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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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of the story sies. you can always go to for the very latest. including the most compelling interviews we've done. that will do it for me in new york. "the lead" with jake tapper in washington starts right now. prime minister netanyahu called the iran deal a deadly game of thrones. but instead of dragons it's nukes. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. relations between the president of the united states and the prime minister of israel at an historic all-time low as netanyahu insists obama's paving the way for iran to develop a nuclear bomb. president obama asks hey, what's the alternative? and the sound of his voice usually means something horrible is about to unfold. a new recording alleging to be jihadly john he hear the isis terrorist denouncing the very thing he does for a living. the politics lead. we always wondered what she was typing on that blackberry.
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now e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton have some in congress asking whether she broke the law. good afternoon efrpveryone. welcome to "the lead." hours ago a visibly miffed president obama said the prime minister of israel had nothing new to say. after the speech, president obama who says he did not watch his israeli counterpart by read the transcript but insisted netanyahu had chutzpah to repeat what he's been laying out for iran without laying out a possible way to stop the iranian regime. >> the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> netanyahu started today's address from borrowing a page from house and senate calling
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president obama a true friend to israel. netanyahu repeated his view that this is a bad deal with iran that it would give iran an easy pass to the bomb. and that no deal would be better than this deal. cnn global apairs correspondent alyse is here to talk about this. he says if israel has to stand alone on this issue, it will. the things between the obama white house and netanyahu's government seem all-time intensely high. just awful. >> anytime you think it can't get worse it does jake. although the prime minister started with a glowing praise of president obama, once he got going, he began a blistering critique that has the white house fuming. he made a grand entrance usually reserved for american presidents. and then the israeli prime
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minister delivered a blistering assault on president obama's iran policy and his attempt to strike a nuclear deal with iran. >> we've been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. well, this is a bad deal. it's a very bad deal. we're better off without it. >> tonight president obama is firing back. >> miami principalster netanyahu has not offered any kind of viable alternative that would achieve the same verifiable mechanism to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> there were a series of standing ovations, but some icy glares as netanyahu painted picture of a militant iranian regime sending its reach throughout the middle east with what he he calls iran's tentacles of terror. >> so at a time when many hope that iran will join the community of nations, iran is
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busy gobbling up the nations. >> with secretary of state john kerry in geneva meeting with iran's foreign minister to hammer out the very deal he he was criticizing, the prime minutester portrayed the obama administration as weak negotiators. >> this deal has two major concessions one, leaving iran with a vast nuclear program and, two, lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade. that's why this deal is so bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. p paves iran's back to the bomb. >> president obama said he has no illusions about the iranian regime, but he's folked on the more serious iranian threat. >> it's not whether iran engages in destabilizing activities. everybody agree was that. the central question is how can we stop them from getting a
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nuclear weapon? >> and the prime minister warned the deal on the table would spark a nuclear arms race in the middle east turning an already dangerous region into a nuclear tinder box, jake. >> elise labbot, thanks so much. some democrats skipped out on the netanyahu speech, but some democrats who attended the's address are quite upset about it it seems. >> the lead democrat in the house nancy pelosi. if you got any glimpses of her on the floor sitting on the house floor watching the prime minister, she was visibly miffed. just sort of like the president looked shortly after. she was agitated and she put out a statement shortly after saying that she was nearly in tears, near tears, throughout the prime minister's speech saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the united states. and let me actually play what she said afterwards when those of us in the press corps tried to get her to elook rate onaborateelaborate.
