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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 2, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> here's to you. >> cheers to you. we will end on a positive. thanks for joining me. "the lead" starts right now. netanyahu says no disrespect intended. i'm brianna keilar. this is "the lead." the world lead. it's being described as the biggest setback to u.s./israeli relations in decades as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu readies to tell congress why president obama's potential deal with iran could destroy israel. the national lead. the lapd fires five shots into a man's back killing him. the cops already tased him, he was already on the ground he didn't have a gun. now the department's top cop says his men did what they had to do to protect their lives. he called russia a country of corruption and vladimir putin, a pathological liar before being gunned down in the shadow of the kremlin. his assassin caught on
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surveillance video and now his model girlfriend says she thinks she could be next. welcome to "the lead." i'm brianna keilar. jake tapper is on assignment. we begin with our world lead. the tense relationship between israel and the united states on display as israel's prime minister arrives here in washington as an uninvited guest as far as the white house is concerned. benjamin netanyahu is in town at the request of the republican house to give a speech to congress counting all the ways that president obama is getting it wrong when it comes to iran. but today, addressing the jewish lobbying group, netanyahu tried to hush all the rumors of reported behind the scenes fighting saying the u.s. and israeli marriage will weather this storm. cnn is posted all around the globe covering this issue. we have elise labott traveling with netanyahu. michelle kosinski is at the white house. dana bash is on capitol hill. jim sciutto is in switzerland where high level talks with iran
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are taking place. i want to start right here in washington and bring in cnn global affairs correspondent elise labott. so you had netanyahu's message today. it seemed to be sometimes even the best of friends will fight seemed to be what he was saying but what about tomorrow? will what he says tomorrow perhaps undo some of the good will that he tried to reconstruct today? >> well he definitely tried to lower the temperature and strike a more positive tone and i think it's not only because he realizes the relationship with the u.s. is very important, but it's also because this bickering with the u.s. is diverting attention from the issue at hand, iran. despite that friendly tone today in his speech tomorrow benjamin netanyahu will spare no effort to thwart the nuclear deal shaping up with iran. he is just hours away from launching a full-out assault on the obama administration's policy towards iran. but prime minister netanyahu said he's not attacking the president. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president
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obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. >> reporter: he spoke to a friendly audience to dial down tensions but his remarks tomorrow will be provocative. aides say the prime minister will lay out what he knows about the iranian nuclear agreement on the table and warn about the dangers to israel the u.s. and the world if the deal goes forward. >> israel and the united states agree that iran should not have nuclear weapons, but we disagree on the best way to prevent iran from developing those weapons. >> reporter: netanyahu will also urge congress to press the obama administration to push back the march 24th deadline for a political framework, allowing more time for negotiations on a tougher deal. >> there will never be a sunset on america's commitment to israel's security. never. >> reporter: the white house put out its ambassador to the united
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nations to assure israel and its friends the united states will quote, take whatever steps are necessary to protect its close ally. >> we believe diplomacy is the preferred route to secure our shared aim but if diplomacy should fail we know the stakes of a nuclear-armed iran as well as everyone here. we will not let it happen. >> reporter: but in an interview with cnn, israel's intelligence minister outlined why his country can't just take america at its word. >> if there is going to be deal in few weeks' time it's going to be a bad deal or unsatisfactory deal that will not supply the necessary security and confidence to israel and i believe also to the western world all together. >> samantha power was a friendly face to the israeli and american jewish community, having defended israel at the u.n. many
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times. the really tough critic speaks tonight. national security advisor susan rice who earlier this week called netanyahu's visit destructive. she is expected to give a speech about iran in a way to prebut the prime minister's marks. she is likely to ask what is the alternative to a nuclear deal. the u.s. does not believe that israel has answered that question. >> those are key remarks. we will be watching. elise labott traveling with the prime minister from israel to the u.s. and back. thank you so much. i want to go now to cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski. white house press secretary josh earnest said that president obama didn't even tune in to watch bibi's speech this morning. it seems like maybe he won't watch bibi's speech tomorrow. you have the administration trying to play this as if there's nothing to see here but how tense are things behind closed doors where we can't see what's going on? >> reporter: both israel and the u.s. over the past several days have really tried to downplay that tension, even though it's been asked of the white house many times, what does this do to the relationship. but remember it was hard to
