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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sroom" with carol costello. what's your favorite? thin mint? >> peanut butter is fantastic. are you kidding? >> i'll be over shortly. have a great day. >> thanks! >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addresses congress in less than two hours. >> america and israel are more than friends, we're like a family. >> will he spill family secrets. >> we are concerned by reports that suggest selective details of the ongoing negotiations will be discussed publicly. >> concern mounting. the number of congressional boycotters growing. what will netanyahu say? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining
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me. nuclear stakes and allies straining to be civil. this morning israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu rachets up tensions with the white house when he addresses both houses of congress. he will also face plenty of empty seats. more than 50 democrats now boycotting his offensive. netanyahu wants to turn lawmakers against these ongoing nuclear talks with iran a country that has vowed to destroy israel but the long-time u.s./israeli alliance showing its own strain. the white house warning netanyahu to not reveal sensitive details of those talks now unfolding in switzerland. and the president says netanyahu's dire warnings on talks two years ago have proved to be baseless. >> when we first announced this interim deal prime minister netanyahu made all sorts of claims. this was going to be a terrible deal. this was going to result in iran getting $50 billion worth of relief. iran would not abide by the agreement. none of that has come true.
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>> democratic senator elizabeth warren is one of the latest to boycott netanyahu's speech so have we arrived at a time israel has become a republican/democratic issue? if that's true what does it mean? let's check in with cnn chief political correspondent dana bash. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it is becoming more of a partisan issue which is really stunning because of all the partisan issues that divide the parties here on capitol hill israel has been the one thing that has brought the parties together consistently for decades. you certainly are seeing with high profile democrats like elizabeth warren the former chair of the democratic party, senator tim cane and others deciding that they're so opposed to the optics of this speech the idea of this speech at this time that they are going to sit it out. so there's no question that they are -- that there is tension despite the fact that you are seeing and hearing the israelis and republicans trying to set
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it -- kind of tamp things down. it will be hard to do so, especially after we hear the substance of the speech which many democrats here i talked to are concerned will reveal too much about what's going on in these talks with iran. >> let's talk about how netanyahu entered the halls of congress in about, what, 1:45. what will will be like? >> reporter: a lot of pomp and circumstance. we're used to seeing -- what we're going to see today we're used to seeing at the white house. obviously the whole story here is that netanyahu was not invited to the white house and was invited here over the opposition of the white house. he's going to come. he's going to be presented by the house speaker with a bust of winston churchill with netanyahu's name on it. one of the reasons is because only winston churchill will have addressed a joint meeting of congress as many times as netanyahu. he is also going to present him
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with some things like the scroll of esther and this is important because it is the jewish holiday of purim this week and the book of esther is what jews read during this holiday. there are going to be a lot of efforts to reach out and kind of join the two countries culturally and politically as well as when we talk about the geopolitical issues like iran which obviously very much divides them. >> let's talk about that a little bit more. dana bash thank you. stand which. white house officials are worried the israeli prime minister could reveal confidential details about a nuclear agreement with iran putting the entire plan into jeopardy. >> we were incredibly disappointed that some israeli officials were saying prime minister netanyahu would reveal sensitive information. >> we are concerned by reports that suggest selective details of the ongoing negotiations will be discussed publicly in the coming days. >> i'm not going to get into all
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the details about ongoing negotiations nor should sensitive details of such negotiation be discussed in public. >> but discussing those finer points is something israel may be ready to do as it tries to stop what it calls, quote, a bad deal with iran. israel's economic minister spoke last night on cnn. >> iran as clear goal is to acquire a nuclear weapon, and if this deal happens it will spell an unmitigated disaster. we need to do everything in our power to stop it. >> so let's talk about this. i'm joined by chief washington correspondent and host of "the lead" jake tapper. hi jake. >> reporter: hey, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. so would netanyahu really spill classified information? >> reporter: it's unclear what information exactly netanyahu will reveal. i talked to some israeli government officials and they say that there will be information that the prime minister delivers in his speech
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but they say it will be information that has already been reported in the media as well as information that came from other sources, not from the american government. white house officials continue to be alarmed at not only the background briefing in which israeli officials told reporters that the prime minister would talk about some sensitive information but also the fact that there have been leaks to the israeli media from israeli government officials about details from these negotiations with iran and they say it's not helpful because there is no final deal so the information is not always in full context. we'll have to see what exactly he says. officials are concerned, carol. >> well the irony here of course is mr. netanyahu will likely not get exactly what he wants because negotiations with iran are going on right now. >> reporter: well that's right, and there are a lot of things that they are upset about being in the deal.
