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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a lot different than they seem in the propaganda videos. we're out of time. we appreciate you talking to us. we want to thank all of our panelists. that does it for this edition of 360. just hours away from the israeli prime minister's speech it has been raising tension in washington and beyond. also what the lapd is saying about the deadly police shooting of a homeless man in los angeles. the skydiver who lost consciousness at the worst possible we'll talk to the man who save his life. we want to welcome our viewers wherever you may be joining us. i'm zain aesh. >> and i'm josh am'm john vause, this is cnn newsroom. the israeli prime minister and barack obama are dealing
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with very contentious topics. >> the white house is worried about what benjamin netanyahu may reveal to congress about a possible u.s./iran nuclear deal. >> we are concerned by reports that suggest selective details of the ongoing negotiations will be discussed publicly in the coming days. i want to say clearly that doing so would make it more difficult to reach the goal that israel and others say they share. in order to get a good deal. >> the united states had been providing our israeli allies regular detailed classified briefings to give them the proper context about the progress that we're making in the context of these conversations. the release of that information would betray the trust between our allies and it certainly is inconsistent with the behavior of trusted allies.
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>> mr. obama and mr. netanyahu have very different ideas about what a potential iran nuclear deal might actually accomplish. >> reporter: president obama sought to preempt the israeli leader's speech to congress saying a deal with iran is the best way to keep israel safe. >> if they do agree to it, it would be far more effective in controlling their nuclear program than any military action we could take any military action israel could take and far more effective than sanctions. >> reporter: and he accused the prime minister of never giving the negotiations with iran a real chance. >> prime minister netanyahu made all sorts of claims. this was going to be a terrible deal. this was going to result in iran getting $50 billion worth of relief. iran would not abide by the agreement. none of that has come true. >> reporter: now the israeli leader is hours away from launching a full-out assault on
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obama's policy towards iran. prime minister netanyahu said he's not attacking the president. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. >> reporter: he spoke to a friendly audience to dial down tensions but his remarks to congress will be provocative. aids say the prime minister will lay out what he knows about the iranian nuclear agreelts on the table and warn about the dangers to israel, the u.s. and the world if the deal goes forward. >> israel and the united states agree that iran should not have nuclear weapons, but we disagree on the best way to prevent iran from developing those weapons. >> reporter: netanyahu will also press the obama administration to push back the march 24th deadline for a political framework, allowing more time for negotiations on a tougher deal. the white house put out its
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ambassador to the united nations to assure allies and friends that the u.s. will take whatever steps are necessary to protect its close ally. >> we believe diplomacy is the preferred route to secure our shared aim. >> reporter: but even the president handicapped the chances of a deal. >> it is probably still more likely than not that iran doesn't get to yes, but i think that in fairness to them they have been serious negotiators. and they've got their open politics inside of iran. it is more likely that we could get a deal now than perhaps three or five months ago. but there are still some big gaps that have to be filled. >> the u.s. president there finishing the report. and now coverage of mr. netanyahu's speech begins 10:00 washington time less than nine hours from now. and later this hour we'll hear
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from a congressional republican who plans on attending the speech and a democrat who says he'll skip it. in the meantime the u.s. secretary of state and his iranian counterpart are back in switzerland working on nuclear talks with other world powers as well. mohamed sareef offered up what needs to happen. >> our negotiating partners particularly the united states must once and for all come to the political understanding that sanctions and agreement don't go together. if they want an agreement, sanctions must go. sanctions, they have to realize are not an asset, have never been an asset. they're a liability. and this liability, the sooner they remove this liability from the table the sooner we get to an agreement. >> diplomats have given themselves until late march to come up with a framework for a
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pact. the shooting of an unarmed homeless man by the lapd is raising a lot of questions. you can see a group of officers there at the top of your screen. they say the man that they encountered was suspected of a robbery. and in this cell phone video, can you see the man, he's known simply as africa. he gets taken to the ground. >> police say africa reached for an officer's gun and was then shot. the lapd chief says there is evidence to prove it and it appears his officers did everything they could to defuse the situation. >> this is an awful tragedy. but the officers took on the face of it, reasonable steps to avoid it. had the individual not grabbed the officer's pistol certainly, we would not be having this discussion. >> and the man who shot the cell phone video says he did not see