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avoid that tension when we heard national security advisor susan rice say just about a week ago that the partisanship surrounding this could be destructive to the fabric of the relationship. that was really surprising because that was pretty much the strongest statement acknowledging the tension that we have heard so far. i think it was interesting today that even though the line from both prime minister netanyahu and the u.s.'s ambassador to the u.n. samantha power, was that the alliance is stronger than ever there are these very very strong and unyielding shared values that the u.s. has done a ton to help israel that israel appreciates that greatly, the tension later on still managed to come out today. what we heard from the press secretary, first of all, if israel doesn't like the prospect of these nuclear negotiations then israel has provided no other viable option. also he acknowledged that the white house is upset that israel has and could continue to leak out these purported details
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about the negotiations. the white house saying that radically distorts the negotiating position of allies and that that betrays the trust between allies. >> we expect to hear some of that certainly from susan rice. michelle kosinski thank you. in switzerland, secretary of state john kerry met with his iranian counterpart today. i want to go to cnn chief national correspondent, national security correspondent, jim sciutto. he is traveling with secretary of state kerry. the nuclear watch dog says iran is hiding key information about their efforts to get nuclear weapons. there is really any trust here? is there enough between the u.s. and iran to get a deal done? >> reporter: well that point you raise is a pretty fundamental disagreement lack of trust. it's 16 17 months into interim agreement and iran still has not 'fessed up to suspected past work on weaponization. that's a real issue. but they are clearly making
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progress on other issues because just tonight, they met for an hour each and will be meeting again on tuesday into wednesday. they wouldn't be meeting here at this level unless they were making progress on key issues. that's happening despite all the back and forth, all the drama in washington nuclear talks here, the core of the disagreement in washington, seem to be accelerating. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama. >> reporter: the acrimony between the u.s. and israel in washington -- >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers. >> reporter: -- so far having no impact on the nuclear talks between the u.s. and iran here in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart meeting multiple times this week with talks accelerating and negotiations to end the decades-long dispute over iran's nuclear program. with kerry well aware of
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israel's concerns. >> any deal that we would possibly agree to would make the international community and especially israel safer than it is today. that's our standard. >> reporter: what does a good deal look like? supporters including the administration say a deal would restrict iran's path to a nuclear bomb and extend the time it would need to embark on a weapons program, the so-called breakout period, to a year. all while allowing the civilian program under international monitoring much like the interim agreement signed in 2013. opponent including netanyahu and some u.s. lawmakers say the only way to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon is to end iran's nuclear program all together particularly in light of iran's past cheating. just today, the iaea said iran still has not provided information on past efforts to research weaponization. >> we have asked questions and the questions are clear so they
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can answer. >> reporter: trouble is, iran says it will never give up its nuclear program entirely meaning if no deal is reached, military action and perhaps war could follow. even as the gaps narrowed today another key disagreement was exposed. if there is agreement, the west wants sanctions lifted gradually to retain leverage. but iran wants the sanctions lifted all together right away. >> our negotiating partners, particularly the western countries and particularly the united states, must once and for all come to the political understanding that sanctions and agreement don't go together. if they want an agreement, sanctions must go. >> reporter: on the iaea questions, i spoke to a senior state department official. they say they raised this issue regularly, these past possible weaponization efforts, they raised them in the talks. it's one of the issues they're trying to settle here in fact and that any final agreement
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will include full disclosure on past weaponization research. it's still a major issue, one of several issues that still has to be narrowed if they will come to an agreement by the end of march deadline. >> jim sciutto for us thank you so much for that report. he's in switzerland with secretary kerry. in our politics lead today was just a warmup. tomorrow is really the main event. but netanyahu won't be speaking to a full house when he addresses congress. who is planning to boycott? that's next. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. welcome back to "the lead." i'm brianna keilar in for jake tapper. the politics lead. more than 30 democrats now plan to boycott tomorrow's speech from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. i want to bring in chief congressional correspondent dana bash. dana you heard netanyahu this
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morning. he said the speech isn't intended to divide congress but it really looks like that's exactly what it's doing. >> reporter: of course. because at its heart, it is coming from a place of division because the invitation came from the house speaker, who only did so because he wants benjamin netanyahu to get out to the american people and the world why he believes the nuclear deal that the white house is working on with its allies to deal with iran is just flat wrong. so that's why you will have maybe even more than the 30 plus that will be boycotting and a lot of those who will be going are going to be going and just sitting there politely because they want to show respect, but not because they think it's a good thing to do. listen for the prime minister to try very hard to pressure members of congress to use their power, their legislative power, to try to stop any kind of deal that comes out of switzerland. >> so if you hear dozens of republicans aren't going, who do we expect to fill the seats that will be empty from them?