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the americans argue that what the israeli position is is just not realistic. the idea that netanyahu would want there to be absolutely no uranium enrichment plan is not believable is not a starting point. that none of the negotiating partners the u.k. germany, others would allow that. they say that the deal should restrict iran's path to a nuclear bomb extend the breakout period to a year. that's the period under which it would take the iranians to develop a nuclear weapon should they decide to kick out inspectors and start to work on it. they say right now it's two to three months. this would extend it to a year and then also the deal would have a civilian nuclear program monitoring what iran does. of course, the israelis don't want there to be any uranium enrichment plant and they also don't want there to be any sort of deadline end date for this deal. right now we're talking about maybe ten years, 15 years.
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the israelis don't think that that is realistic, that that's a blink of an eye when it comes to the life span of a country. it's their country that they're worried about iran's nuclear program posing an existential threat. this is something that they take very seriously, carol. >> absolutely. jake tapper many thanks to you. let's talk more about netanyahu's supposed plans to release sensitive information before american lawmakers. with me now republican congressman robert pettinger from north carolina. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> thank you for being here. a quote from you. quote, in my opinion netanyahu is the winston churchill of the day warning the world about iran. regrettably, president obama is the nevil chamberlin of our day, in denial of the enormous vulnerability we have to the nuclear capabilities of iran. in light of that, is netanyahu's invite more about president obama than israel? >> nom., ma'am.
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i think it's important that the prime minister come. i was with him two weeks ago to encourage his speech to make sure he does come. he understands the threats. iran has been a sponsor of terrorism for over 30 years. we see their footprint throughout the middle east and syria and iraq and yemen and in lebanon. we see them in argentina, venezuela, cuba. he understands -- >> surely, sir, president obama realizes that, or doesn't he? >> the president has chosen the path of least resistance. he is appeased. he's apologized to our adversaries adversaries. the world does not understand his leadership. i've been in the middle east on a number of occasions but they don't understand the direction or lack of direction of our president. what i think the prime minister offers to us is a clear understanding of the foreboding
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evils and threat of iran with the nuclear capacity and long range ballistic missiles which they're currently developing with north korea. this is not even included in the p 5 plus 1 negotiations. >> is that really true and how do you know that? >> it's believed by many sources that -- >> what sources? >> sources of our intel, our capacity to understand what they're -- >> that you've talked directly to? >> i have had conversations with individuals who understand that the direction that iran is going with developing long-range ballistic missiles. this is a grave concern and we should be aware of this. this isn't an existential threat to america. i'm glad the prime minister is coming on behalf of israel but he's coming on our behalf behalf of the world. >> let me ask you this sir. >> what will happen with adolph hitler. i'm glad the prime minister is coming on our behalf. >> let me ask you this.