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africa as he's known, reach for the officer's gun. meanwhile, investigators are analyzing images from two police body cameras as well as that cell phone. our jason carroll took the recording to an audio expert to see what it might reveal. here it is. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: key to the investigation in the lapd shooting will not be just what the officers did, but what they say. paul ginsburg is a recorded evidence specialist. he's been in the listening business for 40 years. think of him as an audio archaeologist, a man who digs for sound. >> it's a puzzle. each of my cases is a puzzle. >> reporter: first listen to a portion of that amateur video captured bay bystander in its original form. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ gunshots ] >> that's a lot of noise. but it sounds to me like you can hear someone saying "drop the
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gun" in that. >> yes, and it will be much more prominent after we subtract out all of the background sounds. >> reporter: now listen again this time to the enhanced version. some of the am by ents sound has been suppressed. background sounds minimized. listen again. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: and again. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: the enhanced version was run through a sophisticated computer program which shows five distinct so-called markers for the sound of gunshots. >> so there you can very clearly hear what five shots? >> i hear five shots. i hear them and i see them. >> reporter: each one of these spikes here that's one of the gunshots. >> right. one shot two three, four, and five. >> reporter: that's what those
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spikes are here. >> these are markers. >> reporter: but is there even more here? police say the officer shot the suspect during a struggle after the man reached for an officer's gun. >> you can hear the young officer who is the, is primarily engaged in the confrontation saying that he has my gun. he has my gun. >> reporter: the los angeles police department made it very clear that it appeared to them they definitely heard one of their officers saying "he has my gun, he has my gun." >> it might very well be here. >> reporter: we listened to the enhanced audio again. okay. i've heard the word gun four times. >> yeah, you can hear the word "gun." it comes out. >> reporter: when we listen to it more closely you can hear the word "gun" four times, meaning someone is using the
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word two more times. the use of the word "gun" barely audible. but who says it? the man on the ground or the police? it's unclear like so much in the case. jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> you clearly hear the word "gun", but equally important is it's so difficult to make out what's happening visually. you can't really make out what's going on. >> early days in the investigation. notice meantime the mayor of cleveland, ohio is apologizing for a document that blames a 12 year old boy for his own death. >> tamir rice was playing with a toy gun in a park when officers shot him within seconds after arriving on scene. the officers say they did not know the gun was fake. >> the city said tamir's death was caused by his own failure to exercise due care to avoid
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injury. the mayor admits the wording was insensitive. tamir's mother says there's no excuse the. >> this is not the character of the city of cleveland, this is not to be that insensitive to family or even to victims. it's not our character our personality. and so once it became known to me that this had happened then we immediately went to how can we correct this. >> the whole world seen the same video like i seen. and i'm sure the whole world is saying you guys never gave him a chance. so with that being said it could never be justified. >> that boy was just 12 years old. in the meantime the rice family there you see his mother. they said they want an apology for the officers' lack of
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training. meanwhile, u.s. president obama is taking on deadly shootings. he met with a task force he appointed in response to several killings of unarmed black men. >> deadly killings are being investigated by independent prosecutors. mr. obama says his administration will review the recommendation. there's still no recommendation for anyone to collect the number of police shootings throughout the entire country. funeral services will begin in moscow for boris nemtsov. he was shot four times in the back while walking across a bridge near the kremlin. >> no one has been arrested. police are looking for someone who stands roughly 175 centimeters tall. he has dark hair they described him as wearing blue jeans and a
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brown sweater, relatively vague still. investigators are offering a nearly $50,000 reward. conspiracy theories are swirling around nemtsov's death. >> investigators are also looking into the possibility that the opposition itself may have actually been behind this killing. ivan watson walks us through nemtsov's final steps. take a listen. >> reporter: the staff here at the liberal russian radio station is in mourning for boris nemtsov. he gave thousands and thousands of media interviews throughout his long political career. his final interview took place in this studio. hours later, he was murdered friday night. the focus of his conversation was the war in neighboring ukraine. >> created by the russian
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government crisis and boris nemtsov spoke about the need of reforms of democratic reforms, political reforms, to stop the war. >> reporter: after the interview, nemtsov came here to moscow's iconic red square. it was after 9:30. he met his ukrainian girlfriend and they came to this upscale restaurant to have dinner. after 11:00 at night, nemtsov and his girlfriend came out of restaurant and walked through red square. now you've got lenin's tomb. and presumably they would have walked over here which houses the office of the president putin.