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>> the united states of america has as one of the pillars of its national security and foreign policy to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. and that's what we do. that's what the president is doing in negotiations. and if the deal isn't good enough, we won't accept it. i don't think we need any lectures on that. >> reporter: i should be clear that she is in one cam much the democratic party many of those didn't even show up. she had a different kind of responsibility because she is house leader. but there are a lot of democrats, i know you've heard them alt day, you saw them applauding very energetically who agree with the prime minister. she don't think that this deal that their fellow democrat in the white house working with the allies is going to down the right path. there's very much a split here about the reaction -- not just whether the prime minister should have given the speech but
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now that it's given whether the message was accurate or even frankly 0 offensive. >> dana just hours after the speech, the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell made a legislative maneuver that could potentially throw a wrench into the talks. explain that. >> reporter: that's right. he's going to try as soon as next week to put a bill on the floor bipartisan bill that would give congress a role. right now congress doesn't have an official role in either thumbs up or thumbs down for the talks, should they actually be finalized at the end of the month. so if this passes it could give congress a role to have hearings, to potentially approve it or say that the u.s. won't participate. this is controversial, but there actually are a number of democrats who might want to sign onto that. ultimately the question is when this vote will happen now or if they'll wait until after the deal is actually done at the end of the month. >> an dana, thank you. >> i want to talk to steve ask a
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lease, the majority whip in the house, part of the leadership team that extended the invitation to prime minister netanyahu to give the speech. thank you for being here. can you understand why some americans are troubled by the notion of the u.s. congress invited a foreign leader to speak at our congress to undermine nuclear negotiations president obama is pry trying to work with caan, china germany, france, the uk? can you understand why as a principle some people are bothered by that? >> jake what i've seen not only throughout louisiana where i represent but talking to democrat and republican alike across the country, you saw incredibly intense interest in the prime minister's speech not only in the house chamber where i haven't seen this kind of demand for tickets. it was standing room only. not just members of congress but former members who completely packed the chamber. very electric at mass fore. incredible powerful words
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because i think most americans recognize that iran is working towards developing nuclear weapons capability. our sanctions were working incredibly well to bring their economy to the brink. right when they were brought to the table, the president eased back on the sanctions. the prime minister raises concern over a year ago, i know many in congress, republicans dexts, shared the concerns when it started to ease off the sanctions. but today he laid out some very specific problems with this deal that's being developed that could cause real long-term implications to throughout the middle east if this kind of bad deal is agreed to. >> i understand that it was an exciting speech especially for house republicans. but you didn't really answer my question, which is, can you see how some people found the principle of the invitation to undermine what president obama is doing, how that can be seen as disrepektful?
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>> i think there is a small group of people who opposed it. i think most americans embraced it. i think the president tried to inject politics into it. but i think the prime minister did a good job tactfully at defusing some of the political implications. you saw not only rksepublicans but democrats at a standing ovations, maybe even more than state of the union addresses. i'm not just talking about republicans. all republicans, all democrats standing up multiple times throughout the prime minister's speech. i think it was incredibly well received by both parties. i think people across the nation now have a deeper understanding of just how volatile this whole idea of iran developing a nuclear weapons capability and how important it is for the united states to not only keep our foot on the gas but actually increase pressure so we don't end up with a bad deal but the ability to have iran dismantle their nuclear weapons program and the prime minister laid out really good alternatives.
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>> the idea of iran giving up its nuclear enrichment for what it describes as a peaceful nuclear power program, the white house says no one other than the united states even supports that in the p-5 plus 1, the negotiating partners that that is a pipe dream, there's no agreement that will end with iran shutting down all of their nuclear sites getting rid of all of their uranium, blue tone yum. it's not realistic. >> the centrifuges were specifically brought up by prime minister netanyahu. he talked about the danger of the thousands of centrifuges that are there that would still be there after the deal. and the ability for them to move forward in ten years, not that long when you talk about the history of nations, they can continue with the centrifuges to ramp it up even more. he said prime minister netanyahu offered as an alternative, don't allow any deal to expire until iran has dismantled their
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nuclear weapons program. president obama himself has even said iran shouldn't have nuclear capabilities. it's time to hammer out a deal that insures that. he doesn't need other countries to go along with that. our u.s. sanctions wsh bringing them to their knees and forcing them to the table. this isn't the time to ease off but the time to actually make iran dismantle their nuclear program. this is a country that sanctions terrorism throughout the world. this is no ally of the united states. >> no one is arguing that. before you go i just want your why reaction. president obama has made the case that prime minister netanyahu was wrong in 2013 with his dire predictions about the interim deal. i want you to listen to these sound bites. >> the most taingdangerous of these regimes is iran where a cruel despotism to a cruel -- if this regime for its despotic neighbor
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iraq were to acquire nuclear weapons this could be catastrophic consequences not only for my country or the middle east but for all of mankind. from there it's only a few months, possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb. >> i know you can't see the screen, but just to let you in the first bite was netanyahu in 1996 issuing a dire warning, then again in 2012 saying that iran was close to obtaining a nuclear weapon. what do you say to critics who say that basically netanyahu is the prime minister who cried wolf p wolf? >> iran is making it clear they want to move forward and enrich uranium and develop a nuclear weapons capability. you've heard other countries in the middle east, if iran has a nuclear bomb it will escalate a nuclear arms race in the entire middle east the most volatile region in the world. we have to be more aggressive
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with sanctions that were working to ratchet those sanctions up and stop iran from getting a nuclear weapons capability. because that's what they want to do and they've said they want to eviscerate israel from the planet. one of the things the prime minister said was, at a minimum, iran's got to stop saying they've want to eliminate israel from the face of the earth. they have to back it up with actions that they're going to stop sponsoring terrorism throughout the world. those are very basic things they should do that they refuse to do this day. >> congressman, appreciate your time. >> thanks jaiblg. let's just say there wasn't applause on the streets of tehran as benjamin netanyahu gave his speech. but what effect did it have on the talks going on right now in switzerland as the naukuclear deadline with iran approaches. our own jim sciutto is there, and he's live next.
