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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 2, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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right now, it's 10:00 in moscow. we'll take you there live for the funeral of boris nemtsov, one of russia's most outspoken
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critics. also coming up a war of work zone between the u.s. president and the prime minister of israel. and a man killed on the ground. we'll hear a witness explain what he saw. hello, everyone, i'm errol barnett. eye welcome hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is "cnn newsroom." we begin this hour with the latest information out of moscow at this moment. mourners are gathering to pay their final respects to boris nemtsov. you're looking at some footage that just came if to us moments ago as people gather around his open casket this morning. a memorial service has just begun for the prominent opposition activist. he was shot and killed while walking across a bridge near the kremlin on friday night.
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our senior international correspondent, matthew chance is there at the memorial and joins us now with more. just set the scene for us as this gets underway. what's happening around you? and what will happen throughout the day? >> reporter: that's right. we're at the center in the middle of moscow where this memorial service has now got underway. you see the open casket of boris nemtsov behind me. there are security guard been the casket somebody's family members. i can see his mother his daughter, his niece, a number of other family members, as well. obviously at the start of this long process of mourning throughout the course of the day that willum youly end in the funeral itself. -- that will ultimately end in the funeral itself. outside, hundreds have gathered in the streets and park that's just outside the center to carry in bouquets of flowers and
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tributes to boefr is nemtsov. that process will go on for the next four hours, we understand to give people the opportunity not you just family and people who knew him, but members of the general public in moscow to pay their respects. after that the casket will be closed and taken to the cemetery elsewhere in the capital where boris nemtsov will be laid to rest. we are at the start of a process which will take much of the day. this funeral process to see off finally boris nevermtsov. >> there is much more to see and do. we'll stay connected as the memorial continues. as far as who was in the rom and who was able to attend i understand some ukrainian officials were denied visas ahead of the funeral. i'm wondering if we have a sense
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of who will be there today. >> reporter: well certainly it are going to be dignitaries here from russia opposition figures. i just saw a former prime minister of russia here paying his respects and laying a wreath at the coffin of boris never sopho. diplomats from various countries -- nemtsov. diplomats from various countries. a number of officials from poland and ukraine say they've been denied visas for the country, for russia for various reasons. not specifically because they were going to be denied to come to this funeral you but because of the onmicrosofty of course, that exists at this point between russia and the european union and specifically with ukraine. despite this we are expecting to see a stream of dignitaries from the various foreign embassies here in moscow who will send representatives to of
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course pay their respects. i think as i speak now, i can see the american ambassador. if we could pan over to the american ambassador here. about to pay his respects there. jose gentleman. there shaking hands with people about to walk toward the coffin of bories theme -- of boris nemtsov to pay respects. the you united states has been condemning the killing and calling on russia and on president putin specifically to make sure that the culprits whoever carried this out, whoever ordered the killing, whoever pulled the trigger to be brought to justice. and of course vladimir putin and the kremlin have vowed that they will do that. although there's skepticism i think, among the russian public that this will happen. >> month use chance speaking to us from inside the memorial service. boris nemtsov's body is being
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seen now by relatives and well wishers. and matthew chance with diplomats also in the room. we'll connect again with you as this all gets underway today. as matthew mentioned, there are many theories swirling around nemtsov's death. some going as far to be conspiracy theories. the former deputy prime minister was one of president vladimir putin's vote spoken critics. investigators are looking into the possible that it could have been behind the killing. ivan watson walks us through nemtsov's final steps. >> reporter: the staff here at the liberal russian radio station echo is in mourning for buddy named soft. he gave thousands and thousands of hodelia intercareer. his final interview took place in this sued hours earlier. he was murdered on friday night. the focus of his conversation
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was the war in neighboring ukraine. >> created by the russian government. boris nemtsov spoke about the need of reforms, of democratic reforms, political reforms just to struggen against surprises and stop the war. >> reporter: after his okie must be interviewed, he came here to moscow's iconic red square. of after 9:30 p.m. he met his ukrainian girlfriend and they came to this upscale restaurant bosco, to have dinner. after 11:00 at night, the two came out of the restaurant and walked through red square. you've got lenin's tomb down there. of course, you have the magnificent st. basil's cathedral and would have walked
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past the memorial. this area is bristling with security cameras, red square is arguably one of the most closely monitored, heavily guarded places in all of russia. it's here on the bridge mears away from the red brick walls of the kremlin that nemtsov took his final steps around 11:30 p.m. on friday. he was walking here with his girlfriend when at least one unknown attacker fired a series of shots, threw his back killing him almost instant and leaving the world with the burning we can -- who killed boreis nemtsov. >> that was ivan watson. we're showing a live look from moscow as the memorial service for boris nemtsov gets underway. he will be laid to rest later today. matthew chance is in the room. we will have continuing coverage throughout the hour on cnn.
