seems like this is something he knows he might get a pass on. >> but for now, though he's going to have the scarlet achl for amnesty branded on him and he's going to have it brand on him by folks to his right, ted cruz comes to mind and he's also going to be held to account by folks like jeb bush who are going to say you were where i was a couple of years ago until it was convenient for you politically to change. so he's going to get it from both sides on this. so let's see what kind of reception he gets after a bunch of direct mail and tv spots have rained down on his head over this. >> and when people starting to to other issues. go back to that campaign. also back in the cane it didn't turn out to be as lows as he thought, he was running against
4:35 am
a democratic candidate. scott walker ended up winning comfortably comfortably. scott walker says he's personally anti-abortion, but -- >> i support legislation to increase safety and to provide more information for a woman considering her options. the bill leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor. reasonable people can disagree on this issue. >> bill leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor reasonable people can days agree. again, in the interview on fox news sunday yesterday he says when he is from a policy standpoint what you might describe as pro choice he says he's doing it only because the courts require him to. >> we acted on the grounds that we have legally to be able to act under the supreme court's decision. we'll act that way at the federal level if we were at a position as well. but ultimately it's a life. >> ultimately it's her choice. >> legally that's what it is under the guidelines provided by the supreme court. >> is it me or does it sound sliek during the reelection
4:36 am
campaign his tone is a lot softer? >> i remember burg that -- that when that ad ran it was within the last couple weeks when he was running against democrat mary burke he thought the race would be closer. i was told he thought the police was going to be very close, he was writing his own ad dripts that campaign spot was him sort of being a little afraid cautious taking that softer tone. again, now that he wins back to republican plik. >> he is trying to say in this campaign i fight with the unions, i stand with you, i'm the next ronald reagan. if he has a few of thieves position shifts height he not be the next ronald reagan? might he be the next mitt romney. >> i would not go that tar. there's no question he's going to have some fodder out there that is going to be available to his opponents to challenge him. the question to me that you raised earlier is how much goodwill does this guy have?
4:37 am
this comes a certain point because of his credentials on the fights against union that the base tunes out some of this stuff. >> he's not john mccain he's not bush he's one of us so he does get some of that grace. the real question looming here is how many of these they'll compile up before some questions do begin to loom. >> now that he is raising in the polls all of the republicans if they haven't already done this research they're working on it as we speak. >> right now. >> the wall street journal has a story that says the hillary clinton campaign is telling donors to look for a roll out sometime in april. thes she's running, we've been waiting for the official word. let's look at her calendar. she's busy in the month of march, speech this week foundation event for the clin toll foundation u.n. en pourment principals irish hall of fame. american camp association. so he is sh' busy giving some
4:38 am
speeches. the question has been when does she say i'm a candidate for president. there has been in the donor community the people say we need the signal so we can get out and raise all this money. do we believe this it's going to be april? >> if you talk to people around clinton and there are not just layers of them there are generations of them they have long been sort of hinting april at least for the last few months. there are people who want her to delay they don't want him h. her to take the slings and rare owes of going being an official candidate but she does need to raise money. what this story was to me also was a symptom of what i was just saying of a greater malady which is that you know this is donors or advisors or whoever getting, you know too far over their skis you know no matter how many you know -- >> they feel the need to say something and there's not a campaign out there telling them what to say. >> exactly. >> totally. it's wonderful. no matter how many you know
4:39 am
disciplined advisors they bring hope in rob wree mook will be their campaign manager. great guy, a real professional but they're still going to have to deal with donors with loose lips and advisors and friends of the candidate. >> she'll say something in april, the question is is it going to be a full blown campaign announcement or is it going to be a nod to that in april. >> how would she only do a mod? she's been exploring for a long time. >> the viewers should know april isn't some random nice spring month, april also is the first month of the second quarter so she can get the maximum period of fundraising ability. >> you have that three-month period. when you file in three months it looks like a boom. i don't know why anybody worries about that but it is one of the old rules. >> peter, jonathan thanks. alisyn one of the other stories we'll keep our eye on is they have to get back into the department of homeland security funding fight, they he can tended it for one week one of the big questions is are people going to go after speaker john