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>> reporter: probably we won't see empty seats there, because they are going to have a lot of senators and so forthcoming in being that there could be some in the back. i think what's also interesting is when it comes to the public we are told the request for tickets to be up in the visitors' gallery, ten times more than usual. so there's a lot of interest as you can imagine, coming in and there are some vips. a holocaust survivor nobel peace winner, is a guest of the house speaker. he will be in the gallery. >> very hot ticket. we know you will be covering it. dana bash on capitol hill. i want to bring in white house former middle east advisor, mark ginsburg. thank you for being here. ambassador we see this friction it seems like we are talking a lot about this animosity between the white house, between netanyahu and some of the substance has been lost. is this just a speed bump in the relationship or is this a bigger deal do you think? >> well it isn't just a speed
1:18 pm
bump because i have never seen it in all my 30 years involved in the u.s./israeli relationship, particularly in the modern period. this is about as bad as it ever has been. number one. what does that mean how does that translate? the fact of the matter is that the president has been true to his word. he's continued to provide israel with all the military support that it has needed despite the animosity that he has towards netanyahu and netanyahu obviously has towards him, but at the same time the most important issue that is now confronting israel the iranian agreement, what a terrible way for israel to have to be concerned about the nature of this agreement and how it's being negotiated knowing that the prime minister contributed to undermining the confidence that the white house has in its relationship with israel. >> what do you think about that? is this something sort of netanyahu hurting himself in all of this or he gains politically. >> he gains politically in israel among his natural
1:19 pm
constituency among the right wing. open question whether it helps him among the general population in israel coming up to an election. it seems to be a distraction, i believe, from the existential concerns of the average israeli voter which is very much not so much iran but housing, the cost of living. so open question whether it helps him, whether this whole circus actually helps netanyahu. >> because there are certainly economic concerns in israel right now, very much. that's sort of i guess changing the political landscape. it's not just about security. but if people are talking about the friction and they should be talking about iran what should -- what is really the goal for netanyahu to communicate? >> let's be clear here. he's really came to the united states in order to kill this negotiation. he does not want the administration to be able to negotiate the type of agreement that's emerging without at least helping to establish a blocking
1:20 pm
majority with the republican house of representatives to prevent it from happening. that's his goal. he's made it very clear that no matter what emerges from this negotiation is unacceptable. is that reasonable? i don't believe so. the ink is not even dry before we even know what this agreement looks like. has he offered any alternative to what is emerging? he has had months to offer that alternative and has not. >> what could he do? if this is what the u.s. is saying he needs to offer an alternative, what should he be fighting for? >> i think it's legitimate for the israeli prime minister to make his opinion known publicly. i think the way he's chosen to go about it is probably the wrong way to do it obviously, given the circus that's been going on for the past few weeks. i think it's important given the circus to take a step back and look at the real issue here. the speech netanyahu's visit, very much a distraction from where the attention should be which is iran's violations of u.n. security council resolutions, the exact contours
1:21 pm
of the agreement and what comes the day after an agreement. >> what are you expecting tomorrow in his speech? will it be different from his speech today? >> very much so. the speech today was very much setting the stage kind of downplaying the differences in the relationship. tomorrow is going to be very much geared towards iran iran nuclear talks. it will be interesting as your correspondent mentioned to see how the democrats respond. >> what are you expecting to hear ambassador? >> i think the prime minister is going to lay out, and the substance is very important. i agree that he should be able to communicate that substance. it's the process and the way in which it's coming about. he's essentially going to declare that iran cannot be trusted to agree to any long-term negotiation that would absolve the west and israel of any further concern over its nuclear ambitions and he may be right. the fact of the matter is that there is indeed a legitimate concern for both democrats and republicans as well as well as the white house, as well as secretary kerry. >> he may be right but has he perhaps undercut himself is the