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we're focusing on the other big story. iran's nuclear capabilities. world views are clashing in washington. israel and the u.s. agree iran should not have nuclear weapons. when it comes to how to achieve that there's a big and bitter divide. in a speech to congress tuesday, benjamin netanyahu is expected to lay out what he believes is the beginning of a nuclear deal between iran and the u.s. netanyahu, though wants tougher sanctions against iran. he downplayed any friction on monday. >> my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama or the esteem office that he holds. i vhave great respect for both. israel and the united states will continue to stand together because america and israel are more than friends. we're like a family. this agreements -- disagreements
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in family are always uncomfortable. but we must always remember this we are family. >> now when it comes to u.s. and israeli relations, president barack obama and mr. netanyahu seem to be on the same page. you but the president says the best plan for iran is to freeze nuclear activity for at least a decade. >> i don't think it's permanently destructive. i think that it is a distraction from our focus. and our focus should be how do we stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> mr. obama says the object of all the strife, a nuclear deal with iran doesn't each look promising right now. diplomats involved in the iran nuclear talks including the u.s. secretary of state and his iranian counterpart aren't letting the events in washington derail things in switzerland. they're meeting to keep working toward a pact. john kerry's warning mr. netanyahu not to spill any
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sensitive information. >> we are concerned boy reports that suggest selective details of the join going negotiations will be public in the coming days. i want to say publicly there doing so will make it more difficult to reach the goal this israel and others say they share. >> what's interesting is that on the political side mr. netanyahu's facing both criticism and support for his upcoming speech to the u.s. congress. what do the people of israel think? cnn's kate bolduan met with people in the heart of jerusalem. >> reporter: as diverse as the landscape, the culture, and the israeli poem themselves so are the opinions here on their prime minister's decision to speak before congress. a marine poll suggests the public is split down the mid. i saw that firsthand at this
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dinner party in the heart of - jerusalem. thank you very much for having us. this woman thinks it's wrong and all about re-election. what do you make of it? >> i think this is a classic move of distracting voters from domestic issue to foreign policy. >> you think this is a campaign snuf. >> totally. >> this woman disagrees. >> i'm amused by the power that left seems to give to netanyahu heat. wins he is giving a speak e speech on a topic that he knows a lot about, but it's still just a peach. >> reporter: just a speech but its focus remains a central issue concerning all israelis. the threat of a nuclear iran. >> every israeli no matter what their politics on some deep level feels a deep sense of insecurity about our own survival. >> reporter: do you think anything that netanyahu says in the speech can push the needle
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on the negotiations with iran? >> one way or the other, i think netanyahu isn't going to be the reason that america makes this decision. >> i agree. i'm worried that he will be blameded for it. -- blamed for it. >> will he be given credit if america stays out of it? >> and i doubt he will be begin credit. it's lose-lose. that's why i think it's such a good idea. >> most people think that the speech is not going to affect the negotiations with iran. most people are concerned about this wolf trap between the united states and israel. >> reporter: the professor is an expert on the american/israeli relationship. >> there were many crises but this is the worst. >> reporter: you think it is the worst? >> because it has been lingering for a long period of time. there's very little trust between the leaders, and the disagreement and the crisis is about almost everything. >> reporter: back at the dinner table, these israelis hope that doesn't mean irreparable damage.