4:40 am
boehner. there's also crumbling about mitch mcconnell. we'll keep an on on all of that. >> i think they're trying to for tour you personally by extending it one week at a time. >> reporting is fun, it's knots torture. >> thanks, john king. the city of cleveland is triggering outrage with its response to a law tut by the family of tamir rice who was fatally shot by a cleveland police officer. why they say the boy is to blame for his own death. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 0'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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4:44 am
works. the city of cleveland sparking outrage. officials say a 12-year-old boy who was gunned down by police caused his own death. you will recall in november tamir rice was fatally shot holding a pellet gun which officers ms. took for a real firearm. disturbing video shows the shooting occurred within two seconds of police arriving on scene. tamir rice's grandmother joins us this morning at her side attorney for the rice family walter madison. good morning to the two of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ms. haldretta i want to begin
4:45 am
with you and ask how you are doing and how the family is is doing. >> we're doing as well as expected. >> i want to ask you -- tell us a little bit about your grandson tamir. we see the picture of him. he was a 12-year-old who had quite a smile and i have a sense that he might have taken that from you. >> yes. he was a wonderful child. i loved tamir. he would come over and we would play we would go to the park. we would do a lot of things together but he was just an average child. >> i can imagine that that park is not somewhere that holds fond memories for you anymore. >> no. no. >> ms. mildretta, what do you make of the city of cleveland saying that tamir is the cause of his own death? what do you make of that? >> the statement, injuries were directly and proximately caused
4:46 am
by the failure of tahir to exercise due care to avoid injury. a 12-year-old child essentially responsible for his own death. what do you make of that? >> i am very disappointed that they are blaming tamir for his own death instead of them taking responsibility for killing him. >> what would you like them to do? >> i would like for them to hold up to their responsibility. >> does it make sense to you that he caused his own death, ms. mildretta? >> no, no he did not cause his own death. if he was any threat to anyone out there one of them kids would have went out there and told their parents. >> did your granddaughter see what all was happening before that before the shooting? >> no. she was in the restroom.
4:47 am
>> she was in the restroom. walter let's talk about that because we see this video, i think we played it over and over here we've seen it i think it's been shocking to so many people to see how this all played out. he is seen wandering and then when police finally arrive on scene in a matter of seconds they open fire. there was -- it seems to us at first blush that it wasn't a reasonable amount of time to then place the blame on the child for causing his death. >> well it's just outright outrageous. and the discussion assumes that this person should have been a police officer in the first place. however, taking the situation as it is, there's 1.7 seconds and there's no indication that this officer or these officers even gave the child the opportunity to comply. and he shot and, you know and then the behavior -- you know we can't look into the minds of people but we can judge what they're thinking by their
4:48 am
behavior. >> how concerned are you about the overall practices of the cleveland police tept. there was a federal investigation that was conducted prior to tamir's death, the justice department pointed to excessive use of force by the cleveland police officers failure to follow proper police procedures to prevent crossing the line. obviously there was concern on a federal level. did you and other people in the community have their own concerns? >> there is there's grave concern in the community and there has been that concern for a number of years. unfortunately it takes situations such as the death of a 12-year-old child for the world to now turn their attention and the federal government to the division of police in the city of cleveland. it's unacceptable it is reaching epidemic proportions across the country and now the nation is focusing on cleveland to see what they will do to try to rectify this police brutality. >> it's horrifying to so many that a 12-year-old would be the
4:49 am
face of the -- the current face of that situation. about the ongoing discussion about police actions in our community across america. ms. mildretta i'm curious are you getting support from your community, from your church? is the family feeling as though they're rallied around? >> yes. >> the support has been tremendous. you know you can't ask for more and as you just mentioned, a 12-year-old is now the face of this -- this issue and i think that the situation has just reduced itself to just that. it's that -- it's that far out of hand that now 12-year-old children are the victims of police brutality and excessive force. >> we know that there is still an ongoing criminal investigation, we also know there's a civil suit against the city of cleveland. we understand that there are still hopes for your family that you will receive a measure of justice for your grandson. piz mildretta, warner davis, walter madison, thanks so much for joining us here on "new