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welcome back to "the lead." continuing now with our world lead, benjamin netanyahu's controversial address to congress accusing president obama of supporting a deal with iran that not only would not prevent the regime from getting a nuclear bomb but in his view would pave the way for iran to do so. chief national security correspond even jim sciutto is traveling with john kerry where negotiation was iran are continuing. what was the reaction there to the prime minister's remarks, jim? >> reporter: jake, the reaction was state department officials making a point of saying that secretary of state john kerry did not listen to or watch the speech because he was in their words busy negotiateing with the iranians over this nuclear deal. in fact we noted that the afternoon session began about a half hour before the prime minister spoke, continued an hour, hour and a half afterwards. >> that was the third two-hour-long meeting today, the
1:20 pm
fix in fifth in the last 24 hours. i asked the iranian foreign minister earlier today whether the netanyahu speech would have an effect on the talks. he said the israeli prime minister is drying to inject conflict into the talks but he said as well there is a seriousness in his words about addressing the issues and trying to get to a deal. >> jim, have they impacted the negotiations at all? or they're saying it's as if it's in a vacuum? >> reporter: they're saying it's as if it's in a vacuum. i think you could take that aas truthful. secretary of state john kerry is here under the direction of the president and the president is clearly deciding to move forward on these talks in the face from the negative counsel from prime minister netanyahu. that's how they're proceeding. from the iranian side as well i think iranian officials would tell me they're used to in their words kind of bluster coming
1:21 pm
from israel. they don't feel the effect. let's be honest. we do know and all sides know it could have an effect in congress. do they push for more sanctions, either as a deal gets agreed to or if it gets extended or down the road? that's where the power lies and that frankly could have an effect over time. >> jim sciutto thank you so. . here to discuss the politics of today's speech jeffrey goldberg from the atlantic and a senior associate associate at the carnegie endowment. thank you for being here. so much has been said about the friction between obama and metten hue. jeff, let me start wu. lasting damage between the relationship between the two done today you think? >> yes. but i think it was done before the speech as well. i sthithink there's no trust between the two of them. i think obama feels like netanyahu is trying to actively subvert one of his goals and i think it goes deeper than that. they want to on the one hand
1:22 pm
share intelligence, analysis but they feel the israelis are going to leak this out in order to subvert the talks. so in this coming period where there's going to have to be intense dialogue between these two allies, israel and the u.s. there's zero trust between the two. >> kareen what do you think the impact the speech had on the negotiators. the official hypewefficial line is it has no impact whatsoever. but do you think it helps the americans make the case, this is the alternative if you don't do a deal? >> i frankly think it makes it that much more difficult for the obama administration makes it that much more difficult to take this deal. i think frankly the people who are happiest today are the hard-liners in tehran. the hard-liners in tie iran have thrived in isolation.
1:23 pm
further political, economic isolation for them -- i think now if the deal doesn't happen i think they'll have a pretty good pretext to say, we showed flexibility. flexibility. >> benjamin netanyahu said america should hold out for a better deal. he said that the deal would need to not leave tehran with quote, a mass nuclear infrastructure and no easy path to the bomb. is that deal possible? >> no. i mean that's the problem here. what he didn't do -- he laid out a very eloquent case that iran is a bad actor, but we've got that. we know that. he made a case it's dangerous for them to have nuclear weapons. we got that. what he didn't say, is how do we get negotiations to work? he wants to expand this talk about iran's support for terror groups and support for aggressive insurrections across the middle east. that's fine but it will blow apart the negotiations.