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red square is arguably one of the most closely monitored, heavily-guarded places in all of russia. and it's here on this bridge that just meters away in the red brick walls of the kremlin that nemtsov took his final steps around 11:30 on friday. he was walking here with his girlfriend when at least one unknown attacker fired a series of shots through his back killing him, almost instantly. and leaving the world with this burning question -- who killed boris nemtsov? >> that was our ivan watson reporting. a lot of people have their suspicions. we want to make it clear we still don't know who exactly was behind that killing. russian police questioned nemtsov's girlfriend extensively about the killing. a ukrainian official says she has flown home to kiev. the latest in the battle for
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literally as i speak, there is a major offensive under way. government forces are trying to gain back control of the city of
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tikrit from isis. >> they are fighting to dislodge the islamic group. and as ben wedeman reports, they're also getting help from iran. >> reporter: the attempt by iraq to re-take the town of tikrit from isis is well underway. according to iraqi media reports, there may be as many as 30,000 iraqi soldiers police men, sunni tribal leaders as well as fighters with the shia popular mobilization unit involved in this offensive. and the iraqi media says the army and the other militias have been able to take some territory to the south of tikrit. now what's interesting is the level of iranian involvement in this operation. the head of the elite iranian kutz force is reportedly in the area. he is playing a supervisory role
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in this offensive. in addition to that there are apparently lyly iranian drooptroops on the ground. according to some reports they are using artillery. a pentagon official said the iraqis did not ask for any advice on this operation and that there have been no coalition air strikes in the area. the only air strikes have been by the iraqi air force itself. the iraqi officials say this operation could take as long as ten days but it could be an even longer slog than that. tikrit is a town of around 200,000 people the majority are sunni arabs. many of them hostile to the central government in baghdad, and of course isis has a significant presence in that city. it's already well-known that
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they have sown the city with ieds and booby traps. this could go on for quite some time. i'm ben wedeman reporting from erbil. >> and this is crucial for them to take back mosul later this year. >> and if they do what sort of blow will that deliver to isis. a woman set to die by lethal injection in the u.s. state of georgia has had her execution postponed. she was scheduled to dimon evening. but before that could happen the drugs used in the procedure were sent to a lab for potency testing. >> corrections officials say the drugs appeared cloudy and out of caution the execution was postponed. she was convicted of plotting her husband's death in 1997. and only 15 women have been
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executed in the united states since 1977. and we think this could be the first in georgia if it goes ahead, since 1948. members of a canadian church are worried about their pastor who hasn't come back from a humanitarian trip to north korea. he entered at the end of january. he was supposed to return to canada february 4. now the toronto-based church says he has made more than 100 trips to north korea. the canadian government is now trying to help find the reverend. venezuela is now telling the u.s. to down size its staff from 100 to 17. the foreign minister says washington will have 15 days to decide which employees can stay. the diplomatic rift between the countries has been widening in recent months. and right maui arenow we are going
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to take a short break. also this skydiver loses consciousness before he can pull his parachute. the dramatic moment caught on video. we'll have a lot more on that when we come back. 83% try to eat healthy. yet up to 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, physical energy support with b vitamins. and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins.
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well the last time the nasdaq was -- are we doing the nasdaq now? there are the asia pacific stock markets, right across the board.
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not the case for the nasdaq though. the last time the nasdaq closed this high you probably had dial up. >> and in between, we saw the dotcom rush. and a record-setting bull run. let's go through some key facts. tripled. that's what the nasdaq has nearly done since hitting its low in 2009. i-sized. apple is now the most valuable country on nasdaq. it's worth more than google and microsoft combined. >> and 2.4% is all that's needed to break the record. this video made my heart stop when i saw it earlier today. an australian skydiver loses consciousness midair and the terrifying moments are caught on video. >> you and about 10 million other people who have watched it
10:26 pm
over the last 24 hours. just after jumping out of the plane, christopher jones had a seizure. his instructor was able to grab hold of him and deploy the chute. jones shared this with the world by youtube on sunday. the instructor joins us on the phone. thank you for being with us. how did you know christopher was in trouble? did you realize he was having a seizure? >> caller: hello. i didn't realize he was having a seizure. the aircraft he was facing me and it was supposed to be the first part of the turn. his shoulders went forward, he rolled onto his back and i wasn't sure what was going on at the time. i thought he was using incorrect technique or suffering from a little bit of sensory overload and was trying to give him every
10:27 pm
opportunity to correct his position. but at that point, i was completely unaware of what was going on. >> then you realized something's not right and you decide you need to get over to him. how does that process work? and how much time did you have to reach him before it was beyond the point of no return? >> caller: well there's not really a point of no return. there's no point of no rush. it's just a matter of time he had under the parachute and the reliability of mechanisms to open the parachute. i watched him for a while, giving him an opportunity to become stable. he wasn't responding. >> he wasn't trying to correct his position. >> so i went down and stopped, caught hold and had to pull his parachute. >> now christopher has epilepsy. but he was cleared by his doctor
10:28 pm
to take part in these jumps. have you actually had a chance to question the doctor's judgment? >> caller: why would anybody question a doctor's judgment? he peace a's a specialist. and he had all his paperwork and he was fit and healthy. >> since this incident sheldon, have you been back to the doctor and said hey there's a problem here? >> caller: no i don't think anybody has. maybe the manager of the skydive operation that i am in at the moment might have but nobody's questioned it. it will in future you know from anybody with any epilepsy or condition likewise comes to our operation by all means will never be allowed to jump. but he was four years without a seizure. he was fit and healthy. it was actually his fifth jump that he was doing when that actually happened. he'd been a model student up to that point. i was talking to one of the instructors.
10:29 pm
he'd been great. >> he's about halfway -- sorry, he's about halfway through his license to become a licensed jumper. is there anyway any chance he can actually finish? or is this just all over for christopher right now? >> caller: unfortunately, jumping by himself is out of the question now. if it happened it could happen again. we will never take that chance again. but he has indicated that he's pretty keen to do a tandem jump where he would be strapped to another instructor, and we'd have him tethered to us and take him for a jump. but i don't think we'll let him do this by himself again, to be honest. >> what an incredible day that was, really. i know sheldon says that the chute would have deployed anyway. >> any temptation i ever had to go skydiving literally went up in smoke today. i'm not doing that. >> luckily, i've not had any.
10:30 pm
the u.s. and israel are allies but it doesn't feel that way now. i was like really close. i could feel the vibration from the gunshots. >> that man recorded a controversial police shooting in los angeles. coming up how his story differs from the one the police are telling. stay with us.
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for our viewers in the united states and all around the world, thanks for staying with us. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. let's get straight to the headlines. the white house is wanting israel's prime minister not to reveal any secrets to congress on tuesday. benjamin netanyahu plans to outline what he believes is the beginning of a pact with iran. now mr. netanyahu and president obama disagree on how to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. iraqi army is trying to overtake tikrit.