4:50 am
day." our best to the family. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. chris. >> michaela the or axle of omaha is offering sage advice that he we have warren buffet's biggest stock tips for you coming up. me people are shocked when we show them where they're getting the acid and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel because it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. we want to be healthy and strong through the course of our life and by using pronamel every day, just simply using it as your toothpaste, you know you will have that peace of mind. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder
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4:55 am
all. interesting, right? >> 45% aren't in. >> they're not. >> surprise me everyday christine. always good to hear from the oracle too. >> so we're dealing with this big situation now that prime minister benjamin netanyahu is visiting washington but not president obama. we will take a look at what apparently is a deepening divide and what does it really mean for you ahead. t a bi ... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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4:59 am
it's clear the president and the prime minister don't have a relationship. >> if anybody should bear the blame for this i would start looking at the speaker. >> people scared to death the president is running the country right off the cliff. >> they are now failing at this most basic test. >> john boehner has turned this most prestigious venue into a political setting. >> they came out with a gun and shot him five times. >> they always shoot to kill. >> that man is dead now! >> this is "new day." >> good morning. welcome to your "new day," monday march second. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington to address the threat posed by iran and rally against any deal with iran as being pushed for by president obama. the stakes are high at home and abroad. >> the tension could not be
5:00 am
higher. the prime minister taking a big political risk by coming here. the white house did not invite him and israelis decide in two weeks whether to elect him. the story begins with cnn correspondent, jim acosta. what's the latest. >> reporter: the white house is offering an icy welcome to benjamin netanyahu in washington to warn the world the negotiations with iran will backfire and spokes to the pro israel lobby aipac and will peek to the white house tomorrow. top security advisor susan rice and samantha power will address a aipac. and says it was destructive but boehner says it is the white house making matters worse. >> they certainly made it worse
5:01 am
over the last five or six weeks. the threat coming from iran iranians having a nuclear weapon is a threat to the region and the united states and threat to the rest of the world. this is a serious issue. we're not going to resolve this issue by sticking our heads in the sand. the prime minister can talk about this threat i believe, better than any. >> reporter: white house officials insist they want to emphasize the strengths of the u.s.- u.s.-israeli relationships this week but there are hard feelings. one senior administration official says the prime minister is turning this week into something of a circus putting himself at the center of attention. the president will not be sitting down with prime minister netanyahu because the elections are around the corner and one said don't even expect a phone call. >> you can cut the tension with a knife. what will the prime minister say to congress?
5:02 am
our global affairs correspondent has been traveling with benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: alisyn tomorrow the prime minister will lay out the deal as he understands it. the israelis have enough information on the deal enough to conclude it is a bad deal for israel and they say to the u.s. and the world. netanyahu doesn't believe congress has been fully informed on the negotiations and hoping this speech will raise questions and will urge congress to pressure the white house to push back that march 24th deadline for a political framework. the prime minister's aids say israel is not against any deal at all but there are too many compromises in this deal to let iran create a nuclear weapon down the line. he will provide a speech today to aipac to lower the temperature, saying how important it is the relationship between the u.s. and israel. it's always been bipartisan and it should remain so.
5:03 am
you can see the obama administration also turning it down. secretary of state john kerry saying yesterday timing is bad but the prime minister is still welcome in d.c. i think the white house realizes this bickering place as to much focus on the speech. they want to take the winds out of the sails of the prime minister as these nuclear talks start in geneva this week. >> at least we have the talks and the politics surrounding them. let's bring in aaron david miller who served as administrator in republican and democratic administration ss and at least six presidents relied on his advice. thank you for joining us. the big political question surrounding this event, the key word "event" how does this play with audiences? we have new polling. who disapproves what's going on here? do you disapprove? yes, i do. 48%. no 30%, i don't know 22%. let's break this down by party.