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>> the connection of israel and the united states goes so deep and on so many levels -- yeah we're going through a bad time, but we'll get over it. >> reporter: cnn, jerusalem. to understand our very high interest in this story you've got to remember the back story to this visit. house speaker john boehner invited mr. netanyahu to speak in front of congress without letting the white house know. a major breach of protocol. our fareed zakaria weighed in on that. >> i think the whole episode is a very bad precedent. to have the opposing party when it controls congress inviting a critic of the president's foreign policy, to present that criticism in a joint session of congress is unprecedented and a bad idea going forward. >> this really is a big deal. much more coming up in the effects half-hour including his thuts on whether anyone will get -- thoughts on whether anyone
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will get their way in the iran nuclear deal. stay tuned for that. coming up a police shooting caught on camera. and still there are questions over exactly what happened. ahead, an you audio expert tells us what the sounds reveal. also a major offensive underway in iraq. the latest on the fight for tikrit. and the russian opposition leader gunned down just outside the kremlin being laid to rest today in moscow. you're looking at live pictures coming in. denver international is one of the busiest airports in the country. we operate just like a city and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal generating electricity on-site and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment.
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you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion credit report from your phone. and all that information feels pretty good. come to and get in the know. welcome back. the deadly shooting of an unarmed man by los angeles police is raising a lot of questions. now cnn has obtained this surveillance video from a homeless shelter on l.a.'s so-called skid row and you can see a cluster of officers in the distance with a man they say was the robbery suspect.
11:18 pm
you can cut to what anthony blackburn shot on his cell phone. in this clip you see the man known as africa get taken to the ground. police say he was shot when he reached for an officer's gun. the police chief says it appears they did everything they could to defuse the situation, but blackburn says the situation got out of hand quickly. >> i've never seen something like that turny to horrible hoe quickly -- turn so horrible so quickly. you hear the officers saying "can you back up? can you back up?" that was one of the officers this fired the shots. after he came and stayed mad, i was ready to get up out of there. >> blackburn also says he did not see africa the man known as africa reach for the gun. meanwhile, investigators are analyzing video from two police body cameras, as well as that cell phone video.
11:19 pm
jason carroll took the recording to an audio expert to see what it might reveal. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: key to the investigation in the lapp shooting will not just -- lapd shooting will not be just what the officers did but what they said. paul ginsburg is a recorded evidence specialist. he has been in the listening business for 40 years. think of him as an audio archaeologist, a man who digs for sound. >> it's a puzzle. each of my cases is a puzzle. >> reporter: first, listen to a portion of that amateur video captured by a by stanner in its original -- bystander in its original form. [ shouting ] [ gunfire ] >> reporter: that's a lot of noise. it sounds like you can hear someone saying "drop the gun" in that. >> yes, and it will be much more prominent after we subtract out all of the background sounds. >> reporter: now listen again. this time to the enhanced version.
11:20 pm
some of the ambient sound has been suppressed background sounds minimized. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! drop the gun! >> reporter: listen again -- >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> reporter: and again -- >> drop the gun! drop the gun! drop the gun! >> reporter: the enhanced version was run through a sophisticated computer program which shows five distinct so-called markers for the sound of gunshots. >> there you can very clearly hear five shots? >> five shots. i hear and see them. >> reporter: each of the spikes is gunshots? >> one, two, three, four and five. >> reporter: that's what the spikes are? >> these are markers. >> reporter: but is there even more here? police say the officer shot the suspect during a struggle after the man reached for an officer's gun. >> you can hear the young
11:21 pm
officer who is primarily engaged in the confrontation saying "he has my gun. he has my gun." >> reporter: the los angeles police department made it clear that it appeared to them they definitely heard one of their officers saying, "he has my gun. he has my gun." >> he might well be here. >> reporter: we listened to the enhanced audio again. >> drop the gun! >> okay i heard the word "gun" four times. >> you can hear it four times -- >> did comes out. >> reporter: when we listen more closely, you can actually hear the word "gun" four times, meaning someone is using the word two more times. the use of the word "gun" barely audible. who says it? the police or the man on the ground? even with the audio enhanced, it's unclear. like so much in the case. [ bleep ]
11:22 pm
>> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, new york. the mayor of cleveland, ohio is apologizing for a legal document that blames a 12-year-old boy for his own death in a police shooting. you may remember tamir rice was playing with a pellet gun in a parker in his home when officers shot him within seconds of arriving. the officers he didn't know the boy's gun was fake. in responding to a lawsuit from the family the city said tamir's death was caused by his failure to exercise due dire avoid injury. the mayor admits the wording was insensitive. tamir's mother says there's no excuse. >> this is not the character or personality of the city of cleveland. this is not to be that insensitive to family even to victims is not our character or personality. and so once it became gun me that this happened that we
11:23 pm
immediately went to how can we correct this. >> the whole world seen the same video like i seen. i'm sure the world is saying you guys never gave him a chance. with that said, it can never be justified. >> the rice family says it wants an apology for the officer's lack of proper training. one of the biggest attacks against isis yet. coming up the fight to route the militants from tikrit. so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees.