10:33 pm
it would pave the way to retake mosul, the country's second largest city. and in the meantime in moscow funeral services for boris nemtsov will begin in less than an hour. the former deputy prime minister was gunned down while walking across a bridge near the kremlin friday night. his killer or killers still remain at large. benjamin netanyahu got a welcome from thousands of people. >> but things are still a little chilly on capitol hill hours before the israeli prime minister's speech to congress. here's our michelle kosinski with more. >> reporter: israeli prime minister netanyahu greeted here like a rock star. a crowd of 16,000 yet on this visit to washington he will not share so much as a phone call with the white house. which wasn't even told about the invitation from republican house
10:34 pm
speaker john boehner. president obama, we learned today, did not watch netanyahu's address, nor will likely watch his big speech tomorrow before a joint session of congress. the prime minister right away addressed this strangeness. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteemed office that he holds. i have great respect for both. >> reporter: his goal made very clear. >> iran vows to annihilate israel. if it develop the nuclear weapons, it would have the means to achieve that goal. we must not let that happen. >> reporter: complete with a chart he brought showing the tentacles of terror in five continents. but samantha power has essentially said the same thing. >> the united states of america will not allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon period. >> reporter: they seem to agree. >> yet the tension still came
10:35 pm
out even today. the white house upset that israel has and might continue to leak out purported details of the top-secret nuclear negotiations with iran which israel has worried will be too lenient. >> the release of that information would betray the trust between our allies and it certainly is inconsistent with the behavior of trusted alilyiesallies. >> in the meantime mr. netanyahu has insisted that his speech to congress is not to inject any partisanship. but there are at least 49 democrats who say they will skip mr. netanyahu's speech. they say they're protesting the prime minister's appearance as an affront to the president. >> one of the dozens of democratic lawmaker whose plan not to attend the speech is john
10:36 pm
yarmouth. while a republican to the left of screen will be there with every republican member of congress. both in separate studios. congressman yarmouth do you have a problem with the speech? >> i have a problem with the fact that speaker boehner invited prime minister netanyahu to come two weeks before the israeli elections and specifically invited him to sabotage the administration's efforts to negotiate a settlement to the iran nuclear situation. he explicitly said that. he said i'm not going to sit by and do nothing. and he invited netanyahu to come by and refute the administration position. so i have a very serious objection to that. the issue should not be whether any individual or 50 individuals attend or don't attend the speech. the question is should is this appropriate? where you invite a foreign
10:37 pm
leader basically to come over and undermine the foreign policy of the united states and then secondly the substance of the issue, which i think is the most important thing, and that is if we can get a deal diplomatically to put a halt to iran's nuclear ambitions then why shouldn't we do that. >> okay. hold that point. let's go to representative zelen. that is not a bad point. the prime minister has every right to talk to congress about an issue that threatens the very existence of his country, why not dough lay this speech for a couple weeks after the israeli election and get bipartisan support for his speech. >> the problem is that the deadline that the obama administration has set for these talks is march 24 which is just one week after the israeli elections. so in terms of the negotiations with iran, there is a widespread support for a good deal. there's concern about the u.s.
10:38 pm
and iran entering into a bad deal. many people such as myself would say that a bad deal would be worse than no deal at all. >> even if the president agrees with you on that. >> as far as the timing goes though you can't wait two more weeks after the elections, because the u.s. and iran well the u.s. is trying to close the deal before that. >> do you think israel will be safer, representative zeldon after the speech? because many in the military services do not. they believe iran will be closer to a nuclear weapon. and in some ways does that mean that the republicans have helped iran here? >> it's important that any deal reached with iran is not allowing iran to pursue urge enrichment maintaining several thousand centrifuges. if they aren't allowing inspectors to come in for transparency, that would be concerning. if the obama administration is to announce a deal and 24 hours
10:39 pm
the members of the iranian government are refuting the terms of that deal that would be concerning and something else too, is for the u.s. to be making a slough of permanent concessions in exchange for temporary concessions. so the dedevil's really going to be in the details. i'm all in favor to prevent iran from having nuclear capability. i just don't support a bad deal. >> can you blame the israeli prime minister for taking this opportunity to address congress? after all, he has a point that the iranians have been on fuse casing. even the iaea said they haven't come clean from the nuclear program almost a year and a half ago. >> i don't blame him for accepting. if i were a politician -- well i am a politician. if i was invited to an event that advanced my police calkal political
10:40 pm
interests, i would stupid not to. i would have ample opportunity to express my concerns about the negotiations but i don't want to turn this into a partisan divisive event, which it already has done. do i fault him for accepting the invitation? no. i fault speaker boehner for making the invitation and for representing it as a bipartisan invitation which it was not. that was in the letter that he sent to prime minister netanyahu. so i think prime minister netanyahu's acting like any politician would. he has a campaign in a close race. he has two weeks to go sure take a shot. i was in the house in 2011 when he spoke. and then i saw in 2013 how he used that appearance in his campaign spots. so i know what he's about, and he's going to do that again. i didn't want to be a prop in a
10:41 pm
netanyahu campaign spot. >> let's go back to congressman lee zeldon. how much damage has been done because of this invitation by john boehner, and is there any regrets on the republican side that the u.s./israeli alliance has become political? >> the american people stand strong with the israeli people. there is obviously, concern, security concerns for our nation's strongest ally. we have a great allies all across the world. in my opinion none stronger than our relationship with israel. what's important is the substance of what the prime minister has to say. it's important that america's foreign policy moving forward is strong and consistent. i've spoken to colleagues on the other side of the aisle who also share my concerns for not only having a strong relationship with israel but ensuring that
10:42 pm
the negotiations with iran share similar goals as to what i outlined a little while ago. talking to colleagues who are democrats. it's just unfortunate, though that foreign policy is not exactly the president's foreign policy, which is a great opportunity for them talking to the leader of their party who happens to be the most powerful person in the world. >> okay. we will leave it there. last word there to lee zeldon and john yarmouth from kentucky. >> realistically, how close is iran from a nuclear weapon? >> they've been a year away from a nuclear bomb for the last ten years. >> exactly. we're going to take a short break. the video of the man being shot in los angeles. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you
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10:46 pm
former british prime minister. he will be there to represent britain. and we will have more on the investigation on who shot bores nemtsov on friday. four shots in the back. the kremlin has promised a full investigation. >> and his girlfriend who was with him at the time of that shooting was sent back to ukraine. the man who shot that cell phone video showing police officers fatally shooting an unarmed man is speaking out. >> >> he says he was so close to the scuffle he could feel the vibration from the guns. he also says he questions the police version of what happened. >> reporter: unlike the millions who have watched this disturbing video online anthony blackburn was there. he was the man behind the camera. >> it's really truly devastating to me just to watch that because i was really close.
10:47 pm
i could really feel the vibration from the gunshots. >> reporter: police say it began because of a 911 call about a robbery and police trying to arrest a man who fit the description of the gun -- robber. >> the officers was giving him orders, you need to get up against the wall let us pat you down. and, but. >> reporter: he refused. >> he refused, you know. he refused. and once he refused. they said okay we're going to tase you. so one officer took out his taser and said we going to tase he said what you going to tase me for. after that they hit him with the taser. >> reporter: he caught the rest on camera. the man is seen swinging at the four police officers moving in on him, then struggle with him on the ground. from what you know, did this person grab get ahold of the officer's gun? >> i don't know how much of the officer's gun was removed from
10:48 pm
his hollister.ster. >> reporter: did i see him reach for an officer's gun? >> while he was on the ground being tased, i didn't see him reach for an officer's gun. >> reporter: blackburn says he was passing by on his way to visit his son. instead, he and others on the street ended up witnessing a homicide. why do you blame the officers? >> well i blame the officers because it was just like too obsessive. it was too many officers right there to for not to come up with a positive solution to the situation. you know what i'm saying be investigated go through a court case. trial, you know come up with a decision because that's wrong right there. >> reporter: but police say an investigation is under way, and not to rush to judgment. that is hard for blackburn. not just because he was there, but because of other recent cases. >> i been paying attention of
10:49 pm
all the stuff that you know, in ferguson in new york. but i didn't you know i didn't really believe that it would be me filming something that happened in california. >> reporter: sara sidner cnn, los angeles. well let's check in with the weather. pedram javaheri is here. what we're looking at in the next hour or so, the next couple of hours is some pretty strong storms. >> we've had it all day, some unusually thunderstorms. southern california has the lowest likelihood of thunderstorms anywhere in the united states. >> it rained for the first 236 days i was there. i remembered when it rained. >> i want to take you to huntington beach and show you the perspective if we can get the video up for you. but we have the video for you. we'll show you what happened earlier on monday afternoon across this region. look at this.
10:50 pm
this is some surfers taking on some hail that occurred there. about an inch of it accumulated on the beaches, enough to draw some people out. temperatures in the 40s, fahrenheit across that region. so some people having fun, certainly, with it but look at the bottom of your screen yeah. they're making some hailman and having some fun. quite unusual, the talk of social media. a lot of people touching on this. want to show you what's happening here the weather pattern in southern california very unsettled. some reports of funnel clouds. pilots reporting funnel clouds off of redondo beach. can't rule out some small hail. if you get above 4,000 feet, some snowshowers. if you're traveling across the grapevine grapevine. some of this offshore right now. but across that long beach, malibu's getting moderate
10:51 pm
rainshowers at this hour. winter weather radar lighting up across the san gabriel range as well. we do have snow in the forecast across the intermountain west upwards of a foot possible in the northern wasatch in the rockies, and 107 million dealing with winter weather advisories. some ice accumulation over the next couple days and some snow. new york boston thistle mark boston it looks like it will be the most snow ever. >> and that was tiny hail. >> unusual for l.a. thanks pedram. we will take a short break. a lot more news when we come back. stay with us. then you haven't seen this commercial. book now and save
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i'm sure our american audience knows the hov traffic lane sure comes in handy when you're in a rush and struggling through traffic. but you cannot use it if you're riding solo. >> because it stands for high-occupancy-vehicle. some people are trying to find ways around it but without much success. jeanne moos introduces us to the dumbest. >> reporter: when the person riding shotgun isn't actually a person life in the fast lane can take its toll. even cops don't take the imposters too seriously. >> what is that? >> reporter: that's a bus drivers for adding fake passengers to sneak into high occupancy lanes that require more than one. and now we have a new favorite fake whose identity will soon be revealed. i'm not the first dummy to sit in this seat. let's countdown our favorite dummies. number ten. she's not much to look at this
10:55 pm
inflatable could be the cousin of an air bag. number nine. tilley looked angelic with hangers for shoulders and stuffing for legs. number eight just a head not just ahead, just a head propped up on a jacket. number seven. the cousin of dora the explorer. a trooper tulled the car over when he observed the passenger with huge unblinking eyes. number six, busted with her teddy belted in. >> i have this huge smile on my face. >> reporter: until she got a $260 ticket. number five. driver who works with plexiglass for a living built this flexion plexiglass cutout. number four she's a babe. just don't ask her to step out of the car.
10:56 pm
one driver chose the bare bones approach. no point keeping your skeletons in the closet. why bother do fake a passenger? when you can just dress up the seat with a cap and tee shirt, so bad it's good which brings us to the new number one dummy, james campbell was pulled over on the long island expressway sitting next to this wood in a hoodie. the dummy's sister's down in his basement dressed in a tutu. he showed no remorse right after being ticketed. >> i've been using it for months. i came home on the hov lane. >> reporter: plans to use it again with a different outfit knock on wood jeanne moos cnn, new york. and the fines for getting caught in the hov lane while you're solo is exorbitant. >> better not try that one.
10:57 pm
thank you so much for joining us. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm john vause. errol barnett is up next. you're watching cnn. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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right now, it's 10:00 in moscow. we'll take you there live for the funeral of boris nemtsov, one of russia's most outsp