1:22 pm
question. thanks so much to both of you. when we come back a new hit list for isis. this time the terrorist group is starting a war with the same social media site it uses to spread its hate. why does isis want to take down twitter? plus a chaotic scene in l.a. that ends with three different police officers killing a man that they were trying to arrest. why did they shoot him? new details on the investigation next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm brianna keilar filling in for jake tapper. in other world news more than 20,000 iraqi security forces are in a pitched battle against isis terrorists to recapture the city of tikrit a city you might remember as saddam hussein's hometown. it is now an enemy stronghold 80 miles away from baghdad that fell into isis hands last summer. cnn's barbara starr live for us at the pentagon with the latest. barbara, iraqi forces are apparently getting some assistance from really what some people might consider to be an unlikely ally, right? >> reporter: and that ally is iran. what kind of assistance or perhaps interference are they
1:27 pm
providing? that's a big question right now. iraqi's prime minister says the fight to take back tikrit is on. saddam hussein's hometown fell to isis eight months ago. the battle is a crucial test of the willingness of iraqi troops to fight after months of u.s. training. easier terrain in tikrit than trying to recapture the biggest prize, mosul. >> the key thing in my mind is proximity to baghdad. it's closer to baghdad. mosul is another 200 kilometers another many miles to the north from tikrit. >> reporter: the iraqi forces attacking from several directions in the effort to retake tikrit, engaging with isis north of the city and south. isis has its own images and version of events claiming to show it is fighting back against the 30,000 man force iraq says
1:28 pm
it is fielding here. but u.s. officials are privately doubtful the iraqi numbers are that high. the u.s. is saying little about the operation, viewing it as a gauge of iraq's sectarian divide. tikrit is a sunni town. the troops are shia-led. even as u.s. tensions with iran grow tehran is in the thick of the tikrit fight. the iranian news agency is reporting that the commander of the elite iranian qods brigade is in iraq over seeing the operation. iran is also providing iraq and its shia militias with weapons and ammunition. another sign? no one can predict isis' next move. nearly two dozen christian hostages released by the group. nobody knows why. >> we should not let up on isis because we saw this activity that seems to be a gesture of
1:29 pm
good faith. there is no good faith in isis. it doesn't exist. we should continue to pound them as hard and as viciously as we can. >> reporter: now, iranian and u.s. military commanders in iraq stay as far away from each other as they can. we are repeatedly told that they have no dealings with them. but iran not about to let the iraqi government one of its main allies fall to isis so it will be interesting to keep a watch on all of this and see if and when iranian and u.s. interests collide. brianna? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you. isis spreads its propaganda message of death and destruction across social media, putting out up to 90,000 tweets a day, according to u.s. intel officials. in an effort to blunt that narrative, twitter is shutting down isis accounts prompting supporters of the terrorist group to post new death threats against the company's co-founder jack dorsey and other twitter employees. cnn's senior international correspondent nic robertson
1:30 pm
joining us live in london with the latest on this. what kind of threats are we talking about here? >> reporter: well what isis or this affiliate of isis is saying is twitter started a war with them and this means that for isis all the, as they say, the necks of the twitter employees are now the targets of isis. this is a very blunt and stark warning for twitter executives. they say their security team is investigating this with relevant law enforcement officials. this isn't the first time they have been threatened by affiliates of isis but the concern here would be perhaps it's not isis themselves or this particular affiliate that would carry out any act, but it's a lone wolf that would be inspired by this rhetoric that we have seen that recently in copenhagen and in paris, and that's where the concern begins to become real. >> very alarming to hear that. tell us a little more about what we're learning. we have new information about