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tikrit. australia plans to send 300 more respect to to iraq to help train iraqi forces in their fight against isis. the troops will join 600
11:26 pm
australian airmen and soldier already in iraq. australia's prime minister made the announcement just a few hours ago. >> i want to stress that we haven't taken this decision lightly. ultimately it is iraq that must deflate the death cult, but we do leave the iraqows their own. >> at this hour iraqi troops are clawing away at isis-held territory less than 200 kilometers north of baghdad. as barbara starr respects, they're getting support from across the region. >> reporter: the iraqi prime minister says the fight to take back tikrit is back often the battle is a crucial test of the willingness of iraqi troops to fight after months of u.s. training. easier to reign in tikrit than trying to recapture the bigger prize, mosul. >> the key thing in my mind is
11:27 pm
proximity to baghdad. it's closer to baghdad. mosul is another 200 kilometers another many miles to the north from tikrit. >> reporter: the iraqi forces attacking from several directions in the effort to retake tikrit, engaging with isis north of the city at al alam and south at aldor. isis has its own versions of the event, claiming to show it is fighting back against the 30,000-man force iraq says it is fielding here. u.s. official are privately doubtful the iraqi numbers are that high. the u.s. is saying little about the operation, viewing it as a gauge of iraq's sectarian divide. tikrit is a sunni town. the troops are shia led. even as u.s. tensions with iran grow they van in the thick of the tikrit fight. the iranian news agency reporting that the commander of
11:28 pm
the elite iranian brig aid is in welcome overseeing the operation. iran is also providing iraq and its shia militias with weapons and ammunition. another sign no one can predict isis' next move. nearly two dozen christian hostages released by the group, nobody knows why. >> we should not let up on isis because we saw this activity that seems to be a gesture of good faith. there is no good faith in isis. doesn't exist. we should continue to pound them as hard and as viciously as we can. now members of a canadian church are worry about their pastor who hasn't come back for a humanitarian trip to north korea. the reverend entered north korea from china the end of january. he was supposed to return to canada february th. his toronto-based church says he's made more than 100 trips to
11:29 pm
north korea and speaks fluent korean. the church says the canadian government is trying to help find the reverend. another big story we're following this hour. you're looking at live pictures coming in to us from moscow as mourners pay their final respects to russian opposition activist boris nemtsov. we're told the u.s. ambassador is there, the former prime minister as well as the mother daughter and niece of mr. nemtsov. relatives and dignitaries will be filing through throughout the day. we'll get you live to the memorial service after the break. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm errol barnett. let's update you on our top stories. live pictures from moscow as hundreds of mourners pay their final respects to boris nemtsov. the memorial service underway now for the prominent opposition activist who was shot and killed while walking across a bridge near the kremlin friday night.
11:32 pm
his killer or killers remain at large. iraqi forces are fighting alongside shia and sunni militias to try and break isis control of tikrit. at least 30,000 troops are involved in this operation. and iraqi victory could pave the way for an assault on the country's largest isis stronghold. the northern city of mosul. in a few hours, israel's prime minister is expected to spill sensitive details about ongoing nuclear talks with iran. an agreement between tehran and sick world powers is in its final stage. house speaker john boehner invited benjamin netanyahu to make a speech before the u.s. congress without consulting the white house. as tensions rise between israel and washington u.s. secretary of state john kerry says there's been some progress to report in the nuclear talks. he emphasizes there is a long way to go. indeed the clock is ticking. jim sciutto with more from switzerland.