1:24 pm
and he knows that. he knows it will blow apoort. >> jake this is very important. what animates members of congress most about iran is not the nuclear program. it's their role in the middle east, in particular their rejection of israel's existence,. so in the last couple of years we've seen some iranian flexibility on the nuclear file. i think many member fz congress are already cynical. they say, why take the boot off their neck if their only going to have more funding to continue to do what they're doing? the follow-up to that is, what's the alternative, the better solution? netanyahu didn't present one today. >> jeff as you know better than i, some of the people who also think the obama administration is being naive when it comes to arabia, the government there, jordan, turkey.
1:25 pm
they view not only through the sunni/shia prism but also a nuclear iran as a threat to the entire region and there likely would be a nuclear arms race. >> you basically have a situation where every american ally in the middle east thinks obama is being naive. and obama's response to that is look, do you want the middle east to have a nuclear arms race or not? this is -- it's not emotionally satisfying, viscerally satisfying but i'm your best shot at getting iran to denuclearize or a year away from being a nuclear power. but again it's a very very hard sale in a region where iran is making so much mischief. >> kareem, one of the other issues is the credibility of the israeli prime minister because as has been pointed out by progressive publications and also president obama, past things netanyahu has said about iran's nuclear program beingism intent weeks away months away have not come true. >> for 20 years, jake netanyahu
1:26 pm
has been saying iran is a few months or a few years away. i think he does appear in some quarters to be the man who continues to cry wolf. i think there's another point in here which is worth mentioning which is the iranian people who we're not talking about. the population of over 75 million people desperate to emerge from political and economic isolation. in the pachtst they're blamed their own leadership who puts ideology before national interest. i think there's a danger now if this deal doesn't happen that they start to put the blame on the israeli prime minister. up until now, iran has had the least anti-semitic anti-israeli population in the middle east. i'm worried the dynamic will switch. >> thank you so much. up next on "the lead," one of the world's most wanted man about leaking secrets about america's spy program. edward snowden is willing to come out of hiding possibly.
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welcome back to "the lead." in other world news today, those who bub lished the leaks from former snsa security secrets have been honored with a pulitzer prize and oscar. can those people get him freedom back here in the united states? a possible deal would bring the 31-year-old back to the u.s. to stand trial about leaking classified information. snowden was granted asielylum by vladimir putin and is living in russia. matthew chance joins us from moscow. where are these reports coming from, matthew? >> reporter: they're coming from snowden's russian lawyer. he's very close to the kremlin, been representing edward snowden throughout the period he's been claiming asylum here in russia. the attorney has just written a
1:32 pm
book in russian about edward snowden and is on a publicity tour promoting that book. it was during a press conference earlier today in moscow he made the remarks, that edward snowden wants to come back to the u.s. and they're doing everything they can to make that happen. this is really the first time we've heard about the possibility of any negotiations being under way to get edward snowden from russia into the united states. now, the detail was a bit sketchy, jake but he said there were german lawyers, american lawyers lawyers on the russian side who are talking now about the terms in which edward snowden would return to the united states. so if's not a done deal by any means, but the best we can say i think is there are talks under way. >> have there been any reactions from u.s. or russian officials on the record or on background? >> from the russians i've had
1:33 pm
nothing. but the deputy state department spokesman mary hav, has said that they would be happy to have him come back edward snowden, and face the very serious charges against him. and the united states would help edward snowden do that. but she didn't give any indication that they were actively engained in kind of official negotiations with the russians or with snowden's lawyers to make that happen. so i don't know the extent to which this is really that different. i mean, we've spoken to the lawyer this evening. he came into our office a few hours ago and gave us a briefing on what was being said. we asked him, is snowden any closer to going home as a result of these negotiations? he said as far as he's concerned no he's not at this point. >> thank you so much. in other national news former cia director general david petraeus will plead guilty to handling classified information. it was revealed that the
1:34 pm
distinguished four-star commander of u.s. forces had an extramarital affair with his biography paula broadwell. evan, what are the terms of the agreement and what is he confessing to having done? >> he's confessing -- pleading guilty to unauthorized removal and detention of classified material, a misdemeanor. his deal with the government allows him to pay a $40,000 fine and the government will not oppose his request to serve no jail time as a result of this plea fwreement. >> what exactly was the classified information? it was diaries he kept with code names and information about covert activities? >> right. he kept a diary during this time as leading the u.s. forces in afghanistan jake. in these diaries he had everything from covert names of officers there to battle plans to notes that he took from top-secret meeting of national security officials. these are very, very important, classified information.
1:35 pm
parent he kept these in these notebooks in his house, and he shared them with paula broadwell, as she was preparing to write his biography. >> correct me if i'm wrong, but when he was initially asked about this by the fbi he was not honest. >> he lied according to the government, in fact he now admitted he lied when he was first asked about this by the fbi. >> other government officials who have leaked information have gone to prison for their crimes. >> right, exactly. na's one of the things that this case sort of shows a stark comparison to. the cia officer who just got out of prison, he got 30 months in prison for revealing the identity of intelligence officers. last year stephen kim who leaked top-secret information to a fox news reporter got 13 months in prison. and this is more like sandyberger the former clinton official who took documents from the national archives and lied about it to the fbi. >> all animals are equal but some more equal than others.
1:36 pm
>> that's right. >> evan perez, thank you. you probably avoid your work e-mail when you're sending out something yusy, right? right? turned out hilary clinton didn't even have a state department account. she only used a private account. some are asking if she had something to hide and that's why she did that. that story is next.
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because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. welcome back to "the lead." today's politics lead did former secretary of state hillary clinton have something to hide? we now know that the potential presidential candidate used a personal e-mail account regularly to communicate with her department staff, forget the presidents. we may never know what she was typing away and the sunglasses and blackberry in hand did she
1:41 pm
break the law by doing high level work on a personal account of no records kept? how do we know if her account was properly encrypted? lots of questions for senior correspondent brianna keilar. this does raise a lot of supporters. >> her supporters would say records were kept. but itary appears records were kept by her and those close to her. that is an issue for a lot of with people. as of 2009 federal records act says such business e-mails she would have been using needed to be preserved in the state department record keeping system. it appears they weren't now the democratic presidential front-runner is coming under fire. it's the most iconic image of hillary clinton while she was secretary of state, checking her e-mail on a trip to libya, her private e-mail it appears, while heading the state department, hillary clinton relied solely on a personal account.
1:42 pm
it's raising questions about whether clinton skirted the federal records act, designed to preserve e-mails for historic reference though the white house says clinton followed the rules. >> the policy as a general matter allows a person to use their personal address as long as they're maintained and sentd of sent to the state department which if you ask secretary clinton's team, that's what they completed in the last month or two. >> reporter: in 2014 clinton and her team turned over tens of thousands of pages of he e-mails to the state department after a white house request to former secretaries of state. the "new york times" reports 300 e-mails were sent to the house select committee on benghazi investigating the 2012 terrorist attack on u.s. facilities in libya. but revelations of clinton's sole reliance on her personal account has mrint cal opponents hammering her. jeb bush tweeted, transparency matters. you can see my e-mails here.
1:43 pm
he recently released thousands of e-mails during his time as governor of florida. but like clinton he used a personal e-mail address and he chose which e-mails to release. a clinton spokesman says both the letter and spirit of the rules permitted state department officials to use non-government e-mail as long as appropriate records were preserved insisting they were. but experts say there may be no way to verify it. david kennedy, a cyber security expert who used to work with the marine cyber warfare unit says personal e-mail isn't backed up the way a government account would be. >> when you delete that and go to the trash box, it's gone. there's no more recovering it. all of that information is now completely destroyed. >> there is this issue of security but there's very much this issue of traps pairnscy. that's where it becomes so much of a political fight and republicans as you can expect are really beginning to and will continue to have a field day over this. >> this is something that feeds into negative impressions that some voters have of her about
1:44 pm
secrecy. >> that's right. that she isn't fully forthcoming isn't transparent and also i think some narratives -- this is just -- frirngs i talked to a democratic congressman who said, typicalen. that's coming from smin who i think would consider themselves to be an ally of hers. this idea that the clinton and in this case hillary clinton maybe doesn't feel that she has to abide by the rules other people have to. that's a narrative out there, and this certainly reinforces it. >> do you think that voters care about stories like this? we in the media make a big deal out of transparency deal in florida the republican governor there is having a similar e-mail battle. but do you think voters actually care? >> i'm not sure they do honestly. i'm not sure this is really going to affect her in some huge negative way. we still have to see, of course this is something that obviously is really ka capturing the beltway. are voters not going to vote for
1:45 pm