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should mr. netanyahu share sensitive information on negotiating -- on negotiations with iran publicly? should he share that kind of information with the world? >> i don't have any reason to believe he is. i think there's a lot of speculation out there of what he's going to do. this is all created for media interest and attention. let's hear his speech out and what he has to say. i think the recognition that iran with nuclear capacities is a major threat to the entire world. we need to understand that. they have never kept an agreement. we've given them concession after concession. you know this whole narrative has changed. it began with should we allow iran to have nuclear materials, nuclear capacity. now that narrative is, well how great of a capacity should we allow them to have? we've given them $12 billion of repatriated oil revenues that has sustained their economy during this entire time. you know the soviet union collapsed under president
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reagan margaret thatcher pope john and -- >> i want to focus on iran sir? could we focus on iran? >> i am focusing on how to deal with iran. >> i understand. i want to focus in on benjamin netanyahu's speech from the floor of congress. so if he does share sensitive information about these negotiations can you address that? >> that's very presumt shus that he is. >> would you support that? >> i'm not going to speculate on what might be. that's nonsense. let's look at the reality of the threat that's there and what a iran has done and what they've done the last 30 years. they have been the source of funding terrorism throughout the middle east. imagine iran with a nuclear capacity. i think that's the message we all need to be listening to and all the rest of this is hype. it's pure political nonsense to be, well, i'm not going to go because it's partisan. you make it partisan by not going. let's go and hear the message of
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our closest democratic ally in the middle east and hear what he has to say. i think we might learn something. >> but some people might think that this sounds an awful lot like israel and congressional republicans negotiating or not negotiating a deal with iran at the same time the president is. isn't that strange? >> no. i think the prime minister is coming for the very purpose to say, hey, my friends, listen. listen to what i have to say. he is gravely concerned. i was in israel two weeks ago. i was at the golan heights with the young officers in a tight ba tallian. i was down at gaza. they understand the missiles that come across funded by hezbollah, funded by iran. they understand these threats. they live under them. i've been there three times in the last 18 months. i am grateful that the prime minister would come over here against his political interest. you know this is not a positive thing for him back in israel to
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be doing, but he is so gravely concerned about the outcome of this agreement that he is here to tell us. >> congressman, thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. a reminder wolf blitzer hosts our special coverage of netanyahu's special address beginning next hour on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," thousands of mourners paying their respects to a murdered russian opposition leader. we'll take you live to russia next. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary
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. thousands turning out for the funeral of a russian opposition leader. boris nemtsov was gunned down friday. his girlfriend is back in ukraine. she did not attend today's services. she's believed to be the only known witness to nemtsov's murder. nemtsov's killers still have not been caught, but one of the agencies investigating his murder says all scenarios are being considered that may include analyzing this new surveillance video of the presumed get away car. it shows the car making its way along the moscow streets. they released the video. cnn's senior international correspondent ivan watson live from moscow with more. hi ivan. >> reporter: hi carol. it was a freezing cold ceremony at the cemetery on the outskirts of moscow.
6:19 am
among the people was his 88th-year-old mother. she should have been celebrating her 88th birthday but she's burying her son. there were a number of voices from russia's marginalized and fractured opposition movement kind of pushed to the side of the political spectrum. critics of the kremlin and of vladimir putin. i saw one of the members of the band pussy riot that was thrown in prison. they're krit six of the russian president. when you talk to normal people coming to pay their respects many of them against russia's role supporting separatists on the war in neighboring ukraine. many troubled by the authoritarian streak in the russian government and used to being kind of pushed to the side
6:20 am
to the fringes of russian politics but now fearful, interpreting this murder as a sign that it's not just enough to get pushed to the side if you disagree with the kremlin here you can get killed for it too. carol. >> i know that government authorities say everything is being done to track down a killer but specifically what are they doing? >> reporter: well the latest sign we've seen of the investigation is of divers in the moscow river, footage coming out on russian state tv. they apparently are scouring the bottom of that icy river looking for what is believed to be the pistol that may have been used to kill nemtsov friday night on a bridge. i was there. it's literally a stone's throw away from the kremlin. the offices of the russian president vladimir putin. one of the most heavily guarded, closely monitored places in all
6:21 am
of russia and yet the killers were able to escape in a waiting get away car if we can believe the footage that was released after that killing. the russian government condemning the killing and offering rewards up to $50,000 to anybody who offers any information leading to finding the killer. the one theory that russian investigators have not proposed they've linked the murder mob bli to ukrainian -- the war in ukraine or to islamic extremists or to even a possible domestic dispute that nemtsov may have had. the one theory they have not proposed is that maybe he was targeted because of his long standing outspoken criticism of the kremlin and that's why many of nemtsov's supporters do not trust the government to properly investigate this killing and they point to pasta sassi
6:22 am
nations in russia that have also never been solved. carol. >> ivan watson reporting live from moscow this morning. thank you. we're now seeing one of the most revealing photos of jihadi john. in it you can see the full face of mohamed emwazi. this was taken in 2010 in kuwait. it comes as we learn more details about the brutal militant. he feared u.k. intelligence and once considered suicide. still to come in the "newsroom," was hillary clinton hiding her e-mails while she was secretary of state? was she breaking the law? brianna keilar has the story for us. good morning brianna. >> reporter: good morning, carol. hillary clinton while secretary of state for four years used only a personal account, no government account for her e-mail. there are questions now about how she may have violated some federal requirements. we'll look into that after the break.