1:31 pm
mohammad emwazi the british man who is seen in isis videos beheading or certainly taking that role before the beheadings speaking before the beheading in the video. many know him as jihadi john. we have learned things about his e-mail correspondence that he had with an islamist advocacy group in england. what can we tell from these documents? >> reporter: this organization cage essentially said through this transcript of e-mails that began between mohammad emwazi jihadi john the summer of 2010 and ran for about a year or so. the jihadi john and this group basically painting a picture that he was under pressure under threat being at times beaten by the british intelligence services who were trying to imply that he was a jihadist who were trying to make him an informant. also he had an e-mail exchange with a british journalist round about the same time. that was published over the weekend. in that he indicated that he was in such a bad mental state, he was thinking of committing
1:32 pm
suicide. but you know we are also learning that that's only part of the narrative here. before this alleged harassment began, this is a man we are learning from court documents and from other sources here who had connections to the 21st of july 2005 failed bomb plotters in london. he had connections to people who were going to join al qaeda in somalia. so there are all these very deep connections. also at school we are told he was very anti-semitic. that was way before these allegations of harassment began. >> a long trail there between him and british authorities. nic robertson live for us in london thank you so much. in other world news he knew the risks of speaking out against russian president vladimir putin but told cnn he didn't worry about being killed. >> i'm a well-known guy. this is safety.
1:33 pm
because if something happens with me it will be a scandal not only in moscow city but also the world. >> now as this moscow murder mystery deepens, we have brand new surveillance video of his killing. now the model girlfriend of this russian opposition leader fears she's next. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "the lead." in world news tens of thousands of people are marching to mourn and protest the murder of one of president vladimir putin's biggest rivals russian opposition figure boris nemtsov was gunned down friday night on the streets of moscow right in the shadow of the kremlin, just as a snow plow slowed down for long enough to obscure the view of a security camera that would have recorded the shots being fired. nemtsov's ukrainian model girlfriend was with him at the time and she is still being held by russian police. her mother now telling cnn that she's afraid she might be blamed for his death. the rallies going on in moscow were actually scheduled before
1:38 pm
nemtsov's death. he was supposed to lead them and in a way, he still is. matthew chance is on the streets there. matthew? >> reporter: this scene has become almost the site of pilgrimage with so many people in this city making the journey to pay their respects to boris nemtsov in this the exact place where he was shot dead almost literally in the shadow of the walls of the kremlin. thousands of bouquets of flowers have been laid out as a mark of respect and as a mark of shock, all this taking place a day after the biggest opposition rally the russian capital has seen in years. thousands marched in grief and outrage over the murder of one of vladimir putin's fiercest critics. >> this is something absolutely unbearable. >> reporter: boris nemtsov, a former russian deputy prime minister under boris yeltsin,
1:39 pm
was shot four times in the back while walking with his 23-year-old ukrainian model girlfriend. the killing caught on surveillance camera. you can see the couple here walking along the bridge right in front of the kremlin just before midnight. a snow plow passes in front of them. that's when out of view investigators believe a man shoots nemtsov, then runs into a getaway car. president putin ordered an investigation and quickly condemned the killing. in 2014 nemtsov, a prominent russian opposition leader compiled a detailed report on alleged corruption at the winter olympics in sochi. >> this is the most corrupted olympics games in the history of mankind. in my stemt >> reporter: more recently ukrainian president poroshenko said nemtsov was about to reveal information that would prove russia's involvement in the conflict in ukraine.