11:33 pm
my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama. >> reporter: the acrimony between israel and the u.s. -- >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers. >> reporter: so far having no impact on the nuclear talks between the u.s. in iran here in switzerland -- the u.s. and iran here in swan. secretary of state john kerry and his counterpart in iran meeting multiple times this week with talks accelerating negotiations to end the decades' long dispute over iran's nuclear program. with kerry well aware of israel's concerns. >> any deal that we will possibly agree to would make the international community and especially israel safer than it is today. that's our standard. >> reporter: what does a good deal look like? supporter including the administration say a deal would restrict iran's path to a nuclear bomb and extend the time it will need to embark on a weapon program. the so-called breakout period to
11:34 pm
a year. all while allowing the civilian nuclear program under international monitoring, much like the interim agreement signed in november 2013. opponents including prime minister netanyahu and some u.s. lawmakers say the only way to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon is to prevent it altogether especially in light of the past cheating. just today the iaea said iran has not provided information on past force to research weaponization. >> we have asked questions, and the questions are clear so they can answer. >> reporter: iran says it will never give up its nuclear program entirely meaning that if no deal is reached, military action and perhaps war could follow. >> reporter: even as the gaps narrow, another key disagreement was exposed. if there is agreement, the west wants sanctions lifted gradually to retain leverage. iran. the sanctions lifted all
11:35 pm
together right away. our negotiating partners particularly the western countries and particularly the united states must once and for all come to the political understanding that sanctions and agreement don't go together. if they want an agreement, sanctions must go. with our own fareed zakaria joining us from new york and host of "fareed zakaria gps," first what do you think of the issue of sanctions as far as what's in this deal? is iran likely to get its wish for all sanctions to be lifted at once? >> no. there's almost no prospect that that will happen. remember the sanctions are essentially the american sanctions are ten ax of congress as i understand which will mean there would have to be ten acts repealing or one omnibus repeal. there's almost no prospect that that would happen from a republican congress at this point. so that's not going to happen. the president can unilaterally
11:36 pm
waive some of those sanctions, weaken others, and then of course there are the international sanctions. the sanctions put on by the u.n. so iran could get some sanctioned relief. but the idea that it would get a repeal of all sanctions particularly the u.s. ones which are the most punitive, the ones that have hit the iranian economy the hardest is highly unlikely. >> what do you make of the possibility being reported now that prime minister netanyahu might reveal classified information about the deal just in order to make a point about how bad it is? >> i think it's wrong. i think it's frankly disgraceful if in fact he were to do that. let's give him the benefit of the doubt and not say this he's going to do it. i think this whole episode is a very bad precedent. to have the opposing party opposing the foreign policy, to oppose it in a joint session of
11:37 pm
congress is unpress denned and a bad idea going for. there's an article in the "the washington times" that made the point this imagine if the democratic congress or democratic senate had asked jacques chirac president of france, to explain why george w. bush's policies on iraq were all wrong. how will we have felt? imagine if during president reagan's two terms one of his many critics -- and he had dozens of them around the world -- had been invited by the democratic congress to speak to a joint session of congress. how will we feel? the president is the lead conductor of america's foreign policy. and for congress to play this role of allowing somebody to come and giving them this institutionalized platform to criticize american foreign policy strikes me as a bad idea and a very bad precedent. >> it does appear to put salt in the international diplomatic mix, which is tough enough. considering that you have talks underway in switzerland. each side does want to walk away
11:38 pm
with something. despite this, you could call it side show what do you think the chances are that we will see a deal in the end? >> i've always thought it was unlikely. i think that there's -- there's serious negotiations so i'd say maybe 60% to 70% against the deal. 30% this we will get a deal. because on both sides the negotiators don't have much leeway. by which i mean president obama doesn't have much leeway to make many concessions because netanyahu is breathing down his backs. the republicans in congress are breathing down his back. he has to stand very tough. so tough that it's tough -- difficult to see what concessions he can make. on the iranian side don't forget they have a similar program. rohans rohani's not a very powerful president. they're watching over him. in both cases, there are hawk who want no concessions, which
11:39 pm
means the guys negotiating down have a lot of leeway. in that circumstance imagine negotiating the opening with china where he wasn't able to deal with the issue of taiwan because that would be an uproar and imagine if there you had a situation like that in china. the -- you need a lot of negotiating room. neither side has it. >> we've got to make the point that the deal is far from being complete. fareed zakaria, thank you very much for joining us and providing some of your insight tonight from new york. >> thank you. u.s. house speaker john boehner, the man who invited mr. netanyahu, says ticket demand for the congressional speech is off the charts. there will be some notable no shows. chief among them of course president obama. the white house says he may not even watch the speech. personally i find it hard to believe. he won't be meeting with the prime minister either. also vice president joe biden, he will normally attend the senate president. you could say coincident low he is in guatemala now.