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questions growing over whether hillary chin can tonlinton violated federal laws. they're reporting that she only used personal e-mail during her time at the state department. that's a no-no. you're supposed to use government accounts which are safe. jeb bush questioned the move quoting, transparency matters. unclassified hillary clinton e-mails should be released. you can see mine here jeb busch brianna keilar is following this story. tell us more brianna.
6:27 am
consider carol, a number of experts say that by doing this hillary clinton may have violated these federal requirements for the preservation of these e-mails. let's look at what some of "the new york times" reported in the story. they say mrs. clinton did not have a government e-mail address during her four-year tenure at the state department. her aids took no actions to have her personal e-mails preserved on department servers at the time as required by the federal records act. so this is very significant. hillary clinton's spokesperson said she did adhere to the spirit and letter of the law at one time turning over 55 -- or thousands and thousands of e-mails, i should say, for preservation. certainly we understand that not all of the e-mails in this account were turned over. this really raises the issue, carol, of the discretion of these e-mails being very much at the hands of secretary clinton and her staff. and just consider this. president obama has a government
6:28 am
account and it's for two reasons. one, for security so that it can't be hacked into. two, for this preservation of a historical record. this is something that's treated very very seriously by the administration and certainly everyone in the administration who's using e-mails knows that their records will be public at a later time. >> this had been done during the time that she was secretary of state and you said -- you mentioned thousands of e-mails. how many e-mails are we talking about? >> >> reporter: we don't know. that's one of the issues. it's not something that other e-mails besides secretary clinton or her aids have access to we don't know how many e-mails she sent. that's the issue. her camp is saying that she would e-mail people at the state department or the administration on their government account but you can imagine if you wanted to figure out where an e-mail is
6:29 am
if you went to her account it would be much easier than having to go to all of the people that she sent e-mails to to figure out exactly what was said. >> all right. senior political correspondent brianna keilar thanks so much. i want to bring in john now cnn political analyst and editor of the daily beast. hi john. >> reporter: good morning, carol. >> why would hillary clinton do such a -- gosh, i don't want to use the adjective i have in my head. why would she do this? >> reporter: well the best case scenario it's kind of a prevent defense against gotcha politics. it clearly shows one can assume an awareness that these e-mails could be used for political purposes going forward and an instinct not to be transparent. this is a pro active decision by secretary clinton and her aids did not call her on. even though they said they handed over 55,000 e-mails to
6:30 am
date as brianna said they may have thought they were working within the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law they can say that but it's hard to believe. this is not a person embracing transparency this is a person trying to control their message. >> i'll say what the adjective was in my head. it seems kind of like a dumb move on hillary clinton's part because surely she knew this would come out at some point in time. >> reporter: yeah. it doesn't seem to have the gift of foresight, i think that's pretty clear. look there are two reasons this matters beyond whatever legal requirements exist. one of the problems we see here is in so many other places we see technology out pacing our laws. that creates a gray area where people can slip in and go further than the letter and spirit ever intended. it's security and history. if she has a private e-mail address, the secretary of state of the united states that's simply not going to have the same kind of protections as an
6:31 am
e-mail address controlled by the federal government. then there's the total transparency the historical record. it's great they're saying we're complying, we're sending over 55,000 e-mails, but that's selective of secretary clinton and her current staff. so it really -- you know you contrast that with jeb bush as he lost no time in trying to politically point out where he did open kimono on all his e-mails, good bad, indifferent. that's a clear contrast both in style and substance. >> john avlon, thanks as usual. i appreciate your insight. >> reporter: thanks carol. >> you're welcome. still to come in the noesi "newsroom," iran talks continue. what challenges exist in finalizing negotiations? jim sciutto sets the moods for us in switzerland. >> reporter: iranian foreign minister tells cnn that the israeli prime minister is trying to create tension and conflict
6:32 am
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90 minutes from now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will deliver his speech to congress. he'll rail against any deal with iran over the nuclear program. the white house is warning him not to build his case by revealing sensitive details from the ongoing talks. elise labott joins us from
6:36 am
washington to set the stage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. well aids are saying this will be information that's never revealed before. i just spoke to israel's intelligence agency this morning. listen we have a conclusive inclusive, and really full picture of what's going on in this deal. enough to conclude that it is a bad deal. that's what we expect the prime minister to lay out this morning. all the aspects he understands to be in this deal i think he's going to lay a very technical case about why this could be the iran with the means to develop a nuclear weapon that breaks the capacity that we're talking about in a shorter time than the one year that the president is talking about. the question is does he have a bombshell that he's going to drop today that will make people think twice? i'm not necessarily sure. we don't expect him to really reveal classified or extremely
6:37 am
sensitive information, but certainly he wants to raise the alarm bells that this deal shaping up is not a good deal for israel but not a good deal for the u.s. and the world, carol. >> all right. elise labott reporting live this morning, thank you. as the clock ticks down to the march 24th deadline talks continue in switzerland as both sides acknowledge there are key sticking points. for his part president obama is clear about what it will take to reach an agreement. >> what i've said consistently is we should let these negotiations play out. if in fact iran is willing to agree to double digit views of keeping their program where it is right now and in fact rolling back elements of it that currently exist. >> according to one national news agency iran is reejecting
6:38 am
the president's requirement as quote, unacceptable. i want to bring in jim sciutto who's in switzerland this morning. tell us more about this, jim. >> reporter: well i'll tell you, carol, the way the president described the outlines of the agreement is something that's been fairly well known for some time, a number of years, a range between 7 and 15 years of extension. they've been moving closer to double digits and that iran would keep the restrictions it's had under this interim agreement and then add more in effect break down some of its capability to enrich uranium, et cetera. those are the broad outlines. what the administration will say is listen you can't take any one of these details out of context. they only make sense when the whole deal is revealed and they haven't gotten to that point yet. earlier i spoke with the iranian foreign minister he is leading the talks here. we can certainly see them with their noses to the grind stone because they keep walking back and forth by us here multiple meetings over the course of the day. they started last night and they're going to go into tomorrow. here's what they said to us
6:39 am
about their focus in the talks right now. >> there are certainly gaps and we're trying to move forward but it's a lot of work. >> how many more times do you think that you'll meet today? >> huh? >> how many more times do you think you'll meet today? >> as many times as is necessary. >> reporter: well they're keeping to that promise. they've already met multiple times today. they're going to keep up late into the night, which gives you an indication that for all the politics back in washington the focus here remains on trying to get to a political framework agreement by the end of the months. i did ask dr. zarif a few minutes ago whether prime minister netanyahu's speech is interfering with the negotiations. he said prime minister netanyahu is trying but he's creating fear hostility in these negotiations won't make anybody happy. you hear from the iranian side pushing back. i've spoken to secretary of state john kerry as well they're focused here at least on trying to get closer to an
6:40 am
agreement. >> jim sciutto live in geneva. thank you so much. i want to go to where the opinion is split. some say it's about an upcoming election and not national security. kate bolduan has the story. hi, kate. >> reporter: hey there carol. it's been interesting to be on the ground and see the tone and the shift in the criticism and what folks are saying. let me explain. to are a time while we've been here there seemed to be a calming of criticism against the prime minister especially in terms of his opponents in the election. they say this is essentially a state visit and when he's abroad they want to be a unified israel. overnight that seems to have shifted and changed and the criticism coming from his opponents are back in full force. one running against netanyahu in the upcoming election said to an israeli radio station said she doesn't think he'll be able to repair the damage that the
6:41 am
speech has already caused. she also blasted him saying she holds him responsible for dividing the jewish community and saying how embarrassing she thought it was that he would go to america and folks would not want to meet with him. another leader in the opposition party speaking to a local paper called on him to cancel the speech. clearly it's unlikely at all it's going to happen at this point. she told a local paper this you've created this political crisis with your own hands. you've pushed israel into the political rift in the united states. now is the time to admit that and do the right thing, return home. on top of all of that netanyahu's keogh opponent in this election has announced that he's going to be offering a response of sorts scheduled to happen right after, immediately following netanyahu's speech in the coming hour. you can really see all of this while there was a lull maybe if you call it it's all now building on the suspense and the significance of this whole
6:42 am
speech as netanyahu prepares to head before congress. >> what about voters there, kate? are they split? >> well voters are split in terms of if they think netanyahu should be giving this speech. one of the most reliable recent polls shows a 38-38 split on whether they support netanyahu giving that speech. in that number though there was 24% of likely voters said they had no position or hadn't found a position yet on that. in terms of the election and the effect that this speech has on the election that's yet to be seen. we've spoken to smart political minds here and they seem to have divergent opinions on if they think this speech will back fire or help netanyahu in terms of how it will play at the polls back home. a reminder to our viewers, he's up for re-election for another term and that election happens in just two weeks. so it's going to be very interesting to see what the reaction is immediately following his speech. >> it sure will.
6:43 am
kate bolduan reporting live from israel this morning. thank you. a reminder wolf blitzer hosts our special coverage of netanyahu's congressional address beginning next hour right here on cnn. still to come on the "newsroom," new revealing video following a deadly police shooting. stephanie elam is following that in los angeles. >> reporter: good morning, carol. when you take a look at this video from a surveillance camera it adds more details to the picture. we'll show it to you and you can decide what you think happened coming up. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in.
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we're learning more about the moments leading up to a deadly police shooting in los angeles. new surveillance video is showing how the struggle on the street unfolded. in it you can see the homeless man diving into his tent and that's when weapons were drawn. stephanie elam is following the story for us from los angeles. good morning, stephanie.
6:47 am
>> reporter: good morning, carol. when you take a look at this surveillance video that cnn obtained you can see much more of the story here. you can see what looks like he's allegedly doing drug deals out of his tent the man who they say was a suspect in a robbery. that's the reason why police were called to the scene in the first place. you can see him getting into an argument with the man in the text next to him, swinging pushing it out into the street. then you see the police officers arrive. they have several minutes of conversation before it escalates further and then you can see everything play out just as we did in the other video that was taken by a bystander from the street level, and what you can discern from this video is just more of what was leading up to what was going on with this man when the police got there, carol. >> and the officers involved in this incident are they -- what's happening with them? >> reporter: well the officers obviously they're under
6:48 am
investigation as they look into this video. there were six officers that were present. we know in the video that you can see from the bystander, you can see one of them loses their baton. one of the officers does. a woman picks it up. two of the officers detained that woman. then the other four officers are there. we know three of them discharged their weapons. you can also hear in the video someone yelling about a gun. whether or not it's he has my gun or he's got my gun, drop the gun, that's what we're still working on getting clarity about. but you can hear this. now the police are saying that in their investigation they can show that the weapon -- that there was a fight over this handgun because of the fact that the magazine was partially discharged and there was also one round that was also partially out of the gun as well which they're saying shows that there was a malfunction because they say the man was yanking so hard on the handgun in this struggle on the street and that is why they said that they have resorted to deadly force. now we do know that the man had been tased before and that's why
6:49 am
so many people were upset about this video, because they say it points to police brutality. why? because the police -- four men should not have to subdue a person who has already been tased without taking it to the lethal force. still to come in the "newsroom," a democrat who vowed to skip benjamin netanyahu's speech before congress has now changed his mind. i'll ask him why next. the traffic jam. scourge of 20th century city life. raiser of blood pressure. disrupter of supply chains. stealer of bedtime stories. polluter. frustrater. time thief. [cars honking] and one day soon we'll see the last one ever. cisco is building the internet of everything for connected cities today, that will confine the traffic jam to yesterday. cisco... ...tomorrow starts here.
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we have breaking news on the department of homeland security. we're told leadership plans to bring up a build to fund dhs as early as this afternoon. dana bash our chief congressional correspondent, broke this news. tell us more dana. >> reporter: that's right. i should say deirdre walsh and i got word late yesterday that they are going to use something that is kind of an arcane procedure to allow the clean bill the one that the democrats have been asking for pushing for a long time and conserveatives pushing back against but they will allow that to come for a vote on the floor. we were told today that that is likely to happen today. that the house republican leadership is going to just do it as soon as they are physically able to do so.
6:54 am
obviously you see what's going on around me. we've been reporting that the house is going to be tied up for all of the morning with the joint speech from the israeli prime minister. we do expect that it's going to happen at some point after that. we don't have an exact time. the plan for house republicans is to do it as soon as they can do it. and it's going to be very interesting to see how the votes go down. there are still a lot of conservatives who say that they very much oppose this and will oppose it with their vote but it doesn't look like they're going to have the mechanism that we know about to stop the actual vote from taking place. i say that we know about because we have seen predictions and seen plans that blow up at the last minute by the house republican leadership. that's the plan right now. we'll watch the house floor to see how it plays out and if it actually does play out later this afternoon, carol. >> so maybe some people should be hopeful but it's not a sure
6:55 am
thing. >> reporter: nothing is a sure thing when it comes to congress these days. absolutely right. the house speaker made an address behind closed doors to his caucus this morning that were talked about making the case that this is all they have to go on right now. the reason is because as we expected late yesterday, senate democrats blocked any idea any concept of having a compromise. going to what's known as a conference. they're not going to go there. they won't appoint the people to go to that conference. so house republican leaders are saying to rank and file look we tried. we wanted to at least try to get democrats to compromise and they won't, which they're right. they won't compromise. this is the only thing they can do at this point logically that would keep the department running and would not keep this scenario going on and on and on for weeks and weeks. we'll see what happens on the house floor. as you can tell i'm tentative
6:56 am
because we've seen things change dramatically at the last minute. >> i know. i don't mean to laugh but you got to or you cry. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill. thank you so much. all right. onto netanyahu's big speech before congress. a change of heart this morning from longtime democratic congressman charlie rangel. he plans to be on the house floor when the prime minister addresses congress. charlie rangel joins me now. welcome, sir. >> good morning. >> i wonder what you thought of dana bash's reporting that house speaker john boehner has come up with a way to push a clean bill to fund dhs through the house. >> this controversy never should have happened. the security of our nation is paramount. i'm glad that we're putting it behind us today. i hope that the republican leadership would avoid
6:57 am
jeopardizing the lives of people all over the world and indeed in our country by not trying to use this as a result of affecting the security of america. i'm glad it's over. or soon will be over. >> maybe. we'll see. let's talk about that spike. many democrats feel that the republican invite to benjamin netanyahu was to spite president obama. you initially were not going to attend netanyahu's speech but now you are. why? >> i thought this idea was so outrageous that if a number of us indicated that we would not be present, that those who thought of this would give second thoughts and withdraw those that thought of inviting and preaching protocol or the invitees. having said that the damage is already been done. i have a been asked by friends and constituents not to add to the controversy and so i'm going to be attending.
6:58 am
i certainly hope that this doesn't mean that those people are there because we don't want to add to this already serious breach of protocol that at any means nobody who has asked me to attend believe that this is the right thing to do. they just don't believe my absence would correct it. >> do you believe that benjamin netanyahu will share sensitive information about negotiations with iran? >> i cannot see how the prime minister of israel can share what is going on in secret negotiations that israel is not a direct party to. i can't answer your question. why we would have to use the house of representatives to share with us the prime minister's views i don't know. he was here yesterday. we heard his views. if he has secrets that he wants to share publicly only he has
6:59 am
the answer to the very sensitive question. >> what if he does share sensitive information? what action should be taken? >> i don't think -- we're dealing with two sovereign countries. let's be realistic about it. and friends don't rely on what we can do to punish another friend. i've always said if the security of israel is jeopardized, the security of the united states of america is jeopardized. we cannot stand by. we already have all types of agreements and assurances and even the prime minister admitted to this yesterday. if some of us violate the highest code of friendship and secrecy, they violate their own protection. there is no better friend in the world than the united states of america for israel. so to suggest that the prime minister would deliberately violate the rules of security
7:00 am
that guides this discussion in restricting iran so they would never have a nuclear weapon -- >> i understand. i have to wrap it up sir, because we have to join our special coverage. thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. cnn's special coverage of the israeli prime minister's address to congress starts now. live pictures from capitol hill. we're one hour away from an extraordinary moment in politics diplomacy and international security. we have breaking news. the prime minister of israel will stay in this historic and controversial address to congress about how soon he says iran potentially could obtain a nuclear weapon. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. cnn's elise labott will have more on breaking news in just a minute. the prime minister is on his way to capitol hill. he's supposedly putting the fi


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