1:40 pm
saying that quote, someone was very afraid of that. some mourners believe that someone was putin or his supporters. do you believe that mr. putin, president putin, is responsible for this killing? >> we do believe in this. >> reporter: the kremlin says this tragic killing was simply designed to damage russia and to create a political storm. of course the popularity ratings of vladimir putin are still sky-high something in the region of 86%, according to the latest opinion polls. the big question though is whether this killing will change that political dynamic or will it simply send a message to the opposition that if like boris nemtsov you are opposed to the kremlin, this is how you could end up. >> matthew chance in moscow with that report. thank you. coming up next the los angeles police chief speaking out just minutes ago on the killing of a homeless man by three l.a. police officers. why he says his cops shot the
1:41 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the national lead, just moments ago, the head of the lapd spoke to the media about a deadly shooting in los angeles that has already sparked protests against police brutality. as is often the case with these type of shootings, officers and witnesses are telling two different versions of what went down in the final moments before the shots were fired. but what makes this case different is that it was captured not just on cell phone video as you see here but on a police body camera likely showing the officer's point of view. stephanie elam is live in los angeles outside of lapd headquarters there. have you learned what led to this shooting? >> reporter: well from what we understand, there was a call a 911 call for a robbery. that is what brought the lapd
1:46 pm
officers to this area of skid row in downtown los angeles. that's when they confronted the man who was the suspect at this time and that's where this video picks up. what i'm going to tell you before we show this to you, it is going to be upsetting for some people to see. we want to show you what happened here. take a look. >> [ bleep ]. [ gun shots ] >> oh, my god! >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> reporter: you hear the reaction from the people standing by. this was at about noon on sunday. so broad daylight when this happened. they said the altercation dramatically took a turn because the officers said the man
1:47 pm
reached for one of the officers' guns. we know that four officers were involved three of them discharged their weapons. they also showed pictures to show that their weapon had a malfunction because it was pulled so hard. this is coming from the lapd. but overall, when you look at this tragedy, and the issue on skid row, there's a big discussion about mental illness and some people said that this man had been living in this part on the street in a tent for several weeks, and that he did have some mental health issues and chief charlie beck saying this highlights the issue in los angeles and this is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed somehow, and it has not been at this point, with the mental illness problem here. brianna? >> stephanie elam thanks so much. the lapd shooting could be the first case to put to the test the value of police body cameras which were widely called for after the high profile shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown in ferguson missouri. joining me to talk about this is the attorney for the brown
1:48 pm
family benjamin krump. you have seen this video and there is some obvious differences between the michael brown case and this case in los angeles, but as you're looking at that, do you see excessive force? >> what i do see is the police failure in training to deescalate a situation versus calculating a situation, as was talked about in michael brown in ferguson but more relevant to today, about 12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. again, you see police officers escalating life or death situations and the training has to be addressed. >> i know you represent mrs. rice and i definitely want to talk to you about that in a moment. as we do talk about this shooting in l.a. when you see something like this and there is some new information coming out about the tamir rice case do you expect we are going to see more protests as we saw after ferguson? >> i think people are going to
1:49 pm
exercise their first amendment constitutional rights to be heard when they see things like this in their community happen because it's a nationwide epidemic. when you look at all the places it's occurring, not only in los angeles, not only on staten island ferguson cleveland, but also in patient with antonio zambrano montez where he is running away with his hands up. you can't say what you said in ferguson with his case that oh, we don't know if he had his hands up or not. you see it yet nothing has happened to those police officers. >> there is video evidence. so i want to talk to you about the tamir rice case. the police shot this 12-year-old boy, he was killed last november. he was playing with a toy gun. as you see in really disturbing video, a police officer actually opened fire on him within two seconds of responding to a 911 call about someone wielding a gun in a park. his family filed suit against the city.