11:40 pm
and of course john kerry, america's chief diplomat will be meeting iranian officials in switzerland as he has been doing all week holding the very talks that mr. netanyahu will be lobbying against. i want to take you to the memorial service of boris nemtsov in moscow. live pictures as they're coming to us here at cnn. hundreds of people are expected to attend. our matthew chance telling us that some of the late opposition leaders' immediate family members are in the room. someone gunned down nem sophofriday while he -- nemtsov friday while he was near the kremlin. police haven't made any arrests. this has heightened a sense of fear in the country when it comes to speaking out against the government. nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister himself, was a vocal critic of vladimir putin. many say his murder was politically motivated. our senior international correspondent, matthew chance has been in the room during the memorial the past hour joins us
11:41 pm
on the phone. i'm wondering if you can update us on what you're seeing and hearing there this morning. >> reporter: well we're seeing a constant stream of people coming across carrying bouquets of flowers, tributes to boris nemtsov and laying the tribute at his open casket. also speeches have begun. a couple of prominent people said a few words including the u.s. ambassador saying that he will long be remembered boris nemtsov, as a great russian patriot. so it's the former prime minister of russia addressing the mourners, as well, saying that name of an enemy for many -- that boris nemtsov was an enemy for many because he would not come forward. and the tributes are continuing. i just noticed that john major, the former british prime minister is here also.
11:42 pm
representing obviously the british government. there were officials are all over europe united states, and elsewhere who have come history today pay their respects to this opposition figure in russia. >> matthew chance speaking to us from inside the memorial service for boris nemtsov. relatives, dignitaries look at his open casket while laying their own memorials, flowers and respects. poem continue to connect with matthew chance and cover the service as it unfolds in moscow over the next five hours. do stay tuned to cnn for that. after days of questioning, boris nemtsov's model girlfriend flew back home. we'll talk to her mother whos she's concerned for her daughter's safety and her emotional well being. stay with us. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app,
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once again we're showing live pictures coming to us out of moscow where a memorial service for russian opposition activist boris nemtsov continues. foreign diplomats and dignitaries are among those paying their final respects. nemtsov was shot and killed while walking across the moscow bridge friday night. there is now word that boris nemtsov's girlfriend has flown become to kiev after more than two days of questioning by police while she was in moscow. she was walking with nemtsov
11:46 pm
friday when she was gunned down near the kremlin investment an interview with cnn earlier in the day, her mother expressed concern for her daughter's psychological well being. here's diana magnay. >> reporter: there's one key witness in name eliminate's murder his girlfriend of 2 opinion 5 years. 23-year-old ukrainian model anna duretskaya. "i turned around and saw a car, a light colored car. i didn't see the license president clinton or the brand," she told russia's tv. her mother in kiev says anna called moments after nemtsov was shot. "she was crying and saying boris had been killed and is lying next to me. she was in such shock, she couldn't say anything else." nemtsov and doraskaya had been dining together that night. then the fateful stroll for home.
11:47 pm
"anna suggested getting a taxi but boris didn't want to. he wanted to walk across the bridge. when they were walking, she was holding his hand and heard a clapping noise. boris fell on the ground." nemtsov was more than 30 years older than anna protective her mother says of a young model making her name in moscow. she was going out with a man who was an outspoken critic of the kremlindom that concern her? was she scared for her own safety? were you scared for her safety? >> "she asked him not to be so open so straightforward. it it was impossible to change him. he was a strong man who did what he considered of the right thing to do. she's younger and not involved in politics in any way. she loved him." diana magay, cnn, kiev. and again you're seeing the memorial service for boris nemtsov as it continues there in
11:48 pm
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welcome back. prince william's week-long tour of asia is coming to an end. the british monarch tackled serious issue, but of course there were lighter moments, as well in shanghai on machine. the duke of cambridge took in a football training session and attended the premiere of the movie "paddington." earlier he spoke at the ceremony for the greatest festival of creativity. a showcase of british business in everything from film and art to health care and education. now max foster with miles of the tour, if we're going to grade him, the duke is flying solo without the duchess and baby prince how did he do?
11:51 pm
>> it's been interesting to watch particularly in china. you had the situation where obviously britain is keen to get a front seat with the chinese leadership is going to be the largest economy in the world very soon. and britain wants a position for that. and prince william, the royal family's used often in these occasions where politicians aren't as useful as it were. so they call it soft diplomacy, meeting senior chinese leaders, mainly emphasighing ties between the countries. and prince william is becoming a bit of a master of this. this of a big test because china can be very delicate diplomatically speaking. there are lots of issues like human rights which politicians don't want to go near. prince william's father of course prince charles, has gone near the subject. big supporter of the dalai lama for example. prince william very much there working on behalf of the british government these last few days promoting ties.