5:04 am
it does feel like a partisan ruse on some level. let's put that number up. do you disapprove of netanyahu? do you approve is what it should say. i will not give misinformation to the american people. you can see the republicans are much better with it than democrats. do you believe that the political trouble here is largely partisan and b.b. is just an extension of that now? >> that's certainly the case. one of the reasons we're having this discussion for the first time in the obama administration you have a republican controlled congress and determined to put its stamp on american foreign policy. the one issue they really do align themselves in a very con gruous fashion is the fear threat and uncertainty surrounding any kind of deal with the mullahs in tehran. on that score, there's no question. the other reality is netanyahu's
5:05 am
poll numbers here are one thing. his paloll numbers back home on where the issue of where netanyahu stands on iran are pretty much in his favor. we're two weeks away from an israeli election. the problem is presenting a case you have a lot of broken crock errey right now. severe tensions with the administration. partisanship injected into what has traditionally been a bipartisan relationship. i think the prime minister has handed the obama administration an effort to unmistakably send a signal to the people of israel that they prefer someone else handling the israeli peace of the u.s.-israeli relationship. >> let me throw out something and you tell me what the truth is netanyahu is only here to
5:06 am
secure his race at home and the white house is not meeting him because the white house never gets involved in israel politics. this is as bad as it has ever been between the u.s. and israel israel. do you buy this hype? >> from the '70s to present, under democratic and republican relationships, the relationship maturely evolved, i think this is probably with the exception of bush-baker and loan guarantees this is probably the worst it's been at the top level. there is the institutional relationship and then there's this dysfunction between this odd couple in the white house and jerusalem. >> the white house doesn't get involved in politics? >> i worked for half a dozen secretaries of state and r and d administrations. let's be clear. the presidents and secretaries
5:07 am
of state have their favorites. if you ask president obama or john kerry right now, would they prefer netanyahu's rival essentially become the prime minister i think their answer would be yes. sometimes they're able to promote that as bill clinton did host g hosting simone perez in 1996 in the white house a month before his runoff with netanyahu. no. we intercede in politics and they most assuredly intercede in ours. >> netanyahu is here to help himself in politics and not iran. >> iran has been beating the drum a long time. i had both the late rabin and netanyahu tell me personally using almost the same language the following. don't try to lecture or
5:08 am
micromanage our security requirements. you live in chevy chase, maryland. we live in a very dangerous neighborhood. i think there's a lot of conviction here. there are no good deals with iran chris, only deals that provide varying risks and uncertainty uncertainties. benjamin netanyahu is against most of them. >> at the end of the day, aren't there two pro-situations at the end of the hype. prop po situations at the end of the height. you try to cut a deal that limits what is inevitable. say whatever you want israel is the only ally in that region that arguably shares not usc interest but also largely u.s. values. u.s. interests. >> there's no question about it. that's why. despite the delight and glee among israel's adversaries that would like to see this relationship get a lot worse. i made this comment before not to trivialize it.
5:09 am
unlike lehman brothers it really is too big to fail. you have two factors including the one we just alluded to we are watching the middle east meltdown and all the gallup polls suggest we will create a lot of resilience and durability for this relationship despite the dysfunction at the top. >> not to say there aren't issues with the settlement of the west bank across the board they wind up the best ally and probably remains that ally. aaron david miller thanks as always to help us understand the situation a little better. >> always a pleasure. while netanyahu is in washington trying to stop that deal with iran secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland pushing for a deal. jim sciutto joins us live from switzerland with more. what's the latest jim? >> reporter: for all that drama, all the acrimony back in
5:10 am
washington here in switzerland where the talks are taking place, they're accelerating. this is meant to be a meeting at a much lower level, political director level. now you have secretary of state john kerry here and his iranian counterpart in switzerland as well. they're not just going to meet multiple times, meeting through wednesday. they wouldn't do that if they didn't have something to talk about. you are hearing from other state department officials and administration officials, what is in fact a prebuttal to the speech in washington saying he doesn't know what the deal is on the table and many facts are wrong and been wrong before the interim agreement in place since november 2013 has held back iran's nuclear program in a way not done for ten years before that. all that said still a long way to go here. a deadline the end of this month for general political framework and in june while gaps are
5:11 am
narrowing, both sides telling me that. iranians and u.s. officials have a long way to go. as the speeches take place tomorrow in washington negotiates here say they won't be listening. >> jim, thank you for that. now, to the political upheaveal over funding homeland security. five more days until the money runs dry. dhs already passing a clean funding deal. if speaker boehner allows the same thing to happen in the house, many believe his days as speaker are numbered. "politico" headlines, john boehner's big week. i think they put it well. >> they did. we were reporting friday night as the chaos was erupt inging about whether or not the department was going to shut down at that moment the big question among boehner allies they were telling me the reason he took to it the wire was they were
5:12 am
concerned his conservative opponents, those very much for sticking to their principles and not giving in on not allowing the department to be funded without also stopping the president's immigration plan they would make a move on him. i talked to one of the leading conservative house members, jim jordan on state of the union yesterday and asked him that question. he said we're not going to go there. there. >> we're just going to follow the process. >> reporter: have you been in any conversations about trying to get rid of speaker john boehner? >> that's not the point. >> reporter: have you? >> that's not the point. >> we will do what we told the voters we will do consistent with the united states constitution and fundamental fairness the only court to rule on this do it in a way consistent with the federal judge's decision. >> he pretty much laid it out in a couple other questions, no pretty obvious he didn't want to go there on the issue of john
5:13 am
boehner and his leadership. as we go forward this week the big question is how quickly is john boehner going to allow that clean bill to fully fund the department of security to pass the house and what matchchinations will he have to go through? clearly his conservative right flank are still very upset they can't get through this issue, which is using the power of the purse to stop the president, which they feel very strongly about. >> thanks so much for sharing that interview with us. news out of egypt. reuters report inging -- audio difficulty -- the blast reportedly going off near the building's main gate. it's unclear if any was killed. more details as they become available. north korea firing two short range missiles into the sea. the act coinciding with south
5:14 am
korea start ging military exercises. pyongyang said it would bring the divided peninsula toward the brink of war. you remember the texas nurse who survived ebola? she is suing the hospital where she survived the virus. she is suing for negligence and invasion of privacy. her lawyers say the presbyterian officials in dallas failed to give her information and provided personal information to rebuild its image. >> there was a group who said they hasn't been trained properly during that time. >> sometimes a lawsuit brings light -- >> and change. >> we'll see what happens. meanwhile a disturbings police shooting caught on video, a robbery suspect caught on camera. shots fired. is this a case of excessive
5:15 am
force. and major politicians including the man on your screen george w. bush no longer welcome in venezuela. why is venezuela banning top u.s. conservatives? the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here.
5:19 am
a fatal shooting caught on camera in los angeles. a homeless man suspected of robbery resisted arrest and tried to reach for an officer's gun and that's when the fatal shots were fired. was the use of force excessive or appropriate. we welcome in cnn legal analyst mr. jeffrey toobin and on his left danny. hope you're ready to to.go. this is a conversation that deserves our attention. at first blush, there will be people that say was this excessive or appropriate? what's your first take? >> it's disturbing and merits investigation. it's not entirely clear what happened here. not clear who shot how many shots were fired.
5:20 am
what the victim did to provoke this shooting but another unarmed african-american killed by police on video like in staten island and will call for disturbing associations but people need to reserve judgment. >> jeff brings up a great point. there's a lot we don't know leading up to the moments. we see this video gone viral on facebook but we don't know what precede ed to preceded to this. there were several officers involved and only several used their weapons and we're obscuring all the officers' face esand one of the officers reportedly wearing a body camera. >> the critical issue here is gun grabs and weapon detention. typically officers are trained in you meet force with appropriate force. gun grabs are an interesting
5:21 am
thing >> changes the scenario. >> in an instant a non-lethal situation can be escalated with a gun grab. why? when you reach for an officer's firearm, get it out of his retention retention holster, the situation is now from a non-deadly situation to an armed suspect. the officer hasn't had an opportunity to keep his distance. you've already closed distance and now a lethal force situation. the issue of gun grabs and retention training will be critical here all true if there was a gun grab. >> it is key, correct? >> if you can see it. i have watched this several times >> we know there was surveillance video and body cam on the officers. >> yes. >> that should give us other points of view. >> correct. if it all came out, successfully reported. the video we have all seen now as far as i'm concerned, appears
5:22 am
pretty ambiguous about what started the confrontation. we have heard about a supposed gun grab. based on what you see there, you cannot tell if there is or is not a gun grab. >> another thing that highlights to me look at the location this took place, l.a. skid row, a population that deals with mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse. we also know -- i know for a fact lapd have done a lot, made efforts to work on community policing in those specific areas. will mental health come into this do you think? >> it will in that the officers knew the suspect they were dealing with somebody they understood may have had mental health issues. if they had any knowledge beforehand that will come into play. as i said before when it comes to the situation of a gun grab if there was a gun grab officers are thinking more about he's going for my firearm and less about what mental health issues this suspect may have.
5:23 am
it will come down to whether or not this was in fact a gun grab. >> is there a specific propertytocol for gun grab or are they trained? >> officers are trained to deal with gun grabs themselves. one of the goals -- always the goals for police officer is try to de-escalate situation ss so you are not wrestling with someone on the ground and don't have the possibility of a gun grab. there's a lot we don't know about this confrontation except this man is dead. you lived and reported in l.a. you know skid row is a very identifiable place where police have long experience. it certainly seems perhaps a de escalation would have been a better scenario than what happened. >> again, it is early on in this. it happened yesterday. the investigation is not even at full steam at this point. they're collecting evidence.
5:24 am
there's a lot to look ratat. what is your biggest concern? >> what does the video show and not only the video, what do his brother officers say about what happened? they will all be giving statements. to the point there's inconsistencies, that can be problematic. if they're inconsistent and all said they saw it even if the video doesn't show it that might go a long way. too early to tell. >> what does it mean for the community. this is the rodney king police department. there is history here the o.j. simpson police department. >> we'll be having that kind of discussion going forward. nice to have you this morning. former president george w. bush a terrorist? you have to consider the source. that's what venezuela's president is calling president bush and a slew of other
5:25 am
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5:29 am
why would a world leader call former president george w. bush and former vice president dick cheney terrorists? that's what the venezuela president is calling them and he has barred the duo and several conservative congressman from traveling to that country. shasta is in miami breaking it all down for us. what do we know? >> reporter: a number of bizarre announcements over the weekend where the president not only banned these alleged terrorists from entering venezuela but also said an unspecified number of americans had been arrested for espionage and recruitment, including a pilot of latin-american origin. we still don't know their names or how many they were. he also said all americans will now require visas to get into venezuela and the u.s. consulate in cur has to scale back.
5:30 am
this appears to be a tactic to de divert attention from the very real problems in venezuela talking about mahis own approval rating at below 25% and people are taking to the streets and we've heard him repeatedly over the last few weeks, blame the united states for a conspiracy to overthrow his government and even arrested opposition leaders accusing them of conspiring with the united states. the question is whether this will work and help him galvanize support. back to you. here we go with the five things you need to know. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington for a controversial address tomorrow to congress about the nuclear threat. number two, all sensationsanctions
5:31 am
must be lifted against iran for there to be a deal. john kerry will meet later today. and this confrontation captured on video by a bystander in downtown l.a. tens of thousands gather for a rally supposed to be led by opposition leader boris nemtsov. he was gunned down friday and the u.s. says he was about to release information damageing to damaging. tens of thousands of troops using fighter jets helicopters and artillery are attacking strongholds. be sure to visit "new day" at for the latest. gunned down within walking distance of putin's office. his name boris nemtsov.
5:32 am
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welcome back to "new day." tens of thousands of people turning out to pay respects to one of president putin's critics, boris nemtsov killed a few days before he was set to criticize russia in ukraine. we get to matthew live in moscow. >> reporter: astonishing scenes we're witnessing in moscow in the past couple of days after the assassination friday night of boris nemtsov, just over this bridge. that's the red square behind united states. these are the walls of the kremlin and a short distance behind us the office of vladimir putin himself. it shows how close this killing was to the center of power in this country. you see the flowers, ordinary
5:37 am
russians paying respects to boris nemtsov. and hour by hour it continues with more people laying more messages and expressing their sympathy. they're shocked. even though boris nemtsov was a fringe figure in russian politics. an opposition figure wasn't at the center of politics people are astonished someone like him could have been assassinated within a stone's throw, within a shadow of the walls of the kremlin. sends a very potent message again. >> appreciate it. >> to talk about nimtemtsov we talk to a reporter. and we have a fascinating interview with his girlfriend's
5:38 am
mother. >> translator: nemtsov suggested getting a taxi but she wanted to walk on the bridge. she heard a noise and he fell on the ground. she didn't see how it happened and he fell on the ground and moreover they shot him in the back. >> hard to figure out if she will be a good witness to figure out what happened. if it's just a stranger or masked hard to figure out who this gunman is. >> i think we know who ultimately was responsible for doing this. >> you do? you feel strongly it is putin behind this? >> putin tells us he is personally going to lead this investigation. this is like al capone offering to do a tax audit on his own accounts. the reason boreis nemtsov is a marginal figure. he was deputy prime minister of
5:39 am
russia. he stayed a critic. a lot of other people were bought off, cowed, submitted, a bunch of democratic type critics in the yeltsin era bought off, intimidated into silence. nemtsov was a very brave man that decided not to do it. i had him on my program. he was remarkable and even then you could tell it took enormous kowrblg to courage to do what he was doing. >> on the other side he was around a long time and he could have been taken out for a long time. this happened right in the red square very embarrassing for putin. and the optics that he wanted to get rid of putin. putin is wildly popular in russia even though he's in ukraine. why would he have done this? >> a good question. i point out putin is wildly
5:40 am
popular at home because he system systematically gets rid of any opposition figure shuts down any media organization that criticizes him. taken over control. remember russia once had a free television media it no longer has. nemtsov was criticizing the one issue putin cares deeply about right now, ukraine. the only major political figure criticizing putin on ukraine. i think it's more likely what this represents putin has created a gang of vigilantes and outlaws in the system somebody decided it would serve the master well and powers well-to-do it. remember that great line in english history, henry the 2nd will somebody rid me of this meddle meddlesome priest and people go out and murd ther archbishop of canterbury. >> let me ask you, what do you
5:41 am
think of the tens of thousands of people taking to the street. not hundreds thousands of people marching in silence and frustration and anxiety. >> i would like to believe that. it certainly shows a great deal of angst and despair where russia is heading. but this is in the big cities not clear it's representing the country. >> not the first time. >> putin's strategy is there are people that don't like me and allows newspapers and magazines to run. and his tv blankets the entire country, a running documentary on the virtues of putin and to the point chris was making he has been pretty good on economics until recently and he's very good on nationalism. he knows how to press those buttons. >> you just returned from jordan and sat down with king abdullah
5:42 am
and talked about radical islam. let's play a portion of your interview. >> sunni islam is 1.5 billion muslims. they represent only 1%. out of that maybe 200 to 500 500,000 of these people are actually jihadists, these are the crazies of this element. to label islam under the term of extremists and moderates is completely wrong. making the comparison they're extremist muslims is working exactly what these people want. >> what does he suggest calling it. >> he means outlaws or renegades of islam. he wants to convey the idea these are people operating in a fringe area where they are using some interpretations and are using some texts but that it's really marginal. he really wants to flip the way
5:43 am
people think of it and say we are mainstream people law abiding go about our business we are the majority. there's this crazy sect out there doing this stuff. >> is that tactic or truth? >> it's clearly truth when you think of the vast majority of people indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world. 300 million muslims. most are ordinary people going about their business. a tactic is look there is this problem and not enough people willing to condemn interest. it's got much better in the last year or two. the real sin of the world of islam is not a sin of comission as much as omission. there needs to be much more continuous condemnation. you need a lot more people like the king of jordan. why haven't we seen the king of saudi arabia foreign minister of saudi arabia do the same kind of interview.
5:44 am
every time this thing happens, these guys shoot press statements. why not say this is not islam. do what the king of jordan did. >> fareed great to see you. another issue with u.s.-israel issues not going well right now before the israel prime minister came forward to bash the relationship between the u.s. and iran. is this just to bash the president or is there a real division between the two countries. i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in.
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so tomorrow israel prophet muhammad sflced israel prophet muhammad$ israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress. >> let's bring in the senior fellow at media matters. and our cnn political come men-- commentator of political strategies. why is speaker boehner having such -- instead of netanyahu, let's talk about our congress first because they connect somehow. why is speaker boehner having such a hard time controlling his conservative caucus and getting things done? >> frankly, alison because he has as little leverage a speaker has had in my recent memory. let's remember before this there were earmark, there were
5:49 am
ways for a speaker to reward and punish those who didn't vote for him and didn't align. this time john boehner is going blind. we have no earmarks anymore. i think he also has an entire new class of folks that have come in that may not come from the legislative body in their state, that don't have the legislative history and experience. it's a very hard thing for him. i think he has the most thankless and hardest job in washington right now. >> you smile wide with what's going on with boehner right now. are the democrats missing an opportunity? are you gloating at see, they're not getting it done instead of finding a way to work with them. harry reid has been no friend to this process, true? >> i disagree for the following reasons. the reason we are at this place because it was the republicans who decided last fall to tie the executive order to the funding of the department of homeland
5:50 am
security. >> well they execute what the president puts in place. >> they could have pursued a legal strategy that gave them an out last week. the judge's ruling in texas gave them an out. we will pursue the legal security but won't endanger the security of the united states of america. i agree with anna speaker boehner has the toughest job in washington. what we're seeing is the republicans told the american people give us control of both chambers of congress we will get things done get to jobs and the economy. instead, what i think it's laid bare is the fractures within the republican party. the democrats are not the problem here. the problem they can't get an agreement among republicans. >> does speaker boehner survive this? >> oh gosh alisyn. if we had a dollar for every time there's been a threat against boehner's authority and boehner's speakership we could go out and have a nice round of
5:51 am
drinks tonight. this is what happens. every few months we get the same rumor boehner is about to be ousted and this will happen and he survives. at the end of the day, he's a very savvy operator and has a critical mass of people that support him. the conservative caucus against him is very divided and a lot of fractions. they can't get their act together and boehner ends up surviving. put it out as another chapter in the boehner ousting book. >> january, it was too soon feb, it was too soon. now, we're in march, is it an appropriate time to look what republicans said and say they have not been able to deliver what they promised in the last election. >> they've been able to deliver on a lot. this dhs thing has been
5:52 am
ridiculous and unseemly. they've been able to pass the keystone act. keystone able a lot of bills that have made it through congress amazingly that have even gotten when it comes to the able act passed a couple of weeks ago have been signed by the president. there have been things. it's just we don't pay attention to the things that pass. we talk about this melodrama i tell you is ridiculous the way the republicans have brought it on unseemly. the american public is tired of this weekly telenovella and shutdown showdown every other week. not a way to conduct themselves and they have to get their act together. they can't bring something on the floor and not have the votes. >> that was a good mellow drama or telenovella. to benjamin netanyahu's visit tomorrow how should the white
5:53 am
house be handling this? >> i think we should be clear. there's two points. another sign of the weakness of john boehner as speaker of the house. he decided to extend this invitation in part to apiece that very right wing base of his party, to show he would stand up to president obama. instead, it's playing politics with one of our most important relationships. with the safety and security again of this process. i think the white house has tried to tread very carefully. what's interesting to note last night right here on cnn, at least reported that the prime minister netanyahu has actually started to soften his rhetoric a little bit. it will be interesting to see what he actually says in his speech tomorrow and i think you will see a reaction appropriate accordingly from the white house. >> why didn't the white house throw their arms around benjamin netanyahu when they knew he was coming instead of feeling slighted. why not take the high road.
5:54 am
>> if i said the republicans look ridiculous with this dhs funding, the white house looks ridiculous with this benjamin netanyahu thing. they have been throwing a tantrum going on six or seven weeks. i don't know why they didn't ignore it so the president is not going to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and move on. >> wait. >> there are legitimate concerns. you said the white house has treaded carefully. if this is what you call treading carefully it is a bull in a china shop. we have susan rice we know misspeaks at times and regurgitates any talking point put in front of her. they're being destructive- -- >> they are being-- what is destructive is funding -- >> just a moment. you can respond. >> in terms of netanyahu's speech there are legitimate
5:55 am
concerns. you have secretary kerry as we are talking trying to cut this deal and republicans are essentially undercutting his leverage by showing fracturing in the united states. if they were legitimately concerned what the prime minister had to say, they could have had a private discussion with him instead of publicly bringing out into the open a disagreement about undermining legitimacy of president obama. this has nothing to do with the real facts. >> karen, anna thanks for the debate. it will be an interesting 24 hours on capitol hill. thanks so much ladies. did you know sometimes good deeds go noticed. we will tell you about the deed and what was done for the guy who did it coming up on "the good stuff." and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel because it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant
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makes me feel really good. >> guess what? the response has been amazing. viewers set up go fund pages, now $20,000 for him. best of all, shelby is getting job offers. that's what he needs, hand not a handout. a lot of news with miss carol costello. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- dwchl zblced zblced. good morning. i'm carol costello. next hour we will hear from the leader of the nation's closest ally in the


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