1:50 pm
this weekend, the city issued its response and its response was to blame the 12-year-old for his own death. the response says tamir's fatal injuries were quote, directly and proximately caused by the failure of plaintiff's decedent to exercise due care to avoid injury. you represent his mom. what was her reaction to this? >> his mother and father family were totally devastated. they were outdone at the response. the insensitivity of the police. because when you look at the video, less than 1.7 seconds i would offer to you and the fact that it's a playground. when you look at that you see a merry-go-round a swing set, a sliding board. it's a rec center. his 14-year-old sister runs out after he's shot screaming you killed my baby brother. look at how they treated her. they manhandled her, slammed her in the snow twice, put her in handcuffs, drug her to the back of the police car, put her in the back of the police car while
1:51 pm
she watched with her little brother four or five feet away kicking, dying right there on that video. so you have to ask yourself at what point do we expect more from our police officers at what point do we say you have to treat our community like you treat everybody else's community. don't police us and protect and serve everybody else. we want our children to be able to be safe as well. >> to that point, you have the mayor of cleveland who is responding to the backlash that came as a result of the city's response to this. he apologizes directly to tamir's family. >> this is not the character or personality of the city of cleveland. this is not to be that insensitive to family or even to victims. it's not our character or personality. i have an 18-year-old grandson and a 9-year-old and a
1:52 pm
3-year-old and it is difficult for me to imagine. >> he is choked up there, and he is also saying the city is going to change the wording of the response. what's your reaction to that? >> well i don't want him just to apologize for the poor word use and the gramatical phrases. i want him to apologize for the death of this 12-year-old child, one of his citizens at the hand of what we believe are police officers who were improperly trained. in fact the shooter had just been forced to resign three months ago so there's a question whether he should have even been a police officer. but it goes to the very heart of the matter what kind of police are we putting on the streets and are they properly trained, and if we don't address these issues the epidemic is going to get worse and worse.
1:53 pm
>> very important questions. thanks so much for being with us to talk about this. when we come back it could be enough to make this winter the snowiest on record in boston. the latest on the winter storm headed for the city next. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out... with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit welcome back to "the lead." i'm brianna keilar in for jake tapper. much of the country will get yet another blast of winter this week including boston which could also get some new bragging rights. the city only needs about three more inches to have its snowiest season ever and the struggle just to find shoveled space in boston now more difficult. no more blocking parking spots with lawn chairs and traffic cones. today, trash collectors started clearing these space savers so the big plows can move in. other regions getting dangerous ice and snow even blizzard conditions. that's created some slick roads, slow air travel.
1:58 pm
let's check in with meteorologist jennifer gray. she's in the severe weather center for us. i guess if boston suffers through all of this terrible winter they might as well get a record for it right? >> you know what? it's nothing you want to brag about. they have been through a lot so we might as well break the record. you're exactly right. we only need a little more than three inches right now, 104.1. they need to get to 107.6. they have two shots this week. we could get a little bit of snow on wednesday, could also get a little bit on thursday. so that's what we will be looking at as we go through the next couple of days getting that record for boston. you are oh, so close. we are looking at this storm system in the southwest getting its act together. of course, we did see some lightning strikes and also some hail in southern california today, which is a rare sight. we also have winter storm watches and warnings in place all around the four corners, including places just to the west of denver. lot of areas in the rockies to the east of salt lake as well. this will combine with a system
1:59 pm
from the south, with a system from the north, and is basically going to bring rain a wintry mix and even that snow anywhere from places like cleveland through chicago and all the way up to new england. starting out in the west by tomorrow morning we will have a messy commute for chicago. this is 10:00. as it moves to the east it will impact places like boston new york will switch over to a little bit of rain. in boston you could get another round of snow by the time we get to thursday. so we will all be watching the northeast closely. however, this could bring a wintry mix to the south as well which is extremely dangerous as we know. >> yeah. and no fun. i think i will be seeing you in your cnn snow beanie very soon. thank you. our buried lead a lingering shadow from bill clinton's presidency illustrated in a portrait. check out this painting of bill clinton. the artist just revealed to the "philadelphia daily news" that he included a shadow of monica
2:00 pm
lewinsky's dress. can you see it over there to the left? it's that dark area above the mantle. this is the shadow of a blue dress. it wasn't there when clinton stood for the painting in 2005. he said -- the artist said he couldn't get it out of his mind and wanted to include it after the fact. that's it for "the lead." i'm brianna keilar. here's wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, showdown. israel's prime minister says he means no disrespect toward president obama but he's about to make a fiery speech before congress. is the relationship with america's closest ally hanging in the balance? terrorist e-mails, secret messages sent by the most notorious isis killer. did he join the terror group out of fear for his own life? russian intrigue. does this model hold the key to the murder of vladimir putin's biggest rival? a


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