her because of this?that's the case. i think some people think back toot '90s and wonder if hillary clinton will reinvent herself. they see this and say, you know maybe you can take hilary clint nt out of the '90s but can't take the '90s out of hillary clinton. >> i think my wife would say that about me. >> maybe the '80s. >> 36 coming up next we've heard his voice as he threatened the lives of american hostages. now a brand-new recording of jihadi john talking about the september 11th attacks doesn't explain how he became such a ruthless terrorist. plus he's one of the best basketball players of all time. perhaps the best. michael jordan's latest accomplishment coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other world news today, he is arguably the most infamous terrorist in the world, the masked man waving a knife and making demands before husbandostages' heads are cut off, a new tape has surfaced of mohammed emwazi
1:50 pm
better known as jihadi john. it's not quite what you would expect. we have the news from london. >> i want to ask you a serious question. >> reporter: the voice of jihadi john has been scrutinized for are months, every vowel, every phrase analyzed. now the world known him as mohammed emwazi. this photo is believed to have been taken in 2010 while he was in kuwait. and now an audio recording purported to be embecause waswazi in 2009. >> what do you think of 9/11/this is a wrong thing. what happened is wrong. >> reporter: the british advocacy group released this audio on tuesday. in it, emwazi recounts his version of events when british officials questioned him. >> i said after i told you that what happened is extremism, you've still suggesting i'm an extremist. all of this fighting going on trying to put words in my mouth
1:51 pm
saying you're doing this this this, we're keeping a close eye on you. you already have been. we're going to keep a close eye on you. >> reporter: slowly we are getting a closer picture of who emwazi was before he became the masked murderer he was today. the former head master of emwazi's high school remembers him fully. >> was bullied a bit because he was quiet and reserved. but generally he was final. there was no issues with him, no massive behavior problems with him. and by the time he got into the -- he had settled and worked hard. achieved great grades. >> reporter: when did you first hear that mohammed emwazi was in these horrific videos? >> my blood ran cold. even now when i hear the name i find it incredible that to marry what is seen on the tv with the person i knew it literally makes the hairs on the back of my head stand up. >> reporter: for the people who knew him, it's difficult to
1:52 pm
fathom that mohammed emwazi is the man behind the mask. but for his family now believed to be in kuwait it is a nightmare. british media say his mother recognized his voice from the very first beheading video. his father, according to the british daily telegraph, has denounced his son as, quote, a dog, an animal a terrorist. >> the terror group boko haram out of nigeria is taking a page out of the jihadi john playbook. they posted online the beheadings of two suspected african spies. while the images are zurn disturbing enough what has some worried is the production quality. that boko haram may have ties to isis. boko boko haram has publicized beheadings, this is the first time it was posted online
1:53 pm
quote, which borrow certain elements from isis beheadings. wolf is here with a preview of "the situation room." you'll talk about netanyahu's speech. >> two influential members of the house of representatives, ed royce. he liked the speech. he's the republican. also democratic representative adam smith of washington state a ranking member of the armed services committee. he boycotted the speech didn't want to go hear what he said. we'll get reaction and where we go from here, what can be done now that the speech is over the president has reacted. what happens next? >> a lot to chew over in "the situation room". coming up thousands woken up and forced to evacuate as this volcano erupts with little warning. that's next.
1:54 pm
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we're back with today's money lead. i'm jake tapper. the list that most of us can only dream of being on michael jordan is a new bee on it. he is now one of the richest people in the world according to "forbes," a net worth of $1 billion. he can thank sales from his nike air jordans but mostly from owning the charlotte hornets. also walmart heiress christy walton, the richest woman on the list. laureen powell jobs is worth $19.7 billion. elizabeth holmes america's youngest billionaire.
1:59 pm
she is worth $4.6 billion. speaking of money, one of the highest paid women on television is not letting up her number one status. judge judy just renewed her daytime contract through the year 2020. the sharp talking quick thinking 72-year-old has been telling people off on television since 1996, the number one court show for 969 consecutive weeks, the highest rated show in syndication and her last contract was worth about $45 million a year. but she's not a billionaire. the buried lead. people are running for cover in marts of chile. let me show you why. this volumecano erupted today now a danger to some 22,000 people. many evacuated their homes shortly after the explosion of lava. not only, that but there was a
2:00 pm
lightning strike from the cloud of ash. the eruption caused several rivers to rise melted the snow along the side of the volcano. emergency crews are watching out for possible mud slides as a result. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room". happening now. firing back after israel's prime minister makes a dramatic appearance. president obama immediately answers calling it theater and accusing the israeli leader of offering nothing new. use of force, jail sentences, racial e-mails. the justice department finds repeated discrimination against african-americans by the ferguson, missouri, police department and the municipal court. terrorist voice. a new audio recording of jihadi john years before becoming an isis