11:52 pm
he's done so effectively. he met the chinese president in the great hall of the people which is a great honor. we didn't know quite which member of the chinese authorities he would meet. we knew it would be a senior member and in the end, much more center than anyone expected. we met with the emperor and prime minister and perhaps china didn't. to be outdone. prince william isn't -- the monarch in the u.k. he's not even heir to the thrown, hose number two. normally he -- to the throne, he's number two. normally he wouldn't be granted the honor. >> it would appear that relations are warming. but it's difficult to gauge, not? it how successful this trip was with shoring up business interests. but considering that his -- you know prince william's father had a bit more of a frosty relationship with the country this time, it seems as though thing may have warmed.
11:53 pm
do you get the sense that without any major gaffes to speak of so far this trip of a success? >> reporter: certainly if you look at the commentary not just in the western media but the chinese modia, it seems positive somebody. you're referring to a couple of really unfortunate incidents in the past with the royal family. prince charles once described the chinese officials that he met appalling wax works and prince william talked about slitty eyed people. it was awkward. -- pral talkprincipals talked about slitty eyed people. it was awkward. but you see prince william having opportunities certainly means that the chinese authorities are open to working with him. it is a very long-term relationship. and i know that prince william's office sees this as a first step in a long-term relationship. and that would have been transmitted back to the chinese authorities. and it seems so far to be a great success. just this meeting itself. >> yeah.
11:54 pm
if he can get out unscathed without any unexpected gaffes it should be a good trip. max foster live in london with a bit of details on prince william's asian tour being wrapped up. now, severe floods are threatening nearly a million people in northern spain as the area nears record levels. pedram javaheri with more. very serious situation. >> reporter: the snow is melting across the pyrenees. the water is melting down. and it has the largest volume of water for spain as far as the river is concerned. and about a million people live along the river in one of the biggest cities in spain. and we'll show some of the images that we have of the flooding. this river has been known to have flooding concerns. the images show the tremendous flooding. some 800 hectors, 25,000 acres of farmland damaged boy the waters out there. you look at the satellite depiction, the color depiction
11:55 pm
from january, want to show you the river as we touched on. carrying the largest volume of water across spain. the perspective january into march, you see the river balloon. as we go in for a closer perspective, hard to pick it out in january and in march expanding quite a bit. we've had drainage pumps put in place along the see it alleviate the problem. the concerns remain quite high as the forecast continues to bring snow showers across northeastern areas of spain. as that's the case as the temperatures warm heading into the middle portion of march. melting will cause more of an issue when it comes to the volume of water picking up in intensity. speaking of water, look across southern california. strong and isolated thunderstorms on the southern california coastline from malibu toward long beach. get up above 4,000 feet across the ventura mountain -- ventura county mountains, los angeles county. you can begin to pick up one to four inches of snowfall. in fact closer perspective across the greater los angeles
11:56 pm
basin. look at the burn areas taking on quite a bit of rainfall this hour. we had not only strong thunderstorms but funnel clouds reported into the early afternoon hours across the region with wintry weather. more than 120 million people dealing with wintry weather. more snow rain sleets in the forecast. want to leave you with the video, what occurred across huntington beach in southern california. >> hey now! >> look at them. people taking on unusual hail that came down an inch accumulate on the beach. people making hail balls and even a hail man as you'll see. what do you think of that in boston? >> yeah boston -- it's that california surfer dude mentality. just enjoy it. >> absolutely. >> no matter what it is. >> hang ten. >> hail on the beach. and you surf at all?
11:57 pm
>> i have not, no. >> i failed many times. thanks. so you next hour. that's it for this edition of "cnn newsroom." zain asher joins me after this break for more of the biggest stories. stay with us. if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't seen this commercial. book now and save during the spring break sale at
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as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu gets ready for his controversial capitol hill visit, we'll look at why today's speech is coming upper such heavy fire. happening right now, mourners paying respects to a slain kremlin critic. and you'll hear from the man who roared this video of a deadly police shooting in l.a. hello and a warm welcome to our viewers wherever you you may be watching. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom."